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Big Brother 21 – Post Eviction Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


First thing, let’s talk about the twist. Something that has ‘never been done’ before (according to Julie) and that is ….. a pre-jury buyback. Ok, I guess it’s not that simple. They did add the little wrinkle where the first four get to still live in the house which saves them money on a few hotel rooms. It does add a new strategic element to the game, I will give them that. Before it was just a guess if a person is coming back, but now it’s a known thing and they still have to live with that person.

Regarding powers, it is very unlikely that Ovi can use his power unless he returns to the game. That is something I’m 99% sure on already.

The HoH competition likely ended in a very disappointing way for a huge majority of the fans who have soured on Jack over the last week. We already do know that Kemi is going to be the target this week, the question will be if he can actually get her out.


I’m going to wrap this up and plug my live feeds. Get them here! That’s because the feeds are already back so I’m going to report how the house is now:

  • Jack is already playing damage control with Ovi. He is telling him the vote was up in the air until the last moment. lol
  • Ovi mentions how Jack needs to figure out who to nominate and Jack already knows. Shocker
  • Meanwhile, Jackson is playing damage control with David. He is acting all shocked that David didn’t win that comp
  • Kemi is happy David is back. She said he is the showmance who got away. Well, here is her chance
  • Christie tells Jack that they’re not going to talk game at all in front of the evicted people
  • 6:30 pm – House meeting but it’s likely something stupid. First time I haven’t been excited for a house meeting. Not a drama one
    • The meeting is that Jack wants to tell everyone not to talk game in front of the evicted people. Awkward
    • I can’t believe Jack stood up and basically said the house can’t talk game in front of David or Ovi lol. That’s going to go over well
  • 7:00 pm – Tommy is in the bedroom with Nicole, Christie, and Bella. They are discussing more damage control with Ovi
    • Strategy begins. Bella says she doesn’t want to be HoH during this period because of the obvious situation with it
    • Tommy mentions the not talking game thing and they all agree that will be hard
  • Meanwhile, upstairs, Cliff is talking to Ovi about the vote and stuff. He feels bad obviously but he had to vote with the house
    • Cliff says Jackson would want Ovi back in the house over David
    • (so much for not talking game with the evicted)
    • Cliff says if anyone actually tries to freeze Ovi out of game talk, don’t worry.
    • He points out how nobody was ever going to stick their neck out to keep Ovi
    • David comes in and they talk. He points out how they’re allowed to play the social game so it will likely have an element in their return. Ovi doesn’t think so.  I like Ovi, but holy shit is he clueless about this game. David’s been in the house a grand total of 4 hours now and already seems to understand more of how things work.
  • 8:15 pm – Cliff, Nicole, and Ovi are having a powwow in the storage room
    • They are talking about Jack’s potential plans moving forward (again, ignoring the no game talk rule lol)
    • Ovi says he thinks Cliff was right. He was played a little (duh)
    • Ovi is alone and cam talking a bit. Says ‘maybe it wasn’t dumb luck, maybe I was dumb’ (you are). He thinks he got played by Jack (he did)
  • 9:45 pm – A bunch of people are in different areas of the house whispering. Holly and Kat are chatting while Tommy and Sis are in another room
    • Tommy is really worried about Ovi because they (he and Sis) reassured Ovi but couldn’t support him in the end
    • Meanwhile, on another camera, Holly and Jackson speak to each other about David. They say he’s already causing problems and is the cancer and villain. What? lol The guy who hasn’t even spent a full work day in the house is suddenly the cancer of everyone?

Check back for update


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  1. hogwild

    I will say tonight’s big twist was not as lame as giving a player a power they can’t use but I still found it pretty underwhelming. With manbun being HOH no suspense about who the target will be this week.

  2. Kari

    Can we talk about these clickbait ads that are on every post? I know they’re not controllable, and I know that’s what pays for stuff, but oh my Lord some of them are difficult to look at.. lol….

