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Big Brother 21 – Let’s Talk About Jackson

Good afternoon, everyone!


Note – I’m sick so I started writing this and then fell asleep for 3 hours. Oops. Going to be fun trying to sleep tonight.

Round 1 of the final HoH competition is in the books and Jackson pulled it off which was probably not the best strategy. From the sounds of it, Nicole finished last by a long margin so Jackson should have thrown it to Holly so he could participate in round 2. Of course, that is a massive gamble because we don’t know what round 2 will be, but Nicole has much better odds against Holly than she does Jackson so it may have been worth it.

Now, I know I’m going to have to tread lightly with this post because Jackson is not at all liked by the fans so anything I say will be met with resistance. It’s understandable and I’m not going to try to make people like him. However, on a pure game standpoint, he’s had a hell of a season and at least brought something to this cast of extremely dull players. Let’s go through the list of things…

  • He was the first and only player to cast a hinky vote this season to shake up a super boring start
  • He pissed himself trying to win the first endurance competition
  • He is the first person that I can think of who hooked up with two different people during the same season (not that it’s an accomplishment, just an observation)
  • We wondered all year when he was going to snap and rage his way out of the house
  • He orchestrated quite possibly the biggest vote flip in Big Brother history with pure lies and deception like a real old school reality show player
  • Havenots were scrapped this year quite possibly due to Jackson’s refusal to follow along rather than punish him (this one is speculation)
  • He battled it out with someone else America was not too fond of – Christie
  • He volunteered to put a major target on his back the first week of the season when he became camp director

Some of those are just things I haven’t seen before, like hooking up with two different people yet someone surviving all the way to the end with one of them. That speaks volumes on how bad the rest of the house was rather than anything he really did. I know Christie and Tommy had a huge advantage by knowing each other, but I think the bond people share when they bump uglies is almost as tight and he did it out in the open with two different people and nobody did anything.

That said, when the house finally did try to take a shot at his showmance, he had one of the dirtiest weeks I’ve seen on reality TV in a long time. This dude flat out lied about Tommy and the house went along with it to the point where they kept Holly. That was completely hardcore ruthless to the point where I still can’t figure out if I like it or it terrifies me how easily he lied like that.

Regardless how I feel about it, it was possibly the biggest house flip in history because it convinced people to keep his girlfriend going into the final 4 when the people doing it knew they had better odds with Tommy. That’s craziness. Christie saving herself was huge but the people voting weren’t doing so knowing deep down it was a terrible decision that could likely cost them $500,000.

This isn’t really a Jackson appreciation thread as it is more just a Jackson observance thread. He made big moves and was a huge impact on this season and I want to see how that will impact him in a few nights.


So, based on all that and what I heard from the jury last night, I’m going to put him against the two remaining people and count some votes:


Jackson/Nicole Jackson/Holly
Jack Jackson Jackson
Analyse Nicole Jackson
Nick Jackson Jackson
Christie Nicole Holly
Jess Nicole Holly
Kat Jackson Jackson
Tommy Nicole Holly
Cliff Nicole Holly
Holly/Nicole Jackson Holly

Jackson vs Nicole – Nicole wins 5-4 – maybe. Analyse seems to have been warming to Nicole’s game after she won a few comps but still may just side with Jack who will likely be voting for Jackson regardless of the opponent. The other 4 votes for Nicole are virtual locks so this one should fall all on Analyse.

Jackson vs Holly – This one is fairly similar where Holly wins 5-4, but she takes a different route than Nicole does. I doubt she’ll have Analyse’s vote after they had a falling out and Sis has focused heavily on comp wins and gameplay. However, the big difference will be who isn’t sitting next to him in the final 3 because I think Nicole would end up voting for Holly – maybe. Nicole respects the game so she may just go with the guy who played really hardcore over the girl who rode under the guy who played hardcore. This one will really depend on Nicole’s decision because the other votes seem like locks to me.


Alright, sorry for the late update. Like I said, I zonked out. What do you think of my final 2 votes?


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  1. hogwild

    Your votes seem reasonable for all that Jackson did right with the big moves comp wins and vote flip his one glaring weakness has been jury management. For better or worse bitter jury is a real thing in BB and that seems to be something Jackson did not take into account. Get a good nights reat and feel better.

