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Big Brother 21 – Live Eviction Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


It’s time for a new HoH and time for the first person to hit the jury! Yikes. Jury time. The house had their midway party this week and now we’re at jury. Summer is going by too quick! Make it stop!

The week of Jessica is about to come to an end and thanks to her with a huge assist from Sam, the house is officially split up and BB21 is completely up for grabs. No more gra8ful or 6shooters running things. Jack should be gone and we’re going to be down to three groups of small and relatively weak alliances.

Jessica – Nicole – Cliff
Holly – Jackson – Kat (ish)
Christie – Tommy – Analyse
Then Nick clinging to anyone with power


Kat can be listed with Jess, but I think she’s just more loyal to Holly in the end which is why I put her there.

Regardless, the house is fairly balanced now. Cliff’s alliance doesn’t really have much physical strength, but it has a lot of mental strength. Jackson’s has the physical but lacks mental. Tommy’s has a bit of both but neither is really a strong point.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out with this group.

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No chaos to open the show this week. Oh well. That was so fun last week.

They show the clips from the aliens. I hate that they weren’t on the feeds. The Jack/Alien skit was actually really good. He wrote ‘stupid’ under Jack’s nametag tattoo

Ok time for the speeches and eviction

Jack: He goes through each person and compliments them.
Jackson: Things have been said about him but he knows how he is. He won’t campaign against Jack. He says the Allen family should be proud of their daughter (Holly)



  • Holly – Jack
  • Analyse – Jackson
  • Christie – Jackson
  • Nicole – Jack
  • Cliff – Jack
  • Nick – Jack
  • Tommy – Jack
  • Kat – Jack

In the interview, Jack said he was going to stick with Christie over Jackson.

Julie shows the clips of Jack saying nasty things about Kemi. She recaps that Jack called Kemi a bitch and stomp a mudhole. Jack says it was based on what Sam said last season but was playful in a group of people. He then compliments Kemi and he doesn’t support the things he has said.  Julie THEN shows the clip about rice pudding. Jack says he appreciates letting him voice his opinion. He says it had nothing to do with her ethnicity.

Julie then says she is not going to ‘gyp Jack out of the good-bye messages’.  What.the.fuck.Julie.


HoH time!

They slide a boat down a river in as close to 9 seconds as possible

  • Cliff – 9.70
  • Christie – 9.19
  • Tommy – 8.90
  • Nicole – 10.20
  • Jackson – 9.39
  • Kat – 11.29
  • Analyse – 9.14
  • Holly – 10.07
  • Nick – 9.82

Tommy is the new HoH

Julie didn’t mention any twists or DE upcoming, so the big thing this week is the field trip which will likely happen tomorrow.



Note – stomach bugging me. I’ll try to get up a new post before bed tonight recapping stuff

Overnight thread is up!


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  1. AIO_7

    Celebrate good times …….. and Jack walking out of the house into the back of Mel’s Moving Van, with Mel at the wheel driving rough and jostling Jackass around in the back ….


  2. Mel

    #JackEvictionParty is trending at #1 right now. Lol

  3. hogwild

    Aquadick out in just over 30 minutes hopefully.

  4. AIO_7

    Assuming Jackson is still going to go after Crazy Eyes and Tiny Tim, maybe it won’t be a bad thing if he or Beth win HoH.

  5. Kari

    Good to see you Steve, I was starting to get a little bit concerned. Hopefully just working late?

  6. Kari

    get away the vote goes tonight, I will be singing…


  7. g8trgirl

    Live HOH tonite. Nice!

  8. Ava

    where can I watch since football is on CBS?

  9. AIO_7

    I already don’t like that alien; he is a food waster. CBS catering to the 12 and under demo. again.

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  11. Kari

    I don’t know why more communities do not put at least preseason football on alternative station. Here in Seattle it’s on Fox so it doesn’t affect being able to watch Big Brother. I’m going to be flipping back and forth..

  12. Avatar

    Stupid Texans & Packers game is on over here in Texas. Some please give me the run down on tonight’s eviction!!! I’m so mad it’ll be different story if it was the Cowboys.

  13. g8trgirl

    Not Julie’s color. She looks like a tangerine. Sorry.
    I shouldn’t judge, I look like a potato.

