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Big Brother 21 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates; Veto Meeting

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Monday in the Big Brother house and we get to see where the lines are drawn as a few things are up in the air.

Jackson won the veto and is prepared to take himself off. That is about as much as we have because the rest is up in the air. With Christie’s diamond power of veto looming, this day is going to be interesting. Unfortunately, Cliff is prepared to do Christie’s bidding by just nominating Bella rather than forcing it. They have been getting in his head all weekend and now that he thinks he doesn’t have Kat’s support, he doesn’t sound like he’s going to make a big move. Personally, that’s stupid. If I’ve learned anything from Survivor over the past like 30 or so seasons, if you learn someone may have the power,  you force their hand and flush it out.

If Cliff actually goes ahead and allows Christie to keep her power while nominating Bella this week, I’m going to be hugely disappointed in him. Yes, he took a shot by nominating Jack and Jackson, but now he’s backing away from the shot and trying to make peace? No. You took your shot now keep shooting. You chose your side, Cliff. Well, your side chose you when those 6 people voted you out last Thursday, so you have to keep firing back. There is no going back from this. Yes, Christie may be forced to use her power and Bella will go on the block anyway, but now Christie doesn’t have a power!


On another note, it appears Jackson has been sneaking food into the shower and hasn’t been too careful when he does. Feeders have caught him on numerous occasions going into the shower, putting his back to the camera and ducking down then standing up and appearing to chew. Big Brother has to do something about this otherwise the entire point of havenots is stupid and they should scrap it all together.

Alright, going to do some updates – Join the live feeds for free

  • 9:40 am – Jack, Jackson, Christie, and Cliff are outside talking
    • Cliff re-tells how Bella told him to tell Christie that he’s going to nominate Bella and then nominate someone else
    • Cliff says if he does that, people in the house will never believe him again. Ugh
    • Cliff says he took a shot, it didn’t work, but nobody will suspect him working with Jack and Jackson.  C’Mon Cliff
  • 10:00 am – Cliff has been outside hanging out with the six-shooters all morning. Puke
  • 11:40 am – Christie, Tommy, and Jack are boasting about how historical this move is
    • She’s not wrong. As much as I dislike her, pulling this off is a fantastic game move. Shocking
    • Jack mentions how Christie was cool with Nick and Sam last night but woke up and they were dead to her
    • She tells him how she doesn’t even want him being nice to them. Wow. Controlling. She has this game on lock right now
  • 12:00 pm – Cliff is telling Nick about it and Nick is telling him how they’re going to lose. Nick is right. Cliff is dumb
    • Nick says how he knows she would have used the power but he’d rather it happen and it not be there. Yes
    • Nick says this is BB19 all over again and there is no point to watch. If you’re a live feeder, just shut off the feeds. He’s right.
    • The only thing he’s wrong about is Jack winning BB. Christie or Tommy is winning.
  • 12:15 pm – Nick is outside crying and Jack of all people is comforting her. This season is Twilight Zone level
    • Nick said all Bella has to just not talk and they would have been final 8.  Not really Nick, but good you think that
    • Feeds down for the most disappointing veto meeting in a long time
  • 1:00 pm – Feeds back
    • Cliff nominated Bella and didn’t make Christie use her power. Disappointment
    • Meanwhile, Kat and HollyBeth are talking about what Holly said to Jackson. She told him he was losing his abs and Jackson has been mad at her
    • Kat says Jackson is a grade-A douchebag
  • I am so frustrated by this move. It would have made a shit season completely epic had Cliff went up there and said “Christie, you told everyone you had a power. That is dangerous to me and half the house. Take a seat next to Jack”
  • 1:30 pm – Tommy goes over to give Nick a hug. Gotta work that jury.
    • In a talk, Tommy mentions how he heard Nick wanted him up. Nick gets upset and tells him that he had no power and was only told the options were Tommy and Sis. He wasn’t the one nominating and it’s bullshit to suggest that he (Nick) was trying to get out Tommy
    • Tommy says he doesn’t believe he-said/she-said stuff and Nick said he did there

Thread closed – Updating the night thread here


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  1. AIO_7

    No matter what, I want Christie’s power GONE.

