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Big Brother 21 Pre-Season Rankings

Now that the cast has been properly evaluated, it’s time to take a look at how I think they’ll actually do this season. We have an interesting batch this season, and none of this actually means anything because some personalities click and some…well… don’t…


But first, I want to talk about the elephant in the room; the connection between Tommy and Christie. It has been revealed that they know each other outside the house, but the extent of how well they do is unknown. She allegedly dated his aunt and has been tagged in some of his Instagram photos:


Does that mean they are best friends and this is a super secret twist that some houseguests know each other already? That is something we don’t know. Even if they are super close, it doesn’t guarantee any twist for the entire house. BBOTT had two sisters and BB17 had twins who were swapping in and out. Adding in just one pair who know each other sometimes works better for paranoia than having a bunch. Once it’s exposed, everyone starts suspecting everyone else.

That said, I will say there are a strange amount of people on the show coming out of a few areas. If you include PA in the general region (although that may be a stretch), you have 6 people coming from the NY/NJ region. That’s almost half the house.  Over the course of 19 seasons (I never added 20 to my database), only 7% of the houseguests have been from NY (11% if you include NJ). To have roughly 30% come from those two states this season, it’s odd. Again, doesn’t guarantee anything, but it’s something to consider.

Another odd thing is that we’ve had only a handful of people come from TN and this year we have two people from that state and who have both attended the same school (at the same time).  Marshmello and Ovi have attended the University of Tennesee together around 2017 if I’m correct. It is worth noting that neither of the two follow each other on IG but it’s pretty easy to unfollow someone to keep a twist secret.

Other people living close are Aquaman and David who live in FL and GA, and Cliff and Kathryn in TX – although that means virtually nothing other than if there is a twist like this, those are the two who are most likely to know each other.


Now to counter my own point: Big Brother doesn’t travel to every state for recruiting. Also, a big chunk are recruited players so it’s entirely possible the recruitment team in NY and of course Los Angeles simply worked OT in finding the best people in those areas. Christie and Tommy knowing each other may just be a complete fluke. We’ll find out in a week.

On to the rankings:


These are the people who have virtually no shot and will be lucky to score the bonus money from making jury

  • Cliff
  • David
  • Holly
  • Kathryn


This group of people will be there to play but still likely won’t win. I do think they have a good shot at making jury

  • Isabella
  • Jackson
  • Analyse
  • Jessica
  • Jack
  • Kemi
  • Nick

Top 5

This group are the people I wouldn’t be at all shocked if they were all still in the game in August and each has a real chance of winning

  • Christie
  • Tommy
  • Sam
  • Nicole
  • Ovi

And I’m going to give an early nod to Tommy to win the entire game.

What are your rankings?


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  1. ElaineB

    Steve- Thx for posting all the bios, with added comments, and ranking info. Am ready for the kickoff!

  2. Kari

    Hello everybody! Finally figured my way back in here, aren’t you all excited?
    Let’s bring on another summer filled with drama and intrigue! (Or well we hope, lol!!! )

    I’m not good at predicting people early on so I’m not going to go there, but thus far I seem to like the vast majority of people according to their bios. There are a couple of people however,? No I have a funny feeling in my ears are going to hurt having to listen to some of them..

    • danmtruth

      Brave of you to come out to play without your helmet of protection BB 20 was a fun ride let’s hope they got this season right It will be interesting to see who forms what alliance Will Cliff be able to endear himself to HG as Kevin did So many questions let it begin Funny thing is it seems this first week where we dont see any of Is where and when the first ride or die are started along with the seeds to alliance

  3. BBBonbon62

    Just scrolling through facebook and found that Nicole lives in my hometown and graduated from my High School and went to school with my son. So excited to have someone from little ole Bohemia, Long Island on Big Brother. Team Nicole all the way!!!

    Thanks Steve for the Bios and your rankings. Can not wait to get the season started.

  4. Colby

    Don’t they usually do the new house reveal by now? Or is it still too early?

    • danmtruth

      I believe The HG go in for a week then come out for the live telecast of them going back in like it is the first time they see each other This should happen next week In any case it starts soon

      • Colby

        Hi Dan, and all! Ready to get this party started! 🙂
        I meant them (usually Julie, I think) giving a tour or at least pictures of the new way the house is decorated.

    • LO1004

      I saw on Twitter the house will be revealed at some time today!

      • danmtruth

        Always interesting to see what them they use The first clue to what production is planning Nice to see familiar names always exciting to hear from some new blood

  5. hogwild

    I pick Cliff to win I know he won’t but what the hell why not go for a long shot.

  6. g8trgirl

    Hi guys!
    Looking forward to another great summer with all of you!

  7. AIO_7

    Haven’t had a chance to read all of the bios yet, I’ll catch up eventually. From one bio that I’ve read Casey Anthony just might have a cousin in the house.

  8. Helen

    Director of The Department of Speculation here….reporting for duty…

  9. Katheryn

    I am going for the under dog David to win. I am truly jut excited it is getting on the way. 🙂

  10. Houseguest Doug

    I hope Big Brother USA has been watching Big Brother Canada. BBC has a far superior set (house), props, comps, and better twists and the show is much more interesting and modern. I hope BBU doesn’t stick with the same old tired concept.

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  12. mm22

    I can’t guess the theme…what is that?

  13. g8trgirl

    Hi Steve!
    Can we have our “thumbs up, thumbs down,” back yet please?

  14. Helen

    Theme this year is summer camp..
    I personally think it is horrible…

  15. ericawesome

    Hi everyone! Here’s to another great summer reading, commenting and creating conspiracy theories with all of you.
    To be honest i’m dissapointed with most of the cast so far. It feels like they’ll only talk about missing their dogs.

    I guess i’m voting for Jack to win?

  16. Avatar

    Hey everyone!!! I’m so excited to be back with you guys for another awesome season!!! I can’t wait for it to get started!!!

    Steve, I’m so glad you see the potential in Ovi that I do. I think he will get overlooked for a long time and get far into the game. I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong lol.

    • Helen

      Rumor is…
      Nick some the first HOH with best time…Jack and Kathryn came in 2nd and 3rd…
      Cliff came in last and was evicted
      Then they picked teams..
      Nick chose…Christie,David,Kemi and Isabella…all are safe this week
      Jack chose…Analyse,Jackson,Nicole and Sam
      Kathryn chose..Ovi,Holly,Tommy and Jessica
      Both jack team and Kathryn team will compete in another comp…whichever team loses that comp will be who Nick has to choose for noms for eviction
      Don’t know if this is true. But it is a rumor…

  17. danmtruth

    It is great to see all the old gang getting back on The best thing early on is seeing who tries to form what alliance with who Let’s give this summer camp a chance

  18. Helen

    The “rumor” has already been debunked by live feed “audio leak”

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