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Big Brother 21 – Live Eviction Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


Happy Christie Eviction Day! Oh, wait. We’ll put that on ice.


I know many fans are upset and rightfully so. Christie is not the most popular person in the house. Me? I like it! We still have more than a month to go in this season and I want to watch a house with Christie and Nick butting heads, not Sis sitting there doing nothing. I’m all about good feeds, but I do understand being fans of certain players.


Although, feeds have been down a big chunk of the day so maybe there was another house flip and Christie is back gone?  I doubt it. Jackson said he’s keeping her and his mind is made up. When has he ever changed his mind? Oh, wait again.

Tonight I am hearing they are introducing another fan thing where we vote for ‘prankster’, so we have more conspiracy theories to look forward to how it’s rigged for Christie or Cliff or whoever.

Alright, enough rambling, let’s get to updates….

…. but first… a big thank you to everyone who has donated lately! As I mentioned before, I try to reply to each one but apparently PayPal stopped including emails so I’ve been replying to PayPal rather than the person.



Here we go!

Julie announces Prank Week which will have an impact over the next week

Highlights from Taco Tuesday


Even though I watched it live, I loved the highlights of that fight. Hilarious

Eviction time!

Bland speeches so nothing worth repeating

  • Jessica – Analyse
  • Nick – Christie
  • Tommy – Analyse
  • Holly – Analyse
  • Nicole – Analyse
  • Cliff – Analyse

Analyse is gone. She feels betrayed by Jackson. Bye-bye jury vote (x2). Paul caliber jury management


Julie says that last night they were told to study for the HoH, but Prank Week actually started

They got set up for a trivia competition but then Julie announced that was a prank and it’s actually going to be a skill competition. A wall opens behind them to a brand new set.

Ok, we’re back!

They have to roll a ball down a table and get it in a slot.

Julie tells them that we get to prank the HoH


(highest score wins – 2 lowest get punished)

  • Holly – 50
  • Cliff – 18
  • Nick – 34
  • Nicole – 18
  • Christie – 21
  • Jessica – 3
  • Tommy – 41

Jessica gets punishment. Not sure about the second person. Could be all 3 (Nicole, Cliff, Jessica)

Holly wins HoH. Bye, Nick? I say that now but this season is crazy

Julie confirms all 3 punished


Here is the link to vote

Nick winning would be hilarious!

That’s it for this thread. I’ll have a new thread up soon


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  1. Avatar

    The BB Vote URL now has America’s Prankster Vote in it so Prankster Vote confirmed but will we get info Tonight or next week about it. Here is the link so you can see it for yourself


  2. Nancy

    Its show time..

  3. AIO_7

    [Someone in Production] said he’s keeping her and his mind is made up.


  4. AIO_7

    Thanks, Julie; but I won’t help you enable Prank Week.


  5. Alf

    I just wanna turn Julie upside down and mop my floor.

  6. Avatar

    Looks like Julie is going to a softball game…..LOL

  7. AIO_7

    How is Nick a snake? Crustie was fine with him until she didn’t win veto.

    • Avatar

      Or he didn’t win it for her

    • Colby

      Nick is a snake, but no more than she is.

      • Sassy

        They are all snakes. CC was willing to let SS talk everyone into using the Veto on CC when they wanted to use on SS, because CC was a bigger target. She threw all her allies under the bus and they will be back friends by the end of the week. None of the arguments really made sense. Keep me so I can be a bigger target and a shield. Umm, how did that bigger target/shield work out for your “best friend”??

  8. AIO_7

    “Big Brother history”, my ass. More like BB infamy.

  9. Painter1


  10. Nancy

    Did someone wake julie right at 9? No time to comb hair..WTF

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  12. g8trgirl

    I think I can use Julie to clean my ceiling fans. Who came up with that shit?
    Oh, hi folks. Welcome newbies! Been a busy summer, I’ve been lurking over the last few weeks. Hoping to be back soon, I hope.

  13. Avatar

    Christie got his ass

  14. Colby

    They gave Christie a good edit on the blow up.
    They showed Nick yelling, but not her.

