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Big Brother 21 – Friday Update

Good morning, everyone!


I hope that you had a great 4th of July and continue to have a great weekend!

As expected, it was an extremely slow day inside the house yesterday as the guests just sat around tanning, chatting, and eventually had a 4th of July party that wasn’t on the feeds. Nominations did not happen, so they are certain to happen this afternoon with the veto likely being played tomorrow and schedule being returned to normal:

  • Thursday – eviction
  • Friday – noms
  • Saturday – veto
  • Monday – veto meeting

Twist comps don’t really follow a set schedule, but I’d assume the competition Ovi won last week will likely happen today as well.


Jack confirmed that he’s going to nominate Kemi and Jessica together with Kat as any replacement option. There isn’t much to say about that which hasn’t already been said but I’ll just say to prevent Twitter from blowing up, let’s hope the 4 people evicted first aren’t David, Ovi, Kemi, and Jessica.  I absolutely hate talking about skin color and try to do it as little as possible in my posts, but I’ve been forced to more this season than any season since 15 I believe so I’m already frustrated by that.

I’ll tell you the person who is living this is Cliff. Many predicted him being the first out as the token old dude but here he is about to survive his third eviction. He still doesn’t have a chance at winning the game but congrats to him for making it this far in the game.

In another news, Jackson was having a pity party for himself yesterday because the DR pulled him in and basically reminded him that he’s being watched by cameras.  He whispered to Kat that it was about the ‘race thing’ which I assume it could be about him potentially being heard in the kitchen using the N-word. I’m on a laptop and really can’t make it out clearly but perhaps you guys can hear it better?


Jesus. Will there still be a show by the time I get back tomorrow?

So that’s your latest shit show update from the house.

Have a good day!


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  1. Avatar

    If that was truly said, I think both of them should be kicked out. Enough with racist players.

    • danmtruth

      Dont think it is ok to use the “N” word Unfortunately because alot of music uses it It has slipped into some people vocabulary I hate non people of color using it saying that black people use it all the time This is not the form or place that should need to discuss this So many young people have let it slip into there everyday language not even knowing To them it’s a weird badge of street credit Again it does not excuse them as we should always strive to be better

      • Sassy

        No one should say it ever. There isn’t anything that is ok for one person to say but not another.

      • Kari

        I’ve always needed to ask this question. When you hear it in songs It is ending with an a sound, not an r sound. I’ve been told that makes all the difference.
        Personally I think it’s horrible either way but obviously as it was mentioned it’s used in a lot of rap and hip-hop music.

        Is that the difference? With that being said it’s still not okay for anybody but other blocks to say it? I know a lot of blacks I think is crappy either way..

      • Sassy

        It’s not allowed by anyone in any form in our house. We are a mixed family and we find ALL forms to be offensive!

  2. hogwild

    It really is amazing how often some of these people forget they are being watched basically 24/7.

  3. Avatar

    I’m one of those gullible people who always wants to believe the best in others, I get let down every so often but I’m happy, overall, with this outlook. I listened to the soundbite several times. The first and second times it wasn’t clear to me (though my wife is continually asking me to get my hearing checked…usually after she asks me to do something) but the third time I heard it. Was it the power of suggestion? Maybe. But with my proclivity to believe the best, I don’t think so. BB has the tech to hear what they said and need to do something. Even though I don’t like either Jack or Jackson, I would love for BB to show that I was wrong. But if I heard what I think I heard, they both need to be gone ASAP.

  4. Avatar

    The DR needs to give them a stern talking to, but not kicked out. Racist douche bags have a right to say what they want (remember, yesterday was a Independence Day and the heroes of the American Revolution fought for that right). However, freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee freedom of consequences, and here’s hoping they suffer outside of the house.

  5. Avatar

    I didn’t hear what Jackson said but to me it sounded like Jack said….”don’t call them “n’s” bro.” ‍♀️

  6. ElaineB

    It makes me sad that young adults can’t control their words better than they do. There are many of us, myself included, that are not immune to negative thoughts about another race/culture. I am mature enough to keep those thoughts to myself. If I do discuss with others, there are certain words that are not used…ever. Cameras or not, some of these ‘adults’ need to do better. If this is the way they are in the day-to-day lives, I am glad I don’t know them, and feel sorry for those that do.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I have mixed feelings about whether they should stay or go. Most of you know that I’m with Steve when it comes to that racist sh*t. That’s why I don’t allow it here and will delete such comments quicker-than-hurry-up if I see a post containing it (unless it is being discussed within the context of the show). I already didn’t like the J Bros, now it’s pretty safe to say I hate them. That being said, do I wish they would be kicked off the show because of it, YES! Do I think they should be kicked off the show because of it, NO! I want to see them get voted off in the WORST way. But I say, let them stay there and keep talking to let the world know what they are REALLY like and what they REALLY think. Once they go back into the real world, they will be faced with a rude awakening when they start coming face to face with people outside the house. Some of the things they’ve said may affect their jobs, their friendships, and just life in general. Hopefully that will teach them a lesson that they might not have otherwise learned. So go ahead boys. Keep saying stupid shit. So we ALL can see you for who and what you really are.

    • ElaineB

      The fact that behaviors/words are on record for all to see, even when the BB experience is over for the HGs, is great!

      • hogwild

        I know it’s like they don’t realize this is going to follow when the leave that house they might be cut off from the world but the world is not cut off from them something they should remember.

    • Colby

      I agree 100% NK.
      They think everybody loves them and they will be celebrities and make $$ when they get out of the house, but they are in for a very rude awakening.
      Besides, we need the players that everyone loves to hate to keep the game interesting, just waiting / hoping for them to get evicted.

    • danmtruth

      As the song says let there true colors come shining thru
      Jack is much more aware as he has a few times warned Fake8 members to watch where conversation is going Thus was early on While Jackass you can read his face and he has a hard time hiding his emotions
      David seems a good choice as a HG by production Jackson was filling the good old country boy character on the show Even tho he has been living in California to pursue his career as a professional body builder for the last few years

    • Painter1

      KARMA, where are you

    • Kari

      Thing that gets to me is they have both been called back to the DRabout this kind of bs. How long are they going to continue to allow it?

