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Big Brother 21 – Round 2 Is Tonight!

Good evening, everyone!


And we’re here! The final Saturday of the season and the final competition until the finale fluke guessing game comp that is nowhere remotely fair to someone who has busted ass for 99 days. Woah, kind of went off on a tangent there. I am serious about that, however. The final round of the HoH has typically been when they ask a jury member questions and we have to predict what the person said after (well, no we specifically lol).

After 99 days, about two dozen comps, 13 evictions, and way more lies fights and drama than most of us will go through in a lifetime and it all comes down to a guessing game which could completely alter the entire outcome of the season. Sure, it’s an ‘educated guess’ type of game, but it’s still a guess. It’s not like the comp ‘what the bleep’ where they can remember what the answer is because they were in the room when it was said. This is all pure speculation and guessing. Ridiculous.

As you can see, I’m not a fan of that competition.


Tonight, Nicole and Holly will square off in a competition that likely features athletics and memory. That means there is a good chance Nicole can win as she has smoked Holly in similar comps this year. However, should she win, she can still lose the guessing game and end up in third place. In future seasons, it should simply be the winners of the first two rounds make the final 2. No losing your way into the championship match. It would be like the Rams winning their game and saying they wanted to play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl rather than the Patriots simply because they won their game first. (side note – Bad mistake. Chiefs would have crushed the Rams like 40-14).

As of 7:20 pm, the feeds are down for the second round and it could be a late one. I’ll keep this updated for when they return. In the meantime, entertain me by sending me fun snaps (sc: stevebsfan)

Alright, feeds returned at 10:30 pm and Jackson/Holly are celebrating in the bathroom while Nicole is crying in the bedroom


I am doing homework so I have my headset in and can’t hear the feeds, but I don’t want to. I don’t need to hear them to know what happened. It’s heartbreaking to see Nicole like this and I am at a loss for words because Jackson and Holly will be in the final 2.

I don’t really like pushing specific people for things, but all I can say is that everyone needs to vote together for AFP and not split the votes. Vote Nicole for AFP so she doesn’t split with Cliff which results in like a Tommy win.  If you are neutral, voting together for Nicole is the best way to go because that’s where a lot of the votes already are.

If anyone asks, this means there is a 99.9% chance the final 2 will be Holly and Jackson. There is not an argument in the world that could convince Jackson to take Nicole over Holly. The 00.1% chance would be Holly screwing Jackson and taking Nicole for some odd reason.


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  1. mona77450

    I hope you’re feeling better Steve. Sending psychic energy to Nicole to bust through and win this competition. I’ve always hated the What the Bleep because it’s a stupid comp. 100% guess, no memory involved.

  2. ElaineB

    Thx Steve for providing the site for BBJunkies. I know it takes time and work, which I appreciate. You have a good team alongside you, including Mel, NK, Mike, and Melinda. Whether it is an enjoyable BB season or not, it is a nice diversion, to continue to come together in the summer to share a few months of BB. Once again, thanks!

  3. Robin

    Thanks so much Steve. Even though I completely agree on the round three comp, this one should actually be in Nicoles favor if she can get there tonight. The 2 stooges are too self Centered to have any clue on the guess questions though Beth’s native catty may pick up on some answers.

  4. Rise2thetop

    Even though I only started commenting this season, I have been reading this site for years. I don’t post often because I’m not always caught up on the latest thread. Having said that, Steve, thank you for providing a fun, unbiased site that is enjoyable to read. I hope you are feeling better from your cold. Nancy, you are in my prayers. Your comments and avatars always put a smile on my face and I’m certain I’m not alone in that. Nk, thank you for providing detailed play by plays each night. I prefer to read your posts than watch the feeds on the DVR most of the time. I could never stay awake long enough to watch it and I don’t always find the time to watch every minute.

    My AFP vote goes to Nicole, although I’m hoping to see her win tonight, then beat Jackson, and win the whole season.

    • Rise2thetop

      Didn’t mean to leave out Mel. Mel, I enjoy and most of the time agree with your assessment on the game. I was discussing the show with my brother the other day and I kept saying Beth. He watches After Dark but doesn’t read anything on the internet and asked me who Beth was. Whoops!

  5. Ann

    Please someone walk me through changing my avatar. I’ve been piddling with this thing for what seems like forever but it’s really been about 45 minutes & I’m at the point of wanting to give up. I’m not good with computers.

