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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap for 9/16/19

September 17, 2019 | 108 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning, It was a slow one yesterday and mostly consisted of Cliffs plan for not giving up, how many places Beth can nap and guessing how many times Jackson would have dinner. Before I recap, thank you again for any donations you’ve sent and I apologize if I haven’t messaged you yet. There were a few sent just as I began a job out of town and the phone service where it’s at is terrible. I’m a little behind on my emails but I do plan on contacting you. Before I head back out to no mans land again today, I’ll quickly go over what happened yesterday:

  • Nicole and Cliff started the day talking to the cameras, each on their own. We’ll probably start getting long monologues from Nicole after Cliff leaves because she won’t have anyone else to talk to anymore. Cliff was doing his usual and Nicole was debating when would be the best time to have a conversation with Jackson. She’s prepared a speech for the veto meeting directed at him and doesn’t know if she should do it or just help campaign to keep Cliff.
  • They move outside for breakfast and talked about what they could say to Jsckson to get him to change his mind. Cliff talked about offering him a F2 but said he already has that locked up so it probably won’t help. Cliff said he still doesn’t think working with a shomance was a bad move. He just thought they’d lose at some point and someone should’ve been able to split them up. (Hes not entirely wrong)
  • Nicole is still concerned people will think she’s stupid for keeping Beth and said as a fan of the show, she’s sure people were probably thinking she needed to split up the shomance.
  • They wondered what the stamp on their season would be. Nicole said all of the seasons are known for something and wondered about theirs. (deals, racism 2.0, shower stools, Jacksons special treatment)
  • Cliff said he’ll campaign for Nicole in jury and said he may not be upset with Jackson once he’s gone and he’s probably just taking it personally right now since it’s about him.
  • Nicole said she thinks Jackson is torn over the decision this week. (He’s not) They talked about Cliff campaigning and saying that Cliff will go to the jury and tell people Beth kept her word but Jackson didn’t. They know he’s worried about his image and breaking his handshake won’t look good. Nicole said he should try to play on his heart strings and say at his age, this is his only chance to do this. They’ve both kicked around several things, like both offering him F2’s, saying they won’t vote for him (they don’t mean this) and that Cliff will push the jury towards Beth.
  • Cliff doesn’t think any of it will work but said he isn’t giving up. Nicole said Jackson makes anything the others do seem so bad but it’s ok when he does it. They also mentioned Jackson talking down to Nicole but got upset when he thought Cliff was talking down to Beth. (giving her “permission” to compete in the veto comp)
  • Nicole said she plans to tell him to put his money where is mouth is and if he’s so hung up on someone giving their word, he needs to keep his, regardless of what anyone else did. She said they need to remind him of all the times Jackson said he wanted to go to the end with people who fought hard to be there and said to bring out the tears if necessary. (I don’t see this working but I like evil Nicole)
  • Nicole said she wouldn’t be mad if Cliff had to make a F2 deal and stick to it. She said she’d rather see Cliff at the end over Beth. (Ok, I’m not crazy about this Nicole)
  • Nicole considered offering him a F2 also but only if he kept Cliff. She doesn’t think its a good idea because she wants Jackson to already be thinking she’d take him over Beth. (She thought maybe he wouldn’t try as hard.  They’re tossing out crazy stuff out of desperation)  Cliff reminds her not to do anything to effect her game and tells her it’s not worth it.
  • Nicole discovered a busted soda in the hoh fridge. She said she didn’t realized it could happen but said now that she thinks about it, it does make sense. (Haha) She apologized to BB and says she’ll clean out the frig.
  • Beth has been miserable because she said she can’t sleep. (Jackson and Beth had a brief discussion over seeing if she could get the hoh room (bed) for “medical reasons.” I think she got the idea because Nicole was having Cliff use it after the veto comp when they were worried about him) The complaining from Beth is real but sharing it with Nicole and Cliff is to get Nicole to volunteer to give the room up to them.  She kept saying her neck and back hurt and Jackson told Cliff “Beth didn’t sleep a wink last night.” (I saw her on feeds laying with her mouth wide open and obviously sleeping)
  • Beth told Nicole how bad her back hurt and she’s sure it’s from the bed she’s sleeping in. (hint hint)

