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Big Brother 21 – Random Sunday Night Ramblings

Good evening, everyone!


Sunday is one of my work days for my regular job and since I cut down the number of days so I can have more time blogging, but I think they’re trying to be nice by giving me a ton of hours to make up for it. So, naturally, I missed most of the feeds today because of that. However, I’m catching up and the only thing I really missed was this weird love triangle between Nick-Bella-Sis. It’s weird because I don’t think Sis has any clue she’s even involved which makes it quite a bit funny. And sad. Mostly funny.

It started around 5 or so when Bella noticed Nick and Sis in a snuggle position on the couch


Now, to be fair to Bella, even though she’s a pathological liar, she has been bumping uglies with Nick and he’s clueless if he didn’t think that would bother her. She is understandably bothered and goes up to the HoH room to vent to Tommy about it. Regarding Nick and Sis, well that’s hard to say. I’ve watched a lot of this show and have witnessed a ton of cuddling like that. It has almost become normal in a house with so many people for so long. I personally don’t think Sis really gives a shit about Nick in that way because she’s all about big bad Jack, but Nick does seem to be into Sis so he was certainly enjoying it, and Bella knows that.

After some venting to Tommy and then Tommy/Sam, Nick finally makes his way up to the HoH room to have a talk with Bella. He tries over and over to reassure her that he likes her and the girl he looked like he was in love with just 5 minutes prior means nothing to him. She feels stupid for being played on national TV and doesn’t really like him cuddling like that. Nick said that above isn’t cuddling. Okay.

They chat for about an hour or so going back and forth how he didn’t mean it and how he really likes her blah blah blah. I don’t really care about the showmance crap so I’ll just skip ahead.  Around 8 or so, you have Nick back talking to Sis in what seems like a break-up of sorts. He’s explaining to her that he’ll always talk to her and stuff but they can’t really touch. Sis doesn’t seem to really care, but Nick is having his moment here and I guess it will help him sleep better?

Analyse, we need to break up
We’re not dating
I know, but it has to stop now. Bella is upset
Ok, done
I mean it. We can’t keep living this lie! We’re hurting Bella
No problem, can I go back to eating?
You will somehow have to move on without me. I love you, Sis. Please, say no more
Ok. Going to eat now


Moving on from that crap, let’s talk about the CBS episode a hair.

I’m glad they showed Bella was the person who created the name even though she vehemently denied it the other night. I also like how they put in the right context that Nicole was really just trying to play the game when she let Nick on a pretty big (and weird) secret that Jackson told her. Those morons (Nick and Bella) ended up telling Jackson and their alliance about it rather than listen to the warning and the entire house spent Friday night trashing Nicole up in the HoH room. Hopefully CBS does more editing on Wednesday’s show to emphasize how awful they were, but I somehow doubt they will.

Once again, they kind of made Kemi appear to be the sassy one of the group just like they did when they aired her ‘slicing the throat’ comment to make her seem crazy.

Nick said a few times how he’s not going to nominate Nicole, but tomorrow he’s going to nominate Nicole so that will be fun. I doubt there will be any drama from it, but he may look like an ass to the CBS viewers.


Ok, I am tired, I just wanted to get a post in today. Recap in the morning and then I’ll be back doing live updates tomorrow afternoon.


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  1. danmtruth

    Thanks Steve you took what draged on forever Nick gave some of the worse excuses ever When ask about cuddling with Sis His first defense was we wernt cuddling i just layed my head on her leg it was no big deal we are all one big happy family As Bella keept on telling him she is tierd of him hugging Sis behind her back Nick perfect in his mind come back I knew you were watching on spy tv didnt you see me wink WTF

  2. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone sitting around eating. Nick and Ratella standing on the upstairs landing talking to CC. JJ sitting at the table eating a Jethro sandwich. Lots of loud random convos going on at the same time. Sam is sitting at the table not saying anything. Ovi is talking to PMS. KK is now on the landing with Nick and Ratty. Everyone is yelling. Nick is now standing on the landing alone and yelling. So much yelling.

