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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend.


It’s Monday in the Big Brother house which means it’s the veto meeting and pretty much the end of the game week until Thursday night.

Not a ton to report in this blurb other than what we expect which is Kat to save Jess with the veto and for Nicole to replace her. Moving forward, it’s hard to say who is actually leaving yet because the house appears to be divided on that. Christie is still terrified of scary Cliff while Nick and Bella want Nicole gone. I do think Christie has more power in the house and they’ll eventually end up doing what she wants, but she could end up wanting Nicole gone.  We’ll find out as the week progresses.  Personally, they’d be stupid to vote out Cliff over Nicole but that’s my personal opinion. Not that I want Nicole gone, but Cliff is such a non-threat that he works in a positive for them as he fills up a slot in veto comps that will likely lose. Nicole can win an endurance comp and she can win a mental comp. She can even win a crapshoot luck comp. Her odds of winning comps are incredibly low, but they’re still much higher than Cliff.

Let’s jump into updates…


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  • 10:10 am – Jackson heads into the bedroom to wake up Kat
    • Despite Jessica laying right next to her, he decides to start telling her how it’s all an act and how much he really cares for Kat. He distanced himself publicly for a game move.
    • Jessica gets up rather than pull a Christie and listen in, but she’s the same person who chooses people against her to play for veto
    • Jackson said he needed a few days to calm down because there are few things that bug him but one of them is hearing his reputation that he built his entire life to build is in danger
    • He continues to compliment her and says she’s a great girl and she says ‘I think so, too’. He laughs
    • He still wants to work with Kat
  • 10:45 am – Feeds were switched to Sam and Bella walking around the pool and now people are eating and working out.
  • 11:30 am – Kat is tanning with the veto necklace. Part of me thinks that’s cheesy, the other part thinks it’s hilarious and I hope it triggers people in the house
  • 12:15 pm – Christie talks to Kemi for a little bit then decides to go into the bedroom to talk to Kat
    • Christie begins to fake cry and says “I’m going up”. This is because she heard Nick say something about carving a red flame and putting it on fire
    • She keeps freaking out “They’re putting me up! They’re putting me up!”
    • Kat tries to calm her down and says even if she goes up she’s safe
    • Sis comes in and Christie continues the act to her.
    • Kat says if Christie is going up she won’t use it
    • This appears to be an effort to make Cliff going so much easier because Nicole on the block makes a divide. Wow. Power play. Rather than divide the house, she’s cutting it off before it happens by trying to leave noms the same. Pretty smart.
    • They get Jess in the room so Christie can continue her act
    • Jess tries to tell her that even if it happens, she has the numbers to stay.  Christie says this is a big plan to blindside
    • This would be sad to watch if this were real but it’s an act so it’s more brilliant.
    • Christie says the boys are all working together and if the girls react it’s going to give them more reason to vote her out lol I’m actually impressed by this
    • Jackson is now in the room trying to calm down Christie.
    • Everyone keeps pointing out how she has the numbers regardless so she is focusing on how Nick will get the satisfaction of blindsiding her.
    • Note – I am not 100% sure this was an act but it seems like it. Christie is called to the DR where she is likely going to laugh about it. I hope so because I’d rather her be a great BB player than crazy
  • 1:00 pm – Okay, this is getting weird. Maybe Christie really is just super paranoid
    • She spoke to Tommy about it and didn’t say it was an act. Tommy decides to go and talk to Bella because that’s always a smart move.
    • During the conversation, Tommy almost slipped and said ‘six’ rather than gr8ful
    • Christie goes to talk to Nick privately and explain her situation and why she’s paranoid. I guess she really is just a bit crazy and this wasn’t some brilliant move. Sad
    • What a weird situation.
    • Feeds down for nomination ceremony. Would have been great for Kat to surprise Nick by not using it
  • 3:10 pm – I passed out during pov meeting.
    • I’m back. Veto used, Jess saved, Nicole on the block
    • Meanwhile, Christie told Nick and Bella that she has a power because she’s apparently crazy and was really just freaking out today.
  • 4:30 pm – Tommy and Sis are having a one-on-one
    • Tommy is working his jury votes by pumping up Sis. If Christie was acting today (she wasn’t), that would have been a super formidable pair with Tommy’s social game. Now I think she’s just a bit crazy and may scare people into nominating her soon
    • I also can’t believe Christie told them about her power. Stupid. Christie went from an absolutely brilliant game player to a complete moron in my eyes in a matter of hours. What a rollercoaster
  • 5:00 pm – Kat said she worked for a marketing agency that worked with HBO. I’ve never seen the show, but they removed a character from the show Insecure purposely with the intent to start a viral marketing campaign to bring the character back. Even online campaigns are staged now. I remember my first one to bring Jericho show back where everyone sent peanuts to the network.
    • Christie has been running around telling everyone about her power today. She keeps a secret as good as Bella
    • Nick tells Bella later on that Christie is ‘literally the best’. Ok
  • 5:45 pm – Christie in the bedroom talking to Holly and Sis. They all say that they’ll cut the guys if the situation comes up where it’s them or the three girls
    • Big news –  Kat started her period on one of the mattresses
  • Nicole tried to campaign to Jess for the vote. Jessica was very vague with her commitment. She basically said she’s doing what the house wants
  • Holly and Kat were having a deep conversation.
    • Kat is upset because she screwed Jackson but she has a bf at home who has strung her along I guess.
    • Holly is upset because she screwed Jackson but she has an ex she is still in love with (I think she screwed Jackson)
  • Meanwhile, Kemi and Nicole are chatting
    • Kemi says she flirts with David a little because Kat annoys her. She says mocking Kat “please go to the DR upstairs and get your sex ed tutorial” then immediately backtracks and says that was bad, that was mean.
    • That is what I like about Kemi. Just like the slice the throat comment. She says stuff like that but immediately realizes it goes too far and tries to backtrack. This compared to the other people in the house who are just nasty and don’t care.

