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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap



Good morning and I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! It’s so hot here and has been all week so I haven’t even wanted to do anything outside. There isn’t a lot to recap and sometimes wont’t be on veto days, especially on the days the comps go really long because the feeds are out for much of the day.

We know Jackson won the veto and I have to say, I was very disappointed. The odds weren’t in Cliffs favor going into it but I was still hopeful. Cliff hurt his leg somehow and hopefully it isn’t too bad. Jackson talked about the comp as if it was a war story or like he’d make the tie breaking shot to win a college championship. (If a**hole is a sport, maybe he did)


He didn’t waste any time talking to Christie about the power. He doesn’t just want to come off the block and get Bella out, he wants to feel like he did it. He wants to feel the power. Christie went into full blown panic mode and her usual…tears. She’s the one with the big mouth who told them she had a power and told them she’d use it even before the veto was played.

Christie didn’t want to have to give it up to Jackson. She only cares about Jack but Jack is who she’ll be saving if she uses it and Tommy reminded her of that. Aside from wanting to have it to use later, her biggest problem is all the lies she’s told. She’s acted to Sam, Nick, etc. like she wanted Jack out in the past and if she saves him with the power, they’ll know she was lying. (I don’t know how they don’t know it already) Christie cried and told Tommy she didn’t want to have to pick a side yet. Tommy got a subtle dig in about it being too bad that everyone knew she had it. Tommy is obviusly pushing for her to use it to save Jack. (She should use it unless Cliff agrees to get rid of Bella and she trusts it. It only works when her side has the majority of votes anyway so this is the best week to use it imo)

Christie made the rounds talking to everyone and setting things up to cover herself either way. If she uses it, it will be because Bella has to go. She’s making it clear it’s NOT about saving the guys, it’s because Bella is toxic. If she doesn’t use it, it’s because Jackson is bullying her and being too aggressive with her and she doesn’t stand for that. Jackson was getting irritated with her but he didn’t scream at her (she’s saying he did) and she’s the one who told them she’d use the power.  She normally doesn’t have to back up what she says and this time she’ll be expected to do just that. Jack ended up telling her he loved her and not to use it if she wasn’t comfortable with it. She said she just wants to make sure the votes are there for Bella to go.


The 6 talked openly about the 6 in front of Kat and Jess yesterday. They’ve become so arrogant, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. I don’t guess I can blame them since it just goes over Jess and Kats heads. I really don’t get what Jess is thinking but Kat is a different story. We know she has a relationship with HollyBeth outside the house. (One of her friends is best friends with Kat and I think they have work connections too. They talked preshow and planned a strategy) Not only do they have that connection, Kat has been open about why she’s there. Sure, she wouldn’t mind winning but she’s there to gain more of a following by getting as much TV time as she can.

Kat told on Cliff and let Christie know Tommy would probably be the renom if she didn’t use the power. This pushed Christie more towards wanting to use it. She said she needed to talk to Cliff.

Cliff got to have his recreation of the moon walk with an excited audience:




Cliff and Christie had a very lengly talk and Christie may have spoken for 10 minutes while barely taking a breath. I think Cliff said “yeah” or “sure” a few times. Eventually, they both got to speak. Cliff gave his word that neither she or Tommy would be the renom if she didn’t use the power. They talked about wanting to work together and the usual stuff people say. Cliff was trying to get Christie to name who she’d be ok with losing from the 6 if it couldn’t be Jack. (He’s trying to salvage something from this hoh) He was trying to steer it between Holly or Sis but he didn’t push hard enough. He probably felt like he couldn’t. Knowing she’s bossy, he tried the angle of letting her feel in control. He talked about letting her be part of the decision for a renom and I thought it might work for a little while. Cliff made it clear he didn’t trust or even like Bella. He also painted Jackson as untrustworthy. He told Christie about Jackson and Holly trying to work with him. Christie gave up Jackson being the rogue vote so Cliff may have put a small crack in the 6. It’s all he has right now. He needs some kind of deal to be safe long enough for the 6 to turn on each other. They’re supposed to talk again but they ended it with Cliff saying he may be fine with her keeping her power and backdooring Bella for a couple weeks safety. Christie left the conversation thinking Cliff swore on everything, crying and with a deal already in place.


Its disappointing if this happens but the twist completely screwed Cliff. What’s he supposed to do? His entire hoh is a takeover if she uses the power. He can lie, make a deal and backstab her anyway but if he does, no one will ever believe another word he says. I wish he’d do it anyway because if the 6 stays in tact, it will be almost impossible for Cliff to win the game. He’d at least have a move people remembered if he talked her out of using her power, Jackson came down and Cliff put Chritie on the block.

Christie relayed everything back to her entire group after telling Cliff she’d only talk it over with Tommy and Jack. Christie, Tommy and Jack agreed they would keep the deal and keep Cliff safe for a couple of weeks. Jackson… not so much.

Kat and Tommy attempted to make ice cream and probably used way more milk that Jackson will approve.

