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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


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First, I want to give a huge shoutout to Rockstar’s daughter! It’s her birthday today which means no funny business is allowed in the Big Brother house today. I’m watching you, Jack!

Saturday in the Big Brother house which means it’s veto competition day! It’s a fairly big competition as it could set up the potential for major drama on Monday. Here is why – Jack and Jackson are currently on the block.  Jack used his power for the redraw today and the current players are Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sam, Kat, and Analyse.  I’m not sure what the initial draw was, but Jack wasn’t happy with it so his power has been exposed and is now gone. There is one remaining power in the house which could come into play on Monday.

So here is the situation; If Jack, Analyse, Jackson, and maybe Kat win the veto, this will put a ton of pressure on Christie to use her power on Monday. What her power will do is turn the veto into the diamond power of veto which means the person who won will be able to pick the replacement nom (for those confused – Christie does not pick the re-nom. Just the person holding the veto opposed to the HoH). This sets up a situation where Jack could potentially pull himself off the block and nominate someone else. He could and most likely would put up Nicole, Nick, or Bella which puts them against Jackson. He’ll pick whoever he feels least comfortable with as a potential vote. They have been working Nicole, so she may be able to trick him that she’ll vote to keep him which would keep her off the block.


For argument’s sake, let’s say it’s Nick. This means Nick vs Jackson and the votes could look like this:

  • For Nick to go – Jack, Holly, Sis, Tommy, Kat, Christie
  • For Jackson to go – Nicole, Bella, Sam, and Jessica

That is assuming Jessica doesn’t flip and vote to evict Nick which is possible considering she has been kissing the ass of that side of the house all season. Kat could also flip to vote out Jackson as some sort of payback for breaking it off with her and hooking up with HollyBeth.

This means Nick goes and Cliff’s HoH win is for nothing because the numbers go back in favor of the 6 shooters.  Not good.

If Sam or Cliff win the veto, noms stay the same and the game remains interesting

  • 9:45 am – Jack is bragging about how he crushed that competition now that he can talk about it
    • Downstairs, Jess is chatting with Kat downstairs.
    • They are talking about some power but it’s hard to hear because Cliff is talking loud nearby
    • I guess it was something Bella said about a power which worked up Jess
  • 10:15 am – Nick asks Tommy if he’s on the outskirts because he associated himself with Bella
    • He loves Bella but doesn’t want to get dragged by her.  Maybe he shouldn’t have hooked up with an anchor because she’s definitely bringing him down
    • Tommy tells Nick that early on there were whispers of Nick trying to target Jack and Jackson. Nick said it’s because Christie said it
  • Jack and Tommy talk
    • Jack says if he wins and gets to choose, he may send Sam up. They want Bella out but Sam is a threat. Tommy is trying to convince him to nominate Bella
    • Tommy says that Christie would be happy with Bella up because Bella told Kat that she (Bella) is targeting Christie and we all know what happens if someone namedrops Queen Christie
  • 1:30 pm – Just got back from the beach. Feeds down for veto I assume
  • 3:50 pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:19 pm – Feeds back
    • Jackson won the PoV
    • Jack doesn’t look too happy
    • Or that’s probably just his dumb face. He was listening to Jackson. He was pumped when Jackson finished speaking
    • So, the question will be if Christie will use the DPoV and if so, who Jess and Kat will vote for

Oh, I was thinking of switching the comments to newest first so people don’t have to scroll alllllllllllllllll the way down the page to see new comments. Thoughts?

  • 4:45 pm – Jackson in the bedroom showing off the veto to cam
    • He says ‘high risk, high reward. Sorry Bella but you gotta go’

Seeing as Cliff or Sam didn’t win, we can talk about the power with more certainty.