Check back for updates


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  1. LO1004

    I thought their rationale on wanting to get rid of Cliff was that he is on team Bella/Nick whereas that bridge is burned with Nicole and they can pull her to their side. I think it makes sense for them to get rid of Cliff. Especially since he made it clear he wants to break up the duos.

  2. Kari

    “Terrified of scary Cliff”


  3. ElaineB

    Awww poor Michie-ass worried about his ‘reputation being in danger’. If he only knew….lol.

  4. LynnD

    I just read on twitter that several of the HG are paranoid that they are going up (possibly not Nicole). Anybody with feeds that can elaborate? PLEASE?

  5. danmtruth

    Ovi tells Nick all about his power out in the kitchen for all to hear WHAT WHY No one can keep there mouth shut Ovi thinks telling people will want to work with him No they just want to get rid of you so you and your power does not screw up there game

  6. danmtruth

    I tried to like Kemi i really did I liked her speach on eviction night But she is just too self absorbed She walks around so self entitled Has the cast been meen to her yes Has she done nothing to try to fit in no Now the problem is she has latch on to Nice and is giving her bad advise Not to better either of theres place in the game Just so she can feel superior to others She keeps reminding Nicole how EVERYONE hates her and she does not care Than Kemi ask Sam if Nick has any famous amos cookies left To go up their a d get her some cookies Sam reminds her he does not eat chocolate Kemi says so cant you do me that favor See they all hate me

  7. Barracuda

    I’m loving Kat wearing the veto necklace ALL THE TIME. In the shower, tanning, sleeping with it. Hilarious. It’s probably what I would do also . I’ll be sad to see it gone when she takes Jess off. I wonder if Jess will wear it all the time also.

    • LynnD

      Kat will probably tell her to give it back until she is sure her tan marks are dark enough.

      • Barracuda

        Loool. I hope she wins it’s everytime she plays from now on and wears it all the time. Who has the most wins in a season? Was it Janelle or Racheal? 5 or 6? I can’t remember. I hope Kat can beat that record. And the veto tan marks she would have last until December when she is still in the house (or whatever she said about staying in the house).

        Kat is becoming one player I am enjoying watching. I hope her and Sam get working together and win all the vetos. (But Sam really needs to tone down the diary room yelling. It’s too much.)

      • ElaineB

        Sam has a good sense of humor in his DR sessions, if they weren’t so loud.

    • ShoeLover

      Barracuda, I agree wholeheartedly!!!! I love it!!! Its hilarious, cute and a weirded innocent type of way!!!!! And yep!! I would do the exact same thing!! If I was the winner of the VETO I would proudly flaunt it whenever and howevet!!!! I know some people think of her as a batty, dingy blonde, but I am actually not laughing at her I am laughing with her!!! I don’t know, I am blonde and have those “Chrissy Snow” moments!!! Oh well better to go through life goofy than pissed all the time!!

      • Barracuda

        Agreed! She seems to be having fun now ( not the week she was on the block). She seems to be a kooky and fun person. Expect them unexpected from her as Beth said on one of the episodes

      • Jennifer

        I love her “flirtation” with Brett. It’s cute, fun and funny. I hope she gets to meet him after the show.

      • Barracuda

        I hope BB gets him to host some competition. Kat would probably faint from excitement! Or make her determined to win so he can put the HOH key or veto around her neck.

  8. danmtruth

    Not sure if Christi is running a con on Kat She is freaking saying Nick is going to put me up She got kat Sis, and jess together and freaking out But the girls are counting votes Why are they complicating things

  9. Helen

    Crazy Christie be trippin!!!!

  10. Helen

    Kat…we won’t vote you out!
    Duh Kat. You have POV…he can’t put anyone else OTB if you don’t use it!!!!

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  12. LynnD

    @ Mel…..I was thinking about changing my avatar. Do we still need our helmets? But then again I think the look on my face pretty much sums up this season.

    • Holan

      Ok. I never read why you guys have helmets. I’ve always enjoyed @mel having a cat in a helmet… because it makes me smile. AND I’m not even a cat person. Please! What’s with the helmets?

      Disclaimer: I cannot be a cat person, my doctor insists that I’m not allowed me to take obscene amounts of Allegra to stop the reaction.

      • danmtruth

        Started as a joke helmet of protection from being hit with all the dumb stuff the HG think up

      • NKogNeeTow

        What Dan said. When Mel changed her avatar a few years ago, one day she said something about needing protection from all the dumb stuff they said. In one of my comments, I referred to it as her “little helmet of protection” because it looked like a helmet. From then on she became our Reporter, wearing her little helmet of protection. Helen became our Head of the Department of Speculation, and Dan, her Assistant. Elaine is Supervisor of the Suck It Up Buttercup Division. And Gerardo is the Director of the #STFU Bureau. Mel’s Movement swelled into an Army of Helmet Heads in solidarity.

        I’m not a cat person either, highly allergic. But I’m with you, I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen too (Mel’s avatar) and every time I see it, it also always makes me smile. Hey, what can I say? We may not have much sense here but we sure have fun. 🙂

  13. hogwild

    I wonder how long it will take Jackson to figure out the reputation he’s so worried about being destroyed is because of his own jackass behavior?

  14. Colby

    Christie is Vanessa 2.0.

