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Big Brother 21 – Monday Night Updates

Good evening, everyone!


It’s official, either Jessica or Cliff will be walking out the door this Thursday night in the first of two evictions. The big question will be which one it is because we have two very different sides battling this week.

On one side, you have Holly and Jackson who are trying to play nice and work with the entire house for some reason. On the other side, you have Christie who will stop at nothing to save people she is close to (or needs) and that person is Jessica this week. Let me be clear, Christie is only fake close with her, but she’s doing it because she has no more numbers and sees how badly Jessica wants to be accepted into the ‘cool club’. Jessica recently cried and said ‘that’s all I wanted to hear’ (paraphrased) when Christie told her they are aligned together. An easily manipulated Jess has been targeted by a master manipulator. Not a good pair.

I’m not faulting Christie for doing that. It’s part of the game and she badly needs that number to stay in the house. I have full confidence that she is telling the truth when she says she wants to go to the final 3 with Jess. It’s just obvious she wants to go there with her because she knows she’ll likely beat her in the comps (but Jessica doesn’t need to know that).


Nicole made a comment to Jessica that she is weighing all options this week which gave her a glimmer of hope and it may turn out to be Nicole’s biggest nightmare. Jessica told Christie what Nicole said and Christie immediately shifted gears into full speed on Nicole this week. Holly and Jackson are going to be extremely difficult to crack and they need Nicole to flip otherwise it is just a tie and Jackson breaks it. Christie sees an opening and is going to absolutely try to exploit it.

If the vote were held tonight, I have no doubt that Jessica is walking out that door. However, a lot can happen between now and Thursday. Especially if Christie really only needs to focus on one person to flip. Here is to a long week ahead of us!

Nicole tells us that Jackson put salt into the Sprite so they got him back by putting some Worcestershire sauce in his drink.




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  1. hogwild

    Christie problem I don’t think Nicole trust Christie or Tommy any farther than she can throw them and Cliff has been loyal to her all season and so far Jackson and Holly have been since they formed there alliance.

  2. mustangsally

    Christy is a master at manipulation, Jolly is playing with blinders on. I sure hope Nicole doesn’t buckle.

    • hogwild

      Unless Holly suddenly decides to switch and vote Cliff out I don’t believe she will Nicole is a lot smarter and sharper than most in that house Christie can not manipulate her like she can Jessica. Unlike Jessica who it has been pointed is desperate to accepted by the so called house cool kids Nicole does not care about that at all.

      • Robin

        Nicole may not be a very assertive person, unlike bulldozer Crusty, but I think she is very centered and has trusty Cliff who has never done her wrong.

      • hogwild

        Agreed Robin I think some believe because Nicole is not loud and pushy and over the top she is weak when in fact she is calm and rational.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m putting my trust in Nicole because she’s the only hope we have of getting that damn foghorn Jess out of the house. I don’t know how much more I can take listening to her. Actually, I feel pretty much the same way about CC and Ma Kettle too, but I’ll take what I can get so I’ll concentrate on Jess for the next 3 days. Every time I heard her voice, I just count down the days until Thursday.

      On another note, when I was peeking at the feeds earlier tonight, Jess was in the bathroom putting on makeup. She really a pretty girl. NOW GET THE HELL OUT!

      • hogwild

        Outside of Cliff I think everyone else in there underestimates Nicole because she hasn’t won any comps. That is her advantage and everyone else’s mistake.

      • Tam

        She is a pretty girl. She would really a gorgeous girl if she had a mute button and a complete thought or sentence that wasn’t scripted for her. I am with you on counting down the days. I tried watching the feeds but she made this headache much worse. I don’t understand why her and Chrustie have to be so loud. I know a lot of people that are like that, but they don’t sound like the have a megaphone built into their throats. Just baffles me when they tell me to put on their microphones and you can hear them as clear as day without them needing it. I understand when they whisper but not all the time. I wished Nicole would chime in with her teacher’s voice and tell them to use their “indoor” voice like you have to do with small children…….

      • Tam

        I agree, totally, Hog. She is very underestimated. She has them all beat mentally. I wish everyone could hear her talk to family and America on the hammock the other morning after the love fight. It was great!!!

      • danmtruth

        Jess has a much better idea of how to look good without needing to cake on the makeup She can also put makeup on with out looking like a clown

      • Avatar

        NK…I look forward to all your new nicknames every day! Foghorn…Hahahaha

      • jennyc


  3. hogwild

    One more thought everything Christie and Tommy are telling Nicole this week they told Nick last week last week something I’m sure she is aware of.

