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Big Brother 21 – Post Eviction Updates!

Good evening, everyone!


And we’re off! It took long enough, but some drama is stirring.

Kemi took the first open shot with her eviction speech against Bella and Nick but Bella has been taking the first behind the scenes shots by gossiping all week. The tension has been building and with Kemi staying in the house after that speech, it should be a fun week.

I’m going to jump right in to the feeds, but first, get them here for free!


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  • 7:20 pm – Bella and Kemi start arguing
    • I’m not exactly sure who started it but it got to the point where Bella tried to push Kemi away and Kemi knocked her hand
    • I doubt there will be any punishment for physical contact but they came close to throwing fists
    • Kemi is off to the DR while Bella re-tells the argument to everyone
  • Meanwhile, Jack and Sis are in the storage room talking
    • She is still bothered about how close Jack and Christie are. Come onnnnnn
    • This is so awkward. Sis, they’re friends. They’re like ‘bros’.
    • She’s upset that Jack and Sis don’t talk as much game yet they spend so much time together (having sex)
    • Jack – ‘When it gets down to us and Sam, I can’t have you attached at my hip” ouch
    • His logic is if he spends time with Christie, it puts a target on her. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Sis generally just being a boring person
    • Tommy comes in and starts talking about how great this is
    • It’s because now Nick will get some blood on his hands during camp comeback while they float along. Hopefully Sis doesn’t get jealous that Tommy is talking game
  • Nicole is in the boat room talking with Kemi
    • Nicole seems to want Kemi to stir the house a little to break up the power alliance. It’s smart of her to use Kemi for that
    • Nicole says she sees the totem pole and who is moving up to the final 6. A little late to the party
  • Nicole moves into the bedroom to talk to herself
    • She is calling herself an idiot for not seeing the clear alliance that formed around her.
    • Nicole said she told herself yesterday that she didn’t need to win HoH because the two sides would go after each other – lol.
    • She heard ‘rogue vote’ and realized that there is an alliance and they were pinning it against her (Nicole)
    • She’s so frustrated how stupid she is for missing that. Don’t feel bad, everyone but David apparently missed.
    • Watching Nicole think out loud is basically a live view of every evicted houseguest goes through – at home when they realized why they lost. At least we get to see it beforehand
  • In another room, Jack and Christie are catching up
    • He tells her about the jealous and Christie basically summed it up by telling him he made his bed (with her) and now has to sleep in it. He has to stay with her throughout the game and deal with it.
    • He says he loves her, she brushes it off. She tells him to stop bragging and stop saying stuff like they’re getting married (him and Christie)
  • Tommy is talking the vote with Sis
    • Tommy basically said it was a hinky vote and not to even think about it.
    • He says it could be someone like Jackson just to stir things up (ding ding)
    • Jack comes in and tells the two it was definitely Nicole. lol
    • Tommy is clearly running away with this game right now.

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  1. AIO_7

    I think Nick likes Nicole, so she should be safe this week.

  2. danmtruth

    AD is giving Analys the long good bye speach Saying how Nick just Kiss Bella in front of everyone but the two of them are the two most athletic
    Kemi talking to David
    CC very worried about Nichole she will be pushing for her to go out Warned Sam about being seen talking to nichole CC is made because Nichole wS SMILING during Kemi speach

  3. danmtruth

    Sam tells CC & TT he is low man in these alliance but they keep saying no your good with us The 3 of us need to work together to break up those 4 AD , JJ, and TP1&2 just what this house needs ANOTHER alliance How soon till Jess is pulled into a fake alliance with someone from H8ful

  4. ElaineB

    If Kemi were leaving the house, I could understand the speech. Having to spend the week in the house, with the two people you trashed, not so smart. Now it is totally dumb, since Nick and Bella are safe.

  5. danmtruth

    I love how these people who win the luck comp want to talk about there strategies in wining it

  6. Helen

    Nick and Bella were safe this week anyway…nick will be unable to play in next HOH which is huge!! The person that goes out on that HOH will more than likely go home!!

  7. Helen

    From Julie’s comments tonight….the next whacktivity power is a classic BB power….hmmmmm

  8. Good Dog

    Anybody up for a quadruple eviction next week to get this game going? I’ve always been impressed by the comp setups in the backyard. Honestly wouldn’t mind seeing how they put them up in fast time. More interesting.

  9. Kari

    I kind of miss Pandora’s box..