  2. Minkie

    Jackson sneak eating, while a have-not!! I hope they reprimand him, although im mot sure what that entails.

    • Helen

      He was eating Chicken early Sunday morning…just standing with the fridge open in the middle of the night shoveling it down his throat….production just lets it slide year after year…what is the point of even having have nots?

    • mm22

      Penalty points -which mean nothing

      • Purring

        There was some hope to this season when Cliff won and made a big move and Slop was back but it seems it is all falling apart. Colonbox should have to repeat his week and if he cheats again, send him home.

  3. Minkie

    Is Cliff actually telling people from “the 6” that bella is wanting him to tell CC that he will nominate Bella, then actually nominate someone else? That will just ensure CC will use her power.

  4. Katheryn

    Make Christi use it or put up Tommy. Win Win Situation then for Cliff. It will definitely break up “the 6” and cause a lot of fall out. 🙂

  5. Alda

    Is Boss Hogg flipping sides? He says he wants to work with them going forward.

  6. Cat Lady

    I am so sick of this season I don’t care who wins. I think the only one I don’t hate is Nicole but she’s stupid. This season has been a waste. I can’t wait for Survivor

    • Sassy

      I hate to say it, but I have to agree with you. I hate them all equally, so I’m not even rooting for someone to leave first. I don’t care who leaves when. I’m tired of the 6 + 1. Everyone else is the plus one. They ALL think they can work with someone on that side, hello?? Please go back and watch an entire season, ANY season!!

      My hope for this week, Beth wakes up, wants to punish JJ and decides to vote with the outsiders evicting AD. and takes Kat with her. At least then, it would be new drama.

      No matter what Cliff does, he is public enemy #1. Come Thurs, everyone will want him out of the house again. If N/B are split up, the 6 can control Nick. He doesn’t have the balls to go against them. If they win HOH they don’t need to target him, because he will do what they want. Sam and Cliff will be OTB.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Agree Sassy. I didn’t like Cliff, then warmed up when he showed some spine. Now, if he crumbles, I hope they do come for him.

  7. Renee

    When Jackson pulls himself off the block, couldn’t Cliff put Christie on the block at that point? Sure, she would use her power to put Bella on, but at least it would be flushed out. Especially if Cliff is just going to put Bella on anyway.

    • Amber

      If he put Christi up it would be too late for her to use the power. She has to enact the veto before he chooses a nominee and then Jackson (because he won the veto) would get to choose the replacement.

  8. Helen

    Nick in the bedroom practicing his next round of attack with Christie on why jack needs to go…
    I personally don’t see jack as a huge threat…he really hasn’t done all that great in veto comps…
    I can understand Christie wanting to keep him…as long as he and Jackson are there they are going to be bigger targets than tommy and her.,especially when everyone seems to be telling her what a huge threat Jack is..

    • AIO_7

      “I personally don’t see jack as a huge threat…he really hasn’t done all that great in veto comps”

      Jack is really good at memory comps. He won the 4th of July one, and he almost beat Cliff in the last one.

      • Helen

        He is…but Jessica came very close to beating him in the Fourth of July one and cliff won the last one…so he is not the only one good at them…2 people from the outsiders are just as good

      • Amber

        Yeah but Jessica winning an HOH probably wouldn’t be as great as we’d think. She’s the most unaware person in the house

  9. hogwild

    Come on Cliff lie to these jackoffs as poster on previous update pointed out if they say anything to you about lying to them remind them all lied to you when they said you were safe then voted you out.

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  11. stillstanding

    i’m hoping cliff is just b.s.ing the 6. i wish he would put up Tommy, either force christie to use the DPOV or force the 6 to start going after each other.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think he is. He’s in a tough spot. He has to try to salvage something out of this. I think he’s screwed either way…

      • Amber

        Wish he’d put up Kat instead of Bella. No one would care and it doesn’t take a number from them. Plus Holly might would save her over jack and if not it would likely be a tie and jack would go. I’m super disappointed

    • Kari

      If he was I wish he’d look at the cameras and let us know, but I sadly I don’t think he is.