    • Tam

      Yes, she is. Probably is they are too stupid to grasp the concept that Nicole and NN were close and they are so obvious and thinks she is just a naive person when she has their number loud and clear. If only she could win something and take her shot at them. A rocksalt shot would be great….Lord forgive me…But they make me salty, no pun intended, but hey if it works(burns) it works(burns)…..

    • danmtruth

      Thats just it they use the same plan with each person nothong very original They also only start working that week They do not try to set things up for two weeks down the road

      • Tam

        Dan, that requires strategy and Cliff has been the only one strategically playing IMO. They just go with whatever they think at the time, navigate to what sticks with manipulation and lack of loyalty until the climb on the next bandwagon of stupidity…..This seems like Livin on Luck is their highest strategy so far…..

  4. Valerie

    Has anyone noticed poptv on bbad have given them less this year?
    They’ve gotten cookies to make, salsa to make, Smores, and maybe one other time.
    Last year every single week they got something. The best was when poptv gave them the giant cinnamon rolls when Sam was baking her cake thing. She was so mad, and refused to eat one that night.

  5. Robin

    I’m back after a long diner and a bad investment of 2 hours in Bachelor in Paradise. The only show with worse fake actors than BB. Okay no more rants, wondering if I can stay awake until BBad. Don’t want to miss NKs’ commentary.

  6. Tam

    I love that JJ does seem to a genuine affection toward Nicole like a Big Brother….. You can tell that he has wanted siblings… I recognize it, relate and understand it. It is sweet. Better not let HB hear that. She will be putting on another performance of nice but seething jealousy. Glad to see Cliff in a lighter mood. Here comes Ma Kettle as NK says….Oh God……They are pumping up her head…….

    • Robin

      You rock Tem… watching weather update.

      • Tam

        Robin, I have been watching the updates most of the day and my heart is breaking for the Bahamians. It just has been feeling helpless. I am so proud of the people in Florida that aren’t being affecting and thought that they would be by donating all their supplies to go to the Bahamians….That is the beauty of humanity that warms my heart right now……Praying for you, gf. And everyone being affected. Prayers of protection over everyone……

      • Robin

        So far it looks like we will be safe, but always a big risk. Hurricanes are not always so predictable. The Bahamas are so tragic. The thing just keeps pounding them. Prayers for all those poor souls.

    • danmtruth

      Jackson at first always respected Cliff Now as Tam said he has a fun nonsexual connection with Nicole Just as sis was jealous of jack and christie Holly will be jealous of JJ & Nicole The big difference is there is nothing sexual going on between them Not even sure nicole is intrested in someone like JJ

      • Tam

        I would say NO, in a hot second. She probably would be in the good hearted nature of him, but not the rest. She seems to be more down to earth and wants someone that is centered, grounded, not into themselves are dated girls that are superficial. He would be lucky to have someone like Nicole. He probably wishes he could swap Nicole’s lack of need of attention, her natural beauty, and good nature for Holly’s easiness. I could be totally wrong…..

      • Mary

        Jackson offering to make sure Nicole gets to the airport and cared for is sweet. I think he sees in her a confident person, even though she has had her low points in the house, she hasn’t really bad mouthed anyone, or shown any jealously. She never states ” I need to be relevant ” She goes with the flow. She somewhat self conscious, and doesn’t need to prance around looking for compliments.

      • Tam

        Mary, I fully agree, and you can tell her respects that. I have seen being sweet to Nicole and then HollyBeth will start up with her antics to get his attention and he would give her the side eye a few times like it was getting on his nerves. Then later heard him getting annoyed with Holly and making comments about being bothered by her ways and I could tell that he was probably thinking about those moments. I could be wrong.

      • Robin

        Jackson has his moments.. but yes, he treats Nicole like a fun sister. I actually think their interactions have made her a bit more confident.

      • Tam

        Agreed Robin. Now that she isn’t being attached or their go to to throw on the block just because she is getting more confident and seems to be coming into her own. It’s good to see that and I like to see their interactions and banters. I love it.

      • Nikki

        Nicole is so GOID, she makes Jackson look good. I find myself liking him soooo much more than in June/July.

        If a “cool kid” must win, I’m totally converted to team Jackson. When Jack was still there I hated both of them.

