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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap for Monday 8/19/19



Good morning,  I’ll do the best I can with the feeds from yesterday  It’s gotten hot here again and I need to water everything before work. My petunias, coleus, begonias and zinnias seem to be snapping back after the move but a few other things are looking a bit puny. Actually, if anyone has any advice for lavender, please let me know because it isn’t doing very well. I don’t even know how you hurt lavender but somehow,  I’ve managed to do it. Arn’t you just supposed to put it in crapy soil, ignore it and water it when it gets really dry?  Anyway, Steve isn’t running a gardening blog so I’ll get to yesterday.

Beth=Holly (It’s a secret goal of mine for people to forget her name is Holly by the end of the season. Sure, I try to be objective about the game play but that doesn’t mean I’m never petty)

Heading into the veto ceremony, Sis said she was going to sh*t her pants and Christie and Sis both said they hoped Jackson made the smart move. That’s the first thing I heard when I turned on the feeds yesterday.


Jackson DID make the smart move for his game (maybe not for the feeds) and he left the noms the same. Christie said she wasn’t going to get upset and everything happens for a reason. She’s so predictabe, you can almost do a countdown to her downward spirals and we knew one was coming.

Unrelated but before I forget:

Jacksons roommate is on Vanderpump Rules. He’s the roommate Beth says she knows. His name is Brad and I don’t think he has much of an role on the show. (I cant picture him but I didn’t watch the last season either) We already knew Tommy worked for Alex from BB9, knows Kaitlyn a tiny bit from BB20 and is friends with, or has at least, met Gina Marie from BB15.  Beth doesn’t know Corey from BB18 but they’ve been to some of the same parties and know some of the same people.

When you combine that with Beth and Kat loosely knowing each other and Christie and Tommy appearing to be childhood friends and later, Cristie dating his aunt for years, it makes you wonder what the hell is happening. This isn’t the first season someones let it slip that they ‘sort of know someone’ from a prior season but this season feels lazier than usual. They always have someone on the show who lives in LA even tho their intro plays it up as if they live somewhere else. They did the same thing with Tyler last season. He didn’t live in LA but a lifeguard from SC sounded better to casting than a teenage bowler from Ohio.


I think casting doesn’t want us to know they have a few favorite locations and resources to look for house guests and they obviously don’t branch out very much.  I mean, how many times do they post on Twitter that you’re running out of time to send in your audition video? (What’s the point? I suppose it isn’t a total waste of time because you could be one of the two people they choose from a real audition) Take Beth for example, she doesn’t live in Wyoming and hasn’t for quite some time. She’s an LA girl and is looking for fame but the Wyoming cowgirl story plays better on the show. It makes it seem as if they’re picking people from all over the country when the pool they’re choosing from is actually pretty small. I know CBS is notoriously cheap with producing this show but has their travel budget been drastically cut in recent years? Do we need to gas up the bus and help them find applicants for BB22? (Nancy, we may have to set up a gas fund for you)

Here’s another random things since I’ve already strayed off course. We’ve been watching Nicks out of control behavior for a couple of months. Sometimes he acts really pervy and other times, he acts like a 14 year old boy whose hormones are raging out of control and doesn’t know how to handle it. I don’t know how many of you have heard his ‘morning poop’ song. This is such teenage boy behavior.  Who else thinks poop humor is hilarious or thinks it’s funny to go around humping everything?

Back to the recap before I go too far down the rabbit hole of bizarre conversation:


Sis still wants a power and she started in soon after the veto ceremony. I’m not going to mention every time it was said yesterday but just know, Sis finally started playing the game and this is her signature move.  It went all day, all evening and by bedtime, she’d even recruited Nicole to help. Some people online were a bit disappointed in Nicole for participating but I saw someone else comment that Nicole was the still a Saint because she was doing charity work. I like that and that’s how I choose to see it.

After the ceremony, and Beth & Jackson headed back to the bug infested love shack upstairs. Beth started in on Sis again and said Sis is bitter for several reasons but the first is that Beth has beat Sis in every comp. Of all the things Sis is annoyed over, I doubt this one has crossed her mind. (“Her mind,” that made me laugh to myself after I typed it) Sis also thinks she suffers from short term memory loss. Maybe she does and even if she doesn’t, it sounds better than saying “beauty fades but stupid is forever.”

