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Big Brother 21 – Monday Afternoon Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and it’s time to see if Tommy will just go all-in with Christie or risk it. I think he’s going to do it because it would be insanely stupid of him not to save her. The big question is what will happen Thursday night as two voting pairs want different people out. Tommy and Christie definitely want to keep Jess while Nicole and Holly should be voting to keep Cliff. Jackson has been playing both sides (poorly) so it will be interesting to see if Christie calls him on it and finally forces him to show his hand.

Although this is the season of ‘voting with the house’ so nobody actually knows where anyone stands and Tommy is such a diplomat that he may do it once again even though forcing Jackson gives him valuable information moving forward. Someone has to take a stand eventually and this could finally be the week where a clear line is drawn. Only took more than 2 months to make that happen – ugh.

Rambling done….


BBJ Pet of the Day:

Here is Fluffy just chillin like a human sent in by Bonnie. Thank you!



11:40 am – Feeds back. Tommy saved Christie. Cliff is nominated.

This is the first time noms have changed from their original noms since Nick saved himself back before the jury. Christie was saved after that but she was a 3rd nom.

And here comes the drama! Cliff is pissed and he’s slamming dishes around. Tommy is trying to apologize but he’s having none of it. He tells Tommy that he ruined his game and ruined his summer. Tommy tells him to go dance with himself in the corner! It’s wild excitement!!!

I’m kidding. After the veto, everyone goes outside and talks about bullshit nobody cares about. I was trying to pretend what the house would be like with some drama


1:00 pm – Jackson is sitting alone in the pool while Jessica and Nicole are in the room chatting about casual stuff.

Holly joins with her rockin glasses

1:40 pm – Christie has a brief meeting with Jess in the kitchen to make plans.


Christie says that she was going to make a pitch to Holly during their fight (Holly/Jackson fight) but now they’re together again. Christie says it’s silly because even if they go to the f2, he’s winning over her

Jess says Nicole is debating on who to vote. Christie says that is good because they won’t even need to go to Holly and Jackson

They are really going to hammer Nicole this week. I don’t see her swaying from Cliff to side with Christie but stranger things have happened

Christie says she kisses Jackson’s ass but America knows she doesn’t really mean it. Jess says she can’t do that. They plan on meeting back up later tonight.

4:30 pm – Everyone sitting around literally doing nothing lol.


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  1. Cat Lady

    I am going to be so disappointed if Nicole trust Tommy. It seems like Jackson and Holly are living up to their deal. But more important than that Tommy and Christie aren’t trustworthy. Mick made a big mistake not putting up Tommy and Christie to begin with.

    • hogwild

      I don’t think she will she along with Cliff really seem to be the ones who can read people the best she already thinks there is more to Tommy and Christie than they know and him saving her again is only going to reenforce that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nicole may not be able to win comps, but she’s one smart little cookie. I said in the beginning that she might just be a dark horse and I’m sticking with it until she is no longer there.

      • Tam

        In total agreement with you, NK. She and Cliff are still my favorite. They may not be comp beast but they have played the games with their best strengths. Did you catch her hammock chat the other morning after the love fight? She talked to America and her family and she was very informed of her surroundings. And it was all just her perspective without being led to troff to drink the Kool-aid of DR leadings and other’s chatter in her ear trying to sell their bs. She has them figured out. Just need her to not drink Tommy’s tea. She is so cute in her black bathing suit and so glad to her feeling comfortable in the house now.

      • hogwild

        Cliff and Nicole remind me of the baseball player that has the golden sombrero in a game you get that big hit when it counts no one cares.

  2. Alda

    Fluffy looks like he is living up to his name.Beautiful cat.

    • BBBonbon62

      Thank you Alda. She is definitely the diva of my 3 girls. We headed down to Myrtle Beach yesterday on vacation and my daughter said she sat at the entrance of my bedroom last night and hissed and growled at the other two kitties when they tried to enter.

  3. Avatar

    Well played Tommy

    Bye Bye Jackson, you will be gone with the 2nd eviction on Thursday

  4. Apopkedave

    I wish I got a nickel every time Christie touched her hair.

  5. Annabelle

    I’m not saying what I hope for on Thursday cause seems like I manifest the opposite lol.