    • Avatar

      Probably only thought of votes when threatened and then just got mad in front of everyone. Cliff should have started with have you thought about jury votes? Tommy you destroyed, he knew Christy coming in, Kay, Jess, maybe nick, Jack, sis, …now you are going back on your word to me. I am going to jury to further tell them about your morals and values and how you treat ppl. Doubt you will get the votes.

      Game yes but they remember how they feel. All of them have been talked down to or made to feel less than. I’m not sure he has nick or jack vote.

      However if JJ/Beth I would rather JJ but he was not a true game player but did play. Not just sit on a stool.

      My heart is for Nicole. So hoping it is her.

      Do you think JJ took this one hoping he goes to the end with Nicole. He has a better chance and he can say he dragged her without looking like he saying that against his gf. No one knows if Nicole would have won that comp regardless. Hey granny talks about her pain and ailments so much maybe she would have lost!

      • mm22

        I like your convo duck about votes-Cliff was telling Nicole that when he brings up the votes to Jackson he will no matter what see it as a threat and that’s why cliff waited n
        tried the “your word” crap first.

  2. AIO_7

    Not sure why you gave Jackson Nick’s vote against Nicole. I could see Nick voting for Nicole, they became close there at the end.

  3. mm22

    R u sure about kat voting Jackson both ways? I think she will vote like the other girls either
    Nicole or hollybeth

  4. Avatar

    I see some issues with your possible votes. I think Kat would never vote Jackson and Nick did have a bond with Nicole. Just my opinion though

  5. Avatar

    I think Jackson should win. I am rooting for him because he’s actually playing. Nicole has only really won one competition. Holly through the last one to her and Cliff went really slow and delayed himself on the puzzle so she could win. So the only one she’s truly won is BB Comics. Which she crushed. I like Holly but she’s really just playing a nice girl social game. She only threw that last HOH because Jackson kept telling her to do it. But she got the credit for keeping her word.

    On a different note, I paid for live feeds without commercials and I feel kinda screwed because they always go to fish when something interesting is happening like the fight with Tommy. But the worse thing is that they basically sleep all day. My husband says why do you watch these people sleeping all the time? Stupid.

    • Avatar

      I agree with all you say newbbie..I hope JJ win as well..

    • hogwild

      People throwing comps is on them not Nicole if a pitcher groves one right down the middle of the plate and the hitter knocks it out of the park I don’t take anything away from the hitter because of the bad pitch you still have to take advantage of the mistake. When she won that first HOH it woke something up in her she played with a fire and confidence we really hadn’t seen before that where Jackson has been superior in the comp part of the game Nicole has been superior in the social part of the game.

    • Avatar

      I agree I hope Jackson wins. For someone as I said earlier who has watched all the seasons, you have to do things you might nor normally do to get to the end. Also, I see according to the votes above you are predicting some jurors vote out of bitterness, not who played the game best!! I really hope this season they vote and take in consideration who truly played the BB game all the way through. Also, everyone is so hateful about Jackson. All I hear his southern manners “Yes Mamam, getting things for people,, etc. As for jury management, he may not be the best of being best friends with everyone and then being part of their eviction. I am trying to remember who all has that amazing skill. In pas seasons people might have been angry at the time they were evicted, even learned deceptive things in the house they never knew of when they got to the jury house, BUT they ended up voting nor because they had hurt feelings or were mad, but who played the best game. Now the one thing you guys have posted that I definitely do not think is right at all, is if he actually Hooked Up with Kat. I know they were getting close but I never saw them like you know what. So I hope that part is not true, but that is still not good. Anyway, I know there are only a few small few that hopes Jackson wins, but I am one of them for his game play and big moves! I am not sure how many seasons you guys have watched but if it was earlier than 19 you will know what I mean about how the jury used to vote! You guys have a Great NIght or Morning!

      • Avatar

        Donna, Jackson and Kat hooked up before live feeds. Jackson, Kat, and Hilly have all let it slip from what I have read. And I grew up in the mid-west and moved to the south (NC).. The southern manners are habits ingrained as children and not necessarily done because they are good and polite people. When a southerner says “bless your heart” it is an insult many times. The southern hospitality can be very superficial. My mother-in-law is from New Jersey and moved to the south when she got married like I did and warned me about it. Many are friendly to your face and talk about you behind your back. I do think he does have a heart in there somewhere, though. We can debate gameplay, and I will just say I respectfully disagree.