Christie and Tommy also brought Kat into a new alliance of 7. Jack agreed since they feel they don’t have Nicole. Jackson didn’t want them to but they did it anyway. Kat should be happy since she was unofficially being used by the 6 before. Now, she’s officially being used. Christie is also telling everyone, and I mean everyone, she doesn’t want to go to the end with the 6. This is what has people like Jess, Kat, Sam  and maybe even Nicole thinking they have a chance.

Kat told Christie she had to leave the room when she was trying to sleep because Jackson and HollyBeth were making too many noises.


Have a great Sunday!





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  1. Sassy

    If Cliff let’s CC keep her power and he puts up Bella, his HOH was a waste! I don’t like Bella and I look forward to her leaving, but he needs to get rid of the power or next week could be a rinse and repeat week. At least have something positive come from it. If he promises her than noms her, I will be a Cliff fan, despite the awful things he’s said.

  2. Helen

    Jackson up this am,looked to be eating chicken? From fridge..then drinking straight from milk container…
    Why oh why did he have to win pov?

  3. Nancy

    Watching BBAD..cliff and his recreation of moon landing..damn Orwell has a helmet!!!
    I can’t with the Orwell anymore..
    At least cliff is having fun..nicole and Tommy too, with their alien attire.

  4. hogwild

    Cliff has to do whatever he can to get Jack out even if that means lying to and backstabbing Christie if you leave him and jackson in the game you most likely get the first three weeks of the season for the rest of the season with those two running over everyone.

    • Helen

      While I agree in some ways,in other ways I disagree..
      I’m not sure cliff making a deal necessarily makes his HOH a failure…he has been very clear he does not like or trust Bella…it would not break my heart to see her go…Christie only has her power for 1 more veto meeting after Monday…her alliance has a majority this week and would be an ideal time to use it…there is no guarantee that she will be in a position next week to even use it and then the power is wasted…not good for her BB resume..
      Making enemies by backstabbing her is not a good position to be in going into a week he can’t play HOH…

      • AIO_7

        “Christie only has her power for 1 more veto meeting after Monday”

        She was saying yesterday that she had 2 more after Monday. That’s why they should post the terms of the damn ‘power’ in the house for everyone to see. Weather they know who has it or not.

      • hogwild

        Yes but both the jerkoff brothers can play for HOH and the odds of one of them winning are good the odds of them actually giving Cliff the saftey they promised are not. I think you are better off getting Jack out now and doing damage control afterwards than trusting those two after you put them on the block.

      • Helen

        It was good for 4 veto meetings…she didn’t use it at Ovis…she didn’t use it at Kemis. So this will be veto meeting number 3…..

      • AIO_7

        Problem is that Cliff knows he might not have the votes to get Jack out.

      • AIO_7

        …”she didn’t use it at Ovis”….

        I’m not sure she had it at Ovi’s. Besides, I’m just relaying what she said yesterday.

      • Helen

        I know AIO. She got her power the Friday before Ovis POV meeting…
        She is either confused or not being honest…I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt here and say confused…

      • AIO_7

        Let’s just hope it is for only one more week, Hel. I hate the whole ‘powers’ thing anyway. Just gives CBS more opportunity to influence the outcome.

      • Colby

        I don’t think she did have it at Ovi’s.
        Jack got his 2nd, before she got hers.
        She is not allowed to lie. If she was confused the DR would have corrected her and made her go back and correct it with whoever she told that.

  5. ElaineB

    After listening to Christie talk to Cliff, and starting with “In the beginning…” I was exhausted. If this chick gets to the end, they will have to set a timer, that blows up when she gives her speech. Either that or her reason to give her the money is she talked everyone to death. Don’t know why she and Tommy’s aunt broke up, but I have an idea. Lol. Am disappointed Cliff told her he would spare her and Tommy. Holly or Ana….really.

    • hogwild

      I’m not totally convinced he will Cliff has to know this is likely the only chance to get rid of one of them Nicole and Sam might take the shot if they got the HOH I don’t think the rest of the so called six has the guts to do it and Kat and Jessica are basically lawn furniature.

  6. Joy

    I say, Cliff lie like a rug to Christie so that she doesn’t use her power. Promise her anything and then put Tommy up as the replacement. Why because next week their side should have the numbers especially if they get one of those horrible human beings named Jack out of the house.

    • Helen

      Nick and Bella are just as bad imo…

    • AIO_7

      “I say, Cliff lie like a rug to Christie so that she doesn’t use her power. Promise her anything and then put Tommy up”….

      The better play would be ti put Christie up, let her use up her power, then put Tommy up.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m kind of confused by that AI. JJ has Veto. He uses it to take himself off. CC uses her power. Then Cliff doesn’t get to renom, but JJ does. He’ll go after Nick or Ratty before he’ll go after one of the 6. Right?

      • AIO_7

        Say JJ takes himself off; if CC hasn’t used her power at that time, then Cliff chooses. Then I’d put up CC (not sure if she can activate her safety then) but if she can, fine. It will be gone.
        Did I mention that I hate the way CBS handles these “powers”?

