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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap for 9/2/19



Good morning BB Junkies, hope you had a good one. This was the most days off together I’ve had in a while. My schedule is often all over the place. In the summer, I might work 15 days straight but in the winter, have an unexpected week off.  Sometimes, this gets me in trouble because I’ll get an urge to repaint the whole house during so much down time, get halfway through it and work will pick up again out of nowhere. The time off has been great but selfishly, I had hoped for better feeds. I knew I could stay up late and not worry about being tired the next morning. Who wants to stay up to watch Jess basically, do nothing?  Oh well, you can’t have it all.  I’m still happy because I’ve been ready for Jess to leave for some time and unless something really unexpected happens, it looks like she’s heading out the door. Sure, theres other people I dislike but I’d rather watch people who play the game, even if I don’t like them. Everyone in the house except Jess, is playing the game. They may not be doing it great but they are invested at least.

I can’t believe in a few days we’ll only have 5 people in the house. I don’t know why I can’t believe it and I probably say this every year. Usually, I feel the season has flown by too quickly but I don’t feel that way this year. I think it was the combination of work, moving and having a cast I didn’t really like. It’s harder to be all in when you’re writing about people who don’t really entertain you. I’m still looking forward to the double eviction because it’s a fun night no matter the season. I used to refer to it as the unathletic persons version of the Super Bowl. This year, it may feel more like a 2nd grade, youth league game, and we’ll be watching them stumble around, not knowing which direction to run.

The Veto ceremony happened yesterday and as expected, Tommy took Christie off the block and Cliff went up in her place. They hung out by the pool and very little game talk was happening.


Beth’s still in a war with those split ends:

Christie and Jess had a conversation about what Jess’ pitch should be. Christie told Jess she might need to work some kind of deal with Jackson and told her it was fine if she needed to tell Jackson that she was going after Tommy. She was trying to make Jess understand that she needed to tell him something, anything, no matter what it was. Jess is sure she’s Jackson’s target and doesn’t see the point in talking to him about it. She told Christie, Nicole talked as if she’s still on the fence so Christie encouraged her to spend her time working on Nicole because if they have her vote, they don’t need Jackson or Beth.  Christie said she and Tommy would talk to Nicole separately and without Jess around. She thinks they can work together and get Nicole to see that Cliff would beat Nicole in a F2. (It’s not happening)


Yep, that’s your recap of the daytime feeds. Now, moving on to the evening. BB gave them a grill and let them have a Labor Day celebration. It usually feels like a bigger deal since the have nots get to take the night off and join in but it didn’t seem to matter as much this year. Nicole became a little emotional since a bbq was the last thing she did with her family before leaving for BB.

Jackson was also excited to have a grill and to no one’s surprise, he took it over and quickly claimed it as his domain. He began doing things to meat I didn’t know was possible. He always likes to over season and apparently when he grills, he likes to smash the food and remove every last drop of moisture from it during the cooking process. Now, I don’t want to be too judgmental because I’m not certain of his goal. If he was going for some kind of jerky, he probably did an amazing job! Regardless of the overseasoned flavor and dryness, he was very proud of the sear marks he’d created and walked them over to give everyone a chance to witness his greatness.


Cliff and Nicole have recently floated the idea of throwing the next HOH comp and letting the other pairs fight it out. They quicky realized they need to go for it because it’s too risky. Cliff thinks Tommy using the veto on Christie has shown everyone the two are still very close. He thinks it’s good so they’ll still be seen as a pair, like Jackson and Beth and Cliff and Nicole are. They also talked about the end game and which couple to stick with but all that will be out the window when they find out it’s a DE.

Jackson and Beth agreed to throw the next hoh for the same reason but they’re already changing their minds too. They’re also having some buyer’s remorse from saving Christie. (finally, it’s about time) They’ve gone back and forth as to who is the bigger threat between Tommy and Christie. Beth insinuated they should’ve gotten Christie out earlier and it was Jacksons fault.  (As I recall, she jumped on the ‘save Christie’ plan before he did because she was sick of Sis being in the house) He quickly told her, it wasn’t his fault and there wasn’t anything he could’ve done about it because Tommy won the veto. (Ummmm, maybe put Tommy otb with Christie??) I may have recently said taking out Jess wasn’t a terrible idea and I still stand by it. I never said it was the best plan though because it wasn’t, just that it wasn’t bad for Jacksons game if she left. With more skilled players, it could’ve been a really good option but not with this group. Jackson and Holly also talked about how they might lose to Cliff  in a F2.  I’ve wondered who they would take if the end played out with both of them still there and having the option to choose. It’s looking more like it could be Nicole. (I still think Beth secretly wants Tommy but I could be wrong)

Nicole is still worried about what happens when the show ends.  She isn’t referring to social media, after parties, etc.  She’s referring to the process immediately after the show ends. She’s afraid they say, as she put it “here’s your suitcase, you’re on your own.”  It’s been brought up before and it’s a funny conversation.  Cliff and Jackson assured her they don’t do it that way and she won’t have to find her own way to an airport to go home.