  • If Christie uses her power:
    • Jackson will own the DPoV and has the power to choose the renomination. Typically, the HOH chooses, but Jackson will pick Bella
  • If Christie doesn’t use her power:
    • Jackson saves himself and Cliff picks the renomination.
  • It’s hard to count votes right now because Jess and Kat are wildcards but it’s really close if Christie uses the power
  • Christie is in the storage room talking to Tommy
    • She says she doesn’t want Jack to go home. Tommy tells her to weigh the pros and cons
    • Oh man, paranoid Christie is going to be a fun Christie these next 48 hours
    • Bella is chatting with Jackson and praising Cliff for making big moves. She’s going to be kissing some serious ass to Jackson
    • Jackson says he and Bella are still living together after this. I doubt it after this week
    • Jackson says Kat could be like RainMan where she’s socially awkward but a genius
  • 5:15 pm – Christie and Tommy are chatting with Jess and Kat
    • She is saying how she isn’t sure what to do, but if she doesn’t use the power, it’s going to be Tommy
    • Christie says her dream team final 4 is them (her, Tommy, Jess, and Kat). She may not be lying here
    • Christie begins crying which I am sure is the start of something she’ll be doing a lot of
    • This is the hardest decision ever.  And to be fair, it is really a tough decision for her. This is drawing a huge line in the sand for her
    • Christie wants to make sure that Cliff wants Bella out before making this move because she doesn’t want him still flipping votes to keep her (which would be hilarious)
    • Jackson getting worked up and telling Christie just needs to give him the power and take the blood off her hands. He’ll happily put her up
  • 6:10 pm – Christie is talking to Nicole
    • She tells Nicole how she mentioned her dream team would be Tommy, Jess, Kat, Cliff, and potentially Sis.  Nicole says “and me?”. Christie says “I said you” Umm, no you didn’t
    • Nicole asks who would go if she doesn’t use it. Christie says she thinks Tommy would go on the block (and begins crying. Kill me)
  • 6:30 pm – Jess and Nicole sit down at the chess table to count numbers using the pieces
    • They put in groups and I’m going to write it because it’s interesting to hear their perspective
    • Nick – Sam – Bella
    • Holly – Sis – Jack – Jackson
    • Christie-Tommy-Kat-Nicole-Jess
    • Then Cliff HoH
    • Nicole removes Jack and Bella as block potentials come Monday
      • Evict Jack – Nick, Sam
      • Evict Bella – Tommy, Christie, Sis, Holly, Jackson, Kat
    • When they put Nicole and Jess on Jack’s side, they realize they still lose without Kat, but they’re not sure about Kat yet
    • They realize if Nicole, Jess, and Kat all vote the same, Cliff is the decider. If they don’t, Bella goes but then they’re at the mercy of everyone else.
    • Nicole drops a small bomb on Jess that Holly called her (Jess) a liar in front of Christie.

This thread is closed – New update thread here


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  1. Avatar

    The original picks were Sam, Jess & Holly.

  2. Nancy

    I literally lol’d, rockstars daughter’s bday..no shenanigans..omg, to damn funny..thanks steve

  3. hogwild

    Come on Sam win that third veto comp. As someone from last season was fond os saying LETS GO!!!!!!!.

  4. Helen

    If I were Sam this is one veto I would not want to win…

    • AIO_7

      I don’t see why not. Win it, don’t use it, and keep your side safe.

      • Helen

        And when he does not use it,he basically chooses his side…nick and Bella and maybe cliff…what happens to him next week when someone from original 6 get HOH? Say tommy? Tommy already wants Sam OTB. Sam and nick go up…who’s Bella gonna keep? Nick. Sam would get voted out….
        Better to stay neutral and let cliff do the dirty work for nick and Bella…imo

      • hogwild

        Sam had his side basically chosen when he won those back to back veto comps the hateful 8 already let it slip he’s not part of the group if he throws that challenge he is in the same position he is if he won and did nothing. As the saying goes better to die on your feet than live on your knees

    • hogwild

      Sam knows he is not a part of the 8 or 9 or six shooter alliance or whatever they are calling themselves today might as well take one out while you can.

  5. AIO_7

    Hank conferring with NickRat.


  6. AIO_7

    Hank with his cereal box moon helmet …


  7. hogwild

    In my opinion here is the thing Christie should be considering in deciding rather or not to use her power today if the roles were reversed would either of those two use the power to save her. I’m going to go with no.

  8. AIO_7

    Crustie Christie is nasty, and I don’t think we can trust Kat on this one …


  9. Pink13

    I just hope Sam doesn’t back down and throw the comp!!! Win it and honor the HoH!

  10. Kari

    If she uses that D-POV on them I’m done.

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  12. AIO_7

    It seems to me that if AssJack or BoxJack win the veto then Crusty HAS to activate the golden of she could go on the block.

    • hogwild

      Even if she did all that does is allow the one who won to pick the renom the other stays up at this point not sure how much that helps the one on the block and I think nest week will be the last week she can use it might be better off to save it for yourself just in case.

      • AIO_7

        …”not sure how much that helps the one on the block”….

        It help;s tremendously. One of the Jacks would pick someone from the other side of the house, and probably have the numbers to evict them.