  3. Avatar

    Was really hoping for a exciting season since I am off work for the next month due to arm surgery. But man this is disappointing! Makes a girl kinda glad she can’t afford the feeds lol. Still haven’t picked my favorite yet. But I did kinda like that first few evicted get a chance back!

  4. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    I’m guessing the blindsides from last season won’t be repeated this year since they stay in the house. I dont like twists and I do like blindsides but this could add an interesting element to the social part of the game. I’m withholding judgement for now.
    Jack as hoh, yuk!!

  5. caRyn

    Like the twist. Sounds like Ovi can use his power if he is an active hg again. Don’t care that Jack is HoH. He won’t make any big moves. He didn’t actually want to win but he needed to so Jessica wouldn’t. Will he be dismissive and tell people not to come into his HoH room and to come back later – Yes! Christie tells Jack not to talk game to evicted hg. Christie that was telling Sam & Nicole about her “group” and what her group wanted her to do during her HoH?!

  6. ElaineB

    “Christie tells Jack…” Surprise, surprise (not) that Christie still acts as if she is in power.

  7. caRyn

    Jack & Jackson should have taken Ovi up on his offer and kept it in the room (between the three of them) like the said they would. I couldn’t believe they had to think over. I was like – what’s there to think about?! Just say yes and make up a reason to change the votes. At least try to switch the hg’s minds. Play the game! Build a resume. It was an advantage. What did they have to lose? Christie switched the nom from Kemi to Ovi without telling the alliance. Why not switch out the evictee? Jack said if it was a tie Christie would keep Ovi. Smh.

  8. danmtruth

    Jack is HOH for 2 hours and does something stupid what were the odds

  9. hogwild

    Manbun reminds of Paul without the game instincts he really seems to think hen is the emperor of the house someone should remind him what happened to Julius Caesar though I doubt he would know who that is.

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  11. caRyn

    Anyone know what Evel Dick has to say about the shenanigans? I need a good laugh.

  12. Helen

    This cast is beyond disappointing….not one person there to cast a sympathy vote? Cop out..had to go with the house baloney…when an odd vote or two are cast it drives the rest of the house crazy trying to figure out who voted the odd votes…
    I can’t wait till Christie is voted out! She is obnoxious
    Pretty sure Jack will just follow group think and put up whoever the group wants..
    Not one Cody in this bunch that’s for certain…

  13. hogwild

    I would really like to know what kind of damage control these idiots think they can do with Ovi with a unanimous vote to evict? Seriously what are you gonna say Ovi I know we all voted for you but it was really close right to the end.

  14. Helen

    The Jacks had a pantry meeting and tentatively agreed on Jessica and Kemi noms, with Kat renom if needed – they said it was about putting up people who wouldn’t win comeback comp ……

  15. Good Dog

    After that declaration, maybe Jack can add a bullseye tattoo to his back

  16. Alda

    Jack and Christie dictating to the houseguests that they shouldn’t talk any game talk in front of the Camp comebackers.That is going to score points for Jack with Ovi and David. NOT! This might prove interesting.

  17. Good Dog

    Stop being reasonable caRyn

  18. ElaineB

    Guess I am confused when the next ‘Whactivity’ comp will be.

  19. Good Dog

    BB usually doesn’t get interesting untill the halfway point when they start turning on their own.

  20. Mrs. Frisby

    The Jacks and the guys won’t be ready for the most surprising twist……

  21. danmtruth

    Went back it was Chos week2 Holly, Tommy, Jackson, Sam, Jack
    Week 3 Panic Anaylsr, Nick, Kimmi, Jesica, Christie
    So it looks good for Fake8 to win the power this week The question is normaly with 3 power give away One is very good Another is useless with the other having a little power but not as much as the first We will see if it fallows as usual

  22. Alda

    Nicole told Ovi that the ones who said they had Ovi’s back did not.She said Cliff was loyal.

