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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap



Good morning BB Junkies. I know yesterday was deflating and we wanted something different to happen.  As I said yesterday, I don’t know what the better move was for Cliffs game but I know the move I wanted to see him make.  I still don’t think lying to Christie to get her to use her power would have been a good move. However, I agree with the people who think he should’ve tried to get a deal from her and have her use the power. I just don’t know it  was possible.  I’m going to give Cliff points for being willing and trying to make a move no one else seemed willing to make but he’ll lose points for poor execution. Oh well, yesterday is over so it’s time to move on from here.

Honestly, yesterday was kind of boring for me even with game talk happening. Maybe it wasn’t and it’s just me because I get bored when I feel like I’m watching people go through the motions but already know how the week will end. Bella is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen but I will give her credit for trying to come up with a plan. The things she was coming up with in an attempt to stay were terrible but I appreciated the effort.  I think Bella has a nasty personality and I feel the same way about Sis (and others) but I do try to remember how young they both are.  I’m not making excuses for either of them or anyone’s behavior in this house. I simply think there’s a chance they both may be very different people when they’re in their thirties than they are at this stage in their life.  I hope most of these people will watch some clips of feeds when they leave and speed up the maturity process.

Cliffs group thought he should’ve made Christie use her power and I’ve already said I agree. Nick, Nicole and Sam all irritated me a little though.  None of them were nearly as vocal about this before the veto ceremony as they were after. It’s obvious Cliff wasn’t going to make a deal and then stab Christie in the back but why didn’t they push him to at least get her to use the power? They all seemed to have great insight and comments AFTER the veto ceremony.


Cliff told Nick and Bella he was sorry but felt he didn’t have a choice. He told them he wasn’t going to ignore them or isolate them because of the situation. He did make an effort to mingle with the 6 shooters a llittle bit. Sam did the same because he was worried he was becoming a bigger target because of his association with Nick and Bella. (Sam is a bigger target because he won 2 vetos he didn’t need to win)

Sam talked to Sis about being lumped in with decisions Nick and Bella have made in the game. Even though Sis entertains me about as much as staring at the refrigerator, I have enjoyed some of her talks will Sam in the past.  It’s really because of Sam and how honest he is about personal things. He just seems very blunt but not as if he’s trying to be mean.   In a recent conversation, Sam asked Sis if she thought Jack would take her to the end. Sis said “yes, because he thinks he can beat me.” Sam said “he can.” Sis told him”f*ck you.” He told her not to be naive and look at her track record with comps and her social skills. (Sam can be very funny when he isn’t trying to be)

Sam wanted to talk to Christie and let her know he didn’t have anything to do with what Nick was doing. (Christie knows Nick was trying to get Cliff to lie to her about the veto meeting)

Jackson continued to treat HollyBeth badly and Christie was beginning to get tired of him. She said he needed to stop being nasty to everyone. She thinks it’s from slop but Jess said he’s always been like that.


Bellas plan was to talk to Jackson and HollyBeth and see if they would flip their votes. Nick told her it wouldn’t work.  They talked to Nicole and patched things up with her. Nick finally admitted he should’ve believed Nicole but didn’t know what to do with camp come back still in play.  He basically confirmed, without saying it, what we already thought.  Deep down, he knew what was going on but he didn’t want to admit it to himself so he went the safe route when he was HOH. He assured Nicole he wouldn’t put her up again if he won but acknowledged that he had told her that the last time.  Nicole told them she loved them but said “I don’t know why.” I don’t really think she does, she’s just smart enough to know she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, so good for you Nicole. Bella even told Nicole she hoped she won and would be rooting for her. (She’s assuming Nick will be leaving right behind her)

Nick tried hard the night before to get a different outcome for Bella but even the way he communicates with people makes him come off as untrustworthy. I’m not saying the 6 don’t invent their own reasons to turn on people because they do. The reality is, Nick didn’t betrayed them, they betrayed Nick but they remember it quite differently. I’m just saying Nick has this frantic, rambling way of speaking and he comes off looking like a liar even when he’s telling the truth. Nick and Bella rehashed the decisions they’d made in the game and discussed how they got to where they are now.  They had some of it right and some of it wrong but they mostly blamed themselves, as they should.

Bella is a different story but the biggest mistake Nick made is the same mistake many of them are making. He continued to trust Christie even when he stopped trusting the jakoffs. He refused to see her as a true part of the 6 and I  can’t think of one of the outsiders who hasn’t done that or isn’t still doing it.  For whatever reason, they trust this woman and all the bullshit she says. (For now) Nick may have finally woken up and realized what was going on because Christie knew about his plan for Cliff to lie and put one of the sixshooters.  He said he only told Sis and Kat but it got out and everyone knew.