  8. Avatar

    This is the first season I’ve watched that from the very beginning I’ve had a sick feeling in my stomach. My sick feeling started the moment the girls all agreed to vote for Jessica as camp director then allowed Jackson to sway them. It’s gotten worse from there. I as well give people the benefit of the doubt but considering who Jackson banished immediately, then Jack pushing for Kemi, then Ovi, now assuming Kemi and Jessica I can not help but see a pattern. I feel it’s being very discriminatory. Just to be clear I have only felt this from Jack and Jackson. It’s a serious bummer. This is my absolute favorite show and I am unable to enjoy it right now.

  9. mm22

    So Jackson was worried alittle about the cameras
    in the house before he went in. he was worried
    about forgetting they were there and dropping
    his towel-Omg eye roll-The idiot should have
    been worried about the crap that’s coming out
    of his mouth

  10. Avatar

    Hi all… I’m New to posting comments but have been enjoying this site for years, so thought it was time to get involved…I love to read here more than I watch the show…wanted to say..thanks to Steve..Mrs beans…Mel and for late night updates..NKnog..sassy…Kari…etc…

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  12. NKogNeeTow


    I’d like to take a minute to slip in a reminder here. Most of us that post have been here together a long time and we’re like family. And true to family style, we feel comfortable enough with each other that we sometimes post personal stuff, and that is fine. But I’d like to remind you that similar to the BB House, everything we post here can be seen by not only the Board Members, but the thousands of people who come here every day to read the Blog and comments. They can’t all comment because you have to be a registered user to do so, but they can read any and everything except our personal messages. I’m not telling you not to post anything personal, that’s your choice. I just want to make sure you’re aware or remember that any and everyone can see it. If you do post something and then change your mind, just let me know what you want me to do and I’ll either edit or remove it.


  13. mm22

    I couldn’t hear on the video what was
    being said between the two jacks.
    I hope they leave soon with a butt kick
    out the door

  14. hogwild

    I listened to the video and I will say it wasn’t perfectly clear but that sure sounded like what was said and I linked an article about production already warning Jack about this when the orginal story on the shit he was talking about Kemi broke so if he is still acting like this after being warned by production he is really pushing his luck. If BB continues to let people act this way with no consquences they are going to get major backlash soon.

    • ElaineB

      Let the market choose. If CBS loses viewership, thus money, because of the HGs they choose to put on the show, that will be a consequence of the way they do business. As viewers, we can choose to watch or not. For me, I ignore the HGs on the feeds that I don’t want to listen to, and I have my mute button handy for the CBS episodes.

  15. Avatar

    Jackson they can BOX up and ship outta there lol

  16. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    I’ve listened to it with headphones where it’s more clear. It isn’t what he said. There’s also a moment in the bathroom people are saying he said it too. He didn’t there either. He’s been a jerk but I’ve never heard either of them say the N word.

    • Tiare

      What did he say?

    • ShoeLover

      I didn’t hear it. It sounds like he was saying, I’ll
      Fucking make it bigger, or fucking make him bicker. Meaning keep making a larger mess that gets bigger or make David bicker.

      • ShoeLover

        But then again I spent most of day at the ENT checking my left ear out and some nodules on my vocal chords. So the left side of my face is numb.

    • Mel
      Mel (5008 comments)

      Jackson is saying “I’m not gonna let him get under my skin. I’m gonna f**k with him. ” At the same time, Jack is saying “you’re good bro.” The two things overlapping do make it sound like hes saying it but when you listen to it on bb viewer and not just a clip, it’s a little more clear. Using headphones helps too because it cuts some of the other noise, at least a bit.

      Part of the problem is, people are looking for it at this point because of the other problematic things they have said. It’s easy to believe because they’ve lost the benefit of the doubt. I understand that completely and dont blame anyone for thinking they heard what they thought they heard. These two have kind of asked for this level of scrutiny.

      • ElaineB

        They have heaped the scrutiny on themselves with the nasty/disrespectful comments they have made. The problem is, the clique they are aligned with, don’t have a problem with either of them. Bella was talking how one of them (Jess?) was offended because Jack called her ‘bitch’ several times. Jack’s response, “which of you women (Christie, Bella, Holly, Ana) would be offended if I called you that?” The group of eight is cut from the same cloth, and unfortunately, I think they will make it very far.

      • HappyHippo

        Thanks Mel!

  17. Sassy

    I’m not convinced that is what either of them said and I’m not willing to demand they be castrated without irrefutable evidence. I agree those words are a possibility but there are others that are also possible. I can’t stand either of the Jackass Bro, but being lying, mean, insensitive idiots isn’t the same as being racist. Most of the house was there, surely someone would have gasped, looked shocked or had some kind of reaction to the word being spoken TWICE!! The lack of a response from everyone around, makes me lean towards people making more of this than necessary, which is the reason we get less and less of the feeds. Every action gets a reaction, with every uproar, we get punished by production trying to keep more and more from us. We are our own demise! With that said, I still hate them and can’t wait to see them voted out! I don’t know if they are racist but I don’t think that word was spoken either time.

  18. Helen

    Feeds must be down for whacktivity comp?

