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Big Brother 21 – Monday Evening Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Monday evening in the Big Brother house and the week is basically over until Thursday. Despite what Analyse keeps awkwardly begging the cameras, there won’t be any twists that save her or Christie. One of them will be hanging out with Jack and Kat in the jury house by Friday. While it may seem like a sure thing that it will be Christie, this week is far from over.

Christie has already started campaigning despite saying she wasn’t going to do that. Of course, she’ll mask it as ‘campaigning for herself and not against Sis’ but whatever. Campaigning is campaigning. Not that I mind because I appreciate that and actually want her to stay (for better feeds. Sis is just too painfully boring). Her current approach is going to try to form some sort of bond with Jess, Nicole, and Cliff which will give her the four votes needed to stay (plus Tommy). That’s going to be a tough sell, but sitting next to Sis makes it much easier than if she were next to Kat or someone else like that.

Let’s be real, nobody cares about Sis in this game… well, except maybe Nick and people behind the cameras (they always have a camera on her when she’s in the room). The only reason she won’t leave this week is because of how big of a threat Christie is and nothing to do with how liked she is. Kind of sad to think about it that way, but I’d rather be not cared for and win the second place $50k than be feared or loved and sit in the jury. And yes, I think Analyse has a very solid chance at making the final 2 because of how forgotten she is.


Alright, updates. Before I begin, thank you for the donations!

3:30 pm – Analyse is talking to Nick. They just had a small argument and we now get to listen to Nick snort his snots back in because he was crying. Seriously, gross.

Their argument was that she thought he threw the HoH competition and how she can’t really trust him. They go back and forth about that topic for a bit but it’s really disgusting to listen to. Not the conversation itself, but every time Nick snorts his boogies back up it makes me want to puke a little.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house is downstairs and/or outside


4:00 pm – Christie plans on blowing up Nick’s game tomorrow night during dinner. Fun!

She plans on asking him straight out who he’s loyal to. Sis and Tommy or Cliff and Nicole. Meh. Sounds like something Nick will easily squirm out of

5:40 pm – It’s time for Christie’s turn to interrogate Nick


He explains how he didn’t throw the HoH and didn’t really make a deal with Jackson. Nick is shocked that he wasn’t nominated. He was sure he was going to be

Christie is really annoyed by how much Nick plays both sides. She is convinced that Nick threw the comp.

Christie says she really loves Nick but doesn’t respect him as a player

Nick says he told Tommy, Nicole, and Sis he has their back and anyone else who likes him is not on him


Nick tells Christie how he was going to take her down if he won OTEV but he also told Sis the same

Nick says he doesn’t like being trusted. He knows he’ll eventually have to break trust. To his credit, he is definitely great at leeching to each side. Some people are super transparent but it’s really hard to know which side he’s on and I get to watch him talk to both sides.

Oh great, here come the sounds of Nick. I get so disgusted listening to him snort loud in my headset. Seriously, my cat just puked and I am less grossed out by that than hearing Nick snort

Overnight is up


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  1. allie

    As if Sis just realised she can’t trust Nick. Come on- as soon as Jack was gone he slid right in. Can’t trust nasty Nick.

  2. hogwild

    Christie is seriously going to question Nick about who he is loyal to? Everyone in the house even Sis knows he has been and still is playing both sides outside of him or by some miracle Sis winning HOH he’s probably the next target.

  3. Mary

    CC keeps looking out to the back yard, watching NN, Cliff and Nicole together. Wonder if she sent Tommy and Sis out to spy are them.

  4. Sassy

    If CC is gonna call him out tomorrow, she better have something more than what SS talked to him about tonight. He sensed something was going on and has had the talk with Nicole SS and Beth already. He tells them all, he doesn’t care anymore and he’s tired of being questioned about his loyalties. He’s loyal to who he’s loyal too and they will see when they get out of the house. I wish he would turn around and ask TT and who are you loyal to?

  5. AIO_7

    “It’s Monday evening in the Big Brother house and the week is basically over until Thursday.”

    Not for me. This is actually three days I will enjoy watching Christie squirm.

  6. Mary

    Oh my Gosh- Nicole just said something I say all the time. ” Now were cooking with gas “.

  7. AIO_7

    All Chrustie will accomplish is push Nick over to Jackson’s side.