  10. danmtruth

    Nichole coaching Kemi on arguments to have with NN reminding Kemi that NN said if Kemi wins HOH she should put up jack and sys Nichole also told Kemi she did not give her the vote Nichole is now seeing the time line of conversation and when people found out about things and from who

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  12. kneeless

    I have disliked houseguests in the past but I REALLY cannot stand the Jackass Bros. My disdain for them grows by the minute. Poor Nicole…

  13. danmtruth

    JJ told AD about the hinky vote to screw nichole over They are so proud of themselves AD wishes he was the one who thought of it

  14. kneeless

    Nicole has it all figured out. Afraid it may be too late.

    • Holan

      Yeah. She is talking it all through, but how will she be able to mix it up for the top eight before they come after her. I’m hoping she stays this week the the eight go after Bella/nick for all the drama that is happening and coming out right now.

    • danmtruth

      Yes nickhole doing cam talk smarter than Cliff as she whispers hate to see ger beating herself up a bit of NY vs. NJ Networkers stab you in the face New Jersey stabs you in the back

      • Avatar

        your insulting comments belie your limited intellect. you suck. talking about the houseguests in this manner is inappropriate and not beneficial to any conversation of value…..you suck

  15. Good Dog

    If I remember correctly in seasons past, hg’s kept their power secret. This lost bunch can’t keep quiet about ANYTHING. how bout if tell anybody about your power, you lose it. It’s going to be a long few weeks till things get interesting. But I’m a junkie, so I’ll keep coming back for my BB fix.

  16. goldie

    I like Nicole, but what are those little strips of colored lace she keeps wearing around her neck? Looks like something from the 80’s. And they are so tight! She and Jess will go up for sure.

  17. kneeless

    Nicole & Sam need to talk!

  18. goldie

    Backstabbing Bella is talking to Sam in the bathroom. To hear her, you would think she is an innocent angel. She is “not going to entertain anymore drama”. I am beginning to dislike her as much as the jackass twins.

  19. AIO_7

    AssJack knows the truth, but he keeps hinting Nicole …


  20. danmtruth

    Wow CC and JJ telling AD he needs to still sleep with Sys Funny thing is earlier in the afternoonJJ told AD and CC to stop being so arrogant They left and went up to the HOH and trash JJ how dare he say that AD is like F*#k that im not going to change thats just me Now CC is telling AD the same thing
    Boat room TT AD TP1 talking about to rogue vote TT says it does not matter Before AD came in they thought it might be JJ bing bing In comes AD they tell AD that he was no it was nichole TT said he thougt it could be someone in in their group AD was that would take balls and be a genius move

  21. kneeless

    Jackson is talking about ‘stretching the food.’ David is trying to talk & Jack-ass-son won’t even listen. Yet, Jack-ass-son makes a huge bowl of spaghetti that would feed a family of 4. So much for stretching the food…

  22. Kari

    *just now started in the Pacific time zone*

    UGH. Why are they making such a big deal about Cliff being overheard talking about the couples? It’s not like this is something that everybody didn’t already know. Sheesh.

  23. danmtruth

    Bathroom NN, RATBELLA ,SamIAm Jess,Nichole
    Ratbella wondering if Sunday will be a live show Figure thay are giving names to the showmznces Says she knows theres will be Nicella the great thing was Nichole came back with mine is forever allone
    Nichole said the RV will be very empty Rztbelle is no why Well because you will be in the HOH all week Oh yeh

  24. danmtruth

    Jess talki g to Ratbella saying how she did not stress while on the blick Never threw anyones name out WTF

  25. Mello_One

    Nick has already said he is going to put up Nicole.

  26. danmtruth

    Target room Nichole JJ NN Cliff And Kat Nichole apologize to NN he says no problem but why did she do it Nichole was like im not opening that can of worms But NN was but why did she pick on me i was their for her Nichole was like she does not want to get i to it Nichole left apologize again Now NN Cliff and Kat are talking he keeps sayi g it does not matter and he keeps talking about it He just does not understand it as he has been nothing but nice to EVERYONE
    TP1 comes in theh talk about what they did during the practice throws Earlier Nichole said as shd was goi g up she heard someone say something about a rogue vote and it scared her that her hands were shaking

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Whose ready for the Circus!