      • Avatar

        Donna, I actually saw them (Kat and Jackson) “hooking up” on live feeds. It was real. Then the cameras cut to other rooms.

  6. mm22

    Most of what he brought this season I just didn’t like-his move with
    Tommy looks like a big move when it’s the only game move this summer
    in a house full of contestants that didn’t know what show they
    were on half the time

  7. mm22

    **The other 4 votes for Nicole are virtual locks so this one should fall all on Analyse.**
    This right here is one scary bit of info! Seriously all us Nicole fans are putting her
    fate in the hands of sis…uugghh

  8. Avatar

    I can’t find the aftershow interview nor the goodbye messages for Cliff. Any suggestions appreciated.

  9. danmtruth

    Steve good points with Jacksons game play I will say i would it had more to do with the bad game play of the others To many if this years players had this fear of getting blood on there hands Tommy and christie tried to play to clever of a game Always trying to get other people to do there dirty work of getting other people out Even Jackson was guilty of this Getting cliff to take out Bella, jess take out Jack or michie Yes the vote flip from holly to tommy was impresive But in the end it was just 2 people Nicole and Cliff Than again he already had Cliff leaning In the end it was not the lie as much as it was cliff turning on nicole over some honor code and cliff seeing Tommy as a bigger threat than a showmance Thinking Michie would honor his deal We all know it would not In fact i would say christie flipping the vote on Sis was bigger Not that sis did anything But for Christie to convince Michie to switch his target off christie Just so she could stay to take out Nick was an even bigger move in my opinion Add to that christie was not even needed as Holly took him out So yes compared to most of the other HG Jackson did a good Along with a strange mix of helpfull comps that were a mix of more physical and luck comps than are usual So again he did a good job of navigating around bad game play by both him and other Hg

  10. danmtruth

    Here are the goodbye mesages Holly how would things have been different if SHE won the HOH than we get the childish michie mesage just distasteful as always

    • hogwild

      Yeah some more great jury management from the asshole he might have had a shot at getting Cliffs vote before that hghly doubt it now.

      • danmtruth

        Hog it was amazing to listen to his self righteous BS about being threatened to how his family needs this money Of all the HG which family dosen’t need it Besides if your family needed the money so bad Why not take that great medical sales job that was offered to you

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  12. Joy


  13. Joy

    Got to 3rd paragraph and thought about the direction you might be going and had to STOP. I can go no further.

  14. Avatar

    Here is tonights BBAD playlist and would y’all want a special playlist Wednesday that is made up of your favorite songs from the BBAD playlists I made this season.


  15. mona77450

    Steve, I think you might be delirious. I hope you feel better soon.

  16. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is standing on the landing talking to JJ and FAB cooking in the kitchen. She tells them she loves them. She says she will be remembered as the person who went to the F3 with a showmance. FAB ask her if there has ever been a showmance that made it to the F3. Nicole says no. She says she has lost every single person in the house she had a showmance with. Nicole does a song and dance on the balcony about final 3. *Sorry, I didn’t get the entire convo. The system is delaying showing the words I typed.*

    Nicole offers to help and comes downstairs. On her way down she asks if they could move the stool to another room. She says it bothers her. *LOL, if she only knew.* She asks they could they imagine the 2 of them being in the house with anyone other than her. She says it would be fun if they were in there with David. FAB asks them if they should have champagne. *YES PLEASE! Ply her with PLENTY of liquor. She already got a little ticked because JJ wanted to feed the fish and play Chess with Nicole.*


  17. mm22

    I have never heard Nicole talk so much-she’s been nonstop this evening. I know it’s
    not alcohol cause hollybeth just got permission from Jackson to open champagne at dinner

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ve noticed that she’s unusually chatty and chipper too. I was wondering if it wasn’t nervous energy because she might feel a bit uncomfortable with The Vultures. She does keep mentioning being the 3rd wheel on a tricycle.