        My previous statement is not to to say I choose Jackson. I only choose him third with Nicole and Cliff in 1st & 2nd choices to win – in no particular order.

    • Robin

      OMG…. the chewing and talking… it would be dangerous to be too close when she eats. Makes my grandsons look like Miss Manners..

  7. danmtruth

    The DR must have told them the next comp is a face morph or something When i first tuned in 10:00 CST a few people were studying the memory wall Tommy has been staring non stop Blocking out parts of the photo just going over each photo over and over Not talking to anyone very intense

    • Tam

      Is that all what this is about? I just heard Christiehorn say something about family comes up. Is that why this is? Or do they even know. Cliff was pacing so that makes some sense. Christie doesn’t need to scream JJ. She can just talk normal and she is good to go. JJ is a prankster, too, at heart, nice to see the good facets of him instead of the sulking douchey side. They are so wrong for this….It’s funny, but it is so wrong…..Poor girl…..Lmao….

    • Mary

      They have been talking about BB comics the last couple days. Isn’t BB Comics where they run a course and have 2 different comics and pick the right one. Push a button to see how many they are right and go back until they get them right. Kaycee did it in 2 try’s last year, only had 1 wrong.

      • Tam

        I love that one! I remember when they had to harness up, climb up a platform, sail pass the posters, get down and figure it out, and repeat until they got it right. They had to work for it. Not sure if they do make them go to that extreme anymore. I am tired and starving so memory is working on fumes right now. I hope that they get to see their families. Give them a little more motivation. I want it to light a fire in Nicole!!!!!!!! Or Cliff!!!!!

  8. Tam

    I have been in and out trying to get this pc pos to finish updating, a full protection scan ran, etc. Turn the feeds off because I had enough stress and drama from just the above mentioned so what I am missing? Why are the all just sitting primping and setting around looking they are waiting on the a date and Waitr to arrive? I am out of the loop…

    • Colby

      They told them not to cook tonight, that they had a surprise for them.
      It’s probably BBQ / food for Labor Day, but they think that maybe they are getting the messages / clips from family too.

  9. danmtruth

    Hot topic discussion all breakfest cereal are male characters Now they are naming them Captain Crunch Tony the tiger lucky charms, trix oh god save us my i throw out their wheties has females on the box So go talk amongst yourselves

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  11. Avatar

    Cliff has had Nicole’s back all season. She is not going to vote him out.

  12. Mary

    With this Thursday being a DE, wouldn’t it be questions, or a quick luck comp like a ball to the highest #, same for the veto. The second HOH comp later maybe a little harder, though they have limited space in the back yard to have anything to complicated.

  13. danmtruth

    This comment goes back to Christie being a master manipulator And how Tommy and Christie say the samething to whoevef is there target This is a line from a song that fits many of the people in jury house right now about believing in what Tommy and Christie say
    Remember that you only fall for Lies and stories when you really want to…

    Hear is the song

  14. danmtruth

    Why am i scared of a gas grill with this group Please please step back and let Cliff light the grill

  15. Mary

    Cliff goes in and brings out Orwell to join the party.

  16. danmtruth

    Oh now i see it was light and the butgers were already on when they came out

  17. Mary

    Does Jessica help do anything?? Except stand around and supervise with her hands on her hips.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Lost the entire post, soooo….

    BBAD: They snooze, we lose…


    Everyone except Nicole is present. CC is playing with the Backgammon dice. Everyone is making small talk. They seem to be waiting for something.

    In the voice of Soon-To-Be-Gone-Jess, iiittt”’sss gggoooiiinnnggg tttooo bbbeee aaa lllooonnnggg 333 hhhooouuurrrsss.



    The doors open to the backyard and they run out an find a grill, burgers, steaks, beer and all the fixings, along with a note from POP telling them to enjoy their Labor Day cookout. They all squeel with excitement and thank POP. CC, Ma Kettle and STBGJ all go straight for the beer. JJ, Nicole, and Uncle Cliff grab one too and they do a toast to Labor Day.

