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Big Brother 21 – Post Eviction Updates!

July 11, 2019 | 171 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

And we’re off! It took long enough, but some drama is stirring.

Kemi took the first open shot with her eviction speech against Bella and Nick but Bella has been taking the first behind the scenes shots by gossiping all week. The tension has been building and with Kemi staying in the house after that speech, it should be a fun week.

I’m going to jump right in to the feeds, but first, get them here for free!

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  • 7:20 pm – Bella and Kemi start arguing
    • I’m not exactly sure who started it but it got to the point where Bella tried to push Kemi away and Kemi knocked her hand
    • I doubt there will be any punishment for physical contact but they came close to throwing fists
    • Kemi is off to the DR while Bella re-tells the argument to everyone
  • Meanwhile, Jack and Sis are in the storage room talking
    • She is still bothered about how close Jack and Christie are. Come onnnnnn
    • This is so awkward. Sis, they’re friends. They’re like ‘bros’.
    • She’s upset that Jack and Sis don’t talk as much game yet they spend so much time together (having sex)
    • Jack – ‘When it gets down to us and Sam, I can’t have you attached at my hip” ouch
    • His logic is if he spends time with Christie, it puts a target on her. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Sis generally just being a boring person
    • Tommy comes in and starts talking about how great this is
    • It’s because now Nick will get some blood on his hands during camp comeback while they float along. Hopefully Sis doesn’t get jealous that Tommy is talking game
  • Nicole is in the boat room talking with Kemi
    • Nicole seems to want Kemi to stir the house a little to break up the power alliance. It’s smart of her to use Kemi for that
    • Nicole says she sees the totem pole and who is moving up to the final 6. A little late to the party
  • Nicole moves into the bedroom to talk to herself
    • She is calling herself an idiot for not seeing the clear alliance that formed around her.
    • Nicole said she told herself yesterday that she didn’t need to win HoH because the two sides would go after each other – lol.
    • She heard ‘rogue vote’ and realized that there is an alliance and they were pinning it against her (Nicole)
    • She’s so frustrated how stupid she is for missing that. Don’t feel bad, everyone but David apparently missed.
    • Watching Nicole think out loud is basically a live view of every evicted houseguest goes through – at home when they realized why they lost. At least we get to see it beforehand
  • In another room, Jack and Christie are catching up
    • He tells her about the jealous and Christie basically summed it up by telling him he made his bed (with her) and now has to sleep in it. He has to stay with her throughout the game and deal with it.
    • He says he loves her, she brushes it off. She tells him to stop bragging and stop saying stuff like they’re getting married (him and Christie)
  • Tommy is talking the vote with Sis
    • Tommy basically said it was a hinky vote and not to even think about it.
    • He says it could be someone like Jackson just to stir things up (ding ding)
    • Jack comes in and tells the two it was definitely Nicole. lol
    • Tommy is clearly running away with this game right now.

Check back for updates

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