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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


If you’ve been around this site for some time, you’d know I mainly like to talk strategy and game. That’s because strategy and game are neutral topics and I try to stay as neutral as I can while still being a fan of the show. I always feel people reporting the stuff should be a little unbiased because a ton of people read this stuff and should draw their own conclusions from what is done in the house. As a commentator of the show, I throw out my opinion of moves like how I felt Cliff made a bad move in not breaking his word to Christie back when she had the power (however, I also admit when I’m wrong which I was there because he’s in the final 4). I also like to look at the decisions from the perspective of people making the decisions, regardless of who it is. That is why some weeks I’ll talk about why this move would be good for Jackson then another week talk about why another move would be good for Nicole.

I think I’m only telling you this because I feel guilty over my lack of hourly updates this past week but that’s because there hasn’t been anything going on. I still sit here all day with the feeds on, but conversations about Jackson’s frat life or Holly shitting herself while being a tour guide are fun to listen to, but I don’t think I’d do them justice by re-telling because I suck at telling stories and suck worse at transcribing conversations. Now that the Holly thing is in my head, however, she said she was sick while out in the wilderness with a group of high school girls. Ended up shitting herself and had to clean up in a lake. The way she told it was far more entertaining and made more sense than me re-telling it just now and that’s why I often don’t.

Another reason why I explained that is because there are sometimes reasons why I report some things and not others. Like reporting Holly and Jackson had yet another fight last night would typically be boring stuff I really don’t care about, but that could actually impact the game, and here is why (as I finally get to my point). Last night I talked about their decision to evict Holly or Tommy and one of the biggest variables to evicting Holly would be Jackson’s potential bitterness toward Nicole and/or Cliff over it. However, if they keep fighting, there is a very strong chance that Jackson is not going to put up much of a fight when Nicole and Cliff tell him they’re evicting Holly and may actually be on board with the plan.


If Jackson is on board, or at least won’t cry about it, I am beginning to think evicting Holly is just the overall better choice. Jackson will almost certainly win the veto this week and he’ll be the one deciding who goes to the final 3 with him. If Jackson is not bitter, there very well may be a scenario where he evicts Tommy and takes Cliff and Nicole. If that happens, there is about a 99.9% chance that Jackson will be in the final round of the HoH but if he actually does win, he’ll be forced to take either Nicole or Cliff to the final 2. While I’d personally prefer Nicole and Cliff in the final 2, this is probably the next best thing because Jackson is fairly beatable in the final 2. Yes, he has won a lot of competitions, but he’s also screwed over quite a few people in jury.

I could very much picture a scenario happening where Jackson wins the HoH and takes Nicole to the final 2 and loses – just like Paul in BB18 when he also won the final HoH and also lost to a Nicole. Paul won 6 competitions that year but pissed off too many people in the jury and lost.

Enough rambling, updates:

10:50 am – Time for the veto meeting!


11:40 am – Feeds back!  Cliff is down, Holly is up!

Meanwhile, more Jackson stories. This time it’s about how he swallowed a quarter during that game quarters.


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  1. Mary

    Hope she takes Cliff off the block like she said she would.

  2. Robin

    Steve, just love your assessment and even more so since I agree. Having been shouting from the rooftops that Cliff egged that fight on. Wine, talks about The Challenge, and Cliff watching
    Holly’s face….

    • Tam

      Love it…..Love it….Love it…….

    • Mel

      Oh yeah, he knew exactly what he was doing too.

    • Ann

      100% Cliff knew exactly what he was doing. I didn’t see it but woke up at 4am to go to the bathroom & was too nosey to just lay back down without checking to see if anything happened & when I did that was it for me. As I read NK’s posts, I could see it all playing out because it was so well written. It was like watching a damn good movie that you just can’t turn off no matter how late it was getting or what you had to do the next morning. NK outdid herself last night & all throughout the morning.

      • Robin

        I know Ann, NK makes late night BB so much fun.

      • Sassy

        So good to see you again Ann!

      • Mello_One

        @ Ann…Hey there Girlie, its so good to read ya again!

      • Ann

        I’m ready to see if I missed anything here guys. I got sidetracked again today with the baby again which I don’t mind one bit, then my 12yr old grandson had a football game this evening. I know I had no damn business trying to climb up the stairs in the stadium to sit with my family. My dumbass huffed & puffed & pulled my way up the ramp & my son was midway on the 50 yard line setting up to video the game. Instead of me taking the 1st seat I came to knowing my big ass was ready to say f**k this & just sit on a step, I struggled, fell over onto a couple of people’s laps, spilled their drinks, knocked somebody’s popcorn out of their hand, kicked over a drink & finally made it to an empty seat. My son & daughter were embarrassed & trying to get away from me on the bench. I slid my ass down that bench damn near to the end because they had nowhere else to go. Some how I ended up with somebody’s M & M’s under my ass & accidentally dragged somebody else’s umbrella from them with the string somehow caught on my shoe. I was so damn tired I didn’t realize all of the shit I had done & to be honest with you, I didn’t give a damn because the only thing on my mind was how in the hell I was gonna get back down those stairs & step ass ramp after the game.

      • Tam

        OMG, Ann, ARE YOU OK and forgive for LMAO……But the visual is hilarious. That would be so me. Screw climbing up stands. That is made for the young and athletic. Oh my damn you have made me laugh so hard. Thank you, gf!!! Needed that. I just hope you are ok and tomorrow don’t feel that. And please post a video if someone caught it. I can’t help myself.

  3. Robin

    Holly is now OTB.

  4. Mary

    Are Holly and Jackson not talking now? I know that they had some conversation before getting out of bed.

  5. Painter1

    I agree about Holly going would be good for Jackson……but if she stayed and the bickering continued that would take his mind off the game and the mind comps are coming up. Jackson could be aggravated and not have his mind on the game. Slide in Cliff or Nicole.