  12. LynnD

    Production should make Jackson stay on the block for eating while a HN. I remember Evil Dicks 1st season (season 8) he was constantly fighting with Jen. At 1 point she got so frustrated she went & got a plate of food. She ended up with a penalty vote for eating. I feel this season should have the same consequences. I mean come on IT’S THE 1st WEEK OF HN!!!!!!

    • Sassy

      There should definitely bring a punishment for it or get rid of it. It’s become a joke. Everyone knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    • Kari

      It seems like the last two or three seasons this kind of thing has been completely ignored by production. Breaking rules, mistreatment of people, things like that..

      • mm22

        Yes and I’m sick of seeing them getting away with all the shit – why bother with rules if you’re not going to enforce them- the penalty points are the most ridiculous punishment and mean nothing-I want to see any hg braking a rule automatically become added to the noms

  13. Joy

    lie, lie, lie and lie some more. It’s game play. Have everyone told him the truth or have they lied??? Play the game your HOH isn’t over yet, we will never know UNLESS he tries.

  14. hogwild

    If this just resets to the way it was before Cliff HOH where we were basically seeing a repeat of season 19 with two Paul’s instead of one I’m with previous poster and starting the countdown to survivor.

    • Kari

      I love Survivor! I mentioned this to one other person but I’m a moderator on a Facebook group for Survivor that was created by a very intelligent 16 year old who is actually chosen to be one of the bloggers for Survivor professionally! If you want the info send me a message..

  15. Sassy

    Have sex with me or your not my friend! Is that what young love has come down too? His mother must be so proud!

    Last week: we saved Nicole because she was being bullied.
    This week: You OWE us! How dare you not follow our rules and bow at our feet.

    AD and JJ don’t deserve to be OTB. So who does? And what makes you the authority of all things BB?

    JJ eating while a Have not. Why have it if they aren’t going to enforce it? It’s become a joke! Either get rid of it or somehow make the kitchen a separate room and don’t allow them in it or the storage room.

  16. kneeless

    OMG, watching BBAD & the Jack-ass-son/Holly exchange. That boy needs to be taken down a few, or more, notches. I have not jumped into the, alleged, domestic assault debate but after listening to the way he talks & treats others I definitely could see it being true. My bff was married to a guy who was verbally/emotionally abusive & Jackson talks & acts a lot like my friend’s ex. I have ZERO like or respect for that punk kid.

    • Kari

      100% in agreement. Yet again I’m incredibly disappointed in production for allowing this kind of bullshit behavior. They need to have some sort of a punishment if someone mistreats another guest. Verbal should count as well.

      And the ladies this year, oh my God, how brain-dead are they? To not realize the sex they’ve been having is being filmed when there are cameras all around them all the time? For God’s sake it’s not like they don’t get told about this ahead of time even if they haven’t watch Big Brother.

      • KelBel

        My guess is that they don’t actually care that they’re being filmed having sex…but playing the stupid card might make their mommy’s less embarrassed of them (but mommy’s, you SHOULD be embarrassed of them!)

      • jimbo

        Nothing was worse than the first Evil Dick year. He was so abusive to ALL, including women — and CBS ate it up and rewarded him, even bringing him back. I was out of BB for 5 years or so because of that.

  17. AIO_7

    If Bella winds up on the block (and ultimately evicted) and Christie still has her power (for 2 more weeks), then it is a worse than a wasted HoH.

  18. hogwild

    If this plays out the way it looks like it’s going to this season went from having potential back to fuck it. If this is the case I for one will have little to no interest in seeing four people Cliff, Nicole, Sam and Nick get picked off while two useless nobodies skate by and six people have continuous circle jerk.

    • Joy

      thank you, I couldn’t have said it better. And if BB continues to recruit the same “type” of people for BB next year I’M DONE. This is the worse season EVER.

