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Big Brother 21 – Monday Madness

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Monday and I don’t think there is a veto meeting today which makes sense based on previous seasons. My memory isn’t amazing, but I do know at this point in the game there are typically 5 people remaining which changes this week up quite a bit. Going from 4 to 3 is typically done over a two-day span and it’s not shown on the feeds. Every season I’ve blogged, they take the feeds down on Tuesday for an eviction that airs on Wednesday and the feeds don’t return until Thursday night.  Also, I’m fairly sure the veto meeting doubles as the eviction ceremony and the remaining person stands up and casts their vote to evict live.

Again, don’t hold me to that because my memory may be off, but I’m fairly sure that’s how it goes and that’s why I don’t really know what’s going on this year.

This means the veto meeting should take place this Thursday night live on the air and Jackson can give his big speech that further sinks his chances in the finale. He plans on explaining his decision to vote out Cliff by saying it’s due to Nicole and Cliff breaking their word to them. The problem is, Nicole and Cliff didn’t break their word (they only considered it), and everyone and their mother knew that Jackson was going to find a way to take Holly to the final 2. He wasn’t going to make up this massive lie and cause a ton of drama (with Tommy) to save Holly only to scrap her at the final 4. With him making up excuses, it just cheapens the move. Just own it. You’ve been banging Holly all summer and there is a very real possibility that you two walk away with a combined $550,000. Nobody is going to fault you for breaking the word of an alliance you formed like two weeks ago.


Also, I was thinking more about Nicole being upset last night and feeling super guilty that it’s her fault Cliff is going home. She thinks she should have given him the final HoH because he is the one who did most of the scheming and deal-making to get them to that point. While that part is true, he’s also the person who talked Nicole into evicting Tommy over Holly which killed their chances at making the final 2 together. I’m aware that there was still a chance that they could have made it to the final 2 with keeping Holly, but that path relied on a few competition wins which neither are good at (compared to Jackson). Had they taken Tommy and Jackson won this veto, there is a good possibility he would have evicted Tommy this week rather than Cliff.  Then there would be a guarantee that either Cliff or Nicole make it to the luck round of the final HoH where it’s essentially a coin flip.

I’ll say it over and over that Cliff had a really solid game and made it much further than anyone expected him to. I don’t want to take away from his ability to get this far by trashing his late game, but the reality is, he let $500k slip away from Nicole and himself when he talked Nicole into keeping Holly. The frustrating part is that Cliff is the person who made the best argument to keep Tommy last week and that was because of what just happened. He said if Tommy stays, there is a path where he can win or finish 2nd. If Holly stays, there is a very real chance he finishes 4th place.

Let me also add that Jackson deserves major credit for his ability to flip Cliff, but that’s a different post at a different time.

I’ll update this if there is a veto meeting otherwise it’s mostly just the house sleeping all day


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  1. mm22

    **He plans on explaining his decision to vote out Cliff by saying it’s due to Nicole and Cliff breaking their word to them. The problem is, Nicole and Cliff didn’t break their word (they only considered it), and everyone and their mother knew that Jackson was going to find a way to take Holly to the final 2. ** thanks Steve that’s all I keep
    thinking n & c didn’t break their word!

  2. Apopkedave

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Jackson saves himself, puts up cliff and votes out Holly… Looking at the jury I think Holly would win over Jackson.

  3. Avatar

    So disappointed that Nicole let Cliff talk her out of evicting Holly. So disappointed. I don’t know that I really care who wins. It seems Nicole knows what’s going on, thinks logically and then she lets Cliff get in the way. Jackson, though I don’t like him, played hard and gunned for it. I lied. I would care if Holly won. I liked the Holly that played when Kat was around. But this Holly I don’t like. Hoping against hope Nicole can get in that final 2 with Holly.

    And why isn’t anyone asking Jackson, ok Jackson, if we didn’t go against our word and consider keeping Tommy, would you really be evicting Holly right now? Shouldn’t she be pissed that this is his argument? Any argument he makes about not keeping his word to Cliff means he would have turned on Holly but for that? Am I missing something?

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      I must be missing something too Di. I just don’t get why (other than personal reasons) JJ is the only one on the hot seat for breaking deals, words, handshakes, etc. They all shook on a deal of final 4, and then it was game on. Nicole broke her word and Cliff went along with it, by TELLING JJ that they were voting Beth out. At that moment, C/N broke a deal, promise, handshake, whatever they want to call it, that had been in place and honored for awhile. At that point, if you are JJ (and Beth but she just does what she’s told) and your deal is being “considered” broken, you are less than a day until eviction, you have to either give up or do something. If C/N had not “considered” breaking their final 4 deal, TT would have gone home and both duos KNEW each would take their partner. They all knew that when there were 3 duos left. JJ has now ALMOST been burned by the final 4 deal, but should trust and/or take Cliff to final 3? OF course JJ would take Beth and of course Cliff would take Nicole. That’s why the “deal” was made for final 4. JJ and Beth are a lot of things imo, but I can’t see how C/N don’tat least share the blame on breaking deals. Considering right up until the vote is breaking the trust of your final 4. Again, I may be missing something but I don’t get N/C being blameless.

      • mm22

        So Nicole and cliff may have considered their options and that broke trust
        with the jollys but they went thru with the final 4 deal and voted tommy out-
        I must not be understanding things?

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        If they had just considered , but they flat out told JJ/B that they were breaking their deal by voting Beth out. Putting myself in JJ’s place at that point, the deal was broken. They were debating until the show aired. Personally, I love a blindside and they should have done that if they wanted out of the deal imo. Bounce all the checks you want, but don’t expect future checks you receive to be good. All 4 of them did it, but C/N drew first blood imo on the final 4 deal. I hope Nicole wins, but her hands aren’t spotless is all I’m saying.

      • mm22

        Thanks pablo -was traveling and knew I missed some stuff-couldn’t understand
        why some thought one way others thought another

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Me too mm 🙂 I’m trying to understand it all myself.

