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Big Brother 21 – Monday Afternoon Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Another Monday and Christie is sitting on the block heading into the veto meeting. This makes week #3 in a row that this will happen and it looks very much like there will be a chance at #4 next week because Nick is probably the person leaving on Thursday night.

Typically when you see someone on the block three straight weeks, they’re usually a floater pawn (Victoria) who contributes nothing to the game. It’s very rare to have someone as strong a player as Christie not only be on the block 3 times in a row but survive it 3 times in a row. It’s truly remarkable how she’s been able to do this so far and I’m curious to see how long she can pull it off. She’s also someone who could actually win the game if she’s in the final 2, so it would be extra nice to have people know they can play it hard yet still win. After watching Dan get screwed over then Paul, you wind up with winners like Kaycee.


Now, I’m not trying to bash Kaycee here. She’s a very good person and won a ton of competitions, but she was just a cog in the wheel rather than a person turning it. She only won one HoH comp before the finale so she completely flew under the radar regarding ‘blood’ on her hands. She won 5 out of 6 veto competitions in a row yet never used the power so there so she basically eliminated the veto for the last month and a half of the season. That is clearly a winning strategy and I take nothing away from her victory, but as a fan, that’s boring as hell. As a fan of the show, I like seeing people play hard, not safe. I guess it’s like football in a way. Defensive games are usually boring to any non-fan of the team but they do the job and are still viable strategies on winning (look at the Patriots vs Rams). Even as a Patriots fan, I acknowledge that was a boring game for the outsiders to watch. I loved it, but it wasn’t the most entertaining game in the world.

That’s the point I’m trying to make with my Kaycee talk. Solid strategy, but boring to watch. Christie is a player who is fun to watch and for that reason, I am starting to root for her to keep going and win it all. I’m not really a fan of her personally, but I am a fan of her game style.

Alright, with that, time for the BBJ Pet of the Day

Meet Lucy, a rescue from Kentucky! She is sent in from Lady Di. They rescued her when she was 4 years old which is amazing to see. Older dogs often sit in kennels for a long time so it’s always nice to see when one is scooped up! Beautiful pup!



Thank you to everyone for the donations this season!



11:00 am – Nick is upstairs talking to Holly and Jackson. It sounds like Jackson is not using the veto but he’s still working it

Nick mentions how Christie hinted how she thinks he threw the veto comp this week. lol

Holly says “if you stay this week, I’ll be happy” (narrator: she actually wouldn’t be happy)


12:00 pm – Feeds down for veto

12:50 pm – Feeds back

Jackson apparently got hit with a pie during the meeting

They didn’t confirm it yet but the lack of excitement tells me the veto wasn’t used

3:00 pm – Took a nap. I’m back. The house is going to have a water balloon condom fight

Hopefully that’s not the most excitement we’ll have all week

5:00 pm – Nicole is up in the HoH room talking to Holly

They are just chatting about moving forward and making sure Nick is the best to go

They know the remaining person will cling to Tommy

However, they know Jess would put up Nick over Christie so that’s a point in Nick’s favor to stay

Nicole says “it doesn’t scare you that Christie has been so adamant about coming after you and Jackson”.  Holly says it does, but she will look bad to America

They are putting the pieces together that Christie can swear her loyalty all she wants but she’s running out of targets

6:00 pm – Tommy is outside with Nick. Nick was pissed at him earlier so Tommy has to work that jury vote.

Tommy trying to boost Nick by saying this week may be a prank with no eviction

6:30 pm – Christie is upstairs chatting with Holly and Jackson

Christie says she literally doesn’t talk game with Tommy!  She says it because Jackson and Holly are starting to worry about Tommy so Christie trying to keep distance

8:25 pm – Holly and Tommy see a clown in the mirror

Wonder if it’s just to mess with people or it’s part of the next HoH


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