  15. AIO_7

    Nick is telling Forehead Sis that Kat WILL use the Veto, he will put up Nicole, and Nicole will go ‘home’.


  16. AIO_7

    Nick convincing Crazy Eyes that she really is safe. That she has totally misunderstood his intentions …


  17. AIO_7

    Crazy Eyes tells Nick … “On my sister I would never nominate (or said she would nominate) you or Bella.”

    That’s a lie, yet she swore on her sister.


  18. LO1004

    Omg why is Christie swearing on her sisters life? Nicole was just burned at the stake for this. She needs to check herself and get it together.

  19. JadedMage

    I knew that Christie was a Jersey girl, you can see that cray cray from a mile away LMAO

  20. Katheryn

    Christie is just too Damn Dramatic. She is doing the MOST!!!

  21. AIO_7

    Ratbella picking at her nose ring last night …


  22. Vikki T

    Sounds like PSM saved and Nichole OTB.

  23. Ava

    Watching Christie eat grosses me out. She has this huge mouth and shoves it with food while open mouth chewing, I can’t with this chick!
    Anyone know who in Tommy’s family she dated? She said older woman so I am thinking an Aunt?

  24. hogwild

    Christie keeps acting this crazy and paranoid she is going to create a self fulfilling prophecy,

  25. Pink13

    I wonder who David would be with now if he had not been banished? I think he has more of a plan than he is putting on at the moment.

  26. Vikki T

    Kemi is coaching Nichole on her eviction speech. I really hope someone tells her the plan prior or we will see vote changes.

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  28. Helen

    So now Christie has told nick and Bella she won the panic power…and what it is..
    This girl has such a big mouth. She just can’t STFU…such a liability in this game

  29. Helen

    Christie still reeling from her paranoia just told Nick/Bella in HOHR that she has the power and she is telling them bc of how she freaked out. She tells them its Diamnod POV and she will take nom out & replace the nom instead of HOH (note: instruction says
    Veto holder will rename the nom.

    So….Isn’t she the holder of the Diamond power of veto…
    People are saying she’s saying it wrong but I don’t think she is

    • Helen

      Or is she?

      If say tommy and jack are OTB and Christie uses Diamond power on tommy ..is tommy the actual veto holder and would name the replacement?

      • Pink13

        So it only gives Christie that power if she has the veto to begin with.
        The power goes to whom ever holds the veto!
        Or who!?!

    • Vikki T

      Google says, “This power, when activated, allows the veto holder to turn the veto into the Diamond Power of Veto, which lets that person take down one nominee and make their own replacement nominee. So it sounds like it’s not like a spare veto like in the past. Christie has to actually win a veto herself to turn it into one or she can turn someone else’s veto into one, which doesn’t let her make the new nominee. She explained it as when she activates it it turns a regular veto into a DPOV.”

      • Helen

        So…if say tommy won veto she could activate and change Tommy’s veto in DPOV and tommy would name the replacement?

      • Sassy

        Hmmm… That is not like I thought it was. She can NOT lie about the power. She doesn’t have to tell anyone about it, but if she does, it has to be the truth. So her DPOV is not as powerful as I thought it was. Both her and AD have crap powers! Hahahahaha!!

      • LynnD

        I’m pretty sure (but dont put me otb if I’m wrong) but she can override the veto, veto a nom & put her nom up.

      • Colby

        When she has been telling people about it she has said that she names the replacement.

      • LynnD

        She does. She vetos one nom and replaces it with whoever she wants to she is the one who is able to do that not whoever she takes off the block and she does not have to win the POV to use it she already has it

      • Sassy

        Lynn – I believe she takes a person Off the block, but whoever holds the Veto makes the decision on the replacement. So if she didn’t win Veto, she’s giving 1/2 the power to someone else.

  30. Helen

    She also told nick and Bella about jacks power

  31. Kari

    I really hate seeing Nicole’s name up there…

  32. Pink13

    This should be reason to nominate Jack and Christie.
    Jack can only change players in the veto and Christie could only use power for veto holder to change 1 nomination. One of them would go and both Powers would be gone!
    Come on David! We need some smarts!

  33. Mello_One

    Yesterday @Jokersupdate, Kat & Jackson got into a heated argument, & Kat broke down crying. Then after that told a couple of HG that Jackson blew up at her for nothing…At that time Jackson revealed that he had been arrested for Domestic Violence. Then Feeds immediately moved to another camera?!

  34. Mello_One

    Awww…our Sweet Nerdy Girl has been nominated as the replacement nom?! I am so hoping that Nicole isn’t voted out?!Our only hope for this Season of BB, is David, Nicole, & maybe Sam. My wish is that BB would allow all of the Campers come back!

  35. caRyn

    It would surprise me if Nicole stayed this week. Depends on Christie’s mood, or Christie’s angel number 16, or what the universe tells Christie. There is no BB game. The season revolves around hg listening to Christie, aka Kaitlyn, from last season. A bird on a fence has more of an influence than these hg with which direction Christie decides to lead them. Christie’s IQ is higher than Kaitlin, and Christie is manipulative, and Christie isn’t trying to have sex with anyone, but she is more and more playing an “Kaitlyn” game. Initially I thought Christie was playing similar to Vanessa but not after today with Christie revealing her power and Jack’s.

  36. Helen

    Crazy Christie spinning lies about her “ talk” with nick and bella

    • Alda

      I have been watching CrayCray in action on BBAD.She is very hyper.Watch how she fools with her hair.She doesn’t stop for a minute.One hand touching her hair,then the other.It’s nerve wracking.then those crazy eyes start going.Then today’s actions,and talk with Nick and Bella.I’m really starting to wonder if she’s going to crack.