  18. mm22

    They got videos from their family that must be why Nicole is so giddy happy

  19. NKogNeeTow



    The 3 of them are eating dinner. Nicole tells them she respects them and they have a very difficult decision ahead and they will walk out not winners or losers. She says she is happy they got videos today. FAB says she’s grateful that the 3 of them are there and she’s grateful for the people on the screen who created them. She says she is also grateful that the last few days she got to spend with them in the house and that she’s glad she got to play with people she respects.

    JJ says he’s happy to be there with the 2 of them then thanks FAB for dinner. Nicole thanks her also. FAB adds that she’s grateful for Thai food. *This is a poor man’s gratitude circle.* JJ says the pepper flakes give the food an extra zing and says it’s the best food he’s had in 94 days. *He says that about everything she cooks.* He asks FAB if she wants to play Chess after dinner. *This is because when he was getting ready to play Chess with Nicole earlier, FAB started bitching that he never ask her to play.*

    They just sit around making comments about the food. *Which looks like a bowl of yuck, btw.* Nicoles says she also liked David’s pork chops. JJ remarks that it’s about time they got some good flavor. Nicole tells him she didn’t get it. He tells her he knows she didn’t. Nicole says she can’t wait to watch the show back but she can’t watch it right away. JJ says he doesn’t want to watch it alone. *You might want to rethink that Son.*

    Nicole says she wants to see the opening sequence, what people have lied about, what people had to say. JJ isn’t saying too much on that one. FAB just mumbles something. JJ says he wants to watch with his mom but he’s afraid he will have to explain himself. *Luucy, you got a lot of ‘splainin to do.*


  20. NKogNeeTow



    FAB whispers something to JJ, he says he’s shocked. Nicole says “Wowww”. Nicole starts talking about the movie Sorority Row. FAB says she’s been told she has a lot of doppelgangers. She says she gets confused for Megan Fox and Audrina Patridge. Nicole tells them who she gets confused for. FAB says no, and ask JJ if he thinks Nicole looks like her. (I think she said Sarah Michelle Geller but not sure.). FAB kind of puts down the actress.

    Nicole says she will never judge like she did last year while watching the show. She says she doesn’t want to judge anyone never, ever, ever, even if they don’t win a single comp. FAB parrots that. FAB starts her story about how she orders Thai food a lot and so she eats it a lot and get food comatose and gets cranky every time. *Now would be a good time for you to go comatose so we won’t have to listen to any more stories.*

    Nicole says she loves Chinese food and seafood. FAB says she loves seafood then tells BB they love seafood. *Biting my tongue.* Nicole starts talking about Cliff busting through the door. FAB says she thought the same thing. *Biting my tongue.* FAB has now not only cleaned the plate but stopped just short of licking it. Nicole starts to talk about the Camp Comeback comp and battle back. *There is nothing left on the plate FAB,*


  21. NKogNeeTow

    Just thinking ahead. A week from yesterday, I’ll be sleeping for 24 hours. 🙂

  22. danmtruth

    Holly and jackson have talked about ,thought about that stool just as much as game moves

  23. mm22

    Oh nk this is brutal-having to listen to hollybeth now talking with her sounds
    mmmeerrrmmeden bluuurp Omg wth!

  24. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling FAB she doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable because they are very welcoming. She says that if week 1 she had known she was going to wind up the duo to a showmance she would have cried. FAB laughs because she tells JJ she was going to say that the 3 of them made the best threesome but she didn’t want to make Nicole uncomfortable. JJ washes the pans and puts away food. He keeps blowing his nose then touching stuff without washing his hands.

    He comes over and sits down and tells FAB that dinner was dope. Nicole wants to play a game about quotes or things the houseguest says. FAB talks about Ovi. Nicole says JJ. FAB says he says hush, my buddies, and a few other things. Nicole says she hopes she hasn’t upset JJ. JJ mentions Kemi. FAB says she says “can we talk; how are you so pretty”. Nicole says that Kemi whispered everything, even asking her for toothpaste. FAB says, Bella. JJ says “my little Chinese toad”. Nicole says, Cliff. They say he says: Now hold on now.

    They mention Nick and JJ says he wanted a showmance with every girl in the house. They bring up Christie: FAB says: manifest; I had a dream; I could have won. FAB says she had no problem with Christie saying things, just that she would make up completely made up lies. *Are you f*cking kidding me?!?*


  25. NKogNeeTow

    After FAB got mad at JJ earlier for wanting to feed the fish and play Chess with Nicole, who else is hoping that she will bring it up at bedtime and it become an issue?

