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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

July 15, 2019 | 254 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend.

It’s Monday in the Big Brother house which means it’s the veto meeting and pretty much the end of the game week until Thursday night.

Not a ton to report in this blurb other than what we expect which is Kat to save Jess with the veto and for Nicole to replace her. Moving forward, it’s hard to say who is actually leaving yet because the house appears to be divided on that. Christie is still terrified of scary Cliff while Nick and Bella want Nicole gone. I do think Christie has more power in the house and they’ll eventually end up doing what she wants, but she could end up wanting Nicole gone.  We’ll find out as the week progresses.  Personally, they’d be stupid to vote out Cliff over Nicole but that’s my personal opinion. Not that I want Nicole gone, but Cliff is such a non-threat that he works in a positive for them as he fills up a slot in veto comps that will likely lose. Nicole can win an endurance comp and she can win a mental comp. She can even win a crapshoot luck comp. Her odds of winning comps are incredibly low, but they’re still much higher than Cliff.

Let’s jump into updates…

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  • 10:10 am – Jackson heads into the bedroom to wake up Kat
    • Despite Jessica laying right next to her, he decides to start telling her how it’s all an act and how much he really cares for Kat. He distanced himself publicly for a game move.
    • Jessica gets up rather than pull a Christie and listen in, but she’s the same person who chooses people against her to play for veto
    • Jackson said he needed a few days to calm down because there are few things that bug him but one of them is hearing his reputation that he built his entire life to build is in danger
    • He continues to compliment her and says she’s a great girl and she says ‘I think so, too’. He laughs
    • He still wants to work with Kat
  • 10:45 am – Feeds were switched to Sam and Bella walking around the pool and now people are eating and working out.
  • 11:30 am – Kat is tanning with the veto necklace. Part of me thinks that’s cheesy, the other part thinks it’s hilarious and I hope it triggers people in the house
  • 12:15 pm – Christie talks to Kemi for a little bit then decides to go into the bedroom to talk to Kat
    • Christie begins to fake cry and says “I’m going up”. This is because she heard Nick say something about carving a red flame and putting it on fire
    • She keeps freaking out “They’re putting me up! They’re putting me up!”
    • Kat tries to calm her down and says even if she goes up she’s safe
    • Sis comes in and Christie continues the act to her.
    • Kat says if Christie is going up she won’t use it
    • This appears to be an effort to make Cliff going so much easier because Nicole on the block makes a divide. Wow. Power play. Rather than divide the house, she’s cutting it off before it happens by trying to leave noms the same. Pretty smart.
    • They get Jess in the room so Christie can continue her act
    • Jess tries to tell her that even if it happens, she has the numbers to stay.  Christie says this is a big plan to blindside
    • This would be sad to watch if this were real but it’s an act so it’s more brilliant.
    • Christie says the boys are all working together and if the girls react it’s going to give them more reason to vote her out lol I’m actually impressed by this
    • Jackson is now in the room trying to calm down Christie.
    • Everyone keeps pointing out how she has the numbers regardless so she is focusing on how Nick will get the satisfaction of blindsiding her.
    • Note – I am not 100% sure this was an act but it seems like it. Christie is called to the DR where she is likely going to laugh about it. I hope so because I’d rather her be a great BB player than crazy
  • 1:00 pm – Okay, this is getting weird. Maybe Christie really is just super paranoid
    • She spoke to Tommy about it and didn’t say it was an act. Tommy decides to go and talk to Bella because that’s always a smart move.
    • During the conversation, Tommy almost slipped and said ‘six’ rather than gr8ful
    • Christie goes to talk to Nick privately and explain her situation and why she’s paranoid. I guess she really is just a bit crazy and this wasn’t some brilliant move. Sad
    • What a weird situation.
    • Feeds down for nomination ceremony. Would have been great for Kat to surprise Nick by not using it
  • 3:10 pm – I passed out during pov meeting.
    • I’m back. Veto used, Jess saved, Nicole on the block
    • Meanwhile, Christie told Nick and Bella that she has a power because she’s apparently crazy and was really just freaking out today.
  • 4:30 pm – Tommy and Sis are having a one-on-one
    • Tommy is working his jury votes by pumping up Sis. If Christie was acting today (she wasn’t), that would have been a super formidable pair with Tommy’s social game. Now I think she’s just a bit crazy and may scare people into nominating her soon
    • I also can’t believe Christie told them about her power. Stupid. Christie went from an absolutely brilliant game player to a complete moron in my eyes in a matter of hours. What a rollercoaster
  • 5:00 pm – Kat said she worked for a marketing agency that worked with HBO. I’ve never seen the show, but they removed a character from the show Insecure purposely with the intent to start a viral marketing campaign to bring the character back. Even online campaigns are staged now. I remember my first one to bring Jericho show back where everyone sent peanuts to the network.
    • Christie has been running around telling everyone about her power today. She keeps a secret as good as Bella
    • Nick tells Bella later on that Christie is ‘literally the best’. Ok
  • 5:45 pm – Christie in the bedroom talking to Holly and Sis. They all say that they’ll cut the guys if the situation comes up where it’s them or the three girls
    • Big news –  Kat started her period on one of the mattresses
  • Nicole tried to campaign to Jess for the vote. Jessica was very vague with her commitment. She basically said she’s doing what the house wants
  • Holly and Kat were having a deep conversation.
    • Kat is upset because she screwed Jackson but she has a bf at home who has strung her along I guess.
    • Holly is upset because she screwed Jackson but she has an ex she is still in love with (I think she screwed Jackson)
  • Meanwhile, Kemi and Nicole are chatting
    • Kemi says she flirts with David a little because Kat annoys her. She says mocking Kat “please go to the DR upstairs and get your sex ed tutorial” then immediately backtracks and says that was bad, that was mean.
    • That is what I like about Kemi. Just like the slice the throat comment. She says stuff like that but immediately realizes it goes too far and tries to backtrack. This compared to the other people in the house who are just nasty and don’t care.

Check back for updates

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