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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Afternoon Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Still a slow afternoon, but I decided to create a new thread mostly because I see people asking about things like avatars.  Here is the thread to teach you how to upload an avatar. I know it’s a bit confusing because I also have another area where you upload an avatar but that is due to wordpress generally being a flakey program so I was bouncing back and forth to balance speed with functionality. At this point, it would be easier for people to use the avatar link on their profile pages, but if I changed it now, thousands of people would have to re-do their avatars and it’s just simpler to have new guests follow the above steps.

One trend I’m noticing is that people are changing their avatars to their cats which gave me an idea. I love pets (as most people do) so I’d like to showcase your pets on these threads. Just one picture on a thread, I’m not going to overload, but I’ll try to have like a ‘pet of the day’ or something. If you’d like to contribute you can use the contact form and I’ll reply with the best email to use (I don’t want spam on that so I don’t want to post it), or you can email stevebeans –at– therealityjunkies –dot– com.  That’s my email for my old website that I used to talk about reality shows before this one.

On to the show –


Nick and Jackson were chosen to play in the veto alongside Tommy, Christie, Kat, and Cliff. That means Christie now has a 50% chance of someone pulling her off (assuming Nick actually does it, but that’s nowhere near a guarantee because he’s all over the map). Kat has a roughly 33% chance of being taken off (Jackson would take her off) and Cliff has a whopping 16% chance. The sad part for Cliff is that he’s almost certainly the one to go if Christie does get taken down off the block, so the numbers are not great for him. However, seeing as Christie is almost a sure bet to go home if she remains on the block, that improves Cliff’s chances.

Last year, OTEV was around this time, so it’s possible that’s what it is this year. If that is the case, feeds are going to be down for a long time. It’s 1:30 pm in the house and they haven’t even started the comp yet.


1:30 pm – Jackson, Cliff, and Kat are all up and getting ready. Everyone else just hanging around


3:00 pm – Still no veto yet!

5:30 pm – I fell asleep but feeds have been down for about an hour for veto!

6:00 pm – Feeds back!

Tommy won the veto.  Bye Cliff.


From the way they’re talking, I think Cliff went down during the comp and just told them to continue and accepted defeat. Jess said it was incredibly sad

I guess Kat did something in the comp which caused Cliff to get injured so the feeds came back and she crying hysterically and is now in the storage room alone trying to calm down. She did something like grab some rope during the comp which they may have both been going for and he got hurt. Not intentional

It does sound like it was OTEV


Upstairs, Nick and Tommy are talking. Tommy wants to get Kat out this week to balance out the guys vs girls. Plus with Cliff generally being hurt, he’s easier to beat in the long run. Both are pumped that Christie gets to come off the block. Nick, this is why nobody likes you. You bounce back and forth to whoever is in charge and you try to steal Jack’s girl the second he walks out the door. You’re slimy

Sis says that they gave the people the names of the comp before it began. Wtf.

Overnight thread is up plus a discussion on Cliff’s non-move 


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  1. Avatar

    First post I’m so happy right now

  2. Avatar

    Would TT and NN be the only 2 to take CC off the block? So anyone else needs to win the veto, right?

  3. HappyHippo

    Cliff talking to the camera and to his family is so sweet. He misses them so much. I sure hope he stays and CC goes the hell home or to the jury house I should say ….

  4. Ava

    I want Christie to go so I don’t have to watch her eat with her mouth open anymore!

  5. NKogNeeTow

    I posted this on the last thread but I’m posting it here in case it isn’t seen there.


    I try to run a pretty much clean board here, with as little drama as possible. Sure we get off topic sometimes and can get a little rowdy and raunchy, but it seldom goes too far. Since you are new here I’ll run down a few things that you might not be aware of, that I WON’T allow:

    – No talking politics, race or religion, unless it relates directly to the game. Discussions such as this can go south quickly and turn this into an entirely different site. Should anyone wish to have those types of conversations/discussions, you should seek a website that caters to those topics.