Everyone was checking in with everyone and everyone seemed nervous yesterday. Tommy wanted to talk to Cliff to work something out, Cliff considered taking to Tommy about the same, Jess is on peoples radar and Nick was on his way to becoming the house target.

Christie was saying “it is what it is, I’m not going to get upset. ” Christie told Sis that Nick was a snake and yep, she got very upset. She went off about what a liar Nick was, blamed him for the situation they’re in and said she was going to blow up his game. At first, Christie said she wasn’t going to campaign since she’s against Sis and told Sis and Tommy  to work with Cliff after she’s gone. A short time later, she decided to fight to stay but only so she can save people from Nick. (She’s always worrying about others and it’s beautiful to watch….I may cry)


Nick could hear Christie going off about him and got very upset. He isolated himself and told Tommy he didn’t want to be around anyone.  He’s hurt and angry. He feels he’s loyal to the people he says he’s loyal to and doesn’t think he deserves the things she’s saying. (He doesn’t)

Jackson told Tommy he had to get out Christie for his game but wanted to work with Tommy and Sis. Tommy said he understood and said they’d put Jackson and Beth in a bad situation and he gets it.

Cliff checked in with Jackson to say he’s heard Jess saying the 5 people left from the original alliance will be coming after Nicole and Cliff. Jackson promised Cliff he was good to his word and it wasn’t true.

Sis was mad at Jackson and wanted to win hoh just so she can go after him. Tommy pointed out that they had put Jackson and Beth in a bad position by leaving them out last week. He tried to get her to understand. (I don’t know if Tommy is really this understanding or if he just wants to make sure Sis doesn’t do something stupid and take him down with her. Either way, it’s impressive) I’m so sick of Sis saying “Nick’s the one who came up with the deal. Why isn’t he otb?”  It doesn’t matter who came up with the idea if the rest of them were OK with the deal!!


Christie told Tommy she plans to campaign and remind people she’s a big target. She said she plans to expose Nick playing all sides of the house.  She said she’ll stay, win mental comps, make moves and be a target in front of other people. Later, she tells Jess the same thing.

Christie told Sis she planned on outing Nick during Taco Tuesday and said she planned to ask him who his loyalty was with. She wants to ask if it’s Cliff & Nicole, Tommy & Sis or Jackson & Beth. Christie told her Jess said that Nick plants seeds trying to get Nicole to go after Sis  and tells Nicole that Sis would go after Nicole. They’re both still convinced he’s throwing comps so he can stay in the middle. Sis told Christie to campaign to stay.

Sis and Nick talked and she questioned him about his behavior. She wanted to know if he was throwing comps and if he was trying to pit Sis and Nicole against each other. First, he denied it but then admitted he had told Nicole about Sis saying she would go after a her. She wanted to know why he would say that when she had trusted him so much. Be said it was weeks ago and she said that didn’t matter. He ended up saying he didn’t know why he said it. (We know why, it’s because he opens his mouth and sh*t just comes out, he can’t stop himself. Maybe Bella rubbed off on him)  He said people knew who he was loyal to and he had never strayed from them. He said he couldn’t help he was friendly with both sides and because of Nicole, he was loyal to people on both sides. He assured her, Tommy and Sis were his true F3. Sis questioned him pretty hard and surprisingly, she made good points and completely won the argument.  He cried, she told him to stop it and eventually they hugged and made up.


Jackson and Nicole talked and he told her how much he appreciated that she was there for him when no one else wanted to be around him. He said the other group only came back around when they wanted to be safe. He said he wanted to play with people he liked and respected and blah, blah, blah.  He said he had talked to Cliff  about the 4 of them meeting up later to go over plans moving forward.

Christie continued her rant about Nick on the hammock with Tommy and Sis. She wanted to make sure they understood that Nick was controlling everyone, playing both sides and running the entire game.