Pranks continued yesterday with Worcestershire (I think) in Jacksons milk:

They got him and he spit it out:

Whipped cream in pillows:


She found it:

Cliff and Jackson were wetting and freezing shoes too but that’s been done so who cares? Nicole suggested to Tommy they hollow out a watermelon for a Jackson surprise but that one hasn’t happened yet.


That’s it for yesterday and hopefully some campaigning begins soon. I have no faith in Jess to save herself but if Christie and Tommy decide to try, it could still be interesting.  I think those two had a real chance of flipping Nicole. (not against Cliff but against Jackson and Beth) They’ve been putting in some time with her lately.  She’s been doing the same with them but if they push for Jess to stay over Cliff,  I think it will be time completely wasted on their end.  Tommy especially, has been talking to her about Jackson and Beth working both sides and the way to prove they arn’t, won’t be going behind their backs and trying to keep Jess.  OK, it’s probably going to be boring until Thursday and I’m trying to find a rainbow in a pile of doo doo but let’s stay optimistic. Have a great Tuesday.







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  1. hogwild

    I said it on last nights update will again here I think everyone in the house outside of Cliff really underestimates Nicole because she hasn’t won any comps they don’t realize how sharp she is and how in tune she is with what is happening in the house. She can see through peoples BS much better than they think she can especially that coming from Christie and Tommy who she already believes there is more to them than any of them know.

  2. Betty Boo

    I missed Jolly’s fight. Was it real or fake?

    • hogwild

      I didn’t see it but the general opinion ssems to be at least some of their fighting is an act to try and convince people they are not as close as they seem.

    • Tam

      Bothhhhhhhh!!! I think that planned to have everyone think that they were fighting but it backfired and blew back on them and it was like watching a horrific clown car crash….JJ was actually the one on the right side believe it or not……He made his momma proud until he caved……SMH

      • Robin

        If he had just kept her out of the bed… Not to mention Holly putting on her sexy bikini and rubbing all over him… have you no pride girl?

    • Mel

      She had mentioned having a fake arguement a couple days before but when everything blew up, she was genuinely upset. She was sobbing at times. I think part of the way thru it, she kept it going intentionally but that was mostly because she was apologizing by that time and had given up on the points she was trying to make.

    • Mary

      I say it was real. Holly to me is a insecure woman, who likes to blame others for her short comings. She consistently needs affirmation and when she doesn’t get it…………. well.

      • Mel

        That’s how I felt watching it too. I think she was being overly dramatic before it started on purpose to have a bigger story. Once it began, I think she’d bit off more than she could chew and became afraid he was really going to split from her.

      • Tam

        So true, Mary. Sadly, so true……

      • Joy

        I agree and I DIDN’T SEE ONE REAL TEAR. You know that if she was really crying there would have been a trail of tears on that made up face, COME ON.

      • Robin

        Not sure Mary, but hard to say since they did discuss a fake fight at one point as a endgame game play. So like Tam said, maybe started as a ploy, but ended exposing all of their true feelings and fears.

      • Mary

        @ Robin, I was one of the idiots that stayed up until after 6 am with NK when it happened, focused on the HOH room. Could write a couple of pages on why I thought it was real and how upset Jackson was, and things that happened leading up to it, though it really doesn’t matter now.

    • KelBel

      My opinion: real. If it wasn’t real, they wouldn’t have continued arguing and hashing things out during the times they were alone. They’d have been discussing “do you think it worked?” instead of discussing how their relationship is perceived by they viewers/America, seeing G-ma B calling JJ an asshole, etc.

      • Robin

        Could well be that they want to fake out America also so that their breakup at the end won’t paint them in a bad light with the public. If they are final 2, one walks with the money… but the still would have this fake romance to deal with.

    • danmtruth

      Doing and saying some things in front of other HG was part of a plan When they got behind close doors in the HOH it was real Those two are no where near that good of actors to fake that There were some raw emotional truths that came out

  3. Painter1

    Holly blaming Jackson for keeping Christie? Holly worked on him to keep CC to take out Nick. She ended up doing it herself. She wants to keep Tommy off the block because she adores him yet Tommy tells everyone if he wins HOH JJ and Holly are going up. In that, JJ wins veto bye bye Holly. Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time in the ivory tower they could see whats going on in the house, like the relationship between CC and TT.

    • hogwild

      Yep they need to give that shower stool a day off and actually see what is happening around them.

      • Tam

        That poor stool, Hog…..Lysol couldn’t clean it now….Take it to the burn pile….It has more regrets than I do……Wondering if they have altitude sickness from being so high up residing in the HOH room and looking down among the peasants……Tommy is the Jester, Christie is the oger, and Cliff and Nicole are just their pawns…..They act like they are just above everyone else and associate with everyone to stay in the know….Hate feeling like that, but it’s hard when they come across that way. I have seen past season where the HOHs have been down more in the mix that stay up in the HOH room to keep that stigma off of them. These two have not grasp that concept and as many times as they have reigned up there they should have worried about it. But, here we are so ya know….