  37. caRyn

    Don’t care for Kemi after watching the last two nights of BBAD. So out of the three in there now I hope David comes back.
    If Nicole stays in the game after this week would she go back to confiding in Isabella for a third time? I hope not. I wish Nicole would listen more and speak less game talk. It worked for the first two weeks. She got paranoid over a vote and has said too much to anyone that will listen since then.
    If Nicole leaves and David, I’m down to Sam and then Kathryn by default.
    Analyse is just as bad as Jack, Jackson, and Nick. She wants to fight (kick their a*s) and call hg dumb bit*hes from hearsay. She has said this a number of times about different hg.

    • Mello_One

      @Yatus….Kemi definitely had no game plan coming into the Big Brother house, & she has admitted that fact too. I’m thinking that Kemi was yet another Recruit to the game. This is yet just another Major bone of contention with me regarding Big Brother. I wish Producers would Cast BB HG that Know the Game, & Know how to play the Game?! I personally would “love” to see at least One Season of Big Brother with a house full of Gamers!

      Former HG BB20 Bayleigh was a recruit, hence her outing her Power, which is Big Brother 101, “you do not tell other HG, especially not in your alliance that you have a Power!”

      • Barracuda

        Agreed. Bring people who have watched and know how to play the game. When you win something, you don’t go blabbing to everyone. It seems like they just wanna cast a certain type every year to fill roles. The nerdy one. The old guy. The jock. The jock. The jock. The spiritual one. Etc. If they are fans of the show then fine bring them on. But if they have never seen the show then keep them away. Ugh. Casting sucks.

        And I agree, I hope David comes back and Nicole sticks around. And then maybe they can work with Sam and Kat. That would be my fav final four. But I predict it won’t happen

      • caRyn

        Agree with both of you.

      • danmtruth

        Kemi said she went to an open casti g call with a friend He was the big fan she was just their to support him That was the story she told

      • ShoeLover

        I say we all submit an application with the statement ‘GIVE US REAL REAL FANS A CHANCE!!! ENOUGH OF THIS STUPIDITY OF CASTED ROLES!!!’

      • Sassy

        Sorry Shoe! I’d be afraid they would pick me.

    • danmtruth

      How can things change so dramatically In what should had been an easy week Six shooters stay together Vote out Hank Hill draw a line with Nick Bella But no crazy eyes just turns plain crazy In a simple conversation with of all oeople Kemi Was asking about Nicole Thats when Crazy Christi started to ramble on about she has a feeling she is going up At first i thought it was just a scam she was spinning As more people came the more she came unhinged Sis and than JJ of all people did the simple nath that she had the votes
      It just goes to show what happens when paranoia sets in

      • caRyn

        How is Christie spinning that she had to tell hg about her advantage and Jack’s?! Tommy will be busy trying to smooth (excuse) this over with hg while trying to make sense of it himself.

      • Helen

        @caRyn….she is spinning it like…oh..nick kept saying was I trying to pull a Tyler on him…like put her up to out her power if she had it and she finally told him..yes I won the power…not sure if she told the others she outed Jack and his power but she’s acting like they were pretty much convinced she won the panic power so she admitted it…also unclear whether she bothered to tell them she not only volunteered she won it but also what the power was

      • caRyn

        Thanks, Helen. If Christie doesn’t tell Jack, Isabella will.

  38. Helen

    Crazy Christie has climbed so far up Nick and Bella’s butt she will never see daylight again

  39. Helen

    CC has got to be one of the worst BB players ever…her outing her power to Nick and Bella plus telling them of Jack and his power was so dumb…after veto meeting today Nicks HOH was basically over..he held no more power over anyone…he can’t play in next HOH so what was the point…
    Dumb move by a dumb player…

  40. Ronduh

    I just can’t with this cast this year! I joined Twitter recently and I’m trying to follow along but I’m so confused lol. Can’t stand the Jack offs and most of that group…I do love Kat though! Nicole and camp comeback are ok too but everyone else bugs the hell out of me…and don’t get me started on Nick and Bella! Christie is a big whack job….I could go on and on.

  41. g8trgirl

    If Nicole gets voted out, I’m really torn. I desperately want David back in the game because he knows what’s going on with everyone and strategies more than any of the other dipshits in the house (With the exception of Nicole), and he’s spent the least amount of time in the house! However, I want Nicole to come back as well to tear them all a new ass. She and David together, with maybe, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, Kat, and Sam could do some damage.

  42. LO1004

    Christie’s PMS is stressing me out.

    Tired of hearing about her PMS? Me too.

  43. Helen

    UPDATE Christie’s been retelling her power, accurately

    = she can secretly activate diamond veto for whoever wins veto, so that veto winner can name the renom, one time at the next (now three) veto meetings

  44. Kari

    If I got HOH, or especially POV, I wouldn’t tell a damn person my plans. Let them think whatever they want to *think* i want to do whatever the hell I wanted to do.

    Ket them think I’m back dooring somebody, but then take out the biggest gun in the house.

  45. GoodGame

    My avatar sums up my impression of this season so far!
    I am missing Paul A. at this point already.

  46. Kari

    Why HELLO Thumbsy!! I missed you honey!!

  47. AIO_7

    Nicole color-codes her M & M’s before eating them …


    • hogwild

      Why when it’s all said and done they are all the same color.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I cannot tell a lie. I do the same thing. I also still only eat 1 thing at a time. For example, when eating mixed vegetables. I eat all the peas first, then the carrots, then the green beans, then the lima beans, then the corn. I also don’t like the different foods touching. It drove my mother and grandmother nuts. They use to say it’s all going to wind up in the same place. It is just something I never grew out of…lol

    • Mello_One

      Oh Gawd AIO!!! My Daughter used to eat everything on her Dinner Plate one item at a time, & not all together….That kind of stuff drives me nuts?!