  8. Avatar

    Does anyone else think Julie needs to call Christy out on eviction night…for telling all of America she ‘s only played an honest game? All the while having a true relationship (outside the house) with Tommy. Kat and Holly may have known each other ‘socially’ but, Christy and Tommy knew each other familiarly. I realize game play is in effect buf, Julie needs to call Christy out for being a hypocrite.

    • hogwild

      I will be a little shocked if she does because again that will bring up the question how did production miss the connection between them when doing this seasons casting something I don’t think they want to talk about.

      • Avatar

        Well…they showed Jack in a bad light on eviction night…why not show Christy why America despised her so much to send her in the field trip? Get a clue, finally, the Universe does not have your back!

      • Avatar

        It’s already been made known several times during several aired episodes. Don’t think anyone is questioning how production missed the CC & TT outside the house relationship. A better question would be how did production miss the Holly & Kat outside the house connection?
        I’m praying CC blows up TT’s game during her eviction speech.

      • Sassy

        My2, I do too! I want to see every person for themselves!

      • hogwild

        Jacks were more based in racism harder to ignore that CBS was already catching hell for the poor way that orginally handeled things with Jack no way they could do the same with his exit interview.

    • Nancy

      I also doubt they do chompy the way they did AD ..

    • Colby

      She may ask about Tommie and Christie knowing each other, but she won’t discuss Holly and Kat because she can’t give any info to the jury.

      • Avatar

        If they don’t mention Christy and Tommy’s huge connection and only focus on Kat and Holly ‘s barely there connection…I’m done with Big Brother!

      • Colby

        In thinking abut it Julie may ask Christie about thinking Holly and Kat know each other, but she won’t confirm or deny any information about them because she can’t give any info to the jury.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Lisa, I’d be surprised if she didn’t.

      @Hog, I don’t see the big deal about the connection. Remember, they’ve had sisters that pretended they didn’t know each other. They’ve had twins that they have switched out.

      After all of that, I don’t think it matters if people know each other unless BB has a rule against. it.

      • AIO_7

        “After all of that, I don’t think it matters if people know each other unless BB has a rule against. it.”

        It doesn’t. Production know exactly who they are putting in there. It’s a social experiment. It’s up to the others to figure it out, and/or for one of the “knowers” to spill the beans, and how the chips fall from that.

      • hogwild

        Don’t remember the sisters that pretend not to know each other that was before I started watching if I remember the twin twist right at some point production told the rest of the house about that and who they were.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I can’t remember their names but it wasn’t that long ago. I think they had blonde hair. And I think one of them won. They didn’t seem to like each other very much and no one knew they were sisters until Finale night.

      • Avatar

        The sisters that knew each other were Morgan and Alex from Ott I believe! One of them won didn’t she?

  9. Leta

    “CC to Jess — says if Cliff wins next week she thinks it will be TT/SS OTB. She thinks she can stop this from happening. She wants to make a set in stone alliance with Jess/Cliff/Nicole/TT.”

    Holy shit. I mighta manifested something in that earlier thread. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. LOL

  10. AIO_7

    Holly whipped up some fixins …


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  12. Mary

    No disrespect to Jess, though if I was that busty, I’d cover up a little more. She’s already flashed us a nipple, now waiting for her to fall out of that swim suit top. Just saying……

  13. mustangsally

    Chomps blew it, she should of called NN out before veto meeting. Last night was horrible, BB started a bit late, got to see JJ win HOH, this storm blows in and satellite service goes down, like 3xs, then power out 2xs, finally TV comes back and I got to see JJ close the veto box, show over, storm moves on. Thanks for awesome updates!

  14. Helen

    These people crack me up…45 minutes ago they were sitting out by the pool saying they had no appetite…those same people are now sitting around shoveling food in their mouths like they haven’t eaten in a week!!

    • Sassy

      And over doing the compliments! I get the food is good, but it’s not necessary to announce it with every chew of the food. And Holly’s lil ole me responses are annoying.

      • Helen

        Holly is annoying…her nasal twang and I’m better than you vibe is more than enough to make me annoyed…add TT high kicking his w ay to finale telling everyone “you’re perfect” “I get it” and I’m obsessed “…Jessica with her nailson chalkboard whine….Nick and his Super predator vibe humping his way to the end…we have quite the crew left….why did David have to leave!!!!!

