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Big Brother 21 – Nomination Results

Good evening, everyone!


I wasn’t going to make a new post about nominations but the other thread was getting large, plus there is something I wanted to correct from my previous thread.

I spent the day thinking about the move by Nicole (I have a very awesome life) and I’m not as sure she made the right move as I was earlier in the day. This is all because of my error in the remaining numbers.

Earlier, I basically summarized that Nicole didn’t make a bad move because she or Cliff have to win the next HoH and their best strength is mental and their biggest mental competition was Christie. That is still correct, however, I forgot that Thursday turns them into the final 4 where the veto is the most important thing to win. That is because the veto holder is the sole vote and ultimately decides who ends up in the final 3. It doesn’t matter who becomes HoH because one of them are guaranteed to go home if Jackson or Holly win the veto.


Here is the problem:

Jackson+Holly = 8 comp wins (3 PoV)
Christie+Tommy = 4 comp wins (2 are PoV and 3 are by Tommy)

This means if you’re going to go based on strength, Jackson was far and away the biggest threat to their combined game of making the final 2.

Let me reiterate that I really don’t know the best solution because there is no best solution. One route is a harder path but retains jury votes. The other is easier comp wins but look like the house snake. In the older Big Brother days, playing the game like a snake didn’t hurt with the jury as much as it has in recent years. There also is no real saying how much of a snake Nicole or Cliff would look like by going after Jackson (or if the jury would care). I think the jury may be happier to see Jackson in jury than worry about Nicole betraying an alliance. While the fans are more anti-Christie, I think the jury is far more anti-Jackson right now so betraying him and getting him out may have actually earned favor with them.


It’s all really hard to say. What I will say that Nicole and Cliff were already in a really tough situation and picking your poison is probably the best way to describe it. They still have to win comps moving forward because there is 0 chance Christie, Tommy, Jackson, or Holly are taking one of them to the final 2 if their partner is still in the house.

Oh, and almost everything discussed here becomes obsolete if Tommy wins the veto tomorrow which guarantees Cliff or Nicole leave on Thursday.


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  1. hogwild

    At this point in the game there is no easy answer anymore you make your decision and hope for the best it’s like the NFL coach who decides to go for it on fourth down at his own 35 yard line late in the game if it works everyone loves you if it doesn’t your an idiot. If anyone but Tommy wins the veto Cliff should be fine if Tommy wins you just have to congurlate him for doing what he had to do when he needed to.

    • Helen

      Fine for this week yes…but next week …not so much…
      Depends on if Cliff wants to shoot for the half a million or settle for 3rd or 4th place…
      If Tommy goes this week,either Cliff or Nicole go out 4th….even if one of them wins HOH. Chances are pretty high Jackson will win veto next week forcing Cliff to put Nicole up with Jackson casting the sole vote for Holly to stay.
      As much as people want Tommy gone this week..a more even playing field for Cliff and Nicole going forward is to get Holly out if possible…If Nicole can pull tomorrow’s veto…pull Cliff down..put Holly up and send her off the shoulder look to jury

      • hogwild

        Lot of things in flux right now at this point you really can’t plan beyond the next comp now everyone pretty much knows where everyone else stands it’s just a question of who wins what and when. My personal choice and hope is Cliff or Nicole can pull off the upset and win the whole thing I wouldn’t be overly upset if Jackson did as I have already posted he has done a great job of turning his season around and not acting like such a jackass despite feeling most if not all of Tommy’s I love you and I Love you so much is as fake as it gets I could toerate him winning all of them have played played hard and worked to get where they are. Suffice it to say the one person I don’t want to win is Holly she has won a couple of comps but she has basically gotten where she is by riding Jacksons coattails among other things.

      • Mary

        @ Hog, I call Holly a cling-on.
        From the things she says, then her actions, they do not coincide. Makes me wonder how she would have played the game if she didn’t have Jackson to climb all over.

      • danmtruth

        It will be a hard sell for nicole to get cliff to vote out holly and turn on his word

      • hogwild

        Totally agree Dan Cliff is part of that generation where keeping your word still means something I’m not even sure Nicole would do it. They might know it would be the better game move but they are both such good and decent people I’m not sure either would pull the trigger no matter where they finish they saved this season for me without them I don’t think I would still be here.

      • Mary

        You really think so, gosh for a chance at the final 2 or 3, I bet he would think long and hard on that one. Cliff knows that they were playing both sides, he also knows that Holly likes Tommy more than them, or at least he should.

    • Amber

      I’m fine with Holly winning. I can’t even read the comments most days because of all the women going at her lol I don’t get it at all. She’s played a pretty good game in my opinion. She’s able to win when she needs to, she’s positioned herself well the whole game and played an at least average social game. I don’t get making fun of her clothes and hair and makeup and age and relationship. Hate women attacking women on personal stuff. Anyone who’s being shown 24/7 in a relationship will look silly at times. Easy to judge behind a screen. I’m okay with any of them winning now- they’ve all played the game. I do think Holly or Jackson or both have the best shot of making it to the end.

      • HappyHippo

        I disagree. She has only made it this far by clinging on to JJ and his opinions. She would have gotten booted a long time ago if not for him and a few comps. As far as her looks it’s hard to not judge her when she’s so obsessed with herself and how she looks on tv. She’s fake and she’s the perfect gf to have if you want her to sleep with your man. I hope she does not win at all.

      • SoftKitty

        For me, my issue with Holly is her superior attitude and arrogance. I detest people who act like they are better than others…. And (again, probably just to me) Holly acts superior to Nicole. Not a pretty look.