I’m not going to cover every time or every comment but just to give you the vibe in the house, Beth complains about her 1000 medical issues constantly. She’s also gone from being annoyed and resentful towards Nicole to trashing her every chance she gets. She’s never liked Nicole but she did managed to fake it. It got worse when Jackson started acting like Nicole was his sister and a few snide comments started.  Once she threw the comp to her, it’s  turned into open dislike. Beth can’t stand her and can’t stop talking about Nicole being a terrible person and saying her parents won’t be proud of her.

  • Beth napped all day and no joke, she must’ve slept for 10 hours. (If Jackson and Beth don’t  have complete access to the hoh shower, I don’t think they know what else to do, so they sleep)
  • She’d wake up to relocate to a different horizontal position somewhere else. She’s still seething over the hoh room and talked about Nicole’s hoh letters, that’s still pissing her off. Nicole was called to the DR and Beth was super friendly to her until Nicole walked off. Once Nicole left, she told Jackson Nicole was an entitled brat. She said Nicole said she’d have the hoh room for 2 week and said it took gall not to offer it to her and Jackson. (Nicole made a joke about having the hoh room until they left the house) Beth said if she’d behaved the way Nicole has, her dad would whoop her butt. (Beth had the hoh room for 5 weeks!)
  • Jackson asked to use the hoh shower and of course, Nicole said no problem because she’s told all of them to use it whenever. She’s insisted Cliff sleep up there since his health scare but other than that, it’s been an open door policy. (Beth’s entire issue, other than feeling entitled herself, is having to feel like she’s sneaking up there to join Jackson. She doesn’t want to have that inconvenience when she’s in the mood to get her stool on) They went upstairs, locked the door, grabbed the stool and well, you know the rest.
  • They forgot the towel again to keep the stool in place and there was also a feeds audio mishap yesterday. Short version: we saw Cliff laying in the hammock and then fish but had audio of the stool banging around in the shower. (If I have to know this shit, so do you. Fair is fair)
  • They were given playing cards to entertain themselves a little more. (Ya, real exciting stuff to tell you)
  • Cliff went on a long search for Orwell. (He’s been missing for a while and Cliff can’t let it go) He eventually found him but personally, I’m tired of watching Cliff walk around holding a stupid stuffed owl, hoping he gets more camera time. (Newsflash Cliff: no one cares!)
  • Jackson talked to Nicole  last night telling her how much she means to him, she’s one of his favorite people, she’ll see when she watches it back, and more hot air. He actually used the same lines on her as he does Beth and that alone shows he’s full of it. He told her he wasn’t avoiding her but  he knew she needed her space and several of the lines he uses on Beth when they’ve been fighting.
  • Jackson asked her what her real reason had been for wanting to keep Tommy. He said she didn’t have to answer if she didn’t want. She told him it was only to better her chances to get to the F3. He said he’d  wondered if it was to increase the chances to get him out and she lied and told him it wasn’t. She said when she told him her word to him was good, she meant it and she really did want Cliff, Jackson and herself in the F3. Jackson liked hearing it because deep down, he could care less if Nicole wanted Beth out, as long as she didn’t want him gone. (he wants that jury vote) He kept telling her he’s been looking out for her since day one. (I’m sure that rogue vote he tried to blame on her really helped her game)
  • Beth asked Jackson if he thought Cliffs campaign would be saying he’d help Jackson with the jury. Jackson had to point out why that didn’t make any sense. She mentione going 83 days before going on the block and said she deserved an Emmy for what happened last week. (Really?) She said Cliff should’ve just split the vote to keep her and they agreed he’s playing Nicole’s game.
  • Cliff thinks a highlight of the season will be him getting voted out, coming back, winning hoh and taking a shot at Jack. (I didn’t have an issue with the deal Cliff made that week but I do have an issue with Cliff continuing  to call it a big move. He didn’t get Jack out so let it go. Jess took out Jack and no one cares Cliff tried to do it)
  • Jackson told Beth he couldn’t live with himself if one of them had won the veto and sent her home after she’d thrown the hoh. (She’s an idiot for not realizing he pushed her to throw it to help himself) He also told her, wherever he moves to in CA, he’s planning on having “a bad ass shower with a bench.”
  • Jackson is still using the hoh bathroom for everything. Brushing his teeth in there is his way of peeing on everything to mark his territory.
  • Nicole had some type of wine coolers and offered some to Beth which of course, she accepted. She said she needed it to mello herself out so she could relax. She can’t relax enough to sleep. (If she was any more mello, she’d be in a coma)
  • Nicole told Cliff to sleep in the hoh room. (Haha)
  • Beth announced she was planning on washing her hair this week. (I’m not falling for it until I see it happen. She’s washed it what, 2 or 3 times all summer?) I understand it’s better not to wash your  hair too often but going 40 days is NOT the answer.
  • Cliff gave a monologue with Orwell and talked about people pretending to play honest games and said they’re lying. He said there’s two sides to Jackson. Earlier in the day, he said he didn’t have anything bad to say about him but immediately after, said Jackson was condescending, arrogant and immature. (Leta give Cliff a break tho, he said he’d  stop being bitter after he was gone, he didn’t say he was already there)

