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Big Brother 21 – Monday Overnight Thread

Good evening, everyone!


I’m starting the overnight thread early because this house is slow as crap so I may take advantage and watch a movie or whatever.

The momentum in the house is starting to favor Cliff which could be a good sign for him. Really though, he should be the one to stay. Kat is a huge threat and Cliff can be beaten pretty much any time they want. The reality show handbook says Kat is the no-brainer this week. Of course, the handbook doesn’t factor in personal friendships which she has with Jackson, Holly, and Jessica, but those three won’t be enough to save her. It’s going to be too tempting to get her out while they can so I’ll be shocked if she’s still in the house on Friday.

Alright, like I said, short one tonight. BBAD is about to start so the comment section is going to get hopping.


Recap in the morning!


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  1. Nancy

    The house is starting to favor cliff..please let it stay that way..

  2. Kari

    That really is a cute picture of chicken girl. I know she has her issues but she is pretty…

  3. hogwild

    I think it would be funny as hell is they took Cliff to the final three thinking it would easy to beat him and then he pulled a Josh from season 19 and won that last HOH comp.

  4. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    I am so devastated. This was shaping up to be my second favorite week of the season (right behind watching Jack get evicted and go outside to get his ass roasted by Julie Chen Moonves). I would have loved to see Christie blathering all week long up there on the block knowing she would be getting sent to the jury house on her boy Tommy’s HOH.

    Ah well, I guess I’ll always have the memories of watching her reaction to finding out America hates her.


  5. Nancy

    And if I may…#STFUJESS

  6. Minkie

    Goodnight All! Tried to stay awake for NK and Bbad, just not going to make it. Hopefully one night I’ll be able to join in the nightly fun.

  7. danmtruth

    Coming in late tonight So good to see Gerardo come out to join us Now watching nicole nick and CC on the hammock talking about nothing

  8. Avatar

    Now that Jess isn’t HOH, Holly isn’t up her behind anymore. I only see Holly with Jackson or Kat on BBAd. Jackson is either eat/cooking or with Holly/Kat. Unless someone else like Cliff seeks them out for game talk they are always alone either being gross or trying to save the image they have in the house with feeders.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Potato, Patato, Nick, Tommy. What’s in a name…


    CC, Nick, and Nicole speculating what the HOH comp will be. Nick says let him go f*cking first because he’ll f*cking win. *Yeah, yeah, we hear that every night* They try to go through as many comps as they can think of. They know that if it’s a DE that they will be quick. CC says she’s definitely excited. She says she really wants to play in the Slip-N-Slide because she’s sturdy. Nick says he would love to play in that. Nicole says that Saturday is her Mom’s birthday so she’s due for a win. CC says it would be serendipendious(sp) if she won on her mom’s birthday.

    Boat Room”

    JJ and Holly are laying down making goo-goo eyes at each other. He tells her he just likes looking at her. She asks what he’s thinking. He says maybe he’ll tell her one day. He kisses her on the cheek. He’s looking at her and smiling and the start talking in code.


    They are talking about the west coast weather. Nick says he loves the weather there because of the humidity and sports (the games end earlier than they do on the east coast). Every other word it f*ck, but hey, that’s our little perv. He says he’s upset that he’s missing his college fantasy draft. He says that he doesn’t know if anyone will draft for him (while he’s in the house). CC asks him why didn’t he just opt-out. He says no. *I’m not a sports person so this convo is way over my head.*

    Waste of Air yells out that she got a new costume. Nicole tells her that she’s sorry about her tail. Uncle Cliff comes out with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and sits down to eat and listen. Nick is still talking about the drafts. CC asks him if he trusts his friends to look after his draft. He says yes. He says he has 4 leagues and CC asks him how he keeps track of 4. She says that’s how she knows he’s a lethal weapon because only a lethal weapon could keep up with 4 fantasy leagues. He says you don’t have to be lethal to remember them. She asks him if he thinks JJ could remember that many. Nick says yes.


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  11. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Sofa:

    Jess is telling TT that she wants to vote unemotionally. He tells her that he’s never been in a position where he loved both people and didn’t know which direction to go in. He says it’s tough. She says she really loves Kat but gamewise she feels that Kat has other relationships that she doesn’t know about. TT says that’s the best way to put it and it’s scary. She says with Kat it’s different because she feels that people are expecting that she would vote that route.