    • Ashley

      I don’t think Jackson cares enough about Holly to have this impact him mentally/emotionally whatsoever.

      • Tam

        I feel like he can separate game from personal. He is not going to let her affect his game. He has made that abundantly clear and she can’t wrap her head around that fact.
        And they don’t grasp the concept that live feeds are supposed to be 24/7 except they aren’t because of the fish and pet adoptions…….

    • JennX

      If JJ is the typical narcissist he appears to be, he is actually thriving on Beth spending all of her time and energy consumed by him. Doesn’t matter to him if it’s good or bad attention, as long as she belongs to him, that is what it important.

      Not to say he is doing this as a strategy or that it is even a conscious thing – but it’s clearly evident the more she gives to him, the more invigorated he is.

      I am fearful that when she is out of this experience her entire life will be in shambles. I think this experience might devastate her to the core and potentially destroy her. I honestly hope not. While it’s entertaining drama for us to watch, ultimately she will be haunted by this and the aftermath that is coming.

      • Robin

        Hey Jen, I fear you may be correct and sadly so. The thing is we can’t really demonize either one of them, people are attracted to others at their level of mental health. Even women who are abused will chose abusers over and over.

        They played each other but Holly has made herself a characture of herself.

  6. Tam

    Tommy was just pampering Beth in the hammock and kind of trashing JJ, now in Hay room doing the same thing with JJ. He is just working all angles……Private dancer, dancing for money, do what you want me to do….OH TT……..

  7. Avatar

    Holly is on the BLOCK! Love, love it!

  8. KelBel

    “The way she told it was far more entertaining and made more sense than me re-telling it just now and that’s why I often don’t.”

    –Steve, I must disagree. Anyone telling a story of G-ma B shitting herself is entertaining in my book. 🙂

  9. Tam

    Steve, you did great. And the picture you put up is definitely her in her natural form…..She needs less of that and more of game……..When BB comes on and says “THIS IS LOCKDOWN” it feels like a prison system call….
    What happened to the upstairs shower?

  10. Tam

    Cliff just said that it was a LAPD chopper. Are they doing wellness checks now on the houseguest? That is strange……

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  12. Valerie

    I wonder if anyone has counted how many times a day Beth/Holly applies make-up? Then from that how many times they estimate she has applied in it the house. Someone kept a food diary of JJ one day, so why not Holly. Oh and has anyone noticed Holly eats a lot. She seems to be always grazing, like JJ now. I find it odd that even though she is so sick she has ate so much junk food and doesn’t see a connection.

  13. Avatar

    In last night’s episode, Jackson said that winning the HoH gave him and Holly saftety for another week. Not so fast, bucko!

  14. Tam

    Production just aggravates me to no end. Just mute their mics instead of being lazy and hitting the damn fish. Keep that for the changing of clothes, production problems, etc. Sorry, just makes me mad when we pay for the live fees. If I want to see fish I will put on NatGeo……

  15. hogwild

    I want to bring up something in regards to Tommy that has kind of been forgotten.Early in the season he to was part of the eight person and later six shooter that was being so disrespectful and rude to the camp comeback players and the underdogs of Cliff, Nicole and Jessica he was not the driving force behind it or leading the charge but he was more than willing to go along with it and laugh with rest of them. I brought this because it seems like he has not really gotten any bad edits all season and his part in all that has seemingly been ignored while others have gotten roasted. Thanks for letting me have my mini rant.

    • Tam

      Hog, rant all you want. You are right. They have not shown him a bad light. I wonder if it has anything to do with one of his old bosses being one of the old contestants or another possible connection. Who knows anymore!!! Definitely not competition based anymore but more of a strangely scripted somewhat reality show based on bs…….

    • Robin

      Got it right by me Hog. He was right up in the middle of the crew who practically wanted to lynch Nicole. But….. sugar doesn’t melt in his mouth he’s so sweet? It was Lord of the Flies and Nichole was piggy.

    • danmtruth

      Tommy let christie do his dirty work Tommy was always willing to add fuel to the fire Add to stories about who ever the target was

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Yes Hog, YES! He has been awful and sneaky with those fake emotions since he walked through the door. I can’t stand him.

  16. Sabrina

    I love when last night they were saying no one knows about the 4 days of town time…do they not know of the live feeds?

    • Tam

      Nope, clueless except for Cliff and he is holding some cards very close to his vest…..

    • Mary

      Cliff knows, he has stated that he has watched the live feeds. He has told the other house guests more than once.

    • jennyc

      Holly knows because she made that illegal card a few days ago
      Nicole & Cliff talk to the cameras
      Jackson knows but also knows america hates him so why acknowledge us
      Tommy… IDK

      • danmtruth

        They know that they are on But dont understand they are on all the time Holly thought they were only on during when POP tv BBAD was on It is interesting that jackson was laughing As some HG were speculating that Bella worked in government Jackson laugh saying he was sure she probably no longer has it because of what she said and did on the show How clueless can you be As Steve and Mel said Jackson has spent a lot of camera time explaining how we did not see what we know we saw Blaming a lot on lies that Christie started Things that were totaly false – no we saw what she was talking about – how he had these great job offers waiting for him Jackson promises by salesmen mean nothing till you have the job

      • JennX

        Dan – basically Sir Snax-a-Lot has graduated from gaslighting Beth to trying to gaslight “the entire country”

    • Mel

      Yes, Cliffs explained it in detail many times. There’s just a few elevators in there not hitting the top floor.

  17. Mary

    Understand Tommy maybe a bigger threat game wise, though I think it would be pretty funny if Holly was evicted on JJ’s HOH. Then hearing the reaction of the others when she came into the jury house. LOL

    • Tam

      I would bring my own lawn chair, snacks, and whatever I could think of just to watch that if I could.
      Nugget explaining things to Holly and she pretends to care and ask questions to take the focus off the fact that she is shred picking her hair again. Cliff is about to fall over asleep.