      • Colby

        I did that too when I was a kid, and didn’t want things touching each other on the plate. But I grew out of it. LOL

    • Kari

      Okay so I do the same thing. M&M’s, Necco wafers, Skittles… I’ve done it ever since I was a little girl and I have no idea why I still do. At least with Neccos and Skittles they do have different flavors, lol..

  48. hogwild

    What is it that makes the idiots think telling everyone about a power you have is good gameplay?

  49. Good Dog

    Love you Steve Beans, but you thought Christie was ” brilliant ” in her game play? There’s not a shred of brilliance in this house. I was shocked BB puts people on the show that don’t watch the show, WHAT? I agree that they look for types. I would probably suck as a player but at least I’m a fan & would know when to keep my mouth shut. Question : Cliff is a number for G8, why would they keep Nichole instead? And (scary thought) what if Nichole goes over to the dark side because they saved her? YIKES!

    • NKogNeeTow

      For a minute there Steve gave me a glimmer of hope about CC. By the end of his post, he dashed it…lol. These people give new meaning to “Hope for the best but expect the worst”.

  50. Good Dog

    P. S. I’m a SamiAm fan but he doesn’t eat chocolate? Sorry, can’t be trusted.

  51. danmtruth

    Has CC told anyone she also told about Jacks power How long till Bella or Nick make some snarky comment to one on the six shooters about the power What a joke of a group

    • Mello_One

      Hi Dan, Christie has told everybody in her alliance that she has the Power, & yep she is Cray Cray?!

      • danmtruth

        Telling people about her piwef is one crazy thing But to tell about jacks power Is a total betrayal of trust Niw what happens if they backdoor Nick he can than threaten to tell hiw CCtold him about the powers Than again he is on the block
        Kat and Holly talking game Kat brings up she is scared to win HOH asto who she would get a letter from She talks about a guy she cares about Yet us not sure how he will take how she acted with the guys up to this point So she is nit sure how this guy will feel seeing her jump in bed with so.eone she knew less than a week How might he misunderstand that

      • danmtruth

        Thanks Mello one

    • Helen

      I don’t think she has ….

    • Sassy

      Do we have confirmation that she told them about ADs power?

  52. caRyn

    Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end for the 8. If there wasn’t a camp the 8 would have broken up sooner.

  53. Avatar

    According to jokers they were talking about the first person in the house has never won. Does anyone remember who entered first? I think it may have been Tommy.

  54. danmtruth

    The biggest mistake is Nicold never said she pinky promise she is not in an alliance with Nick & Bella

  55. hogwild

    I will be glad when survivor is back at least the players there don’t go around telling everyone in the tribe they have an advantage.

    • Kari

      Well, most. Lol

      I’m actually a moderator in a really cool Facebook survivor group that very young guy started. He’s only 16 but incredibly intelligent. So if anybody out there wants to know about the survivor group that I moderate, send me a private message. Not going to spam publicly LOL

  56. ShoeLover

    Awww, passing time, reading comments, the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing for the gazilliant time since it aired on HBO and downloaded on my DVR!!!

    Slightly panicked that CC is messing up the plan to keep Nicole.

    What the heck!!!!!!!!

    Now I want to Google Jackson and his rapp sheet!! LOL!!


    Except, David, Nicole and Kat the spaz!!!

    Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love???

  57. Kari

    Apparently I need reminder of what Jack’s power is. I completely forgot that he even had one ..

  58. danmtruth

    Nicole fast put on a lifevest CC is hitting you with a Sonoma of BS Her version of her talk with Nick Is he was shacking his hands were sweety She told Nick go ahead and put me up i will fight and really to get the votes Wow RR Martin could not come up with more fantasy than that But wait there is more BS from our Ronco BS 1000 CC she now tells Nicole that zhe was never one to just pile on someone who us down Then we go into hiw she loves her
    Now to add to the confusion Nick into the target room wuth CC & Jack that Sam saud Jemi said Jess has a power to take herself down

  59. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling AD that she is so sketched out by Nick and Ratty and they are trying to get TT to sleep upstairs. She says if she gets HOH she is putting them up. She says she is sick of Kemi but at this point, she wouldn’t care if she comes back and gets them out. She says she doesn’t even want to talk any game with them and wants to avoid them. AD tells her that’s impossible. She says she wants Nicole to feel hope but not to feel safe. She says Nicole is upset with Cliff because he’s avoiding her.


    Nick and Ratty are talking to SamIAm. Apparently, Sam told Kemi something. Ratty tells Sam he has to stop talking to people before talking to them. She says the 3 of them are playing a good game and they have to stick together. Sam says he hopes CC doesn’t let it get back to Kemi what he said. *I haven’t caught up with the board yet so I don’t know what they are referring to* Sam says he’s not going to get involved in Kemi ad Jess’s BS. He says from now on if he hears anything, they should wait until they are in the HOH to talk about it. Nick said he really thought Jess had the power until CC told him she had it. Ratty says she thinks CC is so good at playing both sides that they should limit what they tell her.


    CC is telling AD that Sam knows about Gr8ful. AD is telling her that Sam found out when they were in the SR and Sam was trying to flip the vote.


  60. Helen

    CC told Ratbella and Nick that Jack had the second power but she is not telling jack that she told them….he still thinks Crazy Christie and TT are the only ones that know

  61. kneeless

    With all this drama today, it must mean one thing… it’s gotta be Rockstar’s daughters birthday!

