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Big Brother 21 – Monday Overnight Stuff

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Monday night, and that means… well, not a whole lot. Especially this late in the season where there are only 5 people remaining in the house with still over two weeks to go. There would typically be 6 people in the house at this stage in the game, and while that may not seem like that big of a difference, that 1 person could make the difference between entertaining and… this. Unless of course that person was Jessica then, in that case, nothing much changes.

So, Holly and Jackson are still weird and he basically told Nicole that he’s okay with them cutting Holly this week when he said he wants to go to the final 3 with her and Cliff. Meanwhile, Nicole is still leaning toward that path but actually wants Tommy in place of Jackson. Right now it seems like Holly will be the one leaving.

There isn’t a ton more to talk about so I’m basically giving you guys a new thread to chat in while I continue to study my days (kidding, study my classwork).


Update in the morning!


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  1. Annabelle

    PLEASE tell me you and I miss heard Jackson is coming to Knoxville! I guess if he brings FAH then I may get the chance to call her Beth to her makeup. However would LOVE to see jackson and Beth’s face when they see Ovi and his girlfriend

    • Tam

      Annabelle, I just don’t see him bringing her….I can believe he would see Ovi. I think that he is tonight trying to keep her docile instead of the insanity that he has been dealing with because he needs a break and rest to concentrate on getting to the end. I am sure that she is going to trying to manuver him into something after this, but he will be dodging that. And if does, I am sure that Momma is going to put a halt on that…..I don’t see Holly being able to pull anything with Momma around on her home turf. And not with her controlling the purse strings. But that would be an interesting trip if it did occur. AWWKKKWAARRRDDD……..

      • Avatar

        Last night he mentioned (while they were on hammock) that first thing he was going to Nashville then Knoxville. She said she still wanted to go if invite was still open. He said he didn’t think she would enjoy it because he would be hanging with all his multitude of friends & most were even younger than him . Punch slap! He did offer they go on one trip a year forever…hmmm?

  2. Robin

    Thanks Steve, always so grateful for your commentary.

  3. danmtruth

    As they talk about how much they love each other how they want to get together for the holidays i see them like this from Drop Kick Murphys

  4. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Continued from previous thread.


    Outer Bedroom:

    Cliff is still unpacking. He quizzes us and ask what day did he wear his overalls. He thrills us with this useless information. He continues to put away more clothes. *Jesus, how many clothes did that man bring?!?* He’s still explaining to us what each and every item is and asking what comp clothes he wore for certain comps. *Quick! Kill me now!`* He tries on a vest and ask us if we remember it. He says it’s the vest he was banished in where he won his way back into the house with full privileges and a pissed off attitude. Now he’s unpacking his socks and shoes and going through when they were worn. *He packs more than a woman.* So far, almost 10 minutes of unpacking, and that’s just since the last commercial. He just found more shirts. *Oh joy!*


    • Tam

      Lmao, NK…..He is trying bless his heart. He is saving us from another lovers tug and pull of life events after the show…..It’s going to be a long night unless someone cracks, drops, or breaks a watermelon….That must be one hell of a DR session for TT. Haven’t heard him for a while…..Lord have mercy…….She just keeps trying to lead him down a path that he is clearly not wanting to go. She is asking for a commitment basically and he is making a deal to go on a vacation once a year with her whether they are not together or not……HELLO……She is going to be up all night analyzing this after agreeing……So, NK, going to be a long night…….

    • SoftKitty

      Uncle Cliff reminds me of Mr Rogers (neighborhood). He always talks so calmly and reasonably with (to) the children.

    • Jen

      Well at least he isn’t pulling a jackson with that same hoodie over and over

  5. Annabelle

    Question why did Nicole get fussed at by production for throwing a comforter over a railing but people are having sex on stools and in beds with no warning? Wt literal F

  6. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is standing there with an arm full of clothes and collecting more then takes them outside to the laundry area. Nicole is putting clothes in the dryer as Cliff shoves him into the washer. He starts the washer then starts to go inside, changes is mind and goes to get something from the outside fridge and takes it inside. Two gallon jugs that he puts in the fridge. He gets a glass from the cupboard and we get to watch him pour some juice.

    Nicole comes through and he asks if she’s finish with the DR. She says she’s going to keep her costume on just in case but she’s going to lay down for a bit. Cliff tells her it’s kind of weird being around JJ and FAH. He says JJ hasn’t asked him anything but told him that somebody is going to make it to F3. He says JJ was talking like he wouldn’t be there. They start talking about TT. Cliff says TT is offering a sweet deal. They discuss the FAH situation. Nicole says that maybe JJ is alright with her going because he doesn’t have to get blood on his hands. Cliff says they will see. She leaves to go to the camper to lay down.