  6. Pink13

    Just checking in on here to see if there is any news from Nancy?

  7. Betty Boo

    Here’s to hoping they give them alcohol every night til Wednesday! That should break up the showmance.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Hey everybody. First let me say that Steve, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Lil Nancy, wishing you luck and a speedy recovery. What would this site be without your daily changing avatars?

    I was going to watch the feeds today but since it would have probably been the same as watching BBAD, I decided to skip them today and just check in on and off on Jokers. Tonight I had a choice between watching the feeds or Rainman. I chose Rainman. Glad I did.

    If the comp goes into late tonight, BBAD might be delayed. And that might be a blessing in disguise considering what’s been going on there the last few nights.

    Anywhoo, see you in 10 minutes.

    • ElaineB

      Thx NK for your hard work this summer. Some seasons are more difficult than others, and this was one of them! I can say “Suck it up, Buttercup!” tp Holly, because she deserves whatever “life after BB” gives her. Pox on Jackson, just because! I don’t like him, never will, and won’t care to remember him, after the season is over. Anyway, thx again, get some rest, and I will look forward to meeting with you again, next summer! *Smoochies*

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep, this has been a difficult season. I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s the worst. I don’t have the memory of past seasons like Steve, Mel and most of you guys. I only remember bits and pieces from seasons (which I can’t even name) and some of the people I disliked so much. Such as Andy Herren. That was one nasty little elf. Jason Roy, the basement troll was another one. Gina Marie and Erin Gries were two other despicable characters.

        I liked Paul his first season but hated him on his second. He was another one who played dirty the second time around. He isolated and had Kevin shunned for no other reason than just because he could and for sheer meanness. Rachel Reilly was annoying as hell. Cody and Jessica were equally annoying but redeemed themselves on The Amazing Race. Raven and Matt were another kind of animal altogether. These are all I can remember at the moment.

        I also won’t say that this season has made me so mad that I won’t watch the end. Am I sick of them, hell yes! Will I stop watching, hell no! Not until those checks are handed over and that confetti is all over the place. Them I will spend the next 24 hours sleeping until either next summer or if they do a BBOTT. :*

  9. Avatar

    Here is tonights playlist and if you do want a special playlist for Wednesday night if BBAD does happen let me know in the comments


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  11. Cheryl

    I keep flipping between Bull and Big Brother on CBS all Access! Hoping for a Nicole win before I go to sleep!

  12. jeka

    I hope if Nicole wins, that she would have the confidence to make a deal with Jackson-“we both fought and won the final two spots…..let’s agree to take each other to the final no matter who wins round 3”. I think she can beat Jackson, especially if she wins the final round and takes him. He might take the deal because it guarantees him a spot. Holly won’t be able to offer that. The bitter part of me would want her to cheat him out of any money and take Holly if she won, but I think the satisfaction of beating him would be worth letting him have 50k.

  13. Robin

    TY NK, I have my fingers crossed for Nicole!

  14. Pink13

    I’m so nervous! I can’t sleep! Come on , Nicole!

  15. NKogNeeTow


    **The show is delayed while the comp is being played. At the moment POP is showing an episode of Schitt’s Creek. I’ll resume reporting as soon as the show resumes. Keeping my finger’s crossed for Nicole.**

    If you’ll bear with me, I’d like to take a minute or two to share my thoughts on the HG (as if you don’t get an eyeful as it is). For the past few days Steve, Mel, and Mike have shared their breakdowns and thoughts on how the remaining players have been doing. I’m going to choke as I say a few words about the last 4 of them.

    Although most don’t like him, there is still a lot that believes he deserved to win because he’s a “comp beast”. He is. He’s also a lousy human being. Yes, maybe he does deserve to win because he has been “on” since the game started. I guess I’m just one of those emotional, bitter people who hated the way he played. Just because he may have been a good player (which wasn’t hard considering who he was up against), doesn’t mean he wasn’t a dirty player. Yeah, I know, there aren’t any rules against playing dirty. I’m just not a fan. But if he wins, so be it. I’ll hate it then by next month I’ll have forgotten all about him. By next year I won’t even remember what he looks like.

