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Big Brother 21 – Monday Evening Updates

August 5, 2019 | 151 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Yes, the picture above is Nick not wasting any time to comfort Sis on Jack leaving. Jesus, dude is a snake. He can at least wait until Jack is in jury before he tries to get his girl. Let’s not forget about the girl he ‘loves’ watching these feeds from home. I’m sure she loves watching him act like a teenager any time Sis enters the room or gush how perfect she is. Nicole (other Nicole) was called a snake, but Nick is basically the definition of one. He’s the friend who watches over your gf at a party then tries to hit on her the second you’re sleeping. He’s this guy:

Alright, enough about scumbag Nick.

The house is still on indoor lockdown which may not be a good sign for Jackson. This could mean they’re setting something up out back that he has to participate in for 24h. Let’s hope for our sake that it’s more of the soccer ball challenge than Ian’s dog punishment. Would be fun to watch him kick soccer balls for the next day.  (for those asking, Jack I believe had the guy come in and yell at him but I can’t confirm because I was at work yesterday.. grrr)

Other than that, there is a ton of campaigning today which is good to see. I really hate when people just accept defeat and leave the house. I don’t care if I like or hate the person, I still want to see them try to stay. Nothing is more disappointing than watching another Audrey unfold.

Audrey Big Brother

Let’s just get to updates…

Oh, and join the feeds!

4:30 pm – Jack finally got his alone time with Jess to campaign

Unlike Tommy, Jack is basically explaining that they couldn’t keep Kat because it was rumored that she knew Jackson and Holly outside of the house. Regardless of how you feel about Jack or that side of the house, it’s a very valid reason to want to evict Kat after hearing that. Anyone who actually holds that against the side doesn’t really understand the game.

Jess explaining how she ‘had’ to put up Jack and Jackson otherwise so many people would be angry and also upset she hasn’t been in an alliance.  She is also explaining how she’s basically been a floater whereas Jack had an alliance so he’s dangerous.

It’s like really hard to like listen to Jessica like talk and stuff. I mean I like like her and stuff but like she just like uses the word like a lot

4:45 pm – Holly and Kat are up in the HoH room

Kat says she is done with Tommy. He is lying through his teeth. She points out how paranoid he is about going after Kat. You’d think they’d sit back and wonder why he’s so paranoid about the whole personal connection thing. They do say Tommy is one of the most dangerous people in the house and they call him a snake.

Holly talks about how Tommy comforted her during the fight and was in tears. Kat is like “girl, was he in tears or was it fake” and points out how he is on Broadway

They say how Christie and Tommy need to go asap

Kat says you guys are probably the worst alliance in BB history with how badly they turned on each other lol. Holly agrees and says she had bad vibes from Christie from day 1

5:15 pm – Cliff joins Kat and Holly and jokes about Jack having his apology tour this week

Holly is still super paranoid because she doesn’t want to be caught playing both sides.  Her alliance basically broke up and she’s still paranoid about them

Nick comes up and the conversation turns casual. Downstairs, everyone else hanging out in the kitchen

6:00 pm – Feeds have been down for about 5 mins. Hopefully, it’s Jackson’s punishment reveal time

6:25 pm – Jackson back and he’s in a lab coat talking about slime

He can only take off that coat when showering so he’s either going to have to wear a slime coat or keep showering lol

7:00 pm – Feeds down again. Likely for slime. This is ridiculous that we don’t get to see it

This house is slow but breaking up this thread. New one here

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