  7. danmtruth

    Holly wants to make plans to do something with Jackson after the show Jackson countets with a deal to get together once a year to take a trip together So basically saying he only wants to see you one week a year together and thats it

  8. Tam

    Did anyone fall for that line HB was saying that she doesn’t really drink that much? And Cliff saying it was uncomfortable to be around them now? If I were on the block I would be in to nurture the relationship with people in the house instead of a guy I just met 3 months ago. Damn, NatGeo, again……..Slap the engineer on the feeds tonight……

    • NKogNeeTow

      She’s one of those nasty pesky lushes that you have to punch out to keep quiet.

      • Tam

        Yep, definitely so, or leave somewhere and tell her you will be right back……..No, I would drop her off at IHOP or Waffle House and say we are going the bathroom…..

    • Alda

      A bell just went off in my head! If Holly does drink alot that could be the reason she looks older then her years.it can also attribute to her lines and wrinkles on her face and neck,and poor condition of her hair.I know a lot of people through the years like that.

      • Mary

        Yes, though she says she doesn’t drink that much, (cough, cough) which is totally a different tune than she was singing a few weeks ago.

  9. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and Cliff are laying in their beds talking. They are trying to figure out what the next comp might be. Nicole says that certain ones will be hard to throw. (TT had promised Cliff that he would throw the comp. Don’t believe him and he’s a fool if he does but, okay.) TT comes in and they ask him about a comp last year that Angela won. TT doesn’t remember but Cliff does vaguely. Nicole ask TT if they did a face swap and days last year. TT says yes and he feels like they always does them. Cliff agrees and says because they are important. Nicole remembers one comp with Days where you had to run around a baseball diamond.

    TT say it might be mental and physical combined. Nicole says they didn’t do any knock-out comps. They start to go over a lot of comps that they haven’t seen this year. FAH comes in and Nicole tells her that she made tea and ask Dumbass if she wants any. She says no because even decaff gives her a little buzz. *TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY* She asks them what they were talking about. Nicole tells her they are trying to remember comps.

    TT is sitting at the foot of Cliff’s bed and TT tells JJ that he looks so handsome. Nicole pays him a compliment. He leaves the room and she yells that it’s the last time she’s going to pay him a compliment. He yells back thank you and laughs. *What a difference between the convos and jokes he has between him and Nicole versus between him and The Walking Dead*. Speaking of walking dead, she is now telling them how flustered she is. *TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY*


  10. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is laying quietly in his bed. Nicole is talking about Days. FAH starts singing her replacement nominee song. TT joins in a bit. Nicole goes over more days. TT and FAH sing more versus to the song and start to laugh. Nicole laughs a little. That somewhat wise old owl Cliff is just laying there listening with a partial smile on his face. *He’s contemplating the untimely demise of one of them…lol*

    JJ comes back in and FAH and Nicole tells him they were just singing, then they start singing the cuddle buddy song. JJ starts to sing about him and Nicole being sibling cuddle buddies. TT and Nicole start to sing the morning poop song. Cliff gets called to the DR. He puts on his costume and says he’s going to sleep nude tonight and see if the cameras turn away.

    TT and FAH make up a song about block buddies. JJ makes up another verse saying one of them are going to meet Julie Chen. *LOL* They says they can’t wait to see what’s going on in the JH. JJ says he really doesn’t give a sh*t. He says it’s just so frustrating because some of the people in the JH would make such a big deal out of everything. TT makes up a song about drama starters. FAH says that the people who did annoying drama things, now will be a little more annoying. *Self reflection?*

    They all wonder what everyone in the JH is doing right now. TT says it would be good if they had a 30 minute show on the JH but had it online. Nicole thinks thats a great idea. *I kind of like it too.*


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  12. NKogNeeTow



    Dorito party time! JJ says he doesn’t like mac and cheese, or any flavor of Doritos except plain. He hates Ranch. He doesn’t like any kind of artificial cheese flavored products. They start to talk about the bed lengths. Nicole says she didn’t realize that Swaggy *I cringe just saying the name* was taller than JJ. They say that Fessy and Tyler were too. JJ says that Swag surprised him the most with his height. They are surprised that Swag could fit the bed because he was so tall.

    Now they are talking about Ubers. JJ is telling Nicole how long it takes him to get somewhere when he catches an Uber alone or shares a ride. He says when you share the ride you pay less but it takes you longer to get to your destination. He tells a story about a ride he shared in a mini-van and a woman in the car was being a b*tch with the driver. He says you meet some very interesting people but you save money.