      • Amber

        She’s here because of who she aligned with. She chose who to work with. None of them have made it where they are on her own so I don’t understand singling her out for that. I don’t feel that she acts superior either nor do I blame her for worrying what people think. I also don’t think she’s alone in that. She has talked him out of several of his opinions. That’s part of working together. This is all game talk though and I don’t mind people trashing anyone’s gameplay. None of them have been awesome this year at the game.

      • danmtruth

        Amber game play decision is one of the things i feel is a week point of Hollys game She is the one who was blinded by her belief in tommy and christie That talk Jackson out of getting christie out when they could Instead she turned on Sis and evicted her Partly because she felt threatened that she might loose JJ to her When a week latter it turns out that it was a bad game play as christie was coming after them She acts like it was JJ decision on his own
        We all have our favorite players so i have no issue with you cheering for her Just understand the reason others are not fans are not just petty jealousy

      • Avatar

        Amber … I think if someone agrees to live their life on camera 24/7 for 3 months then all their words,actions & intentions are open to criticism. Doesn’t matter who they are b/c it’s what they signed up for.

        That said, my problem w/ Holly is:
        (1) She’s only there for exposure. She has made it obvious she there to launch a post BB career rather than actually play the game.
        (2) She’s self centered. Far too often when HG’s are talking about random things, Holly’s only contribution to the conversation is an inorganic comment to shift the focus into her.
        (3) She lacks personality. She’s not outgoing nor is she funny or witty. Most if her interactions can be quite awkward.
        (4) She has no social game. Her social game revolves around Jackson’s. The majority of her interactions w/ other HG’s would not have happened if not for Jackson.
        (5) She has no game play. She hasn’t taken any initiative to forge or strengthen any ties to other HG. All conversations of the sort is due to Jackson.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I have said before that Beth is a nonevent to me. Don’t particularly like her, don’t particularly dislike her. I do agree with most that she comes off as hypocritical about her “portrayal”. She signed up to be watched 24/7 so don’t whine (and she does whine) about your image if you have conducted yourself in a way that you cannot be proud of. 1 or 2 things over 100 days can be overlooked, but when she consistently shows who she is, viewers believe it.

      • Amber

        Some of the comments are just petty and mean. I don’t mind who anyone likes or the reason. But her makeup and clothes have nothing to do with her gameplay lol She’s the only one who hasn’t been up on the block and that’s while being in a showmance so I don’t think her social game has been that bad. Jackson might not be there if not for her wins so I can’t agree she’s only there because of him either. I’m rooting for Nicole but I’ll not be sad to see Holly win either.

    • hogwild

      Mary he might be thinking that very thing until we have veto winner we really don’t what any of them are thinking.

      • Mary

        Laughing – I know Hog, I can dream can’t I. I’m an old broad and need something to look forward to. LOL Nicole for the veto win, Holly sent home because she’s out of make up.

    • Alda

      Of the five left.Holly is the one I want out the most.She acts like she tolerates the people in the house,and just fakes her smile.Plus,she is so bossy with Jackson.His mother will have this showmance ovah by the end of finale night.

    • mm22

      I think all comments are welcome on here and tame considering other sites. If you
      don’t want to read petty n mean please don’t look on Twitter some are very harsh.
      IMO everything wrapped up make a person playing the game they chose to be part of-
      and as a viewer I comment on what I see and that’s not always cupcakes n sunshine.
      And hollybeth put on some underwear!

  2. SoftKitty

    My dream scenario would be Nicole winning veto and taking Cliff off. Jax is then forced to replace him with Holly=Beth. Then J&H have a massive fight, and Jax uses that as an excuse to get Holly=Beth voted out. I can’t stand that bony-shoulder fake mean girl!

  3. Kari

    I missed it if anyone mentioned what all Nicole got in her basket last night? Just curious..

  4. Avatar

    Did Jackson really say that him and Nicole should compete on the Amazing Race. If it is true then he is going to have to deal with his mother and Holly .

  5. danmtruth

    Be prepared for lots of fish tonight’ It seems they are talking about the process of aplying to be on the show Jackson saying he saw a girl similar to nicole in his casting group Before Holly saying i believe it was Kat who pushed her to aply to be on BB

  6. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: All’s Quiet On The Western Front:

    Brace yourselves Folks, it isn’t going to get any better from here. All the hell raisers have left the building.

    Living Room:

    Cliff, Fake-Azz Holly, Nicole, and JJ are sitting on the sofa just general chit-chat. F-A Holly is trying to convince Nicole that if she had won that second HOH she would have just been sitting around for a whole week. *Yeah, but it would be a week in a private room.* Nicole says the favorite part of her letter was telling her how proud they were of how she’s handling things. She says it’s craziness. Cliff says they came here to play a game and they are playing it.

    Nicole tells them “Balls to the wall.” JJ laughs and tells her they are rubbing off on her. Of course, not to be left out Fake-Azz Holly asks them if they heard her joke earlier when she said balls to the wall. *HARD f*cking eye roll!* They discuss what kind of costumes they might get. Nicole says she wants capes then changes and says no because they get caught on things. JJ says he loves zip lines. F-A-H chimes in and says she’s never been on a zip line, except once. *God, I think I hate her more everyday. Two down and one to go!*

    Cliff starts talking about a comp when David was geared up. Nicole tells a story about one day David was in the pool with Sam and said he couldn’t wait to get back into the game and went underwater and just screamed. She said Sam said they should watch out for him. Cliff said that David always got so worked up. JJ says it’s like the eggs. He said CC got herself all worked up. They start talking about the egg comp. JJ said he kept telling himself to stay cool and calm. Nicole says that JJ was the calmest, CC was getting unraveled, and Sis was getting scared. JJ says that’s because he likes that kind of stuff.