    It’s NO secret the way I feel about her. I can’t even hide my disdain. Some of the Live Feed Chatters feel she shows signs of being abused and suffers from battered women syndrome. I couldn’t disagree more. She’s as big a manipulator as JJ is. They say he belittles her, shuts her down, disregards her feelings. I’ve seen the opposite. She’s called him names, picked fights, persuaded him to do what she wanted instead of what he wanted at times. She’s bitter, jealous, condescending, manipulative, and duplicitous. She won’t let him out of her sight for fear that someone else might change his mind or he might like them better. She’s talked down to him like she was more his superior than his equal. She doesn’t like to be reminded of their age difference, yet will try to sway him with it whenever she runs out of options.

    She’s sweet and kind. But does that mean she deserves to win? Not necessarily but it’s almost like the lesser of two evils. I love her but hates the way she lets people make her second guess herself (Cliff). She has the mind to win the game but does she have the drive? She says she does but then when she’s talking to JJ and FAB she almost sounds like she’s pulling for one of them to win. She needs to stand firm and not let herself be swayed or distracted from the reason why she’s there.

    I liked him at first. I was pulling for him because of his age and the calmness he displayed. But lately, he had gotten sloppy. And when he figured he was going to go, he wasted our time doing this combination act of Will Rogers and Garson Keillor. He should have spent less time talking to us and trying to melt our hearts into giving him the AFP as a consolation prize and spent it trying to convince JJ of what a mistake he was making. Even when he came up with some devious plan (and I’m not faulting him for it), he’d always back out at the last minute and everything but genuflect to JJ. I’m not saying he had to play cutthroat like JJ did or get down and dirty, but if you’re going to sell wolf tickets, just be prepared for someone to buy one.

    Okay, climbing off of my soapbox now. Send in Thumby and the rest of the clowns. I’m ready. 😉

    • hogwild

      My issue with Jackson is not that he played the game dirty it was the phony outrage show he put on when anyone did the same to him always trying to play the victim. My favorite part of the season was Thursday and Nicole in DR telling him to go fuck himself the only thing that could have made that better was if she had said it right to his face.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Agreed Hog. The phony outrage was part of him playing dirty as far as I’m concerned. And yes, I did like when she said he could go fuck himself. I hope she continues to keep that in mind although it doesn’t sound like it lately.

      • hogwild

        I think she is playing nice till this round is over she hasn’t forgotten his BS. The other thing Jackass did I didn’t mention was that shitty goodbye message he left Cliff even Holly who he considered voting out showed more class in hers than he did.

      • Mary

        Hope she playing along to get along, just to survive being in the house with the showmance. Read on Jokers today that Holly was talking to Jackson and she said she’s nervous that he (Jackson) will change his mind, and he said he is considering it.
        5:32 – posted 5:40

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m hoping that even if Cliff had changed his mind and was going to vote for JJ, he changed his mind after seeing that GB message.

    • Cheryl

      Thanks Mel! Once again I agree with each of your HG assessments! Let’s go, NICOLE!

    • Sunny

      NK – I think Nicole is playing the game. I believe she’s pretending to like Jackson & Holly but she makes these snarky little comments every now and then that make me think she despises them but is kissing up to get along until the end. At least I hope that’s what she’s doing. I think she sees through all the fakeness that is Jackson & Holly about all their “oh you’re a great person and competitor blah blah” crap. Again, I hope so anyway!

    • Alda

      NK,I think since Holly/Beth has been showing an interest in Nicole it makes her feel good. She sees her in a different light.Sad isn’t it? Nicole seems to think they could be friends when this is over.

      • NKogNeeTow

        FAB would never pick someone like Nicole to be her friend in real life. I believe Nicole is the kind of girl that FAB makes fun of behind her back. It’s okay though. Nicole deserves better.

    • twaddle

      Jackson is, for sure, a comp beast. I’ve read some speculation that he’s coming off PEDs, but there’s really no way to know if that’s true, although he’s lost a lot of muscle definition since the season began.

      My objection to Jackson is that while he’s won a lot of comps, he hasn’t been that good of a player when it comes to strategy. I mean, he wasted two HoH’s booting Sis, then Jess. He let Christie talk him in to keeping her, and those are just the ones I remember. Not to mention poor jury management.

      • NKogNeeTow

        If he’s in F2 with Nicole and talks about how she left a showmance in, I hope she brings up that he booted Sis and Jess when there were bigger fish to fry and how he let Christie bamboozle him into keeping her.

  16. Colby

    Seriously? 3 hrs?
    Even if they went individually there is only 2 of them.

