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Big Brother 21 – Monday Overnight

Good evening, everyone


Today has been a fairly slow day but it is setting up for a potentially explosive week as accusations have been flying about Nick’s loyalty shifts all season. Analyse confronted him about possibly throwing the HoH competition because he felt he was safe, but Nick denies it and says he was sure he’d be on the block once Jackson won. Nick then begins crying and telling Sis how much he cares for her and wants to work with her blah blah. Typical Nick behavior, and like typical Sis behavior, she eats it up. That wasn’t really a fight but more of a quick discussion followed by Nick constantly making these horrific snorting noises which became too disgusting to listen to. Just wish he’d blow his nose then continue talking.

A few hours later, Christie got some time alone to have a very similar conversation, however, she wasn’t as nice as Analyse was. Nor was she really buying what he was selling. She told him that she doesn’t really respect his game and she knows he’s going to screw someone over because far too many people trust him in the house. That’s what happens when you play the middle, you inevitably piss people off (ask Tyler).

The ice under Nick’s feet is getting thinner and thinner the longer he stays in the house and the longer he keeps up his incredibly fake act of being everyone’s friend. He’s a great liar but poor diplomat so when the lies catch up with him, people are going to be bitter. Christie already seems done with him as are Jackson and Holly. The only thing going for him is he may end up being the Josh of the house and get carried along because he’s disliked by everyone leaving. That obviously worked out well for Josh, perhaps Nick can have the same fate?


Christie said she’s going to blow up his game tomorrow over dinner but after the talk tonight, I’m not sure she still will. It seems like she got a lot of what she wanted to say out so she’ll probably just feel too weird to repeat it. Maybe. Hopefully not. I’d like to see a few more arguments before the season is over. There haven’t been nearly enough for my liking!

Alright, off to bed, updates in the comments.


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  1. mona77450

    Fish have been on for a long time….

  2. danmtruth

    Why the Fish ?!? ! Other sites just as confused as to whats going on

  3. hogwild

    I get the impression everyone sees through Nicks BS now I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the block if anyone other than he or Sis win HOH. If I was in the house I would remind Sis everything he is telling her now he said to Bella before she was evicted even though I’m by no means sure Sis could grasp it.

  4. amareels

    Was anyone watching when they went to fish? Who was where?

    • BBBonbon62

      I’m doing overnights at work this week so I had it playing in my office but I wasn’t watching and only half listening. CC and Cliff were talking about music, DJs, etc.

    • NKogNeeTow

      They were talking in the kitchen and we suddenly got fish and it didn’t come back for over an hour.

      • Avatar

        I my opinion these are bizarre conversations. My guess is that the shut the feeds after a sexual escapade with Snackson and Holly/Beth and the audience saw more than they should. In the DR, she looks real unhappy. Maybe BB LET HER KNOW THE AUDIENCE SEES ALL, they made the house test for STDs and the results aren’t good (Kat sharing sex partners, she failed a pregnancy test..
        meanwhile is it possible that BB found out some violation of the non-disclosure agreements, called Christi and Tommy into DR, tell them they violated the agreement and are no longer candidates to win the game no matter what they did, threatened to pursue charges and monetary damages if they did not do a hell of an acting job to ensure everyone else doesn’t know they were kicked out, and required both cc and GF to say certain things such as the exit conversation where cc anounces exact mileage between GF house with bb making them give super hints to not outright announce the relationship and ‘let” the others be pushed toward that viewpoint…

  5. ShoeLover

    Early doc appointment… I would love to stay up with all yall… but my loven man says I need my rest…

    So, I leave this with yall!! Until tomorrow!!

    G Night errrbody!!


  6. danmtruth

    NK is going to be tested trying to add excitment to this What will mel be able to report on The coffee clubers might go crazy and start spilling creamers on the ground
    Me can we get some Marvin to play instead of this mind numbing song on a loop


  7. Valerie

    Glad to see I’m not the only one to wonder what the heck is going on. Turned on BBad and no bbad. Why would it be off? What are they trying to hide?

