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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


This thread is closed – New update thread here

First, I want to give a huge shoutout to Rockstar’s daughter! It’s her birthday today which means no funny business is allowed in the Big Brother house today. I’m watching you, Jack!

Saturday in the Big Brother house which means it’s veto competition day! It’s a fairly big competition as it could set up the potential for major drama on Monday. Here is why – Jack and Jackson are currently on the block.  Jack used his power for the redraw today and the current players are Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sam, Kat, and Analyse.  I’m not sure what the initial draw was, but Jack wasn’t happy with it so his power has been exposed and is now gone. There is one remaining power in the house which could come into play on Monday.


So here is the situation; If Jack, Analyse, Jackson, and maybe Kat win the veto, this will put a ton of pressure on Christie to use her power on Monday. What her power will do is turn the veto into the diamond power of veto which means the person who won will be able to pick the replacement nom (for those confused – Christie does not pick the re-nom. Just the person holding the veto opposed to the HoH). This sets up a situation where Jack could potentially pull himself off the block and nominate someone else. He could and most likely would put up Nicole, Nick, or Bella which puts them against Jackson. He’ll pick whoever he feels least comfortable with as a potential vote. They have been working Nicole, so she may be able to trick him that she’ll vote to keep him which would keep her off the block.

For argument’s sake, let’s say it’s Nick. This means Nick vs Jackson and the votes could look like this:

  • For Nick to go – Jack, Holly, Sis, Tommy, Kat, Christie
  • For Jackson to go – Nicole, Bella, Sam, and Jessica

That is assuming Jessica doesn’t flip and vote to evict Nick which is possible considering she has been kissing the ass of that side of the house all season. Kat could also flip to vote out Jackson as some sort of payback for breaking it off with her and hooking up with HollyBeth.

This means Nick goes and Cliff’s HoH win is for nothing because the numbers go back in favor of the 6 shooters.  Not good.


If Sam or Cliff win the veto, noms stay the same and the game remains interesting

  • 9:45 am – Jack is bragging about how he crushed that competition now that he can talk about it
    • Downstairs, Jess is chatting with Kat downstairs.
    • They are talking about some power but it’s hard to hear because Cliff is talking loud nearby
    • I guess it was something Bella said about a power which worked up Jess
  • 10:15 am – Nick asks Tommy if he’s on the outskirts because he associated himself with Bella
    • He loves Bella but doesn’t want to get dragged by her.  Maybe he shouldn’t have hooked up with an anchor because she’s definitely bringing him down
    • Tommy tells Nick that early on there were whispers of Nick trying to target Jack and Jackson. Nick said it’s because Christie said it
  • Jack and Tommy talk
    • Jack says if he wins and gets to choose, he may send Sam up. They want Bella out but Sam is a threat. Tommy is trying to convince him to nominate Bella
    • Tommy says that Christie would be happy with Bella up because Bella told Kat that she (Bella) is targeting Christie and we all know what happens if someone namedrops Queen Christie
  • 1:30 pm – Just got back from the beach. Feeds down for veto I assume
  • 3:50 pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:19 pm – Feeds back
    • Jackson won the PoV
    • Jack doesn’t look too happy
    • Or that’s probably just his dumb face. He was listening to Jackson. He was pumped when Jackson finished speaking
    • So, the question will be if Christie will use the DPoV and if so, who Jess and Kat will vote for

Oh, I was thinking of switching the comments to newest first so people don’t have to scroll alllllllllllllllll the way down the page to see new comments. Thoughts?

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  • 4:45 pm – Jackson in the bedroom showing off the veto to cam
    • He says ‘high risk, high reward. Sorry Bella but you gotta go’

Seeing as Cliff or Sam didn’t win, we can talk about the power with more certainty.

  • If Christie uses her power:
    • Jackson will own the DPoV and has the power to choose the renomination. Typically, the HOH chooses, but Jackson will pick Bella
  • If Christie doesn’t use her power:
    • Jackson saves himself and Cliff picks the renomination.
  • It’s hard to count votes right now because Jess and Kat are wildcards but it’s really close if Christie uses the power
  • Christie is in the storage room talking to Tommy
    • She says she doesn’t want Jack to go home. Tommy tells her to weigh the pros and cons
    • Oh man, paranoid Christie is going to be a fun Christie these next 48 hours
    • Bella is chatting with Jackson and praising Cliff for making big moves. She’s going to be kissing some serious ass to Jackson
    • Jackson says he and Bella are still living together after this. I doubt it after this week
    • Jackson says Kat could be like RainMan where she’s socially awkward but a genius
  • 5:15 pm – Christie and Tommy are chatting with Jess and Kat
    • She is saying how she isn’t sure what to do, but if she doesn’t use the power, it’s going to be Tommy
    • Christie says her dream team final 4 is them (her, Tommy, Jess, and Kat). She may not be lying here
    • Christie begins crying which I am sure is the start of something she’ll be doing a lot of
    • This is the hardest decision ever.  And to be fair, it is really a tough decision for her. This is drawing a huge line in the sand for her
    • Christie wants to make sure that Cliff wants Bella out before making this move because she doesn’t want him still flipping votes to keep her (which would be hilarious)
    • Jackson getting worked up and telling Christie just needs to give him the power and take the blood off her hands. He’ll happily put her up
  • 6:10 pm – Christie is talking to Nicole
    • She tells Nicole how she mentioned her dream team would be Tommy, Jess, Kat, Cliff, and potentially Sis.  Nicole says “and me?”. Christie says “I said you” Umm, no you didn’t
    • Nicole asks who would go if she doesn’t use it. Christie says she thinks Tommy would go on the block (and begins crying. Kill me)
  • 6:30 pm – Jess and Nicole sit down at the chess table to count numbers using the pieces
    • They put in groups and I’m going to write it because it’s interesting to hear their perspective
    • Nick – Sam – Bella
    • Holly – Sis – Jack – Jackson
    • Christie-Tommy-Kat-Nicole-Jess
    • Then Cliff HoH
    • Nicole removes Jack and Bella as block potentials come Monday
      • Evict Jack – Nick, Sam
      • Evict Bella – Tommy, Christie, Sis, Holly, Jackson, Kat
    • When they put Nicole and Jess on Jack’s side, they realize they still lose without Kat, but they’re not sure about Kat yet
    • They realize if Nicole, Jess, and Kat all vote the same, Cliff is the decider. If they don’t, Bella goes but then they’re at the mercy of everyone else.
    • Nicole drops a small bomb on Jess that Holly called her (Jess) a liar in front of Christie.

This thread is closed – New update thread here


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