  17. Colby

    Does the fact that POP started another episode of a sitcom mean that BBAD or the feeds won’t be back until it is over?

  18. Mary

    I don’t know about you guys, I’ve seen these animals so much lately, I’m ready to start naming them.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    I hope all this time means that Nicole is winning. This waiting is so nerve-wracking.

    • Mary

      Gosh, I sure hope Nicole wins. hee hee hee Then all will hear is Holly saying ‘ I should have won, that was my comp to win’.

      Can anyone tell me why they are sleeping in the same room now. Please don’t say because they feel sorry for Nicole.

  20. Colby

    Looks like Holly won.

  21. Sunny

    DAMN DAMN DAMN!! I’m off to bed – I don’t want to read anymore tonight. CRAP!

  22. Kari

    Omg Im going ape shit. I don’t remember any other year that bored and annoyed me so much where I’ve ever been so antsy the find out the results of the final games.

  23. Avatar

    Crap FAB won now I know I’m not watching finale night

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  25. NKogNeeTow

    DAMMIT! FAB won. 🙁

    • LynnD

      NNNNOOOOOOOOOO SAY IT ISNT’ SO! (picture me throwing myself on the floor kicking & screaming). Now I have to go on my 20 fake accouts and do 200 votes for Nicole. But before I go I just have to say if I have to hear that damn parrot say “SAME” one more time Im going to whip my remote at the tv.

  26. NKogNeeTow


    Not sure what is going on with the show. POP is showing another episode of Schitt’s Creek. Maybe Production is as pissed off as we are.

  27. Ronduh

    I’m so sad! I hate seeing Nicole like this…i really think she deserved to win over those assholes. She is getting all my votes for AFP…not really interested In watching the rest of the season but I’ll check in here.

  28. Mary

    Jackson went in and gave Nicole a hug, and as soon as Holly went in there they cut to fish.

  29. Avatar

    I have a question are the BBUK seasons on Britbox because I have been thinking about getting it for Most Haunted and the BBC version of Being Human. BBUK would definitely factor in my decision on getting it or not

  30. Colby

    JJ and HB were in the bathroom. Very happy, and JJ said things work like they are supposed to.
    HB started trying to tell him something about it and he cut her off and said he needed to make sure Nicole was OK and left.
    He is gonna work hard for her vote.
    HB followed shortly there after and then fish.

  31. Mello_One

    My heart is breaking for our little Nugget….But she can not afford to look at the glass half full, Nicole came a long way from behind, and is now an F3. Nugget will surely be winning AFP also. But still, I know she wanted to win. 🙁

  32. NKogNeeTow


    The feeds keep going in and out and BBAD hasn’t returned on TV yet. Feeds did briefly show JJ and FAB talking in the kitchen.

    Feeds are back with The Vultures gloating, but BBAD still isn’t on yet.

    He keeps kissing her and telling her that she had a job to do and did it. He asks her if she’s taking him to F2. She laughs and says the tables have turned. She starts to talk about a part in the comp when there was something about clowns and she says she didn’t think it was fair because that would be geared towards Nicole. THEN FISH!

  33. NKogNeeTow


    FAB still bragging and complaining at the same time. Fish still popping up after every sentence they say.

  34. Colby

    Enough of listening to them gush about each other and getting fished every 30 seconds, so I’m done for the night.
    NK, take off early if you want. BBAD isn’t even on.
    Nite all.

  35. Painter1

    Well another season of Big Brother has come and as far as I can say it’s over. Thx Steve, Mel, and NK for another fun summer with Junkies can’t say the same for the show. Bug welcome to the newbies and hope to see you here next season. Don’t see how the ending could be exciting with the two in F2 so I’m getting into football season. See ya all next year.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Looks like there will be no BBAD tonight and this All-Access is BS. I was trying to report from the Feeds but even though the chat is stalling on and off, the feeds keep either stalling or going to fish. BBJ keeps freezing too. I’ll try to do the best I can from here.



    FAB tells JJ that even though it makes more sense to take Nicole she is going to do what they started. He keeps telling her he’s walking out with his best friend, he can’t believe she won, and they are going to the F2. He tells her that when she won he knew they would be going to the F2 and have been through 14 evictions. He says he almost went out 6th from the start. She tells him he never almost literally went out.