    The hammock crew comes over and TT and Jess stop talking. Jess starts talking about the baked potato she ate a few hours ago. As Nick goes in, TT asks him if he’s still sleeping with him tonight and he says yet. They find stones on the ground and Jess says they can heat them up and use them for massages. Everybody is gone now except Jess and TT and she tells him that people assume she’s going to vote for Kat. She says she told Kat they have to talk a little more. She says Kat is her sweet Kat and doesn’t do anything malicious. *To bad she can’t hear what we hear.*

    Jess says that there have been instances that she’s heard things and wonder why she would say those things. She says they haven’t made her feel 100% with her. TT says that he thinks Kat is a bigger threat than Cliff and that she’s more well rounded. He says that Cliff is hurt so he might be better to keep. He said that Kat is a beast. He says after hearing what others have said (and he mentions WoA and CC), he said that he has talked to them about it and Kat is a genius. They agree Cliff is too.

    JJ says it’s not up to him but the house and he wants to hear from them. He says as HOH he doesn’t have much say so he needs to hear what others think. Jess says it’s hard to know what to do. TT tells her that she has a tough decision. Jess says that she likes what Cliff represents (older men).


  12. Avatar

    My introductory post:

    Kat- Are u bitches conspiring against me?

    HGs- Yes, yes WE ARE FINALLY conspiring against you!

    Kat-Aww, ok (alligator tears). Don’t 4get 2 buy a shirt with my catch phrase on it.

    Me-Just like those tears, we ain’t buying it!!

    I take my leave. Exit stage rt.

  13. Nancy

    There’s a real chance cliff could stay. I’m not gonna talk about it, I’ll jinx the trajectory the house is leaning toward ..

    • Avatar

      Right now I think it would be 4-3, Cliff stays:

      Eviction votes (these are guaranteed):
      Jackson: Cliff
      Holly: Cliff
      Christie: Kat

      Almost certain:
      Nick: Kat
      Jess: Cliff
      Analyse: Kat

      I think Nicole is the deciding vote. I think she will vote Kat out, but it could go either way.

  14. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is getting ready to make crepes. Holly is sitting on the floor eating. Uncle Cliff washing dishes. Nick just walking around trying to decide who or what to grab. CC hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. Nick says he will try to get chocolate for the crepes. So far the only chocolate they have to make them with is M & M’s. Holly tells CC that they should do a rap. She wonders if that’s considered singing. CC doesn’t think so.

    Backyard Sofa:

    Uncle Nick has joined Jess and TT. He says that the mosquitoes mostly leave him alone but get his wife. TT says they don’t have a lot in Staten Island. Cliff says he can’t believe how much they walk around barefoot. TT says he brought all kinds of shoes with but hardly put them off. Cliff gets called to the DR. TT tells him he is relevant. When Cliff walks away TT says “You are relevant and on the block.” Jess laughs. *As she slips further over the line to the other side.*


    Nick is cutting up something that looks like Hershey Kisses, while someone else is making grill cheese sandwiches.


    • Stephanie

      Jess is an idiot, why get rid of the ‘genius comp beast’ for the gimpy older guy (I love Cliff, hate that either have to go, but game wise I’d rather keep the ‘genii comp beast’ friend).

      • mm22

        Christy has been working jess and nick has been working Nicole to keep cliff
        So yesterday listening to Nicole and jess talking they say they’re undecided but
        both are leaning towards evicting kat and they feel really bad about it but they can’t
        trust her 100% (imo that’s because of blabber mouth kat she tells what she’s heard
        not considering it could hurt her friends game)

  15. Avatar

    Ugh the Tommy and Christie supporters are once again trying to justify their pre-existing relationship

  16. Stephanie

    I haven’t watched Sunday’s episode yet (not sure I can stomach it knowing the outcome). Did they mention a new twist or vote/gift to send the houseguests? No mention of a double eviction yet huh?

  17. Avatar

    Am I sadistic for hoping Christie gets evicted on double eviction night just to watch the sobbing interview with Julie?

  18. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    CC is eating and talking (as usual). jess says she feels like depending on what Cliff says to people, you know what you get with him but you don’t know what you get with Kat. Jess says JJ tried talking to game to her today. CC asks her what he said. Jess said he said this is going to be a tough decision and she was wondering WTF he was talking to her about that for. CC says he tried to talk to her today too. *yet she does*. Jess says that unless others are seeing something that she’s not, that if she’s (Kat) is suppose to be her best friend in the house, she’s hanging out with other people way more than her. She says that because of that she can’t sit there and campaign to them for Kat.

    Jess says she doesn’t think that Kat would come after either of them. She says she understands last week and she feels that was a different kind of situation. She says that regardless Kat always knew where Jack’s head was.


