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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It seems every day this season seems to remind me of a past season. The other day I thought it reminded me of BB15, and it still partially does, but now it has a lot of BB19 sprinkled in. That is the season where there was a large group of people who got together and ganged up on the target of the week making their life hell. You had Christmas (Christie) and Paul (Jack) running the show and a bunch of followers doing whatever they wanted.

That is what happened last night when the entire house decided to isolate Nicole for trying to play the game. Nicole did a very light campaign to keep Kemi and it got back to gr8ful via Bella. The entire alliance huddled up in the HoH room to shit-talk Nicole and act like she was the worst person in the world. They hyped each other up, did some chants, and eventually broke up the rally after forming a new 9 person alliance with Sam included this time (aka the Whistlenut/Jason of the season). It’s too bad that Sam has been trying to lump himself in with that group because they have been getting crushed on social media and Sam actually doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy. Annoying in the DR, but decent overall.

The PoV competition is to happen today and there isn’t much to look forward to. Jessica, Nicole, or Cliff will be joining the Camp Comeback this Thursday so I guess one of the few people I’m going to hope to win the veto today would be Nicole. That is assuming she is picked to play. If she wins, it will at least keep her safe for a week until she hopefully gets an ally worth having next week (David maybe?).


Let’s get to some updates before the veto competition

  • 11:45 am – Christie tells Jack how she won the competition yesterday. They’re pumped how strong their alliance is over the next few weeks
    • Jack says if he wins the veto, they’ll take Cliff down. Sounds like Nicole will go up
  • 12:45 pm – Tommy and Bella have a chat about Nicole’s game
    • Tommy feels bad because he’s the same floater type of personality but had to pick a side. It didn’t help him that he was gift-wrapped an ally
  • A bunch of people end up joining them and they talk about guys and stuff
    • Christie talks about how Kat has the best body but for guys, she’d be into Jack the most. He kisses her on the head. Oh boy. That’s going to give him a boost for awhile
  • 2:00 pm – Nicole asks Cliff who he’s going to pick for choice if he gets it. He says Cliff. lol. Jesus. She tells him that she’ll pull him off if he picks her and she wins.
    • If Nicole is not picked by either Jessica or Cliff, they deserve to lose. Sure, she will likely lose the veto but she’d definitely use it on them and she’ll also not be a strong competitor against them.
    • Feeds go down to pick players.
    • So, Jess seems to have had choice but didn’t pick Nicole.
    • Nick tells Jess if he wins veto, he’s using it on her (and backdoor Nicole)
  • Meanwhile, Bella hid Nicole’s cup at some point. Nicole asked Kat if she knows where her cup is and Kat went to ask Bella permission to be a decent person and return the cup.
    • So, apparently, Cliff picked Kat to play. Moron
    • It sounds like Jess picked Christie to play. Moron
    • Something has to change about this show. Let’s just skip together a month until the gr8ful alliance starts eating each other and skip this foreplay
  • 4:00 pm – I’ve been sitting here listening to dumb and dumber talk game and it’s painful.
    • Who is dumb and dumber? Kat and Jess. Jess is sitting there praising Christie and thinks she part of the rest of the house. Kat is off in her own world. This is brutal
  • 5:40 pm – Late veto. I’m guessing they need darkness?
    • Anyway, on the feeds, Jessica is trashing Nicole to Tommy while Kat and Bella are talking shit about Nicole on another feed. Seriously. Nicole. Because she tried to play the game.
    • Nicole entered the room with Kat and Bella. Let’s see what happens
    • Nicole apologies for anything that may have bothered Bella.  Bella says that she hurt her and Nick’s character
    • Nicole asks what was a personal attack. Bella referred to Nicole saying that they were bullying her.
    • Bella is disappointed that Nicole feels Nick bullied her and deep down she knows she’s wrong and Nick was actually there for her.
    • Bella says Nick has been checking up on her for weeks for days. Checking her anxiety and stuff. I wonder if that’s when he diagnosed her as a sociopath (his words)
    • Nicole says someone else said ‘bully’ while Bella says she is throwing people under the bus. Even though Nicole specifically said she wouldn’t name names. I don’t think Bella knows what throwing under the bus means
    • Bella says she’s trying to remain calm and Nicole says “says the person who wouldn’t even talk to me yesterday like an educated adult” and Bella replies “so now you’re calling me educated?” Nicole says “yes”. Bella, that wasn’t an insult
    • Bella says calling her a bully was disgusting, distasteful, and a disgrace to the game.  Ok. A little hyperbole there
    • Nick goes into the sob story about how much he’s been there for Nicole and starts yelling. He asks if she’s really anxious and if she’s really a health aide. Feeds cut. Awesome
  • 7:30 pm – Feeds down for pov
  • 9:30 pm – Feeds still down
    • Feeds back – Kat won PoV. She’ll likely take down Jess and Nicole will likely be the replacement
    • This should make the week interesting because Christy and Jack are not threatened by Nicole. They have been threatened by Cliff ever since she heard his cam talk. However, the HoH Nick and his sidekick Bella want Nicole out. This will be a showing of who actually has the power in the house this week

Check back for updates


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  1. ElaineB

    Thx Steve~ HGs often think they are so wonderful and are so concerned about how they are on social media. Too bad BB can’t install a display (like at the stock exchange), so twitter comments about them, can scroll across. That would give the house a good read on the love/hate discussions that are being held on the outside. Hope things reset a bit. What disappoints me most is Tommy and Sam. I thought both of them were better than this.

    • danmtruth

      In the past i suggested a comp where CBS poois some of the fan sites and puts up a poll on there page Rank the players Than the playets need to guess where they all stand break it up in 1/3or 1/4 slot a player in the correct group 1 point Put them in the right place 4 points highest score wins win safety for a week Seeing where the fans rate them will be a cold slap in the face

      • stillstanding

        i really like that idea. usually we have a few people we love, a few we hate and most are ok. we think some are good players, some are lousy this season is full of racial bs, hateful hgs and stupid boring game play.

