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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Afternoon Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


This is probably going to be more of a chat thread than an update thread because there is nothing going on in the house as they all sit around and wait to play veto. We know that today will be zingbot day which will likely mean a few people sulking after the competition thinking that America doesn’t like them based on a zing they got.

It’s a pretty big day for Christie because she is basically alone playing for veto today. Tommy is not playing and it’s super unlikely that anyone will use the veto on her because she is the prankster’s pick. With the anonymous nature of that pick, everyone else will be too scared to remove her because they have no clue who will be the replacement. It doesn’t mean she’s guaranteed to leave the house next Thursday but if she survives the block three weeks in a row, I’ll be shocked.

Christie does have a big thing going for her in that Nick was nominated by the HoH and the HoH doesn’t want to nominate him for no reason. She (Holly) would prefer Nick go home to avoid any blood on her hands this week as she didn’t even need to nominate a second person. It’s really hard to say who would survive a Nick vs Christie showdown next Thursday but we may not even get to that point if one of them win today.


Once again, thank you to everyone who has donated this season! Love you all (I sound like I fit in with this BB21 crew just tossing out the love word)

BBJ Pet of the Day:

Here are Jerome and Jemima sent in by Valerie! Very beautiful kitties. Thank you for the submission.


For those wondering how to submit, use this contact form and let me know. I’ll reply with my email you can send to. I am not putting my email here otherwise I’ll get spammed by bots that scan the internet for email addresses.


12:00 pm – Jess, Tommy, Christie sitting around playing backgammon while Holly and Jackson are relaxing in the HoH room

2:00 pm – Feeds down for veto


4:25 pm – Feeds back!

Jackson won the PoV

Nick knows he’s screwed


He let it slip to Tommy that he won the power

Christie is up in the HoH room happy right now but I am not sure quite yet. Keep in mind, Holly was shook by the gasp she received when she voted out Sis. It literally threw her off to the point where she didn’t do the shoutouts she was going to do. When word gets out that America voted Nick, it may get in her head and change her tune. She wants to be liked by America

I am going to start up a new thread because we’re well over 100 comments on this. Going to talk about what I think moving forward


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  1. Avatar

    I feel a double eviction is in order soon. 8 people left with August winding down feels like they’re behind a bit.

  2. mustangsally

    Are the veto picks in? I also think Thursday will be pranked, and no one leaves.

    • Leta

      JJ, Jess and #TeamHogg for the veto

      • Nancy

        If its physical..goodbye jess..shes even admitted physical is out for her..boxheads back was hurting..cliff had a bum leg..

      • Leta

        I’m rooting for weirdo NN. Only because the others won’t make a move with the veto and because this game needs to get busy. NN would most likely put Jess up … although that would for sure put a spotlight on him as the prankster. Would he realize that … or even care? But, maybe, just maybe, he would make a real move and put JJ up. That’s what I’m manifesting.

      • Robin

        OMG Leta, I love that idea…. and at this stage, not sure putting up Jess points too hard at Nick?

      • Robin

        And anyone could put up JJ

      • Leta

        Robin ~~ You know NN ran his mouth to everyone that if he was chosen as Prankster he would put Jess or CC up. I don’t think he would really care if they all pointed fingers his way at being the Prankster, but he needs to t.h.i.n.k. Putting Jess up really doesn’t change anything except gets his paranoid jollies off at finally getting her out. CC would still be there, gunning for him. If he put JJ up however, Holly would ruin her 5 hour make-up job, JJ would go back to being an asshole and the house would have decide WHO to send packing. This game needs to pick up speed and just quit with the damn kumbaya cereal parties.

      • Helen

        The only way nick gets to replace anyone is if CC comes down….Nicole already told Nick he has best chance to stay sitting next toTommy…Cliff and Nicole already have talked about Tommy needing to go…
        The problem is this…If Christie were to get herself off Nicole will be blamed for being prankster…I am still convinced this will be a prank week and no one will go on Thursday,setting up the following week for double eviction..and guess who will be targeted….Nicole…..

  3. Nancy

    Valerie your cats are beautiful..thank you for sharing…hug em for me..I’ll put the drums down..