There’s people who think Nicole is acting spoiled because she isn’t getting her way this week. Sure, she’s bummed out Cliff is leaving and she’ll have to fight against a capable shomance in physical comps. She’s also really annoyed at the way Jackson has handled everything but I think people are lumping two different things together. Nicole hasn’t been mad because Jackson is taking out Cliff. She even told him (repeatedly) she understands why he’s doing it and said it’s a great game move. Her issue with Jackson (which she also told him) was the way he’s choosing to do it. Jackson’s handling this the same way he handles arguments with Beth. He need everything to be someone else’s fault. He should’ve just said “I’m sorry, it was 2 vs 2, I won it and this is the move I have to make because it’s best for my game.” They already know so his continued denial is insulting their intelligence. Maybe that works on Beth but it doesn’t work on the Nicole.

It’s a long shot for Cliff to stay but based on Jacksons personality, it isn’t completely impossible. Don’t get me wrong, Cliffs not staying but if they’d take their plan even further, I could see it as a very slim possibility.  I think they had the right idea when Cliff said he would tell Jackson he would campaign for Beth instead of Jackson. Where they’re failing, is not  taking it to the next step imo. Jackson is there for himself and no one else. Yes, he’s worried about his image and sending out his shomance would make him look bad but he still wants that money. We’ve also seen Jackson have the ability to find a way to blame Beth for everything. In this case, he wouldn’t even have to to that.

Cliff and Nicole need to be doing 3 things:

  • Count the votes for Jackson and make it sound worse than it is. Point out Beth will have Tommy because of the fight last Thursday. Say Beth will have Christie because they learned Tommy and Christie are a team and because of Christies  personal issues with Jackson. Tell him Jess only wants to vote for a woman and Kat was out to destroy Jackson so she’ll want her revenge. Remind him Sis hates him now for evicting her. Last, tell him that he’ll lose their votes too if he doesn’t stick to the F3 deal they made. That’s 7 votes, Jackson just lost the game. (I’m not saying any of it is true but it’s believable and that’s all that matters)
  • Don’t wait until tomorrow. (That’s the plan as of now) Do it now! The more time there is for it to get in Jacksons head, the better. At the very least, it could cause tension between Jackson and Beth, possibly cause a fight and he might want to evict her. He’d have his excuse to do it anyway.
  • Remind him how many times he and Beth have said they played their own games. Pump him up about his relationship with Beth being something separate from the game and this being his chance to prove they aren’t liars and show they truly did play separate games all season.

This plan probably wouldn’t work either but they’re planning on trying to guilt him and use his image against him.  I don’t see that working because he’s already come up with his reasoning for going back on his word. They need to come at him with something he doesn’t already have his “story” mapped out for and they need to make him worry about the votes. It’s just a thought because let’s face it, we don’t  have much to talk about at the moment.

Have a great Tuesday.




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