    Living Room:

    TT and KK are on the sofa. She tells him she hopes Brett doesn’t think she’s in a showmance with David. *I just can’t…And there’s still an hour to go…*


  3. danmtruth

    Jess has found a new word thanks to Bella SAVAGE
    Surpised we did not get fish as Sam was talking about reddit Kat mention exposing Raven site
    Has Tommy set up slepping in the RV to keep an eye onKat & Nicole

    • NKogNeeTow

      Probably. You know the Camp Mediator can’t let a conversation go on without him.

    • Colby

      I think he slept there last night because it was an empty bed, and TP1 was sleeping with Christie. But he decided it was a good idea after the whispering between Nicole and Kemi he heard going on this morning when they thought he was still asleep. So, yes, to keep an eye on Kat & Nicole.

  4. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling Ratty that Sam is his #1 guy and she is his #1 girl.


    Still yelling. Can no one in this house talk in a normal tone? They are either yelling or whispering.


    KK is thanking TT for being so sweet to her. She says it was just one of those days. She changes clothes while he’s trying to go to sleep. He asks her what everyone is doing. She tells him they are making wraps. She snaps herself in the face with her sports bra.


    Kemi asks Sam “WTF?” He asks her what. She says she feels like no one wants to talk to her. They find a Bible and he thumbs through it. It’s Cliff’s Bible. She tells him that it’s just so awkward that she heard KK say something about her being in Camp Comeback. Kemi says WTF, she (KK) flirts with David all day. She starts to say something about Nick then…


  5. Mimi Ryan

    OMG – Michie SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORNON. Nick, WT????? Nick you are a Wing Nut!!!!! RATELLA – Get that B!tch OUT, she’s an idiot. Clearly has no clue how much she doesn’t have any social set. & with (Nick the Wing Nut) wrapped up into Ratella, I can see how badly his “game” is. I feel really bad for Nicole. I’m just letting you all know, that I’m rooting for anyone other than the Hat8ful to win. I even had a dream last night there were 3 & none of them were in the F3. “I gotta do what’s best for my game this week”. WHAT GAME Hat8ful is the game play, not individual game play. Wing Nut Nick is playing for Ratella. AD is expecting the game to be his reign.

  6. danmtruth

    Mimi dont forget everyone manifesting they will win the next HOH

  7. danmtruth

    Jess making excuses for JJ snapping at Kat He was locked up He nirmaly gets to workout in the yard But it was closed so he had no gezlthy way to let out his aggression

  8. NKogNeeTow



    SamIAm is telling Kemi that no one has said anything against her. She is telling him about her convo with Nick and how he threw her game under the bus then got mad because she threw his under the bus. She says if she get back into the game she doesn’t want it to be weird. Sam says that if she comes in the only thing she can do is win or she’ll be right back out. He tells her he would love for the winner of Camp Comeback to come back as HOH. She says he doesn’t think he would have anyone come after him. She says she just wonder if Holly had won HOH instead of Nick, who would she have put up. They speculate who they think Holly would put up. Sam says he thinks they view him as a threat. Kemi asks him if the Veto is used, does he think Nicole will be put up.

    Kemi said she originally thought that the rogue vote was by Nick and Ratty to pin on Nicole but she doesn’t think that now. She says she thinks it was because Squeaks was close to her. Sam says the thing is nobody cared about the rogue vote. He repeats something RockStar told him. Kemi asks him if he could just win HOH and put Nick/Ratty up. He says they don’t really bother him. He says he doesn’t want to win the next one because the one after that is the Jury one and he wants to win that one.

    Kemi says she wanted to make it to Jury. She says that she thinks she could beat David in the Battle Back. Sam says they think Ovi has the power because he’s gotten more cocky. Sam says it’s not like they’re laying around naming alliances. She asks him what alliances is he in. He says none. She asks him if he’s afraid to say because he thinks she will throw him under the bus. He says no.

