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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It seems every day this season seems to remind me of a past season. The other day I thought it reminded me of BB15, and it still partially does, but now it has a lot of BB19 sprinkled in. That is the season where there was a large group of people who got together and ganged up on the target of the week making their life hell. You had Christmas (Christie) and Paul (Jack) running the show and a bunch of followers doing whatever they wanted.

That is what happened last night when the entire house decided to isolate Nicole for trying to play the game. Nicole did a very light campaign to keep Kemi and it got back to gr8ful via Bella. The entire alliance huddled up in the HoH room to shit-talk Nicole and act like she was the worst person in the world. They hyped each other up, did some chants, and eventually broke up the rally after forming a new 9 person alliance with Sam included this time (aka the Whistlenut/Jason of the season). It’s too bad that Sam has been trying to lump himself in with that group because they have been getting crushed on social media and Sam actually doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy. Annoying in the DR, but decent overall.


The PoV competition is to happen today and there isn’t much to look forward to. Jessica, Nicole, or Cliff will be joining the Camp Comeback this Thursday so I guess one of the few people I’m going to hope to win the veto today would be Nicole. That is assuming she is picked to play. If she wins, it will at least keep her safe for a week until she hopefully gets an ally worth having next week (David maybe?).

Let’s get to some updates before the veto competition

  • 11:45 am – Christie tells Jack how she won the competition yesterday. They’re pumped how strong their alliance is over the next few weeks
    • Jack says if he wins the veto, they’ll take Cliff down. Sounds like Nicole will go up
  • 12:45 pm – Tommy and Bella have a chat about Nicole’s game
    • Tommy feels bad because he’s the same floater type of personality but had to pick a side. It didn’t help him that he was gift-wrapped an ally
  • A bunch of people end up joining them and they talk about guys and stuff
    • Christie talks about how Kat has the best body but for guys, she’d be into Jack the most. He kisses her on the head. Oh boy. That’s going to give him a boost for awhile
  • 2:00 pm – Nicole asks Cliff who he’s going to pick for choice if he gets it. He says Cliff. lol. Jesus. She tells him that she’ll pull him off if he picks her and she wins.
    • If Nicole is not picked by either Jessica or Cliff, they deserve to lose. Sure, she will likely lose the veto but she’d definitely use it on them and she’ll also not be a strong competitor against them.
    • Feeds go down to pick players.
    • So, Jess seems to have had choice but didn’t pick Nicole.
    • Nick tells Jess if he wins veto, he’s using it on her (and backdoor Nicole)
  • Meanwhile, Bella hid Nicole’s cup at some point. Nicole asked Kat if she knows where her cup is and Kat went to ask Bella permission to be a decent person and return the cup.
    • So, apparently, Cliff picked Kat to play. Moron
    • It sounds like Jess picked Christie to play. Moron
    • Something has to change about this show. Let’s just skip together a month until the gr8ful alliance starts eating each other and skip this foreplay
  • 4:00 pm – I’ve been sitting here listening to dumb and dumber talk game and it’s painful.
    • Who is dumb and dumber? Kat and Jess. Jess is sitting there praising Christie and thinks she part of the rest of the house. Kat is off in her own world. This is brutal
  • 5:40 pm – Late veto. I’m guessing they need darkness?
    • Anyway, on the feeds, Jessica is trashing Nicole to Tommy while Kat and Bella are talking shit about Nicole on another feed. Seriously. Nicole. Because she tried to play the game.
    • Nicole entered the room with Kat and Bella. Let’s see what happens
    • Nicole apologies for anything that may have bothered Bella.  Bella says that she hurt her and Nick’s character
    • Nicole asks what was a personal attack. Bella referred to Nicole saying that they were bullying her.
    • Bella is disappointed that Nicole feels Nick bullied her and deep down she knows she’s wrong and Nick was actually there for her.
    • Bella says Nick has been checking up on her for weeks for days. Checking her anxiety and stuff. I wonder if that’s when he diagnosed her as a sociopath (his words)
    • Nicole says someone else said ‘bully’ while Bella says she is throwing people under the bus. Even though Nicole specifically said she wouldn’t name names. I don’t think Bella knows what throwing under the bus means
    • Bella says she’s trying to remain calm and Nicole says “says the person who wouldn’t even talk to me yesterday like an educated adult” and Bella replies “so now you’re calling me educated?” Nicole says “yes”. Bella, that wasn’t an insult
    • Bella says calling her a bully was disgusting, distasteful, and a disgrace to the game.  Ok. A little hyperbole there
    • Nick goes into the sob story about how much he’s been there for Nicole and starts yelling. He asks if she’s really anxious and if she’s really a health aide. Feeds cut. Awesome
  • 7:30 pm – Feeds down for pov
  • 9:30 pm – Feeds still down
    • Feeds back – Kat won PoV. She’ll likely take down Jess and Nicole will likely be the replacement
    • This should make the week interesting because Christy and Jack are not threatened by Nicole. They have been threatened by Cliff ever since she heard his cam talk. However, the HoH Nick and his sidekick Bella want Nicole out. This will be a showing of who actually has the power in the house this week

Check back for updates



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