    • Valerie

      Amusing myself on reasons why we are blocked.
      1. A prank went to far
      2. Tommy and his nuts
      3. Someone got into a fight
      4. Someone is trying to self evict
      5. Orwell said enough is enough. even I can’t watch them anymore
      6. Jackson choked on watermelon
      7. Holly got hurt in the shower
      8. Someone leaked Tommy & Christie info
      9. Someone outside the house, told the house something
      10. Really is something wrong with the audio/cameras

  8. Colby

    POP is running a ticker saying ‘technical difficulties in the BB house’, so enjoy this episode of some show while we wait.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Technical Diffiuclties? Really??????? Like, what? Bat Crap Crazy Christie is manifesting Nasty Nick being beaten senseless by Ovil, SS is now an angel with wiiiings that can fly, Cliff falls down & can’t play anymore, Nicole suddenly gets wisked off on the wind blowing through the BB Back Yard, TT is dancing his way to the F2 with BCCC, Jess has her mouth taped shut. Did I miss anyone in there. Enjoy.

  9. Nikki

    Get it together POP!

  10. amareels

    So Twitter is saying someone with a bull horn was yelling that TT and Cc knew each other. This could be fake, but that is what is being floated around on Twitter.

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  12. davidsgirl

    Jackson’s Mom showed up to do a wellness check on him, ha!

  13. Avatar

    Surprisingly CCs sister really does exist…came across a picture but not sure how to post it..

  14. BBBonbon62

    And we’re back up and running.

  15. Colby

    They are back!

  16. Colby

    Sounds like they are locked in.

  17. danmtruth

    They have been locked out of the back yard Holly looks like someone looked her out of the HOH room She looks very concerned

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry about the late start Folks. BBAD was on delay now I’m having trouble between Chrome and Foxfire (neither one is working very well).

    BBAD: In The Nick Of Time…Have Nick’s deceptions finally caught up with him? Will there be a showdown on Taco Tuesday?


    SS and Nicole were begging America for a power or a button or anything that would allow both CC and SS to stay in the house. *Ain’t gonna happen but let them dream.* CC comes in and ask them what they are doing. They tell her and she joins them. *The sight and sound of her makes it even less than a chance.*


    Cliff is telling us to take a good look at the cookies because they will be gone before the night is over. He leaves to go get a glass of milk and Orwell stands guard over the cookies. Nick comes in and Cliff asks him if he wants to come to talk to America. He asks how does he know they’re on. Cliff says because the cameras are following him everywhere. Holly is sitting at the table and Nick goes to talk to her (she’s one of the few people who are still talking to him). JJ is in one of his usual places, in front of the fridge eating.


  19. danmtruth

    Nicole Sis and CC were in the camper trying on Nicoles glasses having a good laugh Jess comes in does not look happy that they are having fun with nicolr She now starts over laughing as CC is called to the DR

  20. Colby

    Haven’t seen Tommy. CC got called to the DR.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Before the show comes back on I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you wonderful people who have donated. It is greatly appreciated. I love what I do and I love how you all support me and my nonsense, monetarily or not. Thank you all so very much. 🙂

  22. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff is doing a balancing act with the broom. He’s actually pretty good. He says “Cirque de Solei, here we come!” He tells us they have limited entertainment in the house, then says “What to do, what to do.” JJ holds up a large bag of David’s Sunflower Seeds and gives them a shout-out. Cliff tells us we are going to enjoy Wednesday’s comp a whole lot more than they did.

    SS comes into the kitchen and Cliff tells her to come over and say a few words to us. She says Hi and introduces JJ and tells her he put her OTB. She walks out and Cliff laughs and says “I don’t think she’s too happy.” TT comes in and Holly introduces him, “Here is Tommy Bracco.” Holly says she’s so out of it. Cliff yells “POP, welcome to day 62”.

    They are all extremely bored and mostly sitting around quiet and trying to think of things to do and/or say. Cliff puts on a baseball cap and picks up Orwell and says Orwell says Hello. Cliff starts talking about baseball games and says hopefully they will be out of the house before (something, not a sports person so didn’t at what he said).