    -You can go after the HG all you want but you are NEVER allowed to go after another board member. You have two options to handle disagreements with other members. You can exercise your right to use your thumbs up or down buttons. Or you can private message them to discuss it. If you have a problem with someone, it is strongly recommended that you take it private. As fascinating as it might be for others to read, we don’t really need to see it.

    Any further attacks on fellow board members will be removed.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Kari

      *The first part of this comment has been removed per the request of the poster.
      NK, Moderator

      I’ve noticed that you do not have to be actually a part of this blog officially to do the thumbs down. I can go in and click thumbs up or down on a post without signing in. I wish there was something we could do to alleviate that. I think that the people that do the thumbs down (simply to be an annoying pain in the ass) have multiple fb accounts and they’re just coming in trying to make it look like more than one person is doing it. For instance I could do two on each post if I wanted too.

      • Nancy

        Last year, when I was still a lurker..I clicked thumbs up from my phone, I wasn’t on FB…..NO..I NEVER THUMBS DOWN..Y’ALL WERE INFORMATIVE AND TOO DAMN FUNNY..I LOVED IT

      • Kari

        the only time I ever do a thumbs-down this when the thread is about something really negative or somebody that we have a problem with or something that they’ve done. That being said I will comment and say “Hey, by the way, I’m the thumbs down and this is why”…

      • ElaineB

        Just ignore the thumbs down. It is insignificant. Maybe some use the thumbs down as a counter, just as others use the thumbs up. Might be ‘opposite day’…lol. Who cares?!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        *The first part of this comment has been removed in response to a previous comment.
        NK, Moderator

        In reference to being able to thumb up or down, I’m not sure but I think you can only do it if you are a registered member. The system probably identifies you by your IP address. Not completely sure, just a theory. Maybe Steve can give us some clarity on this.

      • KelBel

        I can “thumb” from my phone, which is not registered (because my phone hates me), so I can testify you don’t have to be registered…

      • Alf

        I only use thumbs down after I say something really stupid.. then give my self the thumb

      • danmtruth

        Alf thats funny thumbs up my friend

      • Kari

        Thank you NK.

    • AIO_7

      -“You can go after the HG all you want but you are NEVER allowed to go after another board member.”

      Any one else remember the cat-fights we had between Ann and Ann2 a few years ago? That was some knock down, drag out stuff. Loved every minute of it.

    • danmtruth

      Disagreeing with an idea is fine Give your reaso and see what the response is But to take it into a oersonal attack is not what this site is for Im not connected other than i enjoy the conversation with people My opinion does not care any more importance because i have posted over 100 times than someone who has posted once That opinion is just as important Look forward to reading more

      • NKogNeeTow

        Dan, I don’t even care if they have a reason to disagree with a comment or not. They can thumb down or up all they want to without a reason. Who cares. But it’s when a personal attack on the commenter, not the comment is unnecessary.

      • Nancy

        @NK..I could thumbs up without being a member…just logged out and could still do it..just sharing

      • Vikki T

        I lurked for a couple of years prior to joining or commenting and could use the thumb button. Thanks to Mel on that as she mentioned it as a good way to keep up with new comments.

      • Rise2thetop

        You can use the thumbs without being a registered member. I used to do it all the time. I used it as a placeholder so I wouldn’t read the same thing multiple times and think I’m having dejavu. A few years ago I hit the wrong thumb by accident. I didn’t even notice I did it until the person that commented mentioned it. After that I did it as a running joke occasionally for the rest of that season. There was never any ill intentions as I’ve always enjoyed reading the comments section. Now I just use it if I disagree with an opinion. There are other lurking thumbs out there.

    • stevebeans

      Thank you for watching over this section

  6. Painter1

    Question, if CC is taken off the block by veto,than what? No replacement ? Just wondering.

  7. danmtruth

    Last thread new contributor Hummingbird suggested glamping instead of the usal summer house vacation for the evicted Sounds good to me so Nancy move them into there

  8. Avatar

    I used to give a thumbs down when I didn’t like what was in the post like retelling what happened not at the person posting it, I don’t do that anymore because people thought it was directed at them & that was never my intention

    • Joy

      I thumbs down when I don’t agree with the post, whatever it is. Nothing personal whatsoever and it shouldn’t be viewed that way. We are adults here and we can’t always agree on everything.