  4. mm22

    Valerie your kitties are beautiful-made me think back to my childhood cat midnight
    she wasn’t a lap cat or even really friendly but had a litter of the sweetest kittens ever
    and they were so fun to play with

    • WhereisPablo

      Thanks, I’ve always been a dog person, but serendipity brought these 2 to me and they are definitely entertaining. I have learned a lot!

      • AIO_7

        Beautiful kits, Val. I’m glad you kept them in twos. I always try to do that myself. They will always have a friend, and there is no way you could have replace the fun they had playing with each other in their first year. The two dogs that I have right now are 8 year old sisters.

      • WhereisPablo

        That is sweet AIO, I’m sure your girls are grateful to be together. These were the last 2 from their litter of 9, so no way could I separate them.

  5. KelBel

    Love your kitties, Valerie! I’m a total sucker for tuxedo kitties!

  6. AIO_7

    If we do have a re-do week, and no one leaves, does that mean the lovah’s get to keep the HoH room for another week?


  7. Robin

    Sorry, just posted this on the other thread and saw the move….So, just dawned on me that production likes Cliff. I think they brought Nicole for him to partner. Everyone knows that it takes at least two people to win this game. Of all the types of people that could partner with Cliff, Nicole is perfect…. she could be his daughter… a very nice fatherly role for Cliff. This may be some of the better casting this season…

  8. Diane

    Valerie…sweet kitties. Very beautiful and sophisticated.

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  10. Robin

    I wish I could have kitties…. thax for sharing yours!

  11. Nancy

    I hv some ferrel kittens in backyard..been feeding them..they hang out on my back patio now..becoming very tame..one is a runt, flys into house when I open door..he may have found a home..will take him to vet soon and possibly be his new mom..

    • Robin

      Nancy, that is so sweet…. you want to call catch and release for the others… help solve the homeless baby problem…

      • Nancy

        Thanks Robin..my vet will spay and neuter them for free..( shes my pal)..I had 3 cats, all lived to be over 21 or right at 21..I miss indoor babies, and my dog loves cats..

      • AIO_7

        21? WOW! The oldest cat I’ve ever had made it to 19 and a half. The oldest one I have living now is 13; with three more at 8 and a half.

    • Leta

      He would have a great new home, I’m sure. I too am big on rescue animals. Our cat, Miss Mouse, is a Manx I rescued after the mother abandoned the litter at 4 weeks of age. I’m always bringing critters home. One time I found a horse in the middle of the road, threw a rope on her, brought her to the house . . . but the hubby was like “SERIOUSLY? You know you can’t keep a horse, right?” LOL I found the owner about 3hrs later — the horse had broken thru some patched fencing. Can’t wait to hear what you name your new baby!

  12. Tam

    Is Jackson wear HollyBeth’s shirt? Wondering if Production gave it to him or is it really hers? That just caught my eye and threw me. I know she wears his clothes but he does not strike me as one to wear a female’s shirt because it might undermine his machoism. Really wished NN would put on a shirt. His tats are beautiful, but the rest not so much…..There is just so much going on with these people that makes me smh and do double takes…mind boggling…..they are discussing the live feeds but yet are clueless that they are being filmed “almost” 24/7……

    • AIO_7

      His (Nick’s) tats are beautiful,

      I like his tats too. If you get a good look at the one on his upper left arm it really has some good definition. That tat guy was a good one. I would like to know what is written in the scroll he has on his right tummy.

      • Tam

        Agree, they do have beautiful definition. Not, sure what it says. Have tried to see it several times, but then my eyes hurt…..IPO, It should say PUT A DAMN SHIRT ON…… NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS…..Sorry He just grosses me out at this point…..

      • Nancy

        I would like to know as well..wish we could read it..

  13. Helen

    Is the face morph comp a veto or HOH? I like that comp…..

  14. Avatar

    What the bleep I was checking my Twitter feed and I see a post from Hamster watch saying Christie found a banana condom in her bed.