  26. NKogNeeTow


    FAB is telling Nicole and JJ that she and Cliff talked about them doing a clean campaign. She says that’s why she was pissed off. Nicole changes the subject back to things the HG would say. JJ says Jack would yell: I’m on a roll. Nicole tells them that the night she and Jack had that fight, Jack stood on the balcony and sang “Another One Bites The Dust”. She says that no one approached her afterward. JJ says it was because he and FAB didn’t want to get into the middle of it.

    FAB says she just sat in the middle of the floor and didn’t say anything and wondered if those people were fucking real (the night they wouldn’t let Nicole into the HOH). JJ says he was so “fake” mad that he made his alliance believe him. *He’s lying, he was really mad and FAB was right in the middle of it too.* FAB and JJ tells Nicole how the alliance made up the stupid name of Unde9able. JJ and FAB laugh at the name but fail to tell her they were part of naming it.


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  28. Avatar

    Please hit him with rolling pin please so he gets mad at you

  29. mm22

    vultures laughing n talking to Nicole-hollybeth telling Nicole that after she
    won hoh her n jj went up to hoh room an they were so happy n celebrating that
    Nicole won-hell no I was watching it the damn liars they were pissed as hell

  30. NKogNeeTow


    *Enough with the champagne. I want them to get some hard alcohol. My grandmother used to always say: “A drunk man speaks a sober man’s mind.” I want to see FAB get down and dirty…lol*

    They are still talking about things the HG say. Kat: minernin (never did understand that one); are you bitches conspiring against me. JJ goes over and sits next to FAB and gives her a hug. Nicole moves to the other side and hugs her too. Nicole says she amuses herself sometimes. JJ asks FAB where the owl is. She says in the bathroom. He says he meant the blanket. Nicole goes into the camper to get it.

    JJ asks FAB what time it is. She tells him time to get a motherf*cking watch. JJ and Nicole walk around looking for the blanket. JJ gets it and goes into the living room, lays down and covers up with it. He starts yelling “Holly, couch!”. She tells him he’s so needy. FAB sits down next to JJ with the rolling pin and rolling her thigh and tells them that her legs are so sore. *Biting my tongue.* She keeps rolling her nasty legs with the rolling pin. She says if her legs were longer maybe she could have gotten 3 more points. *Biting my tongue.*

    The convo turns to the last comp. He says it was like a 5-minute difference between him and FAB. Nicole says she kept asking them how they were doing because she didn’t want them to exert themselves. *I’ll ask again, does she even want to win or does she really want one of them too?* FAB keeps saying she was so freaking close. *Again with the excuses.* They go over who they think may have had trouble with the comp and who would have done well.

    Nicole says Sis would have had the ability but she wouldn’t have that drive. She says she has the drive but not the ability. FAB says the comp had the potential of causing serious injuries and she could have broken an arm. Nicole says she didn’t plan on her landing and that made it difficult. She said her one goal was not to fall off. FAB is still rolling her legs with the rolling pin. She’ll probably go make biscuits next.


  31. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is saying he got picked a lot (to play in comps). Nicole says Sam was good strategically. JJ says he doesn’t know which it is better to be. Nicole says it’s better to be under pressure. FAB says she’s better when she’s not under pressure. *Yeah, cause all that pressure would just bring out her curved spine, PTSD, ADD, insomnia, losing hair follicles, one breast being larger than the other, and ei ei oh.*

    JJ asks where they are going to sleep tonight. Nicole says that on Finale night their families are going to be right outside the wall. They get quiet for a minute. FAB wonders who will come for her. She says maybe her mom and Jessie. Nicole says maybe her dad and mom but if her mom is too nervous, maybe her aunt. FAB goes into ANOTHER story about how her parents hate taking pictures. She says her mom says she looks so old but she’s only 66. *Maybe they are just ashamed to be seen with you.*

    Nicole says her parents are 66 and 65. FAB says her younger sister is taller than she is. Nicole says she views BB alums as celebrities. She wonders if any of them will be there. JJ isn’t saying anything. Nicole says she told the cameras today that she’s the sole survivor from the RV, FAB is the sole survivor from the back room, and JJ is the sole survivor from the target room. JJ is laying there with his eyes closed and clenching his fist. *Probably dreaming of punching someone upside the head.*


