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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap for 9/16/19



Good morning, It was a slow one yesterday and mostly consisted of Cliffs plan for not giving up, how many places Beth can nap and guessing how many times Jackson would have dinner. Before I recap, thank you again for any donations you’ve sent and I apologize if I haven’t messaged you yet. There were a few sent just as I began a job out of town and the phone service where it’s at is terrible. I’m a little behind on my emails but I do plan on contacting you. Before I head back out to no mans land again today, I’ll quickly go over what happened yesterday:

  • Nicole and Cliff started the day talking to the cameras, each on their own. We’ll probably start getting long monologues from Nicole after Cliff leaves because she won’t have anyone else to talk to anymore. Cliff was doing his usual and Nicole was debating when would be the best time to have a conversation with Jackson. She’s prepared a speech for the veto meeting directed at him and doesn’t know if she should do it or just help campaign to keep Cliff.
  • They move outside for breakfast and talked about what they could say to Jsckson to get him to change his mind. Cliff talked about offering him a F2 but said he already has that locked up so it probably won’t help. Cliff said he still doesn’t think working with a shomance was a bad move. He just thought they’d lose at some point and someone should’ve been able to split them up. (Hes not entirely wrong)
  • Nicole is still concerned people will think she’s stupid for keeping Beth and said as a fan of the show, she’s sure people were probably thinking she needed to split up the shomance.
  • They wondered what the stamp on their season would be. Nicole said all of the seasons are known for something and wondered about theirs. (deals, racism 2.0, shower stools, Jacksons special treatment)
  • Cliff said he’ll campaign for Nicole in jury and said he may not be upset with Jackson once he’s gone and he’s probably just taking it personally right now since it’s about him.
  • Nicole said she thinks Jackson is torn over the decision this week. (He’s not) They talked about Cliff campaigning and saying that Cliff will go to the jury and tell people Beth kept her word but Jackson didn’t. They know he’s worried about his image and breaking his handshake won’t look good. Nicole said he should try to play on his heart strings and say at his age, this is his only chance to do this. They’ve both kicked around several things, like both offering him F2’s, saying they won’t vote for him (they don’t mean this) and that Cliff will push the jury towards Beth.
  • Cliff doesn’t think any of it will work but said he isn’t giving up. Nicole said Jackson makes anything the others do seem so bad but it’s ok when he does it. They also mentioned Jackson talking down to Nicole but got upset when he thought Cliff was talking down to Beth. (giving her “permission” to compete in the veto comp)
  • Nicole said she plans to tell him to put his money where is mouth is and if he’s so hung up on someone giving their word, he needs to keep his, regardless of what anyone else did. She said they need to remind him of all the times Jackson said he wanted to go to the end with people who fought hard to be there and said to bring out the tears if necessary. (I don’t see this working but I like evil Nicole)
  • Nicole said she wouldn’t be mad if Cliff had to make a F2 deal and stick to it. She said she’d rather see Cliff at the end over Beth. (Ok, I’m not crazy about this Nicole)
  • Nicole considered offering him a F2 also but only if he kept Cliff. She doesn’t think its a good idea because she wants Jackson to already be thinking she’d take him over Beth. (She thought maybe he wouldn’t try as hard.  They’re tossing out crazy stuff out of desperation)  Cliff reminds her not to do anything to effect her game and tells her it’s not worth it.
  • Nicole discovered a busted soda in the hoh fridge. She said she didn’t realized it could happen but said now that she thinks about it, it does make sense. (Haha) She apologized to BB and says she’ll clean out the frig.
  • Beth has been miserable because she said she can’t sleep. (Jackson and Beth had a brief discussion over seeing if she could get the hoh room (bed) for “medical reasons.” I think she got the idea because Nicole was having Cliff use it after the veto comp when they were worried about him) The complaining from Beth is real but sharing it with Nicole and Cliff is to get Nicole to volunteer to give the room up to them.  She kept saying her neck and back hurt and Jackson told Cliff “Beth didn’t sleep a wink last night.” (I saw her on feeds laying with her mouth wide open and obviously sleeping)
  • Beth told Nicole how bad her back hurt and she’s sure it’s from the bed she’s sleeping in. (hint hint)