    TP2 (H), JJ and Squeaks talking (I missed the convo). Cliff comes in. JJ is teling them that the gimmick evictions are over and done with. Cliff leaves and JJ asks them if “he” has mentioned his name Squeaks says no. JJ says “F*ck this, I’m not a competition threat). CC is telling them that yesterday he started funny. Squeaks says she knows she’s out of the loops that are occurring. She says she guesses this is not a shoot herself in the foot moment She says she feels in her gut that (didn’t catch the end of it). TP2 says she doesn’t think there are people in this house that want to play this game with integrity. Squeaky says she thinks you can. She says she realized she f*cked up at the beginning of the game and allowed herself to be vulnerable to Ratela. Squeaks then starts crying and TP2 hugs her. Squeaks says she shouldn’t be telling this to her (T2) either but she just feels she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. T2 tells her she’s not at the bottom of the totem pole.


  29. davidsgirl

    Nice to see you. Circus is right!!

  30. NKogNeeTow


    Squeaks and TP2 (H) are still talking. TP is telling her she understands her crying because she cried on the 4th because of heTr family reunion that day. She says when she was crying Ratella came up to her and started crying too. She says she doesn’t believe her tears were real. TP goes into some long story about how she was in college and lost a lot of weight and had to ween herself off of medication and that she didn”t bring any medication with her into the house and she’s starting to have panic attacks. She says that she had told Nick about it and he started teasing her about sleeping so much and she feels he was playing on her weakness. TP says that everyone knows about Nick and Ratella but right now everyone is scared of them and that sucks.

    Squeaks is beating herself up again about the game. TP2 is telling her to stop. She tells her to not think she’s at the bottom because she’s not and everyone in the house loves and respects her. TP says she’s always wanted to get to know Squeaks better. The bugle goes off and Kemi is called to the DR for her outfit. You hear her say “That’s so f*cking ugly. Oh, it’s a skirt!”


    KK has now joined Squeaks and TP2. PMS comes in acting over-confident. She says she’s off the block, at least for a couple of days.


    • Holan

      PSM made a comment about Kemi’s speech including the idea of NN or Ratabella joining her if they don’t get the HOH, and then how poetic it is that Nick gets the HOH… I LOVE that TP (H) said that she doesn’t think she likes poems… LOL. Great one liner.

    • Sassy

      Beth will be really upset when she finds out that did not make the episode. For days she whined (reminding production) about her family seeing her cry. Why lie to Squeaks now? Beth knows she’s likely going up, be honest with her and tell her it’s a possibility.

  31. kneeless

    I’m afraid Holly (is that her name) is going to choke herself on that stiff upper lip!

  32. davidsgirl

    I just loved how when Kimmi was asking the guys if they snore and fart in the battleback room and she was less than happy, David told her, that’s the game. These people who come to big brother and think they came to a luxury resort for 3 months crack me up. Wake up toots!

  33. LynnD

    I just now got home from work. What is the 1st thing I do? JUMP ON HERE AND FIND OUT WHO IS CAMPING WITH OVI & DAVID AND WHO IS THE NEXT PUPPET FOR THE J’HOLES OF COURSE! Imagine my surprise I just did not see the Kemi eviction comming. Bwahahaha.

    I haven’t even sat down or turned my tv on yet. This is why you guys are so great I am able to find out exactly what I need to know and exactly when I need to know it.

    Please bare with me, I have to be up at 6 (my time) but hopefully will be back to put my unsolicited comments on here as I watch. Again I do apologize if I repeat anything somebody’s already said I’m not going to have time to catch up on comments just yet. I’m saving that for when the boss is not in the office tomorrow.

  34. NKogNeeTow



    Ovi and Cliff playing Backgammon.


    JJ in the shower taking to Ratella. She’s telling him that when she (Kemi) said that she hopes the camera caught her (B) face. JJ said he wanted to put her on blast. Ratella says she’s sorry she trusted her. He says he’s not going to let her ruin his game. Ratty says tht if they were going to fall apart, it would have been with that speech. Ratty says she’s not going to talk to anybody else. *Yeah, right!* Ratty is telling him that she doesn’t thnk she was the one (*I think she is talking about Squeaks casting the vote but not sure*) JJ tells Ratty he loves her and she tells him that she will never let anyone come between them.


    Ovi and DeadManWalking are still playing Backgammon. No game talk.


    Ratty is telling JJ that Nick said that AD didn’t put them up so he’s not putting him up. Ratty says that they need to come clean. JJ says because this side shit is creating problems. JJ says that anyone who is going to hurt their game is going up.


  35. NKogNeeTow

    The house seems to be filled with Jugglers: Ratella juggling lies; CC juggling AD; AD juggling TP1 (S)



    Ratella is talking to TT, TP1 & 2 (S & H). She is still butt hurt about what Kemi said TT says she’s not in the game anymore so it doesn’t matter. TP2 tells Ratty that Kemi really had nothing to say. TP2 is telling them that last night she (Kemi) was talking to everyone.


