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Big Brother 21 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready to watch some hardcore waterworks this week because Christie will supply plenty.

To her credit, Christie at least tried to save herself (and her alliance) last night which isn’t something that often happens. Sunday night is probably one of the most important days of the week as it’s the last chance to actually change nominations before they’re locked in on Monday afternoon. Many people decide to wait until Wednesday or even Thursday during their live speech which is stupid. Although, I think the people who do that are typically done with the show and just want to have one last camera moment.

Someone who possibly could have impacted his season had he went hard on Sunday rather than Wednesday was Sam. He actually got to the point where people wanted to keep him because the 6-shooters were falling apart but they couldn’t stomach voting out Kat at the time. Had Sam went hard on Sunday and possibly got Jess or Nicole to go on the block rather than Kat, he may have survived the week. Oh well. Both Sam and Kat are out of the house now so it really doesn’t matter.


Back to the present – Christie made her pitch last night to work with Jackson and keep him safe until they’re down to the final 6 which is absurd considering they’re down to the final 8 come Thursday. That’s not that big of a promise nor is it one you can really keep when the numbers are so small. She’s basically saying “if you keep me safe, we can repeat this in 2 weeks except that I can’t actually guarantee that you and Holly will still be there at that point. So please, throw away your HoH and let’s have a redo once a few floaters are out of the house”.

As a Boston guy, and an analogy guy, I’ll use this one. It’s like the Jets and Patriots facing off in week 17. If the Patriots win, the Jets are eliminated. However, if the Jets win, they’re guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. They then ask the Patriots to throw the game so they can meet in the playoffs and basically have a re-match in 2 weeks. What? Why would the Patriots ever do that? Just knock the Jets out in week 17 and deal with who you deal with in the playoffs.  I know that analogy isn’t perfect, but you get the idea. When you have the shot to take a person out, you take them out. You don’t give them a second chance to battle you ‘at a more appropriate time for the other person’.

And another thing, Analyse kept saying that Jackson is a coward for not waiting until the final 6. How is that being a coward? Because he didn’t eliminate a weak player? She does realize that she hasn’t won a single thing this game, right? She IS that weak player who should be taken out under her own logic. Jess has 2 wins and Cliff has 1 so they’re stronger competitors than Analyse is at this point. She automatically lump herself in with the strong players because she’s young and pretty? Doesn’t work like that.  Sorry, just a small rant about someone who is too entitled for her own good.

Thank you to those who have donated! You are the best!



11:30 am – Feeds are down for the veto meeting

11:40 am – Feeds back, noms remain the same.


Holly comes in the room to apologize to Christie

Analyse still is hoping for a fan twist where bells go off on Thursday and Christie is saved (yea, and she’s voted out haha. Too bad)

Holly is gone, Tommy is in. Tommy once again plays diplomat. She says she’s upset that Jackson put them in this situation but Tommy says they put Jackson in a bad position last week

Analyse says she has a serious issue in her head retaining information. She says she has short-term memory loss. Ok, you can call it that


12:15 pm – Upstairs, Holly and Jackson are talking.  They are saying how Jess has been acting a bit crazy how she’s only there for comps but then never wants to compete.

12:45 pm – Most are outside. Holly, Nicole, and Tommy compare heights

1:30 pm – Christie is in the bedroom with Tommy crying

I wonder if she’ll campaign against Sis this week.


Jess enters, and sure enough, Christie starts campaigning while ‘not campaigning’. She is saying how she can’t allow Tommy and that side to be alone. Let her be a target

She (Chris) says she needs Nicole and Cliff because she has Tommy. She is basically including Jess as a vote in her pitch.

Christie says she’s just venting right now so don’t say anything (ie she’s testing the water to see her reaction)

Evening thread is up


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  1. AIO_7


  2. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! Christie is grabbing for a lifeline, and hopefully Michie-Ass and the others cut the cord. Personally, I am looking forward to having motor mouth out of the game!

  3. hogwild

    For the record Cliff has two wins the battle back and an HOH. We are at the point in the game now where it’s all about HOH and Veto wins and less about alliances I would also say it is about being able to adapt and keep the target off yourself if you don’t win either.

  4. KelBel

    “11:40 am – Feeds back, noms remain the same.”

    –music to my ears 🙂

  5. AIO_7

    That’s one veto ceremony box closing that I will always enjoy.

  6. Nancy

    Glad he stuck to his guns..Holly coulda got in his head, but he was laser pointed on CC..I’m kinda liking him more and more..brought out the heart for him..all might change after Thursday..