    • danmtruth

      One of the symptoms of Hohitits is the feeling that you learn just as much if not more From watching the spy tv The big drawback is you dont know what people are SAYING All good points on how Holly=beth has been nothing but perfect in making bad decisions Yet never admiting to them The fact that she led the save Christie charge being her bigest crime against us

    • mm22

      I would have loved to see Jackson’s game without hollybeth-she is a horrible
      player and imo it’s because of her he changes paths-I also didn’t like Jackson
      when jack was in there-I missed the big fight too, but have never ever liked
      Hollybeth guess all know that cause of my comments about her

      • Robin

        The fights are all over YouTube for posterity..lol. But I agree that she has made him 2nd guess every move in the game and often I think his first instinct was correct!

  4. Mary

    What a surprise, Holly blaming Jackson for Christie still being there. She’s the one who talked him into evicting Sis when Christie was his target. All jokes aside, hope he gives Holly her walking papers as soon as they leave the house. She seems to be the needy type, he says he likes his space. Jackson will never make her happy, don’t think anyone can, I said it before and I stand by it. Don’t know the woman personally, though to me she seems like a 3 to 5 year old that you see screaming in a store throwing a fit. Have always felt sorry for the Mothers, now I’m feeling sorry for Jackson.

  5. Houseguest Doug

    It will be interesting to see how Production wants this the play out. Cliff if a popular player and Jessica? Well um ah? Well she is in the house right? It is in the shows best interest from a ratings stand point for Senorita Jessica to vamoose.

    For Jackson, Tommy and Christie’s game is best for Cliff to mosey on off to the big house yall. He is a threat to win the game. If Cliff is in a F2 with Jackson or Christie … Cliff wins. Tommy and Cliff is a crap shoot.

    Now this is a D2 week. D2 = Double Eviction. So if Jackson wants to stay in this game one of two things or both need to happen. Holly win HOH and Jackson win POV. The issue for Action Jackson will be if he and Holly are on the block in the back half of the show. He wins POV does he use it on himself. Which I believe he will or does he use it on Holly. Now decision is easy if Holly is on the block and he is not then he can pull her off.

    I think if Tommy or Christie win HOH Holly and Jackson are guaranteed to go up. If Cliff stays he puts up Tommy and Christie. If Nicole wins HOH… I also think she puts up Tommy and Christie. Jess will put up Jackson and Holly.

    I would like to see these players focus more on Jury Management. Getting to the end is easy compared to making sure people in Jury House vote for you to win. Just as Paul the two time loser.

  6. Sabrina

    I will be happy to see Jess go, she is super boring.

  7. Robin

    Thanks Mel for finding atleast a small pony in the BB pile of horse sh*t! Km

  8. Nancy

    Thank you for the recap, Mel….always look forward to reading what you have to say.
    Watching BBAD and JJ cooking on the grill and squeezing all the juice out of those hamburgers leads me to one conclusion..he likes his meat the way he likes his girls personality. DRY!
    Avatar in honor of jess..looks like she isn’t going to campaign..apparently she just rolls over and dies..she makes no major decisions to try to stay..glad shes leaving..can’t wait for the DE and see who else goes..CC should have long been gone, we all know it, but those in the house don’t..
    Everybody have a great Tuesday

  9. Avatar

    Tommy seems like a good player, but at some point he should want Christie in the jury.

    they lay out by the pool on a daily basis, all with live feeds all summer? where does someone find the pictures of the girls?

  10. Mary

    Just hope Holly sticks to her word and votes out Jess. The way she was behaving before the blow up between her and Jackson and getting sympathy from TT and CC has me wondering.

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  12. danmtruth

    Thanks Mel Right there with you on the over seasoning That was a peppermill he was grinding like a shake weight Than a hand full of salt Yech Nothing subtle about his use of seasoning Add to that the sin of pushing down on the meat while it is on the grill Just to get those grill markes I cannot say how much my soul hurts Naturally everyone says how great it taste
    It is interesting to hear them talk about not wanting to show there hand that they are working with someone else You have 3 couples in the final 6 why throw a comp in hopes that they will take out your opponent Imagine if cliff and or nicole could convince Tommy And Christie this they might throw the comp to them On Thursday because of the time it takes they will be going to the vote early This should tip them off to the double

    • Mary

      Wouldn’t want Jackson cooking for me. He does not consider what others may or may not like, just does what he wants. Isn’t that what Kemi and David complained about? To me you probably don’t even taste the meat. YUCK ! Then he cooked up a lot more to refrigerate. He never even asked Cliff about running the grill, I would think he would have done a better job.

  13. Mary

    Wonder if they are getting messages from home. Curious if Jack was still in the house who would he get a message from, he’s dog and dog sitter.

  14. danmtruth

    Seeing that the fight was a part of the show that has impacted it How will CBS care to edit it Or do the just ignore it and hopes it fad3s away

  15. Robin

    Still catching up, danmtruth check your messages.

  16. Avatar

    I see this point in the game much like the final three. When the game gets down to final 3, each player always makes a deal with the other two to take each other to finals. That’s what’s going on with these pairs.

    If Beth doesn’t win HoH Thursday night, either her or Beth should be going home. They have dominated the last month’s worth of competitions, and the other houseguests best play is to send one of them home during the second half of the double eviction, deals be damned.

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