    TT and Nicole are cooking. Nick grabs Kat and picks her up. *Told you he was pondering who to grab or touch*


  19. Nancy

    NKs crystal ball

  20. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Jess is talking in her slow buzz saw drone and telling them how even when she’s tired and wants to go to bed, when she hears people talking she’ll stay up then she’s tired the next day. CC says she (Jess) has FOMO. JJ says that when he stays up late like that, future him hates past him. CC says she develops random phantom pains. *Like her tears* Kat comes out and asks what they want to eat.

    CC asks TT if he like Nick when he stinks, his pheromones. WoA shows on TT how he nuzzles his nose into Nick’s armpit. She says she thinks he likes him. TT says he loves him. CC says she thinks he likes him more than he’s saying and has a crush on him. TT says you can’t have a crush on a straight person.


    Everyone goes inside to eat.


  21. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling WoA she has to eat the food with her mouth. CC is stuffing her face again (surprisingly with her mouth closed this time). Nick is asking where the big f*cking skillet is. Now he’s eating off of WoA’s plate (not one drop of water has touched the hands). Cliff and CC thank Nicole for making the crepes. Everyone says they are really good. Nick yells that he can really go for some eggs right now. CC says don’t give them any ideas. Cliff asks Nick if he thinks they are going to make WoA finish early in the morning.

    Scratch what I said earlier. CC just took a big bite of crepe and said yummy yum at the same time. TT has figured out who the other singer is on his music. Bruno Mars. Holly and Cliff said they would have never guessed Bruno Mars. * I love Bruno Mars, so leave his name out of your mouths* WoA says she thinks she recognizes Sza on one of the songs.


    JJ is working out all alone.


    Most are finished eating. WoA is excited to find out it is 10 pm. Nick is now eating crepes and tells Nicole they are amazing. Nick says he the chef and has never been out of his kitchen before. He says the kids kicked him out. Jess is just sitting at the counter quietly.


  22. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling a story about a woman who charged stuff on his credit card.


    The Maytag Repairman (JJ) is sitting on the weight bench picking at that jinky nail and breathing hard. He lays back and lifts weights. *Aren’t you suppose to have someone there in case of an accident and also to spot you?* Look at Mama’s big strong boy. *You know if he hurts himself, Mama’s gonna have something else to sue for* Now he’s doing arm curls or whatever they call it. *Guess you can’t have too much strength when you’re planning to steamroll the house* Now he’s folding clothes on the Pool table. *Must be his cool-down phase* Since there’s nobody out there for him to talk to, let’s just listen to him breathe heavily. Ahh, there it is. Either he washed clothes for the entire house or he changes every 2 hours because that’s a LOT of clothes.


  23. Vikki T

    So aggravating any time NN tells a story. He tells it then changes parts when he does not get the reaction he wants. Just tell the truth (or better yet…shut up) and quit trying to make yourself relevant.

  24. NKogNeeTow



    Maytag Repairman still folding clothes.


    Nick and CC are talking. CC says she doesn’t love feet but if she knows they are fresh out of the shower she doesn’t mind. She says Nick was rubbing her butt with his feet, on the hammock. TT asks WoA if she’s sleeping upstairs or downstairs tonight. She says if he’s going to bed soon then she’ll sleep upstairs. Nick says she’ll be third wheeling. WoA and CC talk about how hot it is in the RV.

    Jess is sitting there just staring off into space. Nicole is still making crepes while TT washes dishes. Everyone is discussing going to bed early. Cliff asks WoA what’s for breakfast in the morning. She says to ask BB. Nick asks Nicole if she wants him to clean up. She says if he wants to. Nick asks TT if he’s going to bed because he is tired. TT tells him in a minute. Nick keeps pacing the floor and TT tells him they can go up if they want to, he’s just going to finish washing the dishes.

    Jess goes to the bathroom. Nick and WoA hugs everyone goodnight then goes upstairs. Cliff says he might go to bed. CC tells them that WoA told BB last night that if they wake her up she’s going to be cranky.


  25. NKogNeeTow

    Dan must have dozed off. lol

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  27. NKogNeeTow



    CC tells Cliff they will chat in the morning, then she leaves. Cliff puts some things away then leaves.


    Holly is washing something. Jess is cleaning the outside of the fridge and ask Jess how her day was. Jess says uneventful. She says she feels a pinch in her back but thinks she’s just tired from going to sleep late last night. Nicole goes out to check laundry then comes back and puts food away in the fridge. Cliff goes into the bathroom then comes back out and passes through without saying anything.