    Kemi starts talking about her arguement with Ratella. She says that she’s the kind of person that if she gets mad she will knock you the f*ck out. She says Ratty got in her face. He said he didn’t see it that way. From where he sat he saw Kemi put her hands on Ratty. Then he said he saw Ratty get walk behind Kemi and Kemi turn around and Ratty chest bump her, then Kemi put her hands on Ratty and pushed her away.


  9. LynnD

    I want to start on a Subject not BB related. I just need to vent for a moment about my daughter’s Zoo. I put her Dogs Out so I can make sure they go to the bathroom outside and not in my house because we all know who gets the clean that up. I get them in I set the alarm, not 4 minutes after I sit back down to try to read updates and watch bbad and I’ve got a cat crying at my back door got to get up turn my alarm off let the stupid cat in turn the alarm back on sit back down finally starting to be able to get back to where I’m at watching the feeds reading the comments yep here comes the other cat crying at the back door got to get up had to turn off the alarm let the little shit in turn the alarm back on sometimes I think these animals are more work then the kids.

    Ok like every other day so far this whole season I am counting the moments until this Bella bitch is gone. I am honestly having a hard time keeping up with what is actually going on right now. Maybe just reading updates and only having bbad is confusing the hell out of me I think it’s time to break down and get the feeds. I read that something is going on with Nick and someone else and I just don’t even know. I honestly don’t even think I have seen Nicole on the TV since bbad has started tonight but I might just have missed her while I’m trying to take care of these damn animals. Going to be honest I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts together tonight it’s been an exhausting weekend so hopefully the office will be quiet tomorrow and I can do some more catch-up won’t that be awesome. But the last thought I would like to leave everybody with is am I the only one thinking that KK might want to try and cool it a little with David before Brett breaks up with her before they even get together. Poor Brett he just can’t catch a break.

  10. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is telling Sam that Ratty told her that the 6 of them were in an alliance and they are all couples. Kemi says she thinks that whoever comes back is going to be HOH or something. Sam says that’s why it’s important to find out where Cliff is and where CC is. Kemi says she thinks that CC isn’t playing AD’s game but her own. He says that’s why if you’re in a showmance you’re golden and he sleeps by himself. She says she was thinking if Nick was going to practice what he preached and make a big move and go after AD/JJ. Sam tells he that it would be silly to do that right now because they are so big in the house and that if they did it now, whoever put them up would have 8 people after them. He said no one wants to do it now because it’s too early. He says that the people in the house are scared of the people in Camp Comeback because since they can’t play anything, they can just sit back and blow up the game.


    Ovi and Cliff playing pool. They are scared of David coming back in. Cliff says he still has to be careful and not hang around Squeaks to much. He has a little bit is fine but she keeps showing up. He said he was upstairs and she came up to him and JJ caught them.


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  12. Gerardo for AFP

    “Now, to be fair to Bella, even though she’s a pathological liar, she has been bumping uglies with Nick and he’s clueless if he didn’t think that would bother her.”

    I gotta remember not to be drinking anything when I read Steve’s updates, I’m going to ruin my laptop one of these days. LMAO!

  13. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling Ovi that it’s the lies more than anything else that has got the house going. OO ask him who was he talking about. Cliff says Nicole. He said it started when they realized she was telling different things to different people. *Go home old man* Somebody from the hammock starts talking to them and their convo stops. They continue to play pool.


    Kemi is telling Sam how she and Nick kept retaliating against each other with game and personal stuff. Sam asks her what she meant when she told Nick and Ratty that she’ll see them both in Camp Comeback. He said they took it as her saying they will be sent to Camp Comeback. Squeaks comes in and joins them. Sam said he was the only one who knew what she meant. She says because everyone there is a dumbass.

    Kemi says Ratty said that she can’t believe Kemi said something because her family is going to see it and now she (Kkemi) will have to go talk about it in the DR. Kemi says wtf was she talking about, she’s been sh*tting on her for 3 days, then laughs.