    TT goes inside to get the cutting boards while the girls pig out on snacks. Cliff turns on the grill. Nicole goes over and touches the grill and gets nostalgic and says the Sunday before she left her family had a BBQ. She picks up the card and reads it again and thanks POP again. STBGJ wonders if the hot tub is warm. She goes over and sticks her toe in and yells, “Oooohhhh mmmyyy Gggoooddd,.. iiittt”’sss wwwaaarrrmmm.” *Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.*

    TT is getting the buns ready. JJ is preparing the meat for the grill. CC gets bowls for the salsa and chips. TT asks Nicole if she wants to come help him. JJ asks TT if he’ll also prepare the peppers and onions. *I’m keeping an eye on Jess and that beer. The other night Holly was talking about how she always says she doesn’t drink that much yet is always the first to grab a glass of wine or can of beer, throw it down and quickly go get more before anyone else. She said she’s even seen her try to hide it…lol*

    Welp Kids, looks like we’re gonna have to mainly entertain ourselves tonight.


  19. Mary

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday……………..LOL Better yet we get a 2 for 1 that night.

  20. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is peppering the meat on the grill. CC keeps saying how nice they are having a bbq. Nicole is cutting veggies and TT is making cuts in the hot dogs. Ma Kettle is walking around snacking. STBGJ is walking around holding on to that beer can like she thinks someone’s going to steal it. They keep discovering more food. TT and Nicole just found brownies. CC asks who wants what kind of cheese on their burgers. JJ and Cliff says to just put different cheeses on all the burgers and let them pick what they want.

    If JJ puts anymore salt on those burgers everyone in there will need a blood pressure check. TT says he can’t butter the buns because he’s allergic. TT offers to do something for JJ. JJ asks him if he will butter the buns. CC offers to do it. TT says he can’t have the bun because of the sesame seeds. Orwell is sitting on the side table, guarding the snacks. A blaze springs up from the grill and Foghorn yells, “OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD,,, IIITTT”’SSS AAA FFFIIIRRREEE!!!”. *TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY*


  21. NKogNeeTow


    Burgers are ready and JJ is serving to order. *Guess that waiter training came in handy* Nicole is doing a cheeseburger dance and not to lose airtime, Holly starts doing it too. *Suck it Sister* CC walks out into the yard and bends over to shake out that nasty hair, then back over to the table to get her plate to go eat on the sofa. *No cameras please* TT gets is a plate, thanks JJ, then goes to sit at the table with CC. Nicole joins them.

    STBGJ puts down her beer long enough to get a plate of food. Damn cameraman didn’t honor my wishes and put the camera on CC stuffing her face while talking and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and licking her fingers. *Want his azz fired too* JJ has finished cooking the first round of food and is scraping down the grill for the second round. Nicole keeps telling him to come eat. He said he ate a steak and cauliflower just before they gave them food. JJ says he’s so happy because he hasn’t had a grill since he’s been in Cali but says he will wash his hands and come eat.


  22. danmtruth

    Nice of him to wash his hands Most states food servers need to pass a food hygiene and safety class

  23. NKogNeeTow


    Everyone is sitting around eating with minimal conversation. TT is reading the story of Heineken from the can. Afraid she’s going to miss more screen time, Holly starts to read one too. Just-Trying-To-Keep-Up-Jess starts to read her can too. TT asks JJ to put 2 more dogs on the grill for him and burn them because he likes the crisp. JTTKUP tells them that in Puerto they say that Heineken taste like Palmolive dish detergent. *Yet it hasn’t stopped her from drinking.*

    JJ brings over the last plate of burgers. TT says he’s stuffed but going to switch to hotdogs now. Nicole proposes a toast to the last 7. Jess says she’s so full. *Bet not full enough to go look for more beers when no one is looking.* TT gets called to the DR. Everyone says, “Noooo”. TT says it’s alright and leaves for the DR. Nicole shouts out to their friends in the JH, and their friends and family back home. Everyone joins in. CC says she’s full. *Thank the good Baby Jesus. That means we won’t have to watch her eat anything else*


  24. Tam

    Oh I pray that Jess gets full and go to sleep early so everyone can have a peaceful night. I am with you NK. Countdown is on…..For Jess…..
    For the last of the houseguest theme….Or alliances name….

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  26. NKogNeeTow


    CC, who said she was full, it still talking with her mouth full. Why-Isn’t-She-Gone-Yet-Jess is saying she never associated problems with food. The discussion now turns to the names of grocery stores and what they have in their areas. Nicole mentions Aldi’s and JJ says Aldi’s is the sh*t. CC says she’s never seen a Kroegers. Ma tells the name of all the stores in the LA area. JJ is back at the grill wearing that peppermill out. Uncle Cliff is imitating Orwell and not saying a word.