    Jess asks Holly how she feels. Holly says she doesn’t feel dizzy anymore. Nicole finally sits down and fixes herself a banana crepe. JJ comes in with all of his laundry neatly folded. *I wonder if he hires out. My lazy azz could use someone to fold my clothes.* Holly offers to massage Jess’s back but says it won’t be like hers. They start talking about the weather. Jess says she can’t keep waking up with nothing to do and that it’s killing them. *If she thinks it’s bad now, wait until the other half of the house leaves.*

    Jess says that maybe tomorrow she might just clean the whole house. Nicole says she wants to clean the RV. Jess says she now understands the horror of the walking dead. She says she feels like a zombie. *I know the feeling* She says she doesn’t think she’s cut out for the zombie life. Holly says she isn’t either. Jess said she and Cliff were joking that supposed they got out of the house and found they are living in a post apocalyptic world.


  28. NKogNeeTow



    Holly is telling Nicole and Jess that she put everything on auto-pay. She says she put her rent on auto-pay but her roommate didn’t and wants to move. Nicoles asks if she thinks she’ll come back to an empty apartment. Holly says she doesn’t think so. She says she’s happy there but her roommate isn’t and wants to break the lease. Holly says it’s a nice neighborhood but there are drug needles in the dog park and alley. She says she doesn’t know whether her roommate will still be there when she gets home. Jess asks her what about her rent auto-pay.

    JJ the Lonely Maytag Repairman is back in the backyard exercising alone. Now he’s doing some rolly things with the barbells. Oh joy, we get to listen to him breathe some more! He stops and goes to check his mouth in the mirror. *Don’t ask, I don’t know why either.* He’s back at the weight bench with the dumbells. More huffing and puffing. *He must be building up stamina for Holly since WoA and CC are sleeping upstairs tonight.*


    WoA is sandwiched in the bed between Nick and TT. Nick is talking 200mph about Cliff.


  29. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, I didn’t forget the email. I just haven’t had time get to it yet. I’ll try to do it by tomorrow evening.

  30. Mary

    Okay, let me get this straight….. Sis said she is worried about Kat being alone in the jury with Jack, though she’s in bed with 2 guys, one being Nasty Nick. From what some the house guests have said about Nick’s body order, I don’t think I would be able to share a bed with him. Think I’d be sleeping on the floor. lol

  31. NKogNeeTow



    WoA is telling TT and Nick that she knows JJ and Holly has her back but she trust Nick more. Nick ask her what would she do if she won. She says she doesn’t know. He throws out some combinations. She goes through how if she puts up someone, she’ll become someone else’s target. He asks her how bad does she want to win. TT tells he she should try to win only if she’s in a tight spot. TT says that hopefully JJ will go before Holly and once he’s gone, Holly will have no where to go so she’ll come to them. *They kill me with this crap of thinking that everyone wants to be with them. What’s so great about them?*


    Holly and Kat are now talking. JJ hocks a loogie and spits in the yard. Holly asks Kat something about her DR and gets a warning. They leave and go into the kitchen. Holly goes to the DR to asks if she has to go in tonight. Kat looks in the fridge.


    The crew sees Kat coming up and TT hides behind the door to scare her. TT asks her if she to talk. She says no. TT tells her to just stay and hang out. Nick asks her how was her DR and gets a warning. WoA asks her if she ate her grilled cheese. They start talking about how the food is cooked. Kat asks where CC is sleeping. WoA tells her CC is sleeping in the RV. TT tells her she can come to sleep upstairs tomorrow night if she wants to. Production tells them to go to the SR. Kat yells “Yea” and tells them she wasn’t supposed to tell.

    Everyone runs to the SR. POP has given them alcohol. They got beer and wine. Half want to drink it tonight and the other half want to save it for a pool party tomorrow. JJ tells Production that they will save it until tomorrow if they up the ante. They got 13 beers and 2 bottles of wine. TT says he’s pumped and let’s go to bed tonight so they can get up early tomorrow.


    Nicole, Jess, and CC are getting ready to go to bed. Jess says that she thinks they gave it to them so late because they were getting ready to go to bed. CC says she can’t wait to get a buzz tomorrow. *I hope she does so she can talk too much.* Cliff comes in and tells them that Kat went to the DR to ask and was told that if they don’t drink the alcohol tonight they are going to take it back. *AHAHA!*


  32. Mary

    Why are they going into the HOH to drink, wouldn’t you think sitting in the living room where there is enough seating for everyone would be better.

  33. NKogNeeTow



    jess, Kat, JJ, Nick, WoA, TT, Cliff are all drinking beer. JJ says he’s so not in the mood right now but he drinks anyway. Nicole and CC come up. Orwell is sitting back watching the loudmouth louts with disdain. Nick and WoA are sitting in bed. He says he doesn’t want to drink because he’s going to get f*cked up. WoA asks if she can have another beer then. Cliff says that the reason they gave them alcohol is that they don’t want to sit up and watch these loudmouth assholes all night.