  7. Nancy

    Now I’m gonna celebrate and mop my kitchen! Dont be jealous, ur all welcome to come participate in my festivities

  8. AIO_7

    Sounds like there is a Jackson, Holly, Cliff and Nicole deal in the works …


  9. Patricia

    Woohoo im so happy this beeaatch is out the door thurs. sorry Julie. Lol. Omg i can not believe sis is really that freaking stupid ?? Seriously she went to college. More n more im hoping that nichole or cliff win hoh n put tommy nn otb. Nancy sorry but get ur moving van gassed up hun. Lol.

  10. Alda

    Now my hubby and I can celebrate our Anniversary without worrying about the veto being used.Yea!

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  12. Kel-E

    Hello all! I have been a lurker now for many many years reading and enjoying everything about this site. I finally decided to join. I have to say thank you to all who work on this site and add great comments to keep me watching this season!
    I am so ready to see Christie leave Thursday! And after watching the episode on Sunday I am blown away that not a single person has been able to connect Christie and Tommy together

  13. Avatar

    I have no confidence that Christie is going home this week. She could still convince Cliff and Nicole to keep her based on the fact that she is a bigger target.

  14. KelBel

    I wonder if Sis was that kid/adult on the team who would accidentally kick the ball into her own team’s goal because she forgot which way she was supposed to be going.

  15. Mary

    Her comes the waterworks from CC.

  16. danmtruth

    So let the Christie and Sis talk about How stupid jackson was for not taking the deal How its a coward move How they have done nothing but be honest How they are much better people Sis was pleading to America to give them a power all the while just wearing a thong than taking it off to putt a swimsuit bottom on
    Christie is frustrated Everyone is so fake coming up to say they wish they could do something Oh people are saying the same thing to you that you said to EVERYONE else who has been evicted
    Sis pleading with CC to campaign for herself Umm you do understand that means you Sis goes home Oh wait no you get to go back and be Jacks human fleshlight
    CC upset that everyone has a deal with jackson and there is nothing she can say
    Here comes the tears now she is mad at nick cant stand looking at him Now Sis is wo dering if she can still trust nick
    CC at this moment not mad at JJ She is frustrated and mad about Nick playing everyone

  17. Houseguest Doug

    I will save my comment until Thursday when it is official that Christie is off to Jury Duty. I really hope this doesn’t go side ways and they opt to vote out Sis. I am sure Christie will blow herself up by going on a rant and seal her fate. Woman doesn’t know how to shut up. “Loose lips sink ships”

  18. Mimi Ryan

    Steve I love you man!!!! I love how you laid it all out. Perfection for us all!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooo Glad JJ kept everything the same. Bye Bye Bat Crap Crazy Christie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to love the new dynamic in the house too going forward when she’s joining her long lost love AD in Jury. AD, Kat & BCCC in Jury, wow . . . Now I need either Nick or Tommy to join the Jury sooner than later. Taking Sis to the F2 might not be such a bad idea!!!! I’m rooting for Cliff Hogg & Nicole going forward. I’d like to see Nicole get the $500K, she’s young and can do a lot going forward. Cliff, I appreciate & he’d do a great deal with the funds as well. Way to go JJ for sticking to your guns (such as they are). Holly=Beth, I just don’t see her doing anything but sticking to JJ.

    • AIO_7

      “Holly=Beth, I just don’t see her doing anything but sticking to JJ.”

      Yep; all the way through this game. On to that America’s Race game. Having his baby; her first I think. What is a cougar without her much younger Man-meat? She can hear that biological clock ticking.

  19. Leta

    CC has one last shot at staying in the house. If she would manifest a plan to throw Sis under the bus eviction night, telling the HGs that she, just literally, found out that Sis went to JJ with a deal, like literally asking him to take Sis off the block, replacing her with Jess or Nick. In exchange she promised JJ she and Tommy would join Holly/JJ and Cliff/Nicole in a final 6. How literally shocked she is that Sis would use them, just because she literally was afraid she might not have the votes to stay. CC, on the other hand, would literally, never do that because she is as loyal and literally, as true, as they come. Literally. Between hothead Jess and love scorned Nick, I can see some votes flipping . . . rapidly. 😀

    • Nancy


    • Houseguest Doug

      NO NO NO… I don’t want to hear about any last shots or possibilities of Psycho Christie staying.