  62. NKogNeeTow



    Ratty is telling Nick not to go to CC. He says he won’t. Sam says he just doesn’t want o to be the one known to run his mouth. Nick says he’s just pissed at Kemi. Ratty says that with Cliff they will still have 6. Sam says he really doesn’t want to get rid of Cliff. Sam says if he wins HOH he doesn’t want to put Cliff up but will if he has to. Sam says CC is the only one that is scared of Cliff. Ratty says CC s a really smart girl. Nick is pissed at CC. They stop talking game and start talking Cornhole (which Ratty and Sam are playing). Nick announces he has to poop.


    CC is telling AD and TT that she’s embarrassed. AD tells her that sshe knows they’re going to air it about her period. *God, I hope not* CC jokes about Zingbot coming in and saying something about it. Sam comes in and CC asks him what’s the 4-1-1. CC and Sam start whispering but it’s hard to hear what they said. It’s something about Kemi. Sounds like Sam is telling her that Kemi told him something about a power. He tells her that Kemi said that Jess can pull herself off even after the Veto is used. *Do they think that Jess or Kemi has the power?* Sam said that Nick is trying to get into the DR to find out something. CC says she is so sick of this day and ready for it to be over. Sam is saying that he should go into the DR. CC and AD encourage him to. Ovi comes and they stop talking.


  63. NKogNeeTow



    DeadManWalking (Cliff) is saying that it will be weird getting back to real life. *You’re about to adjust real quick* David says it will be funny getting up every morning and checking for you mic then realizing you don’t have one.


    Sam is talking about something. CC is talking about something. TT is talking about something. CC is looking for her shoes and says she’s losing her mind. *We already figured that out* AD is telling Sam that PMS doesn’t have the power because CC has it. Sam asks what it is and AD tells him Sam says that would actually help them but why would Kemi tell that lie. AD said because she’s dumb and doesn’t know how to play the game. AD says she is trying to feed him wrong info. Sam is telling AD how he went to Nick and told him what Kemi said. AD says so do we think that Nick is going in there asking about it. Sam asks them if he should go ask DR. CC tells him the rules of having the power. She says you can’t make one up because it’s against the rules. Sounds like Sam wants to go out Kemi for making one up that PSM has but really doesn’t. KK comes in.


  64. danmtruth

    Im confused Kemi DID tell sam that Jess said she had a power If so does production not need to pull her in Was Nick going in trying to rzt CC out about Javjs power Bella Sam Nick still think Cliff us safe
    No one has given a explanation as to why CC did not trust her 6 She explained about all the little things that Nick said that made her believe she was going up But never explained why she did not believe in the numbers
    Kemi is jyst trying to be an anarchist Throwing bombs on all sids This dies not help Nicole

    • Sassy

      It may not help Nicole but she’s bitter. I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing. They are and have been treating her like crap. Why not throw a bunch of crap back at them before she walks out for good. She can say whatever, what are they going to do to her, vote her out?

  65. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know what kind of meds JJ is on but by the end of this season, I’m going to need a handful of them.



    AD is saying that she said she can take herself off the block and she’s full of shit. Ratty is there now and telling them something that I’m not following because I’m not interested. It’s something about the Veto, Kat, and Kemi. *Go look for some cheese Ratty* She’s explaining Ovi’s power to Sam. AD says it makes sense but she could have worded it in 70 less words. *Sometimes that condescending bastard makes me laugh* He asks her what does Kemi or Jess benefit by lying about a power. He said Kemi is out of the game and Jess is off the block. He says they can get thrown out of the game for that.

    Ratty says that she thinks Kemi told Sam because she knew he would come back and tell. Sam says he just doesn’t want Kemi to know he came back and told just because she wanted him too. AD says the stupid thing is that it didn’t save her ass. Ratty says they just want to do whatever they want because they don’t care. Sam says they have to figure out what the benefit is (what Kemi told him). Nick comes in and they tell him what they are talking about. He wonders if they are trying to flip the vote. *If anyone else is confused by this convo, don’t feel bad. So am I*


  66. kneeless

    Could you imagine if JC was a ng this season? He had enough problems with some language barriers with a good cast.

  67. Helen

    Oh so it all started with Cliff telling Nicole that Jess could use her power to save both her and Nicole

    Cliff started the train wreck…cliff told Nicole who told Kemi who told Sam. Lmao

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sounds like a bad game of Telephone.

      • Helen

        There were so many side secret alliances in amongst the eight it was bound to happen…you have too many people who have side deals with others and no one can just STFU

      • Helen

        Kemi had been convinced that Jess has the power. She wanted Nicole to get Jess to use it this week taking Nicole down and putting Holly up. Kemi told Sam what she THINKS. Sam told Nick what Kemi KNOWS. Telephone game

  68. NKogNeeTow



    Nick and TP1 (Sis) are sitting and talking. PMS is smiling and talking. *Still don’t like her* CC is just getting out of the shower. Different convos going on and they are all too annoying to listen to. TT comes in and sings a song about being in the BB house. *I’ve had it with Mr.Light Loafers. Don’t like him either* Now PMS and SamIAm are discussing other names for condoms. *Please excuse me while I hang myself from the ceiling fan*


    TT goes in and talks to Nick. Sam and TP1 come in and lays on top of Nick. TT is telling them that someone broke the dryer. Nick is annoyed that JJ left dirty dishes in the SR. He says he’s living with children. Nick says he’s going to bed at 11 because he’s always been to DR. TT says he doesn’t like not feeling his best during the day so that’s why he wants to get a good nights sleep tonight. He says he wants to be funny.