    He asks her who are they going to vote for. She says she has no idea. He says 5 of them have something genuinely against him. He says, Cliff and Jess. She tells him that Jess said she would vote for him. She asks him if they are making food then starts to talk baby talk. She asks him how many days has it been. He says too many.

    *BBAD just came on with an announcement that they will be back on live tomorrow. *

    Feeds go to FISH

  37. Avatar

    You know things are bad when even Swaggy is feeling bad for Nicole


  38. NKogNeeTow


    Feeds come back and JJ is eating a big bowl of watermelon. He asks her if she knows what’s wild? He says that half the country are ecstatic and the other half is going “Fuck”. She says that Nicole has just as many, then…FISH.

    He says that maybe they will get the backyard. She says she doubts it because it’s almost midnight. She says something about television and then FISH.

    FAB puts 4 ears of corn in a frying pan on the stove and JJ yell Nicole’s name. FAB yells that it’s freezing in there. He whispers something to FAB and she says “Me too baby.”

    He says this is the last shot. She says the relief of not knowing and she says she was in the room afraid Nicole was going to win. FISH

    FAB still frying ears of corn while it sounds like JJ is grinding pepper(?) He says he thought he was going to see at least 30 or 40 based on the doors. She says it was hard. She asked him if he meant because of the way she was standing. She says because she knew she messed up on 2 but didn’t know that Nicole would mess up on 2. She asks him if he’s going to make steaks because she will be finished in a second. He says he’s waiting on her.

    He looks at her, smiles and mouths “I love you baby and we’re going to the F2”. He goes to get the steaks from the SR and she asks if they should do Mexican salmon because it’s going to go bad. He says he’s going to fix it tomorrow night. *Still no sign of Nicole. All 4 cams are on The Vultures.* FAB puts the corn in a bowl and cuts the kernels off the cobs. *Had to close the chat. They were going to wild.* He returns with the steak and is singing. He gets a warning and says “Sorry”.

    She tells him she did the corn more charred for him. He tells her 5 more days and it’s not a bad haul for a summer if you ask him. He tells her he still just can’t wrap his mind around this. He says when he and his mom talked about him going on BB they never talked about he could win. FAB says it’s weird to her because she’s the only on in her family that watches this show and she doesn’t think they realize…FISH.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    After 5 minutes of FISH, FEEDS return to the kitchen with The Vultures still cooking. JJ is dousing the steaks in lemon juice.

    *What would make my day is if FAB gets to choose who to take and when Julie ask her she accidentally says Nicole’s name then tries to change it and Julie says. “Sorry Holly, we have to go with the first name called”.*

    Still no sign of Nicole.

    FAB goes to the SR and JJ hides outside of the door and scares her when she comes out. She tells him he’s so mean. He makes fun of when Nicole called an avocado, agave. He cuts pieces of steak in the pan and they both taste. He asks if it’s good. She says yes and he agrees. He tells her the adobo they had with the lime was so delicious. She puts MORE lemon on the steaks. He asks her when they did the tie-dye. She says 6 hours ago.

    My Feeds either keep freezing or the room won’t come up.

    He starts telling her he’s not going to slip up, then…FISH

  40. Kari

    WTF is with all the damn fish?

  41. NKogNeeTow



    The Vultures are still cooking. He tells her what he can’t wait for is for them to walk out in 1st and 2nd place. She says “I know”. He is talking low and I can’t turn up the feeds any higher. She tells him she wanted to kick his ass and he kisses her. They get a warning about obstructing their mics. They are now talking in whispers. He says that he doesn’t want anyone who would only want the spotlight. He tells her that she’s the kind of person who would want the spotlight and pull him into it too then fight him for it. *F*ck my life.*

    JJ says, “Hey BB”, and we get FISH.

    Feeds back. FAB is talking in her fake English accent. JJ calls Nicole. FAB says they should all get ready to eat and they should clean the table before another one of them is called to the DR. FAB puts on plastic gloves and covers the tie-dye paint with the tops. She asks him to wipe the table down with paper towels. He wipes the table, walks to the sink then back to the table and tells FAB she did it. Nicole comes out and JJ calls her. She tells them she has to go back and said she just ran out for…FISH.

    Nicole briefly talks to them for a second…FISH.