      • hogwild

        Does it? You are at the part of the game now where people start looking at who is a threat and who is not suppose they picked Jessica or Kat people would be looking at that asking themselves who is more likely to take me out down the line one of them or the one still on the block.

    • Sassy

      Good point, I hadn’t thought of that. She screwed herself when she told everyone about her power.

  13. Colby

    AD eating a sandwich. The one nice thing I can say about him is that at least he chews with his mouth closed.

  14. hogwild

    I wonder how much those two asshats regert sending Ovi to camp comeback and then out the door with the battleback result his power could have saved them both and he might very well have been naive enough to do it.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      You’re exactly right about that. They probably haven’t even thought of it. It wouldn’t look good on their “greatest BB player résumés.

      • hogwild

        If one of them wins Veto and pressures Christie to use her power for them she should remind them if you not pushed to get Ovi out his power could have saved you both. Rather she is smart enough to that is highly questionable.

  15. Mimi Ryan

    So, AD . . . . Doesn’t like anyone having anything. That means he wants to “dominate” everything. Ok, that’s not how this GAME WORKS dude. Ovi’s power wasn’t used in a timely fashion. AD used his, because he could. Bat Crap Crazy Eyes Christie if she’s got a real thought at all, won’t use it on these 2 douche gags. Sam wins PoV & doesn’t use it because it’s a great move to take out the TRASH. Cliff Notes aka Hank Hill did real good here by putting up the Dynamic Duo of Trailer Trash. I hate the “Let’s Go” line. It’s over use was more than I could take. WingNut Nick & Ratella NEED TO GO!!!!

    • kneeless

      Preach Mimi. You hit the nail on the head. As much as I cannot stand Nick & Bella I dislike the J Bros even more. I have disliked other hgs but this year has got to be the worst!

      • Colby

        I agree. And as much as everyone (except Nick) hates Bella, she won’t be around long anyway. I just hope she doesn’t make it to jury.
        I actually would like to see them do a 7person jury this year, mainly so a couple of them that ‘just want to make it to jury’ won’t get the luxury rest of the summer that they are hoping for.

      • ElaineB

        I thought of going to a 7-person jury too Colby. In recent seasons, so many HGs say “I just want to make it to jury.” Personally, I would be glad to have two more HGs go back home, rather than to the jury house.

    • Mimi Ryan

      I like the idea of 7 Jury Members. Ratella can wonder why it wasn’t “unanimous”. Duh!!!!!

  16. KLew

    For some reason, Christie seems quite popular in the house – so I think she’ll outlast her alliance if it begins to weaken. Personally, I hope she holds on to her power so that either Jack/Jackson is sent home. They’re both offensive…just for different reasons, LOL. Ultimately I love the Cliff made this move…it’s painful watching the outliers get picked off one by one because none of them had the courage to target the alpha males. I hope he’s rewarded for his efforts.

    • ElaineB

      At some point the hierarchy within the Six will have to be determined. Somehow I don’t see this group of six handling it as well as L6 from last season.

      • Sassy

        If AD leaves, the sex shooters fall apart and we could possibly see a reshuffling of the groups into smaller alliances. Right now, they all worship and fear AD. JJ and CC will battle to fill that role and go after each other, in the end they will both be victims of bullying and hero’s for not putting up with it (at least in their own heads).

  17. Good Dog

    Sam better try to win veto. He could end up on the block & out the door according to Steve’s figures if 1 of the Jacks comes off & Christie activates GPOV. that side will have votes to evict . As we’ve seen Christie is paranoid about being put up herself. Can you imagine her using it this week then by chance ends up as a nominee next week. That would be funny.

    • Stephanie

      Said this on the other thread right before this one was posted …

      I would LOVE to see Sam win VETO, agree to use CC’s power to swap the nominees & then NOT swap the nominees flushing out her power while managing to get one of the JackAsses votes out. Now THAT would be a power move & a great addition to his BB resume. I also would totally take Bella to final 2, everyone hates her.

      • Barracuda

        This is exactly what I was thinking. If Christie offers to activate it agree with her that you will use it. Then when it comes time to nominate someone say that he is “gr8ful” she trusts him with the power but he doesn’t think they are gr8ful to him, so he decides to leave noms the same (or take down one and put up Tommy, Holly or Christie) and be like no more powers in house we need to worry about.

      • Colby

        If she activates it but he doesn’t use it, she still has it until it is used or the time expires.

      • Barracuda

        Ah good to know. Thanks Colby. So she probably won’t waste it this week if Sam wins. Keep it for herself for the next week (if she is smart). And next week is the last week it’s in play? It’s that right? I can’t remember. Jack’s pov pick thingy was until last 6 hgs. Christie’s was for 4 weeks only?