  23. danmtruth

    Tommy Sis and Christie making faces in the bathroom mirrors what excitement

  24. Nikki

    So I looked at twitter. For those of you who don’t have it, it is a shirt video – 14 seconds- Are you can see is a metal/mesh screen and it appears to be a full moon outside of it. And what you can hear is a recording of way back in the beginning of the season, where CC (it’s her voice talking) is explaining that “Tommy being in the house could be an amazing thing for my game or a horrible thing and blow up in our faces if anybody finds out that we know each other”. Then a narrator states Tommy and Christie have known each other for years. Then you can hear the person recording the screen and voices state, “did you get it?”

    Twitter peeps are saying it’s a fake bc there isn’t a full moon in LA and because the account posting it is brand new.

    But if it really happened, that would make for great drama!!

  25. danmtruth

    Nick doing a wierd foot masage with Sis Anything to be touching someone

  26. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole says she’s 100% focus because if she isn’t she can’t concentrate. Jess ask her if she can chew gum and walk. She says she can but she can’t chew gum and read. *Sounds like something SS would say.* CC comes in and is talking about her laundry. Nick is sitting on the bed giving SS a foot massage. TT comes in and crawls in bed with Nicole. *Better him than that greaseball Nick.* She gets up to go get her water bottle.

    CC lays in the bed next to Nick and SS but she turns her back to them. Jess and Nick tell TT that Nicole doesn’t know how to fall. *She needs to stay far away from SS, it sounds like it’s rubbing off.* Jess gets called to put her mic on. Nick continues to massage and tells her he’s trying to moisturize the dry heels. Nicole comes back with a glass of water for her and Nick then climbs back in bed with TT. Jess tells TT and CC about Nicole not being able to walk and chew gum.


    Dry-Azz Holly is talking to the camera saying that she’s essentially in the house by herself. *What is JJ, chopped liver?* Cliff comes over and she asks whether he prefers cookies or cookie dough. Cliff says cookies. Tt comes in and she and Cliff tell hims they are doing a poll and ask which he prefers. He says cookies. She tells us that TT hates mayo and raisins and canned chili. She says today she made a salad with mayo and raisin and he loved it. He said he did but still can’t stand the chili. Holly shows us the cookie that TT made, then Cliff and TT hold up cookies too.


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  28. BBGurl

    Nasty Nick touching Analease’s feet just grosses me out. eww.

  29. danmtruth

    Hate to be debbie downer but what holly was talki g about when she has no one It was about who likes cookies or cookie dough as a snack Again deep thinkers

  30. NKogNeeTow



    TT yells goodbye to us. Cliff yells that he is heading to the RV room.


    Insignificant Jess is saying that when you jump you also fall. *What tha…* Nicole says no, when you jump you come down. *Please just lay there and be quiet Jess.* Uncle Cliff nd Orwell come in and joins the crowdNicole gets called to the DR and Cliff jumps in her bed and says let’s see if she gets it back. SS is telling a story and the cam keeps jumping to the kitchen where it looks like Holly and JJ are cleaning up.

    I think SS is talking about her brother. CC asks her if her brother is a “f*ck boy”. *What kind of damn question is that to ask her about her brother? Besides, he’s only 15. Yeah, kick that freak’s ass outta the house…*rolling eyes* Sis says she really doesn’t like to answer questions like that. She says she will show them a picture of him when they get out of the house.

    Now Nick is giving SS a hand massage. CC is showing TT something to do with his hand. Some kind of elementary school thing. Cliff is the only other person who’s heard of it. CC explains to TT what to do. Jess is asking questions about it. It’s something where they have to cup their fingers for a certain amount of time, then when they let go, they have to keep their hands in the same position then after a few seconds try to open their hands slowly. She says it’s supposed to make it hard to open your hand. TT laughs and says he’s scared. He tries it and is able to get his hand open. Then the House Shadow jumps over in front of CC and tries it. *Can’t stand her. Can’t stand anything about her.*


  31. amareels

    Does nooner else think it’s strange that everyone (minus JJ) are hanging out together in the RV room. Everyone is happy and having fun?? Weird!

      • davidsgirl

        I was thinking how they were in the camper and Holly looked like she felt left out. But there are many negatives that come with being in a showmance. Also it’s interesting how usually people hang out alot in the HOH at nite, but not this week. I think it’s all because the really don’t like Jackson.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think JJ gives off that vibe that they want privacy and the rest of the house knows it.