      • MamaBear

        I so agree!! If Holly gets evicted I’m literally going to poop my pants in her honor! She’s literally starting to remind of those fake doll-like women that are being made to say only things the purchaser wants / longs to hear! Sort of a Stepford Wife creepy vibe!!

    • AIO_7

      “Understand Tommy maybe a bigger threat game wise”

      But he’s not. Think about it; wouldn’t it be easier to get a F3 commitment for N & C from Tommy than it would be to get one from Jax should they keep Holly? Then N & C could go into F3 2 to 1 against Tommy. Keeping Holly would be a huge mistake, a Marcellas level mistake.

      Another thing; Tommy would take either N or C to F2 over Jackson; probably knowing he would get most, if not all of the Six Shooter vote. I still hold that T, J or H would all beat C & N in F2. The best hope for a N and C F2 is to keep Tommy.

      • Avatar

        I think Tommy will immediately team up with Jackson thus becoming 2 against 2.

      • Betty Boo

        Tommy has always wanted the old alliance back together. I don’t see him going with Nicole and Cliff. He is loyal to a fault.

      • AIO_7

        “I think Tommy will immediately team up with Jackson thus becoming 2 against 2.”

        One thing is for sure, Holly definitely would.

      • AIO_7

        “Tommy has always wanted the old alliance back together.”

        How would that be an even greater, or lesser, of an alliance than keeping Holly would be? And no, if you watched the Feeds enough, Tommy was not loyal to Jackson.

      • Helen

        I agree @ AIO….
        Holly and Jackson will always go as F2..
        Jackson can’t play in next HOH but both Holly and Jackson will play for veto making it 2vs2
        Risky keeping Holly. More so than Tommy
        You never know what a jury will do certain….

      • Mel

        I agree. While I’m not convinced Tommy would team up with Jackson, I definitely think he would consider it. Nicole doesn’t want to move forward with a duo. She needs to ask herself, why would Tommy? Tommy also has more info about some of the jury’s personal feelings towards Jackson.

        I still don’t think there’s a right or wrong choice, it’s too close, I am leaning towards it being better for Nicole to keep Tommy and better for Cliff to keep Beth.

        Tommy is way more of a comp threat than Beth. I’m not saying they have to make the choice based solely on that but it isn’t even close as to who should do better in the upcoming comps. She’s won 1 endurance and a crap shoot ball roll. Think of how many Tommy came in 2nd and how many he threw because he was so well positioned. He’s also won 1 hoh and 2 vetos.

      • Sassy

        Mel, I’m sure you meant to say “1 skill comp ball roll”. She did learn to shoot a gun at an appointment Army age…

      • Mello_One

        You gotta also think about the Jury House also…Tommy is beloved by everyone in that house, which is made up of the majority is Tommy’s old Alliance.

      • Sassy

        OMG, I really should re-read my post before pressing enter, I meant to say she learned to shoot a gun at an early age (not sure how it got so twisted!). It must be the altitude, spent the past 4 days in the mountains… If you’ve never been to the Land of Oz, it’s worth the visit! It takes about 3-4 hour to go through the whole thing and watch the little shows. It’s SUPER cheesy!! But so much fun! It’s like tour walking through an interactive play. I probably will not go again, but so glad I went once. If you’re ever in the Boone, NC area in Jun or Sep, put it on the list of things to do.

  18. hogwild

    On a side note if Nicole and Cliff could get Jackson onboard for bouncing Holly as long as he still made final 3 go for it.

  19. Lather

    You know, even if they don’t vote her out, I’m glad to see she gets the whole BB experience. Meaning, I hope she gets real paranoid and talks endlessly about how hard it is being on the block because she’s never done it before and she can’t be certain which make-up will show her in the best “light”.

    I think she’s ready for her close-up, Mr. Demille. 🙂

  20. AIO_7

    …..”there is a very strong chance that Jackson is not going to put up much of a fight when Nicole and Cliff tell him they’re evicting Holly and may actually be on board with the plan.”


  21. Betty Boo

    Based on the pic above, give her another shovel.

  22. JennX

    How soon til Beth starts claiming that she has PTSD from being on the block… on her boyfriend’s HoH?!?!

    It’s so irritating… Once she finds out a particular behavior or statement of hers has not been well received by the other houseguests, she is very quick to justify it with an excuse of PMS, hormones, PTSD, ex-boyfriends, car accident, alcohol, etc. She refuses to take any responsibility for fucking up and refuses take ownership of her own personal agency and beliefs if she finds out no one agrees/like it.
    And she calls Nicole wishy washy!

  23. Lvblkjk

    I see JJ thanking God for freeing him from Holly’s baloney and Holly whining at the JH how he did her wrong and the JH favoring anyone but JJ to win in sympathy for poor mistreated PTSD Holly.

  24. Avatar

    Has Jackson really pissed off as many people as Paul did? I read all the blog posts but I don’t watch the live feeds. Maybe I didn’t realize it because Paul was so open with his dislike of people. BTW I hated Paul’s first season and how the house treated each other.

    • AIO_7

      Paul’s second season was his worst.

      In my book Paul still ranks lower than Jackson.

    • hogwild

      What pissed a lot of Jackson’s old alliance off was after Sam started their downfall on his way out the door they wanted to regroup and get back together and Jackson wanted none of that something those sitting in Jury right now have not forgotten.

    • JennX

      The think about Sir Snax-a-Lot is he loooooves stirring the pot & creating drama. But he also has that charisma to make someone believe he is loving and caring and would never hurt or lie to whomever he is is presently talking to.