      • Avatar

        Oh, I agree it was not very smart at all of C/N to tell Jackson about possibly evicting Holly and true, they were first to go back on it. Should have discussed it but kept their mouth shut. My confusion is Nicole is blaming herself that Cliff is going home and Cliff is upset that Jackson isn’t keeping his word, but if Jackson always planned on keeping Holly, then why is he making it sound like he’s not taking Cliff to F3 or F2 because C/N betrayed them? Had no one betrayed anyone, he’d still be taking Holly. That’s what I think is strange about Jackson’s speech of you betrayed us first (and they did, totally agree) but at F4, he was never taking Cliff so stop using the betrayal as the reason for voting him out. Like Nicole said, just say you’re voting him out. Like you said, it was an F4 deal and that’s where the deal ended.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I agree, maybe, and I’m just guessing here, JJ thinks he needs a reason to have made a fake final 3 with Cliff? He should just say all bets were always off at 4.

      • Kel-E

        An hour before the showed aired on thursday clidd and nicole told holly Beth in the bathroom they were evicting her, that was breaking their word. Like y’all said, they should have kept their mouths shut…eh, no big deal, it only cost them $500,000 right. That’s just chump change to them I guess

      • Avatar

        I don’t get all the Nicole/Cliff love. Y’all keep saying they just “considered” breaking their final 4. They were going to until they made Holly promise to throw the hoh and veto to them. And then Nicole is so proud that she “won” hoh. Spare me. I liked her and felt sorry for her at first and disliked Jackson. But with 3 weeks to go, she said she needs to start building her resume lol. Jackson has played a hell of a game and deserves to win

    • Robin

      Good point Lady!

    • Avatar

      Jackson/Holly (who have said they are probably the best showmance in bb history) are absolutely the most boring, entitled, egomaniacal people ever! Want to see fire from them …. just mention absolutely any other houseguests accomplishments or even someone else being attractive & flames shoot from their ears. Btw has anyone degraded people as much as Holly…. you know the one calling all the girls mean girls?

  4. Colby

    HB running around in her barely there bikini made me think.
    Supposedly she survived a horrific wreck that nobody should have, yet we have seen almost every inch of her body and she has no scars anywhere.
    OK, Raven!

    • mm22

      Good point colby! If she went over a 30 ft cliff in a pickup she sure shows no signs
      physically! Now I want to read that article in o magazine (I think that’s the ref)

      • Nancy

        I only found a snippet online, from O magazine..nothing we all dont know.

      • mm22

        I saw the same-I’m not doubting an accident-but horrific 30 ft cliff? what were you
        wearing bubble wrap? If you want attention n sympathy you think she would be
        telling that story somethings smells fishy here

    • kneeless

      I have been thinking the same thing, Colby. I can see not having visible facial scars with all the sparkling she puts on but surely if the accident was that bad, she should have some visible scars, somewhere.

  5. Avatar

    We now have a new nickname for the buzzards now. They are now the shower couple and Rockstar was the one who came up with it on Twitter


  6. mona77450

    If I were Cliff and Nicole, I would double team Jackson with the fact that bitter juries have been the norm in recent seasons and since Holly has little or no blood on her hands, then SHE is the likely winner in jury votes. Also, both Holly and Jackson were part of the gr8ful and 6 shooters alliances so the jury members who were in those alliances MIGHT look more favorable at Holly because she didn’t damage the alliance as much as Jackson. I would emphasize the fact that neither Cliff or Nicole were part of those alliances and as outsiders he would have a better chance and winning against Holly. All they have to do is remind Jackson of the Jury votes for when Nicole, Josh and K C won against.more successful competitors.

    • Sassy

      It won’t work for this eviction, because both C/N have told JJ they won’t take him to F2. He has to have Beth in F3 for a better chance of making F2. It would be more effective to use in the next round, but I don’t see it working then either, but it may cause a rift between them and make feeds more interesting.

  7. hogwild

    I’m really sick of Jackhole and the Ho trying to play the martyr over voting Cliff out N&C wanted to go to the F2 together so did Jckson and Holly neither was going to vote their ride or die out so Jackson Holly just admit this and stop trying to pass yourself off as bastion of honor and nobility who would have never done this if Cliff and Nicole had not considered voting Holly out.

    • Avatar

      exactly my point way above…. just didn’t say it so succinctly. This is where it was going regardless. I could swear I heard it said on one of the episodes, get to F4 then every man for himself. So THAT’S why he’s voting Cliff out. Not because of almost evicting Holly.

      • Sassy

        He and Cliff has a F2 deal, that Cliff found it necessary to clarify this week. He told JJ, Cliff would be taking Nicole to F2, but HOPED JJ would still honor the deal and take him… Hahahahahaha!!!!! Who does that and thinks it’s a good idea??

  8. Kristi

    Has there been a BB winner that was booed? Can jury boycott voting?

  9. Sunny

    I was thinking – maybe Cliff should work on Holly. Tell her Jackson has already said that that he can beat Holly in final 2. Maybe Holly should talk Jackson into taking her off the block and saving her (since she had to lose the HOH competition) and then she votes out Jackson. Tell Holly, that’s the only way you have a chance at winning. If Holly goes to final 2 with with Cliff or Nicole, she will have a better chance of winning. Is she here for a showmance or winning and playing her own game? Now hopefully, Nicole or Cliff could win against Holly. Just throwing that out into the universe! LOL! Working on Jackson flipping isn’t going to happen – he “knows” he beats Holly in a final 2.

  10. mustangsally

    I wish Nicole would STFU about how the final 3 works. Duh Jacksass and stool pigeon are paying attention.

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  12. Mary

    Cliff should stand up and say on eviction night, ” Michie, just go ahead and vote me out. I’ve thought about it, and have come to the realization that even if Nicole & I didn’t consider voting out Holly and keeping Tommy, you would have never kept your promise anyway. I know with all that I am, that you would never vote out your showermance Holly. So Son, you just go ahead and vote me out. No need for any big speech as to why, because it would just be another lie, just like all the other lies you have told this season. You and Holly play the victim roll very well, I commend you for that.”