    Holly asks Nicole if she finished her beer. She says she can’t find it. *Check Jess’ cleavage* Nicole says that’s alright then tells them that it might surprise them but she’s not a big drinker, that’s why she has her Sprite. Cliff gets up and asks if anyone wants anything from inside. Nobody does. Nicole thanks POP TV again then says, “Food coma!” CC says it’s not like a real bbq because it’s only one beer and no music. *Ungrateful heifer*

    Please-Go-Home-Jess asks what can they do to entertain POP TV for the bbq and to entertain the fans. *For me, that would be for you to leave tonight.* Holly throws out a few suggestions but everyone is to full to move. Cliff comes out with a glass of milk and is drinking it along with his beer. *That’s one gas explosion I don’t want to see.*


  27. Mary

    Is she done talking yet?

  28. Robin

    So thinking I better get some sleep. If we loose power in the next 24 hours, sleep could become impossible! Night all!

  29. Mary

    Good night Robin.

  30. ElaineB

    Now Holly, the safari guide, is taking her on a tour of her life…..OMG, let me call and change my tickets now.

  31. NKogNeeTow


    Please-Shut-The-Hell-Up-Jess is telling a story about a girl she saw in Mexico wearing a bathing suit she modeled. She says she wants to be that representation for the big girls. CC says it makes those girls want to be like her. PSTHUJ says she wants girls her size and larger to wear crop tops and things like that. She says that’s the legit part of her job.

    Cliff says he loves going in teaching people and tells them he has something that will save them 3 million dollars a year then showing them how to do it. CC says that’s so cool. He says he loves the oil fields. He says people try to demonize oil wells but you can’t run the world without energy. He tells them a little more about his job.

    CC asks Ma about her job. She says she has 2f. One is the safari guide where she works with rescue exotic animals. She says essentially what she does for a living is make memories for people. She says some people build their entire trip around the safari and she likes to make it memorable and really silly and pull them into ther world. She says she loves to make memoiries. *Do they remember how dry your azz is?*

    She goes on about how most of the animals she was there when they were born and was there when they were covered in afterbirth. *What a fitting story after dinner.* She says her other job is with Rockstar and she didn’t think she would like it but she does. She says they are like the squad for Rockstar and are all supportive of each other. She says they work in very male dominated events and it’s cool that they can work with the guys. She says they are hired as models and get gritty, grundgy but are so glamed up but it’s so fun. *Can we move on now?* She must be going for the longest story of the night because she’s dragging it out.

    CC’s turn. She says she loves when customers come in and they are new. Then…..

    Commercial *YEA!!!*

  32. danmtruth

    Holly, Christis,and tommy doing there dont remember what i have done all season Here is why im really should be up for a humanitarian award

  33. NKogNeeTow


    TT is telling them he loves his work but it’s not all fun and games. He says he only works 3 hours a day then from 7:30 to 1030 he does broadway shows. He says he teaches 2-3 classes a week and he loves it. He says his business teaching partner is the lead in the musical “A Bronx Tale”. He says the name of their company is Lion Arts. He says they’ve done 2 or 3 workshops and they rent studio spaces and advertise on Instagram and people sign up. CC asks him a lot of questions about his job. Nicole is sitting there quietly, observing the two. *LOL*

    Cliff gets tired of listening to the bullsh*t and goes over and ask JJ what can he do to help. *LOL* TT starts to talk quite a bit and starts to tell them about some celebrity but stops. CC tells him he can say it. He tells her he will tell her in lockdown. JJ discovers something with a past due date. The sofa crew then start to talk about food and how long it last in the house. CC says she misses Jack. TT says he doesn’t even feel he played the game with Jack because this feels like another phase.

    CC says she feels like the game started once SS left. JJ is trying to cook up everything in the house. he is now cooking fish on the grill. TT tells the sofa crew that he feels guilty about still being in the house. *Well, you know there is a remedy for that 😀 * CC says she struggled with that in her regular life and wonders why she feels guilty. *Oh, I don’t know. Because you’re a POS?*


  34. danmtruth

    Why is it listening to tommy holly and christie talk about all the good the do with there life remind me of steves martins Christmas wish watch from about 1:49 All the same watmth

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Just lost an entire goddamn segment! Hit post and when it came back it said I had to be logged in. Somehow the system logged me out and when I logged back in the comment wasn’t there. Sorry, it was to long to recreate. Is anyone else having this problem or anything similar?