    TT says that sometimes when he stayed over his ex-boyfriend’s house he would share rides home. Nicole ask what Uber is. She’s never heard of it and they are explaining it to her. JJ tells her the difference between Uber and a taxi. She fears Uber because of possible kidnapping. She says that with cabs at least they are yellow but with Uber you are just sitting in the back of someone’s car. *Sounds like Nugget is having a Sis moment*


    • Tam

      Lmao, NK. If you really want a ROFLMAO moment go check back to the past feed update and read Ann’s post of her evening…..Whewww………That was the best….I am so delirious and tired. Trying to hang with you…..

  13. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about TT doing the Speed of Sound and the Speed of Smell. JJ says he wants to see it on TV. JJ makes a joke about being cast out into the water without a life raft. FAH says she was his life raft. He says she was his dingy. The talk turns to earlier when they were in the house. Nicole holds up her foot and TT asks her what size shoe she wears. She says the last ones they got her was a size 5. JJ is about a 12. Cliff comes back and Nicole holds up her foot and ask if he likes her new shoes. She has one of JJ’s one. Cliff tells her she can just put both feet in one.

    FAH has been snacking as long as she’s been in the room. TT starts talking about fairy tales. He says there is a dark side to them. He says in the orginal stories, the stepsisters cut the tips of their feet off to make the slipper fit. Cliff tells them in high school he was in a play where he played a woman. They laugh. Just for more air times, FAH comes back into the room with her hair piled high and and laughs and keeps moving it around. Nicole yells right toss and someone tosses something on it. *Mission accomplished Haggatha, you get your 1 minute air time.*


  14. Tam

    Oh no, we got HB looking like a lost member of Fraggle Rock crew. She will do anything to keep the attention off Nicole………Damn it, Stuart, we see you and don’t care what you can do……..

  15. NKogNeeTow



    JJ comes over and gives Nicole a long hug. You can hear Haggatha in the background saying she wants to go to bed. After JJ starts to walk out, FAH comes over and give Nicole a big hug. They leave and TT ask Cliff if he’s going to bed. Cliff says he’s going to check on his laundry and may hang out a bit. TT says he’s going to hang out on the hammock. Nicole says she thinks she will too. They leave to go to the backyard. Walking through the kitchen, TT asks Cliff if he finished the dishes. Cliff tells him FAH did.


    Cliff gets called back to the DR. Nicole goes to check her laundry. TT gets comfy on the hammock. He tells her he loves it there and just lays there and swings and stares at the sky. The camera shows the quiet, empty pool and yard. It almost looks desolate. Nicole restarts teh dryer then skips over to the hammock.


  16. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling TT thats everything is a little scary but you want to move it along. She says when she was home she was saying that she wanted to be on the show and as soon as she got there she wanted to talk to her sisters and confide in them. JJ sticks his head out the door and Nicole yells to him goodnight and she loves him. He yells he loves her back. She yells she loves him more. He laughs and yells no she doesn’t.

    TT and Nicole resume their talk of the house. She says that she can’t get over the feeling that she lives there. TT says that if they come back the house won’t look the same and if he walked into it he would feel that this isn’t the same house. Nicole says that next year when she sees the new cast in the house she will think “these are not my people”.

    They start to talks about how many times they applied for the show. Nicole said she tried last year and got accepted this year. TT says he went to an open call but was almost on BBOTT. They say it’s crazy. He says he feels like now is just the home stretch. He says that next week the whoever goes to the JH it will suck for the because they were so close. Nicole says she tries to look at it that if she goes to the JH she will try to think of it as being with her friends. She says but she wants to be in the Finale so bad. They both says they don’t see themselves going to the JH.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Sweet dreams my little sleepy heads and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Tam, Lvb and whoever else is out there still awake. 🙂

  18. danmtruth

    Goodnite all i leave you with the Belfast cowboy

  19. Betty Boo

    I think its a great idea if BB picked their cast from the Big Brother superfans……US!!

    Who wants to do a quick one liner to see how interesting we are????

    • Betty Boo

      50 y/o female, loves BB, concerned about germs in the BB house, needs to bring her own pillow and blankie.

      • danmtruth

        60+ y/o male enjoys cooking , doing laundry, light cleaning, long walks on the beach , snores sorry Am a people person but not afraid to use a rocket launcher on people who anoy me

      • Mary

        60 y/o female, who loves BB, enjoys cooking, doesn’t mind doing dishes. Cleans up after herself, isn’t bossy, though can give it back if necessary. Doesn’t have time for arrogant people, (talk to the hand because the face quit listening). Knows where Wyoming is. Doesn’t drink alcohol, so if I like you, will give you my share. 🙂

      • hogwild

        50 plus year old male with below average looks questionable intelligence and bizarre sense of humor.