  19. danmtruth

    Whactivity gomp or maybe noms also
    When Jackson put Cliff, David, and Jessica up you could call game play as they all tried out for the job Kimmi is a bit more murky Both of the Jackass Twins could not understand why she was not fawning over them Fast forward after hearing alot from the Jackass Twins it is not surprising hearing what theyfeel about the girls Last night up in the HOH room the Jj,AD and there eye candy no need to name them as for now that’s all the twins see them as They were watching HOH spy TV It was showing g Jess cleaning AD had a good laugh claiming she is scared and had never cleaned before He claims he makes it a point to do dishes once a day Yes I have seen him do dishes As I have seen Jess do it in the past so Maury please the envelope says that’s a lie I agree I have not seen Kimmi help much bot Jess has It was very uncomfortable to hear him talk making fun of her cleaning

  20. danmtruth

    Whactivity account might be a test of Fake8 solidarity
    Chos week2 Holly, Tommy, Jackson, Sam, Jack
    If Sam wins there will be a lot of pressure from the others to find it If it is one of the others they can play a good trick and keep it to themselves Better Yet if they tell anyone a punishment like they go on the block

  21. Sassy

    There’s another potential racial misstep for Jack. I read and saw a clip on Twitter, last night in the HOH with JJ, Beth, Sis and maybe one other, they saw David on the spy cam and Jack made a comment and walked across the room like a monkey. Although it MAY be completely innocent, it’s getting harder to defend him. You would think, he would be slightly cautious about his words and actions.

    • danmtruth

      He thinks as long as he does not SAY anything he is fine It also says a lot about him jow upset he is that he is being called into the DR and talk about it Blames David for his problems never hus fault

  22. mm22

    Have the feeds really been down since 11:00?

  23. AIO_7

    Feeds are back. They are talking about the contest I don’t know who won …


    • Helen

      I’m betting it was Sam…he said he was done in 20 seconds….

      • AIO_7

        I just wish Jess. would have won the HoH. We could have the Jackass Bros. on the block right now.

      • ElaineB

        Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I am not convinced that the HGs are as disgusted with the ‘J’ Bros as viewers are. Jess has tried on several occasions to ‘fit in’ with them. I feel like I am back in high school, with the popular peeps vs. the others.

      • Sassy

        I agree Elaine. I don’t think the HGs see them like we do because we have the benefit of watching and reading everything. They only know small pieces. Ovi doesn’t know they are laughing at his gullibility behind his back and Cliff doesn’t realize he’s not really in the alliance.

      • ElaineB

        And now Jack has had bullshit sessions with both Jess and Kemi.

  24. hogwild

    Since nothing exciting is going on in the house not even anything meme worthy thought I would share pic of my garden plot in the backyard yeah I’m this bored.


  25. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Surely Tommy won. He just said “I dont think Holly or I have it.” He doesn’t THINK he has it??? Who says that?

  26. danmtruth

    Sam likes to say crazy things Jackass Jackson seems awfully chatty we will just have to wait to see if they start talking what the power is No matter I dont see it effecting who the noms will be Namly Kimmi and Jess only thing will be what AD says at his nom speech I’m sure he will say nothing personal I have just heard or felt that they would be coming after him Or something like that I would be surprised if he says anything about him feeling they dont do enough to help keep the house clean

    • Alda

      He told Jess he was told she was trying to start an all girl alliance.More or less she was leader of the women in the house.She was irate.

      • danmtruth

        As I said he is just making things up The fact she lost the camp director shows how little influence she has in the game It just let’s Jack have a game related reason to put her up

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  28. danmtruth

    On the subject of cleaning the house Last season was as it was not just the superficial clean the dishes Which is big But also the shower door and drain The bathroom sink and mirror Finally even the toilet Very rarely did big brother need to remind them to clean the mirrors for the cameras Sam last season set the example and standard Scotie got down to clean the shower drain and toilet Most of last season HG would pick up and clean You are starting to see towels left out blankets not put back Surprising JJ does a throu job of maki g his bed fluffing his pillows than spraying febreze
    Last night CC started talking about boys peeing on the seat and people not cleaning after using the toilet So the seeds are being planted

  29. Avatar

    I’ve listened to the comment with my volume all the way up and with headphones on. I honestly can’t decipher what was being said. It sounds like both were talking at the same time and maybe a “you’re good bro” was in there and with the mashup of words maybe sounded like the “n” word. I will give the benefit of the doubt since it’s very hard to hear clearly.

    side not – Anyone else find this season a tad boring so far? I just haven’t gotten attached to any of the house guests at all. I do like Ovi and hope he makes his way back. Maybe I have just been spoiled by the past few seasons.

  30. stillstanding

    i’ve been called ni word more than a few times. i’ve been hurt and angry and lashed out a few times. But i also kinda felt sorry for the people who said it, because they are ignorant and hateful and are lacking something in their life. that said, i dont want the jjs thrown out. let them be outed in bb world and beyond and i hope eventually booted out the house. lastly, i am glad to see so many bb fans sicken by their behavior.

    • danmtruth

      Thank you for expressing what needs to be heard We cannot hide behind PC thought control As ugly as it is unless we out these people and show them how wrong there thought patern is

    • Mello_One

      @stilstanding, I hear you loud & clear regarding the N-Word, personally its not in my vocabulary. I hate the fact that a lot of youthful Black/White/Asian/Mexican kids use it as a form of slang, & call each other the N-Word. Because at its root, & origin it is a hateful, & hurtful word.

      Idk, but this season of BB reminds me a lot of Season 15, & 19…And it is disappointing, because Season 20 of BB was awesome. As far as Jack Jackson, and some of the other HG are concerned, we have to be mindful that a lot of the Non POC who go into the BB House, do not know any Black folks, do not have any Black folks as Friends, let alone as roommates….Most of the Non-POC HG go by perception of what they see on TV when it comes to Black Folks, which is not always that good.

      I have personally said it before, & I will say it again, that Big Brother, Casting, & Allison Grodner need to change the Formula that they have been using to cast people to go onto BB. The 2 Black People, 1 to 2 Gay People, 1 Older person, 1 to 2 other POC (Asian/Muslim/Mexican), 1 Surfer Dude, 1 Nerd, the Hunks/Beautiful Model types, and come into the 21st Century of BB. Now I am getting off my Soapbox, ty for reading.

  31. ElaineB

    I like Kemi. I don’t see her as ‘Bayleigh Jr.’ at all.

    • WhereisPablo

      I like her too. From her intro clip, I thought she would be a terror, but she seems very pleasant.