    • SoftKitty

      Good morning NK! I’m awake and ready to head into the boredom of BBAD with you!

      • danmtruth

        Softkitty NK had to work extra hard As once more the HG all just want to play nice with each other Remember the good times and collectively forget the bad times Like when the H/JJ/TT first all trash nicole personally than switch to Cliff and voted him out because they thought he was untrustworthy Now everyone has loved each other since day one

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I’ll bet I can guess who the ringleader of that fairytale was Dan.

  7. ElaineB

    Now that Christie, and Jessica, are gone, I am okay. I applaud Nicole for putting up C/T, and I am glad Christie was voted out. I am okay with the remaining group. Though I tend to root for underdogs, Cliff and Nicole will have to save themselves. I am on board for Tommy to leave, because I think his game was undermined by his relationship with Christie. Holly has made it further due to Jackson, and they will have to duke it out between them. Jackson, in the game, has moved the needle for me. He has won comps, yes. He has also mended some of the Outsider relationships, for the sake of the game. Though I have my preference of eviction order, overall I am more at BB peace because Chomper Cheeks is gone.

  8. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    They are talking about the pie fights. JJ said that he knew something was up. Cliff said they had JJ pies and TT pies. Nicole said she made a cottage cheese pie and a watermelon pie. He asks if it was for him. She laughs and says yes. Fake-Azz Holly says she just laughed herself out of a sneeze and starts laughing harder than she needs too. *PLEASE GOD, PLEASE?* TT comes in and asks what they are laughing about. FAH laughs as she tells him how she just laughed herself out of a sneeze.

    TT starts to put away food. Cliff says something and they hear a warning and they yell, “Tommy”. They start to laugh because he hasn’t said anything. Cliff says she’s going to order fake mic packs and send it to them for Christmas. FAH says she thought the mics were going to be so annoying. *No Fake Azz, that would be you.*


    TT and Nicole are getting drinks. He drinks his in the kitchen while she walks around looking for something.

    Living Room:

    Cliff is holiding his mic and says he has so many secrets to tell mic and in exchange he takes care of him and makes sure he’s fed, and well rested. JJ says mic is someone he can tell his secrets to. TT and Nicole return to the living room and Cliff tells them they were just talking about his best friend mic. JJ asks Nicole to kick the ottoman under his feet. Nicole says she sleeps with her mic. Cliff and JJ says they do too. Cliff yells to TT, who is back in the kitchen, and asks him if he’s been sleeping with mic because mic has been getting around. TT says sometimes. Nicole says most of the time she has mic in her back pocket. *Yep, this is the topic of the night.*


  9. MartyMar

    Earlier tonight they were sitting around the table (just finished dinner and Jax was playing backgammon with Cliff?) and *FAH* asked about BB comics… Jax (cute name change) got all excited to describe it to FAH (he was in a super happy mood), and FAH interrupts him (she was confused) and then (the nerve!) tells him “you assume we all know…” (something about BB comics), which just COMPLETELY SHUT JAX DOWN. You could closely see him turn red (he was wearing his cap and stopped looking up). I am sure at that point he was thinking ‘you f’n cow, we’re on BB, we should know about …’ I suddenly realized, poor pretty girl, does not see what a b*tch she can be.

    So, yeah, let’s get rid of FATT and then FAH please! Then Jax, Nicole and Cliff duke it out.

    (And watermelon for everyone!)

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  11. Avatar

    Looks like we got to keep ourselves entertained tonight

    My first song is the newly released Prince version of Manic Monday.


  12. NKogNeeTow


    They are talking about the shots when Nicole won HOH. She says after the first shot missed, she paniced then told herself she was not f-ing up again. JJ thanks TT for doing the dishes. Nicole said that she figured if she took the extra second and concentrated she could make the shot. JJ tells TT that they were talking about how being scared, you never do well. TT says the worst case scenario is they go home. Cliff says no one dies, they just go home. JJ says CC was so scared during that egg comp. TT says she was scared and whenever she needed to win, she didn’t. JJ said she was so scared of becoming the replacement nom.

    Cliff says he’s just the opposite, when he needs to win he does. TT says he’s somewhere in the middle. JJ says whenever he’s scared he doesn’t do well. JJ talks about Kait Herman. He says that was atrocious. Nicole talks about the rowboat comp. She says she panicked and lost. Cliff and JJ talked about how they did during the row comp. Cliff says that Nick is another one who was good under pressure. JJ says he was scared because he didn’t know who the prankster was.

    JJ says that he told Nick he was going for the HOH and had to win it. He said that after the comp Nick told him he didn’t have to win it because he was the prankster and he was safe. FAH comes through and says something *not listening*. JJ tells Nicole she’s so cute and he’s happy that he’s her baby brother. He says he’s always wanted a brother or sister and she has to keep him in check. She smiles. *Good thing FAH wasn’t there to hear it or there would be hell to pay in the love nest tonight.*


  13. Avatar

    Second selection is Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas


  14. NKogNeeTow


    They are talking about who in the house clashed the most. Nicole says Bella did for her. Cliff says Kat would frustrate him. He said she would say, “I can’t do that” and he would tell her to “Get your ass out there and do it.”
    They talk about Kemi and Jack clashing. Cliff asks who would drive you crazy if you had to be tied to them. TT says him and Ovi then laughs and says “I love you Ovi.” They wonder who is next.