  15. danmtruth

    The sad part is no matter how much we complain The truth is the numbers for the broadcast are good for there time slot So the sad truth us production has no reason to think they are doing anything wrong

  16. Cheryl

    PLEEEEESE say bye bye Christie!!! OMG!! She’s told more lies than ANYONE!! UGH!!

  17. Annabelle

    What I don’t understand is they say they are keeping Christie to go after Nick cause he is a bigger threat than Christie. The only way it makes sense to me would be if Sis is the biggest threat. I don’t know why I’m trying to figure them out because if I manage to understand this group’s mind I’ll never come back.

  18. Nancy

    That made me dislike CC even more because of editing..definitely dont like nick, but damn..give decent unbiased editing

  19. Good Dog

    Julie’s manifesting her favorite 1980’s hair band. I ain’t afraid to say it, I hope Nick wins Hoh & puts up Christie & Holly. Christie accuses Nick of playing both sides? Hello? It’s called good game play.

  20. Painter1

    If you love the game as much as I do……vote out the strong target. Geesh

  21. AIO_7

    So glad Nick voted to keep Sis. Nicole weaseled out. Groans heard when Beth voted. Bobblehead pussed out.

  22. BBGurl

    I’m just fucking disgusted. sorry for the language but… this smacks of production meddling and feeding Crusty ideas on how to stay. the more we hate her, the more Grodner wants to keep her. I call bullshit.

  23. g8trgirl

    This was a $500.000 vote these idiots just made. Kiss your money good bye, folks.

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  25. RSdaughtersBD

    Oh, Julie pulling the first prank: “Christie…..you are safe”, “Analyse, you are evicted”

  26. Good Dog

    C’mon Julie, give me some air guitar.

  27. Cheryl

    I hope when they watch this season back they all slap themselves!! Dummies!!

  28. hogwild

    Well I’m done might pop back if something major happens but most likely it will be for the finale when they offically give Christie the money. I see enough mouth breathing morons at work no need to see any more in the BB house so for the rest of the season this will most likely be my mindset. Probably my last one this season hope you all like it.

  29. Colby

    Christie trying to act like she didn’t know she was staying.
    Get the f*ck out you crazy bitch!

  30. allie

    Jackson flat out said himself the thing that stands between him and 500k is Christie. Like obviously you don’t want 500k that bad because you just flushed it down the drain.

  31. danmtruth

    Nick gave sis the vote knowing it wont change how the house sees him after all he did not even give sam a vote
    Dumb dumb house
    Stop the fake crying all of you

  32. AIO_7

    If there is a bright side, Chrustie lost a number tonight.

  33. AIO_7

    It doesn’t make sense to us either, Sis.

  34. AIO_7

    Julie knows Sis got screwed by Production.

  35. Avatar

    Is that a pot leaf Julie has on?

  36. Annabelle

    Hog I enjoy your humor and opinions and will miss them but I COMPLETELY understand. My husband is a cop but works in the office where people call/come in with non emergency complaints and he can’t watch big brother now. Check in with us now and then tho

  37. Cheryl

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Nick won?

  38. Colby

    The bird study thing being for nothing is pretty funny. LOL

  39. Good Dog

    Jackson may have gotten Christie’s vote if he made finals. He sure ain’t getting Sis’s now. And what’s wrong with Nichole? Who the f*ck is afraid of birds? Girl’s mental. C’mon thumbies !

  40. danmtruth

    My daughter asked if nicks shirt could get any tighter I explained just be happy he is even wearing one
    Last week i was cheering for JJ Now after how disappointing that was i question if i should believe rooting for nick will be any better

  41. Alda

    What is Holly?beth wearing???

  42. davidsgirl

    Love her or hate her, EPIC move and game play by Christie. #powerplay Haven’t seen a great move like that in a long time.

  43. Mary

    I want TT to win, only because he said he would put up Jack O Melon and Holly=Beth. That would show them that they made a mistake by not voting out CC.