I’m not going to cover every time or every comment but just to give you the vibe in the house, Beth complains about her 1000 medical issues constantly. She’s also gone from being annoyed and resentful towards Nicole to trashing her every chance she gets. She’s never liked Nicole but she did managed to fake it. It got worse when Jackson started acting like Nicole was his sister and a few snide comments started.  Once she threw the comp to her, it’s  turned into open dislike. Beth can’t stand her and can’t stop talking about Nicole being a terrible person and saying her parents won’t be proud of her.

  • Beth napped all day and no joke, she must’ve slept for 10 hours. (If Jackson and Beth don’t  have complete access to the hoh shower, I don’t think they know what else to do, so they sleep)
  • She’d wake up to relocate to a different horizontal position somewhere else. She’s still seething over the hoh room and talked about Nicole’s hoh letters, that’s still pissing her off. Nicole was called to the DR and Beth was super friendly to her until Nicole walked off. Once Nicole left, she told Jackson Nicole was an entitled brat. She said Nicole said she’d have the hoh room for 2 week and said it took gall not to offer it to her and Jackson. (Nicole made a joke about having the hoh room until they left the house) Beth said if she’d behaved the way Nicole has, her dad would whoop her butt. (Beth had the hoh room for 5 weeks!)
  • Jackson asked to use the hoh shower and of course, Nicole said no problem because she’s told all of them to use it whenever. She’s insisted Cliff sleep up there since his health scare but other than that, it’s been an open door policy. (Beth’s entire issue, other than feeling entitled herself, is having to feel like she’s sneaking up there to join Jackson. She doesn’t want to have that inconvenience when she’s in the mood to get her stool on) They went upstairs, locked the door, grabbed the stool and well, you know the rest.
  • They forgot the towel again to keep the stool in place and there was also a feeds audio mishap yesterday. Short version: we saw Cliff laying in the hammock and then fish but had audio of the stool banging around in the shower. (If I have to know this shit, so do you. Fair is fair)
  • They were given playing cards to entertain themselves a little more. (Ya, real exciting stuff to tell you)
  • Cliff went on a long search for Orwell. (He’s been missing for a while and Cliff can’t let it go) He eventually found him but personally, I’m tired of watching Cliff walk around holding a stupid stuffed owl, hoping he gets more camera time. (Newsflash Cliff: no one cares!)
  • Jackson talked to Nicole  last night telling her how much she means to him, she’s one of his favorite people, she’ll see when she watches it back, and more hot air. He actually used the same lines on her as he does Beth and that alone shows he’s full of it. He told her he wasn’t avoiding her but  he knew she needed her space and several of the lines he uses on Beth when they’ve been fighting.
  • Jackson asked her what her real reason had been for wanting to keep Tommy. He said she didn’t have to answer if she didn’t want. She told him it was only to better her chances to get to the F3. He said he’d  wondered if it was to increase the chances to get him out and she lied and told him it wasn’t. She said when she told him her word to him was good, she meant it and she really did want Cliff, Jackson and herself in the F3. Jackson liked hearing it because deep down, he could care less if Nicole wanted Beth out, as long as she didn’t want him gone. (he wants that jury vote) He kept telling her he’s been looking out for her since day one. (I’m sure that rogue vote he tried to blame on her really helped her game)
  • Beth asked Jackson if he thought Cliffs campaign would be saying he’d help Jackson with the jury. Jackson had to point out why that didn’t make any sense. She mentione going 83 days before going on the block and said she deserved an Emmy for what happened last week. (Really?) She said Cliff should’ve just split the vote to keep her and they agreed he’s playing Nicole’s game.
  • Cliff thinks a highlight of the season will be him getting voted out, coming back, winning hoh and taking a shot at Jack. (I didn’t have an issue with the deal Cliff made that week but I do have an issue with Cliff continuing  to call it a big move. He didn’t get Jack out so let it go. Jess took out Jack and no one cares Cliff tried to do it)
  • Jackson told Beth he couldn’t live with himself if one of them had won the veto and sent her home after she’d thrown the hoh. (She’s an idiot for not realizing he pushed her to throw it to help himself) He also told her, wherever he moves to in CA, he’s planning on having “a bad ass shower with a bench.”
  • Jackson is still using the hoh bathroom for everything. Brushing his teeth in there is his way of peeing on everything to mark his territory.
  • Nicole had some type of wine coolers and offered some to Beth which of course, she accepted. She said she needed it to mello herself out so she could relax. She can’t relax enough to sleep. (If she was any more mello, she’d be in a coma)
  • Nicole told Cliff to sleep in the hoh room. (Haha)
  • Beth announced she was planning on washing her hair this week. (I’m not falling for it until I see it happen. She’s washed it what, 2 or 3 times all summer?) I understand it’s better not to wash your  hair too often but going 40 days is NOT the answer.
  • Cliff gave a monologue with Orwell and talked about people pretending to play honest games and said they’re lying. He said there’s two sides to Jackson. Earlier in the day, he said he didn’t have anything bad to say about him but immediately after, said Jackson was condescending, arrogant and immature. (Leta give Cliff a break tho, he said he’d  stop being bitter after he was gone, he didn’t say he was already there)