    • Avatar

      50+ female, hates showmances, house votes. Not too pushy but understands at some point you have to take the shot.

      • mdkitty

        50 year old female great cook, who rarely swears loves animals and hates filth. So, yes, you will use me and abuse me to clean, cook and take care of the fish I will NOT be everyone’s “cuddle buddy” not only cuz I’m happily married but cuz it’s CREEPY ! And I will not tell you I love you cuz I don’t and I know you are probably trashing something about me as soon as I’m out of earshot

    • Ashley

      $500K is not enough for me to put myself on national tv to undergo brutal public scrutiny and possibly destroy my life — no, thank you.

    • Tam

      Y’all crack me up. Now this a show I could get behind to watch. I would volunteer to be behind the glass and straighten out production. Touch that fish came….Dare you……Smack the back of the head or give the side eye on warning….Just a mute on the mics if necessary….

      • Betty Boo

        People playing that KNOW the game inside and out as opposed to Sis who had to ask what HOH stood for.

      • LynnD

        Ok, we got Tam on cams. NK be nice to us while we are in there. If we are boring you during BBAD tell Tam to give us a heads up or a smack in the back of the head 🙂

      • Tam

        LynnD, I got your backs, I will also manage the upstairs DR. It will be stocked with whatever y’all need. I will be respectful with the cams, no shots of people changing, following asses while y’all walk around, will keep the house temp at a comfortable level and damn sure no clowns in the windows. Now I may jack with y’all a little with the lights just for fun. And make sure they put an elevator in there because those winding stairs would be on my last nerve and climbing that damn ladder is out. How about a Mardi Gras theme for next year? And I will even submit a form for the previous HG that you want to see and not subject everyone and America to posers……

      • LynnD

        Tam it is oddly creepy how well you know me. I LOVE the Mardi Gras theme (mainly bc I LOVE Mardi Gras and have many years of Fantastic memories of MG past) I have 2 brothers with families that live out side of NOLA and my Mom went every Mardi Gras Season for the parades. Next I have already made my stash list for the upstairs dr. I will make the list good so that NK will have plenty to write about at night. If I go MIA you will know where to find me. Definately need the elevator. The knees aren’t what they once were. I have 3 (maybe 4) past hg I would like to hang with. Just make sure they turn the cameras off when I hook up in the shower with the 21 yr old I meet upon arrival.

        Good to know you will have our backs Tam.

    • LynnD

      50 yr old female (single Mom). I work 2 jobs & have a teenager. So not only will I bust my ass when I have to I also won’t be taking any shit from those 20 something’s with there inferior attitudes. Like Betty I will be traveling with my blankie & pillow. Depending on the crowd I may need a dose of Xanax!

  20. danmtruth

    One last observation before i crashed but it did not post
    Nicole & cliff on hammock talking about how surprised the people in the jury house will be when , , wait for it , , , Holly walks in and find out it was on Jackson HOH Again thats there plan on Mon night Time to see if they stick to it These two seem like once they make a decision they tend to stick to it They reassure each other that with all they know right now This is the best plan to move forward
    Jackson was studying the memory wall thinking it was going to be a face morph comp Perhaps they have been told in there DR DR sesions He has been going to the wall and blocking out parts of the face to study people eyes ears, noses, chins, and forheads

  21. Betty Boo

    Is Jackson going after Nicole for his next showmance after Holly leaves????

  22. Avatar

    Quick question do all 4 house guests get to compete in the final HoH?

    The way I see it Nicole and Cliff would be silly not to vote out Holly. As I see it they have a huge advantage going into final four is such a strong alliance because the HOH winner immediately goes to final three. Then the veto winner also immediately goes to final three. The veto winner also gets to choose between the remaining two contestants because they have the final vote. So even if they do not win the HOH Nicole and Cliff still have two chances compared to one because if one of them wins the veto they will most definitely take the other. If Cliff or Nicole win the HOH one of them is guaranteed in final three. Even if Michie or Tommy were to win the veto there is a good chance they would still vote the other out because of their strong play. Meaning both Nicole and Cliff would still make final three.

    This potentially all changes if they choose to keep Holly because they also would have the same 2 to 1 advantage!

    Just my morning thoughts over coffee … good morning all !

  23. Sabrina

    so we are sure holly is going?