    JJ says he thinks he and CC would clash more than him and Nick. Nicole places Holly and Nick. She says Holly would tell Nick to STFU. They wonder about the time. They all take guesses and Nicole goes to check (it’s 9:42). JJ asks Nicole if she’s sleeping upstairs. She says it’s his room. He tells her he’s only up there because of her. She gets excited then accepts. He tells her to even take all of her things up there. This excites her more and she thanks him. *Now I’m can’t wait for FA to hear about this!* They start talking about Nicole’s music. She says the Backstreet Boys are the best. Cliff says he can’t wait for them to play “Troubodore” by George Strait.

    JJ asks Nicole if she minds if he showers up there. She says no, because it’s her room, then she laughs and says of course. Cliff laughs and says to JJ, “But how long are you going to take?” JJ laughs and says “That’s what she said.” TT is “obsessed” about a blanket he found and loves. Cliff makes a joke about being cold. Nicole offers him her blanket. He says no, and just ignore his shivers. She laughs and tries to give him the blanket.


  15. Annabelle

    Bennett I thought so to I know beth isn’t in there and he seems so sweet. This Jackson I could really root for. Beth makes women look bad period

  16. Mary

    Notice how happy these 4 are without Holly, laughing and joking.

  17. danmtruth

    Ok as they all laugh together lets also look back
    So many people talk about Ovi Kimmie and David as if with them in the game things would have been better I just dont see it Kimmie had a hard time connecting with others This goes back to that first unaird week It did not help that Jack deemed her an outcast Kimmie never seemed to try to make conections Even with nicole she treated her more as her hand.aiden doing what ever task she wanted
    As Ovi He was another person who was surprisingly not very awear of what was going on around him He was an early version of Nicole very trusting That also turned him into jess were he was oblivious of things going on around him
    David was unprepared for what the game was about As Cliff said David would panic when he got under preasure he folded David had a decent social game but did not know what to do with it He was the one player that took advantage of camp comeback Yet in the end he could not win a sime game
    All 3 of these players were victims of a house that happily followed Jacks lead That was to freeze out rhese players That is just a fact But i dont see any of them being able to make a big impact on the game even if they would have stayed

    • mm22

      I agree 100% -all likable people but the house got them

    • Mello_One

      True Dan, Idk why but Kemi, had no social game whatsoever…I believe she was good one on one, because her & Nugget had a good relationship. But Kemi just did not connect.

      David was banished at the very beginning of the game, he did well connecting with the other HG for the short time that he was there. But some of the HG were still standoffish about him, i.e., Jack, Jackson, Christie, Sis, & Cliff. Although Cliff said that he warmed up to David when he came back.

      Ovi was a wonderful guy, he imvho just didn’t know what was going on. And he wanted so badly to a be a part of the Hateful Alliance.

  18. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is talking about jumping over something when he won. He says he doesn’t know how he jumped over it because he blacked out. It must have been something to do with the last comp because he mentioned posters. He said he smacked the button then jumped over the table and was coming at Swaggy, hot. He said Bayleigh looked scared. He said by the looks of her ring, Swaggy did well. Cliff says you would have thought that if he was doing that well he could have afforded jeans without holes in them. JJ laughs and says that’s such a dad thing to say.

    Cliff wonders how they stayed relevant so long. Nicole says that when they were in the house and Swag use to get out of control, Bay use to take him in the back and tell him to calm down. TT says they feel in love in 2 weeks. JJ asks when did Swag propose. *Whoa! Don’t be getting any ideas big fella!* TT says at the Finale. They talks about the final comps coming up. They start throwing days and events around. TT says it’s stuff like that he’s good at, but questions like how many Vetos have been used, who went home first, and questions like that, he’s not so good at yet.

    JJ wants to go over questions like that. He suggest they go backwards. Nicole asks why don’t they start at week one and move forward. They run down the Vetos, whether or not they were used and who they were used on. They are all doing pretty well remembering them. They say 5 weren’t used, then JJ says it seems like 1 is missing. They go though them again.


  19. Mary

    Can’t wait for Jackson to tell Miss Wyoming she won’t be sleeping upstairs this week, unless she’s sleeping with Nicole.

  20. Avatar

    Our third selection is The Man With the Hex by The Atomic Fireballs

  21. NKogNeeTow


    TT and Nicole are singing a song about replacement cuddle buddies. JJ hides and scares FAH as she comes out of the DR. *Scare her out of the house please.* TT whispers something to Nicole then hugs her and she laughs and says he’s going to make her cry. FAH asks him what he said to her. They don’t answer so she asks again.TT tells her that he and Nicole made up a song last week about replacement cuddle bunnies. FAH tries to sing something but no one is paying attention.

    Orwell is sitting there…counting down the days.

    JJ and FAH go upstairs. TT and Nicole still tease each other and laugh. She asks him if they (T/N) are breaking up. He says they already broke up. She screams and says NO. Cliff comes in and ask them if they (J/H) are calling it a night. Nicole says they better not because she’s sleeping up there so they better not be doing anything. Nicole starts to sing again. They hear a warning but doesn’t know who it’s for. Nicole gets called to the DR.


    Fake-Azz Holly is telling JJ that she didn’t even get a chance to talk to him before noms and she was going to tell him to do Cliff then TT. She says she was going to tell JJ to just leave the mystery and not even let TT know that the house is against him. She asks him if he ever gets a tingling in the tips of her fingers or her toes. She says her whole body feels weird and now the tingling in her fingers and toes are getting worse when she walks. She says it’s not even related to her stomach thing and now her headache is getting brutal. *Just lay down and die and put us all out of our misery.* As “sick” as she is, she asks him if he’s going to eat this huge chocolate bar and proceeds to eat it. Now she’s talking about eating banana dishes. *I’m telling you, everytime she opens her mouth, it gets harder, and harder…*


  22. Robin

    Someone stop FAH and her mouth. Trying to make Jackson take out Cliff!