    • davidsgirl

      She’s already went back up with Jackson again. They are both too attached to play BB in my opinion.

      • Jen

        You never know…. They seem truly in love and they may make it out of BB and wind up married.. Tangela created a jewelry line (who knows what they earn there, but may make up for potential lost winnings. I would take lifelong love over the 500k. I am sure that many of you disagree on this, but after last year being Widowed at 38 makes me realize just how much true love is worth

      • Mary

        So sorry for your loss Jen. Can honestly say I know how you feel, have also lost the love of my life many years ago.

      • NKogNeeTow

        SO sorry to hear that Jen. You have our condolences and although minimal, hope we can bring at least a smile to your face while you escape the real world.

  32. BBGurl

    nooner = an afternoon quickie to me. lol

  33. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is explaining Isometric Sit-Ups and how they are done. He says that you put a towel over your head and you do 100 sit-ups and when you finish, you take off the towel and they can’t get up. He tells a story about when he was in the service and a guy that they pulled a prank on with it. He said it was in the 1980s so the statute of limitations is up. CC now tries her trick on Nick. *Guess that means no more blow-ups tonight. *Come on POP! Where is the alcohol!*

    After Nick and CC finish she tells him to open his hand slowly. Nick says he can already feel it working in his hand. He tries and finds it difficult to open his hand. CC is delighted and laughing and clapping her hands. *She probably wishes that they would be closed permanently* She says she wishes she had more hand tricks. Nick jumps up and runs over the bed TT is laying on, jumps on him and starts humping wildly. TT keeps yelling NO. The camera cuts away. *That damn boy needs some Salt Peter.*


    JJ is in the shower and Holly comes in and kisses him over the top of the door.


    Nick is now laying in bed next to TT and scratching his scalp. TT sits up and starts to make faces. Why-Is-She-There-Jess jumps up and screams at TT “Oh my God. You look like my hairstylist.” *Jesus, give me strength* CC shows SS the hand trick. SS says she feels nothing. She tells CC that she thinks she’s going to get “f*ck you” tattooed on her fingers. Why-Is-She-There-Jess sits on the bed in the corner, looking left out.


  34. Stephanie

    Megaphone was real, Holly asked Jackson if he heard what was said & it cut to fish.

  35. davidsgirl

    Ha! Did you see the look on Tommy’s face when Jessica was talking!! Ha! What a crack up! Oh my gosh!!!!

  36. BBBonbon62

    It is like the f*cking Waltons. “Goodnight Cliff, I love you.” “Goodnight Tommy love you too.” Good lord give me strength.

  37. BBBonbon62

    What the heck is on Cliff’s head? Looks like the cap from the Dad in Twas a Night Before Christmas.

  38. NKogNeeTow



    Nick, TT, Cliff, and Orwell have left. CC and SS lay in bed and talk about a prank they are cooking up. SS gets called to the DR. SS tries to decide what to wear to the DR. She wants to wear glasses. Why-Is-She-there-Jess tells her that the DR makes you take them off because of the glare. SS says but they let Nicole wear hers. She leaves for the DR and Nicole comes in. She says she’s going to brush her teeth then go to bed. CC says they are all going to bed early tonight.


    Nick, TT, and Cliff are in bed talking. Nick says he slept fine last night except he had to get up and pee. He says he doesn’t know how he slept through all the snoring except that they are all so stressed out so it didn’t bother him.


    JJ is talking to CC and Why-Is-She-There-Jess. She asks him a question about working out in the house when he can’t go outside. I try not to listen to her so I can’t tell you exactly what the question was. She offers him some of her oil.


    Nick is telling Cliff that he feels like he’s so good with everybody and that sucks. He says he doesn’t know what to do with hit. He says he feels like he’s in such a good spot but it also sometimes sucks. He asks Cliff where does he go from there. Cliff just keeps saying “I know” to everything he says. This is the same story Nick has been repeating since he woke his greasy sleazy ass up this morning.


    CC is now doing the hand thing with JJ. She is telling him about the different reactions that everyone had when doing it.


  39. davidsgirl

    Jackson’s schmoozing Christy for a jury vote, ha!