    PMS and KK are laying in the bed talking about Kemi. KK said she heard Kemi was going to give some kind of speech. P says she’s trying to figure out if she can trust Squeaks because she’s so close to Kemi. KK says Squeaks ws flustered this week. P says she’s trying to fit together the pieces to figure out what’s going on. KK says she’s trying to stay out of it. P said that Ovi was using info with AD so they wouldn’t mess with him. P is trying to put together something about Ratella. P says Kemi came into the bathroom and saw them talking while she was trying to keep KK safe while she was OTB. P says that Ratella told someone that they can’t trust her (P).


  36. danmtruth

    JJ big plan to cause choas with his vote is not happening He will be so happy when NN puts Nicole (sorry i have been butchering her name mental block sorry all) on the block and claim it is because of the vote JJ will pop a chubby
    Nice to see Jess and Kat having game talk Yes this is big and will influance the game
    Im sure we will get Kemi in her camp comeback uniform before the HOH reviel that is if they can convince her to put it on

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, Sound Off. Who’s here with me tonight?

    Before I forget…Roll Call. Please check in:

    LinsayB, Jannie, Ann, Felts, Weed, Tinkerbell. Where are you? We miss your input.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    “JJ will pop a big chubby”…ROFL!

    • Holan

      Agreed. I fought the vomit feeling off… it only feels gross, cuz you know he’d be happy to see his genus plan work.

      • danmtruth

        Holon the truth hurts disent it And dont lie you will not be able to stop yourself from looki g at the nomination Tell the truth to the class

      • Holan

        Well, Of course I’m going to see the noms. I just don’t want it to be Nicole and for him to get that… plus, what could I tell a class right now after spelling genius wrong.

      • danmtruth

        Last person that will say anything about spelling ot gramer My excuse for poor penmanship now try and bla.e i fat fingerd the pad

      • NKogNeeTow

        It’s okay Dan. We’ve known you so long we understand your language…lol

  39. danmtruth

    I have never had to work my volume control as much as this season Hry CBS do a 10 sec delay a d hier some people to type in the text of what they are whispering Subtitels would be so helpful

  40. goldie

    Sis is a total air head. Why did she just throw away all of that pasta! That’s crazy.

  41. NKogNeeTow



    David eating, TP1 (S) putting away food, SamIAm washing dishes.


    KK and PMS still talking. They are still comparing notes about Ratella. P tells her she would never f*ck up her (KK) game and says she doesn’t ever want her to feel that she (P) has said anything about her or throw her under the bus. They tell each other they’re each other’s #1. KK laughs and says they’re in a showmance. P says she really wants to trust Squeaks but she’s so fragile. *Said the chick with all the snot flying last week*
    P wonders if Squeaks told Nick and Ratella that Kemi was going to make that speech. KK says they are a pretty strong alliance.


    • HappyHippo

      “*Said the chick with all the snot flying last week”
      Right?! It’s crazy the people that whine and cry all week and then don’t get voted out come off the block so cocky! Like 2 more people don’t get put up in just a few more days ha

  42. danmtruth

    Im disapointed thumbsy must not have stayed up i feel so ignored now with out my thumbs down
    Did PMS just say the next HOH will definently be an endurance comp and she will be a le to win that

  43. davidsgirl

    Well, I guess Kimmi won’t have to shred up her battleback shorts since they gave her a skort. (I didn’t think they would let her do that anyway)

  44. NKogNeeTow



    Squeaks washing dishes. Sam and TP2 (H) joking around. TP1 (S) putt8iing food away but left the fridge door open. Ratty walking around nibbling a bag of chips like rats always do. AD strolls through the kitchen and grabs TP1 and gives her a hug.

    Kei comes out in her uniform. They tell her she looks like a Girl Scout. It’s a scort (skirt over shorts). JJ tells her he likes it. She tells them about the swimsuit she has to wear. She says it’s really ugly. She says she likes her boots. Ratty is not really paying attention *purposely*. She say they also gave her a workout outfit. She says they gave her 5 outfits. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing it and it actually is kind of cute. She is taking about the hw ugly the swimsuit is and PMS is questioning her about it. Kemi says she feels like a flight attendant. Ratella is ignoring her. *HA! We know just the mere presence of Kemi has Ratty’s panties in a bunch. And I love it!*


    Ovi and TT are not playing Backgammon with Squeaks watching.