      • Mimi Ryan

        For this season especially that would work. Well, it would work for us voyeurs, this particular season, might send this village of idiots spinning out of control, not figuring out how truly horrible they are/can/& continue to be. David, come back to this game please & let’s see you succeed, over all of this. Nicole, GF sorry for all this BS from small minded lemmings. One more item of note. I like the Christmas (Christine), Paul (Jack (AD)) reference. & Paul didn’t win LMAO. I’ve been mulling over the whole AD (minimind set), and I had a dream that he didn’t make it to the F3. I’m dreaming folks, dreaming of another Failed Paul/AD.

  2. Avatar

    I am hopeful Sam is playing dumb to infiltrate (un)Gr8ful to trybto find out what is going on. He knows he is the first one out of this group of 9.

    Love them or hate them (I lean toward hate) Gr8ful is the strongest large alliance we have seen in a long time. I am surprised this group of horny narcissists have stayed together this long. I think that is because they haven’t been out in danger yet since they have controlled all the HoHs this year. As soon as an outsider wins an HoH, they will turn on each other.

  3. Kari

    Not f****** cool and I do not appreciate that production allows that kind of behavior. Not okay. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to watch it all other than following your blog.. My heart is actually hurting for her

    • Alda

      Kari,that’s how I feel too.My heart is hurting for this girl.

      • kneeless

        I love Nicole but if this is how she’s going to be treated then, for her sake & sanity, send her home. She (and no one) deserve to be treated this way. I’d either blow up or self evict if I had to live with those idiots.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Agreed Kari & Alda. I’ve been bullied like this as a kid & I sure hated it. This group of Hate need to, Oh I Don’t Know, PLAY THE DAMN GAME. & not this pathetic attempt to inflate themselves via hate on anyone. Isolating an individual show true stupidity and harm. I can only assume Nicole is capable of navigating all this crap because she’s not overly aware of how hateful they are.

  4. hogwild

    These nine think they are so wondeful and so awsome they are going to be in for such a reality bitch slap when they leave that house and learn how people really feel about them and how they acted.

  5. AIO_7

    Hank Hill groveling to AssJack …


  6. AIO_7

    Crazy Eyes and slob lady backstabbing Nicole.


  7. Alda

    Christie/squirrel cheeks/crazy eyes

  8. Mello_One

    I hope that Nicole get to play in the Video Comp, because otherwise Nick, & the Hateful 8 are going to Back Door her. And to add insult to injury Christie wins the Diamond Veto. I wish that Big Brother would have allowed us to decide, & vote for who deserved the Powerful Veto, & not Christie?!

  9. LO1004

    Nick, Jess, Christie in Target room. Nick tells Jess how Nicole was campaigning hard for Kemi to stay, but plays it like he had no part and thought she was crazy. 15 seconds later he says how he was trying to be straight up w Kemi to be honest and a decent person. He blows himself up by saying he told Kemi ‘sorry, I tried’ (to get votes for Kemi to stay).

    Wait Nick, I thought you were throwing Nicole under the bus for this?

    I hope Christie caught this. Asshole.

  10. Mello_One

    TY Steve Beans, you knocked it outta the park with your assessment of this Season! It is definitely BB15, & BB19, which was the lowest of the low of Big Brother Seasons. We as fans wait the whole year for our favorite Guilty Pleasure during the Summer, Big Brother…And when Casting, & Production don’t deliver it is such a big let down. Season 21 of Big Brother thus far has been a definite Zero, & a let down.

    Remember when BB “used” to have TWO sides of the house, & every week the Power shifted??? I haven’t seen one of those season in awhile. Last season had Level 6, & the Beehive, but the Hive didn’t even realize that there was another side of the House? And BB 20 was a “good” season! The Powers that be with BB, need to bring back the Classic BB, where there were Food Comps, Luxury Comps, and back then I don’t remember the HG being so openly racist. Loved BB3 BB6 BB8, and most people didn’t like BB9, but I loved it, BB9 was off the hook crazy!

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  12. Alda

    Let’s get out the pots and pans.

  13. hogwild

    Not game releated but how many of these houseguest do you think could get this?
    I have six eggs I broke two I fried two and I ate two how many do I have left?

  14. HappyHippo

    I hate how upset Nicole is right now. She said she knows now that she doesn’t fit in there. This hurts my heart. These people are assholes.

  15. danmtruth

    Listening to Nicole and PSM is sicking As PSM talks as if she is some supper smart player I cannot even make fun of her saying like after ever other word
    I just hope Nicole stops crying and just starts thriwing bombs Will it make a difference NO Will it be satisfying to maybe make some of those ither feel a bit uncomfortable

  16. kneeless

    I don’t go to other BB sites & am not that into social media. My question is: are other fans, elsewhere, as disgruntled with this season as we are? I realize the 9 will have some of a fan base but…

    • hogwild

      I don’t go to other sites either but I suspect there are similar feelings i have seen quite a few stories about how all the non white players being voted out first something that has been discussed here. The general viewpoint in those stories seems to be the same as here it’s not really seen as racism but it is very bad optics for the show as is the actions of the jackass twins.

      • BBBonbon62

        Big Brother Network has very similar comments in regards to the both sides of the house. Hating on the 8/9 dumbass alliance and feeling sad for Nicole.

    • LO1004

      Yes. Even past HG’s are commenting how this behavior is not ok.