  13. Avatar

    Why would there need to be a speech? They already told Nicole and cliff. Let his overgrown ego runaway with his mouth. Entertaining to watch him go further down the tubes. I love the stool as chair comment lol. JJ played hard with no conscious but I would like to think I could too. However I have a heart and could not keep a straight face. I own it! He should too.

    • Joy

      Jackson loves the spotlight and THINKS (key word) that it will make him look good to the audience.

    • Nancy

      Jackson NEEDS to have a speech..gotta feed his ego…gotta let America know he has integrity and keeps his deals on a gentleman’s handshake, but cliff broke the agreement and nicole bullied his gal..and America will agree and love him..who knows, it probably will happen that America loves him if production has anything to do with it

  14. Sassy

    I know everyone thinks it’s silly they kept Beth overTT and c/N would both be going to F3 if they made a different choice, but I don’t think so. TT would NOT have thrown the HOH, and he would have fought for his life. If he won HOH and JJ won Veto, Nicole would be going to jury instead of Cliff. I think both TT and JJ would have taken Cliff to F2, but he’d lose to both of them. Their best chance was Beth being in the house and being able to beat her, TT would have been MUCH harder to beat.

  15. Tracy

    God i hate jackass and the stool!! She is the worst representatuon of a woman and i can only hope she reads alk that’s bee written about her!!

  16. Colby

    And once again HB & JJ are sleeping.
    She seems to be able to sleep anywhere all day long, but then complains she can’t sleep at night and needs the HOH bed.

    • mm22

      Just heard her today telling Jackson she doesn’t sleep just lays listening to him
      breathing as he sleeps….liar liar your pants are on fire!! Oops forgot she doesn’t
      wear em

  17. mm22

    This is from jokers sun 2:53 am
    Jackson telling holly he thinks he will get Jack,Nick,Christi,Nicole & possibly Jess because he thinks she’ll vote for game. He also thinks maybe Tommy too (they’re trying to count votes between Holly/Jackson F2)**’a few minutes behind watching/updating* NT – ILuvMySteelers

  18. mm22

    How kind of Jackson to give hollybeth sis, kat and cliffs votes! What a guy

  19. Annabelle

    What will be the most interesting part of this season is hearing about the reality smack those two get after. I hope it starts with Booo when they hit the stage.

  20. danmtruth

    Last season their were no standout villians Swaggy was not in the game long enough to personaly influence it Except that the group he help formed was totally lacking in trust for each other Go back and Josh was smart enough to seperate himself in the goodbye mesages from Paul Wnere you had Paul who happily was many live feeders villain who ended up loosing A F2 of Holly & Michie is a no winner choice for most live feed watchers

  21. Avatar

    Jackson/Holly (who have said they are probably the best showmance in bb history) are absolutely the most boring, entitled, egomaniacal people ever! Want to see fire from them …. just mention absolutely any other houseguests accomplishments or even someone else being attractive & flames shoot from their ears. Btw has anyone degraded people as much as Holly…. you know the one calling all the girls mean girls?

  22. Ronduh

    Saw this on Twitter
    Omg I’m screaming

  23. Vikki T

    Referring back to talk of Jolly sharing the winnings. This article is from when Vanessa was in the house and she was trying to bribe folks. I do remember a couple years production shut down some of the sharing talk.
    Also, giving to someone else not only creates tax problems for now, but in the future of gift taxes possible through your estate (yes, it follows you through your entire life).

  24. Avatar

    Since I’m getting tired and about to go to bed, here is tonight’s BBAD Playlist. I feel sorry for the ones that are going to be seeing Norman Bates and his mother. Here’s hoping Nicole will give the BS Empress some of her alcohol so y’all get a show


  25. hogwild

    I was just checking on the feeds out of boredorm Jackson Holly under the covers swear it looks she is giving him and hand job.

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  27. Avatar

    I lost all respect for Cliff after how he played the last round so selfishly. See ya Cliff! Rooting for Holly or Nicole at this point.

  28. Punkytripster2

    Jackson needs to just own up and say that after making the deal with Cliff and Cliff coming back to him and saying yes I’ll take you if I win veto but if I win final HOH I’m taking Nicole. Why would he take Cliff when he knows they will both pick each other over him. He needs to say this instead of saying N/C caused it by breaking their deals first. They all broke deals – that’s part of the game. Another thing that’s bothering me is Nicole continuing to say she know she should’ve broke up the showmance that’s the number one rule. So why wouldn’t Jackson and Holly want to do the same thing and break up the no-mance of Cliff and Nicole. I don’t see how I’m any world they would think that Jackson would pick them over Holly After how hard he fought for her to stay over Tommy that was all the evidence they needed to get rid of Holly. As BB19 Josh would say “you played yourself”. Jackson did all the campaigning last week not Holly she just did her normal mumble stutter I need another week to show my image campaign and make her “Hoar-ing with Halls Shower Talks”

  29. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is cam talking about the moon. He tells Sharon that it’s the one thing that they can both see. He says he’s doing okay and now knows that JJ is breaking his word and not taking him to F3. He says he’s going to campaign or give up. He says he’s going to appeal to his emotions and sense of honor and greed. *If he had emotions you might have a chance.* He says he’s going to remind him how bad it looks that he waited until after he won the Veto to rennig. *Good luck with that.*

    He says JJ told him and Nicole 10s of times that he wanted fighters and survivors to go to the F3 with him and made it clear that he wanted Cliff/Nicole with him. He says the problem is he’s arguing with a man who wants to take his girlfriend to the end. He tells his family that if they want to come to the Finale, they can use the points on their credit cards even though they might not be able to come on stage. He says if there isn’t anything special for the juror’s families then hopefully BB will tell them at the Finale. He says if they don’t, he’ll be on the first plane home after the Finale.