    • Kari

      I think these people get this weird little thrill out of it. I’ve mentioned this before and I know it’s snarky, but it’s almost like the only way they can get off? LOL.

      I’m guessing they don’t have any decent friends and they are living a very lonelylife. And what’s really sad is if they would just be nice they probably would make some friends here on the board.

      Oh well self-entitlement seems to be the generation of today. All you have to do is look at the majority of the people in the game and see it. Then again some are blind to that.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Then I let them have their little thrill. Thumby & Co. have had a field day with me lately but I don’t give a good kitty. In the words of the immoral Coco Chanel, “I don’t care what you think of me, I don’t think of you at all.”…lol

  9. hogwild

    New avatar no tounge baby.

  10. Valerie

    I don’t think Jackson would use the veto on Kat because then Holly would go up. If Tommy wants to try and break up the 3. Nick if chosen by Cliff players choice said he’d use it on him. To Tommy, Christie and Sis he has said he’d use it on Christie. I personally hope Cliff wins it and Tommy puts up Holly so Christie has one less vote against her. Putting Nicole up wouldn’t help Christie, neither would Jess who’d keep a girl over a guy or shady Nick. It all comes down to the veto comp. Hope it isn’t Otev unless Cliff can find his answers before the others to run up the water. He’s mentally great for that but the others are all in better shape.

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  12. CatLover

    First time posting, I have been reading for a couple of years, I love all of your comments and thoughts about the houseguests,. Steve, Mel, and NK you do a wonderful job of updating!!

  13. Lather

    Isn’t Cliff’s leg/ankle/foot thing still a problem? Might be difficult for him on otev. Still, fingers crossed he’ll win.
    Down votes welcomed on my post. Don’t bother me. I still like Cliff a ton more than the other two, and quickly became quite irritated by Christie. Manifesting her right out the door.

  14. Pink13

    Christie shoveling the shit on Nicole, damn that girl can lie. Looks at the camera and says, America you can vouch for me! What the heck!

  15. CatLover

    I am not sure why my 1st comment said it was waiting for moderation. I was saying I have been reading this site for a few years and enjoy everyone’s comments and thoughts. Steve, Mel, and NK you do a wonderful job of updating us!!

  16. Pink13

    It’s time for the veto comp!
    Everyone begin manifesting Kat orJackson to WIN!

  17. Avatar

    Long time lurker, first time commenter here.

    It’s situations such as the current situation that make BB worth watching. Christie as the 3rd nominee on Tommy’s HOH is BB gold for viewers. Should Christie remain OTB after veto, the suspense of not knowing whether or not the votes will be there to evict her is ratings gold for BB. The ONLY thing pre veto that could make this week any better is if Christie & Tommy’s years long personal relationship outside the house is exposed.

    I honestly believe Nick doesn’t care who wins veto so long as it’s not him. I also don’t think he’ll vote to evict Christie unless the votes are already there. He’s going to play the middle for as long as possible to stay under the radar. & Why shouldn’t he? It’s the best game move he could make right now. For that reason alone is what makes him dangerous to everyone’s game & why he should be on everyone’s radar.

    Nick being a perverted creep is just another reason why BB should do a better job screening BB applicants. Anyone with half a brain would expect HG’s to tolerate behaviors in the house that they would not tolerate outside of the house in fear of blowing their shot at $500,000.

    I sincerely hope Nicole does not allow Nick to manipulate her into voting against her own best game interests. Just as I sincerely hope Jess doesn’t allow Christie to manipulate her into voting against her own best game interests. They need to assume Christie & Tommy have an F2 deal & Jackson & Holly have an F2 deal & take the shots whenever they can. If they evict Christie, Jackson & Nick then it really becomes anyone’s game to win. I would normally say except Sis b/c she’s not winning anything. Sadly, the reality is with a bitter jury filled of her alliance members, she would have a realistic shot beating anyone in F2.