      • Helen

        Yes…Christie is able to use her power for four veto ceremonies…the one coming up is number 3

    • hogwild

      That is why I’m thinking she won’t use it her fear of being put up herself she knows the longer she has the better the odds someone besides her goes up.

    • Mimi Ryan

      LMAO – Please picture something really Laughing One’s Head Off

  18. Helen

    I’m probably in a minority here but my preference is that Jackson goes this week. He is so gross…always eating…drinking out of milk containers and returning them to fridge…ugh

  19. Helen

    Kat could win veto. Then there will be a mess. Christie don’t want to give her power to Kat but kat will save Jackson,leaving cliff to nom Christie,Tommy or Sis…Christie would probably try to make a deal with cliff to keep her and tommy off the block leaving sis being put up…sis would easily be voted out over jack

    • Colby

      Cliff and one of the girls ( I don’t remember which) had that discussion and he said it would need to be someone that definitely wouldn’t get voted out, so I don’t think he would make that deal. They didn’t even mention Christie. I think it would probably be Tommy.

      • Helen

        Christie isn’t going to let tommy near the block if she can help it

      • Helen

        But we’ve all known for years that production “helps” certain players so all the speculation isn’t going to change the fact Sam will win veto,leave noms the same

  20. danmtruth

    CBS big voice guy is warming up ready to breatlessly sa “WATCH THE MOST IMPORTANT POV OF THE SUMMER”

  21. ZoeNita

    I think Cliff won PoV

  22. Helen

    Feeds back. Jackson won pov

  23. Pink13

    Jackson got veto!?!

  24. Avatar

    Looks like JJ won the Veto

  25. Kari

    Oh pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please!!!????

  26. nancy

    Oh no……Jackson won it

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  28. Sassy

    Well, I think I’ll skip the feeds tonight. I’ve had a great day and Hearing JJ brag all night will be just to much! Nice try Cliff, you definitely have the biggest balls in the house!

  29. danmtruth

    Worse yet we will need to hear what a genius he is as his plan worked manifest destiny and all that crap Now will christie give up her power for the team Clasic he uses to take his bro down they put nick up Vote is flip he goes out A boy can dream

  30. Colby

    He told Kat he is putting up Bella.
    Time will tell.

  31. Alda

    So,if Christie takes AD otb,JJ picks the replacement.Will he go with Bella or Sam or Nick?

  32. kneeless

    My guess is Sam.

  33. Nancy

    Poor cliff was limping..but kudos for putting both jackholes otb..its gonna be interesting to see what happens..will crazy pull AD off..time will tell

    • hogwild

      I’m hoping she is smart enough to keep her power for herself in case she needs it next week I would be putting that idea in her head every chance I got. I would remind her she has the only power left and much like a condom it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  34. Pink13

    Only Jackson can come off, then he can name the replacement.

    • Colby

      Well, technically he could take AD down and stay on the block, but that would be really stupid.

      • danmtruth

        Colby you are talking about Jackson Thats why i say his ego is big enough to stay on the block so he can give a speach on eviction night thinking he has the votes If the 6 shooters want Sam and he switches it up Does HIS thing and puts up Nick ir Bella Than Tommy might flip the vote Selling them they can draw Nick back into the 8/9 dumb but not unheard of

      • Colby


      • Mimi Ryan

        OMG, I could totally see Jacka$$ do this incredibly stupid move. If AD is “such a great layer (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) & Jacka$$ stays on the block then he deserves to go. Do these Village of Idiot HG’s want to, plan to & WILL HAND AD THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THEN?

    • Purring

      Christie will save the POV and not waste it on AD. Whoever Cliff puts up it will be someone from the AD side even though he may say it is someone from the Bella side to keep the AD side calm. Or CC may just have a freak out and use it thinking she is going up.

  35. Pink13

    If the power is used.
    I hope she does NOT use it!

    • danmtruth

      Pink if she uses the power she will go into the DR tell them she is giving it to JJ Than at the eto ceremony BB will announce the power is in efect so JJ can pull someone off than aniunce the replacement So he could pull Ad or himself than name anyone but Cliff

  36. Avatar

    So you guys think that Jackson will use the power of veto to take jack off the block? That would make the most sense for their Alliance but we have a better chance of Jack going home over Jackson. They would be so stupid not to take out one of the 6. Either way one of the six will remain on the Block and this is their one chance to actually change the game. That’s what frustrates me the most about Kat she is finally on the side of the house with power and she still choosing Jackson even though he treats her like crap. I don’t know why Jessica would vote to keep the six when they have been gani talked to her since Week 1.