Christie spoke with Nick to hash things out. (Ya’ll didn’t really think she was gonna wait for Taco Tuesday, did you?) She said she loved him but she wasn’t happy with the way he played the game and she wouldn’t play that way. (It’s exactly how she’s played) She told him it wasn’t right to promise loyalty to so many people when he couldn’t back it up. She said he’s just going to throw comps and let both sides take each other out.  She said it isn’t fair that he seems to be good with both sides of the house. (I could go into more detail because it was a lengthy conversation but I’d just be repeating myself. What she said doesn’t even really matter. This comes down to the fact that Nick is playing Big Brother. He’s playing the game better than Christie and she doesn’t like it)  He isn’t even really playing better than her but because she’s such a big target, he’s temporarily getting away with it. People are already onto Nick’s game anyway.  She can try to make it sound like hes doing something evil but all she is describing is a floater game.  Look, I’m not sticking up for Nick because I can’t stand the little twerp but she kind of left him no choice.  They decided to target Nick and Bella very early on, even though they were in the alliance with them.  Nick branched out trying to save himself and when they wanted him back, he went crawling back to them. He’s kissed their aases ever since so I don’t know what she thinks is fair game. Maybe a preexisting relationship with someone like Tommy? (Gurl, please. Take a seat)

Meanwhile, Sis was telling Tommy she felt that Jess was putting a lot of ideas in Christies head and that was behind Christies distrust of Nick. He agreed with her. She believes Nick wants to go to the F3 with them now. He said he does too. (I think he’s recently started fearing Nick wants to go to the F2 with Sis tho instead of himself. I won’t be surprised if Tommy cuts Nick loose soon) Tommy said he was ready to make a deal with Cliff. He planned to talk to him and Sis wanted to come. He said no so she told him to include her.


Nicole overheard some of what Christie and Nick were saying. She and Sis told each other it wasn’t true and they weren’t after each other. Sis said she had said Nicole’s name but it was when she didn’t have any other targets. Nicole told Cliff what she overheard too. They think Jess is playing very messy and could get herself in trouble. Nicole told Cliff she thinks Christie is trying to blow up Nicks game to help protect Sis and Tommy and Cliff agreed. They don’t  have a problem with Nick’s game and said he’s doing what they’ve been having to do to survive.

Tommy told Jackson he knows he’s had a team around him until now and he understands how it feels to be alone in the game. (Don’t cry broadway boy, you’ve had it good for 2 months)

Cliff and Tommy finally talked and Tommy was giving his pitch for how things seem to be heading towards the couples going after each other. (Jackson& Beth, Cliff & Nicole and Tommy & Sis) He said he doesn’t want it to be that way and Cliff agreed.

I had some Internet issues right around this time and I also know the feeds went out for a while. (Strange timing for me) I haven’t had time this morning to find out if the rest of the conversation was shown or not. Hopefully, we’ll get that cleared up today and I apologize for it.

The feeds went down due to ‘technical difficulties’ but we knew it wasn’t technical difficulties. Well, I actually didn’t know at the time but based on what I’ve been seeng this mornng, the puppy cam still worked so it doesn’t sound like technical issues to me. There were also rumors someone played a tape/clip of Christie talking saying that she and Tommy knew each other from the other side of the wall in the backyard. This does appear to be true because Beth and Jackson were heard on camera asking each other what they heard. I can’t imagine they made out what was said clearly because I think the reaction would have been bigger.


I  don’t normally like the wall shoutng to spill info or the banner planes from years ago but I also don’t like people like Tommy and Christie having such a big advantage.  I can honestly say I’m a little torn over this one. I don’t want people coming into the house this way but since he’s already been there for 2 months and playing a good game, do I want him leaving for this reason? I don’t think so.

This season isn’t simple and this is just one example for me. Most of us don’t like the cast  but the game is very fluid which makes for good BB. Some of us don’t like Jackson but rooted for him this week because we also don’t like Christie. Christie is super annoying and I’d like her to be evicted but she plays the game hard. Sis barely plays the game so why do I want Christie to leave over Sis? It’s only because of the unfairness of her already knowing Tommy. I think the game is actually better with her in the house.