    • Mello_One

      @Kneeless, In a word YES!!! Basically all of the Big Brother Alumni, former HG can not Stand the Hateful8, & the Fandom are very much against the Hateful. Tyler from BB20 is on Jokers basically saying that he doesn’t like the Hateful8, and that he doesn’t like how they are playing the game….But Tyler added that some of the members of the Hateful are alright. In my book none of them are Ok.

      • HappyHippo

        Good I’m glad it’s not just us …I’m getting so livid with how they talk. I’m
        Usually glued to the live feeds when I have a chance but I watch less and less this season. They are disgusting most of the time!

    • Alda

      Yes,I would say 90% of the people on the other sites feel the same as we do.They are livid at the level these houseguests have stooped this season.They all feel for Nicole.most of them want David back in the house to tear it up.They’re not happy with the way the Jackasses are portrayed on the show either.

  17. caRyn

    I’m thankful Nicole isn’t self evicting. It must be so hard to maintain right now. She can’t say anything and it not get twisted. Even having two or people in the room won’t help her. They will all turn on her. Last night, Cliff didn’t want to be near Nicole so he stayed away from her. And told the 8 hg that. Cliff tells the 8 hg it’s a game and he has made mistakes and will be out soon and wants to mend relationships and make sure he is ok with them before he leaves. With them, but not with Nicole.
    I don’t think these 8 hg are the “in crowd”. I don’t think they are popular. I can’t see it. They wouldn’t be where I live.
    If Paul were in the house this season would it be the same?! Would Jack take a backseat to Paul?!
    With each day these 8 hg dig themselves a bigger hole. That’s the only reason I want them to stay in the house. Production gave them their friendly reminder.
    The 8 say they don’t want to talk to other hg alone and want to speak to them with two or more people in their alliance so their words aren’t twisted. What a joke.
    The worse BB for me was BBOTT. I still am smh at that fall season. I liked Neeley and then one day she flipped her switch. In the end the only hg from that side of the house I liked was Justin. It was a hard season to watch. That’s the direction these 8 hg are headed.

  18. danmtruth

    Crazy Eyes PSM and Kemi are talking Crazy eyes is a good game player but still a POS PSM is giving poor nicole we must support her because she is not as strong as i am How Nichole lets hersrlf be intimidated by the men This is when that personal game line gets blurred Crazy eyes says shd has felt threatened and was going to say something to production but felt she was just one voice But please dont say this to anyone and im not nameing names Than she starts pitching trying to get the girls together to make a difference Jess sits there lapping it up Than says Nicole should get everyone together to clear the air about Bella a d nick

  19. Avatar

    I usually don’t like CBS interfering with the game, but I’ll make an exception this year. A great twist would be the camp comeback winner getting some hidden power. Immunity for a few weeks, or maybe automatic HoH.

    This season reminds me of last year where one side of the house was filled with such bad players that, even though I wanted to root for them, I couldn’t because of their stupidity.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve been checking here and Jokers on and off all day. And after watching Nicole breakdown last night and reading Steve today, it reminded me of a song title of Billy Joel, “Only The Good Die Young”. She’s not dying figuratively but the house is killing her spirit. I hope she gains the strength she needs to stay and fight, win or lose. But I’d also rather see her leave than watch them break or destroy her. She is to good for these people. It just goes to prove that not everyone who loves this game is cut out for it or to be in that house.

    I hate to wish bad luck on anyone but The H8ful or Nasty9 or whatever the f*ck they’re calling themselves today deserve every bad thing that comes their way. And yes, I know it’s a game and a social experiment. But hell, these stupid asshoes aren’t even thinking about the big picture (the grand prize at the end). Hell, half of them are hoping to only make it as far as Jury. Which if that is the case, they have taken on a “Lord of the Flies” mob mentality, with Nicole as Piggy. They won’t be satisfied until they see her crashing off the side of a cliff. All of these bitches, both male and female, are a sad representation of the game.

    • Sassy

      Well said! I can’t even bring myself to watch the feeds right now. I’m past disgusted at how these people find crushing Nicole as an accomplishment. It’s unlikely she’s ever gonna win a comp, and if she does it’s a fluke and won’t happen again. She doesn’t have a good grasp on the game and no real friends in the house. How is backdooring her a high five moment? Seriously? I think Cliff and Jess are worse than AD and JJ! They were suppose to be her friends. I have never wished harm to hg on their outside ventures but I hope this crew loses everything. They really are a nasty bunch!

      And for Nick to diagnose Nicole with anything is unethical. IF he is a counselor/the-rapist, they could pull/suspend his license.

    • Barracuda

      “Hell, half of them are hoping to only make it as far as Jury”.

      This. For the past few seasons that I have watched it seems like people on the show don’t care to play only wanna make it to jury. Think being on the show will make them celebrities. They really need a better casting director or whoever does it. Cause I’d rather watch people who are there to play to win the 500k. Stop casting dumbasses who don’t know the game and just want exposure.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Oh and I forgot to add, no matter how good of a game he’s playing, TT is a POS too. At this point, there are only 3 people in the house I’m rooting for. Nicole, David, and Kemi. And at the moment it doesn’t look like they have a snowball’s chance in hell to win. But if nothing else, the BBAH (Big Brother Ass Holes) may have just pushed Squeaks to the top as America’s Favorite Player. At least that’s who my vote is going for.

  22. ingodog

    I know i’m late posting this but on Thursday night, I thought it was really rude how Sam reacted when Julie mentioned his grandfather’s passing. It was like he was so intent of his five seconds of fame he just blew it off. I know i’m probably over sensitive because my mom is 89 years old and I couldn’t imagine one of my nephew acting that way if something happened to her. Poor Nicole, I hate when so called adults bully someone like that. Another thing I hate is when people think it’s so great to look like a movie star.