  32. danmtruth

    Nicole wants to look like she is no threat to them Sounds like she has given up Knowing its a done deal the F2 are michie & holly Than maybe Holly will say something to get jackson to question if holly is playing him as her fool
    Have a wedding on the wifes side of the family Did not know we were going to host some of her out of town cousins So i need to cut this short Can only slip into the bathroom so many times -Just kidding – So off to be entertaining You all have a great night Not sure what sat night looks like

  33. NKogNeeTow


    Nicole is talking about something that Kemi used to say. FAB mentions Kemi and Nick and JJ wakes up and says, “huh”. FAB says he’s holding the rolling pin and he looks like a little baby. Nicole tells JJ that Kemi thought he and Nick and David were good looking. Nicole says that Kemi was saying if she could mash them up, what she would take from each. Nicole says Kemi and Jack had a weird dynamic. She said Kemi said Jack was so good looking but he just wasn’t so nice. FAB says that Jack walked into the house and said none of the girls in the house were his type. She asks JJ if Jack said that to him. He says no.

    Nicole wonders who BB picked out to be with who. FAB goes through the HG and says who she thinks may have hooked up with who. FAB says that given the dynamic of Tommy and Christie, he may have been hurt if she had hooked up with anyone. FAB says everyone gets in showmances. *No they don’t.* She tells Nicole that by any means is she excluded from that. She says she doesn’t know who they (BB) would have seen her (N) getting with. Nicole laughs and says she could see them putting her with Tommy.

    FAB says she loves this cast so much. Nicole says she hopes it stays that way. FAB says she thinks they lucked out with that cast. *We didn’t* FAB says they had blow-up but not consistent drama. *That’s because most of the mean things you said were behind other’s backs.* Production warns JJ about napping. JJ says he just opened his eyes. FAB asks BB if they are going to get called soon because they want to go to real bed. They don’t answer.

    FAB starts to sing a song about the target bed. She lays her head on JJ’s chest. He says he’s ready to be done. Nicole tells him they are almost done.


  34. Avatar

    Production please get on them for singing please FAHB has no business singing

  35. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    JJ is telling Nicole to wear sunscreen when she goes in the sun and don’t get baked. FAB says something and cracks herself up. She tells Nicole that she and JJ were giving each other a hard time once and Christie walked by and asked if that’s how they get started. Nicole starts singing the cuddle buddy song. She says there were 3 verses but now that Tommy is gone there are only 2. JJ starts singing a verse about Orwell is Nicole’s new cuddle buddy.

    Nicole says something about Orwell’s eyes. JJ says Orwell has cataracts. Nicole says that she makes little jokes all the time but they never laugh at her but she laughs at everything they say. *Maybe that’s what’s getting on my nerves.* FAB continues to sing. Nicole just remembered she hasn’t washed the dishes yet. FAB keeps singing. *Biting my tongue.* JJ remarks about her still sipping on her champagne. She says she’s savoring it. He says 6 more days. She says she can’t wait to get to her apartment.

    She launches into ANOTHER story about her roommate. *She has a story for every damn thing.* Nicole comes in and FAB tells her what she was just telling JJ about her roommate. Nicole asks if they are going to bed. She says she’s going to brush her teeth. FAB asks them what was the name of the horror movie they did on the SnapChat glasses. JJ says “All Cooped Up.”


  36. NKogNeeTow

    I just checked the program guide. BBAD will be on Finale night from 12-3. Maybe for interviews?

  37. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    FAB gets on the sofa opposite JJ and covers her feet. She talks about eating fiber gummies. *Can this get any more interesting?* He tells her that her feet are cold. She tells him she can’t wait for him to meet Jackson the dog. She asks him if he can add some thoughts into his brain like laying on her couch, cuddled up with Jackson (the dog), having Thai food and alcohol. He says that sounds so great. She says it will be really fun now that they know for certain that their parents will come. She says they can go to Disney afterward.

    He says he will see if his parents can come. He stares off then tells her he just keeps rewatching that video in his head. She tells him she knows he does.


    Nicole brushing her teeth, then flossing. She leaves then goes back to get her blanket then goes to the camper. The camera keeps showing that bobblehead owl in the HN room.