  23. Mrs. Frisby

    I think this is my 100th post, I feel so special, I may shoot off some fireworks out of blue tomorrow to celebrate!!!

  24. Kari

    Watching the episode here now. Loving what Ovi wore!

    It should make it a little bit more interesting since they didn’t actually leave the house. Let’s hope!

  25. Mrs. Frisby

    Tomorrow is the 4th of July!
    Independence Day
    When is that happening?
    Tomorrow the 4th of July
    Independence Day
    When is that happening?
    Tomorrow the 4th of July!
    Are you Bitches conspiring against me!!?

    • Mrs. Frisby

      I like how Kat kept doing her conspiring against me bit, it seemed to amuse her and piss off the fake8. She now is my favorite, just her pissing them off has been the most likeable thing any of these HG have done thus far. What a bunch of duds.

      • Good Dog

        I thought it was great too. Maybe a shout out to the original “bitches ” comment from Janelle.

      • mm22

        Well Kathryn says she’s a funny person, I was doubting
        it till I saw that edit.
        “You bitches conspiring against me?” Maybe a little
        too much but still really funny

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  27. Mello_One

    Lord….David is a “good looking young Black Man!” Little Kemi made sure she got her hug time with David.

  28. Good Dog

    Don’t like the twist buy back, camp back whatever. Hey, thanks for evicting me let’s break bread together. Awkward! BB needs to borrow the ideas stated here regarding houseguests, comps etc… I say bring back the twins twist. On the bright side, the fireworks aren’t bothering Good Dog

  29. hogwild

    I wonder if manbun will try and make everyone go to bed without supper for disobeying his no game play talk in front of the evicted command?

  30. Mello_One

    Sooo there is no Have Not’s this season, no Have Not Room, or Slop?

  31. Mrs. Frisby

    Just Camp Comeback but all they get to eat is roasted weenies and snores.

  32. Avatar

    * Well Jack isn’t as stupid as everyone in the house thought. He won a HOH that was not based on physical talents.

    * Or maybe it is worse than that: perhaps they are all stupid.

    * I am not a fan of plot twists. The game was great in it’s original format. Same with Survivor.

    * At this point, I am a fan of anything that helps Christie to stop crying.

    * Tommy seems interesting. Maybe I will start rooting for him.

  33. Mello_One

    Hey…did anyone else hear Julie call someone BEAVIS when she was telling the HG to take their seats in the Living Room? And who pray tell was Julie referring to?

  34. danmtruth

    New food came Jack not happy not that much chicken Needs to go to DR and straighten it out If not they will need to ration it

  35. Mel

    The A hole group can’t just ever chill out. Kats already said David scares her and is flirting with her. Jackson called him cancer and Holly is sure he’ll be sleeping with Kemi in a week. Jackson claims David will “run a train” on the girls n the house. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  36. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Alright, I’m here…begrudgingly, but here. I just hated the thought of AquaDick being HOH so much that I started to just go to bed. But I’m a trooper and decided to put on my big girl panties and get to work. I’m 30 minutes late so I’ll just jump right in from here…


    Everyone seems to be in there cooking and chatting. Cliff and Bella are sitting on the oddly placed sofa talking about the food they wish BB would give them. *Shut up and be grateful you get to eat for free for the next 3 month. *

    Sam sits his loud ass down on the oddly placed sofa and is talking about something else that I don’t care about. *He has that effect on me* Bella is listening intently. Sam is telling them how he got mad when Christine sucked Cody’s toe.

    Holly is talking to Kryin Kat. *Are those bitches conspiring against me?*


    Sorry if I sound a little salty. For the last few nights, I’ve been taking a nap from 7-10pm so I would be well rested and awake for the boring BBAD. I missed my nap this evening and I’m evil as a wet hen. Again, apologies.

  37. Mrs. Frisby

    Has there been some android update that adds words as your typing, what the hell?