There’s people who think Nicole is acting spoiled because she isn’t getting her way this week. Sure, she’s bummed out Cliff is leaving and she’ll have to fight against a capable shomance in physical comps. She’s also really annoyed at the way Jackson has handled everything but I think people are lumping two different things together. Nicole hasn’t been mad because Jackson is taking out Cliff. She even told him (repeatedly) she understands why he’s doing it and said it’s a great game move. Her issue with Jackson (which she also told him) was the way he’s choosing to do it. Jackson’s handling this the same way he handles arguments with Beth. He need everything to be someone else’s fault. He should’ve just said “I’m sorry, it was 2 vs 2, I won it and this is the move I have to make because it’s best for my game.” They already know so his continued denial is insulting their intelligence. Maybe that works on Beth but it doesn’t work on the Nicole.


It’s a long shot for Cliff to stay but based on Jacksons personality, it isn’t completely impossible. Don’t get me wrong, Cliffs not staying but if they’d take their plan even further, I could see it as a very slim possibility.  I think they had the right idea when Cliff said he would tell Jackson he would campaign for Beth instead of Jackson. Where they’re failing, is not  taking it to the next step imo. Jackson is there for himself and no one else. Yes, he’s worried about his image and sending out his shomance would make him look bad but he still wants that money. We’ve also seen Jackson have the ability to find a way to blame Beth for everything. In this case, he wouldn’t even have to to that.

Cliff and Nicole need to be doing 3 things:

  • Count the votes for Jackson and make it sound worse than it is. Point out Beth will have Tommy because of the fight last Thursday. Say Beth will have Christie because they learned Tommy and Christie are a team and because of Christies  personal issues with Jackson. Tell him Jess only wants to vote for a woman and Kat was out to destroy Jackson so she’ll want her revenge. Remind him Sis hates him now for evicting her. Last, tell him that he’ll lose their votes too if he doesn’t stick to the F3 deal they made. That’s 7 votes, Jackson just lost the game. (I’m not saying any of it is true but it’s believable and that’s all that matters)
  • Don’t wait until tomorrow. (That’s the plan as of now) Do it now! The more time there is for it to get in Jacksons head, the better. At the very least, it could cause tension between Jackson and Beth, possibly cause a fight and he might want to evict her. He’d have his excuse to do it anyway.
  • Remind him how many times he and Beth have said they played their own games. Pump him up about his relationship with Beth being something separate from the game and this being his chance to prove they aren’t liars and show they truly did play separate games all season.