  45. NKogNeeTow

    *Waving to everyone in the room* 🙂

  46. danmtruth

    NK would call that a look of pissivity that ratabella gave to Kemi in her uniform not happy Kemi was working it and was enjoying herself oh good her comes the HOH reveial

  47. Mello_One

    Did anyone else either read this, or see it on the feeds…Because I read it over on Jokers. Jack (AD) told Christie that he had a bad dream, & that Kemi reminded him of his ex-GF, & when they first came into the house Kemi was being Flirty with him, & that wasn’t him?! And that’s why he didn’t want her in the House.

    Then after Kemi was sent to Comeback Camp Nick, Jack, & Jackson were in a conversation talking about Kemi…They are all dragging Kemi, especially Nick. Nick says that everything that comes out of Kemi’s mouth was a lie. Then Jack says, that is why I wanted her out from day 2?! Jack is a freaking Liar, he has been desperately grasping for straws as to the reason why he wanted Kemi out.

    • davidsgirl

      I wasn’t aware of the things Jack was saying about Kimmi. I saw Kimmi say one time in the camper that she was sad that David got voted out week one because now she wasn’t going to have a showmance.

    • Sassy

      AD has said CC reminds him of his ex, but never heard Kemi did… I heard Kemi say he was flirty with her, but he was pissy, that she did not return the flirts. She is the only girl in the house that wasn’t mesmerized by him and his ego could not handle that.

  48. goldie

    I guess it has taken AD this long to come up with a bullshit story to cover his racist ass.

  49. danmtruth

    See Jack that is family that want to be part of there childs life

  50. NKogNeeTow

    I wasn’t planning on getting the Feeds until the end of the month or the beginning of next month when things usually start to heat up. But with all the tension Kemi has created with Ratella, dammit, I might just have to break down and pay CBS early 🙁



    Ratella still ignoring Kemi. *LOLOL* She is trying to pretend she’s interested in what TP2 (H) is talking about. *I for one, am not interested in what T2 is talking about* DeadManWalking (Cliff) is just sitting there watching them. I see he has Orwell back. Did he find him or did Orwell escape and run back to him?

    TP1 (S) is braiding Ratella’s hair. *Rats don’t need ponytails!* TP2 is whispering to TP1, Ratty and SamIAm. AD says he’s going to bed. He suggest they sit by the door so they will be close by when the HOH room is revealed. Of course they all jump up and run to the living room to do as the master bids.

    SlickDickNick runs out and yells who wants to see his HOH room. *No f*cking body*. AD gives him instructions on how to open the door. *This coming from the azzhole who could never open the door.* They are on the landing waiting for David, who is in the shower and taking his time. Nick says “So David, I should just go fuck myself?” then laughs and says, “No, we’ve had some shit happen but at the end we’re all still famiy”.

    Upon entering the room, customary fake screaming and squeals of fake happiness. He got a letter from his Dad. *Here that AD? Someone has someone in their family that likes them.* SlickDickNick reads his letter then hugs Ratella and cries. *He’s really gonna cry when he finds out that he can’t take that thing home to Mama* He offers beers and snacks to the group.


  51. danmtruth

    Can AD say buddy any more and clap like a seal Than sit their next to the basket to hand it out
    Cliff with Orville jusr hanging in the background

  52. NKogNeeTow



    Ratella is strutting around like she’s queen of the castle. DeadManWalking (Cliff) is sitting quietly in the chair with Orwell, his Security Owl. Nick tells them all that they are all welcome to use the shower. *That sounds like some kind of kinky orgy shit*. Nick got a hat. A lot of random conversations going on at the same time. Kemi is sitting off alone, looking like “Why the f*ck am I here?” AD is listening to music. Snickers are Nick’s favorite.

    *Now everybody get the hell out and go to different parts of the house so we can hear some dirt!*


  53. danmtruth

    The other great thing is how people this time AD no schock just loooove the music he has

    • Avatar

      You see…on one end of the spectrum you have NK, excellence. Info presented quick and to the point. On the other end, you have DAN, just responding with stupid opinions…..STFU DAN

  54. amareels

    I’m Clocking out, can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Thanks NK and Dan for your commentary, I look forward to reading it tomorrow morning. I hope we get some drama, I missed the cat fight between Kemi and diarrhea of the mouth Bella, darn it.