  38. NKogNeeTow


    Kryin Kat and Holly are talking about BJK. Holly says the only thing BJK talks to them about is their looks. She says that d BJK keeps telling her how skinny and pretty she is. KK says she doesn’t think AquaDick is that stupid and she’s not worried as long as they have him on their side. KK says she thinks they need Cliff on their side because she got so much info from him. AD comes in and asks “Are you 2 bitches conspiring about me?” Holly says no, we are just trashing Kemi. He says good, as long as you want to stay in my good standing, keep up the good work. KK tells him she’s so glad he’s HOH. He leaves.

    KK asks Holly “Why don’t we just wreck shit and stay on top?” *This cheap trick IS a wreck* They start talking about Nick and Bella. They start to talk about Sis and Nick. Holly says that the fact that Bella and Kemi only like people based on their looks says a lot about them. She then refers to one of them as only dating older men for money. Holly tells KK that she is in a really good spot right now and just bounce around and get as much info as possible.


  39. Colby

    I just discovered I have POP.
    I didn’t used to. They must have upgraded my package and didn’t tell me.
    No wonder my bill has gone up so much. Duh!

  40. NKogNeeTow


    Canoe Room…

    Sis and TT are talking. She says she thinks there might be some kind of twist. She tells him that she just wants Kemi gone so bad. He asks her why does she feel that way. She says because she’s a snake and she’s thrown her name around. She says she’s playing a dumb ass game and it’s so stupid. She says that’s why she wanted to win so bad so she could put her up. *WTF is it with these people? Are they piping stupid juice through the air vents or something that causes mass hysteria, or is AD just that good that he can turn them all against one person merely by the power of suggestion, OR are they just kissing his ass because he’s HOH?*


    Holly and KK are still talking. Holly says she has a super sense of dry sarcasm. She says that TT finally got it today and told her she was hilarious. *It must not take much to entertain him.*


  41. NKogNeeTow

    Some of my comments aren’t posting or posting in the wrong place. Is anyone else having this problem?

  42. NKogNeeTow



    Holly is telling KK that sometimes she just doesn’t have the energy to talk, especially since it’s the same conversations over and over again. *Yet she can’t seem to shut up.* they leave and join the others in the kitchen.

    Canoe Room…

    Sam, Nick, Ovi, TT, Sis and Cryin Cat are all talking about the next eviction. Ovi is telling them how he feels. He says no one wants to be evicted but he told them that 3 things that would happen. Either he stayed in the house, he gets sent home…CC interrupts him before he finishes the 3rd thing. *Another one who won’t stfu*.

    Squeeky, AD, and Jackass Jackson joins the group. JJ announces that dinner is ready and leaves. CC and Ovi make up a son,g about Days. TT tells her that her song sucks. They start talking about Julie saying their names. AD says he’s got to go eat. Ovi tells him he is so happy for him. CC says “Well f*cking deserved.

    AD says he tried talking to Kemi but it just couldn’t work. CC says that after AD won, BJK said “Well, time to do some damage control”. AD tells them that he’s going to try to fill up that Camp thingy with as many weak players as possible. They try to figure out what the battle back will be. TT says it can’t be something to physical because it has to be something that everyone can do. AD tells Ovi that he can’t believe he’s still there. *I’m hoping we won’t be able to say the same thing about HIM*


  43. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone sitting around eating and talking. Ovi gives TT half of his chicken. They all start banging on the table again. *Yes Folks, this is what I have to work with* The conversations turns to movies. David says he’s been watching Soaps. They all start to tell David how much they get called to DR at anytime. They get a warning. Everyone is talking at the same time. PSM is talking about recipes. Holly is talking about the HOH. Sis is babbling on about something. *I’ve decided that even though she’s a brunette, she’s officially “blonde”*
    Jackass Jackson is making disgusting noises. Ovi is chewing like a rabbit. David is mostly observing. Cliff is telling him the breakfast schedule. TT is clapping like a seal. CC is talking about the types of models all the HG would be. Nick is sitting there in this hat that makes him appear to be channeling either Indiana Jones or Crocodile Dundee.