This plan probably wouldn’t work either but they’re planning on trying to guilt him and use his image against him.  I don’t see that working because he’s already come up with his reasoning for going back on his word. They need to come at him with something he doesn’t already have his “story” mapped out for and they need to make him worry about the votes. It’s just a thought because let’s face it, we don’t  have much to talk about at the moment.

Have a great Tuesday.






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  1. Painter1

    Great read Mel and I love the plan about the jury voting for Holly. It should rub him the wrong way toss in can you live with losing to someone you dragged to F2 as opposed to someone who faught to get there?

  2. Nancy

    Big thank you to my morning Mel..I appreciate you.
    I need somebody to call ASPCA..and take the stick outta cliffs hand..the horse is dead! You aren’t going to change JJs mind..
    HollyBeth says nicole isn’t “wired” to keep her word..I can not believe how jealous HollyBeth is of nicole..Jealous of her having the HoH room is absurb..JJ and HollyBeth spent all summer up there..gimme a break..I have a feeling nicole’s parents are waaay more proud of her, than HollyBeths parents.
    I am disappointed how this year of BB has played out..I am disappointed in the hgs I was rooting for..in the end, none of this will affect my life..unfortunately several of the hgs cant make that statement. A harsh reality awaits for many. Hope you all have a day as fabulous as yourselves. Peace

    • AIO_7

      “HollyBeth says nicole isn’t “wired” to keep her word”..

      I remember Beth telling Nicole she only wanted one more week. She’d be happy to go out F4 but all the young girls she was mentoring wouldn’t accept her if she went out F5.

      • Nancy

        I forgot about that..lol..she is one piece of work

      • KelBel

        Shhhh, AIO, you can’t use what Jolly says against them. They’ve been bullied and forced to lie and make deals because they’ve been backed into corners. (barf)

      • Ann

        Mentoring little girl while they watch you & Jackson goosing on national tv, watch you stumbling drunk crying & begging a man to stay with you. Bitch u couldn’t mentor my dog.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Nancy the show is not real is the biggest issue. The show is a living organism they see which characters (people) spike the ratings. They manipulate the game (Comps) and feed the contestants information and advise them of what they want.

      Production is constantly in their ear giving direction. Go to the point that earlier in the season Holly told them off. “Fucking stop speaking into my ear and let me say what I want to say”. Clearly she got ripped a new one by Production for that.

      The comps are rigged so they get the desired results they want. Why do you think the live feeds go down so often. CBS is having a word with the contestants on how they want things to play out. The run the comp and then pull them in the DR to talk about what has just happened.

      Clearly Jackson is getting the highest ratings and is probably favored by the masses to win the game. The ratings took a beating when Christie left so the Tommy vs Jackson fight was ratings gold.

      Believe me when I tell you. Jackson is going to win the final HOH. The script has already been written.

      • Nancy

        Doug, I agree..I’m not sure what I said, except holly could have shown us a different side..I KNOW production has their tiny fingers in every aspect of this game..so I agree with you my friend

      • Sassy

        Only one problem with that Doug, all the social media sites hate Jackson… There are some of us that think he should win against what’s left, but we are the minority. Most people are rooting for Nicole. The cast was SOOO bad this season, people struggle to hold onto anything and have resulted in rooting for someone because they are nice, not a good player, just nice. If the finals are rigged, it will be in favor of Nicole not Jackson.

        I think production is throwing their hands in the air for this group, they get it set up how they want it and the HGs find a way to screw it up in the end. Production can only do so much.

  3. hogwild

    If Nicole wins AFP which I think she will I hope they have a split screen with a closeup on Holly when Julie announces it.