    He says that the only thing bothering him about not going to the F3 is taking away the experience from his family. He says he can live with the 4th place finish except for the family thing. He says he’s excited and when he wakes up tomorrow there will be 8 days left and he’s been on business trips longer than that. He says he gets to talk to his family on the phone and with no cameras following him around. He says the realization is this isn’t any different than a prison.

    He says when he has to leave next Thursday, he’ll shake hands, smile and walk out. He says he’s ready. He says he feels pretty cool. He says he’s 54 and in the F4, almost F3 and it hasn’t been easy being with these 20 somethings. He says many nights he didn’t want to have discussions about toiletry habits but he did. He says he doesn’t know where everyone is and he’s going to check and come back. He gets up and goes inside.


    • LynnD

      Am I the only one completely fed up with Cliff’s cam talk? Early in the game it was cute & entertaining. Now it’s just part of the all day routine. I turned BBAD on last night, it was the 1st thing I saw & turned it right back off. It really sucks too bc I have had ZERO time for this show & the blogs & this is what I get with the 30 min I have b4 I fall asleep. I hope for NK’s sake it got better.

      BTW, Happy Tuesday All!!

      • Mary

        Join the club Lynn, don’t think I watched a total of an hour of the feeds yesterday. Checked in last night with NK while Cliff was frantically looking for Orwell, that was the most excitement of the day.

  30. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff says JJ is upstairs and he thinks Nicole is in the DR. He says in 9 days he will be back to somewhat normal life and it’s been an incredible experience. He said he never had a clue the stress it would be being in the house. He says, in the end, he places a lot of value in relationships and promises and the goodness of men. *Now you’re getting a little over dramatic Cliff.* He says he found it interesting listening to Nicole’s viewpoint. JJ comes out and asks him if he found the moon. Cliff says not yet. JJ tells him the time.

    JJ comes over to the hammock. Cliff tells him that at least they have been a little slack with letting them sleep and nap. JJ says he might play some cards later. Cliff says it’s going to be odd not having the backyard. JJ says never again. Cliff says he’s going to be watching the show next year and said he remembers that. Cliff says CBS better hook them up with free All Access. *Hell, we pay and can’t get “All Access”.

    JJ asks him if they can go back and watch any seasons. Cliff tells him he pays 6.99 and can watch all shows but with commercials but if you play 9.99 with no commercials. JJ says his mom told him he should watch BB online. He says she kept telling him and the next thing he knew he was walking through the door. Cliff tells JJ he was putting in a floor when it was time for him to come to the show. He said every week when he came home he would put in a little more flooring. JJ says they had granite countertops installed and it was big and finding one piece of granite that size and finding someone to install it was a nightmare. Cliff says the floors he installed were laminate.

    Outer Bedroom:

    FAH is cam talking. She is rambling on about how every time she wanted to put on her makeup someone would come in and try to talk game. She shows us that ratty sign she made. *No one cares.*


    JJ is telling Cliff that his mom does all the home renovations and loves working with her hands. Cliff says he does too and it also saves money. JJ talks about living with people. Cliff says when he finished his yard it looked great but he never got to enjoy it because the next day he had to leave for the show. Cliff says this show isn’t like Survivor. JJ says this show is for 3 months.


  31. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling JJ why he wanted to be an engineer. He says it was a steady job. He says now what he does is more sales based. JJ says he was about to send his law school applications out but had something major happen and he postponed it for a year. JJ says he did everything to not come on the show for selfish reasons.

    Outer Bedroom:

    FAH puts on her glasses and goes to the kitchen, gets water and goes outside. *Because why would she let JJ out of her sight?* He goes over and sits on the ground next to JJ. She tells him she was picking at her face. *Can you just save us time and pull the jacket over your head so we won’t have to look at you?* JJ asks her where’s Nicole. She says she doesn’t know then tells him she was trying to explain why she hadn’t unpacked. The cam switches to the fish tank. *Ha, Ha, you clever devils. You figured out a way to fish us without us being on the feeds!*


    JJ is saying he bets Jack is so anxious. Cliff says that when he goes to the JH he will only be in there 6 days. *Doesn’t he go to a hotel?* He says everyone is going to want to get the scoop. He says he bets Tommy will have some tales to tell. FAH says for sure. Cliff laughs and says he bets Tommy took Orwell. FAH asks him if he looked in the SR.


  32. Colby

    Nicole told Cliff earlier he could have the HOH room again tonight.
    Now HB and JJ are telling him how Holly just can’t sleep, and the HOH mattress is the most comfortable in the house, trying to get him to offer the HOH room to them. (he didn’t)
    Then she says if she could just have a glass of wine or something it might help, so now she is wanting Nicole’s wine coolers too.
    Somebody tell her to stop sleeping all day and she might sleep at night!

  33. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling JJ and FAH about BBOTT. JJ wonders how CBB did. Cliff says he watched it but wasn’t as interested in it like regular BB. He tells them about BBOTT. The only thing JJ is interested in is how much money was involved and did they get to keep it. Cliff tells JJ if he gets called back next year to host something maybe some sort of watermelon challenge. Cliff gets called to the DR.

    JJ and FAH hop on the hammock. He tells her how to lay and she asks why. He says because that way she can lay on him and they can watch the door. She says she would love to come back and host. *Please God no.* He asks her if she’s comfortable. She lays her head on his chest and he tells her wherever he moves in California he’s going to get a badass shower with a bench in it so he can “rest his foot”. She tells him he needs to rest his foot. She asks him if she can come to visit. *Pardon me while I go through the house looking for footstools I can throw out.*


    Nicole is laying in bed


    JJ and FAH are talking about something that happened on day 12. She asks if he’s sure, she says it may have been day 14 or 15. He says he’s sure because that was the day he ended it (with Kat) and he remembers she was real salty about it. She says Kat was salty with him but not her. She said she talked to her about it and asked Kat if it bothered her that she and JJ were flirting. She said Kat gave her blessing.


