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Big Brother 21 – Live Eviction Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


It’s been a weird week in the Big Brother house. This cast is flat out awful at this game and it’s painful to watch. It’s like a re-run of BB15 complete with the racism!  To be fair, the racism has drastically died down and may have been overhyped a tad by fans. For example, the video of the ‘n-word’ is strongly disputed by people who isolated the sound and listened close. I’m not into audio tech, so I can’t comment on it, but people who are have said that the n-word wasn’t actually used. That’s not to say that there haven’t been other questionable things said, but I think that’s a very serious word and not to be taken lightly.

I know that happened like a week ago so it’s weird to bring it up, but unfortunately, racism is the first thing that comes to mind whenever BB15 is discussed and so far that’s the closest season this has copied so far.

Moving on, back to this disaster of a season. The house continues to sit by while half the house dominates. I actually don’t think the alliance will survive another week so there should be some type of fireworks over the next few days, but whether they’re massive or just firecrackers remains to be seen.  I do know that we’ve never had 16 people in the house for this long and also (think) this is the last week of camp comeback. So people in the camp may want to get out their real goodbyes over the next week.  I say I ‘think’ because it’s equally possible they go another week. It would only be fair to the fourth evicted person if the social game is part of that twist. This gives them a week to campaign their way back in before the house does whatever they do to let the person return.


For example, in a typical season, there is really no reason to wait. They do a comp and the person returns. However, if say Cliff is evicted next Thursday and they do have some weird vote to bring the person back, at least give him a few days to campaign.

Anyway, let’s get to the show….

  • Check back in at 9 ET
  • They are going to focus on Cliff’s camtalk and Bella’s big mouth for the first segment
  • Oh, and the showmances. Puke
  • Bella is so weird. What kind of game is this?  What am I watching?
  • Sam – “Why would I send Kemi home”…. I bet he votes to evict Kemi
  • Jessica has a super long speech that Julie has to cut her off
  • Ohhh Kemi calls out Nick and Bella during her speech. Feeds should be fun tonight. Get them here
  • Votes
    • Cliff – Kemi
    • Kat – Kemi
    • Nicole – Kemi
    • Bella – Kemi
    • Nick – Kemi
    • Sam – Kemi (see)
    • Sis – Kemi
    • Jackson – Jessica
    • Holly – Kemi
    • Christie – Kemi
    • Tommy – Kemi
  • HoH time
    • Oh, it’s a random crapshoot comp which is good for the ‘other side’
    • Highest score wins
    • Analyse – 50
    • Jessica – 5
    • Christie – 65
    • Nick – 90
    • Sam – 70
    • Jackson – 70
    • Tommy – 35
    • Cliff – 15
    • Bella – 75
    • Kat – 0
    • Nicole – 15
    • Holly – 0



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  1. danmtruth

    If Kemi stays that would be as huge shocker as Scottie getting evicted last season

  2. g8trgirl

    Julie looks nice tonight.

  3. AIO_7

    Who is here for the show?

  4. AIO_7

    Shut up, Jackass; she is a lyce.

  5. Nancy

    Jack is an arrogant ass

  6. AIO_7

    Hank Hill can shut up too.

  7. g8trgirl

    Ok, I hate Christie now.

  8. AIO_7

    BB Conspiracy theorists think that Production put Crazy Eyes up to eves dropping on Hank Hill’s mornin’ talks.

  9. g8trgirl

    In the 21 seasons I’ve watched this show, I’ve never seen anyone like Bella. What a mouth.

  10. danmtruth

    Can JJ get this info any more wrong Cliff never said he was going after the couples just that they had to watch out for them Than yes Kemi mention his final 3 that was formed early on But JJ tells AD she knew the it was day 2
    Does not seem like endurance as julie said the new HOH will be crowned live tonight

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  12. Colby

    Guess it’s not going to be a physical comp because they are dressed up, not in athletic stuff.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    That’s right Kemi, blow it up!

  14. danmtruth

    Kemi spitting fire

  15. Nancy

    Kemi was telling it all…

  16. danmtruth

    Looks unanimous once again but love Kemi all respect

  17. Jennifer

    I loved Sam’s diary room! Really hope he gives Kemi a vote to stay!

  18. Amber

    Yes Kemi! Been waiting for a moment like this. I’m picturing Bella’s mom cheering Kemi on lol

  19. Nancy

    That was sweet of Julie

  20. Jennifer

    Wow! That was unexpected

  21. NKogNeeTow

    AWW SNAP! JJ just threw a hinky vote in the mix!