    WoA gets called to the DR. She’s not happy about it. TT says we can’t sing or dance but this party is off the charts. Jess is looking out of place. No one is really talking to her. JJ leaves. CC says the red wine is so gross but she’s grateful for it and she doesn’t care. Since no one is talking to her, Jess just reads the ingredients on the bottle. Kat says Orwell is a lush. *THE NERVE, HOW DARE SHE!*

    They say that JJ has gone back outside. Cliff tells them that if it is a DE, this is exactly how many people will be in the house. Orwell is still keeping an eye on the goings-on.


  34. Kari

    Checking in on a very beautiful summer night in Seattle, 66 degrees at 11:30. I’m sitting out on my deck watching the planes go in and out. I wish it wasn’t so much light pollution because I’ve been told they’re supposed to be some shooting stars tonight..

    *Reaching for my Canada Dry and catching up!* Now if I only had something to spike it with..

  35. Kari

    Special song for NK. I think she deserves to hav3 one of these days because of how much she puts up with just for us..

    I love the song..

  36. NKogNeeTow



    TT says he’s going to be drunk. Kat says a drunk TT is a fun TT. Jess smells CC’s glass of wine and says it smells like rubbing alcohol.


    The Lonely Maytag Repairman is still working out.


    Kat is talking a lot and apparently getting high. Good, maybe we’ll hear some secrets tonight. Jess says her best friend is Carlo Rossi. TT makes Nick a fancy cocktail but he turns it down. TT says that even though it was quiet it was a nice day. Cliff says that now he’s waiting for WoA to bring them 12 different egg dishes. Orwell is sitting on his lap. He is not amused at the thought of his cousins being served. TT wants to play “Never Have I Ever”. *This is about to get even more boring real quick.*

    Nicole doesn’t want to play and leaves. They all yell for her not to leave and says that she can be the judge. She says no she is going to join JJ in the backyard. Nick says never has he ever had sex with a guy. TT says that sucks. Then he says never has he ever had a threesome. Nick then says he had a threesome with 2 girls. They ask Kat if she ever had one. She says she didn’t want all those d*cks in her face and laughs. TT says he hasn’t, then says he was drunk one night and woke up and was getting a blow job by 2 guys. *Uh huh*


    JJ is still working out. Nicole gets her laundry then goes back inside.


  37. Avatar

    Can we please stop watching Jackson and Nicole and get back to the HOH room we need to see if any didn’t comes out

  38. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is getting ready to take a shower.


    Nicole is making up her bed and humming. She strips the bed and goes back outside to the dryer while singing “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash. She gets no warning. She goes back into the house and says “Hello America. Come follow me. this way please.” When she gets inside the camper she says her reason for making up her bed because as a Nicole Anthony, she owes it to her students to not get drunk, use protection, make smart choices and be true to herself. She says that she doesn’t want to play a silly game and that you should just do you and be comfortable with yourself. She says that one good thing is that if you are uncomfortable, it’s okay as long as you are true to yourself. She says there is such a thing as peer pressure and but you are capable of making your own decisions. She says that yes she had a drink but she did it in moderation and is in control and that’s what’s important in life. She says that JJ is also doing his own thing. She says that this is a PSA. She says at the end of the day you want to live life with no regrets. She says that you don’t want to say something that you will regret later. *YASSS QUEEN!*


  39. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole gets called to the DR. She tells them she’s coming. She finishes separating the bed linen on the floor then leaves. You can hear the rowdy bunch upstairs.


    JJ just finished his shower and is dressed. He puts on his toilet water and lotion, dries his hands, fluffs his hair, washes his hands then leaves. *Now let me get this straight. He washes his hand after he takes a shower but not before he sticks them in food?* He goes into the kitchen and gets a leftover bowl od cold food from the fridge, sits down, blesses it then eats.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! And so am I. It’s 3 am and I’ve got to get up at 7 for the next 2 days. Sleep well and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Goodnight whoever else is still up.:)

  41. mm22

    I think around 2:20 central time in the hoh room
    Nick is giving a sex talk-it’s not mentioned here
    n not sure if anyone caught it. Nick was so
    filthy n vulgar the hg were all laughing-cliff
    left the room I turned it off. Nick told the room
    what bella wouldnt let him do sexually n what
    he does. If a therapist can’t keep private sexual
    information to himself I would be very concerned
    about any info he receives. My god he’s being
    filmed on national tv.

  42. Avatar

    It really is such a shame that Kat will be the one leaving this week. She has been one of the only saving graces for this season.

  43. Mary

    Mel’s morning thread is up.

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