  6. Avatar

    Here is the thing, this cast & script has been so horrible that I am not a fan or a hater of any of them. Cliff is a great guy but has he done anything except survive? Do not get me wrong, the fact that he has is truly impressive.

    Here is why I want Jackson & Holly to go next. Hubris. They had a chance to knock her out pretty much the for the last month. However, they accepted her deal to keep her alive the last 3 weeks. Not a Christie fan but she is 100% correct, her verbal contract with them has run it’s course.

    What I would truly love as a final 2 would be for Cliff to be sitting next to Tommy. Nothing wrong with Nicole, but she simply wouldn’t get any votes.

    At least those 2 would make the vote count interesting. If Cliff goes up against anyone else but Tommy, He wins in a landslide. If Tommy goes up against anyone else but Cliff, landslide.

    • ElaineB

      Cliff has done more than just survive. He has made deals, put himself on the line, socialized, protected others, and has been in BB, with his eye on the prize.

      • Robin

        Right on!

      • Tam

        Definitely and been injured. I am #teamhogg. Steve had me excited when reading his report. Been on the phone for hours it seems with cbs and internet company trying to get issues resolved. Can’t have my live feeds dropping, freezing, and then just stop working all together. Not at this stage in the game. Got all excited and then it was a joke…..Damn it. I was hoping for the drama instead of hearing Jessica. She seems to have a better attitude with Cliff being on the block….Damn it…

      • Avatar

        Cliff definitely has the sharpest wits in the house, which is why I said he is the only one able to split a jury vote for the money.

        Juries are bitter. Every one of them has to give the money to the person that they are willing to have said they lost to. Cliff and Tommy both fit that bill, because everyone simply loves them.

      • Tam

        1000% agree, but I am biased to him.

    • Avatar

      Yes but Production is so proud of this season’s scripts that they will probably submit this season to the Emmy’s board hoping that this season gets nominated for a couple of Emmys

    • Alda

      Cliff was banished and survived.He was taken off the block by Sam and saved.Was put on the block again and won Camp Comeback.Next,he won HOH.Bella leaves with deal he made with Christie.Nominated with Kat-survived that and Kat left.Now,Cliff is on the block again.God willing he survives again.

  7. Avatar

    Well BB Reddit found one of Nick’s middle school yearbooks and discovered that he has had the same haircut since 2008.


  8. Charlotte

    Ha ha ha, Steve! You had me in shock for a split second!! Are you prolonging prank week?!? :-).

    Fluffy is adorable! Looks just like my daughter’s cat. So sweet!

  9. Lather

    LOL, for a really brief moment you had me, Steve. Even thought maybe Cliff was “acting”. Should have known better. Has Cliff ever shown real anger?

    • Tam

      Lather, you aren’t the only one. I was so shocked. I just can’t imagine Cliff doing that, but I have to say I was starting to get excited at the possibility of getting to witness that and seeing Tommy reaction……

  10. hogwild

    Here is hoping Jessica goes Thursady and anyone other than Christie or Tommy win HOH.

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  12. hogwild

    Not much going on in the house so I’m going to watch IT came from Beneath the sea on DVD love this 50s sci-fi monster movies.

  13. Avatar

    I always suspected that the HGs knew they were getting voted out before the live eviction show. This year I finally started watching the feeds and saw when Sis was told that she was going.
    My question for y’all has this happened all season???? Or have you ever (in other seasons too) being really surprised when a HG is evicted.
    I’m excited for Thursday’s DE, fingers crossed for Holly, Cliff or Nicole!

  14. Tam

    Heaven help me…..Jessica’s voice is just too much today. Her droning and the LIIIIKKKKEEEE’s is getting contagious because Ma HollyBeth is doing it more and LIIITTERRALLYYY is so overused it has become as painful as hand weeding thistles. I am no linguist but they are just destroying language. If they aren’t fasting talking about then they are stretching their words and Sweet Baby Jesus….. I wish I could just CC the feeds but it doesn’t allow me.

    • Robin

      My biggest peeve, when people can just say what they mean… the pussy footing, hemmms and hawws are enough to make me crazy. Soo like, like I think, like .. ummm I don’t know…

      • Tam

        I agree, Robin. My mom does it, and doesn’t realize it. I tell her she is taking a the long way around the trees to get the bush. I always tell her ok, let’s cut to the chase, what’s your point of this story. Love her and she is the sweetest thing. I am more direct.