  14. kneeless

    I wondered where the “stupid” came from on Jack’s nametag tat!

  15. Ava

    well since I won’t pay for CBS access no BB for me tonight 🙁

  16. Nancy

    Beep* beep* beep*** I’m backing this damn truck up to the door…I’m ready

  17. Mr. Beardo

    Hey Aquadick! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  18. Minkie

    AD just called out Cc for her chewing on live t.v…..hahahahah love it!!

  19. danmtruth

    These might be the two most selfserving speeches With Jack being as condescending as always

  20. Nancy

    How cute was nicole..JUST JACK.
    Loved will and grace…

  21. allie

    Hoping Aquadick is sent packing tonight. Either way one of the Jackasses is gone.

  22. Annabelle

    Don’t forget CBS will come in on plain old TV without cable. You may have to attach a coax cable for a antenna but it will work.

  23. Minkie

    Nick voted to evict jack

  24. Avatar

    I’m gonna wait to see what happens on Big Brother after Dark

  25. RSdaughtersBD

    Of all days, I can’t believe Jack was evicted on Tommy’s birthday!!!! That suxxxxx

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  27. danmtruth

    Nick here is some advice if you NEED to say your funny your NOT

  28. g8trgirl

    Wait, what??? WTF was that? Tommy?

  29. NKogNeeTow

    For all those waving as AD’s bus slowly down the road.


  30. danmtruth

    Will juile tell him about CC & TT connection

  31. allie

    Tommy pitches a fit about Jack going home but votes against him. Man I wish they’d stop with the fake I love yous and shit. It’s just so fakeeeeee

  32. Kari

    YAAAASSS!!!! Bye-bye asshole!!!!

  33. Avatar

    *sings* Na Na Na Na!!! Na Na Na Na Hey hey hey Good bye!!!! Good bye Jackie boy you’re next crybaby Christie

  34. AIO_7

    Tooooo long; give him the heave-ho, Julie.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    OH SNAP! Julie’s showing all the things AD said about Kemi! I’M LOVING IT!!!

  36. RSdaughtersBD

    Sad that CBS is embarrassing Jack on live TV with clips of himself, like him or not.

  37. Avatar

    Bye Aquaass make sure you take the bottle of Chernobyl vodka with you

  38. HappyHippo

    Oh my god I can’t believe they are playing specific clips for him!!!’ Holy shit!!!!

  39. Kari

    These three goes next… Jackson Christie TT

  40. Charlotte

    Wow! Julie stretched her arm way out to keep from hugging jack! And they are throwing things back at him with clips! He is not enjoying this interview!

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Now Julie’s got his azz on the “rice pudding” comment. He’s peddling as fast as he can. Especially trying to explain it to an Asian person. ROFLLLLLLLL!

    • nancy

      She’s pissed.

      • Avatar

        Things being said (free speech) is a lot different than actually doing what Julies disgraced husband DID…….she needs to come down off her high horse!!!!!!!!

      • mm22

        Julie is pissed-clearly she is not your fan jack -guess she did like your rice pudding

      • NKogNeeTow

        @BFFan, the key words in your comment “Julie’s husband”. She’s doing her job, which has nothing to do with her husband. Her horse has nothing to do with her husbands.

      • Avatar

        Hi NK, I have loved your posts for years and I have read every single one of them. I even feel as if I know you. My point was, dont throw stones in a glass house. And she went far and above doing her job, she tried to embarrass him on national tv only to advance her on political opinion. I still love you, but at least you could get my name correct…..LOL

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Free speech does not equal free from the consequences of your speech. AD got the consequences of what he chose to say.

    • KLew

      Wow!!! She is grilling him and he’s absolutely blindsided by her line of questioning. This is absolutely brilliant! He is dying lol. Thank you Julie!

    • danmtruth

      Her next question after his lame explanation is look at the reaction of the people you were with They certainly took it as an offensive remark and not about slop

  42. Amber

    She’s calling him out. Wow. Nice!

  43. g8trgirl

    Oh, hell yes! Go Julie! Out in front of everyone. The way it should be. He sees what life is going to be like in the real world and he is scared to death.
    He’s got an answer for everything. What an asshole.