  14. Vikki T

    Where is Sam’s head? He is talking too much to Kemi.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Lord, let this last 20 minutes be quick.



    AD, David, Nick, Ratty, Ovi, TP1 sitting around talking. AD and David are going to have a food challenge. Nick is running down the rules. AD is in the house mixing up some concoction for the challenge. Hank Hill is checking the laundry. AD comes out with a mixture of yogurt, relish, raw egg. Ratty says it’s not bad because it’s all protein. AD adds Worcestershire sauce to the mix. He’s stirring and says he’s actually gagging a little bit himself. He shows it to the camera. They asks David his odds. Ratella now has the glass. Ad goes over the rules again. David is staring at them in disbelief. Ratty says something and AD tells her he made up the game so it’s his rules. *Basically shut up Ratty* AD loses and chugs the drink he and David hug. AD says that might be the most disgusting thing he has ever drunk in his life. A few of them are gagging.


  16. NKogNeeTow



    David challenges Nick to the next food challenge. David goes into the Boatroom. AD goes to the DR.


    OO is in the room with Sam, Kemi, and Squeaks. OO is telling Sam that he tried to save him earlier. *He can’t even save himself* OO is telling them about the food challenge they just did and are about to do another one. *The name of the challenge is “Odds Are”*


    Nick says he wants to do it outside because he throws up easy. Ratty says it’s better in the house because it’s easier to clean up. Ratty is making the concoction this time.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I thank you and my stomach thanks you.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  17. LynnD

    Happy Monday, (blah)

    Steve I just wanted to let you know that I had a great laugh at your commentary of the “conversation” between Nick & Sis. Poor Sis, she did take it very hard LMAO!!!!

  18. danmtruth

    Thanks NK good job as always Nice to see Gerardo back with a few well deserved #STFU
    Some time during one of the food challenge or Kemi and SamIam talk i fell into a BB sleep only to wake up hours latter Not sure if it was Kemi hair flipping talk with Sam * there seem to be a lot of hair flipping this season Kemi, Crazy Eyes,/ Christi, Holly/Beth/ TP1 ,Anajyse/Sis/TP2, Jess/PSM, Kat Bella/Ratbella Jack/Jackass Twin 1 all havr the hair flip thing going on I just want the hair tie concession money in the hous I dare anyone to take a drink any time someone flips there hair * (sorry lost in a tangent ) Why has Kemi decided to enter the game with a long game talk to SamIAm ?
    Poor Sam told by his closes partner he is number 9 in an 8 person alliance * are you really in it than * Now of all people Kemi talking about couples and alliance calls him part of the scrubs Bella and Nick will try to pick up to go after Jack
    Kemi talks to sam like he is the Rodny Dangerfield of the house This coming from Miss insignificance

  19. LynnD

    Also another random……I saw on twitter that Angela (from bb20) book came out. Apparently people are giving her only 1 star on the ratings. I normally would not even mention this. BUT they are using their reason bc they didn’t like her on BB20, they felt she already had her 15 min of fame, didn’t feel she should keep trying to make money from being on BB20. Did not see 1 bad review of the actual book from anyone who read it. They were all personal attacks. People seriously need to grow up. You don’t like her move on. Don’t bash a book you NEVER read!

  20. Nancy

    I’m watching BBAD..and I’m just freaking intrigued by sis..she has started two stories about what ppl have told her..and both times she cant remember what they said..someone said she dumb as a box of hair, but that’s giving hair a bad rap. Goodbye sis!
    I read the feeds last nite as NK and Dan posted. Glad I did. I have some idea what’s going on when these hg whisper..WHISPER LOUDER MAMA NEEDS TO HEAR

  21. danmtruth

    Again other reality shows give them fix necklaces to wear These little ones get blocked by clothes Or if pointed in the wrong direction In Jacks case he walks around without it because he is getting ready to take a shower Than walks to another room without it I cant recall a person so often blatantly not wearing his mic

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