    • Mel
      Mel (5008 comments)

      Kemi is great. Why on earth would anyone think she’s a Bayeigh? Lol
      She isn’t as funny but she gives me BB12 Brittnay vibes because she is capable of being snarky, she’s also nice and she’s very bright.

      • ElaineB

        Comments here list her as BJ, as a nickname.

      • kneeless

        I like Kemi too. I don’t like the comparison to Bay at all. Kemi is no Bayleigh…thank God! Not sure why so many jumped on the bandwagon to make that connection.

      • NKogNeeTow

        *Holding up my hand*. It was me. I’m guilty of the nickname. From her intro tape she was talking about being a trouble and a few other things I can’t remember now. I thought her attitude was nasty and negative so I named her BJK for Baleigh Junior Kemi. I will admit, I do like this Kemi we see now. If she can change, then so can I. From henceforth, I shall call her KEMI!…Unless she reverts back to first day form ; )

    • Mello_One

      ElaineB…..Kemi isn’t like Bayleigh at all, she comes of as kinda quiet to me, & Bayleigh was not the quiet type at all. And David does not act like Swaggy whatsoever, he has kind of a laid-back temperament. But most important is that David “Observes” the Game & the People.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was thinking about that last night Elaine. I might have to think of a new nickname for her because she’s starting to grow on me too. For two reasons. 1. Asshole AquaDick hates her so that automatically moves her up notches in my book. And 2. She’s not as abrasive as she was coming into the house and she’s shown a kind of quiet reserve about her. Big mouth Baleigh was always a bitch with no redeeming qualities as far as I could see. I don’t mind sounding like a flip-flopper. At the beginning of the show, we have people we like and dislike and that sometimes changes as the show progresses. Who knows, by the end of the show, I might even like the J Bros…Nahhhh.

      • ElaineB

        Or you can refer to her as Kemi. I think you are creative with nicknames, but I will appreciate the deletion of BJ, when referring to her. I disliked Bay since her intro tape, and she didn’t make me think any differently of her, once she was in the house. I have changed my mind on several. Initially, I liked Bella. Now she is showing herself to be a rat to the ‘hateful’ group, so she is scratched for now.

      • ElaineB

        With a few exceptions, I am not a nickname person. For Bella, I have ‘Ratabella’ as a play on Portabella (mushroom). lol. Ok, that is all I have….*exit stage left*

      • NKogNeeTow

        Umm, Buttercup, in a post above I said that from henceforth I shall refer to her as Kemi. : P

      • ElaineB

        Umm, NK, I did see our above post. I still think you are a creative genius. *smooch* and yes, luv yas!

  32. hogwild

    I know we all pretty much know who the noms are going to be but seriously shouldn’t those have been announced by now?

  33. Avatar

    Jess told Holly and Analyse that Jack told her he may put her (Jess) up because she is the “master mind” behind an all girl alliance.

  34. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Jessica is hopeless. She finally knows she’s going otb and who does she go and talk to and vent? Sis and Holly. Can’t she she who they spend their time with? I like her but she’s very bad at this game. Maybe she shouldn’t have blown off David’s advice and maybe something will finally click with her.

    • Sassy

      David is the ONLY person outside of the Alliance that has a clue! I get that we know a lot more than they do, but seriously, you go to his “cuddle buddies” to vent? The J holes and Charlie’s Angels should be an obvious group!

      • Mel
        Mel (5008 comments)

        Exactly! What’s strange is that they (Jess, Nicole, Kemi) worry about Bella a little bit because she’s close with Nick so they do get the concept.

      • Mello_One

        Sassy, David is very Observant, he has been in the house for only a couple of days, & knows who is in the big alliance, & who the outsiders are! I hope that David can wrangle the outsider together, & they become the other side of the house.

  35. Vikki T

    Talk on prior thread was about David saying ret**ded. YES, he did say it a couple of times yesterday. He was with KK and she corrected him and told him to quit saying it.

  36. Helen

    So..let me get this straight…two of the main girls in a female alliance called the Black Widows and have been very vocal in the past week about putting jack OTB first chance they get are now offended he is putting them on the block….

    • danmtruth

      It happens every season people get the redass when someone nominates them before they get a chance to do it to them first For this season remember Jackass Twins CC and Tommy could not understand why Ovi was still campaigning the night before the vote They had the nerve to say he should just stop and accept it If they were in his shows they would just stop Ok cant wait to see what they will do when on the block

  37. danmtruth

    Cliff is deluding him self into thinking that bye doing the dirty work for the jackass twins they will keep him around Ovi thinks the guys see him as an equal Jess feels it truly is summer camp and it is more important to get to know each other That they are still getting to know each other and in a few days they will get together and see who will work together It is all so sad Tommy is happy to have been pulled in with the people who are running things This way the wont pick on him Same eith Sam just happy the Jackass Twins aren’t coming after him so hell yeah he will trash who ever they are trashing

  38. ShoeLover

    Hi y’all, I am back, face no longer numb, thank goodness!! I played the little tidbit to my husband. He does not watch BB and has no idea what the conversation is about only the sound clip we have all heard. He said one guy is complaining about piling up dishes and fucking making it bigger. He still does not know this is a controversial subject. He played it three times and that’s all he hears, is some guy wanting to make bigger problems for someone else. And he used my headphones. I really really hope it isn’t the other way.

  39. Kari

    First off, I want to say thank you for the support yesterday ❤️ I know I shouldn’t have posted details here but I just kind of went with it. The post has been removed.

    If this is really true, it absolutely breaks my heart. I was wondering because so many of the people that are being targeted with snide comments and being voted out our of color. I had not heard them actually say derogatory terms verbally. But we know they’ve said some other shitty things.

    I don’t know if it were me I’d kick their asses out especially in this day and age but…?! I don’t know if they will because of all the money that’s already been spent? But if they allow this kind of stuff to continue they’re going to lose a lot of viewers. CBS could really take it a beating for allowing this.

    I know that we have some people here that are of color I’d really like to know their viewpoints. I haven’t read the comments yet but I’m on my way there now..

  40. hogwild

    First thanks for the nice words about the garden for the record more luck than skill. Second still no noms?