    Cliff was in the SR doing something in the freezer (probably had something to do with the content of my unpostd segment). He leaves then goes into the target room. He brings some clothes out and says he had nothing to do with the Sprite. He finds his slippers and CC asks him about them. He laughs and says they feel cold and he’s not putting them on. He says they have another prankster in the house.

    Everyone says that’s weird. Cliff asks if it was Nicole. CC says she thinks that the person that salted the Sprite may have been the one who hid the shoes. CC says that his shoes have been missing for hours. They are all laughing and accusing each other. When JJ walks away, Cliff tells them that he put JJ’s slippers in a storage bag, filled it with water and hid them in the storage freezer. In the meantime, JJ is patting himself on the back for hiding Cliff’s slippers and telling himself, “Well played”.

    *After what happened to my last comment I’m almost afraid to try to post this one*


  36. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is going through the fridge and gets whip cream then some small plastic bags. He gets called to the DR. He runs into the Camper and fills the plastic bags with whip cream and puts them inside CC and Nicole’s pillows, then leaves. On his way out, Cliff is standing at the SR door so he hides the can behind his back and runs in the kitchen and puts the can back into the fridge.


    CC, Nicole, and Holly are having a discussion about the cookies they are eating. Jess is quiet for a change. Cliff starts to take more things inside and TT thanks him. Please-Go-Home-Jess says she was thinking, they didn’t even drink the Chardennay (or however you spell it). *Watch her Holly, she’s going in.* Holly tells her that the Chardonay isn’t that good. That does not deter the closet drunk Jess.


  37. davidsgirl

    Oh, my gosh I can’t believe Tommy just say that, on the live feeds! I don’t think he is ever going to hear the end of it. I won’t be shocked if that doesn’t turn into a meme.

  38. davidsgirl

    I know, I just apppeared out of no where, but when Tommy said that I had to log on.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    BACK *An entire segment missed because system is taking forever to update. Still trying to figure out why this is the only place on the internet I have trouble, yet these damn pop up have no problem getting through. *


    Cliff finishes folding laundry and taking it inside, while CC and Nicole finish taking in food. Drunken Jess is walking around looking for wine and saying that someone is trying to prank her with the wine. She tells CC and Nicole that she is about to come on her period. CC says she’s hormonal *That’s their excuse for everything.* Drunken Jess then says she’s now on her. *Make up your damn mind.* She continues to walk around looking for the wine.


  40. NKogNeeTow



    TT is folding and putting away clothes. JJ and Holly are sitting on the bed making a bet about something. They start to talk about missing clothes. Holly says that she really thought someone stole her clothes. JJ is surprised that someone would do that. TT says he would never do that. They start to talk about things that were missing of Kat’s and Sis’. TT tells them that the food was so good. JJ says that they have so much food now. TT asks him what’s left. JJ says about 20 lbs. of steak, burgers, hotdogs, halibut and chicken. He says the fridge is full. Holly says she wants to go to bed and keeps trying to get JJ to go. Cliff comes in and they start to talk about who’s clothes are who’s.


    CC is telling Drunken Jess that she can’t wait to have regular food again. Drunken Jess is rinsing out dishes.


    JJ says he’s so full he feels like he’s going to be in a coma. TT and Cliff continue to sort clothes.


    Holly goes upstairs and the door is locked. She knocks and stands there staring at the camera. JJ lets her in. She lays on top of him on the bed and they start to kiss. *Guess they aren’t so full after all.*


    CC is now in the room talking to TT and telling him that the smell of the fish is making her crazy and she is just PMSing. She says the smells and sounds are driving her crazy. They start to whisper something about Nicole and them having a deal. It’s hard to hear what they were saying. They leave the room and go to the bathroom to look for her facewash.


    Tt goes to use the toilet while CC looks for her bathing suit. He asks her to turn the shower on. She says yes and she’s going to wash her face.


  41. davidsgirl

    I don’t have all the issues you have. But my curser jumps around alot on this site. So I have to watch and do alot of corrections. There is a delay alot to when I am typing something before it actually shows up. Weird.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Same here. And sometimes the daggone comment box jumps around and I have to almost try to catch it…lol. Funny thing is, I only have trouble here and sometimes on FB. I seldom go on FB so I don’t care about there. I’m here more than anywhere else.