  23. danmtruth

    In an earlier comment i talk abouta fan poll to show these players just how much the general public dislike them This will never happen Production does not want to burst there delusions of how good they are How everyone is going to love them when they get out

  24. hogwild

    You know it’s a bad season when the majority of the conversation is about what assholes most of the house is. Talking to you BB casting.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    This is a Shit-Show. At the moment I hate all of these people with the exception of 3. And unless some of them change, “A POX I PUT ON THEE!”.

    KK might be entertaining but she’s an airhead.

    AD might have a big d*ck but he has a minuscule personality.

    JJ may think he’s a manipulator but he is what he does all day, a large fart…ie.. a stinking bag of wind.

    If Nick is a therapist, he needs to spend a lot of time on his own couch.

    CC claims to be gay but the way she leads AD on, she’s not even fluid. The bitch is just confused.

    Cliff and Sam are setting fine examples for their children. Their spouses are probably hiding from the neighbors as we speak.

    Sis, the Shower Flutist, may be pretty but she has the attention span and IQ of a grape.

    I don’t even feel like going into the rest of them. I HATE THESE PEOPLE!

  26. danmtruth

    Gee dinner did not end with the fake beatitudes
    POS Christi tzlking to jack with Kemi in the room She does not like tention She does not care about the lies she does not care if she made up 1000 lies she judt does not like seeing someone feel so isolated Jack chimes in that the gaps in her truths is why he lost haveing any sympathy they walk out Christie is mad that Kemi came inthe room while she was praying than just sat their in silence ans staring not saying anything How rude Now she is complaining to KK who is feeding i to it and agreeing Sorry bitch Mad because she czme into her room So now its trash Kemi

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  28. Kari

    Are you listening Big Brother powers-that-be? People are pissed off at kind of casting you’re doing, and people are pissed off because you’re allowing this bs behavior. You’re going to lose viewers.

    After the last year or so just anybody think maybe they are trying to just end this?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yes, people are pissed Kari, but I doubt if CBS loses many viewers. People will still tune in to watch just to see what happens. It’s just like every year when we get pissed at players and/or how they’re playing the game. We proclaim that we will never watch again, yet here we are. It’s just human nature…or nosiness. If CBS were worried about losing viewers, they would listen to some of the suggestions we make and change some things. So far, it hasn’t happened.

      • Mel

        True NK. If they ever get that worried about it, they’d just take away live feeds and keep the show.

  29. Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

    I was reading on another site – Nicole is spilling all the details, outing every single one, throwing Bella under the bus, saying everyone knows she’s lying, etc. She knows she’s probably out and she’s spilling her guts! I love it. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I hope she does get America’s Favorite Player. It will be interesting in the next few days if people start to talk and realize she’s the one telling the truth and she’s saved this week. I can only hope!

  30. danmtruth

    Glad the finaly called out jack for not wearing his mic
    The mic call out came out because crazy eyes and jack were bad mouthing N/B saying how yes they are bullys pot meet kettle
    Crazy eyes goes from almost crying to sitting next to Ratbella to trash Kemi Off the circle of harpes Ratbella, Crazy eyes, KK,and PSM So Crazy eyes retold the story with extra flurishes All the time being interrupted by jess Crazy eyes getting frustrated Ratbella complaining that Nick keeps stopping her from talking to Nicole all the girls complain about the guys KK tells Ratbella how calm she was when she talk to Nicole last night You meen when Ratbella said what she wanted and then left Crazy eyes told her it was great that they kept it cool let people tell there truth and let others decide who to believe
    PSM doing a hero talk First how she MIGHT have given Nicole the idea that she would pick nicole but than told her today how she explain to nicole that it was not good for her game
    Just more lets talk about how bad nicole is and how good we are and how we are on the higher ground Jess knows her audience and keeps trashing nicole Funny now jess is defending Nick for pulling Ratbella out geze girl these people are moraly bankrupt

  31. LynnD

    I just got done watching last nights BBAD and reading the updates (no comments yet, going to try after I post my thoughts). I totally agree with you Steve this seasons players are stupid & pure torture to try and watch it is like watching 19 all over again. The only thing missing at this moment is some moron running around with pots and pans. I am totally disgusted that these people are supposed to be adults and all they can do is gang up on one person and treat them like total shit and then act like they did some great wonderful gameplay. Then I read on your update that Kat and Jessica are also now bashing Jessica makes this whole ordeal all that more disgusting.

    I have so much more to say but I’m going to guess that pretty much everything I have to say has already been said. So I am going to try to now read all the comments from the last two days wish me luck.

    One last thing I would like to say for right now. Is I cannot think Steve, Mel, Dan, NK, and a few others for all their time they spend being tortured by these absolutely horrifying ridiculous stupid and sometimes boring feeds just trying to watch last night’s BBAD. Apparently all the good stuff happened before it started and pick back up after it was over. I am hoping tonight’s episode is showing way less Bellabitch hopefully somebody is opening their eyes to what a skank hore liar she is and is actually being nice to Nicole because of it but I will not get my hopes up.

  32. BBBonbon62

    I do not know Nicole personally but she lives with her family around the corner from us. When we all heard she was going to be on BB so many people in our neighborhood facebook page spoke so highly of her and her family. Salutatorian of her class, smart, kind. To see her treated so poorly makes me want to bitch slap those douchebags. Karma’s a bitch and she is coming for the H8teful 8/9.

  33. LO1004

    I love how they assume Nicole is coming off bad in this situation lol silly dickheads

  34. danmtruth

    In the sr christie, jack, TT talking about flipping the vote to keep nicole in a way to dump on nick and Bella

  35. Alda

    Someone on another site is calling this the Whorehouse Season of big brother

  36. Alda

    Time for VETO competition!