  34. BBGurl

    Nk, you are a champ. Watching night after night has got to make you want to go crazy. But, thanks for doing it.

  35. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is laying in bed listening to music. Production says something to her (didn’t hear what) and then says, “Thank you”. She tells them they are welcome.


    The Vultures are laying on the hammock in silence. She tells him this felt like summer camp with a big dream but not a tangible dream. He says um hm. She says not a far off dream but just here for summer camp that went on and on and on but now it feels like a job. She says and they are together. He says he’s eavesdropped on so many conversations that have been pivotal. She says she knows. She asks him if he thinks that Cliff is pitching for JJ in the JH.

    JJ says that he thinks Cliff’s pitch will be that he or Nicole will take him to F2. He says there is nothing that will keep him from taking her to F2 or will ever make him turn his back on her. She says she thinks Nicole will take him to F2. He says he doesn’t think so because he’s going to send out her person. FAH says she thinks Nicole is harboring some serious resentment against her. JJ says she knew what she was getting herself into when she entered that F4 just like they did. FAH says none of this would have happened if Nicole just hadn’t gone back on her word.

    She tells him that she’s just so happy to be playinng the game with him. He asks her how did they convince them to keep her. He said he told her (H) that it would be a smart move to evict her when they had the chance. They say that would have made the most sense. They say they pulled it off. She says she almost feels guilty. He says he doesn’t, he said once they decided to go back on the deal all bets were off. They rehash the same thing we’ve been hearing since this time last week.

    FAH says she’s seen a different side of Nicole these last few weeks. She says she’s cold and emotionless. She says she’s without empathy and showed it no matter what FAH pitched to her. She says Nicole was just unphased and not receptive and acted like she had to hear her out even though she didn’t want to. She said she would hear Nicole talking to Tommy. *I’m telling you guys, every time this stinking pile of POS opens her mouth I start to feel homicidal.*


    • HappyHippo

      Wow she is the worst! Can not stand her. Thanks for watching so we could sleep NK lol

    • KelBel

      Ummmm, G-ma B….Nicole just has you figured out and doesn’t want to waster her time being fake to whichever personality is in your head at any given moment. Where’s Gerardo, there are too many #STFU’s to be given…

    • hogwild

      I would pay real money to see Holly the Ho’s reaction when she see what low regard the fans have for her and how highly they think of Nicole. With her fragile ego that will be more devastating to her than losing to Jackson.

      • KelBel

        She will justify it. I mean, as she has claimed, she hasn’t been able to show her ‘real self’ while in the house. Like, like, like, she’s been too busy like like like on the stool and having asthma and putting on make up and like like like being invested in her grossmance.

  36. NKogNeeTow



    FAH tells JJ how he loves making people happy and doing little things for them and things like saving her ass in this game. She tells him he has a big heart. *Maybe she’s confusing that with another body part.* They lay there in silence for a few minutes and she closes her eyes.


    Nicole is asleep in bed wearing her headphones. She opens her eyes then closes them again.


    FAH tells JJ she can’t wait for him to meet her dog. *Well he’s already met you so close enough.* She says he’s only 20lbs. and is a cool dog. She goes on about the dog and says she loves him so much. She says he’s whatever the opposite of the runt is. She says he’s a bully. *Then I guess he got it honest.* She tells him that dogs and cats can have 2-3 different dads within a litter. She says she thinks that is what her dog was. She goes on talking about the dog again.*Can we just get fished again? PLEEZE?*

    While telling her story, every other word is “like” and she pauses and stumbles, which means she’s lying again, as usual. We suffer through these lies while waiting for the next commercial. Then….YEAAAA!!!!…


  37. NKogNeeTow

    BACK… and it’s only been ONE hour…*groan*


    Nicole still sleeping with her headphones on. She opens her eyes briefly, then closes them again. We get close up and long shots of her sleeping.


    Cliff is sitting on the sofa eating pizza and drinking milk and in deep thought. *I don’t think I’ve ever eaten in the bathroom in my entire life and one of my bathrooms is huge with a vanity and chair. It’s just something so unsanitary about it.*


    FAH is STILL talking about that damn dog. *Now would be a good time for a site crash, a system crash, a computer crash, a server crash. Hell, anything can crash and I wouldn’t be mad.*


    Cliff is finished with his bathroom snack, rinses out his glass and goes to sit in the living room and starts to shuffle the cards. He says “Life in the BB house when it’s just you.” He tells Sharon what he wouldn’t give for some Dominoes. He says he likes to play 42 because he’s good at it. He said when he played in college there was a bar where long neck bottle beers were 60 cents a bottle.


  38. BBGurl

    from Twitter:
    Cliff to Nicole “I think me getting voted out, not only getting back but winning HoH and taking a shot at Jack, I can’t help but think that would be a highlight of the season. I think there are highlights.”
    I literally laughed so hard, I spit ginger-ale on my phone. First of all, your HoH was a miserable FLOP! You not only didn’t get either of the Jack’s out, you allowed Crusty to keep her power. Your HoH got out a non threatening player, Bella. For fucks sake, Clueless Jess was a better HoH than you, dumbass redneck hillbilly. She SUCCEEDED in evicting Jack-asshole. Secondly, the highlights of you will be of all the shady deals you made with nearly all the hg’s. And of you slitting SB Nicole’s throat, selling her down the river, throwing her under the bus and royally fucking up her game. You, sir, are a delusional, self absorbed, know it all, blow hard. You’re just trying to get AFP and that is never going to happen. And if past seasons are any indication, you may not even go to the JH, so there go your plans for that debacle. #worstbbplayer

    • NKogNeeTow

      Why Sherri, did you go and change clothes (new handle)?…lol

      • BBGurl

        Not really. this i is my log in name. was always supposed to be this but it wouldn’t change for me. It finally worked and let me put up my profile pic. But I am having serious lagging problems . how much do I have to donate to get rid of the damn pop up ad that constantly covers my comment box? lol. name your price.