      She is a F’N Idiot and extremely annoying. I look forward to her and her high waisted fashion disaster shorts and cry baby attitude walking out the door saying a few words to Julie then peddling her ass off to Jury duty.

      Lets hope Holly wins HOH this week and puts Nick ass on the block and sends his worthless ass packing to.

      God I wish there was someone to root for this season. First year I have not connected with one of the contestants. Weak cast this season.

    • danmtruth

      Tommy is looking at needing 4 votes as 3 makes it a tie and he knows Jackson is taking christie So tommys one vote is jess his other ones are harder cliff has no reason to flip he trust jackson more than Tommy Nicole is torn but has no love or connection for either Nick keeps saying how he is on a noble cause to protect Sis for jack
      Tommy search for votes is thin The jack vote shows he is a pragmatist and will vote “with the house”

    • Leta

      but . . . But . . . BUT . . . CC put her desire to stay out into the Universe! And to the Prince of Darkness! And she conjured up her dead grandfather! And her Guides paid her a visit via a dream saying she would stay! How could she possibly be evicted? 😀 Seriously though, this girl is soooo confused when it comes to the metaphysical world. You can’t mix gifts God has bestowed you with and elements of the dark side together. It doesn’t work like that. She needs to choose a path. Let’s hope it’s the right one.

    • Alda

      LIKE no more deals for Christie.Like enough is like enough,literally.

  20. LynnD

    Leaving work (I worked very hard today). Hopefully I can catch up again after bowling. Nancy I expect the floor to finally be mopped when I check back in later.

  21. Sassy

    CC/Jess/Nicole in the bathroom. CC is crying. She’s even wiping away the fake tears. She’s frustrated that everyone is so blind and under someone’s spell. There’s no one for her to talk to, because everyone is so fake. CC leaves. Jess is talking to low for me to hear.

  22. ShoeLover


    I am watching BBAD!!!!




    TOO CUTE!!!

  23. Lather

    ” She says she has short-term memory loss. Ok, you can call it that.”

    Seriously laughed out loud. Love it.

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  25. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I don’t know what’s happening to my comments. My closing comment from last night disappeared and a few that I posted on this thread has also. *Looking around with the side-eye at Thumby and his siblings. ARE YOU BITCHES CONSPIRING AGAINST ME?*

    I posted these two songs for CC



    • ShoeLover

      Ya know I am not sure what is happening!!! My typing is lagging super slow and I am getting popups galore! I wonder if its site issues or because we are a little over the midway point, the influx of heavier traffic could be causing a glitch?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shoes my screen is all over the place. Sometimes it keeps jumping back and forth over the comment box and I almost have to chase it down…lol. Then other times it takes a bit for the letters I type to appear on the screen. Then it can freeze and take forever to post. My closeout to last night’s show posted. I know it did because after I post the closeout I make a separate goodnight post to the ones who stayed up with me. I always go back the next days to check the previous comments to make sure all is well and there is nothing inappropriate on them. I discovered today that my closing from last night was no longer there. I’m going to pull a CC and blame Thumby & Co. for it…LOL

    • danmtruth

      Phill collins is nice but reaching back for the Delfonics !! Pute gold

    • Leta

      OMG. I need some emojis. I can’t even. I’m gonna need a cheesy smile emoji, a LOLing til I cry emoji, a rolling my eyes emoji, a sticking my tongue out emoji, a surprise face emoji and more I’m sure! This hang out is like comedy central. LOL 😀

  26. Lather

    What happened to the THUMBS?

    Did I miss something?

  27. Sassy

    I hate when I can hear the hgs swallow…

    Beth and Cliff talking on outside sofa. She’s talking about home. Boring!

    JJ/TT talking by the weights, BS each other and talk about if any of the others win HOH they think SS/TT/JJ/Beth (some combination) would be put OTB.

    CC is ailing in bed by herself.

    Nicole/Jess in the bathroom. Jess says she burnt herself on some wax strips. Nicole apologizes and Jess says it’s not her fault (with a tone that says it’s definitely your fault.)

    Nicole is in HOH room talking in a weird accent getting ready to listen to music. She does can talk. She says she gets upset when people are mad at each other. She absorbs the sadness and anxiety. She thinks CC wants to be there and Is a competitor, but so is SS (hahaha!).


  28. mona77450

    I sincerely hope Christie goes to the jury this week followed by Nick, Tommy, Jess, and Analyse. I look at these five as delusional and vindictive. The picture of Christie that Steve posted last night made me think of Robert Burns’ poem “To a Louse”…..the Standard English Translation reads this excerpt as follows:

    “Oh, would some Power give us the gift
    To see ourselves as others see us!”