      • Nancy

        She herself, is becoming annoying to me

      • LO1004

        LMAO Helen! ‘You’re perfect’ about this entire post!

  15. ShoeLover


    This one is from my own manifest shitz!!!

    Because it’s a just because…..

    ShoeLover style

  16. TeeJ

    Julie, should she meet CC Thursday night:

    CC: Hi Julie.
    Julie: Hello. Go ahead put your bag down and a seat.
    CC: Wha waa waoa, wah wha waa.
    Julie: Before we talk about the vote, I have to say I am happy that “I” am not your sister.

  17. TeeJ

    CC and NN in the camper. Brutal. So much double talk and backpedaling and …sigh.

  18. AIO_7

    Chrustie and Nick hashing it out: Nick giving as good as he is getting …


    • TeeJ

      Nick: “I hate where I am. It sucks that I am in such a good position.”

      Hoping Christy and Sis keep going after Nick. Every lie and evasion will make him less and less comfortable throwing him more off his game.

      Really wish BB would add house guests having to watch the season together. A house guest party(?).

  19. hogwild

    Nick is floater but I don’t think he threw the HOH comp Jacksons is just in better shape than he is.

  20. AIO_7

    Nick just said he now knows that Kat was a “mole”; … (and she was)


    • AIO_7

      So much for blowing up Nick’s game tomorrow; they just hugged it out.

      • Colby

        Since he claims to be so transparent and honest with everybody, I would feel free to talk about all of it in front of the others.
        And if he had a problem with that I would ask him why since he said everybody knows everything.

  21. mm22

    For two bullshitters going head to head that convo was just stupid-

  22. AIO_7

    I like Nick more than I do anyone else in this room …


  23. Sassy

    I don’t think CC will have her blow up tomorrow. She talked to NN, not that she believed him, but SS/TT do and they don’t want her to cause waves for them next week. Tired of CC/NN convo.

    Nicole/Cliff talking about Jess. They think she’s unraveling. They are talking about CC saying she’s not campaigning and now she’s changed her mind. Cliff says she has a lot of information and can blow up people’s games. Cliff tells Nicole to stay out of it and don’t become a target.

    Nicole heard a lot of CC/NN convo. I saw her eavesdropping but didn’t realize she was there so long. Nicole respects NN game because it’s just like theirs. Nicole thinks CC is just upset because she’s going home (she’s right). Nicole says they are all just surviving.

  24. AIO_7

    Sis knows she has to play nice with these three …


  25. Colby

    Poor Nicole.
    She had clean sheets and always makes her bed up nice every day. And now Nick and Tommie are all up in her bed and it is a mess,
    I’d be pissed if I were her.

  26. AIO_7

    Nicole joins Nick and TT in the Trailer …


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  28. Mary

    Hint for the day- Someone needs to tell these house guests if they are using dryer sheets they need to wash the dryer filter after so many uses. The film on the dryer sheets clogs the filter and it takes forever to dry the clothes. Take out the lint filter and run water through it, a lot of it will float or stay on top. When you use a soft bristle brush and gently wash it with just water and let it dry, the clothes will dry more sufficiently. A friend told me that I said BS, so we took out my filter and she was right.

  29. Painter1

    Every time Nick gets close to Nicole I wish she would just start saying STRANGER DANGER , STRANGER DANGER, and walk away.

  30. MartyMar

    SB / NK / Mel: So appreciate your updates. Had been watching live feeds, and watching Jess pretend she is thinking of something (when really, she has zero to contribute) is more painful than the root canal and OB/GYN exam (I know, TMI) I recently endured! Cliff is trying to get an edge in to ‘test waters’ on game talk with Jess, and it’s not that Jess isn’t biting, it’s that Jess doesn’t even realize there’s a game to talk about. That girl makes the feeds boring as heck… So, Thank you! Really (I know, donations say it best… will get there…)

    In the camper with snotty NN and CC, at least they are giving us some glimpse into their game tactics. But NN admitting he’s good with everyone, not sure how that doesn’t set off alarms for TT (CC gets it). Why would you want to bring along someone that’s good with everyone (Jess doesn’t count, since she doesn’t realize there’s a game going on).

    I’m channeling SS when I pray to the BB gods to add a Double-DE so that we can get Jess/NN/TT/SS out in one shot! I really just want this season to fast-forward to the F4 without the perv-snot and wasted air (Jess/SS). #D2E #DDE if only…

    • AIO_7

      ….”root canal and OB/GYN exam”….