  37. HappyHippo

    Insert cussing face emoji

  38. Ronduh

    As much as I can’t stand Bella they might want to keep her because she is so hated and would be easy to beat in the end…just a thought.

  39. Colby

    Bella has already cornered him in the target room, kissing his butt.

  40. caRyn

    If he takes himself off the block he can eat.

  41. Alda

    Christie tells Tommy she has to talk to Cliff and see what he wants to do before she makes a decision.

  42. ElaineB

    Can Christie be named as the re-nom, by Michie-Ass, if the DPOV is activated?

  43. danmtruth

    All is not lost JJ comes down Sam goes If Kat and Jess stay with Cliff the vote is tied 5/5 Cliff breaks it Their is hope Resting on KK mood swing

  44. Alda

    Finally,the season is starting to get interesting.

  45. Avatar

    Jack and Jackson for some reason remind me of the monsters in human skin tape on hope to act like a normal human being, from the live action Scooby-Doo.

  46. LGJ

    If Christie doesn’t use her power, the smart thing would to be to put her up. If she’s voted out then that power can’t be used in the future bc that is a dangerous power! That being said…please let Jack go home.

  47. nancy

    Here’s hoping the Jacks come on strong with the mansplaining causing Christie not to use her power.

  48. Ronduh

    She should have just kept her freaking mouth shut about her power..it would be pretty funny if she didn’t use it, Jackson took himself off, and Cliff put her up…it would be entertaining to see her meltdown on the block.

  49. Cat Lady

    I was hoping the power would turn. I can’t stand the other side..but really I can’t stand most of them except for Nicole and Sam.

  50. Helen

    I will be happy when next week rolls around and it’s the last week of Crazy Christie and her power!!

  51. danmtruth

    It is a fun thought to trick Christie into not useing the power than backdooring her Epic BB move Yet Cliff is public enemy 1 with those peoe He might be smarter to out Tommy up as he is the glue and brains behind that group Just saying putting Christie up paints a bigger target on Cliff

    • ElaineB

      Cliff needs to put up someone to try to secure Jack’s eviction. Bella won’t do it….Tommy, yes. He has fired the shot across the bow, and getting Jack out is best for everyone’s game. C’mon Cliff (and Orwell).

  52. danmtruth

    Kat needs to make a choice I feel Kat & Holly have been playing both sides and in Hollys case keeping a target off Kat You also have JJthe mastermind thinking he has his girl Kat getting him big info about the other side So Kat if she votes to force a tie shows her hand a bit to the old H8ful As has been pointed out they have not cared about her Kat can play the i did vote the way i was told it must have been someone else or claim she was confused what the plan was

  53. hogwild

    Cliff should go all out to assure Christie she will not go up if she doesnt’t use the power then tell her that power is a shield and if anyone tried to put her up next week would be a fool because even if she didn’t win POV she would have a great barganing chip with the power for the veto holder to get out a bigger threat or someone they just don’t like.

  54. hogwild

    Jackson trying bully Christie into doing something might not be the best plan so by all means keep it up.

  55. Kari

    Oh well poop. Well hopefully we’re at least getting rid of Jack?

  56. Purring

    I bet the 2 J’s will be too pushy with Christie and she won’t like that and they will just get on her nerves and then will want at least AD out because he is a man and his brain in bigger then a woman’s and it has been scientifically proven!

    • hogwild

      According to our updates Jackson already seems to be getting worked up with her and I suspect Jack will do the same sooner or later neither seems to able to control their ego.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Good point, AD’s brain is bigger, but clearly NOT SMARTER, if his “biggest” play is intimidation, bullying, looking good, however, underneath all that painfully thin veneer is a total POSh!t.

  57. Helen

    I don’t care who goes honestly. I’ll just be glad that after next week Crazy Christie no longer has a power. I’m really sick of the Christie show…maybe something will happen and she won’t get to use it at all and getvoted out before jury

  58. Helen

    Just because you keep your power for next week Christie there is no guarantee you will be in a position to use it …
    That power can turn into a curse….she may just piss off someone enough by not using it as she will piss people off for using it….pick a side chickie doodle

  59. LindsayB

    I’ve deleted the last few episodes without watching. First time since season 2 that I haven’t watched. I was close to just scrapping the whole season. Now there’s some hope.

