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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap for 8/12/19



Good morning BBJ family. Don’t let the image fool you. Kat may have gotten drunk last night but the party wasn’t very exciting. The hg’s were given alcohol and Sis made eggs florentine, that’s about it. Actually, the entire day was pretty slow but let’s go over it anyway.

This is Cliff eating the late night eggs but everyone sat down to try them:



As expected, Tommy used the veto to take Christie off the block and the hg’s got to be outside most of the day. There was some game talk but not much. Nick put Kat on the spot and questioned her about targets. (He’s getting worse about doing it to everyone and he’s really pushy about it) The takaway, he didn’t believe Kat when she said she’d put Beth and Jackson otb. He told her he didn’t buy it and she tried to convince him that Jackson telling a lie (Beth & Kat knowing each other) almost sent her home with a flip vote. He said that made sense and he could believe it if she didn’t spend almost all her time with the two of them. ((He may be a sex obsessed jerk but he’s right about this)

Cliff told Nick he’d be on board to work with Tommy, Sis and Christie, along with Nick and Nicole to get to F6. (Hopefully, he can betray them before they do it first) Nick’s been pushing this very hard to the Tommy side. Cliff said he was playing up his injuries and he could still compete. (Nick will probably share this info but I’m glad he’s playing it up at least)

Nick told the Tommy side that Cliff is up for the 6. Christie and Sis seemed more excited than Tommy. (Tommy wanted the deal from Cliff this week but he’s  afraid of Cliff in comps, no way he takes Cliff to 6. He also isn’t thrilled about Christie and Sis wanting their own deals from Cliff)


Christie and Tommy talked with some others about where they each lived, their driving routes and pretended to be shocked to find out they’re only a few exits apart. This was Christie when Cliff said they must know each other:

Christie and Sis told Nicole they were undecided about who to keep this week when they were hanging out in the yard. (I know they haven’t made an official group yet but why be undecided if you want to work with Cliff and Nicole or want them to think you do?) I understand they hadn’t had an “official” meeting yet and I think it’s more about Christie wanting to let everyone know she’s in charge of what happens. Cryin’ Christie, who was afraid of going home, has left the building.

Beth and Jackson are more concerned about being targeted and they think they’re being replaced in the 6 with Nick and Nicole. They also gave Kat some campaigning advice but it isn’t helping because it still involves trying to convince everyone Jackson is her target. Kat suggested she and Jackson fake a fight but he didn’t want to do it.  He said he’s  already America’s least favorite player so he doesn’t want to be seen arguing with Kat on top of it.


There was a conversation with some of the women about the days becoming shorter. This had to be explained to Sis because she didn’t understand and even after the explanation, she thought the days were getting shorter in time/hours. She was briefly happy with this news because she’s bored and tired of being stuck in the house so hey if there are less than 24 hours in a day, that’s great news! I’ve been shocked in the past that she got through college but honestly, conversations like this make me shocked she got through grammar school.

Tommy talked to Cliff  and Cliff assured him he would love for them to work as a group of 6. Tommy said his usual and fake “I love it” and said they would talk again later. At least he didn’t say “I’m obsessed with you.”

Jackson asked Tommy if he and Beth had been replaced with Nick and Nicole. (nothing like subtlety) Tommy assured him it wasn’t true. Jackson thought maybe they were just paranoid because he and Beth have been isolating themselves a little bit. He told Tommy it was only because he didn’t want the rest of the house to think they were still together. (Tommy and Jackson agreed to do this right after Tommy won the hoh) Tommy acted surprised and said he didn’t know they were doing it on purpose. (Tommy wants to work with Beth, not Jackson)  Beth and Jackson are really doing it so they don’t appear to be too closely aligned to either side, Tommys or Cliffs. That way, whoever wins hoh next, they can just jump on board with them.  Here’s the problem, while they’re off isolating themselves and banging each other, the game is moving on without them.  If they hadn’t been playing it this way, I think Beth may have picked up on Kat being the target a little bit sooner. She still doesn’t know but is finally suspicious about it.


Speaking of banging, the night before Jackson tossed Beth over his shoulder and when he came into a room, he banged her head on a dresser when she was upside down. She complained about it hurting all day and I’m sure it did. However, she’s milked it pretty hard and acted like she may not live through the week.

Production gave them alcohol and they decided to save it to have a pool party the following day. BB told them to either drink it or lose it. (They wanted good feeds last night)  Initially, Nick said they should save it anyway and call their bluff. The BB voice told him to cool it. ( They probably don’t like him either) They had a little party in the hoh room and shocker, played Never Have I Ever. I’d say 99% of the questions were sexually based so Nicole skipped out early.  She went downstairs to remake her bed and did a little PSA for the viewers and her preschool class. She talked about being independent, dealing with peer pressure and it being OK to leave a situation when you aren’t comfortable.

She told a story earlier in the day about calling 911 on her parents when she was 5 because they wouldn’t let her go to the bus stop with her mom and older sister. She said she was a little terror as a child. I don’t think this is made up because as we know, she told Ika in one of her preseason interviews about locking her parents in the basement. She was trying to make them give up some information about a secret Christmas present they wouldn’t tell her about.