      Being a guy I can’t speak to an OB/GYN exam, but the one root canal that I’ve had was a relief compared to the abscessed tooth pain.

    • Sassy

      TT knows NN is playing both sides but he feels vulnerable so he has to trust NN. He’s really confused on how he went from being in a massive alliance with ALL the strong people to being alone with SS. He also thinks the “other” side is going to target NN. He’s not high on their list either.

  31. Mary

    Hope there isn’t a battle back, I don’t want to see any of them back in the house again.

  32. SoftKitty

    Question for my BBJs, are the evicted HGs allowed to talk game once they’re in jury? For example, if CC decided to sabotage TT, could she tell the other jurors that she and Tommy know each other?

    • AIO_7

      I should think they are free to talk all they want in there.

    • Nancy

      I think they can..cause they always have a segment of the person who was last evicted, watch it back on a tv with the ppl already in jury..plus wouldnt they need to discuss it to make informed decisions..did that mk sense, I dont explain myself very well in text..not sure how telling she knew TT would hurt his game..I would think telling it on the way out would blow it up..straighten me out, cause I’m probably wrong..

      • Colby

        It might influence jury votes negatively as an unfair advantage, the lies and deception, etc.
        Then again they may give him extra credit for having to maintain her for so long. LOL

      • Mary

        @Colby, he deserves more than extra credit, maybe a medal. Just my opinion. LOL

  33. LO1004

    Yes, they can tell all but Christie won’t do that to Tommy bc if she’s not winning, she definitely wants him winning. That’ll be something that’ll come out after the vote is locked. (unless they’re both in jury)

  34. Kari

    Anniversary congratulations for today! Ours is tomorrow, the 20th, 31 years. Absolutely crazy how fast the years fly. God knows the man deserves a Purple Heart for putting up with me for this long, lol.

    as much as I appreciate all of the updates once again I don’t understand how you will do it. I just cannot get into this season. As far as Sis’sintelligence, I firmly believe she has some sort of a developmental disability. She sounds like she is really embarrassed by what was written about. My husband is also somewhat slow and when he realizes he can’t figure out the most simple things sometimes it’s incredibly humiliating to him.

    I think I’m going to open up a small can of worms but I would like us all to take a small step back and realize that sometimes these things are out of people’s control and maybe we’ve really shouldn’t tease them about things like that? I had some learning difficulties as well, and it really is difficult when people laugh at you for something that comes so simple to everybody else.

    But speaking of mind-numbing entertainment heading back to Bachelor in Paradise. TTYL.

    • Kari

      *edit. “I feel she was embarrassed because of what I read that was written above”

    • Alda

      Thanks Kari for the Anniversary wishes.

    • ShoeLover

      Happy Anniversary, Kari!!!!!

      As for this season, I think I am enjoying BBJ more than the show itself!!! Plus, gaining you as a friend makes it worth it to me!!!! I love my BBJ family!!! I may not comment as much as others, but… I’d like to think I was or am part of the OG BBJ’s from way back when…

      Not sure if I can hang for the entire evening!! Early morning doc appointment. Neurologist specialist tomorrow. A little worried but hey.. I gots this shit!!

      I love all yall!!! Not ever thought of yall as strangers.. FAMILY!!!

      MY BBJ FAMILY!!!

      • Colby

        We are all here pulling for you Shoes. You do have this!
        You are an important part of the BBJ Family.

      • Patricia

        Shoelover. As i was reading ur post. Im behind n trying to catch up on comments. I have just got back home from my neurosurgeon apt. I pray urs went better than mine did. I so agree with everyone bout the casting this year has been the worse. N i have watched since the very first bb. These peeps r complete idiots. They get on my nerves with all there oh i love u. Im obsessed with u. Grow up lol. N stfu Lol. Hope you have a great day.

  35. Mary

    Why the fish? Did Christie finally blow a gasket?

  36. danmtruth

    What happened why fish this long Did someone snap ?

  37. Alda

    What’s happening??? Did Christie push someone in the pool?Or did Nick do something to Jess?

  38. Avatar

    Plus, she doesn’t have a sister – to swear on her sister’s life!

  39. Colby

    Almost time for BBAD. I guess we will see if it comes back up for that.

  40. danmtruth

    New thread switch over

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