  23. Avatar

    The fourth selection tonight is Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford


  24. NKogNeeTow



    JJ and FAH are laying n the bed talking. They are talking kind of low so it’s hard to hear. He says he’s scared he can’t compete in the next HOH. She says she’s scared too and it’s a lot of pressure. He tells her that if she puts Cliff and Nicole OTB and one comes off, then he goes up and they vote. She says that’s why it’s almost better if they don’t win. She says what even happens if you win the Veto does that mean there is only 1 person OTB. She says it’s better if they don’t win HOH but win the Veto instead. She is talking about putting Cliff and Nicole up.


    Cliff is cam talking and says that if TTwins Veto tomorrow then its him and Nicole up. He says he can only do so much. He says that if TT wins then JJ won’t put up Holly so there is no other choice. He says the house feels so empty but that they say that every week. TT comes in looking for Azool (the doll), then leaves. Cliff says once they get down to people, there is zero wiggle room and that’s what he wanted because he came there to play the game and it had to happen eventually. He says if he doesn’t win he can accept it, he won’t like it but can accept it.

    He says he’s going to fight tomorrow. He says if it’s BB Comics he thinks he’ll be okay. He says he’s zip lined before. He says that running up and down the stairs so that might be a little difficult. He says tomorrow is day 81 and it’s getting to the end. He says he’s okay with any of those who are left, winning. He says he’s guessing why he and Nicole kept JJ in the game and thinking that they should have jumped over to TT/CC and gotten the showmance out. He says they shook hands and it would be a tough vow to break.

    He says they made deals to get to where they are and doesn’t think they could backslide now. He says he likes CC as a person but as a player he couldn’t trust her and her and TT together would have been tough. He says it doesn’t matter at this point and they stuck to their guns. He says we’ll see if they make it to F3. He gives the time in Houston and S.Carolina time. He tells the Aggies to beat the hell out of Clemson.


    The Bedbugs are still talking.


    TT is gets into a bed and cam talks. He says what an emotional roller coaster the last 48 hours have been and he’s so happy to be there. He says he has a lot of emotions right now. He says he really was geniunely blindsided by Nicole putting him and CC OTB.


  25. Annabelle

    Sorry Cliff Clemson gonna win. Oconee county SC born girl here go Tigers.

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  27. NKogNeeTow



    TT is staring silently and looking around the room.


    Cliff still cam talking. He says he’s going to make a stop on the way to the ariport.


    TT cam talking saying he’s going to miss it and he’s got to enjoy it. The camera gets a closeup of his face. He’s crying. *Not sure if it’s real or fake.* He says he’s going to fight to the end and he’s going to enjoy it and as bitter as he feels he’s just going to fight and push past it. He says it’s going to be an exciting week. He says it’s hard hanging out with them. He says it’s hard being the 5th person in a 4 person alliance. *Odd, he didn’t feel that way when he was in an alliance and the others were on the outside. Go figure.* He says he saw it for weeks but just didn’t get the chance to take his shot.

    He says tomorrow he’s going to go out and win. He tells which comps he’s won. He says if tomorrow is BB Comics then that is his forte and he can do this. He says tonight he’s going to get the best sleep he’s ever had. He says he misses his family and if anyone sees this, if anyone is watching *he KNOWS we’re watching* send this to his family. He tells his family that he misses them and when he gets home he’s going to need someone to take care of him.

    He says it’s hard being alone in the house, losing competitions, and living in fear. He says he doesn’t want to live in fear. He says he loves it there and doesn’t want to go home and has at least 6 more days there. He says that if tomorrow is his last comp, he’s going to give them hell. He is planning on wearing something from everybody, from tee shirt to shoes. He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths.


  28. Avatar

    My fifth selection is Taste of India by Aerosmith


  29. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is standing in the bathroom combing his hair. Fake-Azz Holly is laying in bed with the earphones on and her eyes closed.


    TT is laying there scratching his head and staring off into space. He start going over Days.


    Dry-Azz-Fake-Azz-Holly is trying to dance and asks JJ if he can guess what she’s listening to. He says he can’t because it’s before his time. *LOL*


    TT still going over Days and chewing on his fingers.


    I-Hate-Your-Azz-Holly is still trying to dance while wearing the headphones and laughing. Nicole knocks on the door and comes in. She asks if they want to sleep up there. JJ tellls her no and to and to at least take the room for tonight. IHYAH still keeps doing some lame ass dance like pretending like she doesn’t see Nicole. JJ ask where everyone is. Nicole says Cliff is in the camper and she thinks TT is in the target. Nicole leaves to get something.

    FAKE-AZZ is still doing something that’s suppose to resemble dancing. She gets a warning to please stop singing. It should be please stop dancing. JJ tells her she looks like a dork then tells her to come to him. She lays on the bed and wonders if TT may be in the HN room. He tells her he can’t believe today happened. He says he hopes he’s making his people proud. She says he is and she hopes she’s making her people proud too. *I-HATE-HER!!!* He tells her tomorrow is a big Veto.


  30. davidsgirl

    I haven’t been on her for the last few days, and haven’t watched much of the live feeds. I am just to the point where I can’t even stand Jackson voice and a whole list of other things that he does that I can’t stand. When I have seen the feeds, he turns every conversation to him self and after all the wins he’s had he is a legend in his own mind and thinks it’s the Jackson show. UUUUUUggggggghhhhh! There are so many different scenarios that could play out. But for me I just hope that if Jackson makes it to the final 2 he looses to a BITTER JURY.