    Commercial *And not a moment too soon*

  44. danmtruth

    It’s great to hear AD and CC tell Ovi they are sending week players so he can get back in Just like AD was campaigning to keep him
    Stop the pounding on the table I get flashbacks to Tony Robin’s self improvement weekends

  45. danmtruth

    Colonbox is hanging around David like he is the new exchange student that he has been assigned to show around the school
    There is a question as to who the letter will be from for Jack As most family members did not want to sign releases

    • NKogNeeTow

      You noticed that about Jackass too? I kept waiting for him to jump in David’s lap.

      Nice to hear that even AquaDick’s family are embarrassed by him. Not surprising though.

      • danmtruth

        That was before he came on the show
        TT and NICKorsam are in the room he is telling TT that he is tired that Bella is breaking his balls about him talking g to the other girls and him sleeping with TT This might just be game talk
        Oh good AD HOH room reveille

    • kneeless

      Guess as camp director, he’s stepping up & doing his job! What a guy.

  46. NKogNeeTow


    They are doing some kind of food challenge. Bella just ate a spoonful of salt and drank something out of a glass. They called her a bad bitch. She yells “Who wants to sleep with me now?” They start singing and get a warning. CC starts to make up a song. TT says they aren’t allowed to sing and they get another warning. They are explaining to David what they can and can’t sing.

    Everyone is still all talking at the same time. David is still sitting there, observing. BJKemi has now joined the group (she was in the DR). BJK is talking to Bella a little but really not saying that much. KK and Sis are talking about nothing in general. *Has anyone else noticed that with Sis’s hair pulled off of her face, she has that crazy Theresa Guidice’s hairline?*

    CC is telling TT that she likes to know she has a bed. He says that he’ll work around her. She says no, she can always sleep in the boy’s room.


  47. danmtruth

    NK I’m impressed you can hear and make out so many different convos PSM is just sitting their staring and taking it all in Same with Ovi a bit of a blank stare
    David does sound a bit like Wayn Brady from whose line

    • NKogNeeTow

      Old habit Dan. I was better at it when I was much younger. I could talk and listen to another conversation at the same time…lol. This group makes it hard but I can catch some of it.

  48. NKogNeeTow


    Jackass Jackson wants BB to let him write the grocery list. He says he knows how to food shop.


    Bella and Cryin Cat talking but they are whispering and the kitchen crew are talking so loud it looks like they are talking in sign language.


    TT, Nick are talking an Squeeky comes in. Sam is whining about something and says he’s frustrated. TT tells him he has every right to be but just don’t show it. He says “she” (Bella) is breaking his balls. That he can’t even talk to anybody without her getting mad. He says he cares about her and trust her but she’s got to stop. TT tells him to try to talk to her. He says he has but it’s not working. TT tells him that maybe he should just break it off. Before Nick can respond, AquaDick comes out and yells who wants to see his HOH room. *No f*king body*

    Everyone gathers on the landing outside the door. He has trouble opening the door. *coughIDIOTcough*. He gets a picture of his dog…and Nutella. He gets a letter from Del, who is watching his dog. He reads the letter and his voice shakes a little. *Don’t care*. He sniffs and wipes tears away. *Still don’t care*. He finishes and gets the ceremonial applause. He starts to go through his basket. TT is in the corner crying over the dog and saying “She’s perfect”. Squeeky comforts him. *Goddammit, I want to go to bed so bad. I hate these people tonight. Tomorrow I’ll feel different. But tonight…*

    AD holds up some of the items in his basket and asks who has ever had them.