Sam continued to stress over people thinking he was a part of Nicks plan and wanted to call a house meeting. Christie and Kat suggested he wait until the next day. (Not only has Christie recently claimed the title of the best BB player ever, she also claims she’s a super fan)  This is only relevant because while they were talking about the potential house meeting, Kat suggested they use the scene from Dan’s funeral. Christie asked “what’s that” and said “we can’t quote movies.” Kat had to explain that it’s an iconic BB moment.  Of course, Christie said she knew that, she thought Kat said “dance funeral.” (Puulease!)


Sam had his meeting and informed everyone he had nothing to do with Nicks plan. Nick backed him up and Christie told him no one was saying they thought he did. Kat had to be a little paranoid over it coming out how she’s been playing both sides. Jack said he respected Nick and the move he was trying to make. Christie said it was a good plan and said “it is, I’m a superfan, so I know.” Everyone hugged and that was pretty much it.  (Sam had a meeting to draw more attention to himself when he wants the opposite) The meeting didn’t change anything and they still want Sam out.

Jack cracked Sis’s back and offered to do Jessicas. Jess reminded him he had done hers yesterday and he actually said “you’ve got a lot of real estate.”

Nick talked about who he would put up if he won HOH and said maybe Christie to flush the power or maybe Jack and Holly. He said he’d never put up Jackson or Sis.  Along with his big mouth, Nicks game could end simply because he has a crush on Sis. Was I just saying he was starting to figure things out? Nevermind…

Cliff and Nicole went over the potential votes again. They talked about Nick and Jackson being mean to Kat. Nicole isn’t buying why the 6 shooters kept her in the game.  She would like the vote to flip this week but she’s too afraid to approach Kat and Jess with it because she doesn’t want to get herself in the same situation as before.  She knows Jack needs to go but that doesn’t mean she can do anything about it.



There was an incident a couple of nights ago that came up on the feeds again yesterday. While talking about Bella, someone said something about pudding and Jack chimed in with “rice pudding.” Tommy immediately said “slop pudding.”  The conversation yesterday with Christie, Tommy and Jess was recapping the one from the night before. She said she didn’t think about it until it was pointed out to her. (I’m assuming she means the DR)  Tommy acted like he just got the potential insult in that very moment, when Christie was talking. If that’s the case, why did he immediately correct what Jack was saying the night before? Maybe I’m wrong but this entire conversation felt very contrived. I felt like I was watching someone who had been spoken to in the DR and was setting up a conversation to have the opportunity to fix it.  I really don’t know and that’s just my take on it.

I’m sorry if I left out anything important. Monday is my busiest work day so I may have missed some things. You can always read Steves threads from yesterday to get the stuff I may have missed.

Have a great Tuesday.





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  1. Nancy

    “Dance funeral “..lol..what a superfan! NOT!
    Thanks for telling about house meeting I was curious what it was about…as always, thank you Mel..you are appreciated!

  2. danmtruth

    Mel good point about the DR trying to get a different spin on the rice pudding comment Was it juvenile yes Does it show that profucton is paying attention to what is being said Definitely I was confused when i heard Tommy and CC talking about it In fact i was confused as i had forgotten about the insult As they were trying to not talk about it in front of Jess All i could think was first it was a game move to hint misinformation to Jess

  3. Avatar

    The problem with Cliff not flushing out Christie’s power is that the outsiders now have to win both HoH and veto next week. If they lose HoH, then obviously one of them goes home, but even if they win HoH but lose veto to a six shooter, Christie will use her power (next week is the last time she can use it) and the veto winner will replace with an outsider and the six shooters control the votes just like they do this week.

    • Mello_One

      Yep…And that is why Cliff should have flushed out Christie’s Power?! But all Cliff could see was the promise of the 6 Shooters keeping him safe for 2 more weeks, & working with them…Ugh?!

  4. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! What irritates me is the week is not over, and it should be a week of discussion, wheeling and dealing, with those outside the Six. I know that the ‘group’ has decided to evict Bella, which makes the whole week pointless. Kat may think she is a needed appendage to the Six, but come on. It might be better overall, to tip the scales away from the Six, which would become the ‘Fatal Five’. And what fun for Bella, Nick, and Sam, to help on the other side to continue to dismantle the Ass Bros and enrourage. In the past seasons, when there were actual game players, the week wouldn’t have been decided with a veto renom. These nimrods, pay attention more to who they like or don’t like, just want the social media presence, get to jury, and extend their summer vacations.