      He has that ability to whip out his Bullwinkle in front of someone, start pissing all over them while totally convincing them it is really raining. Master gaslighter.

  25. Nancy

    Well, well well…I get blindsided by real life, then return to BBJ and find HollyBeth OTB.
    simply and utterly delicious!!!

  26. Avatar

    This morning I was watching Tommy asking what he should say in his Veto speech. Every time (at least six times) he suggested something, Holly would say “I was just going to say that” but did not contribute one thought of her own. I never noticed this before, it was driving me crazy.

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  28. Avatar

    I’m better now and can give my thoughts now that I amdone with my classes for today.

    1. Jackson should never do Ex On the Beach because I can see MTV bringing Holly on it as one of Jackson’s Exes just so she can ruin Jackson’s plans to find love

    2. She is going to be even more of a pain now that she is on the block

    3. I bet that if Holly gets drunk again and someone asks about her and Kat. She will sing like a drunken songbird

    4. Nicole and Cliff better not believe Jackson and Holly’s BS

    • Robin

      Bennett, so glad you feel better! Holly was in full form last night. I foresee a nice downward spiral that will leave Jackson begging for Thursday to come so she will go.

      • Nancy

        I’m sure this was already talked about..I havent had time to read everything yet..I was loving cliff tell Jackson about the challenge and hookups and everything..holly got herself worked up and pissed off, all in her mind, by projecting all the things that could happen if he went on that show..talk about projecting and getting pissed for no reason..I hope she goes.

      • Avatar

        Yep and i’m happy that im in college so I have a excusevto not seeing most of this downward spiral live

  29. AIO_7

    Jackson has lost his musculature.


  30. Cat Lady

    I know it’s part of the game but I hate when people shake and make a deal and then break it. Ok say yes you will but don’t shake on it..

  31. hogwild

    This might be a plan for Nicole and Cliff vote Tommy out Thursday but before then get Jackson and let him know you have noticed all the fighting and stress he has with Holly carefully float the idea of him having a final three with them. At worst he says no and your where you were with your final four deal if he says all three of you play for final HOH and at least one of you make F2.

  32. Ronduh

    I think for Holly’s mental health she should go this week. She’s on the ledge! She has some major issues (they both do) and it seems like she’s on the verge of a breakdown…just my opinion!

    • Helen

      She makes no sense…first she tells Jackson..there is no weight behind my words…that’s just the way my friends and the people around me talk in real life
      Next Breathe she tells Jackson. No I don’t think it’s ok to talk to you like that…not in real life

    • hogwild

      Holly has issues no question but I don’t think she is on the edge of a breakdown personally I think she is doing this stuff and haming it up for the cameras to get cast on the Bachleor, Bachelorette, Love Island or something similar.

      • davidsgirl

        Because she has such a needy personality there are times I think she does or says things to get attention. But the problem is she gets the wrong reaction and response from what she was looking for from people.

      • ElaineB

        She has already dipped her toe in the Bachelor franchise…..by dating Luke Pell.

  33. davidsgirl

    So Holly has been saying she is a Safari guide. But then I come across this, http://rockstarenergy.com/models/holly-allen looks like she’s the face for Rockstar. News to me. So either she has been lying about the Safari guide thing, or she does both.?

  34. davidsgirl

    I had read somewhere earlier in the season that Holly was suppose to do Survivor a couple of years ago and then she was in a car accident. So she wasn’t in that season of Survivor. When she tried again for Survivor, she didn’t pass the mental evaluation, so she wasn’t placed on the show.

    I have felt for a long time that she has mental problems. She needs alot of help. And probably some medication. I don’t mean this in a condescending way, but to see her get help.

    • JennX

      I concur… if she has even half the issues she has claimed to have, then some sort of psychological assistance would be beneficial. Especially if she concentrated on better managing the PTSD and how to make healthier & better choices in the romantic partner area.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help for any medical condition including psychological ones. It just means you acknowledge your own imperfections and want to have appropriate tools to remedy that.

      • Mello_One

        Holly a very insecure young woman. Who has been in some real bad relationships, & knowing that she shouldn’t be jumping into the deep end of the pool with Jackson, a Dude who is 7 years younger than her?! After the argument last night, I doubt seriously that they will have anything outside of the house.

        Also as I mentioned b4, Holly has had a lot of plastic surgery done to her face. She mentioned it to some of the HG, that if they had seen a before photo of her, they would not recognize her at all…I’ve seen the photo on Twitter, the only part of her you can recognize is her eyes.

  35. davidsgirl

    Oh my gosh, she just told Jackson to stop guilt tripping her. Oh geeeze! I can’t stand Jackson but I hope he dumps her when this is over. she would drive me crazy. Life is too hard to be attached to someone like this.

  36. Avatar

    Hi – I have been lurking :). Someone mentioned tham talking about the stipend going up: Do we know how much it is? …and I would love it if they vote Holly out!

  37. hogwild

    According to what the people commenting on the feeds are saying Cliff and Nicole have decided to bounce Holly. I haven’t heard them say that and that could change before Thursday don’t know if they will give Jackson a heads up if it’s true if they do it will be intersting to see the reaction when they tell them about Cfhristie and Tommy’s past.

  38. Tam

    Can anyone please feel me in as to why JJ despises David so much? What did he do besides shake his hand wrong per something JJ previously said? I knew that he was intense, but it’s that a pot and kettle situation? Am I missing something? Just listening to the conversation and trying to recall. I was down for a while so perhaps I have missed something…..Seems like an alpha thing perhaps.

    • Kari

      I don’t know an answer to that. It makes no sense. I don’t want to think that race is the reason but… Who really knows..

      • Tam

        Kari, I didn’t even think about that. I was thinking that something happened and I just wasn’t aware of it. Didn’t know if they had words, a blow up, or just a pissing contest. If that is a factor that is beyond sad. Definitely not a good look if that is the case…..