    • KelBel

      I agree with your 2 cents! 🙂

    • danmtruth

      Welcome with that type of well thought out reasoning dont be a stranger Just a slight disagreement I totally agree that i hope Nicole and Jess are not fooled That is a key part of this game Getting others to move your game along Even if it hurts there own I have more faith in Nicole than in Jess Just my thinking

      • Avatar

        So long as someone Nicole respects serves as a voice of reason, I have faith Nick will be unable to manipulate her into voting against her own game interests. Typically that would be Cliff but he’s OTB so there’s that.

        I guarantee you Jess is sitting back thinking she’s part of the cool kids club now that she has a win on her resume & Christie had a conversation w/ her. It would not surprise me if Jess becomes Christie’s useful idiot & does whatever Christie tells her to do out of fear that she’ll be excluded by the cool kids again.

        I agree lying & manipulating others to do your bidding or have them vote in your best game interest even when it’s not in their best game interest is all a part of the game & is expected in BB. Just because someone is able to successfully pull it off doesn’t necessarily reflect who they are as a person outside of the house. However, the other day on the live feeds, Christie basically told someone (maybe Jess?) that she’s the type of person who has to have people agree with her & gets really annoys if they don’t. That one sentence solidified that lying & manipulating is not game play for Christie, it’s who she is as a person outside of the house.

    • NKogNeeTow

      WELCOME to the board My2!

    • Rise2thetop

      Welcome! You’re spot on.

  18. Painter1

    Hot home from work and catching up today, thx for being so entertaining everyone. Go ahead thumby give it your best.lol

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Take a nap Thumby.

  20. kathykatcan

    Just waiting for the results of the POV – please please oh please do not let Christie or Tommy win!!!! I do not have live feeds – I get all my info from this wonderful site and all you hilarious folks!! I love reading all the comments! Thanks for brightening my day!

  21. danmtruth

    Handicap otev if anyone cares Jackson has been big talk so far he won the one POV taking off his clothes Has hurt finger not sure how good he is with memory He went out early in all of them
    Tommy spends a lot of time i mean a way a lot time thinking about days dos get confused not good with pressure Physical he is good
    Christie physically not strong mentally gets confused quickly
    Kat wild card strong physically strong mentally good choice
    Cliff poor cliff bad leg good mentally strong heart finds a way but odds are not looking good
    My useless ranking best to worse Kat ,tommy Nick did not even want to think of him Jackson Christie Cliff
    Nick is a dark horse has been sandbagging comps not sure He claims to be a big fan should understand how otev works

  22. Pink13


  23. Pink13

    It’s makin me wait!

  24. Avatar

    Tommy won veto.

  25. hogwild

    Dam sucks Cliff has to go out that way.

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  27. Alda

    Poor Cliff!

  28. BBGurl

    well shit. sucks that Cliff got hurt. sucks even more that Tammy won veto.

  29. Avatar

    The Contact Form link that was put up , where you talked about Pet Pics., but it does not work. I have pics to share if you go that route.

  30. Pink13

    Uuugggghhhh! Damn it man!
    Why? Who didn’t manifest!

  31. Avatar

    Let me guess Tommy is now going to use Cliff’s injury to his advantage by saying that the best way for Cliff to heal is in the Jury House

  32. hogwild

    Welcome back Pennywise.

  33. Pink13

    Jessica STFU!

  34. Avatar

    Jack likes Christy so much I was hoping they would send her to him..Dang….

  35. Avatar

    On the bright side, thumby seems to have taken a break… lol

  36. danmtruth

    Well so much for that party now we will hear how this was what the universe wanted So Christie could know how much Tommy loves her
    Quick new rwist only she can take herself off , , , Please Say it Big Brother
    Now i feel like ,,,,

  37. hogwild

    Cliff has one slight chance with the injury he could claim he is not really a threat to win any comps and no real danger to anyone’s game but he has to much respect for the game and class to go that route. I don’t see him trying to pull the Christmas plan form BB 19 and just be carried along by the rest of the house.

