Hi, everyone! Steve isn’t home and I’m bored, so here I am. Bear with me, as I haven’t blogged in forever.

First of all, I used Cliff as a cover photo since I just realized he looks EXACTLY like my neighbor. Like EXACTLY. My neighbor is a huge Big Brother fan, so it would be funny if he actually WAS Cliff going incognito.

Anyway, on to the feeds…


  • Khal and someone else offscreen are talking about how they just want to fill the house with love. And Khal DOES have a nametag tattoo. What? Who does that?
  • Samornick is spraying Samornick with suntan lotion. I don’t know which is which and they’re both shirtless, so I’m going to have to call them Samornick for awhile.
  • Actually, I think it might have been Jackson spraying Samornick. I have no business blogging. When all the guys are shirtless, they look exactly alike to me.
  • Kemi just made her way into the HoH room where Christie is putting her clothes away. Last minute schmoozing?
  • Christie doesn’t know where Sam’s head is, whether he’s going to use the veto or not. He told Christie he doesn’t want to create waves.

  • Christie called it “The F****** Jack Show.” Ha! Anyway, she’s telling Kemi that she’s going to be honest and so many people are coming up to her to tell her that Kemi is talking about them. Christie isn’t really letting Kemi get a word in.
  • Jack told Christie he’s crazy about Sis and she basically told him it’s dumb to be in a showmance.
  • Kemi is trying to convince Christie to put Ovi on the block if Sam does end up using the PoV.

  • Meanwhile, Kathryn is schmoozing Sam (that’s Sam, right?) if you can call talking about makeup and what she’s wearing for the eviction “schmoozing.”
  • Sam left to get ready. PoV ceremony must be soon, since Nick put a shirt on and said he should get dressed.
  • Jackson just imitated Rachel’s voice and he sounds more like her than she does!
  • Kemi left the HoH room and now Tommy is in there with Christie.
  • They went downstairs for a fish funeral and are all standing around the fish aquarium giving eulogies for some of the fish. I can’t even express how confused I am by this right now. I think it might be time to log off for a bit, so I don’t have to witness this weirdness.