    • Nancy

      Hehehe hehehe *splat* 1st dose of reality

    • KLew

      It’s so funny when players realize they’ve had it all wrong and that they’re not *GASP* loved by America. When Cody won AFP (which was more America’s way of saying they disliked the rest of them more than they really loved Cody, LOL) the cast reactions were priceless. Holly is astonishingly insecure and petty. She’s in her 30’s and still acts like a middle school mean girl – she’s so unaware it’s actually disturbing. I pray she doesn’t win – it will somehow validate her awfulness.

      • KelBel

        Couldn’t agree more, KLew!
        I was bitching on the last thread about G-ma B’s statements of not being able to show who she truly is. She’s doing a fantastic job of showing us the petty conceited bitch she is, if she is really some one else I don’t know who the hell that would be!

      • Nancy

        Agree with klew and kelbel..if she wants to show a good positive side, shes had ample opportunity to do so, yet this spoiled, arrogant, entitled bitch keeps appearing..therefore in my mind, this IS the real you

    • Sassy

      I’d like them to tell Beth she was 17th out of 16.

    • KelBel

      I’d like to see Cliff and Tommy’s reaction in addition to FAH if (hopefully when) Nicole gets AFP! All three of them have thought they are pretty special.

    • Houseguest Doug

      I am not so sure Nicole is going to win AFP… She will be in the conversation for sure. I see it down to Cliff, Nicole and Tommy.

      • hogwild

        I see them as the top three vote getters Cliff I think hurt his chances with this last week but it wouldn’t be total shock if he won Tommy a lot of the time looked like he was trying to hard to be popular and liked which tends to put people off Nicole to me was the one who always seemed the most real and was never putting on an act.

      • Sassy

        I think Kemi will be in the running. I’m not endorsing it, nor do I think she should be, but she may get a lot of votes.

      • Robin

        I think Cliff is out of the running… Nicole vs Tommy. Cliff started falling the rankings with the Tommy eviction. Not sure Cliff can overcome that with the PopOwl. Lol

    • Robin

      True dat, Hogwild. I would love to see their faces when JJ and Beth find out how they are hated by the fans and Nicole is their sweetheart. These two asses were made for each other. Mel had the game moves mapped out, I would add more pushing of Beth buttons. We really need a blow up before eviction with Beth calling JJ an asshole about a half dozen times to set him off.

  4. mm22

    Loved today’s wrap up mel thank you

  5. JennX

    Just a heads up… any and all comments for he next few days will be posted from my hospital bed in ICU. Let me start by saying I AM Ok!!! I have a crappy condition that frequently causes me to pass out when I stand (no matter how quickly or slowly). Usually it’s no biggies since I have taken precautions, learned to pass out safely when possible and have chairs & pillows strategically placed between my bed and bathroom,kitchen ,living room, etc. unfortunately last night I missed a chair when trying to quickly sit and cracked my head on the corner of the dresser and knock myself out. Woke up in an ambulance (thank you roomie who hear the commotion and called 911).
    I’m ok! I promise. Just a wicked headache and some bumps& bruises. Luckily I have internet and CBS.
    Send good vibes, prayers and whatnot.

    ***Also… no pity for me!!! If you feel pity I beg that you channel that into a savage or funny roast! Imma big girl, I can take it!
    Love my Junkie fam (think of me as the cousin that showed up to the fam reunions but never spoke up 🙂 )

    • KLew

      Yikes – that sounds incredibly painful. As requested, I will refrain from pitying you 🙂 Hope you’re on the mend soon and able to return home.

    • mm22

      Hey jenn-sorry you’re held hostage in there-could be worse you could be in the bb house-smiles

    • Betty Boo

      Oh no! My niece has POTS and has broken many body parts from passing out over the years. She hasn’t had an episode in a while now. It was really bad when she was in high school. She passed out once at my house. Scariest thing I have ever seen! Feel better soon.