  60. Avatar

    Will we find out tonight how it plays out? Or not until tomorrow. I don’t want Christie to have too much time to think on it

  61. danmtruth

    The six shooter’s are quickly moving into Faute territory Tommy must be having a hard time runnig between people in his “alliance” not much constructive conversation between members

    • hogwild

      I’m ok with them imploding like Faute watching Faute implode last season was sad because they were good people who just played bad this group for the most part are A-Holes and watching them implode would be funny as hell.

  62. Pink13

    Unfortunately I think they are figuring it out to get Bella out. I just really wanted Jack to go.

  63. Pink13

    Cliff’s game is getting hijacked for sure.

  64. danmtruth

    Faute six feel that they have Kat and Nicole
    Jack wants to call in Kat & Nicole and tell Nicole he is on the bock because of what he did to save her *how noble of him *They do not want JJ in the room because he is to aggresive As BSC CC explains no women wants to be manexplained Jack also wants to remind Nicole of the horrible things Bella said about her Ohhh selective amnesia sets in as they forgot what they all said
    Tommy telling CC it was a good thing that everyone knows d
    She gas this power * might be best for Tommy game so he can control her *
    Christie is going to talk to Cliff about how terrible of a human Bella is CC is not thinking of doing this to orotect the boys but to protect herself As she knows Bella is coming after her How Bella has thrown everyone of her ally’s to the side Oh my god

  65. danmtruth

    Cliff is listening to Christie talk about how she felt Nick was going to put her up last week Now starts the CC fantasy of all the little things that nick said because it was Bella Now how she always liked Sam How they have great talks when he is away from bella How Bella will come after her because she stood up to a bully How morally she cannot let such a bully make it to jury How she has talk to Tommy and said how foolish it would be to go to the final with 4 strong couples How her dream team is going to finals with tommy him nicole,kat She would lo e to take Sam but he is so strong But would love to keep Sam around to take iut the boys
    Cliff is pitching soooo much bs at Christie He lives Nick but never felt comfortable with Bella Wow he is great How he did not want to backdoor the boys Hiw ge never like that Ovi never got a chance to fight for his game That is why he would never backdoor anybody

  66. Pink13

    Christie knows how to sell a lie.

  67. Helen

    Cliff just lied to Christie. He told her he was going to put up holly or sis if she doesn’t use her power….he’s already said to Sam etc it would be tommy…

  68. danmtruth

    I hope Cliff is protecting Orwell from how much BS is filling up that HOH room She has thrown every reason why Bella is the devil incarnate How Bella had a boyfriend coming into the house and threw him to the side for Nick Nick feels alone So he will be better without her Cliff saying he had a casual alliance with JJ, Kat,Holly as a southern alliance Cliff did not like how JJ was talking about how he slept with Kat CC jumped in to add that he said it in much more crude was
    Christi than decided to spin a new fantasy Just between us I just found out the other day it was Jackson who cast the rogue vote He did it on his own did not tell anyone till a day later he told Jack Because Jack did not believe it was nicole who ever did it was a mastermind That’s when Javkson smiled and said yes i was Jack was like why did you do this We all know this is false as hell Just her saying things to target Jackson These Two are great Christie just went with the hands on the bible i will swear im going to start looking at going after the boys So Cliff ask do you ha e a chojce between holly or Sis He is making sure she has JJ use the power as if Bella goes up he would not care if she went home He is slick Again if he moves this to a tie vote and drop a dime on Jack

    • Mimi Ryan

      This swearing stuff HAS TO STOP. It’s an f’ing game. Your words only matter after the fact. The lies, the gossip, the BS, oh let’s not forget Game Play (Real Game Play, not desparation) is totally worthless. Convincing people to get your way through “empty and vacuous” swearies & promises is DUMB. Cliff Notes/Hank Hill your buddy Orwell doesn’t do any of this. Listen & trust Orwell Dude.

  69. danmtruth

    Christie this might be the most vanilla season of BB ever WTF

  70. danmtruth

    Side notei heard Kemi on a podcast They told her about Christie having dated Tommys aunt She was speechless and blown away

  71. danmtruth

    Watching these 2 is like a masters class of BS Talk about reinventing history im ready to wonder if i just step out of the shower and every thing i just saw for the past 30 days was a dream

  72. Colby

    OMG. CLiff just offered to consider back dooring Bella so Christie didn’t have to use her power if they keep him safe at least two weeks.
    Has he lost his mind!