      • BBGurl

        well shit. the gremlins ate my profile pic.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You must be on a phone. My pop ups show up in the lower right corner of my computer screen. I’m not lagging tonight…for a change. I guess I shouldn’t have said anything because I still have a hour to go…lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Which profile pic? Now you’ve REALLY changed clothes…lol. The last one, from what I could see, looked like a lady in the background with a black cat in front. Now I see a woman wearing sunglasses. I could have had the first one wrong. Some of the avatars are so small half the time I don’t know what I’m looking at…lol. I just recognize who the person is by whatever is on the pic.

    • Rise2thetop

      BBGurl tell us how you really feel. Don’t hold back lol

    • AnnaM

      I think Cliff’s problem is he actually believed JJ is a man of his word and we all know he’s not. Nicole is smart and very intuitive but I think she went along with Cliff because he most likely threw the HOH for her and she put a lot of trust in his loyalty. I don’t think she’s dumb, maybe a little naive but not dumb. Cliff’s trust in JJ cost him his game but hopefully not Nicole’s.

  39. mm22

    Seriously all feeds on cliff’s cards

  40. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Cliff is playing Solitare. *My favorite game* He talks to himself out loud as he plays. *I do the same thing sometimes. Not that you need to know that but I need to fill time some kind of way.* He runs out of moves. He says his granny told him that in Vegas you pay $1 for each card then you win $5 for each card. He counts his cards and says he only lost $2. He decides to change to Black Jack. He says when he plays it in Vegas he doesn’t really count cards but he watches what was pulled.

    He shuffles, then cuts the deck. He says he’s playing for $10 a hand since they are in the BB house and playing for high stakes. He loses the first hand. *I like this game too.* He doubles his bet to $20. He’s having a pretty good time playing by himself. He says he likes playing Black Jack and Craps in Vegas. He says if he’s going to be in a casino for a long period of time he plays Black Jack. He says sometimes he plays Texas Holdem Poker.


  41. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Cliff still playing cards. He says it’s lonely in there. He said the showmance is on the hammock, Nicole is listening to music and he’s a dead man walking until he gets evicted out. He says he hopes JJ doesn’t get mad and take it out on Nicole. He says he doesn’t give up and is still going to fight. He plays another round of Black Jack. He talks out his card moves. Should he double down or stand? Dealer won so he’s down $50, now 60. He asks should he go to another table. He says maybe the kitchen.

    He continues to play and continues to lose. *Sort of like what’s happening to him now.* He keeps playing and losing and says thank God they have no real money in the house. He plays another hand. He now wants to play Texas Holdem then changes his mind. He decides to do a magic trick instead. It’s called “The Queen’s Dance”. He takes all the queens out of the deck then shuffles them. He places the 4 queens on top of the deck then shuffles.


    FAH is telling JJ he said “own it” to Tommy. He says he doesn’t remember saying that. They talk about what was said during the house meeting. They are so proud of themselves. *When the f*ck do the Feeds and BBAD go off? Cause just like the HG, I’m ready.* These two only have a single train of thought between the two of them.


  42. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Cliff hints to BB he wants Dominoes. He then says he’s not getting Dominoes Pizza and he’s not getting Dominoes to play with. He starts to tell a story about his brother that died. He says they would stand and throw cards at each other and the object was to hit the other person. He says he doubts he could throw hard enough to cut one of JJ’s watermelons but he can hit it. He sits on the sofa and throws cards at the opposite sofa. He misses more than he hits.

    He stops because he doesn’t want to mess the cards up and that wouldn’t be good. He says when he and his brother threw them at each other they would get cuts all over from the cards. He says back then they didn’t have computers. He said his mom would kick them out the door and tell them they had to be back by dinner time. He said they would climb every tree in the neighborhood but he never broke anything.

    He said he cut his foot once and had to have his toe sewn back on and never let his brother forget it. He says he and his 3 brothers spent so much time in the emergency room that they knew the boys names by heart. He counts the cards to make sure they are all there then continues to talk about growing up. He says he and his brothers were very rambunctious. He goes to check the time, 10:56.

    He says POP TV is on and he and Sharon watches it every night on the large screen TV. He thanks POP for all the games and gifts they have gotten. He says that someone got a blanket with an owl on it and he would like to get one. He says he has a problem, Orwell is missing for the second time. He says there are only 4 people in the house and 2 are trying to kick him out so Orwell is his only other friend (besides Nicole).

    He tells us about Tommy hiding Orwell the first time because he thought Cliff was AFP and making extra money. He says why would Tommy care if he was making extra money or not. JJ comes in and Cliff asks him if they saw the moon yet.

  43. mm22

    Oh my god just shut up hollybeth- who talks like that all broken sentences -filler words-weird sounds-long pauses right in the middle of a thought it never stops as her rambling goes on damning Nicole or cliff

  44. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is looking under the beds for Orwell. He asks America to help him out. He leaves and goes back into the living room where JJ is sitting there and shuffling the cards. Cliff explains how his granny told him about paying a $1 for each card in Solitare. He tells JJ that he’s walking around looking for Orwell and he thought that maybe because POP TV is still on, it would be a good time to look for him. JJ is sitting there intently looking at the cards. *Why do I get the feeling that he knows something about the whereabouts of Orwell?*

    JJ is telling Cliff about a game he used to play with his friend when he was growing up. Cliff tells him a story about when he was in 8th or 9th grade and how the upper class would throw the dodge balls at the lower class while they were locked in the gym. They talk about the games they played in school.


    Cliff goes in to search for Orwell. FAH follows him in and says she just came in for a snack. He leaves out and goes to the outer bedroom and searches the bed where JJ and FAH sleep, then looks through a few other things in there before leaving and walking around the house. He says he’ll check upstairs later but he doesn’t think he’s there (in the house). He goes into the bathroom to look.