  41. Helen

    If Kemi or Jess go to camp comeback this week,that will make 2 of the four original banished having to battle their way back in…to be honest cliff would have been the 3rd instead of Ovi but for Sam winning veto and taking him off the block…there is no doubt in my mind he would have been voted out if he had stayed up…

  42. danmtruth

    Not like what I’m seeing and hearing now Nichole is talking to Jess she is blaming Bella for her being on the block Nichole is saying it was Bella that told Jackass that Jess was coming after Sys and was forming a alliance Seems like Cliff is sending Nichole into start trouble in the girls alliance Nichole is saying to be careful what she says in front of Bella because it goes back to Jack

    • Colby

      But she is right, isn’t she? Isn’t it Bella that has been playing both sides?
      Or am I confused, like I usually am this early in the game because I am still learning names and such?

      • Mello_One

        @Colby….Bella is a R-A-T, & its sooo disappointing, I thought she would be like BB winner Jun?!

      • danmtruth

        Bella is playing her game with Nick But so is Nichole with Cliff She has been upstairs in the HOH also saying g these things Telling Tommy knowing it gets back to CC and the Jacjass Twins Her hands are not clean

      • Colby

        Oh. OK.
        I guess I need to get the feeds to keep up better.

  43. kneeless

    If these sheep don’t shake things up, soon, it’s going to be a long season.

  44. danmtruth

    One of the mistakes many HG seem to make is They hold on to first impression of people If they did not hit it off in those first two days That person is dead to them The other thing is afraid that they are not in with the big alliance and or the cool kids It comes down to they dont want to admit they were wrong they first night in choosing there ride ir die We have the advantage of sitting about e and seeing g it happen These people are too close and cant see the trees from the forest That is why David has been able to come in and see the connection so much more easily

  45. Good Dog

    Part of it is the mob mentality to feel empowered & impress others to be accepted by doing or saying things they’d never say or do individually. Cliff is going down that path. It’s kind of pathetic. As for the race situation what’s in your heart? The news here in Chicago show black men comitting crime every day, it’s a challenge not to be affected yet I interact with people from different races everyday. Thank God I know better.

    • Mello_One

      Good Dog, FACTS!

    • danmtruth

      From the Southside Roseland original So Yes I understand In 1967 I was 10 my dad laid carpet Took me on a side job to an older black gentleman I had a great time listening to him and talking He was an old player from the negro baseball league I love baseball my dad wanted me to hear and learn ThT is the first thing Simple respect I was in awe of this man So I grew up not understanding some of the stupid stereotypes Get past it forget your difference you might find you have more in common

  46. danmtruth

    Earthquakes hitting the house They are talking about going under the table and standing in door frames Normally they might help But seeing this is a set the doors are not tied into any solid framing g The walls are just floating Funny when it happened they switch to fish But you could see the water in the tank moving Now the water is not moving

  47. danmtruth

    Jess is talking to KK she is made that people have lied about her that the reason she is on the block She is starting an all girl alliance Jess does not want to throw anyone under the bus- Bella- but she wants to go clear her name with JACK He will have to fight hard not to laugh at her He just does not like you

  48. NKogNeeTow

    First, I’d like to send prayers to those in Cali and Vegas for the earthquakes. I have siblings in Cali and cousins in Vegas and I partially grew up in the Mojave Desert.

    Second, would you believe that at this very minute, those azzholes are still out there shooting fireworks and cherry bombs?

  49. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: aka CampRunAmuck…


    The J Bros are discussing how they don’t care who goes. AD is laying int he bed with Sis who is playing with his hair. She is the new HOH resident concubine. JJ is walking around just talking crap as usual. The J Bros are trashing David. AD says that”If Cliff don’t like ya, you need to evaluate yo life”. JJ said that one of the girls told David that they didn’t have any earthquakes until he came into the house and David told her it’s because every where he goes the earth shakes. JJ said he told him then he shouldThe change his diet. AD says he’s like butta, cuz he’s on a roll. *When did he get so proficient in Ebonics?*

    The HOH Concubine and AD are discussing who has “it”(the Whackamole or whatchamacallit?). He looks for the remote so he can spy on the house. She says she’s so annoyed today. He asks her why. She says the people just annoy here today. She said that Jess annoyed her by trying to accuse her and that Jess was looking at her weird. He says “Interesting”. She says she hates to be fake but she feels like she has to be fake. She then says that “That fucking David just annoys her just looking at him”. AD says, yeah, he’s trouble.


    NickorSam is whispering to CC. They tell each other that they trust each other. He assures her that she’s going to know if they say anything about her.


    • danmtruth

      The NICKorsam CC convoy was him trying to see how soon they can backdoor the Jackass Twins
      Funny how after he won HOH it was Kimi and Jess because well he does not like Kimi and Jess does not help around the house Now it’s all about jess was coming after him with an all girl alliance
      Sounds like Ovi & David will have to wear some outfit
      Sam was talking g about some commercial he made He used the word guido JJ jump in is it ok for us to say Guido Tommy said sure So David is always talking a out the keto diet so can we call him keto Guido He just cant stop digging

  50. Good Dog

    Cracks me up when people are “shocked & upset ” when they’re put on the block. It’s part of the game. Would like to see another alliance go up against G8, make it formidable but keep it quiet . Knock off one or two of G8 & rock their world. Any news on the effect of the earthquake? Prayers for all in that region. Thanks for all who watch the feeds & provide us insider info.

  51. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is telling BJK and she loves somebody (Brett). She says that he’d watching, she loves him.


    Holly is now in the room and Bella just arrived.


    Tommy is talking to Nick and CC. They say they want to play so bad and wonder if the comp might be the bowling one. TT says he’s hoping it’s that one because he’s good at spinning. CC tells TT not to say that or he won’t get picked. Ovi and Cliff are also there. Ovi wonders about the Figi trip and Veto. TT speculates which room might become the HN room. Cliff says he thinks they won’t turn it into the HN room until they are finished with the battleback.