    • Mel

      I agree Elaine. The other side doesn’t stand a chance to mix things up because of Kat among other things. Normally you could try to get someone to see they arnt valued with the 6. That won’t work because Kat will be with Holly no matter what since they already know each other. The outsiders would have to pull Holky away from the 6 to get Kat.

      • ElaineB

        With Holly being in a crappy situation with Michie-Ass, one never knows. We can speculate all we want, but the HGs are in the game in real time. Without any discussions, yes, nothing has a chance to change. That is in part, why BB has become such a disappointment to viewers.

  5. Avatar

    Why aren’t they even considering flipping the vote? It’s only Tuesday, they know only one person can win right?

  6. Katheryn

    They need to cancel out this veto that just took place due to Jackson eating and not following the slop move and make them do a veto do over.

  7. Avatar

    Been reading a few years, just registered…wifie & I actually clapped when Cliff put up the boys…I don’t watch BBAD…even with Cliff’s gaffe, Jack wouldn’t go home?…Nick, Kat, Sam, Jess and Nicole vote Jack and then Cliff the decider?

  8. HappyHippo

    “Jack cracked Sis’s back and offered to do Jessicas. Jess reminded him he had done hers yesterday and he actually said “you’ve got a lot of real estate.””
    Are you kidding me?! What an asshole

  9. pkcable

    Who thinks Cliff is gone next week? lol

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  11. Nancy

    Watching the end of BBAD..1000% agree Jack is a total tool for the real estate comment to jess..but listening to jess “talk game” it sounds like she’s parroting things shes heard..nothing original..the voice has my ears , like, bleeding, like again..like, ya know..

    • Jennifer

      Spending the afternoon at my dads house and we are talking about Big Brother. He thinks Jess is playing a good game! Lol!

    • NKogNeeTow

      You’re exactly right Nancy. All that total waste of skin does is parrot everything she’s heard. I’ve been saying for the longest time that I don’t think she or Simple Sis have had an original thought since they’ve been in the house.

  12. Avatar

    If they can get Kat and Sam to flip, secure Nicole, Jessica, and Nick they would have 5, Cliff would be the deciding vote. Jack would go home. Not only that, then you would have 6 on your side vs. 5 their playing for HOH. I think that’s the only move that would save this season.

    • AIO_7

      Cliff would be the deciding vote. Jack would go home.

      That’s one thing I wouldn’t bet my life on.

    • pkcable

      The problem is Sam and Kat are SO clueless and Sam actually thinks he’s one of the cool kid’s alliance. He’s not!

    • NKogNeeTow

      As much as Cliff said he would cast the deciding vote to send AD home, I sincerely doubt it now. We all read that his family told him to lie, swear, do whatever he had to do to win. Keeping that in mind, Cliff already gave his word to CC for at least 2 more weeks of safety. He knows that if he sends AD home this week, the deal is off and he’s out the door next week. Can’t win BB from home (not that he’s going to win anyway unless there is some divine intervention). My guess is if he has to cast the deciding vote, Ratty will be on her way back to her hole and cheese by the end of the night.

  13. Avatar

    I don’t understand the criticism of Cliff. If he had put Christie on the block and made her use her power, wouldn’t she have retaliated by putting up Nicole?

    • AIO_7

      It would have been too late for her to activate it.

    • danmtruth

      If she did not use her power Cliff could have than put her up Or if Christie had use it She would have had to give it to Jackson who would had put Bella on the block But at least the power would be gone

    • KelBel

      Her power is to turn the gold veto into a diamond veto, allowing the gold veto holder to choose who goes on the block. She would have had to use it towards Jackson (gold veto holder) before hand. So Cliff could have put her up as the replacement and she would not have been able to use it (because she wasn’t the veto holder). Cliff could have made the best move evaaaaaa. Instead, flop, CC got her way and still holds the power. Boo 🙁

  14. Helen

    BB calendar ️
    Jan: Celebs, okay
    Feb: maybe I’ll try Canada
    Mar-Apr: why is Canada like this
    May: can’t wait for summer BB!
    June: cast looks okay
    late June: I don’t like this much
    Sept: whew glad that’s over
    Oct: I miss BB

  15. Cat Lady

    I just want to scream because I am so upset by this season.

  16. AIO_7

    New Steve thread, Y’all.

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