      • hogwild

        Totally agree if they keep doing casting based on having specific types of people in house instead of people who know the game and want to play there is no point in watching. The best example of this type of bad casting is Kat she has no interest in playing the game and is clearly there just to promote her brand and increase her social media presence.

      • HappyHippo

        And you know they are specifically casting certain people because they RECRUIT! It’s so frustrating. Let people play that know the game and have a plan.. whether good or bad

    • Purring

      Totally agree, might as well be scripted.

  19. Kari

    Cliff: I’m VERY disheartened and saddened as to direction he is taking his HOH.

    Jackson: sneaking food? No way! I did I call this one or what question mark obviously production doesn’t give a flying *you know what* if they don’t enforce it and punish him somehow.

    Bella: conniving a little ‘Can’t Understand Normal Thinking’ bitch. if neither one of the JackASSES can go I’m not going to be at all disappointed if she goes.I’ve seen a lot of bad people throughout the years but this chick takes the cake. (Side note I understand if you want to delete this comment because of what I wrote above. It’s not often I use that word to describe people but in my opinion she truly fits it.)

  20. hogwild

    You know BB is super pissed with what Nick said about this being BB 19 all over again and feed watchers should just pack it up but he is 100 percent correct.

  21. danmtruth

    Cliff is screwed no matter Anyone he thinks he can work with will have no power Worse if someone other than a sixshooter wins HOH THERE hands will be tied by Christie power So if Cliff needs to put someone up it might as well be a sixshooter to lessen there numbers Now you have Christe telling Nicole Jess her BS of i have no intention of going to the final 6 with 2 showmance Thats why she wants to work with them Nicole might see what a load of crap it is Jess im not sure
    We just came so close to having an interesting season Than again this group of six will turn on each other on a heart beat

    • Helen

      They are going to start going after each other now…Jackson is already making himself disliked not only by us but those in alliance…how he treated holly last night was horrid and I think a lot of people there see it…tommy wants to go after Sam next week..Sam is,I think,the biggest physical threat in the game…nick is on everyone’s [email protected]*t list,Jack is still a target. I can actually see hope for cliff,Nicole,Jess and kat…

  22. Alda

    Christie is going to win this season unless something major happens.

  23. Mr. Beardo

    Well shit. Cliff almost tricked me into believing he had a pair and that there might still be some glimmer of a hope for this season. Phooey!

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Exactly and now I hope Cliff doesn’t make jury either. Such a wasted opportunity. Be that as it may, I couldn’t care less who goes, hate them all except Nicole.

  24. Helen

    My prediction of final 2 is Tommy and Kat….
    Both are playing good games and nobody is really looking at them as major targets…liked by both “sides”

  25. Avatar

    For what it’s worth, I would offer this as a viable strategy for Cliff to salvage something from his HOH without making himself a primary target going forward: He goes to Christie and says, truthfully, that he needs to get something for his HOH. So if Christie wants to avoid using her power, he will promise not to use his (thereby preserved) power to nominate a member of the SixShooters. But he will insist on putting up Kat because she’s voting with their side, not his. If Christie agrees to this, then he should follow through as promised. Otherwise, he’s completely wasted his HOH and will still have to deal in the future with Kat’s misplaced loyalty to the SixShooters.

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  27. danmtruth

    Christie and Tommy keep playing trade off players They are planing on dumping Jackson for Kat Keeping the numbers Thats what she keeps promising the others to join as they pick off people

    • Helen

      At some point (soon),with only 12 players left in game,Cliff,Nicole,Jess and Kat will have a voting block of 4…since Kat and Holly are much closer than anyone thinks they may be in a very good position

      • danmtruth

        They will never all make it that far Soon Christie & Tommy will feel Cliff is a threat to there game They know he is smart Will look to get him out after 2 weeks
        This mive just gives them more power Sorry Cliff went diwn in a wimper

      • AIO_7

        “Will look to get him (Cliff) out after 2 weeks”

        I doubt if those jackals will wait that long.

      • Purring

        I bet they go after Cliff next even though CC promised he would be safe, the others didn’t promise anything.