    KK and David enters. David is carrying Orwell. Cliff does not look happy. He looks envious and jealous. KK asks if they think Brett might host. She is a little too excited at the mere thought. They wonder if Jessica (Cody) might host. They said they didn’t like him at first but they like them together now and glad that they won AR. TT didn’t know they won AR.


  52. NKogNeeTow



    Squeaks ask Kemi who would her pick be if she gets to choose a Veto player. The bugle goes off and an announcement calls out for Camp Comeback. Everyone gathers near the DR. Two of the guys have to wear some sort of costume for 2 weeks. Everyone sits on the sofa and waits. They speculate what the costumes might be. While waiting, they start to talk about the earthquake and where they were when it happened. AD says imagine if they all had to cram in the SR.

    The guys sit around whistling and the girls chit chat while waiting. Sounds like Ovi and David are the ones who have to wear the costumes. The HG wonder if they will have to do things for the house like make them breakfast. Everyone is now all talking at the same time in different conversations.


  53. Good Dog

    The J Dick twins fear David cuz they feel inferior & inadequate. They talk crap about him to make themselves feel better. Pathetic that some of the girls fawn all over him. Dignity ladies! I’d be like Get your hands out of my hair, if I had any. Lol

  54. NKogNeeTow


    Living room….

    Still waiting…
    The boys are making bird whistles and AD tells them to stop whistling. They do. Everyone is still talking at the same time. *I could pull out a few convos for you but I ain’t gonna. Not interesting enough* They are now teasing Cliff about his jokes. The guys are saying that he is becoming more and more like then. *NOT something to brag about* JJ is now sitting next to Holly with his arm around her. KK sitting on the opposite side of the sofa. *Wonder if she wants to throat-punch Holly in her sleep?*

    Holly says she hopes the costume people have to do a dance for them. Kemi isn’t saying much.


    And the fireworks rage on…at 12:47 in the morning. *hard eye roll*

  55. danmtruth

    CC AD and Jackass the loudest Jess and Kimi not saying mucho need

  56. NKogNeeTow


    Still waiting for the Costume Crusaders…

    The group decides to have a pie eating contest tomorrow. TT says he’s a bottomless pit. They start quoting movie lines and get a warning. Holly and JJ are making small talk with Kemi. *Beware the Ides of March Caesar* AD and CC are talking about a girl squad but everyone is talking so loud I can’t make out what they were saying.


  57. NKogNeeTow


    Still waiting…

    TT says BB is boredom. AD says he never realized BB would be so boring. JJ says he had no idea it would take 3 hours to do a nomination ceremony and it’s only 2 minutes on TV. The room is still filled with mindless chatter. AD says he’s going to go up and shower. He is followed by his other shadow, Sam. He comes back and says his room is locked. CC says they are going to draw straws for HG choice. AD says no, it’s for hosting *Is it wrong that I’m glad he is locked out and is forced to spend time with the little people, against his will?*

    Jeeze, how long does it take to put on a pair of leggings and pull a pair of panties over your head? What the heck is DR doing to them in there?

    PSM is being unusually quiet. Hasn’t said a word and not even looking at anybody, just up at the ceiling with the look of utter pissivity on her face. She’s looking like a powder keg looking for a match. I hope she blows!
    AD is standing on the landing talking to CC downstairs. She asks him a question and JJ answers. She tells JJ she wasn’t talking to him, she was talking to Jack. *Oh Snap!*


  58. NKogNeeTow

    You like the word “pissivity”? I like it. I made it up. I think I want it added to the Urban Dictionary.

  59. NKogNeeTow


    Still no sign of the Costume Crusaders.

    Somebody mentions that they will probably be dressed like Eyore and Pooh Bear. The camera turns towards the DR door and everyone gets excited that they may be coming out. No such luck. CC has to pee but doesn’t want to miss the grand reveal. They start singing Britney Spears songs and get a warning. One of the girls keep on singing. No addtional warning but they get a warning about production instead. AD yells to production “then send them out and we’ll stop singing”. Production says “NO”. *I just love Production*

    Sam and Nick toss around a stuffed carrot pillow. TT can’t stop yawning. PSM still looks like she’s about to have a bad case of explosive diarrhea. *That girl definitely doesn’t have a poker face, a sour one but not a poker one* AD says “Will someone please let me into my HOH room. Please. I ran out of my room and left the key in my room. If you let me in and something happens, I will watch it on the monitor. Thank you”. Production doesn’t respond.

    Ovi and David are back. They are dressed like dime store boy scouts. They look kind of cute. Everyone likes their costumes. They aren’t allowed to take them off and have to wear them at all times except bedtime. PSM is finally smiling. Because, what else does she have to do?


  60. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room…

    PSM is telling KK that she may not get to pick a Veto player. KK ask if there is anyone there she can trust, then says “you could pick me but…”.KK tells her to just smile. PSM says she just feels so bad and the only time she ever talked was to Kemi and Bella. KK tells her to be careful of talking to them because the girl she told her about is playing a dirty game(she doesn’t mention a name). She says a dirty game never wins. KK tells her to talk to JJ. eple she likes are up and she doesn’t want her to think that when she see ay her talking to PSM, they are talking about her. KK looks and Sis and asks her what’s wrong. Sis says she’s just sad that they are OTB. *BullsH


    PSM is talking to JJ. He is telling her it’s breaking his heart to see her cry. She says she feels bad because she was blindsided and she says she knows what they say isn’t true and she knows where it’s coming from. He says for her to stay strong for her fans. He said he kept KK sane to keep her sane so for her to just sit back and stay cool and don’t let it get to her. He says that David has said some things that would hurt his family and him, but look how he’s handling it. He’s making him dinner. He tells her she’s on thin ice now because she’s OTB so just be careful because everything she says and does will be scrutinized. He tells her to just let her (Kemi?) freak out and act out and be paranoid. He says she just has to hold on for 7 days and it will be over. She says she doesn’t want to play that kind of game. He tells her that she doesn’t have to because she is strong. *I’m sorry for this last paragraph guys. Of course I wiped it out again and had to retype it from memory.*


    • danmtruth

      There goes JJ spreading lies about David He just wont ket it go

      • mm22

        Wow the two jacks sure hate alot! They can get so worked up talking about people, they want others to hate along with them yet they say kemi n david are cancer…really?