    • Mary

      Can’t really say, don’t know until Thursday when they are voting. If Cliff does have a final 3 with Jackson and Holly. Who knows, he may split the vote and Jackson decides.

      • KelBel

        If that happened and JJ had to decide and voted G-ma B out… oh man, that would just make me happy beyond words 😀 buuuut the reality is I don’t think he’d have the balls. Only Nicole has balls in the BB house! lol

      • Mary

        I just think it will be hilarious for Holly to walk into the jury house and when they ask what happened, she tells them she was evicted on Jackson HOH. Think everyone will get a good laugh, which in turn will probably piss her off.

      • Sabrina

        That’s what I am afraid of, Cliff is such a loyal soul, but at this point in the game, it should be out the window.

  24. mdkitty

    I’m new to watching the feeds so I’m just wondering about that HOH shower. If Jolly can go in there and “talk privately” why couldn’t any of them go in, clothed or in bathing suit, to have a chance to strategize without a camera?

    • Mary

      mdkitty, they go in there to have sex, without the cameras watching. LOL

      • Ashley

        I think mdkitty is asking why can’t Cliff and Nicole go in the HOH shower with clothes on and talk strategy without mics on if Holly and Jackson can do it (while also having sex).

      • Mary

        @Ashley, don’t need that image in my mind. They ( C & N ) have plenty of alone time to have 1 on 1’s.
        I may be wrong, don’t they were talking game in the shower, they were talking about the fight and their personal relationship, something they prefer the live feeders don’t hear.

      • Ashley

        Sorry, Mary — it’s a bad mental image for me, too… It was awkward typing it LOL — I don’t have feeds, so I wasn’t sure, but I agree with you. Thank you for clarifying.

      • Mary

        *don’t think they were talking game*

    • Robin

      This seems perfectly reasonable to me, however Cliff and Nicole the BB purists would probably rather stick to the rules rather than risk embarrassing their families. However, if I was in the BBhouse, I might feel differently.

  25. Houseguest Doug

    Updated Power Rankings…

    1. Tommy
    2. Nicole
    3. Cliff
    4. Jackson
    5. Holly

    At this stage I think Nicole do to wining a vital HOH and getting a big player out and winning the POV and saving Cliff and holding the keys at this stage as leaped over Jackson and Cliff. If Nicole is in the F2 with anyone other than Tommy she wins.

    Jackson’s only hope to win this game is to be F2 with Holly.

    I foresee a whole Paul situation again where he made it to F2 only to lose twice. Irony is the one person he lost to was named Nicole. So Jackson and Nicole in the F2. Jury’s can be spiteful and my guess is Nicole takes home the big check.

    • Helen

      Every person who has left recently has said if Jackson sits in F2 they are voting for him…..even Jessica

      • Tam

        That would make me consider voting him out. It’s a coin toss for me at this point.

      • Houseguest Doug

        Talk is cheap. Everyone said they’re voting for Paul to. How did that end up. I judge people on their actions not what they say.

        Personally I think Jackson’s star as slipped and Nicole and Cliff have passed him and Tommy was already well ahead of him.

        Once again it is all about Jury Management. Any Lawyer will tell you the same. It matter not if the Client is innocent or guilty it is all how you manage the Jury.

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  27. Robin

    I know there is nothing new to report or analyze, but dang it, I’m missing my Mel fix this morning!

  28. Helen

    This is horrid this morning with no Mel!

  29. Joy

    what happened to mel’s recap????? I was reading it and BAM. page not found????

  30. Mary

    They must be waking up the house pets. Hope Miss Holly got a good night sleep, she’s been so exhausted and hasn’t been sleeping well down with the peasants.

  31. Mary

    Mel’s thread is back………….. hopefully for good.

  32. Avatar

    Does anyone else see how jealous Holly has been all season of every woman in the house? She continuously talked about mean girls but was the true definition of mean girl. She was talking constantly about Kat’s need for attention, if anyone referred to Christie re a smart move or doing well in a comp she immediately replied that she’d thought of or almost beat her, Jess had to be crazy although Holly was right there pushing the buttons, Sis! Oh my gosh she envied her age & her beauty, Nicole she couldn’t understand how she could be friends with any of the other girls except her completely unaware they were all sharing a room & making real connections while she was shacked, I mean shackled up, with Jackson 24/7!

    Just now she began a conversation about who casting expected the showmances to be…Jackson took over …he & Kat and says never (really??? he still doesn’t realize that was a storyline?), he & Sis she was too shallow, he & named each girl …and then he & Holly names every combo possible except NICOLE! She was sitting there and I was thinking how rude, self centered & pompous along with being clueless to her feelings! WTH?

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