  28. Nancy

    So sad, Clifford…you could have made a difference. Hope Orwell wins!

  29. hogwild

    Well this season is over I will keep checking the updates here and commenting on and off but unless something major changes it’s going to be more off than on.

  30. Joy

    I’m mad and pissed, so right now, I’m out and don’t plan on coming back. This season is worthless and I don’t spend my valuable time wasting it on a bunch of horrible, terrible people on television. Y’all have a great summer.

    • AIO_7

      Can’t say as I blame you, Joy. Unless something “right” happens, I will be participating less.

    • Barracuda

      Agreed. I’m giving it until Thursday with the eviction. I only hope that Kat and Beth vote jack out. If Bella goes home I’m out (why would cliff put her up when the whole house hates her …hello…she will be a target. And you let Christie keep her power??).

  31. AIO_7

    Sorry, but Hank is stupid. He gave away a vote for him last week (Bella voted for him to stay) for his own (perceived) safety … And Christy still has her power. He will regret not putting up one of the other Sex Shooters.

    • Purring

      Someone suggested he should have put Kat up instead of Bella and that is exactly what he should have done. Hopefully, Bella will be able to stir up some trouble before leaving. I’m also trying to get used to the posts being backwards but it makes it harder to follow since you have to find the first thread in the middle and then read down. It gives me a headache when there are a lot of posts.

      • AIO_7

        “I’m also trying to get used to the posts being backwards but it makes it harder to follow since you have to find the first thread in the middle”….

        He needs to switch it back to oldest first. The fact that there are waaaaay less thumbs per post proves it was a mistake to change it.

      • Amber

        I think he should have put Kat up. At the very least.

      • kneeless

        I am having trouble with this format too. Feel like I miss comments. But, if the majority like it, I will suck it up.

      • mm22

        I hate reading “jokers “because comments are in reversed time stamped order and thats just updates
        On this site reversal plus adding replies is hard to follow-I say go back to the old way and add more threads -I can’t do this new format

  32. Minkie

    Damn it Cliff!!! At least Kat is seeing Jackson as the douchebag we all know, and despise.

  33. jimbo

    You have to admit that as much as you wanted Cliff to be smart and make a powerful move (his only chance), you just knew he wouldn’t. I never understand how players play scared, thinking they can somehow change the minds of those in power. And Cliff should no that old dudes are always in trouble from day one. If anyone should attack the alliance, it’s him.

  34. HappyHippo

    “I am so frustrated by this move. It would have made a shit season completely epic had Cliff went up there and said “Christie, you told everyone you had a power. That is dangerous to me and half the house. Take a seat next to Jack””
    Me in a nutshell. How freakin stupid to let the power stay AND let the douchebag alliance run the season. I’m so pissed. And to call Bella a bully etc etc that’s exactly what they have been!! Ughhhhh

  35. AIO_7

    Running her fucking mouth again with her mouth full; and she still has her power.


  36. Russell James Yost


    He didn’t use the power…

    Just when I was giving him the credit he blinks.

    Come on Cliff! You have to at least try!

    To not even force Christie’s hand and to just bend over and take it is very unfortunate. He is now a very easy target as in one move he alienates Nick and others while allowing the 6 to stay unscathed.

    Unbelievable. I’ve been having difficulty watching this season because I find most of the contestants unlikeable and this does not help.

    I really can not stand Bella either, but speaking as purely game she does not have any power or influence.

    • jimbo

      Cliff should realize that knocking one of the alliance out gives them a better shot at his side winning future vetos simply because they have one less member. That he thinks he can work with them is so weak.

  37. jimbo

    It always seems like that when BB gives special powers, they end up in moves that everyone hates. Rarely do I remember them going well. Like Ovi got a good power, then couldn’t even use it! That’s the norm. Personally, and I stated this here a long time ago, I think the winner of the veto should ALWAYS be the one to also name the nominee. It would really make the veto mean something. It gives underdogs shots to change what is about to start in this game — a steamrolling landslide for Jack and Crew. Then, numbers aren’t everything like it is now.