  37. danmtruth

    Feeds down
    A lot to take in The power 3 are looking down the road As was said before they see Cliff with Ovi as a bigger threat to there overal game anyone else who might come back they do not see as that much of a threat They are counting on there solid six shooter voting block Do not trust N/B As they kniw Nick is planing on coming after jack in two weeks How do they need that because HE told them
    The sad thing is watching jess think she is so smart and playing a great game
    The next question is can the other side work with N/B and Sam Talk about guilt by association Sam has no choice who he lands with If this happens the season gets turned upside fown a d REAL division are set
    NK your random thoughts had me laughing so hard

  38. caRyn

    This behavior is the 8 hg M.O. They manifest lies and go after one person hard. Run them into the dirt. Bury them and dig them up again and repeat. Then they do the same to another hg. They manifest hate. Manifest 8-hate.

  39. danmtruth

    This zex shooters flip the vote is interesting They said they would wait till just before the vote TT will need to control Nivole so she does not inherently spill the “T” on the wrong people The look on N/B will rival Foute if they can pull this off lots of moving parts the first Cliff cannot win POV second Cliff must stay on the block

  40. hogwild

    I have to Congratulate these nine one thing you have to be a truly special kind of dipshit to get so many people to hate you so quickly.

  41. danmtruth

    Dont see them getting the comp finished in a half hour to be ready for BBAD on POP
    Adding to theBig Brother Brothel Theme the other day as TT was trying to help AD dump Sis She was talking about how worried she was that CC would feel bad that she was the reason for Sis pulling back from AD In her words she has no problem in not spending that much time together as long as she can still have her personal time every so often Such proud parents

  42. BBBonbon62

    To anyone who may have a child, loved one or friend in therapy with Dickhead Nick. You may want to start looking for a new therapist. Do not wait. Do it now, run, do not walk.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    I’m going to have a 100-15 minute slow start tonight but I’ll be here. Dan, hold down the fort!

  44. kneeless

    I realize everyone is sucking up to Nick because he’s HOH. What I don’t get is why the others were so quick to jump on the trash Nicole bandwagon when they all know N & B are bottom feeders. I do not get this mob mentality. But, I love you…as a person.

  45. LynnD

    I’m finally able to watch bbad as-it-happens FINALLY get to watch it live and it’s not on but the good news is it looks like they’re playing the power of veto right now so we will get to see the direct aftermath of this one

  46. Good Dog

    I’ve read 300 posts. I’m exhausted. Props to you who watch the feeds & BBAD. I feel bad for Nicole BUT she has to channel her inner Jannelle & go at these people, nothing to lose at this point. Before finding BBJ, I only watched the network shows. Now I’ve become jaded. Thanks everyone. Lol. I’m optimistic this season will redeem itself soon.

  47. Kari

    I really wanted to like Nick. Really. The kind of work he does my daughter had of for quite a few years. This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. How DARE he diagnose someone who is not an actual patient without their permission?

    As the blog said it’s highly illegal, and I hope they feels damn license. She also stopped going to one therapist because he started saying that he thought she was autistic, and did that tests without anyone’s permission. FYI she’s not.

    And Bella /BITCH, really? You wern’t bullying??!! Alrighty then.

    Is there any way to start some sort of a petition that things need to change, talk about how angry we are to get to the BB executives? They’ve *got* to be seeing what people are thinking. This isn’t “drama” this is bullying, there’s a big damn difference.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Turns out I won’t be late after all…lol. The rerun is worth it just to see Kemi blow up Nick and Ratella again. It may not have swayed anyone but at least it planted that sometimes more important seed of doubt. To quote Albert Finney in “Network”, “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”. The more I see the H8ful or the Nasty9, the gloves are OFF! I’m not even going to pretend to give theM the benefit of the doubt anymore. SCREW ‘EM!

  49. danmtruth

    Hard to believe i was cheering for jess and christi who WON POV commence screw Nick

  50. LynnD

    Well KK got POV. Poor Nicole is doomed

  51. danmtruth

    Buck up Nicole it might not be over let Six Shooter use you as a bullet to Nick and Ratbella As they sit there Thursday thinking your going only SURPRISE SURPRISE bye Cliff

  52. NKogNeeTow



    KK and PMS are celebrating. Sounds like KK won. She’s telling P that obviously she’s taking her off. They are trying to come up with a story to tell Hank Hill why they aren’t taking his two-faced ass off the block. *Orwell will be crushed…NOT! Orwell will be glad to finally stop being molested. See, I warned you the gloves were coming off*

    They move to the kitchen. Everyone is talking about the injuries they got during the comp. *Boo freaking Hoo* At least Squeaks has a smile on her face. She leaves the room and goes into the bedroom and sits quietly.


    KK is talking a mile a minute about how she won. Sexually Confused CC lets out a loud scream. *Choke bitch*
    Nick is saying someone took one of his pieces. David is in the shower. OO and Kemi walk in. All of them are yelling over each other. SCCC (Christie) says she literally praises the ones she loves. KK says she hope Brett doesn’t think she’s a bitch. *He’d be a fool if he didn’t*


  53. danmtruth

    Cc is breaking the news to TP1&2 she is voting for nicole to stay because she was not the bigest lieier So it starts flip the vote

  54. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about HG from last season. I guess that some of them must have hosted the comp.