      • danmtruth

        mm22 that is so true Than you combine that with the other HG that are starved for approval bye them It only reassure them that they are right The Jackass twins like to remind d everyone that this is a game and leave your feelings at the door Than they disrespect and lie about people claiming the moral high ground You can tell how fake they are when they list all the reasons they deem someone unworthy to stay in the game Folliwed imedetly with how they LOVE them as a person and will be life long friends after the game

    • amareels

      I don’t know if you saw my post from yesterday about recovering your paragraphs when the mysteriously disappear…….

      Hit the CONTROL and Z keys at the same time. You can retrieve the entire paragraph. My laptop does this a lot and it’s stupid!

    • Sassy

      Awe! JJ is handling it like a champ! *barf* What a conceded asshole! He’s the one that’s going to explode.

  61. NKogNeeTow



    Bella, Squeaks, Kemi talking. Bella asks them if she(Bella) started the all-girl alliance because she can’t remember. *How the hell can you not remember whether or not you started an alliance* Bella says she’s going to tell AD that PSM is saying that she (Bella) started it. Then she says she really doesn’t care. Squeaks is trying to remember who started it. They sit around trying to remember. Bella says she’s not trying to push the blame because if it’s her (B) then it’s her but she’s not sure that PSM didn’t start it.

    Kemi wants to be called to the DR. She says she’s the one OTB and he has opinions too.


  62. danmtruth

    I just like how the try to come up with justification for putting people on the block Jack said you are looking for any reason Because no one is going after the strongest players
    Kimi and Bella talking Bella tells her Jack respect her for taking it so well He said if Jess keeps being salty maybe it’s time for her to go Kimi ask Bella if she gets players choice can she pick her Kimi could not even get the question out and Bella was saying no Bella tells her that KK is going to flirt with David to get under Kimi skin Funny how Kimi is saying when Jack talk to her he asked if there was any truth to that she was going to put him and Jackson up Kimi was made because she only told that to Bella and Nick So Kimi thinks it was NICK who told Jack
    Nichole joins ed the group Bella grilli g Nichole on who started the all girl alliance Nichole has no idea what to say Bella doing her best to make it that Jess was the one who started it Nichole ca t remember that’s her story and she is sticking to it

  63. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling the G8 that there is a whole lot of underhanded shit going on in the house. He, Holly and the HOH Concubine Sis are laying in the bed watching the monitor. AD climbs into the bed and the Concubine automatically throws her leg over him.


    Bella is saying something she doesn’t like about Nick. Kemi says she told AD that if he didn’t put her OTB she wouldn’t come after him but obviously, she’s OTB. Bella says that she can keep talking to Kemi now because people will think that she’s consoling her. Sam comes in and Bella asks him if she should be worried that they think she started the alliance. He says that PSM is out there right now talking about it. He says the way she’s acting now is making her look bad to the house.

    That pesky f*cking KK comes in and jumps on the bed and the convo stops. She starts talking about Brett again. *Who gives AF about Brett. Get out pesky KK* Bella starts saying things to Brett and says she hopes she sees him tomorrow because she’s been constipated for 3 days and if he comes into the house she will crap her pants. Bella, KK, and Kemi keep doing shout outs to Brett. KK says something about Brett and gets a warning about her DR sessions.


  64. danmtruth

    Interesting convos with Kimi and Bella Than Sam comes in a bit more talk Than KK bounces in so much h for any game talk ok starts fan girl shrieking about Bret from last season WTF?

  65. danmtruth

    NK we are in a race to score a crazy game changi g convoy Your so much more thorough

    • NKogNeeTow

      Heck no, because I’m trying to type while they’re talking and sometimes I miss stuff or it’s out of context. Not to mention how sometimes I look at the computer screen and I’ve deleted an entire conversation or paragraph and have to retype it from memory (which ain’t worth spit), during a commercial. lol

      Besides, I need you here to fill in the blanks. You always catch the stuff I miss. You and I are the late night team like Mel and Gerardo 🙂

  66. NKogNeeTow



    CC is cleaning her face. Nick comes in. The Concubine is still laying on the bed with AD. AD asks where everyone is. Nick said that TT said that David was crying because he had to wear the uniform. Nick says that David came into the house trying to split them up but they are too strong. AD says he thinks he’s so tough. CC says David is ungrateful. She said he said he was only in the house because he had nothing else to do this summer. Nick says what is he trying to do, all he had to do was come in the house and chill because they were all glad to see him but he’s just f*cking it up. AD says he told him they dont talk game that much but he just keeps trying to push it. Nick says David came into the house like Swaggy.


    PSM and TT are sitting on the oddly placed sofa and he is telling her that he is 1000% keeping PSM but please dont telll anyone.She tells him that it just get hard when you get OTB. She says she doesn’t blame AD for it. She says that he had to do it because thing were said and if word got out, people would wonder why he didn’t put her up. She said JJ put her up for banishment in the first 3 hours. TT says just because you get bqanished does’t mean they don’t love you. She says the hardest part is the lies being told about her. TT tells her that he really think she’s going to be fine and just let it play out because he’s pretty sure she isn’t the target.

    TT tells her he can’t imagine being in her position but he loves her. She says she didn’t want to start crying.


    • mm22

      Tommy “just because they banish you it doesn’t mean they don’t love you” really Tommy? Hahaha

      • Sassy

        And don’t tell anyone I’m for sure voting for you because I don’t want Kemi and you to figure out I’m saying the exact things to both of you. (That’s my interpretation)

  67. NKogNeeTow



    Sam is standing in the door talking about something else I don’t care about. *I don’t know why I don’t like listening to him. Maybe because he’s loud?* Nick says he has the best speaking voice. *Apparently it doesn’t take much to impress him* Cliff is now parked back up in the HOH…the Honorary Non-8. TT, KK, CC and Ovi are all there. They are asking Ovi what the rules are for wearing his costume again. Ovi says he doesn’t have to wear it in the pool and in bed. Kemi just joined the room. TT tells her she looks stunning. Cliff isn’t talking. He misses his girlfriend…Orwell, who is still holding out on him.