  38. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is laying in bed reading her Bible. She thumbs back and forth through the pages. She takes off her glasses, signs and turns over on her side. She pulls the covers up like she’s going to sleep.

    Living Room:

    JJ is laying on the sofa alone, breathing hard and in deep thought. He just stares around the room. *Probably thinking about what Cliff might be telling those jurors right now.* He sighs, stretches and puts his hands behind his head and continues to stare off. *Gotta love that Jedi Mind Fuck Cliff laid on him before he left. It may not have saved him but at least it’s weighing on JJ’s mind.*


    FAB is brushing her teeth and tongue. She finishes, wipes the toothbrush off with her hands (which she probably didn’t wash) then goes back into the living room and ask JJ in a baby voice if he’s coming to bed. She goes into the outer bedroom and takes off her jacket. He gets up and follows her as all good little Jackson’s do. *Wonder if he rolls over and plays fetch too?*


    JJ goes in to brush his teeth.

    Target Room:

    Nicole snug in bed.


    JJ alternates between brushing his teeth and adjusting his junk. * Every time I see his hands go anywhere below his waist I think of Steve and that damn taint. That one still brings me to tears.* He gargles while he messes with his hair. Blows his nose.

    Target Room:

    FAB comes in and says Holy Shit it’s cold in there.


  39. Avatar

    It’s so boring that I’m starting to fall asleep

    • Gerardo for AFP

      That has seriously happened to me on MULTIPLE occasions this season. No matter how boring it got during previous seasons I never used to actually fall asleep on BBAD. This has been excruciating.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep, I’m so bored I get up and walk around the table a few times during the commercials. Guess the feeds are out for tonight. For the first time, I remembered to cancel them last night. I have them till the 7th. Don’t need em.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        The feeds used to be soooo good. I remember having to force myself to go to sleep a few seasons ago because I was trying to get all the live feed tea. Sigh.

      • NKogNeeTow

        So true Gerardo. Now I mostly listen to the feeds and sit there and read and laugh at the chat. People think we’re brutal here, they should check out the feeds in the HOH chat.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    BACK *Just lost my entire comment.*

    Outer Bedroom:

    JJ goes in and tells Nicole to prepare to reminisce, then leaves back out. FAB is brushing her weave. He tells her she’s the one standing in front of national TV in a bralette and she’s getting on him for changing. He says it’s hypocritical. She sounds annoyed. *FIGHT FIGHT*


    He tells her that if she doesn’t care she’s on national TV changing, then he doesn’t, he was just looking out for her. They both sound annoyed with each other. He says it’s just that he hasn’t slept well. She’s finishing up makeup and he gets called to the DR. She gets pissed and says to BB that she’s been waiting and she’s gotten ready. He leaves then calls for her to go. She says it’s fine. He yells back that they told him to tell her to go. She finishes putting on lipstick and he goes into the living room, sits down and starts to shuffle the cards.


  41. NKogNeeTow



    JJ has moved from the living room to the kitchen table with the cards. He just keeps staring at them then starts to shuffle then goes through the deck. He looks kind of po’d. *JJ is not a happy boy. Hope this means there will be trouble between the lovebirds tonight. That might be feed watch worthy.* He goes into Solitare. Makes me want to look for my cards. I’d rather play with real cards than on the computer.* He’s very meticulous about how the cards are placed. *To bad he’s not that meticulous about his choice in women.*

    *While I’m waiting for this championship game of Solitare to conclude, I’m wondering how long has he worn FAB’s jacket without it being washed. He’s cut onions in it, garlic in it, sizzled steaks in it, scratched his balls in it. what hasn’t he done in it? He’s had it on so long when he takes that thing off it should stand up all by itself.*

    He loses (like he always does), scrambles the cards on the table, stacks them, then reshuffles. Orwell is keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t cheat. *I sound like Cliff, who almost ruined Orwell for me. I love Orwell.* He goes through the cards almost individually and turns some around before shuffling again.


  42. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is still playing Solitare and apparently losing. He looks at the cards and says, “WTF is this?” *I hope this is an indication of things to come. 😉 * He continues on with his game. I’m watching as he runs the cards up but the ones he mainly needs are on the wood (Solitare speak…lol). He sits there and stares at them trying to figure out how to win. He starts to move the cards around again. He sees some moves he can make and says now he’s rolling. He runs out of spades then looks at the clubs. Can’t do anything with them either.