    *There are more damn fish on All-Access than the National Aquarium.*

    Feeds return. Nicole is gone. FAB is cutting up the steak. JJ is pouring them some champagne. They toast then kiss, then drink. He says that’s all they get and will save the rest for Nicole. They fix their plates and sit at the counter to eat. She says she could have done the corn a little bit more charred. *Never one shy for fishing for compliments.*

    FAB tells him she was so nervous, she really didn’t think she (N) would make mistakes. She says she still thinks she would have beat her but she was so, so nervous.

    Sorry guys, this is as much as I can take of them tonight. My head is pounding (not because of them but they aren’t helping). I’m getting ready to turn in.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  42. Gerardo for AFP

    I probably have the unpopular opinion here regarding the final HOH comp, but I’ve always enjoyed the “wild card” element of that comp. I like the fact that it’s a bit of a guessing game and you don’t really know who’s going to win it (even based on past comp performance). It’s led to some extremely exciting and unexpected finale night outcomes (remember Josh’s surprise upset in the BB19 finale?), and it also means that you can’t rely on winning the final HOH to get to the end. You have to have set yourself up to make it to the end by playing the game, making deals, and planting seeds in your competitors’ heads about the jury vote.

    Anyway, I guess that’s a moot point for this season given the outcome of the first two rounds. This sucks, but the whole season has been godawful so I suppose this horrible ending is appropriate.


  43. mm22

    Thanks NK-so disappointing! I read really early in the season production loves this
    showmance and would like to see them in the finals and thought to myself maybe you
    could control somethings but not everything-but with all these added timed physical comps
    this season we don’t get to see live it makes me wonder.

  44. Avatar

    He’s pretty much said theìr showmànce ends after the show. Two ways to see this… she wins over him & we get to see the aggreßive face again or he hops on her $500,000 train. OR he wins and she gets a very quick …see ya! Im disgusted with either winner,

    My guess: because none of jury really want either.


    This is if they stay bitter. And I can see that because there were better gamers than either sitting In jury!:

  45. Punkytripster2

    It’s NO secret the way I feel about her. I can’t even hide my disdain. Some of the Live Feed Chatters feel she shows signs of being abused and suffers from battered women syndrome. I couldn’t disagree more. She’s as big a manipulator as JJ is. They say he belittles her, shuts her down, disregards her feelings. I’ve seen the opposite. She’s called him names, picked fights, persuaded him to do what she wanted instead of what he wanted at times. She’s bitter, jealous, condescending, manipulative, and duplicitous. She won’t let him out of her sight for fear that someone else might change his mind or he might like them better. She’s talked down to him like she was more his superior than his equal. She doesn’t like to be reminded of their age difference, yet will try to sway him with it whenever she runs out of options.“

    NK – I couldn’t agree more. I think she is worse than JJ (not saying he’s a good guy) he at least had some redeeming qualities and their were glimpses of hope when he was with Nicole one on one. She is the one of the main reasons Sis left instead of Christie and that was supposed to be her BFF. She was worried everyone was flirting with JJ she is so infuriating. In the case of the F2 I would give to JJ because I can’t stand FAHB. Nicole for AFH.

    Thanks for all the late night recaps NK.

  46. Avatar

    Thanks, everyone for the welcome greetings in the last post. Holly and Jackson in a showmance and $550K between both of them. I wonder if they are heading for the Amazing Race next! I might be wrong, but will this the first time a showmance made the final 2? My bet is on Nicole to be America’s favorite houseguest. I would have put Cliff and Tommy in for AFHG as well. It’s been a fun summer.

  47. BBGurl

    Well this was happy news that I woke up to. SBNicole did exactly as I thought she would. LOST. Apparently she can’t win a comp unless it’s thrown to her. No big surprise there. Her whole season screams “loser”. From the people that she aligned with to her lack of ability in the comps to trusting the dumbass redneck hillbilly. Poor, poor Nugget, indeed. lol

    • Sassy

      I agree with most of your statement. I’m not surprised she lost, and I’m glad she did. I just can’t hop on the Nicole train. I would not call her a loser, but being a nice person (which I believe she genuinely is..) is not enough for me to root for you. I understand both JJ and FAB are awful people, but they played the game. I’m #teamJackson all the way this week. I’d rather see CC (not advocating for this either) get AFP then Nicole. Again nice, but I still think of it as Player not person and I think that is a BIG difference.