Before I go, here’s a creepy foot rub Nick gave Sis last night. (Gross!):

One more, Tommy does his “botox face” look:


Have a great Taco Tuesday.











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  1. Leta

    Regarding the possible loudspeaker outing of CC/TT’s relationship last night. Apparently a group known as Big Brother Fans For Fairness took responsibility for the tape’s existence. BigBrothersOverheard4024 is who posted the audio of it being played on Twitter. But, since that tweet was the 1st tweet that handle have ever tweeted …. I’ll go out on a limb and say the 2 are connected. Since the BB house is on the CBS Radford lot and pretty hard to find, the fact that moniker has the numbers 4-0-2-4 attached, lend it maybe a little more weight of it really happening, because those are the street numbers for that lots address. The audio was a loop of CC’S initial DR where she discusses them knowing each other for 7 years via her prior relationship with TT’s aunt, followed by a voice pronouncing CC/TT know each other. TT, Cliff and Nicole were the only ones in the BY when it played. Holly confirmed something indeed happened last night when she asked JJ if he “heard the thing”, which he shakes his head no and then the feeds changed. I’m hoping Cliff/Nicole or TT bring it up today so we can see if they actually heard it.

    • Hollymarie

      Was Sis in the backyard too when the feeds went down? I remember her saying something about finishing her workout and going outside, but I think she might have gone back in!? Tommy and Cliff were talking on the couches and Nichole was on the hammock.

      • Mary

        Welcome to Junkies Hollymarie.

      • Leta

        SS WAS in the wash area at one point. Not sure if she was still in there or would have even been able to hear it in there. HOWEVER . . . this morning … Cliff hears Tommy at bathroom sink “No more game talk. I’ve learned my lesson”. I don’t know if that was Cliff saying that inre of indeed hearing last nights audio or if it was TT saying it for whatever reason and Cliff overheard him. Can any junksters clarify for us?

      • Nancy

        Welcome Holly

      • Colby

        Leta, per Jokers, it was Cliff (in the boat room, doing his usual morning monologue) saying it to himself when he heard Tommy in the bathroom.

    • danmtruth

      Thanks for all the background info
      As much of a fan that i am As much as i want to shake a player up and say open your eyes It is part of the game The player must figure it out on there own We have the HUGE advantage of knowing a bigger oart of the picture

    • Leta

      Thanks Colby!

  2. Betty Boo

    I was checking out the Alliance chart on Jokers, and Nicole looks to be the one with the best possibilities of winning. Yes, I need a picture to “see” what’s on in this game!

  3. Leta

    MEL — my advice to you on your Lavender is to cut it way back (until you feel you’ve hit the healthiest part of the plant) let it dry out completely (remember it doesn’t like wet feet) and then start over, watering it sparingly until it shows some new growth. Good Luck!

  4. KelBel

    “Beth=Holly (It’s a secret goal of mine for people to forget her name is Holly by the end of the season. Sure, I try to be objective about the game play but that doesn’t mean I’m never petty)”

    –Mel, you’ll be proud of this one: My boyfriend only watches the show (well so do I, but I get all the reality on here). He was catching up on Sunday night’s episode last night and I wanted to explain to him that, despite JJ hearing CC/Sis say that JJ is their main target & that JJ and Beth are alone against the rest of the house, Beth tried to sway JJ into working with the failed alliance again. I’m just jabbering on about it and finally he stops me and asks “who is Beth?” In return, I said “what do you mean who is Beth? It’s JJ’s showmance.” Him: “I thought her name was Holly” — bahahahahaha 🙂

  5. Nancy

    Thank you morning Mel…you always clear things up for me. Great recap..I will pick up all the junksters that have suggested how cbs/bb should cast this show, I will load us up in my van, with Dan, NK, and others playlist ( I’m listening to them now, see avatar) and on my dime we’ll head to cali-forn-i-a… saddle up..
    Personally I’d like a season of ppl who run sites like this, commentators, bloggers, from all over our beautiful country to play big brother..