    He says dammit then mixes them up again. *That’s right Sweetie, just keep on with your losing streak.* He goes through the cards again and that jaw is set! Shuffles then looks off pissed. Continues to shuffle. He knocks 3 times on the bench seat then continues to shuffle. *Don’t judge me, I’m working with all I’ve got 😀 *


  43. Tomi Myers

    I came late to the table tonight, wondering why Snackson is so pi**ed off. I read earlier the HG’s got video’s from home, and that Snackson was crying, mad, upset ??? about his. I can’t seem to find anything in the flashbacks about it, I’m sure I skipped over it, but any idea what has him in a tizzy? I’ve been watching the live feeds tonight and it seems he is taking his frustrations out on FAH, talking about how she’s dressed, and not wanting her or him?? to be seen in a bad light on TV (feeds), watching out for her??? Yeah right, he only cares about himself, excuses to justify his attitude. Deflecting much, Snackson??? Am I reading too much into this or is there more than meets the eye going on here? Hmmmmm

  44. Avatar

    Just end this episode already

  45. NKogNeeTow



    Another Solitare game has started. He’s moving slow and study and has a not so happy look on his face. He still has a lot of cards left and doesn’t look like he’ll be able to place them. He throws the cards he has left on top of the others, mixes them up and gets up and goes to the bathroom. *I wonder if he’s looking pissed because he doesn’t like losing or because he thinks it might be an omen?*


    Nicole asleep with the lights out.

    Living Room:

    FAB out of the DR and into the outer bedroom. She takes off her hat and runs her hands through those extensions again. She takes off her shirt and throws it across the room and puts another one over her bra. *Didn’t your boyfriend just get on you about that?* She goes into the bathroom, because, well, she needs to know where her hunk of burning love is at all times.


    Nicole still asleep with the covers pulled partially over her head.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I wanted to stay up to see if The Vultures fight but since she’s out of the DR (she went in his place because she bitched so much about it), now it’s his turn to go in. I don’t feel like waiting another hour for him to come out. I don’t want to give these people another minute more than I have to. So I guess I’ll just say have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Bennett, Gerardo, Tomi, Colby, Robin and whoever else that’s still awake out there. 🙂

  47. BBGurl

    Thanks for the logical and unbiased feedback. That’s refreshing to see. I don’t agree with all of your vote counting though. As a superfan, I see Tommy voting for Jackson. I also think he would give Jackson his vote because he’ll vote however Jack does. I think Analease will also vote with Jack. But that’s just my thoughts at this time. I do wish Jackson had thrown stage 1 of this final comp to Holly also. But I get that the competitor in him and his need to protect himself came first. He’s of the mindset that he can only count on himself. Which is true.
    I hope you feel better soon and get lots of recuperative sleep tonight. It’s 2:10am here and insomnia and anxiety are keeping me up.

    • Mary

      I see Nicole voting for Jackson if she ends up in jury. Had went back and watched her interviews before entering the house, she stated Paul was her favorite player and got robbed twice. Makes me think that she would vote for Jackson on game play. Also think if Nicole doesn’t make it to F2, Cliff may give his vote to Jackson as well.

  48. SoftKitty

    I think JJ would be better off voting out HB into the jury. She’d be a vote for him to win and would campaign for him (well, in what little time there is between being voted out and voting winner). Nicole would give him neither of those things if he kept her in F2.

  49. Jenny

    The sound of Jackson gargling being amplified by the mic cracked me up. Because I’m easily amused.

  50. Avatar

    I appreciate your thoughts on Jackson, Mel. I think he is playing the best game and that we actually owe him a lot for splitting up with the six shooters. The show was in the tank before that as it was all just group think and no game play. Thus, I actually think tommy will vote for him bc he’s a lover of the game. I think cliff will vote for him, too, only if he’s against holly. You want the guy that beat you to win. Soothes your own loss. I also think Kat would vote for holly and Nicole and not Jackson. That still leaves Nicole as the swing vote as there’s no way on earth that Nicole takes Jackson to the end so holly can be the swing vote.

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