    • hogwild

      Key word there consider Bella against Jack stays no way Cliff does not know that I suspect he is telling Chrisite whatever he has to to get her not to use that power. No matter how this week turns out Cliff and Nicole are becoming my two favorite players because they are giving us a real shot to not have a repeat of BB 19.

    • Good Dog

      This game changes on a dime. Someone is a big target one week, then they’re not. Cliff is thinking long term. If Bella/ Nick were to go then who knows Cliff may not be a target for several weeks. So many scenarios. This game is crazy, that’s why we love it.

  73. Helen

    Cliff is not going to backdoor Bella…no way…he is telling Christie that so she won’t use her power…
    It continues to amaze me how crazy these people are ..every year. Lol
    Last week Christie was running the charge on getting cliff out because he was dangerous,a genius and she didn’t trust him
    This week Christie believes cliffs every word…

  74. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Guys! I had a great day today and I’m hoping for a great BBAD tonight. I spent the day with my 3 siblings. When our mom passed almost 4 years ago, we decided that we would get together every month and have a Siblings Day…no husbands, wife or kids, just the 4 of us. Today we went to a movie that served dinner to you in the theater. We want to see Stuber. It wasn’t too bad and actually funny. The only problem is when I got home my air was out and the damn thermostat is registering 88 degrees. Damm thing was working fine when I left at 2. I might melt before the end of BBAD…lol. If I had known what I was walking into a half an hour ago, I would have checked into a hotel on the way home. Oh well, just hope BBAD makes it worth my while.

    I’ve only had time to read Steve’s blog. I’ll have to catch up on the comments tomorrow morning. Okay, getting ready for the circus. See you in a few.

    • hogwild

      If it makes you feel better we will have a heat index of 111 here tomorrow. Right now Cliff and his HOH is giving us the best 48 hours of BB wehave had this season.

    • Good Dog

      Sorry NK. you don’t need to get overheated anymore than normal. My solution is a fan, spray bottle & cooling towel. As Jeff Spicoli would say “All I need are tasty waves & a cool buzz, & I’m fine” .

    • danmtruth

      Sit back and stay cool in the basement fan on mango-peach tea tonight Air is on upstairs so it stays nice and cool Went with the wife this morning to a sidewalk chalk art festival To bad it was 95 heat index 110 Then the wife and daughters went to a do it yourself Chinese lantern fest Had a nice time together it turned a little cooler so it was nice

  75. Good Dog

    I believe Cliff is a man of his word. He’ll tell Christie he won’t put her or Tommy up. He just wants Jack gone. I’m betting he convinces her not to use it. The big question is will she use it?Who the hell knows. I don’t have the feeds so I can’t gage her temperature on it. How about it feed watchers. What are the odds she’ll use it.

  76. Annabelle

    Can anyone tell me why Tommy was eating slop? Someone just asked if he wanted or was having more?

  77. ElaineB

    So now motor mouth is telling Tommy things she swore to Cliff that she wouldn’t tell. Swore on the Bible, her life, her sister’s life (am sure she is thrilled about that). Whatever! Pox on her! I hope if Cliff has the chance, he puts up her or Tommy. Bounce that check, Cliff!

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  79. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: The Six Shooter Show


    JJ is talking to TT and telling him that if he wins HOH next week, he’s putting Cliff OTB. TT leaves and Holly says she has ringing in her ears. *’That’s just the bats in the belfry*


    AD is talking to Simple Sis. She is telling him she doesn’t contribute anything. He tells her she does. He ask her if she trust him. She says she does.


    TT lays on top of Nick and Nick rubs his back. *A little too touchy for me* TT sits up and listens to the convo going on by those cooking. Nick eating cookies. Cliff comes in and checks what’s cooking. Someone gets a warning to “Stop that.” Everyone is eating snacks except AD. Nick is telling where everyone is. AD tells Cliff he’s going to ice his foot(?). Cliff says it’s feeling better. Simple Sis isn’t say8ing much.


    CC is telling AD(?) that Cliff said he wouldn’t come after him if he gave him a second chance. CC says she swore she wouldn’t tell *And we all know how she can keep a secret*, but JJ has made a F4 and Cliff doesn’t like the way he talks to KK. She says Cliff said he considered putting up her or TT but he was afraid one of them might go home.


  80. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and PSM are going through clothes.


    CC is telling Tt that Cliff is going to do a Neil Armstrong speech. Holly starts singing and gets a warning. She sings that it’s not a real song that she just made up.


    Cliff is telling a story about someone caught in the cold in the middle of nowhere.


    PSM is finished dressing and says in her drone voice that she is ready. Nicole is finishing getting dressed and says her shirt is wrinkly.