Kat took out her braids and was going to do an AC/DC song but the feeds cut:


Beth made another “speech” for the cameras saying she’s modest and doesn’t want to be someone who puts her personal business out there or do anything to embarrass herself.  Does anyone else feel like she’s trying to convince the feed watchers when she’s saying this? I know she’s talking to Jackson but it’s like she’s talking at the cameras and trying to convince us of who she is because she said so.  (Sorry Beth, I’m not buying it because you’re the same person who, the night before, had sex with Jackson as Christie and Sis lay in the bed next to you discussing their bowel movements)

Sis also said she’d be mortified if her dad knew she’d had sex or something similar. Ok, I used to think production lied when they put out statements saying the hg’s were fully informed about the feeds before doing the show. Even if they didn’t, I assumed any idiot would do at least an hour’s worth of research on YouTube before agreeing to do it. These people are young and grap the opportunity so I thought, ok, maybe they don’t.  I’ve realized, it isn’t that they aren’t told about the feeds.  This is happening because some of these people just can’t comprehend the English language.  Cliff has repeatedly and in great detail, explained everything about the feeds, who watches it, what they’re seeing, what they’re writing about and that they’re almost always on. How in the hell do these people still not get it?

Sorry I don’t have more to work with for this one but have a great Tuesday!






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  1. Nancy

    Morning with mel..wonderful way to start your BB day..thank you, mel.
    Soooo, sis thinks the days getting shorter by literally losing time..I cant even wrap my head around that..how the hell does she find the floor in the mornings!?
    Holly doesnt want her business put out there cause shes modest..Gimme a break..uncle cliff has been trying to tell you, WE SEE EVERYTHING (almost). I still want kat to go, those 3 need to be broke up..good advice from jackass to kat. It might be what seals her fate. I love little nicole and keeping her integrity & morality in check around the sex hounds..have a good everybody..let’s eat ice cream

  2. Avatar

    Good morning and great recap Mel..thank you..I am so happy Nicole left that you room last night..it did get really raunchy…Nick of course and an not shocked he was right into it..

  3. Avatar

    Nick better be careful. Getting any closer to Sis he might not get his necklace back.

  4. danmtruth

    Nancy you never fail to bring a smile With your avitar choses Thanks Also thanks for keeping NK company along with the others
    Mel thanks for you and NK doing a great job of with standing the crushing boredom of these last few days
    Many things that the Nicole camara talk showed First she understands that they are being watch and recorded 24/7 and yes that means ALL THE TIME This seems a fact that is lost on Nick
    Nick has no clue as to how badley he is showing himself to he First he could care less about anyones anyone’s feelings Its all about WINNG the game He has forgotten about Bella and how he is hurting her or embarrassing her Than it goes to how much damage he has done to himself With his constant sex talk His lying i find it hard to believe a person with his occupation One that needs discretion and trust Things he is not showing While Nicole talks about personal responsibility and holding to personal standereds Nick is all to happy to throw them away
    Before he left Jack was talking about moving out to LA to try to find work He than mention how Holly and Sis were their and how Nick was coming out also Not sure if Nick is looking for that golden carrier Last night on Watch What Happens Next who do i see as celebrity bartender but Paulie Still trying to be relevant Just like nick will in a short time

    • Nancy

      100% Dan..in my life experience, I’ve crossed paths with some very interesting and at times odd ppl..never have I met a man like nick. I feel if he can turn everything sexual inside that house, with strangers..what must his conversations be like in the real world. I didnt like Bella but she needs to hid from his sick ass..nobody in his family could be proud of how he portrays himself.. I would love to know what the bubble over cliffs head is saying, after hes reminded them they are being watched..disgusting

  5. hogwild

    Which part of live feeds pretty much 24/7 is confusing them?

  6. Alda

    I was so proud of Nicole last night.She realizes there is a life to get back to after Big Brother.She is thinking of her reputation not being tarnished.Nick,on the other hand,might have to look for work elsewhere.Maybe some D-level porno movie bit parts would be suitable.

    • Nancy

      That would be right up his alley

    • hogwild

      My vote for AFH is between Cliff and Nicole Cliff has done a good job maneuvering through the house as the old guy and Nicole has managed to play a smart social game with acting like a two dollar whore.

      • HappyHippo

        I agree hog. Also Nicole seems like a genuinely nice person…bad player but I think I’ll break my tv if an asshole wins AFP! Cliff has definitely made some game mistakes but damn if he’s not holding on for dear life.

      • KelBel

        I’d be happy seeing either Cliff or Nicole win AFP, but I do know which I’m pulling for. As long as it’s either of them, I’m a happy gal!

      • LO1004

        After last night w her PSA and having fun w the other HG’s and just relaxing, she’s the favorite for AFP for me so far. Cliff, although a decent player, was a bit too arrogant for me last week and arrogance is not a good look on anyone.

      • AIO_7

        Nicole all the way for me!

      • Nancy

        @LO..just saw nicole and her PSA..I agree w you..this young woman has her moral compass in line..she enjoyed and shared with the hgs, until something she was uncomfortable w started and she left..good for her. She seems to know who she is and that’s that! AFP

      • hogwild

        I can forgive Cliff being a little arrogant last week especially in comparison to how some of the others have acted this season.