      • JennX

        @Betty While I don’t have POTS I have similar symptoms.(the current diag is Addison’s – my adrenals keep me in fight or flight almost 24/7. My most gold medal for gracefulness is when I was sitting, felt funny, passed out and ended up breaking my fucking leg! It’s my secret talent!
        I have to laugh about all of this because if didn’t I will cry and could never stop.

    • Nancy


      Feel better soon, cuz..many well wishes and prayers heading your way ((HUGS))

      • JennX

        Nancy… two options. Grab the moving van, Secret me away and we can tie dye. Or bring all the tie dye kits to the hospital and we will do it there! I’m sure the docs and nurses would be thrilled to have funky 70’s fashion scrubs!

      • SoftKitty

        I love the idea of tie-dye scrubs! Get well soon Jenn!

      • Robin

        Tie dye party at the hospital… pick me up Nancy… love me some crafts!

      • JennX

        A most heartfelt thank you! I’ve unfortunately been in ICU a number of time,this has been going on since middle school(age 11-
        Just wanted to give a heads up Incase I decide to chime in and my post are totally indecipherable (thanks to IV pain meds)

        <3I can feel the love<3

    • Ann

      Well Sweetie it’s not pity its love & no matter how many times you say “don’t worry”, we worry. Sending up prayers & well wishes. Get better soon.

    • Robin

      No pity Jenn, I know how that one hits me too! You are a tough nut and a truly awesome smartass. A women after my own heart! Get home soon!

    • Alda

      Sorry to hear that Jenn.hope you are feeling better real soon.

    • amareels

      I’m just getting to the party and see that you had passed out! I know for a fact you can’t get any rest in a hospital, so tell those MDs that it’s time for you to go home! Feel better and here’s hoping you will get out quickly!

      • JennX

        They are planning to keep me for 2-3 days. Observation for concussion/Brain bleed. Then to see if medication needs to be adjusted. For right now I cannot get out of the bed (much more uncomfortable beds that any have nots beds I’ve seen in 15+ seasons) because even sitting up causes my BP to plummet.
        When I can sit up with no alarms galore going off I might get moved to a private room. Finger crossed!

    • Mello_One

      Get well soon JennX, I’m gonna send prayers up for ya tonight! Stay Strong & Blessed.

  6. AIO_7

    “They move outside for breakfast and talked about what they could say to Jsckson to get him to change his mind.”

    One thing they could tell him is that Holly could just beat him 9 – 0 in jury. I’ve run the numbers and could see that. Jackson might realize that too, and that might be one reason he was looking at the BB rule book. (to see if he would be able to share winnings with Beth)

    • KLew

      That would be so utterly depressing. I’d honestly prefer Jackson to win over Holly (first I’d prefer Nicole, then Cliff, then Jackson, then…I refuse to say it, LOL). I don’t like Jackson or his style of play – at all – but at least he’s playing the game and has been committed to that game all season. Holly is just the wooooorst and has slept her way to a F2. Jackson has woefully underestimated the likelihood of a bitter jury (which tends to be the case these days since the house is filled with such narcissists) and I think any of the remaining players wins over Jackson.

    • Robin

      AIO 7, that was my thought as well. Surely he has counted jury votes and knows he’s screwed. Not smart to go to the end with Beth. Not to mention loosing both Cliff and Nicole’s votes. Jury votes should be the topic of discussion around JJ.

  7. AIO_7

    “Cliff said he still doesn’t think working with a shomance was a bad move.”

    No, not at all; but at F4 it’s a dick move.

  8. KelBel

    “Cliff reminds her not to do anything to effect her game and tells her it’s not worth it.”

    –This might be the one bit of advice Cliff has told Nicole that she SHOULD listen to. Instead, it will likely be the first time she doesn’t listen to him = her game will continue to be negatively affected by him.

    • AIO_7

      I just don’t see what could ‘effect’ her game. From here on out it’s just competitions. Effect her time in the house with these two slimy vipers, sure, I can see that.