  44. Avatar

    OMFG! They seriously kept Christie over Sis! These have got to be the most dumb houseguest I have ever seen. How in any way is this a good move for anybody. This is like season 19 all over again and I’m so sick of it.

  45. Avatar

    Too many twist like too many idols too much interference. Let the game play out.

  46. Avatar

    Okay I’m in Cali so I usually try to avoid this page and the live feeds until I can watch so Atleast I have some surprise lol. But today I could not help it. I mean good for her she was able to flip the house but goshhhhh why couldn’t like someone likable do it that would still stir some stuff up! Cc just drives me insane!!!

  47. RSdaughtersBD

    Wow, Beth got HOH. First repeat HOH this season.

  48. AIO_7

    Looks like they got rid of Sis for nothing.

  49. Mary

    WOW Holly=Beth won.

  50. Avatar

    Well Holly is HOH

  51. Good Dog

    Holly 50, impressive. Maybe Jess thought they were playing Bozo buckets.

  52. Painter1

    Now Holly, put up CC and Nick let them battle it out

  53. Annabelle

    Jessica gets a punishment yea

  54. davidsgirl

    Hey everyone, Big Brother is now the Holly and Jackson show. Pffffffff! Just threw up in my throat. I hope the pranks keep me laughing this week.

  55. Colby

    I wish the prankster had to put up who we wanted them to.

  56. Annabelle

    Omg I’m voting for Nick

  57. Cheryl

    Wow Who should we vote for to screw this up??

  58. Vikki T

    Put the right person as the prankster and JJ goes home on Beth’s HOH.

  59. Avatar

    Nicole for prankster? What’s everyone else thinking?

  60. mona77450

    Wow…I already voted for Cliff to be the prankster but now I want Nick to offset Holly. I feel Holly is going to put up Nicole.

  61. danmtruth

    Nick as America prankster if it us is anyone else production will have stop it
    Come on let’s make it interesting VOTE NICK

  62. Avatar

    And Nick took off his shirt in the end credits

  63. HappyHippo

    Who are we voting for?

  64. AIO_7

    If the Prankster takes away half of Holly’s power, then I’m voting Nick.
    Maybe I should have read what being the Prankster means before I blasted the concept. But I still hate pranks.

  65. danmtruth

    Shock nick took off his shirt What a skeez Still going to vote for him to screw with the house

  66. Colby

    Why does everybody want to keep the perv? He’s disgusting!

  67. amareels

    Yep, voting for Nick. Let’s get this interesting!

  68. Avatar

    Long time lurker, 1st time poster. Everyone should vote Nick to get this power to put Christie up and out and maybe these stupid houseguests will finally get what we want to happen.

  69. Sassy

    Julie’s hair, makeup and outfit were ridiculous tonight. I think a 10 year old did it all.

    I love how Steve skipped SS interview, because it was THAT interesting. Julie just had nothing to keep it going. I almost thought, maybe they won’t do an extended interview with her…

    Taco Tuesday was funny, would have liked to hear Jess butt in, but that’s ok.

    I’m NOT a fan of the twist but I would find it funny if JJ went home on Beth’s HOH…

  70. Gerardo for AFP

    I don’t care who is HOH or who wins this power, I just want everyone responsible for this monstrosity to suffer. Evil bastards!


  71. Cat Lady

    I’m voting for Jackson.. I don’t like these twists..

  72. Mary

    My question is ” So if America votes, how do we really know that they will honor our choice. Who counts the votes? “

  73. Mr. Beardo

    Welp! This is horrible. Someone else take a bite of this shit sandwich..

  74. Mello_One

    Man oh Man could we use some of Ann’s input on Cryin Christie right about now….Ann Where Are You Girl?!

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  76. Annabelle

    Question about the voting after I voted for Nick #stfuchristie it wanted me to open an account. I exited and voted again got same prompt. I could cbs only counting vote of people who give cbs info

  77. Alda

    We only get to vote tonight and tomorrow early right?