    CC is telling TP1 & 2 (S & H) that they are keeping Squeaks but not telling her until just before the eviction. She is telling them how AD pissed her off about Squeaks. She is also telling them how she was praying when Kemi came in. KK comes in. CC is telling them what was going on when she was playing and how she was on her hands and knees (*Again, too easy*) looking for her pieces. She and KK jump around screaming that they are each other’s weird sign. *How about just plain weird* Everyone is telling KK how proud they are of her. CC tells her she’s (KK) mensa. *Just goes to show you this bitch doesn’t know what mensa is*. Hank Hill comes in. *Next!*


  55. danmtruth

    Sorry KK won no problem as long as Hank Hill didnt It must be KILLING Cliff he list to KK and he kniws that Nicole up Not that it maters to him Im sure he feels bad Yet he has had no problem on driving over her
    Now just keep the flip vote a secert 10 people voting they should have 6 nicole stays just lay low

  56. NKogNeeTow



    AD and JJ are trashing Ratella *YEAAA!* AD said Ratty is just a bitch and won’t even listen to anything that Squeaks has to say. He says they have to save Squeaks and get rid of Cliff. He says they have to convince KK to use the Veto (they don”t know she already intends to). JJ says he’ll take care of it. AD is mad at Nick and Ratty. He says they (N/R) have done all this bad shit, and we have too but they’re trying to get rid of the one person in the house that told the truth and called them out on it. They agree not to tell anyone just yet


    Squeaks and Kemi are talking. They are talking so low and the cameras are so far away I can hardly make out what they’re saying. Not to mention those hyenas downstairs are loud. They are talking about talking to somebody but I couldn’t hear who. Sounds like Squeaks is getting her second wind and not giving up. GOOD FOR YOU!


  57. danmtruth

    CC in HOH shower talking to Jack creepy that he is right at the door looking in They talk about JJ is on board CC said she talk to the girls and they fe good I was happy to hear this but i was your in nicks HOH room AD said he accidentally locked the door The only bad thing is having to listen to CC talk about karma manifest thank god ohhh just shut up and stop ruining the moment

  58. NKogNeeTow


    Camp Comeback:

    Kemi and Squeaks are talking about how jealous Ratty is. They leave and go to the treehouse. They start to speculate on who will go up if PSM or Hank Hill come down. *Guess* Squeaky wants Kemi to emphasis that Squeaks is torn up about the loss of friendship. (Not sure who they’re talking about)


    AD is talking to Sexually Confused Christie, who is in the shower. He is counting down the votes to keep Squeaks. She is letting him run with it like it’s his idea. They are whispering again so I missed part of the convo. He says they have 6, 10 people vote and they only need 5 and Nick won’t even be able to break the tie. CC says she doesn’t want Cliff there in case OO comes back. AD says and Squeaks will come to their side if they save her. *I’m hoping that she does. Infiltrate them then blow that bitch up from the inside. YESSS!*


    OO washing dishes. Ratty running around and saying something is SOOO funny.


    JJ brings KK in and tells her she did an awesome job. She thanks him and tells him she knows what she’s doing. *She doesn’t really but let’s just go with it for now* She asks him what she’s going to do. She tells him that she’s going to take PMS down. KK is telling him that Squeaks almost ruined her game. She sounds like she hopes Squeaks goes up and out. She’s telling him that last night that there was an alliance and named everyone. AD walks in and she starts to tell them about what Squeaks said about an alliance. *And just like that, Squeaks might wind up back in the dog house again*


  59. LynnD

    I’m running a few minutes behind on the live feeds but I just heard Christy say something about keeping Nicole now I’m listening to the two J holes talking about keeping Nicole and what a lying b**** Bella is. Can I just tell you how happy I am and and that my evening just got so much better. There just might be hope for some of these Bottom Feeders yet

    • danmtruth

      That plan is in full efect CC is tying to calm jess down please dont tell her yet shd us telling jess she is thinking of voting to keep nicole Im afraid she might go back to Nick and tell him Why would someone go to the person who put her on the block that someone is talking about keeping his backdoor target why you ask because she is a bad player CC no reason to tell jess Just say you are happy she is coming down

    • Kari

      Oh PLEASE!!!????

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Because of these people, I’m in a particularly foul mood tonight so let me take this time before the show comes back from commercial to say KK IS A FUCKING IDIOT!

    *Quietly walking back to my corner
    *Taking my seat
    *Smoothing out my pretty dress
    *Folding my hands daintily in my lap
    *Smiling sweetly

  61. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is sayiinng that Kemi won’t even talk to him. He says that if a comp is a wall comp that Squeaks would probably win it and they would just send her home. TP1 is saying that she is afraid that OO might come back and will team up with him because he has a power. She says they should get him out next week. Nick is saying that Squeaks is manipulative. *No, that would be the one you play tonsil hockey with* TT says he doesn’t think so. Nick says he doesn’t like the way she protrayed him.


    CC is telling PMS that she thinks that OO might get back in and she believes he has the power. PMS asks her if she’s sure Ratty doesn’t have it. CC says no because she talks so much if she did she would have said something.


    TT is telling TP1 and Nick something about he told someone that he walked in on a convo. He said that OO went to KK recently and told her that they were outsiders and if they don’t work together they would be picked off one by one. The Flutist that OO told her one time that he sees who was coming and going from the HOH (when AD was HOH). Nick is saying that if OO comes back they just send him back out. TT says OO is scared shitless of them. Nick says there will be 8 playing against Cliff next week so they can get him out. He says there is a 9 on 3 next week. He says whoever comes back goes out. TP2 (H) joins the group. Nick is saying he wants to do what’s best and he’s down for that but manipulation is more dangerous. He says he’s not worried about OO coming back. He says that Squeaks is the one who put them all in danger and almost split them up. He said he had to smooth thing over with AD because he almost put him (N) up because of her.

    Nick said he told AD that they put the group of H8 together the first week. TT tells them that he thinks that Squeaks would win a comp over Cliff.


  62. NKogNeeTow



    They are saying that they are fine with KK using the Veto on P. Nick says he really just wants Squeaks to go. He is running percentages on who would come back. He says he doesn’t think there is anyway that OO would come back. AD says either way they are breaking up that 3 person alliance (Hank Hill, Squeaks, OO).