    Also since I didn’t really like any of the houseguests this year, I am not voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest. I don’t see Jackson winning that, if he does, it will be because of his family and friends. I just don’t see alot of America voting for a pompous douchebag.

    This year of Big Brother has been so disappointing. Summer is ending and it feels like I never got to see Big Brother this summer. So sad.

    • Annabelle

      When Jackson isn’t with beth he has been like a different person. Giving Nicole the hoh room getting her some music that beth had to use. He has it in him but he needs to rise above his raisin’ lol

      • davidsgirl

        When he is nice to people and does anything for someone I believe everything is done with the motivation of a jury vote. Jackson To Nicole: I gave you music you like, you owe me, you owe me a jury vote.

    • MartyMar

      Yawn…. With that, g’nite y’all

    • danmtruth

      Understand your feelings but why not Nicole for AFP

      • davidsgirl

        I won’t vote for AFP just because someone seems like a decent person. You have to win me over with your game play. For me its about game play. Just my opinion, but I don’t think Nicole has done anything in the game to deserve my vote. Yeah, I know she got Christy out, but to me that wasn’t a great game move, she was narrowed down to it. I almost felt like it was a choice by default of who was left.

        I am not out to make enemies with anyone on this blog and respect everyone’s opinion. I wouldn’t even hit the thumbs down if I disagreed with someone, because I believe that they have their right to their opinion. I just hope others can respect mine.

      • ElaineB

        I agree. Nicole wouldn’t be my vote for AFP. The word Player, hangs me up. Cliff has played the game, head and shoulders against a lot of them. He has overcome the age gap, and done it graciously. He has protected Nicole, plus others. He has won a few, negotiated deals, and put his BB life on the line, numerous times. Nicole is a nice, young woman. After seeing many of these women, so sensitive to how the camera sees them, and their future ‘social influencer’ careers (LOL), Nicole is a breath of fresh air. Still don’t think she deserves $25K.

      • Helen

        My AFP vote is going to Sam….yes,I like Nicole and Cliff but I don’t think as favorite “player”. Cliff has disappointed me in his camera talks the last few days…he doesn’t seem to have that “fire” to go for top spot. He says as long as he makes it to F4 he is good. That doesn’t sit well with me…
        Nicole is likeable but that isn’t enough..for me .
        Out of this entire cast Sam was my favorite so he can have my vote…

  31. Mary

    What the hell, he offers her the room and then stay up there, A$$HOLES!! . They can’t go downstairs and talk?????

  32. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is explaining the rounds leading to the last HOH. She keeps saying “yeah, yeah, yeah.” I doubts she understands it. They lay there in silence.


    Nicole is humming to herself as she washes dishes.


    JJ tells FAH he’s trying to think of every possiblities, safe bets, high risk, angles. He says every night he lays down he thinks about all the different outcomes. She just mumbles, “um hum” then ask where TT is. She says she’s curious to see if he’s in the HN room and if not he’s in the DR. JJ says he’s probably in the HN room. She says he might sleep up there but didn’t take a pillow so she doesn’t think so. JJ says he thinks the last few days TT has seemed defeated.

    JJ says when your ass is on the line you have to either fight for your life. You have to tell yourself you can do it and if you say you guess you can, you’re not going to do well. Nicole knocks on the door and JJ tells her he was going to scare her but didn’t feel like getting up. Nicole tell them that she brought all her sh*t. He tells her that even if she doesn’t stay up there all week, she can leave her stuff up there. He tells her they were just talking about what’s about to happen.


  33. danmtruth

    FAH ask JJ what was he thinking JJ says just thinking about all the possibilities and different outcomes What might happen , , ,FAH oh yeh me too , ,Yeh sure

  34. Colby

    Nicole is very excited about the room, but if I were her I would sleep on the couch. I wouldn’t touch that nasty germy bed.

  35. Mary

    Has anyone else notice that when JJ prays, has he ever done it around Holly??

  36. Avatar

    Our 6th selection of Misery Business by Paramore


  37. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole tells JJ that she still wanted to talk to him. He says he really has always had her back. She says she appreciates that. He tells her that he and Holly has her back. *One out of 2 ain’t bad.* He tells her on a personal level he feels like she’s his sister. He says he doesn’t want to see her OTB and he will not put her up unless he doesn’t have a choice. He says she and Holly are the 2 he won’t put up. He says if the Veto is used and she or Holly have to go up then that’s a choice he has to make. *ie: You go up, Fake Azz doesn’t*

    He says she and FAH are his people and no one messes with his people. She tells him how she made her decision when it came to CC. He says tomorrow he’s gunning for the Veto and if she wins he’s keeping noms the same and if Cliff wins and comes off, i’ts not a bad thing. He says if TT wins, then that’s a different story and he’ll probably have to break a tie. He says they can do it. He says he can’t compete next week and has to win the Veto to stay safe. He says even if Holly wins the next HOH he could still go home. He says he’ll cross that bridge when they come to it. FAH yells from the bathroom to come hand her something in the shower.


    Cliff is looking for something in the lower cabinets.


    JJ tells Nicole that all of them have fought their asses to get there and they have a job to do tomorrow and they have to drive this thing home. He says they can do it and tells her to rest up in the HOH bed. She asks him again if he minds. He tells her if she wants it for tonight only or the entire week, it’s up to her. He tells her to feel free to look at his pictures. He says the ones of his friends are the ones who would do anything for each other.

    He tells her he loves her and doens’t want her OTB. Cliff comes in and say he just got out of the DR. Nicole asks where TT is. He says he’s sleeping in the HN. TT says that makes him sad. Cliff says TT wanted to sleep in a cool room.