  38. Charlotte

    Okay, so we KNOW Tommy will take CC off the block, but are we sure there is no scenario where Cliff could stay and they send Kat out?? Not only because I wouldn’t miss her one bit…..but Sis would go nuts as well! Ha!

  39. KelBel

    As a MN Vikings fan (go ahead and thumbs down me, I know it’s coming), I’m used to my hopes and dreams being bashed in season after season, year after year. Our motto is “there’s always next year” and sometimes I feel like I start saying that before preseason is even over.

    But I didn’t want to have to say “there’s always next week” for CC to go home. I really, reaaaalllllly wanted her out this week. I feel sad. *hangs head, walks to fridge, opens beer.

  40. Pink13

    Okay, this is my 100th comment.
    So out of the choices I guess I hope it’s Cliff to go.
    I would wish that Tommy would leave noms the same but that won’t happen.
    So chins up and wait it out to Thursday.
    Just see where the next one takes us.
    At least things have gotten alot more interesting.
    Here’s to the 2nd half!!!

  41. Avatar

    I wish America’s nom could only remove themself if they actual won the POV. But then again… I wouldn’t be saying that if it was someone I liked haha. Hopefully someone pulls something out…. I just can not stand that side, and hate to see them have so much power! And by side I mainly mean cc and tt.

  42. Nancy

    I just hate to see him go..he loves the game, hes playing with integrity..he did say he was looking forward to otev, so I’m glad he got to play..he relishes every moment of the game..I like player like that..

  43. Alda

    Christie talking to Tommy”Prayer and manifestation worked because it was an unselfish one.” She said she manifested it.

  44. HappyHippo

    Stfu nick. Seriously stfu

  45. Avatar

    Mustang Sally……Go Blue! Born raised in Michigan. I now live in Columbus…Buckeye Country…..YUCK.

  46. Cat Lady

    I’m so depressed.. I can’t watch the feeds anymore. This year sucked..I had hope..but it’s just the assholes gonna run everything. I hope next week the white hats win and I don’t know who I want to go..maybe Nick..or Christie..

  47. Pink13

    I think they want Kat out?

  48. danmtruth

    The sad part is i see an unanimous vote coming With Kat being on the wrong end Jess will sadly vote her out to please her new bff BFF Christie Nicole will be happy its not Cliff but feels its best for her game Nick itwas all HIS PLAN will make an anoying comment than happily vote kat out Jackso cant vote against the house Holly in tears says goodbye
    When nick comes in to vote julie needs to stop him and explain no one thinks he is funny or cute move on

  49. monkicorn

    I just got on and caught up on the updates…Thank you all….Tommy won veto????? No bueno. *#”! Please dear lort baby Jesus (Yes “lort”)….I really hope he keeps noms the same, if it would make a diff at all, and send cc to jh. This just sucks.

  50. ElaineB

    So other than those three knowing they were the least favorite by America, the third nom turned out to be a bust! *sigh* Cliff would be the best to keep for many of their games….for this crew, not convinced they know how to base decisions on that game-related concept.

  51. monkicorn

    I can’t figure out how to change my avator…can someone please help me…I’m technically challenged????? 🙁 I love all your cute pet pics…and the clown too…who doesn’t t love a cute cuddly clown :p

  52. Nancy

    I feel the vapors comin on..the news wasn’t good today..I need to lighten my sad heart, LIVE PD will help..goodnight everybody..peace out

  53. Alda

    Nick is getting more vulgar by the minute.Sis said she wishes Jack was back.Nick says he would f..k Jack if he came back.Then he is so happy with the outcome he wants to dry hump Christie and have sex with Tommy tonight in the HOH room.Can someone get this scumbag out,PLEASE!!!!!!