    Sam is telling them that they are probably in the RV right now saying they got them. Nick asks who. Sam says Kemi. Sam says he’s tried to get into the DR. Nick is laying there playing with TT’s hair. *Shit, looks like CC isn’t the only one confused*


  69. kneeless

    Well, the ants are back. I thought maybe this cast even scared the ants off but guess not.

  70. NKogNeeTow


    Sorry guys, I lost that entire last backyard conversation. In the middle of typing it, a big white screen came up on my screen and had BIG BROTHER JUNKIES and an X in the right corner. It wouldn’t let me get back to this screen and when it finally did, my entire post was gone. This is what it kept doing earlier last week before it kicked me out of the system for an hour.

    Picking up on a new conversation.


    Sam and Ratty are having a convo about what Sam should tell Nick. She says she feels that sometimes he forget that she has her own brain and game. Sam says Nick needs to calm down. Sam says he’s afraid that JJ has the power. Sam says he now looks like he has a huge mouth and that everything anyone tells him, he goes back and tells Nick and her so he has to pull it back. Ratty says “Christie still hasn’t told you she has the power?” He says no, Nick did. He says he’s pissed. She says he should be pissed and so is she. She says she’s going to tell Nick that he has 2 other people who have his back (she and Sam). She says she believes that AD/CC and AD/TT relationship is pretty good. She says Nick just needs to just chill. She tells Sam that she will probably be a huge target because she didn’t start watching BB until a week before the show. She says that she and Jack are the only 2 that don’t know the show. She says neither does David but he may know a little more. He asked her if she binged the show. She said she tried but they were just too long so she only watched half of each show.


    JJ and Holly are talking. He starts to ask her something about PMS during the Veto comp then it goes to commercial

  71. danmtruth

    HOH room Bella and Sam talking that they need to keep things from Nick because he just repeats things to Christi Bella also said she never saw big brother untill a week before she came on the show Then she just binge watch These two believe its 4 vs 3 Jack, Christie, jackson,sis against them

  72. NKogNeeTow



    Ratty is telling Sam she is trying to get closer to Holly. She says she thinks Holly is just pretending to like JJ. She says what pisses her off is that Nick trust CC and that AD only like CC because she reminds him of his ex. She says that CC has never talked game with her and she feels that CC doesn’t have her back. She says Nick says CC would never put him up but that doesn’t help her. She says she is afraid that everyone would carry CC far. She says that she had an F3 with AD and JJ the first day. Sam says “Oh yeah”. Sam says they’re flushing out the bottom feeders but do they really need the bottom feeders. Sam says he wants to see what’s going to happen when Camp Comeback is over. Ratty says that she thinks David will come back. Sam says David might come to their side.


    JJ, TP1 & 2 are talking about the power. TP1 (1) says she thinks JJ has a power. He swears he doesn’t. She says then AD has it. She keeps trying to make JJ says AD has it. He is laughing and she screams and says he’s lying and knows Jack has it. He swears again that he doesn’t.


  73. Mello_One

    Speaking of Jackson’s Meds, maybe his meds make him Hungry, because this Dude can Pack away the Groceries?! Every time I see Jackson he is either getting food, or eating food…lol

  74. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi talking to CC. CC says after today she doesn’t know her ass from her elbow. Kemi asks her why she wild out today. CC tells her because of something Nick said. She said also Ratty asked her in front of everybody if she got her period. She said she thought everything was just weird today. She says she suffers from something chemical sometimes and it messes with her brain and she can’t disconnect it here. She says that she doesn’t even know if she imagined everything today. She says plus she doesn’t trust Nick and Ratty.


    Sam, AD and Ratty are now talking. Sam is telling them that when they get down to the last bottom feeder, they are really going to have to trust each other. AD brings up CC’s meltdown today. AD leaves. Sam tells her that they need AD on their on side. She says she has to appear she’s not aligned with Nick.


    • Sassy

      How does Bella think she’s going to come off as not aligned with Nick? I had hopes for Sam, but if he still thinks he needs AD, he might be just as useless as the rest.

  75. danmtruth

    Bella is not sure if d-day was wirld war one or two She thinks its two WTF
    Nick joined Bella and Sam He is wondering why Christi is talking to Kemi Sam groans he is scared she is trying to start a new alliance Do they notice the H8ful are not camping out with them in the HOH

  76. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling Kemi that she respects AD and has a good relationship with him. She tells Kemi that she doesn’t want OO or Cliff to come back. *Did she just accidently confirm to Kemi that Cliff is going?* She says she wouldn’t mind Nicole coming back if she went out. *Wonder if Kemi caught it that she didn’t mention her* They start to talk about AD. CC says he creeps from room to room and follows her everywhere. She says that Nick is pissed at her right now because she’s talking to Kemi. She says she doesn’t know David so she’s kind of scared of him because she doesn’t know him or where he stands.

    Kemi throws David under the bus by telling CC that at first David said he couldn’t stand the guys in the house andd now he’s acting like they are all broed out. She says he’s trying to align himself with the power players in the house. *This chick is f*cking up everybody’s game*


    Nick is asking Ratty what she and Sam were talking about. She brushes it off. Nick tells her that sometimes playing the game he just trust everyone and he needs to stop doing that. There is an awkward silence between them. She tells him she has his back and she loves him and Sam so much. She says she feels like Nick runs and tells things to CC instead of talking it over with her and Sam instead. Sam is saying that he is scared that if Kemi comes back, she knows what he said about her and that is scary. Nick asks him why would Kemi say that though..


    • Sassy

      I don’t blame Kemi. I don’t think she really wants to stay in the house, might as well throw it ALL out there for the house to flip out over and they are. I LOVE that she is calling everyone out!!

  77. amareels

    “Waving to the night crew”.