    • Sassy

      I think she’d consider voting for him. She’s not mad that he’s playing and I think she respects it. I think the only one that she would vote for over JJ is TT and maybe SS.

  40. BBBonbon62

    Cliff is thinking…STFU Creepy Nick. I want to go to sleep.

  41. BBBonbon62

    Short Circuit!!!!!

  42. danmtruth

    Target room Cliff Motor Mouth Nick and tommy Motor mouth talking about how proud he was that javkson let Sus and CC play for there game how backdoo4s is a coward move Yey Ovi would agree seeing you g8ful did a backdoor to the FIRST eviction Tommy is like shut up Nick is wondering what happens when its down to 4 people First get their befor asking production for clarifacation

  43. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling TT that the only thing he can think of is that Zingbot is coming. Then he starts talking about the double again and a battle back. He starts to recall other seasons when they had battle back with HOH comps following. Cliff says that it seems like a lot of activity to kick 2 people out. Nick says he doesn’t really care if they have a DE or not. *Yet you bring it up constantly every day.* He says that when it happens, it happens. Cliff says he thinks that in the coming comps there might be ways that they can all help each other out. TT says that’s the only thing he’s excited for (DE).


    Why-Is-She-There-Jess is talking to CC about movies. CC acts like she’s trying to go to sleep. W-I-S-T-J keeps talking. CC says she feels like she’s never going to complain about sleep again. W-I-S-T-J says that she found Nicole’s cup. She says it was under the bed. *Why was she looking under the bed? Looking for someone to talk to?* CC says that Nicole loves that cup. Jess says she was sleepy but now that she’s in bed she’s wide awake. Jess whispers something to CC. CC sits up and puts on her mic to talk.


    Nick, Cliff, and TT are talking about winning the game. Cliff tells them that once they get past top5 that there are s many things that can vary. He says that there is more to it than just winning comps. Nick starts talking about the comps he almost won and TT turns over and hugs him. He pats TT on the back. Cliff starts talking about Jack in one of those comps and how close he was to winning. Cliff says there have been some intense competitions in this game. He says they have provided some drama.

    TT says what’s going to be amazing is when they watch it back and see some of the parts that they didn’t know about. *You have no idea, little buddy. You have no idea.* They get quiet for a minute then TT says alrighty, mics off and they take off their mics to go to sleep.


    Holly is putting on makeup and telling JJ how Kat would say some things and Why-Is-She-There-Jess would come back and tell her. She says Kat told her about it but she doesn’t know why Jess did it. He tells her that he can’t wait for her to get her ass in the bed. She mumbles something about the DR.


  44. danmtruth

    Just when you think they are going to bed someone puts a quater in nick and he is off and talk8ng a mile a minute

  45. NKogNeeTow



    SS laying in bed with CC telling her there is nothing she can do. CC tells her that she is in the same position as she is. She says not to apologize for it. SS tells CC she should do what she has to do. CC says she knows she’s the target and if it’s her time to go, it’s her time to go. She said she didn’t want him (Nick?) to know she wasn’t trying to blow his game up but she just wanted him to know she knows what’s going on.

    SS tells her that if she’s (CC) is the one to go, there could be a battle back and she could be back. She says you never know, there could be something to happen on Thursday. SS tells her that there is no way that BB is just going to leave them in the house then kick them out. CC says that she feels that America hates her. SS tells her no, we love her. *Guess again Toots!* She says that she knows that we love her because she’s strong and stands up for herself.

    CC says but what if JJ’s America’s favorite. Or that America saw when Nicole was upset that they were talking about Cliff and we saw it. *We did* SS says but they always clown around with Cliff and he understands. SS says she doesn’t give a f*ck. She asks CC when she started to care. CC gives some kind of long answer and says she was always someone who never cared but that this experience and has made her feel cynical about herself. SS asks her what cynical means. *POUNDING ON THE DESK AND SCREAMING IN ANGST!* CC tells her. SS has a blank look on her face. She still doesn’t really understand. The only thing she can offer is to tell CC that she wishes she could make her feel better about herself. *Forget giving the house alcohol. Can I have it instead?*


  46. danmtruth

    Sis cheerleading to keep CC up as CC is doing the woo is me america hates me Sis oh noooo you did nothing You stood up and spoke the truth Just so unaware of what they did

  47. danmtruth

    Realy big brother all 4 cameras on the same 3 people trying to sleep !?!