  44. hogwild

    I was a little surprised Tommy voted Jack.

  45. Nancy

    I’ll be back after I dump the trash…….

  46. BBBonbon62

    That was a stellar exit interview. He can stew in the jury house wondering what awaits him in the “real” world.

  47. Barracuda

    Wow. Is this one of the most brutal eviction interviews? Glad they are showing everything! Bye jack. And please BB, no jury battle back. We don’t want him back.

  48. KLew

    I don’t think that was the post eviction interview Jack was anticipating. Julie wa not about to let him off the hook.

  49. caRyn

    Thank you, Julie, for asking Jack the questions. Now he will have time to think about what he said and how he has been viewed. Reflect.

  50. Avatar

    Bunch of freaking snowflakes. Of all the guests in the history of big brother, they decide to try for an emmy moment with that insipid interview.

    I have a news flash…. the real racists are CBS. They a

  51. AIO_7

    We will know the new HoH by 10pm.

  52. ShoeLover

    Yes!!! Thank You!!!

    Hit the road Jack!! Your Rein 8s OVER OVER OVER!!!

    I am not sad to see him.go… His own quote ” Fuck em!!! They are the weaker side, PERIOD”!!!!!!!!!






    WE AIN’T BUYING [email protected]

  53. AIO_7

    This blows if TT wins!

  54. BBBonbon62

    The weasel has won. CRAPPPPP!!!

  55. Mello_One

    Oh Lordy, I can’t wait for the West Coast episode of BB to come on….I hear Julie is taking it to Jack, but she did the same to BB15 Aaryn also?! Aaryn kept making cracks about Asian Folks, & Jack did too, with the proof is in the rice pudding crack?! Miss Julie ain’t having none of that.

  56. Ava

    will they re-show the episode for us who had to watch football?

  57. Minkie

    Thats a real bummer, tt hoh.

  58. kathykatcan

    GGGGGRRRRRRRR – I did not want Tommy to win HOH

  59. KLew

    Ummmm…did Jackson get a chance in the HOH competition? I didn’t see him go.

  60. hogwild

    Tommy HOH shit if I have to keep hearing him say I love you guys I’m gonna throw up.

  61. Avatar

    Tommy’s going after Jackson & Holly for sure

  62. danmtruth

    In his mind it was all taken out of context and he BRILLIANTLY answered all the questions Afraid not Jack oh it was all a joke amongst friends

  63. BBBonbon62

    Our only hope for Cristie to leave is if she is part of America’s field trip and loses, becoming the 3rd nominee.

  64. Avatar

    Great job Tommy, now put up Holly and her pet frankenstein.

  65. Nancy

    Trash was removed..returned truck..now celebratory Nancy is in the house..
    So happy julie caught him off guard ..sad tommy won HoH

  66. danmtruth

    Now i hope Christie is the third nom on the block It could get interesting Jackson could win safety and tommy a 3rd week of punishment AS the HOH

  67. Avatar

    I would target Holly next. She is the glue for that three person alliance and you split up a duo and trio.

  68. Kari

    Damn it. Doesn’t Tommy have athing against Nichole…

  69. kneeless

    We know where Nick will float this week. Guessing if Tommy asked, Nick would take him in the showet.

  70. Avatar

    My first comment after reading this site for a few years and love every ones’ comments daily!! I have to say that I feel like all of them have said very rude and hateful things INCLUDING Kemi; however, I do like that she (Julie) gave Jack a chance to address it. recent seasons they have not. I know this isn’t a popular opinion on here from reading everyone comments everyday, but I can’t get on board of the side that has no idea what they are doing.. Jess and Nicole have just sat and floated by doing nothing till the last week and still didn’t really do anything.. I just can’t get behind them at all.. I know this sounds awful but I just don’t like any of this years peeps!! Jack my actually my pick to win (yes I know I know), BUT honestly I could just careless about any of them.. Even Christie and Anal-ease I just don’t care for!! hope this year gets a little better! ok my first comment over!!

  71. LO1004

    Kat trying to back pedal like her life depends on it right now lol. ‘michies still my #1 Target’. I cannot.

  72. SoftKitty

    I predict TT will try to get the Sux (minus Dick, of course) back together and try to dominate the game again. He’ll make amends with JJ & Beth, and with CC will pull Nick in. Plus Kat… will make another 6.