  15. danmtruth

    Last thread Leta told us Holly=beth was up in the HOH practicing her F2 speach Let that sink in Practicing her F2 speach
    Dont mean to offend or embarrass anyone but this MUST be said about this special litte self proclaimed conservative Wyoming girl

  16. Leta

    As all the HGs gather in the LR waiting on Veto to happen, production is messing with them via the cameras. Holly starts posing for the camera that notices is on her. Cliff starts tap dancing across the floor — Holly’s not happy as “her” camera follows him. She asks Cliff if he thinks he’s really funny.
    Nicole says she really enjoys Cliff.
    Cliff tells Holly he doesn’t care if he’s funny, as long as he has fun.

    Back the fuck off of #TeamHogg attention whore.

  17. Helen

    I hate veto days…they wake them up 2 hours early to pick players and then the housepets sit around all day long waiting to play…

    • Leta

      Yep. Holly is busy dropping names of famous people she has spent time with. TT also has spent time with some of the same famous people. Jess announces DisneyLand has the cleanest bathrooms. A few discuss some store named WaWa. Cliff tells them about our stores, Buc-ee’s,the best rest stop in America. Holly invites them all to go on safari with her. NN, Nicole, Holly and CC talk about books vs being made into films. Jess announces the best thing she did in L.A. was rent a bike and ride down the beach.

      As usual, no one pays any attention to Jess.

      • Sassy

        I think Wawa is a gas station. I have a friend that says they have the best coffee, I cant confirm because I’ve never been to one.

        If you are already hanging with the celeb crowd (even D lister), you should be disqualified from this show.

      • BlueberriLover

        Buc-ee’s IS by far the cleanest bathrooms…ever!! And their Beaver Nuggets are soooo addictive
        Would go to the one’s in Madisonville and Wharton. I now live in Washington and miss Buc-ee’s, Whataburger and Blue Bell ice cream

      • Vikki T

        Leta – you mentioned Buc-ee’s so now I want beaver nuggets. And HEB chicken tamales with green salsa. I see a trip soon.

      • Nancy

        I’ve seen the wa-wa store on Live PD..lol

        @blueberrilover..welcome and what the hell are beaver nuts??..nuggets sorry

      • BlueberriLover

        And Wawa has some of the best food like meatball subs and this dish they make with mashed potatoes, meatballs, sauce and parm cheese. Very comforting food. They are on the east coast. Gas station, convenient store and little restaurant and yes best coffee

      • Leta

        Blue — damn straight. Buc-ee’s rocks. And of course I’m addicted to Whataburger and Blue Bell. My fridge is even full of all of their condiments and Blue Bell Ice Cream. LOL

      • BlueberriLover

        Beaver nuggets are caramel covered popcorn. Nothing like that Fiddle Faddle boxed stuff. Big popcorn and thick layer of sweet awesome caramel.

        Vikki T OMG I miss my HEB so much!!

      • Vikki T

        Bluebell mint chocolate chip is in my freezer. Nancy- beaver nuggets are described as a sweet buttery corn puffs but I described them as addictive.

      • BlueberriLover

        Leta. I got stocked up on Whataburger condiments before we left Texas in February. Our car was packed to the gills LoL but there was no way I was leaving any Whataburger or HEB items behind Haha

      • Nancy

        I want some beaver nuggets..they sound so good..not crazy about the blue bell, can take it or leave it..I wish ga had whataburger..I hear so much about them..
        Well..I’m hungry..

      • Leta

        Blue –I hear you. I mail condiments out of state every month! LOL a raise a kid on Whataburger and you’ve created a monster kinda thang.

        Vikki — I always keep a half gallon The Great Divide in the freezer. And usually a pint or two of Cookies and Cream also. 😉

        I’m out for a while, Junksters. I have a deadline on my ass and a whole lot of reseearch to — well — research again. Ggggrrr . . . see y’all later!

      • MartyMar

        *Jess announces Disneyland has the cleanest bathrooms* always contributing…

        Even on feeds, it captures just how out of place she is.

      • danmtruth

        Wow yes thise bever nuggets sound great Put that in my HOH basket promise to share

      • Hollymarie

        Forget the Beaver Nuggets. I’ve driven 29+ miles to get some Buccee’s fudge!