    Cliff is still talking. Now about how his engine overheated because of his radiator. Ratty says the first week she got her car she had to change a flat tire. *Shut up and go look for cheese Ratty* Now it’s Sam’s turn to tell his tale of AAA. Now Ratty has thought of another story about snow tire tracks.

    Nick changes the story to skiing. He was going downhill fast. Ratty likes to ski too. *Of course she does* Cliff changes the subject to feeling sorry for people sleeping in the target room because it’s so hot in there. CC just noticed that Tt and Nicole “just scurried upstairs” and wonders what they are up to.


  81. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, this new format is completely throwing me off. Had to go all the way to the bottom to find the comment box.



    AD announces the chicken is perfect. *Isn’t he a HN or did I miss something?* Most are sitting around eating. *JJ is probably pilfering food from the SR and hiding it for his late-night undercover snack* Just general conversation about things that have gone missing in the house.


    Nicole is fashioning some kind of headgear(?). She is tying some kind of bandanas together and whispers “Kemi”. TT comes in and bring her another bandana then they start to make something out of foil. TT tells her she should go eat. She says no, she wants to finish this first. *Some kind of space suit?* TT says “So we’re aliens”. Nicole says yes. They try on their headpieces. TT tells her they should makeup. He calls Jess in and tells her they want to transform into aliens and asks her if she has any makeup they can use. She leaves to go check. *Jess is already a space cadet*


  82. NKogNeeTow

    The only problem I have with the comments is it makes them look out of context. But hey, I’m going with the house.


    Everyone is sitting around waiting for the aliens.


    Jess is has put green makeup on TT and Nicole. Jess is helping them get dressed. Cliff come in to check on their progress.


    Everyone is singing the theme to 2001 Space Odyessy. They get a warning. Cliff comes out and announces the arrival of the alien. They start to countdown. Cliff puts on a foil helmet and tells them “Houston, the eagle has landed”. He moves in slow motion and says “One small step for mankind…” He finishes his speech and they all start clapping. Orwell is also wearing a foil helmet. But only because he hopes it makes him invisible. Cliff thanks all of them for coming and says he’s happy. They all applaud him. Orwell is still trying to channel himself into outer space. He’s thinking “Anywhere BUT here”.

    Cliff looks at TT and Nicole and tells them they could also be zombies. Everyone is commenting on their costumes. TT says it’s cool because he didn’t even know it was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. TT and Nicole get called to the DR. Everyone cheers.


    • Sassy

      NK, I’m with you on the comment reversal. I have to scroll to the bottom to start, scroll up to main message, scroll down to read comments, then up to the next and do it again. I can see how some would prefer this format, I’m sure there are a lot of silent readers that want to skip our banter, but those of us that like to engage, it makes it more difficult.

  83. NKogNeeTow



    The HG are sitting around talking about space movies. AD says Amagedden On is the best and it’s a little bit more risque. The talk then turns to astronauts and spacecraft. Cliff tells them about the spacecraft that have blown up.*Fun times!* Cliff says that his crew went all around Texas collecting the parts of the shuttle and took them back to a warehouse to put them all together. CC says she feels like she’s having a history lesson. Cliff says they are funding now to go back into space and to the moon.


  84. Alda

    That was the first time I really saw Nicole laughing and enjoying herself.Tommy and Nicole were cute aliens.I’m glad the group paid attention to Cliff and his reenactment of stepping on the moon.This day meant a lot to Cliff being from Texas.I loved when they called Nicole and Tommy into the DR.

  85. danmtruth

    New thread folks

  86. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Everyone is still sitting around chatting about whether they would go into space. Everyone is in the room except Nicole, TT, and JJ (Nicole and Tt in DR). Now they are talking about how long it would take to get to the moon. CC compare it to spending 3 months in the house. KK comes in with a bowl of steaming slop. *Yum!*

    They are now talking about slop recipes. Nick is talking about some girl that ran up his credit card. Since the talk has turned away from outer space, Cliff looks uninterested.

    Tt and Nicole return and get applause. Cliff is called to the DR and they tell him to take his props. He has his helmet on, his flag and a helmeted emasculated Orwell. The group breaks up. General chit-chat again. CC wonders if it is 10 yet because she wants to go to bed.

    Holly says she ate too much so she took some fiber. AD says he should eat some fiber. CC says the slop has made her more regular. CC announces she’s going to take a cold shower by choice.


    Sam is washing dishes. Simple Sis is sitting at the table looking like she can’t remember where she is.


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