    KK is telling PMS and CC that if she overthink things she doesn’t do well. She says she’s learned so much about herself since being in the house. CC is telling her that she (KK) is so different since she’s not OTB and she’s glad she got a chance to know her. CC tells her she is glad she’s taking P off the block. CC is saying she’s dying to know what went on in the RV today and asks if Squeaks is ok. KK is telling them that she and Ratty were talking and Squeaks came in and asked Ratty if they could talk. KK said that Squeaks told Ratty that she was uneducated. *She didn’t say that and THATS why I hate KK* KK says she doesn’t have a side in it. CC tells her that is because she is unbiased and a good mediator.

    AD comes in and lays across the bed and CC repeats to him what KK just told her. He asks KK about it. He asks her was she the only one to witness. KK says she and Ratty were in there to talk and Squeaks came in. *Just what the house needs KK, another lying mediator*


  63. danmtruth

    Another shock JJ hurt his ankle AGAIN he fell off the stage
    Katlyn from kast year was the host the HOH crew was worry a bit about why they felt she huged Nicole longest

  64. NKogNeeTow



    KK and CC talking. CC is saying she just wants to keep her ears open and just take her time about who to vote for. She says she’s super happy to hear that she’s going to use the Veto on PMS. PMS is elated. *Phoney bitch* The convo turns to the grill cheese cookoff they just had and AD lost. AD is telling how he lost and PMS is laughing unusually loud, which she always does. *This is boring. Either more game talk or move to another room*


    Kemi and Squeaks talking. Squeaks is saying that everything she said about Ratty was validated.


  65. NKogNeeTow

    POP is advertising how to win a trip to the show. I do not wish to win. If I did go they would have to pat me down on my way in because I would be heavily loaded down with rotten eggs and rocks.

  66. NKogNeeTow



    AD comes up. Now KK has arrived. Nick is telling her he didn’t expect her to get it that quick. She says she’s in mensa. *Spell it* Nick asks her if she thinks Cliff thinks she will use it on him. AD says Cliff literally shit on himself when he saw all of them went up. KK says everyone knows that she and P sleep together so they know she will take her down. Nick says once she takes down P, he will put up Nicole and tell her that he doesn’t take anything personally and he doesn’t get mad, he gets even. The mob LOVES this!


    JJ and CC are talking. She says them keeping Squeaks is going to draw a definitive line but so what. JJ says bring it on. CC says Squeaks needs a place to land. CC says they are going to get together as a team and it will be a blindside that they weren’t expecting (N & R). CC tells him that she wasn’t there for Squeaks convo today but she found out that Squeaks said some things about them because she (Squeaks) was given wrong infor about them first. Ratty comes in to use the toilet and they switch the convo to the comp.


    PMS is talking to Squeaks and Kemi. She is telling them that she doesn’t want to jinx it but that KK is going to talk to a few other people yet. She starts to say something about Cliff, then…


  67. danmtruth

    PMS in RV with squeeks waiting to see if P says anything about what CC told her But now she is just rehashing Squeeks talk with Nick Kemi back icecream social time One of the girls said something about thats what there exhusband liked Squeeks not having i e creem Talking about weather KK will use the POV on her REALY?? What was all that dancing about How nice Jess sayi g how she would never throw dirt on someone just for her game REALLY?? What were you doing in the boatroom before thd POV

  68. NKogNeeTow



    OO is telling Cliff about a convo he had with someone (Ratella?) Cliff is telling him that he told CC that he and Ovi are buds. He said he told her that some of the stuff that has come up has nothing to do with them (C & O). Cliff tells him that he has been told that he is being pulled off so all OO has to do is just win and come back. Cliff said that something that bothered him was he heard today that he said that AD/TP1 are his targets. He said he told him he never said that. Cliff says he has to talk to KK because she told him she was taking him off if she won. OO tells him that he heard KK is taking off PMS. Cliff says he’ll just go talk to her and if she says she’s taking off P because they (alliance) told her too then he’ll just keep quiet and play the pawn. *Damn Dummy*

    Cliff leaves and OO starts talking to himself saying he’s got to get back in the game so he can use his power on Cliff because he’s not losing him. He says he just has to make sure he’s safe too.


    Cliff goes up and Ratty is sitting alone. He tells her “what a night”. He shows her how to line up the Backgammon board. They start to play. *I haven’t seen anyone play Chess this year*


  69. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve used more curse words in one day than I use in one week. I would apologize but the night’s not over yet.

  70. danmtruth

    David plays sometimes
    Once more JJ taking a shower water running him just hanging on the door talking must not be having thT water shortage anymore

  71. NKogNeeTow



    PMS is telling Squeaks hat there are people in the house who are thinking 3 weeks ahead and who wants to go up against Nick and Ratty right now. She tells her that if’s not that she (Squeaks) was wrong doing it but she did it at the wrong time. She’s saying she doesn’t harbor any hard feelings against N & R. She tells her that when the time comes and she’s sitting up there, just keep calm and don’t let them know how she feels. *Did she just confirm to Squeaks that she’s going up?* She tells Squeaks not to think that anything that she said fell on deaf ears. She said that with N/R keep talking about it is just digging them into a bigger hole. PMS tells Squeaks that the fact that she told to many people is what made her look bad. Kemi come in and announces she’s back. PMS tells Squeaks that she doesn’t know how it works and she doesn’t have any details but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and this bitch ain’t singing. They laugh. Squeaks says she doesn’t know, maybe she has more growing up to do. Kemi tells her no, she’s doing just fine. PMS tells Squeaks that she’s not blowing smoke up her ass. *Yeah, until she gets with the other side* The Flutist comes in to change clothes and they change the subject.


    TT, AD, Sam, OO, TT, CC all talking about how bored they are. They wonder how many days/hours they’ve been in the house. They say the comp was called The Haunting of Kaitlyn Herman. AD leaves the room while they are talking.