      • Alda

        WAWA’s are great convenience stores.WE have one.They have great coffee,salads,hoagies soups etc.A lot of them sell gas too.My son was a manager for quite a few of them.

      • Valerie

        Wawa is pretty awesome. Their soup tastes like mine when I’m sick and their smoothies are the best! Had to pitch in for wawa…going back to lurking!

    • Nancy

      And we wait, as well, Helen…
      I could pull out some of my ol vaudeville acts, and entertain you….

  18. Alda

    Two beautiful cats ,Valerie.

  19. Tam

    Christie just said she hates her voice……well, we do, too……And the Fish again……Yet, they are talking about production things and they aren’t doing it so it makes me wonder if one of the button pushers is taking a nap, too…..

  20. Leta

    It’s Veto time!

  21. Helen

    If Zingbot is hosting it could very well be Hide the Veto….
    Cliff has probably the best veto hiding spot picked out…

  22. Avatar

    I want NN to win the veto. If he comes off the block then CC stands a way better chance of going home. I loveeeeee the idea of TT going on the block but neither NN or Beth would put him up. Someone needs to make a move on him fast. TT is by far the most dangerous person in the house and no one but Nicole seems to notice or even care.

  23. danmtruth

    Leta im sure many of us would volunteer to help on your project Just so we can keep the queen of snark with us
    Speaking of needing to go Hosting high school frinds Might need to stop and help They are my friends after all lol

  24. Apopkedave

    So, if it stays the same who goes? Nick or Chipmunk?

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  26. hogwild

    Very bored today so decided to check in and post this in honor of Nicole.

  27. Helen

    I don’t much care who wins veto this week….I am convinced this is a reset week and no ones going anywhere anyway…
    To make feeds interesting Nick or Christie winning veto would make things more interesting for an otherwise boring wasted week and paint bigger targets on whichever one won otherwise noms will stay the same…

  28. Helen

    Too funny. From HamsterWatch BB 21…

    let’s see if we can out-zing the bot – hit reply with your best shot.. I’ll start

    CHRISTIEEEEE you like to talk about whatever you’re eating, but you don’t have to…… everyone can see your food while you’re chewing it ZINGGGGG #bb21

  29. Avatar

    Not really about this season, but I wanted to know everyone’s favorite past seasons. I wouldnt mind watching some “good” seasons of big brother. My first season I watched was when they did the Love Theme, BB’s attempt at the Bachelor I guess. Haha. 🙂 Any seasons before that, I would like to know which are the best to watch.

  30. HappyHippo

    Feeds back Jackson won

  31. Helen

    Jacksonwon veto

  32. Helen

    he told Nick he can’t use it, “it’s Holly’s deal, I’m sorry” – Nick told him he’s the Prankster and “I hope you do see I’ve been loyal to you, I could have put you up”

    • Sassy

      He needs to do to CC, what she did to him last week. They already know she is backing out of her promises. She made it known she has fulfilled her obligation to them, which means they owe her nothing!

      I’m happy with whoever leaves, I don’t like either one of them!

    • AIO_7

      This thing could flip back. But since it looks like Nick will be leaving, I might be glad if no one goes home this week. If we can’t get rid of Chrustie, might as well keep Nick.

  33. Avatar

    Jackson should have stuck with CC last week. If he had not Nick and CC could have been gone and there’s little competition after that.

  34. Alda

    Damn! This is not good. JJ says “It’s Holly’s deal,I’m sorry”-huh-last week he was HOH and gave in to Snobby Holly/s wishes to keep Crusty.

  35. J-Ski

    It would still be best for them to vote out Crustie. I hope they finally use some brain cells to see that.

  36. hogwild

    Well lets see if this group can rub their heads together activate their few brain cells and do this week what they should have done last week.

  37. CatLover

    Since CC cannot seem to win anything, maybe it would be best for all to get Nick out this week.

    • Tam

      Wondering if it’s not part of her strategy to show that NN is the bigger threat ‍♀️. Never know with her bcca ( bay crap crazy ass ).

      What’s up with Snackson’s socks being up higher than Cliff’s. Sorry that I notice silly things like that

  38. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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