      • KelBel

        Yes, that…making her time stuck in the house with those 2 even worse than it’s already going to be.

        And someone posted yesterday that Jolly is contemplating sabotaging Nicole so that she performs poorly. If they do that, I’m finished for the season. Done. Just despicable.

    • Nancy

      I would hope by now she sees that cliff f*cked up her game, and lets him do all the campaigning..which to me to is spitting in the wind..and she needs to stay silent

  9. AIO_7

    …..”audio of the stool banging around in the shower.”

    At this point, who wouldn’t rather see Tommy win the big money as opposed to these two.

  10. Tracy

    Hey Beth (aka Ms. Stool), suck it up!! You lie and say you haven’t been sleeping but that isn’t true. It’s Nicole’s HoH, not yours! If the beds are so bad – sleep on the floor you Buzzard!!!

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  12. AIO_7

    ….”Cliff walk around holding a stupid stuffed owl, hoping he gets more camera time. (Newsflash Cliff: no one cares!)”

    Just wait until the talking Orwell excoriates him on BBAD.

  13. Betty Boo

    Surely BB isn’t going to let the mean girl win???

  14. AIO_7

    ….”and they need to make him worry about the votes.”

    That’s it, right there. I see Beth beating him, and beating him bad.

  15. SoftKitty

    I love the idea of tie-dye scrubs! Get well soon Jenn!

  16. Nancy

    Off topic…this damn AD that floats on to my page , from the side, has officially made me insane, or more insane…I’m putting it OTB.

    Carry on

  17. SoftKitty

    I agree with Mel. The only way to get into Jax head is to start making him think he could lose to HB. And she’s also right about Doing It Now… Not wait until Wednesday. The more time he has to think about it, the more paranoid he could become.

    But, if he gets HB out now… There are two people coming after him in F3 instead of one little Nugget. Although Cliff is not much of a threat.

  18. Mary

    The one thing every person going on this show should learn from this year is keep you mouth shut. Don’t be a tattle tale and be vague with your answers if questioned about others. Even if you think you are in a alliance with someone, they have different agendas, and have different friendships within the house, so anything you say may be used against you. There is an old saying, the reason why God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, is so you could listen twice and much as you talk. Brett learned that the hard way last year, Nicole spilling her information to Nick & Bella, then with Jess, Jackson going to Jack with what he wanted and information that he knew, started the big blow up on day 44.

    Plus if your going to be making deals and talking crap about others, have someone guard the door, or speak outside quietly so others cannot hear. It all started with Christie listening in on Cliff’s morning talk with the live feeders, then Jackson started doing it and found out that is the best way to learn what others are thinking and doing. That is one thing having the HOH room gives you is the ability to view others, even if it is limited. If Jackson didn’t see Tommy going into the Have Not room he would not have known to go listen to the pitch he was giving them. Great move by the way. Handshakes and pinky promises are BS, you came on this show to win a half million dollars, though some do it for exposure. You cannot trust anyone except yourself.

    One last thing I’d like to say, Holly can bitch all she wants about throwing the last HOH, that is on her. We will never know if she or Nicole would have won if she would have stayed up there. Just because she won the Poison Ivy comp doesn’t necessarily mean she would have won that HOH comp. She may have, though we will never know and the more she complains about it, the more I dislike her. Jackson kept telling her to drop, so she did. Now they are complaining that the HOH room should be theirs, more bull. Put up and shut up!

