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Big Brother 21 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates

August 19, 2019 | 216 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready to watch some hardcore waterworks this week because Christie will supply plenty.

To her credit, Christie at least tried to save herself (and her alliance) last night which isn’t something that often happens. Sunday night is probably one of the most important days of the week as it’s the last chance to actually change nominations before they’re locked in on Monday afternoon. Many people decide to wait until Wednesday or even Thursday during their live speech which is stupid. Although, I think the people who do that are typically done with the show and just want to have one last camera moment.

Someone who possibly could have impacted his season had he went hard on Sunday rather than Wednesday was Sam. He actually got to the point where people wanted to keep him because the 6-shooters were falling apart but they couldn’t stomach voting out Kat at the time. Had Sam went hard on Sunday and possibly got Jess or Nicole to go on the block rather than Kat, he may have survived the week. Oh well. Both Sam and Kat are out of the house now so it really doesn’t matter.

Back to the present – Christie made her pitch last night to work with Jackson and keep him safe until they’re down to the final 6 which is absurd considering they’re down to the final 8 come Thursday. That’s not that big of a promise nor is it one you can really keep when the numbers are so small. She’s basically saying “if you keep me safe, we can repeat this in 2 weeks except that I can’t actually guarantee that you and Holly will still be there at that point. So please, throw away your HoH and let’s have a redo once a few floaters are out of the house”.

As a Boston guy, and an analogy guy, I’ll use this one. It’s like the Jets and Patriots facing off in week 17. If the Patriots win, the Jets are eliminated. However, if the Jets win, they’re guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. They then ask the Patriots to throw the game so they can meet in the playoffs and basically have a re-match in 2 weeks. What? Why would the Patriots ever do that? Just knock the Jets out in week 17 and deal with who you deal with in the playoffs.  I know that analogy isn’t perfect, but you get the idea. When you have the shot to take a person out, you take them out. You don’t give them a second chance to battle you ‘at a more appropriate time for the other person’.

And another thing, Analyse kept saying that Jackson is a coward for not waiting until the final 6. How is that being a coward? Because he didn’t eliminate a weak player? She does realize that she hasn’t won a single thing this game, right? She IS that weak player who should be taken out under her own logic. Jess has 2 wins and Cliff has 1 so they’re stronger competitors than Analyse is at this point. She automatically lump herself in with the strong players because she’s young and pretty? Doesn’t work like that.  Sorry, just a small rant about someone who is too entitled for her own good.

Thank you to those who have donated! You are the best!


11:30 am – Feeds are down for the veto meeting

11:40 am – Feeds back, noms remain the same.

Holly comes in the room to apologize to Christie

Analyse still is hoping for a fan twist where bells go off on Thursday and Christie is saved (yea, and she’s voted out haha. Too bad)

Holly is gone, Tommy is in. Tommy once again plays diplomat. She says she’s upset that Jackson put them in this situation but Tommy says they put Jackson in a bad position last week

Analyse says she has a serious issue in her head retaining information. She says she has short-term memory loss. Ok, you can call it that

12:15 pm – Upstairs, Holly and Jackson are talking.  They are saying how Jess has been acting a bit crazy how she’s only there for comps but then never wants to compete.

12:45 pm – Most are outside. Holly, Nicole, and Tommy compare heights

1:30 pm – Christie is in the bedroom with Tommy crying

I wonder if she’ll campaign against Sis this week.

Jess enters, and sure enough, Christie starts campaigning while ‘not campaigning’. She is saying how she can’t allow Tommy and that side to be alone. Let her be a target

She (Chris) says she needs Nicole and Cliff because she has Tommy. She is basically including Jess as a vote in her pitch.

Christie says she’s just venting right now so don’t say anything (ie she’s testing the water to see her reaction)

Evening thread is up

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