  48. amareels

    Well I guess I’m going to say good night. Have yourselves a wonderful evening. As TT would say, “love you!”

  49. NKogNeeTow



    The Bobsy Twins are sleeping. Nick has his head on TT’s shoulder. Uncle Cliff is sleeping with underpants wrapped around his head. Orwell is laying next to him, wide awake and trying to figure out an escape route. The camera lingers on the sleeping beauties for a bit.


  50. danmtruth

    Nk or anyone that 8s up Call me out if im remembering this wrong Early in the season did tommy not say how he does not like sleeping next to someone Now its cuddle time with nick

  51. NKogNeeTow



    JJ in bed alone listening to musing with his eyes closed and mouthing the words. The camera keeps going to the monitor which is focused on the kitchen. Every so often, he opens his eyes and looks at the monitor then closes them again. *Great, now we get to watch him doing nothing for the next 5-10 minutes.* He opens his eyes, rubs them, stretches and puts his arms over his head and appears to be drifting asleep.


    SS, CC, Nicole, and Why-Is-She-There-Jess all appear to be asleep. The lights are on in all of the rooms even though everyone is asleep. Lights not off in the Camper. CC is laying with her arm around SS.


    JJ not quite asleep, and appears to still be listening to music. *I think this is the most we are going to get out of any of them for the next 40 minutes Guys.* Production tells JJ to turn his music down but he doesn’t move. He finally opens his eyes and sits up. He gets up and goes into the bathroom and brushes his teeth. *These people brush their teeth more than they wash their hands.* Dry-Azz Holly comes in and tells him he’s still up. He says he was waiting for her. He isn’t just brushing, but attacking those choppers.


  52. danmtruth

    Just when i thought good al the house pets asleep in walks Holly to the HOH ok kets here these two recap what went on today

  53. davidsgirl

    Signing out for the night, night all.

  54. danmtruth

    Thats it for me boss kady time to make love to my pillows talk to you katter tiday

  55. NKogNeeTow



    Dry-Azz Holly and JJ are cuddling in the dark and talking. It’s hard to hear what she’s saying at times. She tells him that they are ultimately on their own and they really can’t trust anyone. He asks her if she fully trusts him. She says fully. He says there is no doubt in his mind that he trusts her and that it might be ignorant for him to say so. She says it’s not and that it feels really good to have someone to talk to. He says it’s like having 2 brains. He says he especially benefits from that because she’s the rational side. She laughs and says she is.
    She tells him it’s a really special experience with him. It sounds like he told her he loved her but because of the way they are laying, some things are either hard to hear because of where their mics are or there is reverberation from the mic. They do some kissing, shoulder-rubbing, and mumbling. He says something about being a 24-year-old and age. He starts to tell her about a friend who is getting married…and the camera switches to the sleeping people in the camper.


  56. NKogNeeTow



    Dry-Azz Holly and JJ laying in bed. She rubs his hair, he breathes into the mic.


    Uncle Cliff goes into the toilet. *Yes, this is what I’m reduced to.*


    Camera is showing a lit up memory board and fire pile in the middle of the table. *Guess this shot is good until Uncle Cliff comes out of the bathroom.*


    Camera on sleeping girls.


    JJ and Dry-Azz Holly kissing, whispering and she’s rubbing his hair. More kissing and breathing and whispering. He keeps saying “Tell me”. She keeps refusing. She tells him he doesn’t tell her what’s going on. She laughs and tells him he’s so annoying. He laughs and says he knows. More kissing. He asks her again to tell him. More kissing.


    Uncle Cliff back in bed and adjusting the covers.


    Girls still sleeping. CC coughs. *15 more minutes of this.*


  57. Annabelle

    NK in reference to Cliff/men having a belly….the squad of K9 officers that my husband was in say it’s their gas tank cause they are a sex/love machine. Lol

  58. Nancy

    *why was she looking under the bed..for somebody to talk to* tears from laughing.
    Just peeking in to see what’s up..and nothing.