  49. NKogNeeTow

    Daggone it, somebody burned down my she-shed. (They didn’t really, I just love that commercial)

  50. danmtruth

    A letter from someone from work From fucking WORK Picture of his dog great but that’s all just of his dog

  51. NKogNeeTow


    They ask David what he thinks of the HOH room. *Odd question to ask* AD tells Ovi that if he’s allowed to take baths, he is welcome to come in there and take one. *Still sucking up because he’s afraid that Ovi might come back and use the power against him, no doubt* AD puts on his HOH robe and sunglasses and strolls around. He says he’s still crying and he loves all of them. *And I still don’t care* He yells “Group hug” and they all hug. he got stout beer an is drinking a glass. The foam gets in his mustache and he yells “Sweet victory”. He offers everyone a sip but Sam is the only one who takes one. *Who the hell wants to drink out of a glass with all that top lip hair all around it. Yuck!*


  52. NKogNeeTow



    Squeeky is kind of quiet. Just sitting there watching people talk. AD starts to pass around Starburst. While everyone is enjoying the Starburst Party, AD is telling them what other candy is on the menu. He says it will be gone in 3 days. He says he eats them before going to bed. He says that he has to take off the robe because everything is making him sweat. He goes over and looks at the pictures of his dog again then goes around and tells them things about her. Holly says the dog looks just like Jack. *I agree*.

    Holly is talking again. You can hear her over everyone. Holly is always talking. Why does Holly keep talking?

    Holly and AD are saying that there is no HN room. AD says that maybe that Camp room thingy will become the HN room. Holly says that usually they have a H and a C on the shower doors downstairs but they dont have it this year so maybe there won’t be a HN room.


  53. NKogNeeTow

    *Walking through the Lobby paging Gerardo Chen Moonves*

    Sorry Folks, I’m just bored tonight 🙂

  54. danmtruth

    NK backtracking the food challenge was drinking hotdogs water I think or maybe pickle juice
    CC was always trying to bring it back to her HOH my basket had this and that You got more icecream than me Just give it a rest your no longer HOH beside he spent so much time he knows how the room works
    AD told Ovi if the rules allowed it he can take a soke in the tub But you will need to clean it after WTF Poor mute button getting another work out
    Many in this group is looks like they have been there for a month already They look like they are so burned out Not sure if they are talking g about David and trashing him Jackass is just saying all kind of shit about him Mad that he did not stay Mad that he is not being that friendly Mad that he has nothing to lose he has a free 3 weeks to talk shit to everyone and they cannot do anything about it

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep, they were talking about David. But then who haven’t they talked about? During dinner, JJ acted like he was going to suck his face. Then as soon as he’s not around he’s ripping him a new one.

      When these people are looking in the mirror, I wonder which face they’re looking at? Just about everyone in there has 2.

    • Sassy

      Ovi gets 1 night to take a bath and ONLY 1 night but has to “scrub it out” after. Thank you King Jackass, why isn’t Ovi kissing his feet??

  55. NKogNeeTow



    Meeting going on. CC is telling them that she gives David credit because he must feel like a fish out of water, but this is still a game and he’s an outsider. She says that they want Ovi to come back into the house. BJK is just sitting there silent and smiling. *Who wants to bet that David will hear about this convo* They asks where Ovi is. Someone said he’s gone to bed.

    Camp HN Room (or whatever they call it)

    Ovi and David are getting ready for bed. David is asking him a few questions about the house. Ovi tells him that it must feel good to be back in the house. David tells him that he feels like an outsider. Ovi tells him that if he ever wants to talk, he can talk to him. He tells David that he is close to everyone in the house but he can still talk to him. David asks him if he knew he was getting voted out. Ovi says he saw the writing on the wall. Ovi say it is what it is, he’s got a second chance. David asks Ovi what is the most frustrating aspect of being in the house. Ovi says the last few day, when he was waiting for eviction ceremony. He says it was also having strong bonds with everyone in the house yet no one would speak up. They start to talk about the noises up there. Ovi says there is a DR on the other side of the room. Ovi says conversations that were very easy became very difficult.