  29. Sassy

    CC still sulking. SS comes in, asks if she’s ok, she says yeah and SS leaves. TT loves her. He says he’s voting for her and she thanks him. She knows what she is gonna do and she’s gonna fight. She’s valuable to keep. She thinks JJ/NN are working together. CC says she’s a player and she wants to be there to be the bigger threat and the shield (if she stays then she’s not much of a shield for SS…). OMG!! I can hardly hear her talk, but I can hear her swallow!!! Be on alert for aCC tell all blow up!!

    CC sees how this is gonna go down and she can turn this around. She’s not letting this happen. Whispering should NOT be allowed!!! She’s crying again! TT says she’s got him. They hug. She’s 100% not gonna campaign against SS but she is not leaving this week and she is gonna campaign. She loves SS SOOOO much but she can’t just lay down. Jess comes in, talks stop. CC says she was going to vent to her earlier but she thought it was weird. Jess said NOOOOO, vent to me. (nerdy!!).

    She starts her (non) campaigning to Jess. She Loves Sis, but starts going over her plan about how she can be the target going forward. She needs to stay and she’s gonna need Cliff and Nicole. CC is trusting that Cliff is smart enough to see through NNs BS. NN is. Invincible everyone that he’s got them. She literally can’t stand by and watch that happen as NN takes over. Finally CC gets told to move microphone higher, still doesn’t help. She’s whispering lower now.

    CC says if Cliff wins next week she thinks it will be TT/SS OTB. She thinks she can stop this from happening. She wants to make a set in stone alliance with Jess/Cliff/Nicole/TT. Jess talks about JJ, CC says she understands. CC needs to just breath and be by herself the next couple of days while she figures out what she needs to say. Jess says a lot of people hate that it’s CC/SS OTB. CC really hates it!

    If CC stays, SHE IS gonna take shots at the people running the game. They can hear someone behind the wall walking in heels. CC says she’s gonna have to make it known that NN is playing everyone. CC tells her TT is voting for CC (he asked her to keep that to herself). She doesn’t want this getting out til later in the week. CC is scared to fight (she cries).

  30. kneeless

    I know none of us understands Jess, but why is she so enamoured with Christie? I don’t get it.

  31. Annabelle

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Christie won first or second hoh didn’t she? So these people are so dumb that not one person in the group she swore on her sister to realized even later that she didn’t mention a sister before or have a pic? Then does that make CC super arrogant and she knew they wouldn’t catch it or is she stupid and it didn’t cross her mind. Had JJ or Cliff heard it I think they may have caught it.

  32. Sassy

    Jess tells CC if she leaves there will be no one taking shots except her, oh delusional Jess. CC commends JJs move because he is thinking further. She says he’s at least not being shady and promising people they are good. Jessie not buying it, she can’t stand JJ. CC wants to get quiet with her thought and be cool. Cc thinks this can work, and she’s so sick of this. She’s gonna stay in the room for a good chunk of the day.

    Jess is talking about burning herself with wax strips. CCs not that interested, she has said what she wanted and doesn’t want to make small talk with her, but Jess doesn’t see it. CC says if she does leave, she’s leaving swinging! CC tells her, Jess is good. CC is gonna make it all about NN. Jess talks about NN fake reading the Bible. CC makes her promise to keep a secret. She wants it to be last minute and for it to cause fear.

    TT/SS talking outside. TT thinks Beth/JJ know that TT/SS are the targets next week. SS asks if that’s why they didn’t make deals this week. TT looks at her like she’s crazy. SS says Jess could be the target next week. TT says JJ/Cliff could be a Target next week. Cliff walks up and convo changes to food.

    CC/Jess still talking. Jess is talking to hear herself, with fake strategy. She just doesn’t get it.

    Convos are boring now. I guess I’ll make dinner.

  33. Mary

    Since NK posted Phil Collins, here’s another one for CC

  34. kneeless

    CC is a sore loser. EVERYONE knows Nick is playing both sides but CC can’t handle the fact Nick will most likely get farther than her.

    • Sassy

      Yep, everyone except Nicole has talked about NN playing both sides. SS/TT think it’s ridiculous JJ didn’t take him out but they aren’t planning on it either. Everyone except JJ is playing (or trying to play) both sides. While I was cooking I heard NN complaining to Beth that the people he trusts were talking about him. He was referring to SS/CC. I hope her antennas went up.

