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Big Brother 21 – Monday Evening Feed Updates

August 19, 2019 | 145 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Monday evening in the Big Brother house and the week is basically over until Thursday. Despite what Analyse keeps awkwardly begging the cameras, there won’t be any twists that save her or Christie. One of them will be hanging out with Jack and Kat in the jury house by Friday. While it may seem like a sure thing that it will be Christie, this week is far from over.

Christie has already started campaigning despite saying she wasn’t going to do that. Of course, she’ll mask it as ‘campaigning for herself and not against Sis’ but whatever. Campaigning is campaigning. Not that I mind because I appreciate that and actually want her to stay (for better feeds. Sis is just too painfully boring). Her current approach is going to try to form some sort of bond with Jess, Nicole, and Cliff which will give her the four votes needed to stay (plus Tommy). That’s going to be a tough sell, but sitting next to Sis makes it much easier than if she were next to Kat or someone else like that.

Let’s be real, nobody cares about Sis in this game… well, except maybe Nick and people behind the cameras (they always have a camera on her when she’s in the room). The only reason she won’t leave this week is because of how big of a threat Christie is and nothing to do with how liked she is. Kind of sad to think about it that way, but I’d rather be not cared for and win the second place $50k than be feared or loved and sit in the jury. And yes, I think Analyse has a very solid chance at making the final 2 because of how forgotten she is.

Alright, updates. Before I begin, thank you for the donations!

3:30 pm – Analyse is talking to Nick. They just had a small argument and we now get to listen to Nick snort his snots back in because he was crying. Seriously, gross.

Their argument was that she thought he threw the HoH competition and how she can’t really trust him. They go back and forth about that topic for a bit but it’s really disgusting to listen to. Not the conversation itself, but every time Nick snorts his boogies back up it makes me want to puke a little.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house is downstairs and/or outside

4:00 pm – Christie plans on blowing up Nick’s game tomorrow night during dinner. Fun!

She plans on asking him straight out who he’s loyal to. Sis and Tommy or Cliff and Nicole. Meh. Sounds like something Nick will easily squirm out of

5:40 pm – It’s time for Christie’s turn to interrogate Nick

He explains how he didn’t throw the HoH and didn’t really make a deal with Jackson. Nick is shocked that he wasn’t nominated. He was sure he was going to be

Christie is really annoyed by how much Nick plays both sides. She is convinced that Nick threw the comp.

Christie says she really loves Nick but doesn’t respect him as a player

Nick says he told Tommy, Nicole, and Sis he has their back and anyone else who likes him is not on him

Nick tells Christie how he was going to take her down if he won OTEV but he also told Sis the same

Nick says he doesn’t like being trusted. He knows he’ll eventually have to break trust. To his credit, he is definitely great at leeching to each side. Some people are super transparent but it’s really hard to know which side he’s on and I get to watch him talk to both sides.

Oh great, here come the sounds of Nick. I get so disgusted listening to him snort loud in my headset. Seriously, my cat just puked and I am less grossed out by that than hearing Nick snort

Overnight is up

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