  19. Houseguest Doug

    For Season 22 I hope BB changes some stuff up…

    1. Format is stale need to take a page out of BB Canada. (Way better concept and set)
    2. Time to get a new Set. Re-configuring the theme is not enough. Need a new set.
    3. Time to makes the comps a little more challenging and interesting. (Keep OTEV, Superhero Match game)
    4. Enough of the Have Not and BB Slop. Outdated concept not sure it really adds to the game.
    5. LESS Production interference!
    6. Let the show run from June until Sept (Labor Day). Go too long into Sept and when you get down to Final Four the excitement is gone after the POV.
    7. When you get down to the Final 4 let everyone play in the POV it would add some intrigue right now everyone knows it doesn’t matter who wins HOH in Final 4 all the power goes to the POV holder.
    8. Come up with more interesting endurance comps then standing on a small platform leaning against a tilting wall being squirted with water and slime. It is getting old and boring.
    9. Bring back Pandora’s box.

    • JennX

      I just started on BBCAN (S4). The first episodes blew me away as far as comps, obvious production budget, having free live feeds, and much more. Not to mention SNOW!!!
      I’m def gonna find a way to find the rest of the season **cough* hopefully free *cough**

      Msg me if you have info about my, uhhhh, coughing fit…

      • Houseguest Doug

        BB Can does not have the same Production budget as BB USA. As a matter of fact it is about 1/2 the amount as the American show.

        But they are way more creative with the set which is indoors. The comps are much better and exciting and superior to the American version. Yes, live feeds are FREE. BB Can doesn’t charge for live feeds.

        The contestants have something called personality and brains. They can actually keep a secret and Production doesn’t get as involved as the American version. Ratings are though the roof in Canada. CTV gets a lot of eyes on BB Can.

        American’s that live close to the Boarder are able to pick up the feed. You can watch the episodes on CTV.ca or Youtube.

        Here is the problem once you watch BB Can you will be not so happy with the American version and wonder why they cannot do it as well as the Canadian version that has a lesser budget.

  20. Avatar

    As funny as it would be to see Jackson lose because of poor jury management, I hope that doesn’t happen. What in the hell has Holly done to deserve to win anything? She luck rolled a ball and had a debate with sis over who should throw the poison ivy one. She has done nothing. Besides her 2 sketchy wins, what was her biggest move made inside the house? Oh it was convincing the house to flip from Christie to Sis because she was jealous of her flirting with Jackson. Entirely pathetic gameplay the entire season and was carried to the finals by one of the best competition players we have seen in any season.

    Dislike Jackson all we like but he deserves to win a million times more than Holly.

  21. Alda

    I think Tommy will be the front runner for AFP according to other sites.People that don’t get the feeds or watch BBAD love Tommy.

  22. Betty Boo

    So does Big Brother Junkies have a section on the show on Finale night?! Who makes the trip for the live show?

  23. Avatar

    I wish CBS would have a reunion in two weeks with all the houseguests. I reeeaaaallly want to see how they react after realizing how they looked & were perceived on LIVE FEEDS (not the edited show that Jackson keeps eluding to). Or maybe have some viewers present to call them out! That could be a real show.

  24. Avatar

    Yes, they need to have a two hour “BB: the house guests tell all” episode. It would be the highest rated episode of the season.

  25. Colby

    I hate that Nicole gave HB wine coolers last night.
    I hoped they would save them for Wednesday and try to instigate a fight between her and JJ.

  26. Robin

    Proud to see that JJ and Beth are at the bottom of the Joker players rankings…. JJ at #15 and in last place….. drum roll please… Holly hoe #16

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  28. mustangsally

    If HB makes it to final 3, I don’t think BB will show family videos to the HG, like really, what nice things can HB parents say to her? You go girl, work that stool, don’t forget your towel.

  29. mm22

    I have to address the photo of Jackson preparing for sex in the shower. I’ve
    seen him setting up the bathroom ahead of time and him waiting for hollybeths
    planned arrival way too many times. I’m thoroughly disgusted with those two
    pigs! Sex in rooms where others are-blankets up but viewers see hand motions-
    slurping n moaning-shower stool banging I’m begging cbs to cut those feeds just
    shut it down! Seriously you let us view that but cut a good conversation what the hell!
    And you two pigs are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of yourself on national

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