    • danmtruth

      He played both sides better than her

  35. AIO_7

    What ever these two losers on the block are scheming won’t work …


  36. Mary

    Wish Jack o melon would walk up to Jess in front of everybody and calmly tell her when she won HOH she got to nominate two people for eviction. During that time she also won the power of veto and she kept the noms the same. Asking her, did you or did you not want Jack voted out? So the other people in the house voted him out. Now it’s my turn, I won HOH and now it’s somewhat not fair because I did the same thing you did. Except the reality is Buttercup, I did not nominate you, even though you put me on the block. So it could have been you sitting next to Christy and not Sis. So from now on if you have anything to say about me, or Holly for that matter be an adult and say it to our face, because I’m sick and tired of having other people come to us and saying Jess said this or Jess said that. Furthermore the people that you think have your back are the exact ones that are throwing you under the bus, except for Cliff and Nicole who have not said a bad word about you. Like – shake your head if you heard and understood what I said.

  37. kneeless

    choice on feeds: like, umm Jess & CC or Sis & Nick. Give me a fork so I can poke my eyeballs out!

  38. Avatar

    At this point I would love at the end of the season we have a post called “The BBJunkies BB21 soundtrack” where we post songs that we think should be on the soundtrack and if it gets enough thumbs up then it gets added to the soundtrack

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Nick is feeling extremely paranoid, scared as hell. He’s justifying his entire existence to anyone who will listen to him. Every time he sees CC talking to someone he thinks it’s about him and he starts to rant. To top it off, he was in the kitchen with Holly, CC came in and she talked briefly to Holly but didn’t even acknowledge Nick. She went outside and he almost fell apart while venting to Holly. He said he was tired of the way CC was treating him and was going to confront her about it. He doesn’t know that she has plans for him too. SS has also told CC that she’s going to confront him.

    He was laying down on the bed whining and explaining to Nicole when SS came in and said she wanted to talk to him. She asked him if he told Sam to tell Nicole that she was coming after her. He immediately started dancing around the answer. She kept pushing and finally he admitted it but says it was 4 weeks ago. She asked him why would he say that. He said because it was true. She said “Yeah, but you didn’t have to tell it”…lol. Then she asked if he told Jess she was coming after her. Again he hedged but she kept pressing. He admitted guilty with and explaination. She asked why did he do that. He said because she said it. She said “Yeah nbut you didn’t have to tell her”.

    He is talking so fast he is actually talking over himself. Saying who he’s loyal to, how he hasn’t thrown comps, how he’d never vote her out no matter what anyone said, how he doesn’t have any agreements. He’s just all over the place and she keeps telling him he’s shady.

    This is funny as hell! Oh Lord, I hope the can keep this up for another 5 1/2 hours so I’ll have something to report tonight. Hell, I’m hoping it spreads like wildfire and he and Jess and he and CC get into it tonight (although CC told SS that she doesn’t want to say anything to him today but to wait until campaign day or the eviction day and call him out and blow his game up). I’ve got my fingers crossed for TONIGHT!

  40. danmtruth

    Nick in HOH with Sis this is a classic abusive relationship I trusted you Sis i have done everything for you if you dont trust me put me up Go ahead I just sat down and its been 15 min of fast talking circle logic He has tried hard and went all out in every comp Except for the ones i felt comfortable was winning
    All day Nick has been having a pitty party of one He made sure everyone know he was going to sit in his bed all day because everone does not trust him even tho he is upfront with working people on both side but he was transparent about working with everyone Keeps coming back if you dont trust me than put me up Nick pulls a page out of christies playbook starts crying than gets mad and says no one trust me Save it Francis

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Aww, now Nick is crying to SS. He should look to TT for comfort.


  42. Mary

    Does NN have allergies or nasal problems. Wish he would take something for that.

  43. Pink13

    I took a BB break this weekend and looks like I haven’t missed too much! Glad to see that Christie is gonna go!

  44. NKogNeeTow


  45. NKogNeeTow

    With all the tears that fly in that house, everybody in there should be dragging around from dehydration.

  46. mm22

    Did we run out of “pet of the day” pets ?

  47. Leta

    “CC to Jess — says if Cliff wins next week she thinks it will be TT/SS OTB. She thinks she can stop this from happening. She wants to make a set in stone alliance with Jess/Cliff/Nicole/TT.”

    Holy shit. I mighta manifested something in that earlier post. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. LOL

  48. Mary

    For Alda and spouse Happy Anniversary by the Minions

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