  22. Amber

    Jackson votes for Jessica? What’s this plan and who knows about it?

  23. danmtruth

    Thank you JJ for the kinky vote

  24. danmtruth

    The H8ful will just blame Nichole

  25. Nancy

    Blockhead schmoozed with jess most of the week..blowing, “I want u to stay” smoke up her ass..

  26. danmtruth

    Ok hug in silence not even fake i will miss you Please no H8ful win

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  28. WhereisPablo

    Why are these LOUD people whispering their goodbyes when the are on live TV?

  29. Avatar

    I dont see any racism

  30. Alda

    First time JJ did something on his own.

  31. Alda

    Let’s Go Sam for HOH!

  32. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t blame Kemi one bit. If I knew I was going out, I’d throw a match in the barrel of dynamite too!

  33. danmtruth

    Can be JJ trying to get Jess to their side figure that Jess would be hurt that nichole chose Kemi over her Two easy explanation 1 the truth i voted to keep you 2 i did not want her walki g out on a unanimous vote

  34. AIO_7

    Come on Squeaks!!!!!

  35. Nancy

    Kemi is gonna be miserable in that room

  36. HappyHippo

    Not Christie!!!

  37. HappyHippo

    Please not nick

  38. HappyHippo

    It’s going to get weird! Nick won hoh!

  39. HappyHippo

    How trashy taking shit the whole time

  40. caRyn

    Nick is fired up. Can’t control his anger in regards to what Kemi said. And he is a therapist.

  41. HappyHippo

    Hope your computer works good tonight NK! Gotta go to bed on the east coast …

  42. WhereisPablo

    Oh, Lord save us from a Nick/Bella HOH.

  43. g8trgirl

    Is Nick really playing both sides of the house like Julie said? I never got that impression. Bella, yes. But not Nick.

  44. AIO_7

    I’m not expecting any big move this week. I expect Jess and Hank Hill on the block.

  45. caRyn

    HoH will go to Nick’s head. Probably worse than what we have seen this season.

  46. Amber

    Kemi and Sam should tell everyone they know about gr8ful. Let’s have an interesting week

  47. caRyn

    The episode showed Analyse and Jack hooking up and then Jack’s DR confirmed they did. It didn’t show Isabella & Nick – just them dressed noticing the camera zooming in on them but they weren’t doing anything.

  48. danmtruth

    What does it matter who does not know by now
    Bigger question will Ratbella &NN use the shower floor or just use the bed

  49. Colby

    IF Nick is smart, he and Bella should just admit H8 to the rest of the house and put two of them up while they still have numbers on the other side to break it up. They have to know they are at the bottom of the 8 anyway, especially after Kemi blew it up.
    But AD was first to congratulate him and sticking right to him in the house, so we will see.

  50. Good Dog

    I finally finished my census for all the “Cliff O Maniacs ” out there . Tally 0. Sorry Cliff even your family didn’t vote for you.

  51. AIO_7

    I’m Jonesing for the next Sloppy Lady (I’m calling her the Baby Lady from here on) video. I checked, but nothing yet.

  52. Nancy

    Nick is sooo girl crazy, don’t ya think Bella could sway him to do what she wants..this may be Bellas’ HoH

  53. danmtruth

    NN already told AD he would only back door him Not sure he would do that considering he could come back the same night Next week is the end of camp comeback thats why i dont see NN doing that this week No Cliff and Jess as a “pawn”

  54. HappyHippo

    Tommy is super level headed…he is playing pretty solid . Telling nick to stay calm and just be compassionate towards Kemi …

  55. danmtruth

    Yes tommy was doing the same with AD trying to keep him on task He will have his hands full with NN
    NN will hang out in that room as much as possible Just watching that spy TV

  56. ShoeLover

    Well its “LIKE” 9:40 Central standard time!! I am so behind on the the feeds and the live show!!!! I hope and pray NEITHER JACKASS OR CC made HOG HOUSE!!! I will be back, a little buzzzzzzzzed. The HVAC and PLUMBERS have been here ALL effing DAY!! just chillin and drinking by the pool!!! Oh and I soooooo want to be Julie’s stylist!!! GO NICOLE, DAVID, and OLD MAN CLIFF!!!

  57. AIO_7

    New late night thread, Y’all.

  58. goldie

    Hells Bells, psycho social worker is HOH. Jack confirming his birthday treat in DR was disgusting. What type of man does that. Oh yeah, a sexist, egotistic, entitled asshole!

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