  55. danmtruth

    Someone has never had a nectarine CC explains everything about them where and how to store them

  56. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is in the HOH bed. Ratella is looking at everyone like she wants them to leave so she can give her man the proper congratulations. Nick is listening to music. Wonder what kind of music he got? Bet it ain’t Rap. More random mindless conversations going on. David is teaching Sqeaks the urban handshake fist pump thing. Then they do that other hand game. *Don’t ask me about either one of those things because I’ve seen them but don’t know what they’re called*

    David leave and AD holds the door for him and tells him he loves him as he goes out the door. *Aawww…warms the cockels of my cold heart*


  57. Holan

    It’s really hard to follow conversations with so many people in the room. I heard whispering and couldn’t quite make it out, and you know, that’s what I want to know.

  58. davidsgirl

    Signing out guys have a good nite.

  59. danmtruth

    AD can not be happier for his best BUDDY Nick so proud of him
    Ratbella is over with everyone being their people leaving
    Jess ask Ratbella if she is coming back to the RV
    JJ Holly Analyse Sam and need we say ratbella last party people

  60. NKogNeeTow


    Some bedroom (Don’t ask me which cuz I don’t know):

    Kemi telling AD that now she understands when people say they just want to make it to Jury. She says she just wants to stay in the end. She asks him how he’s feeling. He says he’s confident in his game. She tells him that with Camp Comeback, it’s kind of stupid to backdoor anyone. He says he loves playing in the comps. They are both BSing each other.

    She says that it sucks that Camp Comeback can’t compete in anything. He tells her she will get her chance. She says she feels she can beat Ovi and David. Cliff and Orwell come in and tell Kemi that he knows it couldn’t have been easy for her up in the HOH room but she stayed classy. She thanks him. CC comes in and hugs her and tells her goodnight.

    CC and Cliff leave and Kemi asks if everyone is going to bed early.


    Kemi talking to PMS. P is asking her where everyone is sleeping. Kemi tells her where everyone is sleeping. Audio goes out, which usually means the show is over. Just as audio comes back, you guessed it!

    BBAD IS OVAH! Thanks to all who hung out with the Ring Master tonight. See you all on the flip side and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Dan, Mello, Holan, and whoever else is here 🙂

  62. danmtruth

    So JJ trying to spread the seads of discontent After NN said he did not think it was Nicole Ratbella was not having it They are STILL talki g about Cliff and Orwell NN finaly said what if Cliff is not Americas player and were all just being dicks
    NN and Sam TT has jjoined the group He is slick

  63. danmtruth

    TT loves that spy tv

  64. Kari

    *confused face again* I’m sorry but I still can’t keep track of all the nicknames. PT2?

  65. danmtruth

    HOH room Ratbella Sam Nicole NN go over once more Why Kemi threw them under the bus Nicole dies not want to go into it Nicole says that Kemi felt they said things to jack that got her put on the block NN znd Ratbella bring up how they were there for Kemi which is true Yet what they forget is how Ratbella threw everyone under the bus NN akso did not understand what she ment by they were working both sides of the house Look the vote was 10-1 what sides are there These too are shameless The funnh thing is even the H8ful agree with that
    TT the snake brings up the knife hus hat znd Orwell Than calls him Americas player He us doing every thing to keep the focus on Cliff Since when did TTbecome such a close friend of NN that he is still hanging out with him

  66. LynnD

    I fell asleep before the episode was over (that is how exciting it was). But SERIOUSLY? do we have another season of morons that can’t and won’t play their own game. I cannot tell you how much it makes me cringe watching Kemi’s allies vote against her. (I actually liked Jackson for 1.5 minutes). Could you imagine the mouths that would have hit the floor and the panic that would have gone through that house had Kemi’s allies actually voted to keep her & add Jackson’s swing vote. Now THAT would have been great TV & even better feeds. I would have signed back up for the feeds immediately had that happened. I mean, How hard is it to tell everyone your voting with the house & then NOT do it. BB20 did it ALL the time! When they were sequestered did they leave out the BB20 episodes on the play list?


  67. Joy

    I’ve watched BB from the beginning BUT this season MAY very well be the last for me, this group is just awful. Not worth watching or even recording. I come here for the recap. The pillow twins I mean beth is 50 years old right?? she is just thin so people think she is young and sis is as dumb as a sack of hair. I wish the producer or whom ever selects the cast would break the mold and understand that viewers want to see smart, engaging people that want to play the game BECAUSE THAT IS WORTH WATCHING. Poor Nicole has finally figured out that she is playing this game ALONE she cannot count on any of the idiots that she is surrounded by because NONE of them (I don’t care what they claim) know nothing of this game. that’s just my opinion, thank you for your time…..

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