  38. jennyc

    this season sucks in every way imaginable. especially following season 20. hell, ill just watch season 20 again. those people were entertaining!

  39. Alda

    Nick is telling TT he doesn’t want to go to jury.Be careful what you ask for Nick.

  40. amareels

    I am so disappointed, disgusted, mad, etc, etc. Cliff you blew it. Now I have a decision whether to watch these horrible people the rest of the season or just read the daily summary. I am afraid it’s going to be the latter. I just can’t stand these people!!! CBS shame on you for continually picking these same ole stereo types. I also think that the penalty for eating food while on slop should have consequences, like they loose their right to vote.

    I have always like Survivor and the way they are always trying to change up the “type” of people that go on the show. Why can’t CBS read from their play book? Why not next time pick 4 groups of different ethnicities or a group of Mensa players.

    Here’s another idea, let’s us (the viewers) pick who is HOH and have the HOH competition replaced with a power of some sort.

    I am just sick and disappointed once again! Thanks for nothing CBS.

  41. Avatar

    Looks like the CBS/AT&T dispute came at a perfect time. I can’t watch BB and now I really don’t want to. Thanks for the updates here, to save me the torture. I’m sad I’ve always blamed vets for ruining previous seasons. These newbies have ruined it all on their own. Ugh. This forum is the only thing that will make this summer tolerable. Thank you all.

    • Nancy

      I have CBS and Dish TV in negotiations..I watched the CBS all access freebies and was going to subscribe till negotiations completed, but like you, I’m going to watch my BBAD and read this blog. Not wasting money on these HGs..cant listen to Christie say, my power, one more time! Soooo disappointed cliff.

  42. LO1004

    Cliffs clueless ass aside – I gotta hand it to Christie. She got to keep her power, backdoor a target for her alliance, never had to promise that use it to benefit anyone else but her, and did all this on the other side’s HOH. Well hello Hive, so lovely to see you this year.

  43. IamChaya

    As mad and disappointed as I am I think Cliff’s only option is to try to be higher up in shit shooters side, like what those three idiot girls he tried to align with) are doing. Maybe the three leftover guys can win hoh and POV next week and get two of them up again. I’m dreaming big but then maybe it could be 5-4 vote to send a shit shooter home.

  44. ZoeNita

    Ugh. The crash back down after our high hopes for Cliff. That whole exchange between Holly and Jackson made me feel gross. I think I will watch some old episodes of Big Brother Canada on YouTube to cheer up.. . Has anyone else watched BB Canada?

  45. Colby

    While I am very disappointed that Cliff made that deal, I understand why.
    He could have fooled Christie to not use the power and then put up her or Tommy, but he knows he would have been gone next week if he did that.
    The numbers just weren’t there to get AD out this week whether he put up Bella or they did. He is just trying to buy himself another couple of weeks, hoping something may change.
    He did talk to AD and JJ and they promised him the 2 weeks also. I do think Christie and AD will honor that, but not so sure about JJ. But that doesn’t mean Christie or AD won’t get someone else to put him up either.
    But I can’t blame the guy for trying to go further in the game.

  46. Sunny

    And just like that the rich get richer aka the bullies win the game. So disappointed in Cliff. I really thought he was going to do something. I’m more disappointed that trying to win $500k was more important than his self respect. Hmmmmm? Let a bad person win $500k or make a big move that might not work and get voted out early (he’s out early anyway) – I’ll go with sent home early every time. There’s no way I would let people like that coast along – I would have to say or do something to try to change the odds. I guess that’s why I’m not rich. I don’t have that attitude of I don’t want to make waves so I can get farther. That’s why I don’t work for corporate America – too much kissing up to get ahead. I don’t play that game.

  47. Samiam

    I am new to writing on this. But I have read for a lot of years. I thank everyone for your posts. I read this a couple times a day. This new comment setup is hard for me to read straight down and be first part of the day to latter in the day. Again thank you all for your insight to this show.

  48. Avatar

    same old shit…….the first 3 nominated for eviction were “people of color”

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