  39. Kari

    Here i again with my silly poll. Who needs to go?!

    Thumbs UP: Tommy
    Things DOWN: Holly

  40. Nikki

    I know we e gone over this… but my old brain can’t keep it in order… realistically, how can Cliff & Nicole make final 2?

    • Nikki


      I’m not being snippy about them, I really want to know what to pray for!

    • hogwild

      AfterThursday assuming it’s Holly who gets voted out one of them would need to win the veto after the next HOH because the veto holder is the only one who votes between the two OTB if they get past that one of them needs to win HOH and that person decides who goes to the final two with them. When they hit the final four it’s possible Jackson could try and take Tommy out or vice versa but basically one of them has to win next veto and HOH for them to make F2.

  41. mm22

    Haven’t been on feeds today-did the two looney birds make up?

  42. Robin

    On live feeds, JJ tells Nicole it’s okay if Holly goes home!

  43. Mary

    I see Holly just as, if not more narcissistic than Jackson. He does not seek out or needs to be the center of attention like Holly does.

  44. Robin

    Holly asleep on the outdoor sofa, Tommy and Cliff teasing about throwing her in the pool.

  45. Kari

    My tablet is about to die and I do not have time to see if anyone else has posted this but this is about Jackson being okay with Holly leaving.


  46. hogwild

    Shit I just realized with christie gone I can’t use my cow chewing gif anymore.

  47. Robin

    Looks like JJ Cliff and nicole may make a final 3 alliance….. right now on the hammock

    • Helen

      Well…he already made one with Cliff and Holly
      Might as well cover his bases and make it Cliff and Nicole
      I don’t trust him…I still think he’ll take Holly and Cliff to F3…
      With the hope of sending Cliff out at 3

      • AIO_7

        Holly won’t be there to take to F3. Nicole just said she didn’t want to go to F3 with a couple.

      • Sassy

        I love how they say they don’t want to go to final 3 with a couple. Nicole and Cliff are a pair, that’s no different than a couple. They are ride or die, which is probably stronger than most of the couples. TT and CC always said it, and it bothered me that no one called them out for it.

      • AIO_7

        “I love how they say they don’t want to go to final 3 with a couple. Nicole and Cliff are a pair,”

        Yeah, but they have the choice this week.

  48. Helen

    Just having the satisfaction of seeing Holly’s pic at top of page with the nom underneath it makes my day!!!

  49. Avatar

    Swaggy and Bayleigh are bragging that last night’s episode was the most watched episode of the season


  50. Mello_One

    I said this on the previous thread….While I don’t care for Holly, I wholeheartedly believe that Nugget, & Cliff should evict Tommy. Tommy is well beloved by the majority of his former Alliance in the Jury House. Tommy didn’t anger, or evict anyone who would not vote for him. On the flipside, Kat, & Jess are both pissed off at Nugget because didn’t give them her vote to stay, & she evicted Christie. Tommy at F2 would win unanimously against anyone, except maybe Cliff. The best scenario for Nicole is Cliff, & her at F2.

    • AIO_7

      You are wrong on this one, Mello. Think it through some more. I voted you up, anyway.

      • Mello_One

        AIO you could be right….But its soooo freaking chancy?! If the jury votes solely by game play, social game, & winning comps at best its still a 50/50 chance Nugget might not win…And I do want this girl to win.

      • AIO_7

        The jury vote doesn’t really matter now, here is why. Tommy, Holly, Jax will all beat Cliff or Nicole in a F2. The only way Cliff or Nicole win it all is to make sure BOTH of them are in F3, then F2.

    • hogwild

      Personally I would take Tommy out now just whatever you do don’t let him make F3 he gets to F2 I think he wins and I don’t think it’s really close I could see it going 6-3 for him.

    • Alda

      I am very afraid of Tommy.He has been a great actor this whole season.He always acts like he truly cares about whatever the houseguests are saying.He LOVES everyone
      so much.He is posessed by everything they say or do.He always wants to cuddle if you’re feeling down.They all seem to gravitate to him on some level. Holly on the otherhand is not a very likeable person.not much of a personality and self absorbed.man,this is a tough call for Nugget and Cliff.

  51. AIO_7

    Great, great, great conversation here. Nicole and Cliff tentatively agree that keeping Tommy would be best …


  52. Tam

    Funny when Nugget laughed just now on the hammock the couch crew perked up like meerkats. Then Tommy says something that I couldn’t catch……
    Tommy is a tricky lil schemer…… Welcome To Big Brother……

  53. AIO_7

    Jackson will not take Tommy to F2. Tommy will not take Jackson to F2 because he wants all of the Six Shooter vote. Both would rather sit beside C or N in F2, and for good reason. Keeping Holly would almost ensure her and
    Jackson in F3, and Nic or Cliff going home. This late in the game you DON’T want to sit next to (compete against) a couple.

  54. Mary

    2012 Miss Wyoming, USA Holly Allen

    She does look a lot different.

  55. AIO_7

    I hadn’t even noticed, but have they had this kiddie pool table all year?


    • Mello_One

      These HG this year really didn’t play a lot of Pool, as did other seasons, huh AIO? That’s most like why we all haven’t noticed the Pool Table…lol?!

    • Tam

      Not sure about that, AIO. They are making comments about it being cheap. Sam played on it so it seems like it would have been taller, but I am not a pool player so I have no idea. I just know the only time I saw it being played on was Sam and Nugget. But don’t quote me on that.

  56. AIO_7

    Think about it; Nicole and Cliff are in the cat-bird seat. Both Jackson and Tommy would want to compete against them (and not each other) in F3. That all goes out the window if they keep Holly. I’m confident that Nicole is smart enough to see that.