  78. LO1004

    I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in all these Nick votes. Everyone hates Christie for playing the game, but y’all want to reward the disgusting behavior Nick has displayed? Multiple women in that house have stated he makes them uncomfortable, but yeah, let’s reward him. Gross. I’m voting Nicole and it seems so is the rest of Twitter.

  79. Good Dog

    Curse JJ, root for JJ. curse NN, root for NN. This game makes me crazy. Guess that’s why we love it.

    • AIO_7

      JJ screwed himself, too slick by half. Got rid of Sis for nothing. Nick is a sleaze, but I have a soft spot for him; I’m not sure why.

      • Annabelle

        AIO me too. I know in the house he’s not always doin what is appropriate but I just have a feeling that he is great with kids. That would explain why Nicole likes him so and explain some of his behavior

      • Nancy

        I wouldn’t let him near any kid if I could prevent it..no way, no how

      • AIO_7

        Anna, I wouldn’t go that far (the kids thing); but as far as BB players, I like him more than the others. I like Nicole and Cliff, but those two are just led around by the nose too much for me.

  80. AIO_7

    I voted for Nick 10 times. You have until tomorrow at 9am eastern, to get your vote in.

    (Can we vote again after mid-night?)

  81. Nancy

    Whatever punishment Cliff,Nicole and jess get, I pray it has a mask, a mouthpiece, a gag ball..something to keep Jessica from talking

  82. Avatar

    Is Jack the luckiest man in America? He gets one week alone in the jury house with Kat and then another week alone in the jury house with Kat and Analyse. Two of the best looking ladies in the history of BB.

  83. Avatar

    I’m just sick over Christie not going home. Her huge sense of entitlement kills me.

  84. Kari

    Mother of God. I just checked in to see and I think I want to throw up a little bit….

  85. Vikki T

    Rules state, “…and will be given the power to secretly control one nominee for eviction during the applicable week,..”. We know how well this gang can keep a secret. How long do you all think before everyone knows the identity of the prankster?

  86. Alda

    Cliff in the lead for prankster on Jokers.Nicole 2nd. WHY??

    • AIO_7

      He will do what Jackson wants; you know, honoring the HoH and everything. He’s Jackson’s bobblehead.

      • Colby

        Yes, but JJ & Holly talked earlier about putting up Nick and Christie since she offered to be a pawn anytime if they would just keep her.
        So if JJ told Cliff to put her up, I’d be happy with that.

  87. BBGurl

    I dont watch the feeds. I watched BBAD and the live shows. But due to being highly fucking pissed at productions meddling, I will boycott both of them for the rest of the season, until finale night. Will get my updates here from Nk and others and from twitter. I miss the old Big Brother, where you had to apply to be on the show, where there were not stupid ass twists and production didn’t interfere. Guess I’m just a salty old bitch. lol

  88. Alda

    Holly/Beth told JJ she will put up Nick and Christie.If one of them comes down-Jess will go up. Sounds good to me.

    • KelBel

      I hope that’s what happens (as it should) but until it happens, who knows what stupidity may go down. I have such little faith in Beth that she could get talked into putting JJ up (which after his HOH would be just friggin’ fine.)

  89. Avatar

    WOW! Christie pulled it off! She was really composed in her back and forth with Nick. She made very valid points and even convinced myself that Nick was a bigger threat haha! I may have not been a fan in the beginning but she has proven to be a good player!

  90. danmtruth

    Nick talking to Nicole saying he should be safe as JJ did not put him up kast week Nick told her about talking to JJ yesterday askingNick who he would put up this week if he won HOH Nick said obviously not him as he did not put him up But nick said jess being hus target probably and than maybe sis He did not tell nicole he mentioned holly
    Still vote nick prankster

  91. Punkytripster2

    I don’t like this prankster twist. I am not a Beth fan but think about it she is probably going to put up Nick and Tommy (I wish but she doesn’t have the balls. It will be Nick + someone and if we vote Nick he probably gets to take himself off the block and replace it with someone else. We need to see Nick and Christie up there somehow someway. I’m up for voting for Cliff. What do you all think?

  92. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

  93. Avatar

    Voted for Nick!!

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