  15. hogwild

    Get off your mommy’s computer thumbys.

    • Tam

      Lol, Hog, I want just thinking about that and STFU Thumbsy, go outside and play, brat. Guess that’s the only way to get their jollies for the day……

      • Robin

        In Robin’s world, Thumbsy is a mean old man with no teeth, pushing the thumbs down while eating his mush in the rest home. So now I can get my share too….lol

      • Robin

        No intention of insulting the elderly, or will have to insult myself. It’s just that thumbs down is so curmudgeonly.

  16. Helen

    Thursday will be interesting…one of the 3 remaining couples will finally be broken up…

    • Tam

      Can’t wait and I hope it’s Tommy or Christie first. I want those two because I just do, but also for the advantage of them coming in an automatic duo. And they get on my nerves…..Coin toss at this point….

  17. Avatar

    Looks like production is in trouble even though BB was the #1 non-sports show last night, it was the lowest rates BB episode since 2000.


    • Tam

      Interesting, Bennett. I hope this shakes their asses up and to make some major changes. If it continues to be like this season, I am probably done…. Fingers crossed that Allison Grodner will be nixxed and they have a staff shake up. I have been faithful to them since 2000 and I am this season is just been ate up from the floor up. If they had real people that want to be there for the show instead of the fame I would have my faith restored. This year just has me drained, but yet, I am still watching…..

    • Avatar

      I’ve lost so much interest. I read BBJ every day, true and I do watch all the episodes but I’m so disappointed in getting out the wrong people.

      • Tam

        I feel you, Lady D. Very disappointing indeed. I hated to see Ovi go because he really loved the game but the cool kids didn’t want to play with him.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Steve, you had me going for a minute there, with that description of Cliff being mad…lol

  19. Robin

    I just read a post from a different site detailing a conversation between JJ and Beth. It seemed to indicate that their big fight was at least in part faked. The purpose of course being to downplay them as a pair.

    • Robin

      Here was the post.
      is not wearing a microphone so he says something that we can’t hear. She replies “We have to.” They discuss that if this works, this could result in them winning this game. Michie “We have to make sure none of them get spooked or become wise to the whole situation. If this works we can take 1st or 2nd. If it blows up, we get 5th and 6th.” Holly “all we have are each other”. He asks her if his speech was okay. She says it was fine, short and sweet. Cliff acted a little bummed, but not too much. Michie “We cannot let personal stuff get between them and winning this game. We have worked way too hard for this. One of us can win this game. Holly “It’s a 30% chance one of them will win this game.”

      • Robin

        Maybe this about a back stab for this week?

      • Robin

        Either way, JJ and Beth are tighter than they want us to believe.

      • Tam

        They better be worried about Tommy and Christie….It just kills me that they are so blind to it….But stupidity has been their strategy that has gotten them this point…..SMH and wishing I could drink

      • Tam

        Yes they are, Robin. In more ways than one. They are really fueling the speculation and playing it up.

      • Colby

        I think that conversation had to do with the brilliant plan they THINK they have.
        By not putting TT up and saying they want CC to stay, they think they are in good with TT & CC. And of course they already have the deal with Cliff and Nicole.
        So they think they are safe and don’t need to win the next HOH because the other two couples will target each other.
        The brilliant plan is to keep the others from talking to each other and figuring it out.
        Then, even if Cliff or Nicole get evicted, they will win HOH and still have the numbers 3-2.

      • Robin

        That makes complete sense Colby. See this is why I need you guys to figure this stuff out for me.. lol

  20. SoftKitty

    I love a fluffy cat named Fluffy!

    • BBBonbon62

      Not very unique, I know. Actually she and her brother were strays born under my moms deck. Her brother fell in with another group of strays and she was the outsider. They would not let her eat til they all finished. They hissed at her. I felt so bad for her. She was also the only medium haired of the bunch so I referred to her as Fluffy. One day she wandered through the woods to my house and I coaxed her in with some nice chicken breast and she never left. Since I had been calling her fluffy for over two months I decided to just stay with the generic name. No sense in giving her an identity crisis. Lol.