  42. NKogNeeTow



    Holly is saying something about TT’s paranoia. JJ says they are in the thick of it now. He asks what if they can trust TT as much as he says they can, then they are just shooting themselves in the foot. He tells her that if she wants to go for it he’ll support it. She says she feels like they are going to push to get Cliff out. She says that if they even breathe a word of wanting Cliff to stay TT will get paranoid.

    She says she wants to tell TT that she’s weighing the actins and tells JJ that if both of them are advocating for Cliff to stay it might be suspicious. She says she’ll tell TT that if jess stays she’s targeting guys. JJ says they can’t come across as pushy at all. He says just openness and transparency is the best way to get away with it. He says to give the illusion of transparency. He tells her that if one of them in the room doesn’t win, they’re f*cked. He says there is just so much downtime. Holly says and they are up there and not downstairs. *All you have to do is take your asses downstairs.*


  43. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling TT that Jess told her that Nicole told her that she’s torn and that there is a shot that she might vote for her. TT says no way. CC says that Cliff and JJ will win over any of them. CC says that what if Jess made it to Nicole that she would make it further with her than with Cliff to the F2. CC says she doesn’t know what to do or how to handle it but she just doesn’t want her to go. Drunken Jess comes out and sits down and CC asks her how she feels. Jess says Cliff is upstairs talking to J/H now and she doesn’t want to talk to them. She says she doesn’t think they are keeping her. She says she wants J/H out and if she stays, next week that’s who she’s gunning for. She says she’s not sure Nicole feels the same way but she feels that Cliff doesn’t and that’s why JJ wants him to stay.

    They hear someone coming out and look up and it’s Nicole. They stop talking but Jess sits on the ground looking at them with a silly grin. She says she doesn’t think Nicole is seen as a threat at all and if she’s looking to put up J/H, CC interrupts her and tells her that Cliff isn’t going to do that. Jess says that given that both Cc and TT are willing to put up H/J….

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! This system, as well as the HG, have tortured me enough for one night and I have to get up for an early appointment. Soooo, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Nite DG and anyone else who’s still awake out there. 🙂

  45. davidsgirl

    It puts me off when Christy ask Jess what she’s thinking, because that means we will get 10 paragraphs of an answer from her compared to 1 from Tommy and Christy. Uuuuuuuggghhh!

  46. Kari

    Quick hi! Been trying to figure out what we can afford to do on my husband’s vacation in a couple of weeks. Looks like we’re going to head up to the North Cascades and visit some little towns along the way. Completely beautiful! Google Diablo Lake and Winthrop Washington. 😉

    I’m in the mood for another poll just because I’m bored

    Thumbs UP if you want Jessica out.

    Thumbs DOWN if you want Cliff out.

  47. Gr8designer

    If Cole (Cliff/Nicole) pull out an HOH win during the DE, does anyone think either will have the courage to put up Jackson and/or Holly? While they’d loose one or two jury votes for going against their F4, I think they’d gain several. Thoughts??

    • nancy

      I’m not sure if it isn’t smarter to stay solid with their four and put up T/C. But sure would like to see them have a chance to show us!

    • mm22

      So is this week’s 1st DE is a tie vote? Jess needs to go! Christy n tommy should be
      the main targets don’t know why they’re not- doesn’t any of these people have
      a built in bullshit meter? The constant fake ass bullshit from those two make me
      sick to my stomach! Totally confused at how jj n hollybeth are playing the game
      but I don’t like it, seems to me they have wasted all their HoHs

      • hogwild

        I feel pretty much the same way mm but it has keep the target off the only two people left in there I’m rooting for Cliff and Nicole if they were out I probably wouldn’t even be watching anymore.

    • hogwild

      I really don’t think it matters at this point your soon to be down to five people so you have to turn against someone no matter what personally I would say stick with your final four and get Christie and Tommy first then battle it out as far as jury votes go I’m not sure it would matter either way.

  48. Avatar

    Christie is so annoying. it’s remarkable that she is still in this game, and still has the ability to manipulate people. I am so sick of hearing her talk about the universe and what is right as if she is the good person in this game. she should have been voted out instead of Analyse. even then Analyse shouldn’t have even been nominated against her.

    • mm22

      Yup it just kills me how some of the worst people think they are the best people -just
      sickening-in my own life I know two of them and I can’t stand to be around
      them I wish they would just go away

  49. Avatar

    jackson put salt in house guests Sprite? Well damn, lame people, I think it’s watermelon splatting time..

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