    Kemi gets called to the DR and TT tells her as she’s leaving that she’s so beautiful. CC says Kemi has her dream body and she looks so natural. KK questions the word “natural” in reference to Kemi. *Meow* Now they are talking about the price of Honey Crisp apples at different stores.


  68. danmtruth

    Strange PSM came in the HOH rom and is laying on the bed next to AD very odd
    I would love for either Kimi or PSM off the block than watch as Jack puts KK as the renom
    CC bellowing for David to join them

  69. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is talking about a canoe trip. Sis, the HOH Concubine is sitting in the chair looking pissed because there is no room or her on the bed and AD’s hair looks like it needs attention. Cliff is wearing some kind of crazy slippers that look like bear feet. KK is still talking about Brett. Cliff says that instead of Brett, they are going to send in RockStar. AD say then Kemi is gonna yell “On my birthday?” CC calls David into the HOH room. He yells that he’ll be there in a minute. CC makes some snide remark about how they have plenty of tissues in the HOH. AD is telling them what kind of comp he’s have. He starts to tell them about the comp that Pectacular hosted last year. Ovi and David are telling them the oath that they have to recite. It includes KK’s line “Are you bitches conspiring against me”. CC starts yelling that Kat made it. They discuss when it’s alright to call someone a bitch. CC says she doesn’t get offended when called a name.


  70. NKogNeeTow


    Alright Boys and Girls, we’re in the home stretch!


    Sam and Nick talking about who they would put up. Bella is there too. Sam is telling them that PSM was crying to him eariler. Nick says he would put up KK and Jess because Kemi won’t be there. Bella says right now Jack is the strongest persson in the house. Nick says he woulldn’t want to put up Squeaks or Cliff because he doesn’t think they’d put him up. Sam says he’s tired of PSM crying and you can’t keep being sympathetic. Audio just went out *It seems to do this everynight just as the show is ending

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Alright Boys and Girls, see you tomorrow night. Same Bat time, same Bat channel. *Those of you old enough to remember the original Batman TV series will get it 🙂 * Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • Kari

      Speaking of Batman Adam West. He was from Walla Walla Washington and went to high school right on the Oregon border there. My uncle was just a couple years behind him. They have Adam West a in Walla Walla now every year on this birthday.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hey Sweetie! Thought you had gone to bed. I was just answering messages before heading out. I never have enough time to do it during the show because of the commercials.

        My favorite Batmen were Adam West and Michael Keaton (he was the BEST movie Batman).

        Sleep well little Kari. See you tomorrow 🙂

      • ShoeLover

        Kari, that makes me think of Boardman, Hermiston, and Umatilla Oregon. And the Tir cities in WA. Hermiston was the first place Daniel and I moved to after we were married. Boardman, OR was small Navy Base Bombing Rage for Whidbey Island NAS. WOW!!!! When you mention things about different places in WA it brings back a lot of wonderful fun memories from 20 years ago. A funny thing about Walla Walla WA, Bugs Bunny used to make comments about it when he thought he made a wrong turn. Haha!!! Thanks for the memories. And I have a 20yr old who thinks he owns the world as well!!! Message me any time or look me up on Facebook.

    • Annabelle

      Thanx for making me spit my wine with your Batman joke….I wanted to be Catwoman when I grew up once I discovered no matter how long you spin/wish you won’t turn into Wonder Woman.

  71. Kari

    1. California Earthquakes.
    It’s really freaky to have three of them so close together and especially as big as they have been. I’ve experienced one that I remember here in Seattle, the Nisqually earthquake on my daughter was only about 18 months old. Being they run the same faultline, I’m actually really nervous. Tomorrow we’re going to go to the store and grab a few things to throw in the trunk just in case something happens. My heart and my prayers go for it to all the people that are affected by these quakes..

    2. Continual fireworks. I live in an area that has rules against it but it doesn’t stop anybody from doing it. There just is not enough police availability to where they keep track of everybody. last night I saw a group of people with very little kids blowing them off near apartment buildings. first off I wouldn’t appreciate it if it started a fire secondly those kids were scary close to the fireworks themselves. How stupid do people need to be? We also had a double house fire caused by fireworks at the other end of town. I just don’t understand why people feel they need to blow off their own when there are so many nice shows all over the place.

    my daughter’s cat was absolutely terrified. He was slunking down close to the ground just trying to find a place to hide. I turned on the fans and turn the TV volume up and shut all the windows. It is indeed like a war zone out here for two or three hours. Even at 2:30 in the morning when things were finally quieting down some jerk decided to blow off a really big one and scared the crap out of many people.

    Maybe towns need to learn to compromise and set a place and a time frame were your own personal ones can be set off and have a fire truck close by and in EMT just in case.

    Back to Big Brother. everything I’m reading it just makes me shake my head in disbelief. I really had high hopes for this season but I can’t even get into it. like someone mentioned earlier I’d rather read the blog and know the truth than the edited crap you see on TV.

    I am so grateful I found this blog oh, this is my third summer.. unbelievable! I’m so completely thankful to all the people that work so hard to keep us updated. I’m also grateful that for the friends I’ve made out here.


  72. danmtruth

    Cliff was talking about a canoe trip with the boy scouts
    RatBelle NICKorsam a d natural SAMornick are in deep conversation Kimi walks by after a dr visit than goes back to the HOH you think she will stay feel comfortable confuding in RatBella
    Nick steals a kiss from Bella and they start a littler make out session
    Bella another I just want to make it to jury
    Nick saying Jack told him he can live with Kimi fir another week as he is already growing g tired of Jess crying

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