  57. MamaBear

    OMG! Did y’all just hear Holly say that the sandals they found belonged to Sis and came from Target so she doubted she’d even want them back? God she is so pompous!!

    • Tam

      MamaBear, just wait……..Between JJ talking about the cheap IKEA furniture, HB talking about stupid things like the above mentioned, any others saying different things……..It’s like the tide of Affluenza has rolled in. People have lost their homes and sleeping in the streets, people’s houses gone to hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. and they make these flippant remarks as such just makes you weep for humanity…….Sad hearing it and seeing the food that is wasted knowing what is really happening in the outside world.

      • Tam

        And actually Sis read the tag off the bottom and they are from ROSS. That I do remember correctly, but that’s taking Sis’s word for it because she may not have read it correctly. Big words are hard for her

      • MamaBear

        I know! This just bites my ass!! I loathe people who act like holier than thou! It drives me nuts! My only hope is that someday they are homeless and desperate and have to rely on the kindness of strangers! Strangers whose character far exceeds their own!!

      • danmtruth

        Holly was also complaining about the cheep wine

      • Tam

        Dan, she is the cheap whine of this season…….Why is she complaining……

    • Mello_One

      @Helen, all Holly is gonna do is call Jackson some more Effing Assholes, especially in Jury….lol?!

      • Tam

        Yet, she is the efffing him into the shower now…..She is the one that lead him by the nose pipe into there. Shame is on him for following…….Mal pris imo
        She can’t make the veiller and play the game but she is pain pee po the time she has and then pomee’ about it all night. Trying to keep my words clean until tonight….Sorry for the broken english, happens when I get the red ass and try to keep from going dark tongue…..No words…….

  58. AIO_7

    Nicole just said. “It’s going to happen.” (Getting Holly out)


    • Tam

      SO PROUD of Nugget for catching the tassels fraying on the magic carpet ride that TT was trying to take her on, but the sick chick needs to get the cluck out…..Starting to worry that she may be the bunny boiler that I have heard mentioned. De’ pouille folks

  59. Tam

    Please tell me I am not the only seeing this!!!!!!!!
    HB is trying to get him JJ take a shower with her to manipulate him because he isn’t saying what she is trying to get him to. I don’t respect her for that. She is there to play a game and she wrong for manipulating him with sex because it is not even about the game. If it was a game strategy, hey, more power to you, gf. But, it’s not. It’s about emotional manipulation. He should be aware of her tricks. He is trying to do the right thing and she isn’t. Then she tries to tell us the story of how we should see her. WELL, I SEE HER FOR WHAT SHE REALLY IS. She just doesn’t. Tired of her playing the victim and blaming him for everything. He is wrong for giving into it and she is wrong for what she is doing. Stay strong, JJ, keep looking at your watermelons and don’t fall for her bs. Can’t believe I am standing up for him, but she is just so damn wrong. This girl needs help. I can’t call her a woman because I just can’t at this point. She hasn’t been playing anything for a while except shower patty and pouty. DR. PHIL please report to the DR…..

    • AIO_7

      Don’t sweat it, Tam; Holly will be gone on Thurs..

    • MamaBear

      Amen and Hallelujah Tam!!!

      • MamaBear

        I swear! If Jolly tries to eat one slice of pizza prepared by the others I’m gonna burst into that freakin house and smack them silly!! I say BB should rig the damn shower doors where they can’t get out! Damnit I’m livid! Holly doesn’t wash a dish, clean a bathroom or do anything constructive! She follows Jackson around like a love sick moron! Her azz has better go out those doors Thursday or I’m going to spontaneously combust!!

      • Tam

        Welcome to my world, Mama…..Makes you want to get a switch or my cattle whip and tear that ass up in a way she wouldn’t like. Lord forgive me. Worried about her damn image. She’s behaving like she is really worried about her image. Delusional and a raconteur for sure…..

      • Tam

        Mama, she just came down the stairs wondering if they ate all the pizza………..

    • Robin

      Oh Tam, JJ is no prince, but she truly is some piece of work! I’m just trying to keep my blood pressure down so I can sleep… and yes she makes my blood boil.

      • Tam

        Robin, right there with you. Talk about need a peace pipe to put up with her bs. She wouldn’t like me because earlier she said that Kat said she didn’t have any friends that would call her out on her bs, but Holly said she would. Ok, girlie. It’s giddy up time. I would definitely set her straight and not let her pull a Sis, Jess, and CC all at one time moment on me. Everytime she talks with JJ now they are pulling the NatGeo special with the fish. CBS would definitely be fined over me and it would be a MUST SEE TV moment……Give her all my attention and a true reality check….She would need that cape to soften her landing….GrrrrrrrrrNow she getting into her I Dream Of Weenie costume……..Perfect outfit…….

    • danmtruth

      She just seems to have no self respect Or any confidence in herself

      • Mary

        Seems she just broke up with someone before she entered the big brother house. She didn’t take time to herself, before jumping into another relationship and unfortunately it’s on 24/7 live feeds for the world to see. In a way I feel sorry for both off them.

      • Tam

        NOPE SHE DOESN’T…..As much as tries to convince us……Sorry not buying it…..

  60. AIO_7

    Nicole is making me hungry …


  61. Avatar

    I like Nicole a lot but HOH she won was thrown to her by Cliff. I would like Cliff to win over her because he has been stronger in competitions overall and is more strategic in my opinion. Also his love of the BB game is awesome and his
    subtle game play at times, like bringing up The Challenge is smart.

  62. hogwild

    Watching the feeds earlier when Cliff and Nicole were talking to Jackson and later when they were talking to Tommy get the feeling right now it will be Holly going but they also seem to be playing both Jackson and Tommy pretty good they are not putting their cards on the table or committing totally to either one.