    • SoftKitty

      Oh, but it IS a unique name, BonBon! Simply because it was given out of compassion and love! Mary’s right… Showing her belly is a sign of trust!

  21. Tam

    I am so sad to see Cliff so down. I really has me down. Sending him all the love in the world. Has something happened while I was away? What am I missing?

    • hogwild

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he is doing a little acting as soon as Tommy won veto he knew he was going up he probably just doesn’t want to look to cocky or over confident.

      • Tam

        Praying so, Hog. Christie seems like she is back to happy be back off the block. They are so stupid….Cat scratch fever smh

  22. Avatar

    OMG someone added the Titanic theme song to Jessica’s fall and it’s even funnier now.


  23. hogwild

    They are really going to hammer Nicole this week. I don’t see her swaying from Cliff to side with Christie but stranger things have happened.
    I really can’t see happening either she is one of the smarter people in the house and is really the only one suspicous of the realtionship between Christie and Tommy she and Cliff have worked well together all season I can’t see her throwing that aside at this point in the season to roll the dice on those two.

    • ElaineB

      It seems to be advantageous for the four J/H/N/C to stay ‘true’ and try to get Christie and Tommy OTB. That gives them 3-2 to win HOH, course we are talking of Nicole, who has yet to win anything.

      • hogwild

        Here is the pitch Cliff and Nicole should make to Jackson and Holly even though I think they are good with voting out Jessica. It would be there are not three duo’s but one foursome the four of them and one threesome Tommy, Christie and Jessica you vote Jessica out we have a four to two advantage and are in a great position for the rest of the season.

      • ElaineB

        Yes. For them to give up Cliff, who is onside for now, to keep Jess, who has been close to Christie, would tip the scales.

      • Tam

        She does have some game despite not winning anything. It’s hard to see until you hear her camera chats when no one is around. She is a dark horse more than people realize. She has won my heart. She is starting to come into her own, just wished she could have done it a while back, but it has been hard for her since everyone just used her in many different fashions. She made JJ more likeable to me. It is nice to watch him interact with her and be more personable. Not that I trust him, but I believe she brings out the best in people instead of the worst. Just imo

  24. Annabelle

    Lmfao Hog and Bennet! Laughing so hard my husband had to ask even though he can’t stand watching BB. He does appreciate everyone here because he doesn’t have to fake listen

  25. danmtruth

    You guys are giving Bitchy tk much credit as actors That fight was real and it was raw

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  27. KelBel

    ” Jackson has been playing both sides (poorly) so it will be interesting to see if Christie calls him on it and finally forces him to show his hand.”
    –If CC and TT vote to evict Cliff, they will also be showing their hand to JJ/G-ma. I really hope Nicole cannot be swayed to vote out Cliff – I’d lose all faith in her/this game.

    • hogwild

      I really don’t think she will be and as soon as Tommy and Christie see it at least onf of them maybe both will throw Jessica under the bus.

      • ElaineB

        Jessica doesn’t add anything to anyone, at this point. Forgive me, but she is ‘dead weight’ for everyone concerned. I see Jessica as continuing to bask in the glory of her HOH, which evicted Jack-Ass, while the game has continued on without her. Bye bye girl!

  28. Apopkedave

    I’m in Florida and I’m afraid I’m not going to have any power after the hurricane goes by. I may have to move west so I can watch Big Brother.

  29. Helen

    IDK…I think Cliff has boxed himself and Nicole into 3rd and 4th place by making a F4 with Jackson and Holly…
    Jackson will always pick Holly over Cliff or Nicole in a F2…their whole plan is to get them to 4 then eliminate Cliff and Nicole.
    Tommy and Christie…while they are very close I am not totally convinced either he or Christie want to sit next to each other at F2…I can see Tommy picking Nicole to sit next to him at F2…I can also see Christie picking one of the two,either Cliff or Nicole…probably Nicole…
    Trust is important yes but at this point the reality is Jackson and Holly are a certain F2….and with Cliff and Nicole sticking with them they are guaranteed to take 3rd and 4th place with pretty much zero chance of sitting in one of those two chairs come finale night..

    • ElaineB

      I see your points. I hope Jess goes. I am ready for the DE, see who is left standing, and go from there. I am curious to see how T/C handle each other.