  45. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Now Cliff is looking around and cam talking about where Orwell could be or who might have taken him. He says he can now tell the difference between owl calls from the bird calls they had to listen to. He says he misses his little buddy in the house and in his final days in the house he has abandoned him. He starts to talk about Orwell’s eye and talks about him like he’s deceased. * Stop pandering for AFP Cliff. Most people aren’t buying it anymore.* He’s rambling on like Clint Eastwood talking to that empty chair. It’s getting tiresome.

    He says people don’t understand about owl-human relationships. He says people are going to start thinking that he’s making fun of real-world issues. He says that he’s bored out of his gourd. He says the hunt continues and he’ll see us in another room. He walks through the kitchen and says it’s 11:20. FAH says it’s time for bed. He goes to the HOH. He asks Nicole if she took Orwell.


    • BBGurl

      He’s being ridiculous. And you are absolutely correct. He is working overtime trying to secure AFP. smh, grown ass man child wandering around babbling like a nutter over a stuffed toy. Does he really think he’s being cute? Giving us the warm fuzzies towards him? I honestly believe he thinks he’s got us all buying his “good old boy” bullshit. He is in for a rude awakening when he gets back to the real world, logs onto Twitter/Junkies/Jokers et al and sees how much people hate him. Wish I could be a fly on that wall.

      • Nancy

        I think only YOU hate him..I’m disappointed in him. I dont believe a man of his stature in life will care that YOU hate him

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Hey, where’s Tonto?

  47. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff says he thinks he’s found a clue as to where Orwell has gone. He said he didn’t find Orwell but did find a mummified owl. He says he doesn’t like to find owl bodies. He looks around and plays detective. He asks if someone thinks that he has played so poorly in mental competitions that they think they can pass off that other owl off as Orwell. He looks through everything and takes note of everything in the room. He sees a net on the wall and says what if it’s not a fishing net but an owl net and is used to catch owls.

    He says it’s getting serious. He says to keep in mind that the room where he found the fake Orwell is the room where Tommy Bracco slept. He looks through the pillows and says if he finds a feather in one of them he is going to be very concerned. He squeezes one of the pillows and says they better not be owl feathers or he is going to be upset. He finds a feather and says it may not be an owl feather but that this might be an owl slaughterhouse. He says if he looks through the pillows and finds Orwell would it be appropriate for POP TV.

    He says that Orwell isn’t the only one that has gone missing in the house. He says that all summer people have been disappearing out of the house. He says that room (HN) doesn’t look like it was used for good purposes. He says it is Fabreze everywhere and why would you need so much Fabreze in one room. He pulls them all out and counts 3. He says why are there 3 can and are they being used to cover up odors or a cover-up for when JJ was in that room and on slop. He says he’s smelled some of JJ’s “releases” and there are times when smell–vision is not a good thing.


  48. NKogNeeTow

    While we’re waiting, on Mel’s Recap, Betty Boo and MustangSally asked a question if BBJ stays up for reading after the season is over. The answer is yes. The site never closes it just goes dormant during the off-season. You can come back at any time and read the threads and comments. If you look to the right side of your screen near the top, there is an Archive section where you can go back and read up on past as well as present seasons. You can also still read and leave private messages all year around. It’s best to let whoever you want to keep in touch with, to check for messages or exchange emails. I’d suggest you not leave private messages on the open board if you don’t want them read by others. Remember whatever you put on the open board, the entire internet can read it.

  49. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is now going through the cabinets looking for Orwell. He asks BB not to send anymore Fabreze but send him some brown cinnamon oatmeal instead. He mentions that JJ might have taken Orwell.

    Outer Bedroom:

    FAH is saying she needs to wash her hair tomorrow and dye it. *This should make the Live Feeders ecstatic. They have been complaining for weeks that she never washes her hair.*

    Outer Bedroom:

    Cliff tells FAH and JJ that he didn’t find Orwell but he did find pancake mix and he might make some later. JJ says he’s starting to wonder where Orwell is. Cliff says he’s starting to suspect that Orwell may have been traded for either watermelons or cans of beets. JJ and FAH laugh. Cliff tells them that he has looked everywhere. FAH asks if Orwell was here when Christie left. She then says that no, it had to be after that. Cliff says he can’t remember what eviction was the last time he saw Orwell. FAH says she thinks the last time she saw Orwell was when Jess got voted out. *Not true*


  50. Mary

    Orwell was in the house just before Tommy was evicted. Did Holly or Jackson hide him? or Did Tommy take him?

  51. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling us that we think that Orwell can be replaced but he will know the difference. He says he’s probably the only one in the house who can. He says he’s getting ready to be evicted from the house and could it get any worse. He said yes, he lost Orwell but he found a pretty cool blanket and he’s keeping it. He said he’s been looking for Orwell for almost 9 hours. He says he’s going to go sit in the bathroom and lament the loss of Orwell.

    He goes back into the house and goes into the bathroom with the blanket he found. He says he doesn’t know where else to look and asks if he can make it till tomorrow. He says he can but how will he sleep tonight. He says the bed is going to feel so huge with a cold spot. He says who can replace Orwell, no one that’s who. He says he’s alone in the house and his one true buddy, the one he thought would be there to wave goodbye is gone. He keeps repeating Orwell’s name as he walks back into the kitchen.

    He looks at the camera and just keeps saying “Whoo, whoo, whoo”. * This is just getting stupid now.* He tells Orwell to be free, fly into the world and he won’t hold him back. He tells Orwell to see the world, see what he can’t see, for another 9 days. He continues his soliloquy until the show FINALLY ends.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Orwell, keep hiding! Everyone else, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Lamby, Colby, Sherri(BBG), MM, Rise, and whoever else who is still awake out there. 🙂

  53. Mary

    That place is a pigsty.