  56. danmtruth

    A good twist in 4 weeks would be again who ever battle back also wins HOH or is at least given immunity for the first week back

  57. NKogNeeTow


    David said he realized the game had started when he volunteered to become Camp Director. He says he can’t be salty about it because he doesn’t know what the determining factor is to get back in the game. He wonders what the social aspect of them being there has to do with it. Ovi says that the good thing that even though they can’t play, at least they are in the house and can see and hear what’s going on so they have a slight advantage. Ovi says that it gives the other HG a chance to get to know them better. Ovi and David agree that it is better that they have to fight their way back into the house as opposed to being voted in or out, because they might not vote fairly.

    Ovi says that at least them being in the house and there hasnt been tht much change, the house has a certain amount of comfortability. David says he’s the most uncomfortable because he’s been out of the house and not around them. David said that he noticed that when all of them were at the table and saying that it’s cool that he was back, he noticed that not everybody said it. David says he doesn’t care who comes into that room with them.


  58. NKogNeeTow


    AD is downstairs gathering his things to take back to the castle. Cliff comes in and tells him how happy he is for him. AD says he was struggling socially this week. AD says he feels Production is going to tell him he has to banish 6 people. *Somehow I feel he’d love that* AD tells him that he’s just excited to toss and turn in bed by himself. He tells Cliff that he’s safe. Cliff says he’s having so much fun in this house and who’s of thought that at his age he’d get a chance to do this. Cliff tells him that he doesn’t know how he’s going to handle knowing that 2 people he puts up will be back in the house the next week.

    AD says he didn’t want to win but it was either him going in that camp or someone else. Cliff tells AD that he also gets a bed to himself. AD says he’s going to have to make a few more trips to get his stuff, then leaves. As he’s going up the stairs, he tells one of the girls that it might be easier if he brings up his stuff in a garbage bag. *I’m restraining myself cuz this one is just to easy*


  59. danmtruth

    Ovi is outside the HOH room giving the secret hand shake / sign to people from HIS old alliance sad He STILL thinks he can work with these people
    It was interesting as Ovi a d David had a conversation about the house and where they stand Ovi still thinks he is in a good position with everyone David was more realistic In just the short time he is back in the house David has a better idea of what’s going g on than Ovi

  60. NKogNeeTow


    Camp RunAMuck…

    TT is talking to Ovi and telling how the group all got together and decided to not talk game. He says that he just wants him to know in case he comes up to someone and they won’t talk game with him. TT tells him he is so sorry that it worked out that way. He says he was trying but he was just listening to the house and didn’t want to put a target on his back. Ovi ask TT if he had been given the runaround. TT says yes. He said that they felt like they had to play it up a little but because they weren’t allowed to tell him anything. TT told Ovi that when he walked out of the room, he broke down in Cliff’s arms because he felt so bad. Ovi asks him if there is anyone he has to watch out for. TT tells him no and that everyone loves him. TT tells him to not talk game with anyone and to be cool and just win the battle back. David comes back into the room and the talk stops.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! And not a moment too soon. If I had to hear “I love you” one more time, I was gonna hunt down Cupid and kill him. Alright Kidlets, Mama’s got you all tucked in and she’s about to do the same. Be careful with those sparklers and don’t eat too much bbq and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  61. danmtruth

    Dan Kravitz is calling it a night

  62. Kari

    Did anyone notice the expression on David’s face in reaction to the girls and their chattiness I believe not long after the salt scene on BBAD? It was pretty humorous..

  63. ericawesome

    Thank you NKOG for the time and (in)sanity you spend every night for us! Happy 4th of July to my American friends here!

  64. Mr. Beardo

    Thanks NK and Dan!

  65. Ava

    Where in the name of Sam Hill did CBS find this group of dimwits? Usually by this time I have a few favorites, so far this year,,,I have none!

  66. Good Dog

    Now that I’ve had time to think about it camp comeback could be entertaining for us. David could cause havoc with no repercussions cuz he’s already evicted. Four weeks is a long time. He could start a shit storm, go after his enemies & get others on his side. If he gets back in great if not hey, at least make it interesting & have some fun.

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