    • hogwild

      I don’t see Tommy or Christie taking cliff or Nicole to a F2 either they are both so well liked neither would risk it. I said before Cliff and Nicole not being able to win comps would likely keep them out of the F2 but I’m still holding out hope and I would rather seem them make the final four over Tommy and Christie. Another seed Cliff and Nicole can plant this week is on Thursday there will only be six of them left and if BB was going to do a double eviction that would be the time and if they do and one of them or Holly wins it they can put up tommy and Christie and all but punch their ticket to the final four.

      • ElaineB

        Winning comps to have power or keep oneself safe, is vital at this point.

      • hogwild

        It is sometimes it’s not how many comps you when but when you win them Josh proved that in BB19.

      • Alda

        Christie had said she wanted Tommy,Jess and herself in the final three.

      • Jen

        So with jess gone (most likely if Michie keeps alliance, which I have every reason to believe he will), who is the most likely HG to be taken to final 3 if CC/TT manage make it that far (I am praying they don’t)

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’ve had the feeds running in the background and have been peeking at them on and off. Earlier, JJ and Holly were sitting outside. She brought up who should go next. She told him her preference is CC next, then Cliff. She was saying how she thought Cliff might be hard to beat in the end because he fought hard from the beginning. That he fought back from banishment then won an HOH. JJ said that their counter-argument was that the two of them have won 4 HOH’s and a few Vetos and that gave them a better chance at winning. She sounds like she wants to take TT, he sounds like he wants to take Cliff.

        My guess would be that she would more than likely get her way. No matter how much they disagree or fight, he always seems to give in in the end(ie: CC)

    • ElaineB

      Does Holly believe she can beat Jackson in F2, or will she be happy with second place?

      • Mary

        She’s already told Jackson that she has been practicing her finale speech.

      • Tam

        I don’t think that she will be happy with anything unless she is the center of attention…..It’s a toss up right now. Going to be interesting….

      • Tam

        Mary, that does not surprise me at all. Definitely bold. I wish the others would hear that and get the paranoia really going. She is some kind of special….

  30. Jen

    Great point Steve about Michie choice if he has to break a tie!! That will affect the rest of the game IMO.

  31. Jen

    I know that Jolly/Cliff/Nicole dont have an alliance name (that I am aware of at least), any ideas? NK??

  32. Avatar

    this post will have lots of posts so need a mod to approve this as soon as possible*

    Kassting today defended the Big Brother Open Casting Calls today on Twitter and various BB alumni revealed that they attended the open casting calls in replies and retweets and backed Kassting. It revealed that way more people got in BB through the Open Casting Calls than previously thought.

    Confirmed to have been casted by open Casting Calls (I probably missed a few):
    Rachel (BB 20), Kaycee (BB20), Kaitlyn (BB20), Scottie (BB20), Paul (BB18& 19), Cody (BB19) ( confirmed by Jessica Graf), Mark(BBCAN7), Neda (BBCAN 2& 5)




  33. hogwild

    Assuming Cliff does not get voted out Thursday and so far nothing to indicate he will him and Nicole are still in a pretty good position If Tommy or Christie win they are almost sure to go after Jackson and Holly and if one of them gets voted that leaves Cliff and Nicole with the survivor and only Christie or Tommy playing for next HOH Nicole Cliff or Holly win HOH Thursday they go after Christie and Tommy and it’s basically off to the final four where it’s may the best person win.

  34. hogwild

    After listening to Jessica talk for an hour.

  35. Tam

    Hog, HollyBeth will lose her mind if that happens because they stole her attention. Cliff and/or Nicole should tell the JH about CC & TT knowing each other and watch Jack lose his shit again so Kat can jump on a couch, hit the table and accuse him of knowing that they knew each other. Ohhh, that would be worth watching and priceless in my book…….#KARMA……

    • hogwild

      Tough for her I guess but after the last few years of seeing far to many people try to flirt and hump there way to the F2 seeing a couple of people try and do it by playing smart and hard is refreshing. When Cliff or Nicole in all probablity win AFH I hope they have a split screen on them and Holly to see her reaction given her need for attention and the spotlight it should be priceless.

  36. Tam

    And here is what I feel like when Chrustie chews, Jess talks, TT is dramatic, and HollyBeth does anything lately…

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