  6. KelBel

    How does CC “blowing up” Nick’s game (they all already know he’s a floater) help her staying in the house? He’s not on the block. I don’t understand this campaign strategy. The only thing it might help is for NN to be the next target, but what does that do for CC now?

    CC tells him how he plays the game isn’t right… how is lying while swearing on your sister’s life (who may or may not exist) the ‘right’ way to play? Among all the other hypocritical things she does. #IhateCC

  7. LynnD

    When you were discussing who may know who? I believe Brad from Vanderpump Rules was the guy Scheana was doing. But I am going to go check on that right now.

  8. Nikki

    I think CC & TT having the “close relationship” advantage is BS. CBS looks ridiculous for it. I mean if they do a season where EVERYONE knows someone else, & they all try to hide it, that would be cool, but only CC & TT and Beth & KK, I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit well with me. I know that life isn’t fair, but games are supposed to be. In monopoly, everyone starts with the same amount of money. The beginning is supposed to be even footing. PLUS, why isn’t it ever the “outsider” with the advantage? Why doesn’t Nicole have a secret advantage?

    So I’m ok with the outing if it, even if it comes from the outside of the house.

    Ok, rant over!

  9. hogwild

    Just a thought on the limited area in which BB does casting that was made pretty obvious when about third of this seasons cast was from the NY/NJ area. It really would be nice if the network would give them some more money to expand that casting area.

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  11. Nancy

    On BBAD..nick said where can I find a Tommy in a girlfriend..then quickly , just kidding Bella…
    Nick ol chap, that boat has sailed
    If he thinks that comment would be the thing that hurt Bella feelings, then hes an idiot

  12. TeeJ

    Still sleeping on CBS all access feeds. Did production provide sleeping aides hoping they forget about any loudspeaker issues? Cliff just got up. Hoping he does a Hogg report confirming that he heard the CC recording about knowing TT.

    *I have tried to search out comments from Sam and/or Bella for their reactions to TT & CC knowing other. Thoughts? Has CBS signed the non disclosure agreements blocking them?*
    **are they conspiring against us?**
    ***Sometimes I miss Kat, lol***

  13. Mary

    Is anyone else listening to Cliff? He confirmed something happened last night, though won’t go into detail.

  14. Helen

    Well Cliff pretty much just told live feeders he heard what was said last night…he said he won’t go into detail but he said it didn’t have the desired effect that it was intended to have….

    • Nancy

      So, hes not saying what he heard? If not, I guess they were warned to keep quiet

      • ScaryTerri

        Cliff asked Tommy if he’s doing ok after last night. Tommy said yeah, and you. Boom: straight to fish tank.
        Comes back to them making coffee and breakfast.
        Boo! I’d like to hear them talk about it.

      • AIO_7

        “Boom: straight to fish tank.”

        Good ole live 24/7 access.

    • Leta

      Cliff: “Something unsettling happened last night. I’m not going to talk about it in any detail… because it doesn’t merit it. Fortunately, it didn’t work the way someone wanted it to work. It won’t have an effect on any of us.” Okay …. I’m gonna call bullshit on Mister Hogg. If he did indeed hear the audio from last night, how in the Hell could it not effect the HGs? Does Cliff have this knowledge and he’s downplaying it to make himself look better to us, in hopes of winning AFP? Or was the audio distorted/not caught in entirety and that’s what he’s talking about? Or is Cliff really just that fucking nice? We got fish instantly when he said this. So, you know they have been told not to talk about it. Whatever the scenario, I NEED to know. LOL

      • danmtruth

        It could be that production is saying dont let outsude things influence your thinking how do you know if its even true We as production will say we cannot confirm or deny what was said just that it was not a production audio Just a small white lie skirting the issue Perhaps a house meeting and of course they denied it Production obvious has warend them not to talk about it

      • Leta

        dan ~~ Cliff also aid the BY is closed until next week. I’m sure productions way of handling things. AND I just read on another board that Cliff asked TT if he was doing okay after last night, where TT said “yeah”. I haven’t confirmed this for myself yet though.

      • Sassy

        They were talking about losing the BY yesterday, well before the bull horn incident. I think someone said 5 days.