    • AIO_7

      That’s the way I see it.

    • Sassy

      That makes 7 (unless you are dumping Sis) not much left after that. Even IF they get back together this week, JJ will take a shot next week if roles are reversed. He has been after CC for a bit now. There is no taking back things that were said. It will be an uncomfortable fake alliance that won’t last. JJ said he will NOT pretend to be friends with the 3 of them irregardless of what happens.

  73. RSdaughtersBD

    TT is under my last nerve

  74. Nancy

    I enjoyed this eviction..bullshit speech he gave..I loved his face when julie said, let’s look at this clip..PRICELESS. I dont trust tommy as far as I can missile launch him..

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  76. Mel

    What are we thinking? Kat and Cliff for noms?

  77. kneeless

    It surprises me that Christie or Tommy hasn’t slipped about knowing each other. They can’t keep quiet about much! I probably would have slipped up by now.

  78. Avatar

    Well Christie Jackson and Annalise should be going on the field trip. Please let Christie be the third nominee and get evicted on Tommy’s HOH LOL

  79. Pink13

    The 3rd nominee from the field trip is hopefully Christie and she can go on Tommy’s HOH!

  80. Pink13

    We had to be writing at the same time!

  81. Punkytripster2

    I could see him putting JJ and Holly up or JJ and Kat (depending on what CC says) and/or possibly Jess and Cliff if he listens to Sis. It will be interesting. The greatest moment will be the field trip and if CC is the third nomination and gets voted out on Tommy’s HOH.

  82. Alda

    Not sure he’ll put up Nicole,but TT has been saying for awhile that Cliff is the most dangerous person in the house.

  83. Punkytripster2

    What if they sent a family pic with CC in the picture. That would be the ultimate BB production slip ever!!! BTW now that Tommy is HOH does that disqualify him from the Field Trip?

  84. Colby

    OK. JJ now thinks he is back in charge of the kitchen.

  85. Mel

    For people who vote, I’d start voting for Beth and Sis fast. Otherwise, anyone could end up on the field trip.

  86. LynnD


  87. Nancy

    Have a great night everybody..fun day on the boards…fun satisfying eviction..I’ll catch up on NK and the rest of you night folks over morning coffee..peace out my friends

  88. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD is going to be a b*tch to report tonight. Some of my comments are taking up to 5 minutes to load.

    On another note…the Redskins lost 30/10 YEAAAAA!!! Stupid Redskins.

  89. hogwild

    This kind of sumed up Jack’s time in the house and his exit.

  90. LO1004

    Do we think the veto could be OTEV this week?? Rockstar was second to jury, and we all know it’s the comp she handed to Tyler.

  91. Avatar

    We had football too. Did Julie really say she didn’t want to “gyp” Jack? That is considered offensive/racist to gypsys. (I only know because I was called out on it once when I said it. I had no idea where the phrase came from prior to that.)

  92. Kari

    Alot of people on the outside are commenting that they feel Julie went too far with the way she spoke at the eviction interview consideringthey’ve never really thrown other people under the bus like that before.


  93. danmtruth

    Tommy just told Holly jack choose him as his ride or die not sure if she caught that
    When jackson finds out Jack lied to him and he was #3 in jacks heart will that be the third betrayal to end there bromance good bye Vegas

  94. Valerie

    It went to far. I’m all for calling him out on some stuff but it was far more than anyone else had ever had done to them. We’ve had other that have said awful things in many seasons and never interviewed like that. I especially feel they won’t do the same to Jackson on things he has said and done. Trying to trend and please live feeders. Meanwhile JJ is still getting the nice guy/victim edit. He is vile and they cover it all up. So many people this season have had food poisoning. Who has his hands all over the food 24/7 and has been cooking for everyone? JJ.

    • mm22

      Valerie it could be a combination of filthy food prep n food bacteria-shut that d*mn
      refrigerator door! I swear I’ve never seen so many people open the door not shut it
      and just walk away

  95. Mello_One

    I gotta feeling that Tommy is going to Back Door Cliff.. 🙁

  96. Sabrina

    I found it interesting that Julie spent so much time grilling Jack on things he said.

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