      Lastly, where are all the people outraged at your thumbs down. 4 or 5 downs to a popular post is unacceptable, but 20 plus on a not so popular is ok. Hmmmm… I’ve always been a thumb upper but today, I’m going to start thumbing down the posts I don’t like.

  48. Avatar

    I know you all are upset. Obviously this is a pro-Nicole site and those of us that want other sinners get all the thumbs downs. Lol. She is a nice girl, but the fact of the matter is she made a critical and catastrophic mistake in keeping Tommy and played a poor game almost wall to wall. She had most of the strategic situations in the house dialed in almost perfectly but failed to act appropriately given what she saw. She was given all but one of her comp wins and got out played wall to wall. Like her or not… She does not deserve final 2.

  49. Ashley

    Welp, round two most definitely had something to do with a stool if Beth won. I feel awful for Nicole. I cannot put into words how much JJ and Beth disgust me. I’m done.

  50. BBGurl

    CONGRATULATIONS Jackson and Holly. You’re going to Finale night on BB. You both played this game balls to the walls, lights out, incredible. This is how Big Brother is supposed to be played. If you want nice and sweet go watch Jeopardy.! You won comps when it mattered. You lied when it was necessary ( and every winner of BB has lied). You made smart choices and most of all, from week 1, the two of you were loyal to each other. Great job guys. Your fans are proud of you. Don’t worry about the haters. Jealousy, bitterness, racebaiting, ignorance doesn’t matter.

  51. Avatar

    I’m not counting Nicole out just yet. Maybe I’m just being naive but I do believe there’s a chance JJ or Beth end up taking Nicole to F2.

    Based on their comments, JJ is worried Beth has more “friends” in JH & he’s worried about a bitter JH & Beth is worried she worried she doesn’t have enough comp wins & will be seen as not having played her own game.

    If JJ ,& Beth are both actually playing for $500K, then logically, their best chance is sitting next to Nicole in F2. Should either take Nicole to F2, then worse case is Nicole gets 2nd place + AFP.

  52. BBGurl

    Don’t hate me for celebrating. Don’t be hypocrites. Ya’ll would be doing the same thing if SBNicole had won. laughs. knows I’m wasting my time trying to use logic. People are what they are and do what they do. Hate me if you need to, if it makes your lives a little bit better. I can handle it. It’s kinda fun being the BBJunkies bitch. lol Somebody’s gotta do it.

    • Mel

      I can’t imagine people on here hating you for being happy if the games going the way you prefer. At least someone is enjoying it this week. There’s no need to come on here and insult people though. I dont think its hypocritical for Nicole fans to be unhappy she lost the comp.

    • MamaBear

      BBGurl: Bless your heart. My prayers are with you. I’m certain Jackson and Holly will be more than grateful to know there are still like-minded people outside the BB house. I’m hoping Holly wins the money as well. Inpatient psychiatric treatment is quite expensive I hear. Enjoy the Finale!!

      • Jenny

        @MamaBear – I’m sure you didn’t mean to offend, but that ‘joke’ was like a punch in the gut to me. Mental illness runs in my family and one of my brothers spent a long time in a psych facility learning to manage his schizophrenia. Another family member has fought depression since childhood and has had multiple stays in psych wards over the years. These are life-threatening and debilitating illnesses.
        That being said… yeah, we (myself included) all make jokes about HG’s being “crazy”, “nuts”, “psycho” or whatever, and I think that’s okay but I understand others would say that’s unacceptable too. Anyway.. like I said I’m sure you didn’t mean to offend, not gonna hold it against you, just wanted to give my perspective.

        *steps off soapbox*

        thanks! 🙂

  53. Amber

    Sorry for those disappointed but I’m okay with this. I think it’s impressive for a showmance to make it to final two. I don’t even fault Jackson for getting out Sis and Jessica on his HOH. I was like thrilled to like see them like go. It didn’t hurt his game any and he’s in the final two so I can’t call it a bad decision. Real question is why none of them put Holly and Jackson beside each other on the block until they had to.

  54. hogwild

    Well shit had a bad feeling when I woke up this morning now I know why Holly won round two if she actually wins HOH maybe she will realize she has a better shot against Nicole than Jackson and take her though I don’t think Holly is that smart and will give up half million for her boy toy. Giving a big thank you to Nicole and Cliff as they were the one’s who made this season tolerable this one is for Nicole.

  55. hogwild

    Given Nicole my ten AFP votes for today.

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