  72. NKogNeeTow

    I really do want to get the Feeds but this year, after listening to BBAD every night, I just don’t have the energy to stay up. They help me sleep VERY well. Zzzzzzz

  73. danmtruth

    Ovi and JJ taking of days at UT and frat houses here is another Schock The frat JJ was in was kicked out
    With that tid bit and more fish good night
    One other observation the love birds have spent a lot of time apart today

  74. NKogNeeTow



    SamIAm leaves. Nick lays on the bed listening to music and rapping out loud and keeps getting a “Please Stop Singing”, which he doesn’t. OO leaves


    SamIAm is talking to David.


    CC is telling AD and TP1 that Nick and Ratty are scumbags and she’s not voting Nicole out, even if she’s the only one. AD asks if they saw who was upstairs (Ratty & Cliff). They says Clliff is out.


    Cliff is selling out Squeaks to Ratty. He is telling her how Squeaks was saying she “fixed” it and what she said about Ratty. *And THIS is why I want his ass GONE. To hell with him being the old guy.* She is whispering to him lies on Squeaks. Ratty is making this lie elaborate. Cliff is so desperate he is eating it up with a king-sized spoon. Ratty is saying that everything that is happening now is character-wise. Cliff is telling her that Nicole said she didn’t want to play an emotional game then he trashes her. Ratty is telling him that everything Nicole said was just character destroying. *I really want to stuff Orwell down this bitch’s throat…then stuff him up Cliff’s ass…warned ya it wasn’t gonna be pretty tonight*


  75. NKogNeeTow



    TP2 (H) telling CC, TP1 (S) and AD something about Nick and he walks in. He says he was laying in the HOH with his eyes closed, listening to music and opened his eyes and they were all gone. He asks if KK is still in the DR.


    Ratty and Hank Hill are still playing Backgammon. Orwell is watching. *Quick Orwell! Run away from these losers!* Cliff is telling her that if she rolls a certain way, she will knock him out. *I’d like to knock him out* David has joined them but he’s setting up the Checkerboard. He asks them who’s winning. They tell him they don’t know.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I’m going to take a few minutes to answer messages and decompress before going to bed. I’m tired now. Snarkiness takes a lot out of a body. I promise I’ll try to be nicer tomorrow. In the meantime, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  76. Kari

    I’m a fat chick. I wanted to like Jessica.
    I’m an old broad, I wanted to like Cliff.
    I have depression and anxiety issues that I wanted to like Sam.

    That’s it, I’m done, I’m only going to support nerds from now on.


  77. ShoeLover

    I just spent the last 2 hours reading all of Friday day and night, and Saturday day and night!!! Holy Crap!!! I am not shocked but damn, THESE PEOPLE!!!! Every thing has been said so all I can do is pray they the Hateful 8 really do keep Nicole!!! This should be the one and only smart thing that group does!!!! Please, Please, keep Nicole!! I wish they would, or at least CC tell Nicole about it. I think this week is going to be rough on Nicole and I pray this little holds on as hard as she can to what’s left of her own self.

    Stay strong Squeaks!!!


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  79. danmtruth

    In the RV Squeeks told PSM, and Kemi how encouraging it was to see and get a hug from her That on her season she did a lot of crying also but came out of the house and is feeling stronger Later i found out the she that Squeeks was referring to was last season’s Kaitlyn Glad Squeeks could find some symbol of strength to move on
    As happy as i am to hear of this plan I am also a long enoug viewer to know that Thursday night vote is a long way off One positive is TT is behind this plan He has a good track record of getting his plans to work So plan flip the vite save Squeeks is on

  80. Avatar


    • ShoeLover

      That would be awesome if the BB GODS could give Ovie’s power to someone else. IT really stinks he will never get to use it. I don’t see him making it back in the house. I would a twist just for that reason. His power goes to whomever makes it back into the house. Sort of like a social game reward, since that’s all the camp outcasts got to play. The social game. Wishful thinking, but a twist that would shake things up!!!

      • ElaineB

        There needs to be something with Camp Comeback, more than just getting back in the game. I understand the premise, but this season, it didn’t work. I do think that evicting three HGs and still having them in the house, has been an awkward dance for all of them. I put Camp Comeback as a fail, so far.

      • danmtruth

        I like the idea that any power one of the banish had goes to the returning player and that they get one week of imunity Dont think Oblivious Ovi should be able to give his power to anyone he chooses 1 knowing him he would gi e it to the wrong person 2 he cose not to use it so he losses it as he is gone from the game

      • Holan

        I agree with Dan, which isn’t surprising. The returning camp come back player would be a twist no one would think of, because powers that have left the house haven’t returned… but it would be “expect the unexpected” in a twist that would help that player stay.

  81. ElaineB

    If any of these dimwits realize that seven of them are outside the Sex Shooters, just think what Nick (HOH) and Kat (POV) could have accomplished this week! That would have made for a needed shift, and potentially put those of the Outsiders on a path to making it deeper in the game. No, instead we have a week with Nicole going home. *yawn*

    • ElaineB

      Not going home….going to Camp. Lol.

    • Sassy

      It’s not to late for it to get back to Nick. CC has loose lips and may spill to the wrong person. We can only hope! I still want Cliff to leave but I’d love for Nick to put one of the Js OTB, and Cliff not leave. It would make for an interesting week and an irreversible action that would split the house.

  82. Mimi Ryan

    I’m going to throw this out there . . . Ratella being an only child with a Dragon Lady Mother, seems to not have a lot of good social set. That’s seems clear in this game. This is terrible.

  83. Mimi Ryan

    Nick the Idiot – He’s a “therapist” – Great & he’s all hung up on Ratella – THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES.

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