  38. NKogNeeTow

    Dan, I’m using the Firefox browser instead of the Crashing Chrome. I still hate the print but I don’t seem to be having any problems. Who knew!

  39. Avatar

    The 8th selection tonight is MP3’s Killed The Record Companies by Adam Lambert (aka the new lead singer of Queen)


  40. Avatar

    Our 9th Selection is Slave to the Rhythm by Michael Jackson


  41. NKogNeeTow



    JJ tells Cliff that he wishes he could have seen CC’s reaction. Nicole says she knows that CC wanted to be there and she felt her passion. She said when she won, CC came into the boat room and congradulated her and she knew what she was going to ask next so she just told her, you’re going OTB. She says that when she was in the shower, CC came up to her and told her she hope that she and Cliff were lying to her about going OTB.

    Cliff says he’s was tickled about the little dig that CC gave during her eviction speech. Nicole says she’d rather die by the sword. Cliff and JJ agrees. FAH is off on the sidelines putting her two cents in and no one is paying attention to her. JJ says the one thing that was on his list was to outlast CC. FAH is still talking and everyone is STILL ignoring her. *LOLOLOLOL* Nicole said that Nick asked her to not send him out before CC.

    Nicole says CC was manipulative. JJ was laughing at how she wore that cap backwards. He said that hat changed her. Cliff said that was his hat from his HOH and she took it. He said he didn’t care as long as he went out at F4 and she didn’t. JJ says did she perform well, no, but the potential was there. Nicole says that TT said he was afraid she was going to win it. Cliff says TT owes him. Nicole said that all she had been was a vote but she knew she would get there one day. FAH says she knew Nicole would get there. *STFU FAH*

    FAH tells Nicole and Cliff that she’s always wanted to work with them. *STFU FAH*. JJ says they made it this far and all 4 of them have looked down the barrel of a gun and look where they are now. Cliff says if they win, he doesn’t want to celebrate in front of TT. JJ says they can be somber then come to the HOH and have a group hug. FAH says it has to be BB Comics. They start to talk about the faces and JJ says TT is very good at them. Nicole agrees. Cliff says they have to get rid of him.


  42. Avatar

    The 10th and finally selection of the night is Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something


  43. Annabelle

    Bahaha Beth is confused and left out

  44. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling them his stategy of how he’s going to play BB Comics. JJ says he’s antsy and just wants to get it over with. Cliff says he wants to go early and doesn’t want to wait 4 hours. JJ says he wants to go last. Nicole says she doesn’t want to go last or she’ll be to nervous. FAH says her too. *ROLLING EYES* Cliff asks Nicole her stategy. She tells him how she wants to do it. Cliff goes over some points with her. Nicole says the thing is TT can spot. JJ tells them that sometimes the thing can spin you. Cliff tells her to try to remember the order of the first 6 then figure it out from there.

    JJ says the best thing to do is take it in chunks and don’t get overwhelmed. All of them seem to have a different way of how to do it or what they think will work for them. None of them are the same. Cliff says he doesn’t know how close the button will be to the posters. JJ says he’s going to push the button after each one. Cliff tells him that the button will probably be across the room so you have to run back and forth and he needs to conserve energy.

    Nicole tells them what she thinks. FAH tries to interject. No one is listening. Cliff says either way, tomorrow they are loaded for bear. JJ says that step 2 is winning the Veto and step 3 is alcohol in the backyard. He says step 1 is get a good night’s rest. Cliff says he’s going to go to bed. JJ gets up to leave and tells Nicole which pillows she might not want to sleep on. *lol*


  45. davidsgirl

    One of the things that has driven me crazy about the house guest this year is how they sit around and talk about how they are going to do certain comps and tell others all their tips and how they plan on playing it. Why share with your rivals what your thinking. So stupid!!!!!!

  46. Avatar

    Can someone please tell Delos that one of their hosts ( Holly) is malfunctioning and to come and send her back to Westworld

  47. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole returns with her pillows. JJ is brushing his teeth. She asks them where they are sleeping. FAH says the target room. She says she wonders if TT is sleeping in the HN room. FAH is now brushing her teeth. *Can’t they do that downstairs* Nicole is now snug in bed.


    Cliff is walking around looking in the target room, camper and SR. He says where is everyone then says he guesses everyone is upstairs.


    Nicole is happy to be in the HOH bed. FAH tells her they are the best and says Nicole has Georgia Peach and the family. Nicole says she loves it. FAH says it’s so cool. She looks at the pictures and tells Nicole she was wearing that necklace when she came into the house. FAH is stalling waiting for JJ. JJ comes out and tells Nicole he loves her always. FAH is still stalling and trying to make small talk. *GO AWAY DRY-AZZ-FAKE-HOLLY*

    Nicole tells them to give her hugs. JJ gives her a big hug and tells her he loves her and she’s his big sister. *Please love her enough to take her to F2* FAH says, “Aw, that’s so cute.” *If I keep rolling my eyes they are going to eventually pop out of my head.* FAH is still trying to make small talk while JJ is looking at pictures. She wants to make sure JJ doesn’t spend any time alone with Nicole. *Possibly afraid he might make a F2 with her? I hope so.*


  48. Avatar

    I’m already creating tomorrow night’s playlist because I have a feeling it’s going to be as boring as it is tonight

  49. Annabelle

    Nite Dan NK Bennett Mary Davidsgirl Robin Colby and anyone else. My refresh is not working well anyways. Can’t wait for veto

  50. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is laying in the dark cam talking. She says she is very much hoping she wins the Veto tomorrow and if and when one of the 4 of them win, she loves and adores TT but she thinks her empathy and sadnness was so strong the previous weeks because she wasn’t winning anything. She said she had less problem sending out Jess this week because she realized Cliff was her guy. She says that’s why she had an easy time sending out CC too.

