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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


First, I want to give a shout-out to Kaitlyn’s Uncle Lou who took a poop on Christie today outside. He is sending you our best wishes.

Ok, with that out of the way, today is veto meeting day and noms are expected to remain the same which means Jack or Jackson will be the first to jury. I don’t really have a preference for who stays or goes because I’m not really a fan of either, but I am a fan of good feeds and think the chances are higher with Jackson in the house than Jack. Jackson is not scared of Christie and won’t let her just run away with the game without a fight so if she’s going to win this season, she’s going to earn it.  Also, if Jackson stays, he’ll obviously be the big target which buys a few more weeks for genuinely good people like Jess, Cliff, and Nicole to advance further in this game.


Also, I see a lot of discussion of whether or not those three are considered floaters. They are. Well, were. I get that they won comps but winning a comp isn’t what takes away floater status. A floater (to me) is someone who just wants to avoid conflict, not team up with anyone, and not make any real game moves. Cliff was still a borderline floater as was Jess when they made larger moves rather than the easy options, but they were still trying to play the game more solo. However, watching Cliff clearly try to form something with Nicole, Jess, and Kat makes them less floaters. With that said, Kat is more of a floater because she’s playing all sides. Nick as well now that Sam and Bella are gone.

I may have a different definition of floater as others, though. It’s not just about who wins the most comps. It’s a package of gameplay non-moves that earn that title.

In other news, Jackson is set to begin his 24h punishment soon and people are speculating if he’ll actually go through with it or not without getting a penalty. If Paulie can do that hotdog punishment at his stage in the game, I think Jackson will do it. I’m not sure Jackson would have completed the challenge had it begun on Thursday night but he’s calmed down considerably since and should have no problem sticking through it.



11:40 am – House is getting ready for veto meeting which should be soon

Sis had Holly to the side and was trying to figure out what to do when Jack is gone. They want to trust Tommy and Nick but aren’t sure if they can (they can’t). Sis repeats over and over for Holly not to tell anyone what they’re talking about so much that she doesn’t get to finish what she was saying before Nick and then Christie come in to split up the conversation.

12:00 pm – Feeds down for veto. Should be about an hour

1:15 pm – Feeds back


Veto not used. Christie and Nick speculating on a potential jury buyback if Jack is gone. She says Big Brother could literally do anything. True, but I doubt they’re going to change their plans to bring back Jack

Christie leaves and asks Jackson how he’s doing. He says ‘good’. She walks away and he mumbles ‘like you care. The fakeness in this house’. Bro, you were just being fake to Christie

Meanwhile, in another room, Tommy is talking to Kat. She asks “why is it that me, Nicole, and Cliff were offered #7 in the 6”. Tommy says “I don’t know. That’s not me”. She’s coming in hot

Tommy says he tried to get her out of the house not because of anything personal or the side of the house. Dude has a seriously guilty conscious over Thursday. He needs to just live with his move. If he believed that Kat was in a pre-made final 3 just like he is in his pre-made final 2, she should have been evicted. It was the right move on his part and he’ll realize it if Kat and Holly are in the final 2 together. Kat knows he’s just backtracking rather than accepting his move. She sees right through it.

Upstairs, Jack was campaigning to Nicole and it was about as awkward as this picture looks:

2:45 pm – So far in the past hour, both Tommy and Sis are officially done gaming. How long until they’re gaming again?

Comments getting large, started new thread here


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