  54. NKogNeeTow


  55. Vikki T

    Very beginning if Steve’s comments has the instructions. Really easy

  56. davidsgirl

    Thanks Steve for the info on the Avatar. My son and I tried so hard to get one uploaded, to no avail. Hopefully I did it right. Hello all, hopefully your doing well.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    On a separate note, I didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so while watching TV a commercial came on for Burger King. They now sell tacos for $1. I like tacos so I decided to go get some. When I was placing my order, I asked the cashier were they any good. She leaned over and whispered, “Go to Taco Bell”. I laughed and said since I was already there I’d try them. Got home, started to eat and GOOD GOOGA MOOGA! I should have listened! In case any of you are thinking about trying them SAVE YOUR MONEY! They are HORRIBLE!

    End of PSA

    • danmtruth

      Well there goes that Burger King sponsorship

      • Mel

        You played yourself NK, as Josh used to say.
        Unrelated but why didn’t I burn everything I own and just start over?

      • NKogNeeTow

        LOL Mel, I sure did. I wound up having to cook anyway. I trashed that nasty stuff.

        Is it the unpacking or the finding places to put stuff that is taking its toll? Either way, I hope you get it straightened out by Monday. Steve is great but we miss you. You know everyone has their order of reading the blog. They look forward to you in the morning, and Steve in the evening, for your cohesive breakdowns, stats, and facts. And me at night with my nonsense. 🙂

    • Alda

      We have a Burger King and a Taco Bell a block from my house.i didn’t know BK had tacos.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I didn’t either until the commercial came on this evening.

      • Kari

        it’s a brand new thing and they scare me. I don’t think I can ever consider buying a taco from Burger King LOL.. We have a Jack in the Box that has really cheap ass tacos, a lot of people seem to really like them, but I won’t buy them.

        but my husband and I had a killer Mexican dinner tonight at a local place called casa Durango. Grilled chicken chimichanga thank you very much!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        All the Jack In The Box closed up here years ago. I miss them.

  58. Avatar

    Another twist a bomb

    • mm22

      Yup bubb so much for americas vote we get cc up where we want her
      but of course she’s gonna come down-I think kats time is about up-sad
      Thursday is so far off the thought of listening to cc once shes off the block
      is depressing

  59. Stephanie

    This season’s twists were all flops.

  60. Rise2thetop

    I want to see Kat go to jury this week. Then I want Cliff to win HOH and put up CC and TT.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: So we have a week of this: TT, CC, Nick, and Waste of Air… https://youtu.be/AKs43dHBSWA

    Living Room:

    Kat is talking to JJ and Holly. Holly says TT is taking CC off. Kat is worried and says she feels like she’s f*cked. JJ tells her that she will be fine. Holly says she will make sure she will be fine. Kat asks her how. Holly says whatever she has to do, sell her soul to the devil. Then she says that’s a really bad joke. She says that Cliff could have taken the deal and sold his soul but stuck to his morals and now he’s going out the door. Kat leaves and Holly tells JJ that if they got Kat out that people would be coming after Cliff but if Kat stayed she didn’t know if Kat would be strong enough. She says she feels so frustrated. They both sit there quietly looking sad and pensive.


    Nick, TT, CC, Kat, Nicole, and Jess are talking. General chit chat.

    Living Room:

    Holly asks JJ if he saw how hard CC was trying to make herself cry. Holly says CC doesn’t cry for other people, she only cries when she’s in trouble. He doesn’t say anything, just stares off into space.


    Kat is talking about the Cowboys. TT says he danced for the Nets years ago but didn’t pay that much money and they had to pay for a lot of things themselves. He says the pay is $100. They discuss the better team dancers. Waste of Air just keeps saying “Wooow, that’s craaazy.” *Shut up Air. Air doesn’t talk.


