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Big Brother 21 – Post Eviction Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


First thing, let’s talk about the twist. Something that has ‘never been done’ before (according to Julie) and that is ….. a pre-jury buyback. Ok, I guess it’s not that simple. They did add the little wrinkle where the first four get to still live in the house which saves them money on a few hotel rooms. It does add a new strategic element to the game, I will give them that. Before it was just a guess if a person is coming back, but now it’s a known thing and they still have to live with that person.

Regarding powers, it is very unlikely that Ovi can use his power unless he returns to the game. That is something I’m 99% sure on already.


The HoH competition likely ended in a very disappointing way for a huge majority of the fans who have soured on Jack over the last week. We already do know that Kemi is going to be the target this week, the question will be if he can actually get her out.

I’m going to wrap this up and plug my live feeds. Get them here! That’s because the feeds are already back so I’m going to report how the house is now:

  • Jack is already playing damage control with Ovi. He is telling him the vote was up in the air until the last moment. lol
  • Ovi mentions how Jack needs to figure out who to nominate and Jack already knows. Shocker
  • Meanwhile, Jackson is playing damage control with David. He is acting all shocked that David didn’t win that comp
  • Kemi is happy David is back. She said he is the showmance who got away. Well, here is her chance
  • Christie tells Jack that they’re not going to talk game at all in front of the evicted people
  • 6:30 pm – House meeting but it’s likely something stupid. First time I haven’t been excited for a house meeting. Not a drama one
    • The meeting is that Jack wants to tell everyone not to talk game in front of the evicted people. Awkward
    • I can’t believe Jack stood up and basically said the house can’t talk game in front of David or Ovi lol. That’s going to go over well
  • 7:00 pm – Tommy is in the bedroom with Nicole, Christie, and Bella. They are discussing more damage control with Ovi
    • Strategy begins. Bella says she doesn’t want to be HoH during this period because of the obvious situation with it
    • Tommy mentions the not talking game thing and they all agree that will be hard
  • Meanwhile, upstairs, Cliff is talking to Ovi about the vote and stuff. He feels bad obviously but he had to vote with the house
    • Cliff says Jackson would want Ovi back in the house over David
    • (so much for not talking game with the evicted)
    • Cliff says if anyone actually tries to freeze Ovi out of game talk, don’t worry.
    • He points out how nobody was ever going to stick their neck out to keep Ovi
    • David comes in and they talk. He points out how they’re allowed to play the social game so it will likely have an element in their return. Ovi doesn’t think so.  I like Ovi, but holy shit is he clueless about this game. David’s been in the house a grand total of 4 hours now and already seems to understand more of how things work.
  • 8:15 pm – Cliff, Nicole, and Ovi are having a powwow in the storage room
    • They are talking about Jack’s potential plans moving forward (again, ignoring the no game talk rule lol)
    • Ovi says he thinks Cliff was right. He was played a little (duh)
    • Ovi is alone and cam talking a bit. Says ‘maybe it wasn’t dumb luck, maybe I was dumb’ (you are). He thinks he got played by Jack (he did)
  • 9:45 pm – A bunch of people are in different areas of the house whispering. Holly and Kat are chatting while Tommy and Sis are in another room
    • Tommy is really worried about Ovi because they (he and Sis) reassured Ovi but couldn’t support him in the end
    • Meanwhile, on another camera, Holly and Jackson speak to each other about David. They say he’s already causing problems and is the cancer and villain. What? lol The guy who hasn’t even spent a full work day in the house is suddenly the cancer of everyone?

Check back for update



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