  59. NKogNeeTow



    Girls still sleeping. Camera moves to a different angle. Nicole coughing. Now the camera is overhead. Now back again to the side. Almost 5 minutes in the same room with camera switching angles.

    *Where is Josh with those damn pots and pans when you need him?*


    Now we get to see how many angles the cameraman can find of them sleeping. Another 5 minutes. Someone stirs in bed and adjust covers.


    JJ is laying in the ar alone. Dry-Azz Holly must be in the bathroom.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I’d like to take a minute to say, because they had me watch sleeping HG for almost an hour, I have fired the cameraman, the soundman, the writers, the producers, the secretarial staff, the custodial staff, the executive staff, the food handlers, the set designers, the groundskeepers, the set builders, and the people responsible for putting Orwell in that house. Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  60. Painter1

    Someone from The Big Brother Diary Room site on Facebook posted video of the incident that happened earlier. It’s Cc voice from the beginning of the show than you hear the narrators voice.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Anna, Lil Nancy, and Painter. 🙂

  62. BBBonbon62

    Nite all, sleep well.

  63. Annabelle

    Nite everyone. Also just curious didn’t BB/CBS prevent them from sleeping during bbad?

  64. Avatar

    I can not believe how early this cast goes to bed! I mean nice for when I have to wake up early but horrible when my insomnia is really kickin in!

  65. Jen

    Hi Steve (and everyone)
    As a fellow Bostonian- loved that you used a Pats analogy,although I may say Red Sox vs Yankees playoffs tied score – 9th inning (if only our pitching wasn’t awful this season)!

    Sorry I have not been actively commenting this past week- I have had so much going on it has been difficult to read posts in addition to the amazing comments… thinking of y’all though!!

  66. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, now those azzholes have me wide awake. And since I truly am The Lone Ranger tonight, I can do anything I want to. So what am I gonna do? Why I’m gonna play my music nice and loud. Enjoy this mixed tape of oldies. And if not…Oh well, I’m The Lone Ranger with nobody up to stop me. HA!













    Alright, Mother’s tired now. She must get in her 40 winks cuz she’s already a bit loopy from a riveting night of BBAD. Signing over and out. Morning Crew is on the way. PEACE! 🙂

    Okay Thumby & Co., have at it!

  67. Punkytripster2

    Hi everyone. I know I’m late to the BBAD party but I’m in So Cal and there is a HUGE full moon tonight so the video seems pretty authentic to me. I actually took a picture on my way into work because the moon looks like a Huge Fireball in the sky. I really hope JJ or Cliff heard it and just aren’t talking about it *fingers crossed*

  68. Mary

    What a lot of these house guests are hoping for when they leave the house.
    Bowie- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-_30HA7rec

  69. ScaryTerri

    Idk if this will post properly. This is the video from Twitter.

  70. Leta

    Regarding the possible loudspeaker outing of CC/TT’s relationship last night. Apparently someone known as BigBrothersOverheard4024 took responsibility for the tape’s existence. It was a loop of CC’S initial DR where she discusses them knowing each other for 7 years via her prior relationship with TT’s aunt. TT, Cliff and Nicole were the only ones in the BY when it played. Since the BB house is on the CBS Radford lot and pretty hard to find, the fact that moniker has the numbers 4-0-2-4 attached lend it maybe a little more weight of it really happening, because those are the street numbers for that address. Plus Holly confirmed something indeed happened last night when she asked JJ if he “heard the thing”, which he shakes his head no and then the feeds changed. I’m hoping Cliff/Nicole or TT bring it up today so we can see if they actually heard it.

    • Leta

      *** EDIT ^^^^ Big Brother Fans For Fairness is the group claiming responsibility for the message last night. BigBrothersOverhear4024 is who posted the audio of it being played on Twitter. But, since that tweet was the 1st tweet that handle have ever tweeted …. I’ll go out on a limb and say the 2 are connected.

  71. Avatar

    Fish were on because somebody played a DR clip over a speaker outside their backyard. The clip that was played was Christy in a dr session talking about knowing Tommy prior to coming on the show. Cliff and Tommy were outside when it happened. Then later feeds cut again when holly asked Jackson if he heard “the thing”

  72. Avatar

    Let’s see Tommy kick his way out of this one!

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