  62. Avatar

    Well the weather knocked out my signal so I can’t watch BBAD now maybe it’s a good thing so I don’t have to hear Crusty the Cruise Missile and Tommy celebrating

  63. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    JJ and Holly are just talking (no game talk). TT walks in and ask them if he can sit with them. She thanks him for letting her listen to his music. They start to talk about music. JJ leaves to use the bathroom. They are identifying the different artist on the music he got. TT tells her he wants to do fun things this week. They discuss some of the things they can do to lighten the mood. Holly says last week was sh*tty. TT says that someone is leaving this week so at least they should try to make it fun. *Yeah, because that’s the dream of everyone getting ready to be booted…to have fun.*

    Kat walks in and says she’s feeling restless. She sits down and TT can tell that she wants to talk so they go upstairs. They get inside the HOH and plop on the bed and he asks her how’s it going. She tells him it’s exciting he won OTEV. He apologizes. She says she loves it when the HOH wins and someone gets taken off. She says that she loves that CC will be taken off. *Uh huh* He says that he probably will take CC off. Kat tells him that’s okay. He tells her that first of all, he doesn’t have a target and is going to let the house decide. *But in the meantime he’ll send in his consigliere Nick to make sure some arms are twisted.*

    TT says he doesn’t want anyone to feel like outsiders and insiders so he wants to talk to everyone this week. He says he was put in a tough situation. He says the trip threw a wrench in his plans. He says he had to choose to put her OTB because she’s a tough competitor.


  64. Mello_One

    DAMN IT!!! I just found out that Tommy won Veto?! Dang it anyway!

  65. NKogNeeTow



    Kat is telling TT that Nick has this new thing that he doesn’t mention names and it makes her even more nervous now. She says it’s smart because he went from being public enemy #1 to where he is now. TT says he’s also working with everybody. TT says he thinks Kat is trustworthy. He says she’s one of the most trustworthy people in the house. *HA!* She tells him she’s not one of those people who run from side to side of the house telling things. *Double HA!*

    TT tells her that she works well with everyone in the house. He says it affects everyone the same because she’s so good with everybody and it probably did her more harm. He said that kind of got his head spinning and he started wondering where her head was at. She tells him she’s not that calculative. *BS, she a female Nick without the hormones and threats* She says that the reason she voted out Jack is that she and JJ know they would put each other up so she feels safe with that. She says but Jack had the ability to flip the house and she didn’t feel comfortable with that. She said that CC asked her who did she think she had a better chance of beating and the answer was JJ over Jack. TT tells her he voted to evict Jack.


  66. Kari

    Like everybody else I’m completely frustrated the TT won the veto because you know he’s going to take CC off. Ugh!

    I know she’s more boring than Kat, but I still want Kat go over Cliff. I always seem to root for the people that are the underdogs. I know he did some s*** that wasn’t cool this year too, but compared to the others it was pretty damn mild.

  67. NKogNeeTow



    TT is telling Kat that he doesn’t want Cliff to leave either. He says he doesn’t want anyone to leave. He says that since he put Cliff up, he might come after him. Kat says she really doesn’t think she’s that good of a competitor. He tells her she isn’t amazing and he put her on the block because she’s amazing. *Wait, what?* He tells her to go campaign and win HOH next week and put him up. *Scratching my head* He tells her he is obsessed with her. He says he’s “probably” going to take CC off the block just because. He says we’ll see what happens and he’s just going to listen to the house and he’ll have an opinion either way but he’ll listen.

    She says she just wants to make sure she wasn’t the target. He says if she or Cliff are leaving this week he wants it to be a fun week. TT says a lot of people are scared of Cliff because he’s a genius. Kat says she’s not. *It annoys me the way she passive-aggressively throws people under the bus* She says that if she wins HOH she wants it to be logical and best for the longevity of her game and not because someone put her up. She says it’s more like looking forward than looking back.

    She tells him that right now she doesn’t think that putting him up would be good for her game so she doesn’t want him to have a fear of that. She is rambling (and lying). She says that you can’t hold grudges and she’s not like the little rat that has been going around. *Yes she is* He tells her that he feels like she’s a vault and that all the people can trust her. *They can’t*


  68. NKogNeeTow

    NEW THREAD. I’ll pick up BBAD there.

  69. danmtruth

    Got a late start must admit have lost enthusiasm with tommys win but more so that nick is moving up How depressing it is to watch him bring nicole in It is also the fact Jess Is a lost cause She is totaly lost in CC aura
    Nick is giving all his excuses again i just dont think he evens trys
    CC is up with tommy back to her bossy ways as she talks at tommy explaining what he should say

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