  63. Mary

    Holly singing to Jackson- Come and get your love-

    Think the guy dancing was better than Holly. 🙂

  64. Avatar

    NK check your massages if you are on

  65. Nikki

    NK I hope you got a Starbucks today!:)
    You need copious amounts of caffeine after the all nighter you pulled last night.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Not yet Nikki. I’ve been busy today but had the feeds on in the background and checked back here on and off when I could. But this is going to be a looooong night. I just hope they don’t fight again because I can’t be here to watch it. I have to go to bed as soon as the show is over. Have an early appointment tomorrow.

  66. Kari

    Off topic but we share more than the game here so what the hell. Super excited! My husband has all next week off of work and so we’re trying to find things that we can afford to do. Our big state fair is going on and adult admission is now $14 just to walk through the damn gate. Someone is gifting us 4 tickets! (The comp tickets the lot of companies give away.) At any rate so we’ll be able to go and also be able to give the other two to my daughter and her friend. 🙂

  67. danmtruth

    Honestly Hog i think Holly might want to look to adding one of these to her makeup suitcase

  68. Tam

    I can see her having a few Adam and Eve products in there, too. SORRY that was tacky but so is she……

  69. Tam

    JJ being a freakin hero for poor sleep deprived HB….whatever……Now I am done with his whipped ass…..Lost all respect for him……..

  70. NKogNeeTow


    Nothing much happening in the house tonight. After FAH’s epic rampage last night, I doubt they will be getting anymore alcohol anytime soon. Or at least until after she leaves. I did watch the feeds for a bit this evening and although she didn’t start up again, she almost did. She also wrangled her way back upstairs into the HOH room. She laid a guilt trip on JJ about how she hadn’t been sleeping well and it was hard to sleep downstairs. Of course he caved and told her they could sleep there tonight, but only after she offered him a “shower”.


    Uncle Cliff was snoring his brains out when he got a warning about sleeping hours and game Production a thumbs up. *Take notes Thumby.*


    Nicole is showering. JJ comes in and says hello and ask where Cliff is. She tells him she doesn’t know, maybe in the RV. He says he’ll go check. He then casually slips in and ask her if she minded if he and The Hag can sleep up there tonight because she hasn’t been able to sleep for the past few weeks and he wanted her to have a good night’s rest. She tells him no problem.


    TT is now on the other bed talking to Cliff and JJ comes in. He tells them that Haggitha is in the DR. TT asks him about his color. He says JJ looks a little red. JJ tells him it will be fine by tomorrow and should turn to brown. The 3 of them talk about how it’s time to leave the house now. They say it was fun while it lasted but now it’s time to go.


  71. NKogNeeTow



    The guys are going though the comps and who won what. TT says JJ won 3 out of 10 HOH, JJ says he also won 3 Vetos. They start talking about which comps they participated in. JJ tells TT that he’s won half the Vetos and that’s pretty impressive. TT thanks him. *TT looks kind of cut with his little 5 o’clock shadow…not so twirly. He is a cute little fella.* They get silent for a moment then TT says he wishes he had won more HOH’s. Then more silence.

    They count the HG that never won HOH’s. They count 6, Kemi, David, Ovi, Sis, Kat, and I can’t remember the 6th. More silence then Cliff says he was going to put his clothes up but forget. TT asks what time it is then says he wonders who is after FAH in the DR. TT says DR sessions get a lot longer at this point in the game. Cliff says pretty soon it will be only a couple of people talking then that will be it. He says he hope something special happens this week. TT says him too.


  72. danmtruth

    No matter who is going you can count on Nicole to tell them who is going before

  73. NKogNeeTow



    The guys are now talking about baseball. JJ said he was a pitcher before he messed his arm up. Cliff says he has a nephew that plays for TCU. He says baseball runs deep in his family. Cliff says he loved going to Midland when the Angels were called the California Angels. He said anytime a home run was hit, they would pass a hat around and collect money then give it to the players as a bonus. He said the best seat in the stadium was behind home plate where they set up a recliner and whoever won that seat got to sit there and enjoy the game. JJ says that’s great. TT is drifting off to sleep, then JJ drifts off.


    Nicole is sitting on the bed reading her letter again.


    JJ says he use to watch the Sham-Wow commercial on repeat. He said he’d even watch the Jewelry Channel. TT laughs at him. JJ said he’s watch anything. Cliff says that for a while every channel he turned to was selling sex toys. TT laughs. Cliff says it would be hard sometimes because during a certain times the kids would be home from school. JJ says he remembers watching the Wolf of Wall Street with a former girlfriend. He said the opening scene was somebody doing coke out of a girl’s butt and her parents walked in. TT says he’s never seen it.


  74. NKogNeeTow

    Bennett, it took to long to load and I didn’t have time to wait because the show is about to resume. Go ahead and post it since it’s a link. I’m sure it will be fne.

  75. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is upset and telling herself to pull herself together. She says she just wants them at the Finale so bad (looking at a picture of her family). She says she’s so close and tells herself to pull herself together again. She takes the Chess board back to the Treehouse table. She meets TT in the hallway and he asks her if she’s fed the fish. She says no. He asks her what’s wrong. She says she’s just having a moment. He goes into the room with here and asks if she wants to talk about it.

    She tells him she just wants her family there so bad and starts to cry. He asks her if she’s okay. She repeats she’s just having a moment. She says it’s just that it’s just so close. TT tells her they spend so much time talikng about their families and the same things over again and it get to be a lot. He tells her it will happen. He asks her who would evict her. He tells her she is likable, people want her there and she’s earned her spot and managed not to be a target.

    He says that if she’s in the F2 whoever is sitting next to her should be scared. *Oh oh* She says she was up there and it just hit her. He says it’s weird. He says even though there are 5 of them, a lot can happen. He says they’ve talked about their families a lot today. She says she doesn’t even know if they would want to come out but she thinks they would. He tells her she’s a small town girl making it big and it’s spectacular. She tells him they are almost there.