    • Betty Boo

      Agree! Surely there are enough places to put all their crap since it is down to 4. Instead it is strewn all over the floors, the tops of furniture is covered, and shoes everywhere. How many shoes can four people have? And Holly didn’t even unpack from last week. What else does she have to do? Next year for BB, they need to have a daily chore list for the HG to do.

  54. Kari

    Good morning everyone. Just wanted to touch base. Haven’t watched any of the episodes except for maybe one recently and I really don’t want them watching anymore unless by some miracle Nicole is in the final two.

    Hubby and I are heading up to the North Cascades for a couple of days away from the city. It’s a beautiful area in the mountains. We’re visiting Winthrop Washington which is styled like an old West Town. We have a hotel room overlooking the river with a private deck so I’m looking forward to the peaceful quiet..

    Have a great everyone, will talk to you later.

  55. Houseguest Doug

    Blah blah blah… Lets go on with it. Wednesday should be Veto and eviction of Cliff why prolong the inevitable and let the comps begin for the final HOH.

    We all know how this plays out…. Jackson or Holly win the Final HOH – Jackson wins the game. Nicole wins the final HOH – She punts Jackson and goes up against Holly and Nicole wins the Game.

    Time for this show to wrap up. The summer is long over BB would be best to get the show over by Labor Day.

  56. RAY SAY

    If Mic wins, it’s Adios Holly, Younger Women Fans will keep Mic busy for awhile. How to rid Holly after the show is probably Mic’s thinking ahead.

    Now if Holly wins, Mic just might hang around

    • Houseguest Doug

      Who knows how these things goes. I think he genuinely likes and cares for Holly. But they’re living in a bubble right now. They are forced to be with each other 24/7.

      Lets see how life is beyond the house when they are not joint at the hip 24/7 and the distraction of the game is gone. When real life hits them with the new found fame, and potentially fortune if he wins the $500K.

      I have no doubt CBS will get them on the Amazing Race. They will have to do a lot public appearances. When the camera’s finally shut off and they get back to real life work and lives we will see if they stay together.

      I never thought Cody and Jessica would stay together but now they’re married with a child. Brandon and Rachel some how stayed together. I am not sure I could take Rachel Reilly for more than a day so I am not sure how Brandon does it.

      We all know about Jeff and Jordan. Recently you can add Nicole and Victor and Bailey and Swaggie C.

      So who knows maybe Jackson & Holly will be the new poster couple for BB.

  57. Avatar

    OMG…the feeds are so BORING. But, that is typical at this point in the game with only 4 in the house…especially since this cast sent all the drama stars out earlier. Glad their gone, but sad to watch boring feeds.

    Can’t wait for eviction and next HOH. Cliff is gone and totally ok with it. He really ruined his game in the end. I agree with JJ. Honestly when he heard TT, C/N talk (reminiscent of Christie and Sis) all bets are off. They turned on him and he needed Holly now to stay in the game or there would be a 75% chance he was gone after here. Some think JJ planned on keeping Holly anyway….I disagree. Yes, his preference would be Holly, but if it was better for his game to let her go, he would have in a heartbeat.

    Nicole is bothering me too. Her indecisiveness in the beginning of the season and lack of understanding how her back and forth antics made her appear. Now, blaming herself Cliff is going home (which she should…let’s be real she did by wanting to save TT, convincing Cliff, breaking the final four agreement, saying will use veto to save Cliff but “no funny business “…could go on and on. Than Cliff not putting a stop to it and blabbing what they were thinking to the whole house, on top of you take me to F2 but I’ll take Nicole…WTF.). Nicole IS partly to blame, but so is Cliff. Their behavior on how their confused they got in this situation is delusional. Ugh!!

    Was hoping a Cliff and Miche F2. Now that that is gone, hoping Miche and Holly. Pretty sick of Nicole and at this point don’t think she really deserves a final seat unless she earns it herself.

    Yeah I know you all don’t like H/B and think she’s here because of “bruised knees” (really you all grow up…a guy is doing the same thing but the girl is the Trollop. She gets name called because she has sex! So does the guy. Always a double standard in societal norms (which are horrendous. Guys sleep aroind their a Stud, girl does the same she’s a whore. WTF!! Why isn’t anyone calling JJ stoolboy? Takes two to tango. Oh but he’s a guy so I guess it’s okay (sarcasm)….JM2C

    Again will say can’t wait for eviction and HOH day.

    • Mary

      I cannot speak for anyone except myself, Holly keeps saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. To me her actions speak louder than her words. If she claims to want to be a role model for young women, feel she is going about it the wrong way. Also had the same statement about men and women sleeping around a week or so ago. Thing is there is no word describing a promiscuous male.

      • KelBel

        I don’t care if all the houseguests want to get together for a giant orgy, that’s their thing. But G-ma Beth is trying to tell viewers that she’s conservative and a good girl who wants to be a role model. She is the one who constantly voices her concern over how America will see her, then she has sex in the same room as others. She chose to be sloppy seconds to “Stoolboy”. She claims she hasn’t had the opportunity to show who she really is. Well she has taken the time to show us she is a psycho drunk, a petty person, fake, jealous, insecure, and wears more make-up than Pennywise and Phyllis Diller combined. I personally haven’t called her a slut or whore, but I’m not gonna say that the shoe doesn’t fit her dirty foot. I’d be more than happy to call Stoolboy a man slut, after all he slept with 2 women in the same house who were supposedly friends or aligned with each other, but he’s not the one who keeps saying how concerned he is over what the viewers see and how he looks to America.

      • KelBel

        oops, i meant that in reply to the above comment, not Mary. You guys get the idea 😉

  58. AnnaM

    At this point I’m praying Nicole can make it to final two and I’m looking forward to AFP. This season was full of bully’s, starting with the two Jacks and Bella. A lot of people will respect JJ’s game but I don’t. Someone who can lie like he did is awful and Holly went right along with it regardless of how hurtful it was to Tommy. That’s no one I’d ever want to have to have in my life.

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