      • Colby

        Love both Cliff and Nicole, but still Sam for AFP for me.

  7. Ronduh

    Thank you so much for the recaps! I try keeping up on Twitter but I get so frustrated (and a little confused) this year has really been odd. It seems so much more raunchier than usual! Nick really makes me want to puke just looking at him and knowing what he’s like. I really hope Christie gets out soon and her sidekick too. But again thank you to all you guys that keep us updated!

  8. HappyHippo

    I flipped on the feeds for 2 seconds earlier after grocery shopping and did I really see nick and sis cuddled up sleeping? I don’t follow social media but has Bella been talking Amy shit about nick? Do y’all know?
    Thanks Mel for turning nothing into something! Even with alcohol these guys are a snooze fest!

    • Alda

      Happy,you saw it right.Really grossed me out.

    • Nancy

      I wanna watch the feeds, but after seeing CC eat her sandwich last night, mouth open all the while talking..and at one point she just fell off into a mumble, no real words..she just had to talk..then I saw jess draw out every word while talking to TT with a thousand “like” in every sentence..I might see that again if I turn feeds on..scarey..

      • Alda

        I’d be evicted the 1st Day.I would be screaming “Stop talking and chewing,and you,if you say like one more time I will have to throw something at you!!!” Lol.

      • Nancy

        Lol..I might last 2 days..but I’d hv to self evict..in all seriousness I hope jess hears herself when she watches this back..she has a child and that little girl is a sponge..she’ll be trying to emulate her mom..”liiiike, uh, I dont knoooo, like, can, like , you fix my, uh, sippy cuuup”

    • Ronduh

      I found this on Twitter that Bella posted

      • Ronduh

        I understand firsthand how being in the BB house can cause houseguests to feel extremely close to each other. Unfortunately at this time, I can no longer support Nick and his actions. NO ONE deserves to feel second in a relationship. https://t.co/Tlm1fZ3SZ4

      • ElaineB

        She retweeted something from Ovi: “We finally made an alliance outside of the house, it’s called pre-jury” and there was a good picture of the five of them.

      • danmtruth

        Just a shame that she needs to face this kinf of public humiliation
        They like to give the excuse We are living together 24/7 we get to know the person faster No you dont everyone goes in the game kniwing they will put up a phony personality to get people to like And trust them

    • Ronduh

      I found this on Twitter Bella posted

      I understand firsthand how being in the BB house can cause houseguests to feel extremely close to each other. Unfortunately at this time, I can no longer support Nick and his actions. NO ONE deserves to feel second in a relationship. https://t.co/Tlm1fZ3SZ4

  9. AIO_7

    “He (Jackson) said he’s already America’s least favorite player”….

    Not quite for me. I’ve disliked Jack, Christie, ‘Lyce and probably Tommy more than Snackson.

  10. LO1004

    ” (Sorry Beth, I’m not buying it because you’re the same person who, the night before, had sex with Jackson as Christie and Sis lay in the bed next to you discussing their bowel movements)”

    LOLOLOL stop it right now.

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  12. LO1004

    Ooooooooh – Bella isn’t having any of Nick’s behavior!


  13. Ronduh

    Sorry for the double posts! I’m on my phone and it’s being difficult lol

  14. Avatar

    Where can I find bb21 cast Twitters

  15. Avatar

    Now Bella is saying that she just needs to talk to Nick and see where they go from there


  16. Patricia

    Omg rotflmbo. I cant stop laughing i am just now watching bbad from Sunday night n its the first time i actually saw WOA sis do her chicken duty. I swear to u. I had read all bout it from yall. But i chocked on my pepsi n laughed so hard i was crying at her. Omg her chicken talk is freaking hilarious. I have not caught up on bbad or bbj post n comments had a awful day yesterday n today has not been much better. So i thought screw it I’m gonna sit down n catch up on both. I sure needed that good laugh. She sucks as a player but is great as a chicken. Who know bb would find her true calling. Lol. Sorry for the long post. I hope everyone is having a great day i enjoy so much all the post n comments thanks for adding me. Oh last thing. I cant be on with yall when everyone is on and chatting im not sure when everyone is on together. Could someone tell me also can anyone send me steves email so i can enter my furbabies. Tryl

  17. AIO_7

    New Steve thread, Junkers.

  18. Sophie

    Off Topic re: Nick: Who would ever pay this man to counsel their children? Scary to think he’s responsible for interpreting their “play” or ideas. Scarier to think of him alone with them at all. His diagnosis has to be colored through his own biases. And his perspective is so sexual. I’d be worried he’s assign sexual meaning behind everything a child says! Think about it. He doesn’t magically change just because he steps into a room with a kid. So a huge YIKES! Also, does he already have a practice? If he was working for anyone in particular, it would be unheard of to get this time off. You’d have to have NO CLIENTS to be able to enter this house for that length of time. I’d be very wary as a parent. I’m not trying to ruin his rep or anything .. he’s doing that for himself. Just doing some objective thinking based on his actions. Scary stuff.

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