    She says that her going out is her worst scenario and her second worst scenario is Cliff going. She says she doesn’t want to leave or see Cliff go either. She says she wants to win to secure her safety and take Cliff down and go from there. She says that if Cliff wins she knows she’s going up but has faith she would stay. She says if J or H win she feels the noms will stay the same. She says she’s praying that one of the 4 win tomorrow and she wants her and Cliff sitting together in those chairs for the F2.


    The Bedbugs are settling in.


    Nicole says it’s very important not to get arrogant or cocky and anything can happen or shift. She says that things work out the way they are meant to and what will be will be. She stares off for a bit.


    JJ and FAH in bed. The lights are still on.

    Living room:

    Orwell is keeping guard over the house.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I hope all of you are having a pleasant night. Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  51. Kari

    Not sure who all is reading back but I wanted to thank everyone for letting me see the video of Nicole getting her basket. She really is a cute little thing. Her love unicorns reminds me of my daughter. She’s a bit quirky and nerdy herself.

    Just wanted to say good night as well. Hope everyone has sweet dreams. Happy weekend!

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Mary, Bennett, Colby, Annabelle, DG, Kari, and anyone else who is still awake out there. 🙂

    And to all those in the path or the aftermath of Dorian, be safe!

  53. Mary

    Pleasant dreams everyone.

    • Mary

      Like Nicole winning the veto, and Holly going up as the replacement. 🙂

      • Helen

        The saddest part is realizing that if she wins veto that yes she will take Cliff off the block,Holly will go up and yet Nicole and Cliff are so locked into the F4 “deal” they have with JJ/Holly that they still will vote out TT…even though letting Holly go will improve their odds of at least one of the two (Nicole or Cliff) will sit in one of those chairs on finale night…

  54. Helen

    I only hope Cliff and Nicole wake up and smell the coffee…

    • SoftKitty

      Me too Helen. But I worry their ‘integrity’ will get in the way of making tough decisions going forward. Not that integrity is a bad word… But beyond the money – this is Big Brother! They came to play… NOW PLAY dammit!

      • Helen

        That’s how I feel…much as I dislike Jackson, that is the one thing he has never waivered
        On. He came there to win 500;000 and he doesn’t want just 4th place!

  55. Avatar

    I think JJ might not really want to take the old hag. If he takes his little sis he will win. Tommy will take Nichole I think too. Maybe JJ throws comp once tommy is out to cliff or Nicole and opps hag is gone. Then tommy wins hoh


    • Vikki T

      JJ would need to throw it to Nicole for it to work without him getting into trouble from Beth. Nicole pulls off Cliff and the only one to put up is Beth. Then JJ could definitely talk Nicole and Cliff into voting out Beth. And presto, no blood on his hands in Beth’s eyes (but gets rid of his baggage).

  56. Nancy

    Really thoughtful of JJ giving nicole the HoH room..I couldnt have slept on that bed for all the money in the world..JJ and G’Mama have been all over it , doing lord only knows what..G’Mama has been sick in that bed..I know nicole brought her little blanket, but I’d opt for the floor, probably cleaner.
    Enjoyed reading everybody’s comments from last nite..good music as well..thanks NK, you’re maahvalous dahling…

    • danmtruth

      Nancy im sure your heart is out for Nicole
      It was just great to see how excited she was to have the room to herself It was a special moment It also was nice to see how Jackson knew how special it was for her He seemed to take pride in being able to give that to her Honestly she has changed him in some ways

      • Nancy

        I think she has too…people seem skeptical of this change, but I gotta believe his fondness for her is genuine..I really wish he’d cut HollyBeth…one can dream

    • Helen

      Notice when I peeked at the feeds earlier she slept on top of the covers. Lol. Smart girl

  57. caRyn

    I’m on a Holly rant lately, I know. I don’t want to know about her being sick and what it looked and felt like. She has something going on constantly- rash, nail, stomach, and so on. Even when Nicole was waiting for her HoH basket Holly was talking about her issues. So unattractive. She sounds like she has one foot in the grave.

    • Nancy

      I agree with you caRyn
      I was watching her, and instead of keeping the momentum of excitement up, she needed to discuss her illness..she just couldnt let it be about Nugget..selfish, self centered, insecure, egotistical , beotch..definitely dont want her in F2 or F3..but jackson will drag the albatross along if nobody gets her out

  58. Avatar

    I don’t believe Nicole would have looked like a snake. In fact, I think the jury would have thought much better of her than with the choice she did make.

    Reasons for this:

    * They’d recognize it’s just a game and both Jackson and Holly are a formidable team either together or separately.

    * They’d recognize that Nicole realized this and actually made some kind of big game move.

    * Nicole would have still been likeable regardless of what she did. She has that going for her in the game and making a big game move (what some might call a snake move) wouldn’t have really changed it.

    As it is now, she looks kind of weak (and, hard pill to swallow since I adore here, kind of stupid) for not voting out strong competition beasts. Sticking with her “alliance” this late in the game just keeps her looking like someone who floated her way to the top even though she finally won a competition (unknowingly, with Cliff’s help of course). I seriously believe they’d have more respect for her in this particular situation. I was a fan of Nicole until this. But, yes, a lot of it was based on her being a nice person. Unfortunately, the game requires a bit more than that and now she hasn’t shown enough to deserve to win. If she had put up Jackson and Holly, that alone could have kept her in the running for me based on how things played out the rest of the season.

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