    • danmtruth

      NK good luck with the updates for your sanity here is hopping for a smooth night

    • MartyMar

      Is it just me, or does TT sound like an even bigger arrogant ass now? He seems to be a bit condescending (kinda) towards Nicole, like guaranteeing one of them a spot to F3 if they keep him (uh, duh), or telling Nicole anyone else should be afraid if she’s F2 (buttering her up?). He doesn’t seem at all concerned that they could still vote him out, which makes it seem he has no respect for the power and position they in fact earned. Holly may be a wackadoodle, but this Toony figure is really getting under my skin. Tough choice for Nicole. I’m starting to think her and Cliff should split the vote and let Jackson make the call — and hint at it to all of them. F’ the three of them; both TT and Beth should be sweating it out and Jackson will be caught between a rock and a hard place having to decide whether to suffer more torment from Holly.

  76. Avatar

    Ok KN I have been waiting for your reply I’m going to bed here is the link


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  78. danmtruth

    Tam found a new product for Holly to pitch Sure seems better than the shower stool

  79. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole says she will gather her things and transport them back downstairs.


    Cliff says he doesn’t drink to much. He says that when he and Sharon go out to dinner they might have a drink. Lying-Azz-Fake-Azz tells him she really doesn’t drink that much. Just wine every once in a while. *I’m surprised she didn’t choke on that lie after her performance last night.* JJ says he wants to take a trip to somewhere. *They are so boring I’m finding it hard to keep up with any of their conversations.* Cliff says he has a friend that makes wine.

    Cliff says he’s not sure what the process is but he has a feeling that they are going to get a lot of attention from a lot of people when they leave. JJ says 3 weeks they will be out of there. He says he’ll be walking through the Nashville airport. He says he’s going to call some of his buddies and make a trip to Knoxville. Haggatha doesn’t say anything. Cliff looks up at the cam and says SKD143 love you Sharon. Then stares off into space.
    Cliff finally puts on his glasses, gets up and says he’s going to the bathroom then see what time it is. He tells the live feeders he hopes they enjoyed the enlightening conversation


  80. Mary

    New thread………

  81. Robin

    Okay, I admit I’m either getting daft or sentimental. Nicole homesick cry with Tonny was like something from a 1940’s movie. I swear that she was so sweet, reminded me of a young Catherine Hepburn.

  82. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is standing at the counter eating. FAH is washing dishes. Cliff is eating pizza with milk. Sounds like they are talking about where to hide their Vetos. She says she had a lot of the same ideas Nicole did. *Of course she did. Has she ever had an original thought?* She asks if Brett won last year. Cliff says yes, he buried his under a lot of mattresses. JJ is still eating at the counter with the refrigerator door wide open behind him. He finally closes it. Cliff eats a few more snacks then heads to the SR with his glass of milk.


    Cliff tells BB he doesn’t really need anything in there he just wanted to get away from JJ/FAH for a minute. He says there are no done deals and he doesn’t know whether he’s going to send TT or FAH home. He says TT has offered a sweet deal. He says he’s not sure about taking a showmance any further. He says Tt is a free agent. He says going into a F3 he doesn’t necessarily have to beat TT but if he had to he would. He says if he’s in the F2 he can make an argument for winning the money.

    He says if they send FAH home, he and Nicole are the only duos left in the game and it’s amazing. He says it’s been a long journey and its not over yet. He says they call themselves The Fellowship of the Zing. He says it’s hard because the people in the house are his friends and he doesn’t want to burst any bublbles. He says he’s not giving up his dream for someone else’s. He says it’s a brutal game that he loves so much.

    He says he’s practiced his Days and Facial Recognition. He says he’s doing what he can to be prepared. He says later live feeders, signs off to his wife again and leaves. ON his way out he grabs Orwell then goes back to the kitchen.


    JJ is standing in front of the Memory Wall. Cliff tells him it’s hard. He says after a while you just see eyes and noses. JJ says he has guy brain.


  83. NKogNeeTow



    JJ and FAH are talking. He tells her he has to tell her something. He tells her he has a F2 with Cliff. She says hilarious. She says, you don’t do you? He says no, I’m just kidding. She ask if he has a F2 with her. He says he doesn’t have a F2 with anyone and he’s made it clear to everybody. *He really didn’t sound like he was playing.*

    Outer Bedroom:

    Cliff cam talking and saying since there is no more DE he’s going to finally unpack his suitcase. He says for our viewing pleasure, then starts to unpack his bag and name everything as he takes them out. He has brought a lot of swimsuits and says he guess he was planning to do a lot of swimming this summer. Nicole and TT come through and she goes into the camper. She comes back out and asks if JJ/FAH are outside. Cliff says he thinks so. She leaves. TT comes through and notices Cliff unpacking. Cliff tells him that since there is no more threat of a DE he can unpack now.

    Cliff puts away his clothes as TT walks through and tells him he’s on his way to the DR. Cliff continues to unpack and put clothes away. He hears Nicole talking in another room and asks if she’s alright. She responds but you can’t hear what she says. She comes in with an arm full of bedding and tells him that she got in trouble. He asks why. She says she threw the bedding over the railing and got a warning and she apologized to Production.

    Cliff asks Nicole about some dates. They go over a few. She says she’s going to make some tea and tells him she feels bad about getting in trouble. He tells her she’s okay. Cliff continues to unpack and finds some hoodies. He says he thought it would be cooler and brought so many but didn’t need them but now that the weather is changing he might now. He says what he really wants is another suitcase. He holds up some of his clothes and tells us what and when he wore them. *Yep, the cherry on the cake of my day alright.*


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