      • Leta

        Yeah … they only lost the BY a short time before they were supposed to. I think it was supposed to close this morning for Thursday comp build. So it just closed like 12 hours early.

  15. Hollymarie

    So Cliff said that something unsettling happened last night, but that it didn’t matter and won’t affect anything. Sounded like they took it as criticism of CC/TT’s game. He talked about how it hit home that people are invested in the game and he imagines that every move they make is evaluated and being criticized.

  16. Hollymarie

    Which, watching the video, the clip of CC used, doesn’t really state that they know each other, just about him being good or bad for hier game, then the person states that they knew each other. Can see where the Hgs could see it as someone just trying to make trouble.

  17. ScaryTerri

    Thanks Mel. Loved the recap. You had me giggling a couple times.

  18. Colby

    I don’t know why they are trying to keep it from us. We already know that they know each other. Probably just to discourage others from trying it.
    They can say it doesn’t affect anything, but it would plant some seeds.
    It would matter more if Christie didn’t leave.
    It also would confirm that Christie will vote for Tommie if he makes it to F2, but I think they all kinda figure that anyway.
    No doubt that they have been told not to talk about it.

  19. Helen

    The only thing that would keep Christie from leaving on Thursday is if she or Sis were to find some kind of last minute “safe” in the house and chances of that happening are zero…1st of all because none of them even look for anything that could be hiding in that house…another little door somewhere like in the kitchen…they are too busy begging.

  20. Leta

    I am so sick of seeing Simple-Minded-Sis begging for a power to save her and CC. I really wish production would mess with her by sending her on a treasure hunt with the promise if she completes it, she will win safety for them both. With the stipulation that if she tells ANY one about it, she forfeits the safety. It would keep her busy until the obvious eviction, we could laugh our ass off at the clues they throw her way and we wouldn’t have to see her begging a gazillion times a day. Man, what I wouldn’t give for a DE this week in hopes of saying goodbye to both she and CC.

  21. Mary

    Wish they would make those sloths get up.

  22. Jen

    Hey Mel- can you send a feiend request. Idk why it wont let me send you one. Have some tips on garden…

  23. Alda

    Watching BBAD last night and they are all in bed is ridiculous.They know that the show is only on for the 3 hours .What do they do all day that makes them so damn tired? This group is so boring.Cliff tries to keep things a little bit lively,but not the rest of these houseguests.

    • Nancy

      It was a ridiculous waste of time..cliff and Orwell, JJ spitting sunflower seed shells..I do wanna try that hand game they did, but I think I’m doing it already with Arthur Ritis..
      And another BULLSHIT flag is thrown, cause they heard at least some of what was said on loudspeaker..and why the hell do I have 24/7 access, using my little money, and CBS won’t give us 24/7..pox on your village

  24. kneeless

    I Don’t think that all of us “older” junkies, with all our aches, pains & health issues could be this lazy. At least we’d keep things lively talking about health-related issues! Give us some Geritol & we’d be good to go!

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  26. kneeless

    Nancy, can the van get me home by Fri AM? I am leaving for vacation, Fri but Don’t want to miss dropping Christie off!

  27. Mary

    Nick is one sick puppy.

  28. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

  29. danmtruth

    Sis nasty nick and tommy were out in the beds in the hall They were trashing Christie Nick saying all the times christie tried to get jack out of the house Tommy also was mad that christie let jack and tommy take the full backlash for trying to flip the vote on Kat and keeping sam It was bury christie time Sis when she was not pleading to america for a power or a button Was shocked to hear what christie was doing behind sis back Holly came in so the conversation stop
    Sis sees her BBF christie and invites her into her bed to share

  30. Lynn

    Holly-“shania Twain is old school country” hahahahaha. Latest reason to diversify the ages of these houseguests. I need more people with life experiences spanning more than 10 years!

  31. Lynn

    Shoutout to Steve, Mel and NK. Thank you for your updates. I haven’t been able to post because of a technical problem with my phone BUT said phone passed away yesterday and my new one let me back in yay! So, I’ve been here the whole time but wasn’t able to comment or let y’all know how much your work is appreciated!

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