    You know when you get a gut feeling about a person but don’t want to say anything for fear of rejection? Well, I had a gut feeling about Kemi when this show first started. I didn’t want to say anything because she was being targeted unfairly. But my gut was telling me not to trust her. Well, now it seems because she knows her time is almost to an end, she is going to mess up everyone’s game. Take no prisoners is her motto right now. Not that I mind, but she is taking it to the extreme that we are all confused to who, what, where and why!!! Thank you for letting me rant a bit.

    Stay tuned, I might have another rant brewing….

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  79. NKogNeeTow



    Nick, Sam, Ratty still talking. They are discussing how many they need to vote AD out. *WHAAA???* Nick says he needs to talk to AD without CC. Sam says CC is talking to Kemi. Sam says it’s weird that Kemi won’t put her clothes in her little rat nest upstairs. Sam and Nick are talking about CC. Nick says CC says she can’t read sign when she’s on her period. *Can anyone think of anything to say right now?* Sam is talking about CC over reacting.


    Cliff said he’s leaving but is stalling while Kemi and CC are there. CC and Cliff leave. Kemi and Squeaks are left on the sofa.


    Nick is pissed about CC throwing him under the bus. He says he was just annoyed with her. They start watching the monitor. Sam says t*hey should just break up AD and TP1.


    CC and AD are talking. She says that Kemi wanted to talk to her and asked her if AD hates her guts and he stares her down and hate her and just wants her gone. AD says,”She’s out of the game. I won.”*Smug bastard* She says that Kemi asks her if she likes her.


    PMS is talking to TT. She is asking if this girl is playing her. TT says that’s why she has to go. PS says she love everybody but there are only 3 people in there that she really loves and she has his back. TT says he love her too and he has her back. They both then say at the same time “I love you. I have your back” *Excuse me while I throw the rope over the ceiling fan again*


  80. NKogNeeTow



    TT is telling PMS that he doesn’t hate anybody and he almost wishes that somebody hate him. *Raising my hand* PMS is trying to form a sentence without saying “like”. TT takes over and tells her that even if she was up ORB with Cliff, she would have been fine. His sentences are now beginning to be peppered with “like”. He tells her that he’s excited for her not to be OTB. She is saying that CC is going through her lady time but when she was OTB she was going through her lady time. TT says he can’t imagine being in the house and being OTB while on your period. He says he can’t imagine feeling that. *Bet he’d like to though*

    She is telling him that being OTB feels like you’re wearing a scarlet letter or are banished. He says if he were in her shoe and was put in banishment on the first day, he’d feel a certain way too. He is explaining how the first day everyone handed JJ the Counselor position because he was a big strong guy that nobody wanted to go up against for the HOH.


  81. danmtruth

    Nick explain that he ask Christie how come she could not feel that he was telling the truth CC said when she is getting her period she gets blocked to being able to feel peoples energy Sam rightfuly said just another reason not to trust her
    With that im sorry i need to get to sleep as i need to get up in 5 hours to take the wife in to get a pain blocker on her knee Good luck with the rest of the night

  82. NKogNeeTow



    TT and PMS are still talking and CC, AD and Sam comes in. They say he’s on his 3rd shower and that he showers constantly. *Guess he makes up for all the ones TP1 doesn’t take.* They start talking about not wanting to compete against JJ. *The same one who keeps gimping up his foot?* They start talking about the Counselor campaign. PMS says she didn’t really want it.


    Nick and Ratty laying in bed talking. She is telling him that she thinks Sam trust her more than him now and that he shouldn’t be questioning things like that so he needs to go talk to him. She says he comes off as thinking he’s got it so good he doesn’t even need to talk to them (Ratty/Sam) now. She says she doesn’t even want to tell him whatelse Sam said…then she tells him that Sam said everything he (Sam) tells him, he (Nick) runs and tells CC. *Well, so much for that* He asks her what did CC say. She says she doesn’t want to tell him.


  83. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is talking to Squeaks about flushing out Jess’ power. *She’s gone from likeable to laughable* Squeaks is wondering whether or not she should talk to AD tomorrow. Kemi is telling her what to say. *One word Squeaks…RUNNNNNN!*


    KK is talking to Nick and Ratty. She asked Nick if he was sad earlier. He says no he was pissed with himself. He looks up and sees CC trying to get into the DR. He tells KK that she did really good with her speech today. AD joins the room.

    Tells them that David is into her but she’s not into it. *Liar* She says she just hopes it doesn’t ruin her chance with Brett. Ratty tells her that she should tell David that she’s not looking for a showmance and not to lead him on. KK says that they talk all the time and he knows. *Since when is Ratty qualified to give out Dear Abby advice with her “Fatal Attraction” azz*


  84. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is telling Squeaks that it has to come down to between AD and JJ and those are the ones she needs to talk to because the rest of them will do whatever they say. Squeaks tells her that she appreciates her talking to CC and Sam for her today. Kemi says that Sam is one of the best people she’s ever met and approaches the game with maturity. *Hope she still feels the same way after watching the show* Squeaks says she’d like a second chance in the game. Kemi says her too. Kemi says she wishes CC would tell her why Nick was freaking out because CC was talking to her. She says that AD is obsessed with how much he hates her and he will ask her what he was talking about whenever he sees her talking to anyone. They start to talk about Nick freaking out because CC was talking to Kemi. Squeaks says that Nick was sitting in the bathroom panicking.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Alright my little sleep heads, I’m off to the Land of Nod myself. Sleep tight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  85. Mimi Ryan

    Well I was right AD & Michie both have been arrested & have records. BIG SURPRISE!!!! NOT.

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