      • Colby

        She has to activate it by 11:00 the morning of the veto meeting.
        So if she doesn’t do that and Cliff puts her up there is nothing she can do about it.
        But I don’t think she would get voted out, so she would still have the power.

      • Mel

        I think that play will get Cliff evicted faster but I’d like to see it.

      • AIO_7

        “She has to activate it by 11:00 the morning of the veto meeting.”

        So glad CBS let us in on that tid-bit of information. Why do they keep this “powers” crap as murky as possible?

  7. Sunny

    Another BB site said that Cliff had a talk with Nick & Bella yesterday morning. He told them that he was going to tell Christie to trust him. She shouldn’t use the power and he will put up Bella like that side wants and they can vote her out if they promise he is safe for 2 weeks. It’s all a lie. He has said that he wants Jack out and will actually put up Tommy or Christie to make sure Jack goes home. I hope all of that is true – that Christie doesn’t use the power, that Christie or Tommy go up and that Jack goes home. I can still dream!

    • Joy

      YEAH, baby!

    • Sunny

      10:58am on 7/20/19 is when Cliff, Nick, & Bella had the conversation, if anyone wants who has the feeds wants to see if they believe them. Time will tell!

    • hogwild

      Cliff knows or at least believes that if he doesn’t break up the jackass brothers and split that six shooter alliance up now that he Nicole and Sam are doomed Nick and Bella can go whenever but right now they are useful to him Kat and Jessica on the other hand are useless.

    • Sassy

      A dream is what it is. CC will use her power. It’s burning a hole in her hands and soul. AND by using it, she gets to claim victim status for being “bullied” (her word NOT mine) by JJ. She ridiculous, it’s all about her and I’m sure she’s blaming Cliff for making this whole week about flushing out her power. There should also be some Kemi blaming, maybe she manifested it from beyond the game.

      • AIO_7

        “CC will use her power.”

        At least it will be gone. It has screwed up the whole week. And how do we know who really won these wacativities anyway. They block out the feeds, and then only show bits and pieces of the comp on the network show. With no outside auditor.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nick was already blaming Kemi last night when he was talking to Ratty.

    • Minkie

      Oh, i hope he does exactly that!

      • Minkie

        Meaning…put CC up. If she doesnt use power. Would be a huge move for Cliff.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Or his death sentence from the other side of the house (the 6).

      • Sassy

        It’s a death sentence either way. He’s never going to infiltrate the 6. The best he can hope for is backstabbing them, getting one out and hoping the outsiders can pull off another HOH and make the 6 madder at them than him.

      • Helen

        There really isn’t another “side”….nick,Bella,Sam and cliff..
        Kat is tied to Jackson and holly…Jessica is tied with kat…Nicole is just surviving week to week…with whoever can keep her safe that week…
        Once jack is gone you have Jackson,holly,Christie and tommy (and they are going to be super pissed for being lied to by cliff) ,Sis,Kat and more than likely Jessica …Nicole will go with the numbers
        Cliff will have nick,Sam and Bella to protect him…not the best odds

    • Mel

      I saw that on Twitter but I didn’t have time to see the conversation before I posted so I couldn’t include it. I hope so!

  8. RebeccaC

    I love this blog so much! Straight info from the source and many varied opinions! Getting used to the acronyms and nicknames was confusing to me so I went back to the beginning comments and here is my “guide” for other newbies like myself:

    AD as in “AquaDick,” also Manbun = Jack Matthews aka Aquaman (trainer)
    Beth = Holly Allen (wine/safari guide)
    CC as in “Cryin Christie” also Crazy Eyes = Christie Murphy (boutique owner)
    Hank Hill = Cliff Hogg III (petroleum engineer)
    JJ as in “Jackass Jackson” also Blocky, Colonbox, Box, Snackson = Jackson Michie (server)
    KK as in “Kryin Kat” = Kathryn Dunn (digital marketing exec)
    PSM or PM = Jessica Milagros (plus-size model)
    Ratella or Ratty = Isabella Wang aka Bella (public health analyst)
    Squeeky = Nicole Anthony (preschool aide)
    Sys or Sis also Simple Sis = Analyse Talavera (college soccer star)
    TT as in “Tommy Tune” = Tommy Bracco (Broadway dancer)

    No nicknames (yet) for:
    Nick Maccarone (child therapist)
    Sam Smith (truck driver)

    Did I miss any?

  9. hogwild

    Here is how I see getting Jack out providing you can get Christie not to use her power put Tommy on the block next to jack and this is how I think the votes play out.
    Votes for Jack.
    Votes for Tommy
    Kat wildcard but I suspect Tommy
    Jessica unknown
    If this is how it goes Cliff just needs to get Kat or Jessica to flip to get Jack out six to four if he can’t it’s a tie and he as HOH breaks it.

  10. danmtruth

    Wow a lot to go thru
    Cliff is a big enough fan to know promise of safety are as solid as the wind As soon as it is said it means nothing
    As was pointed out Cliff never swore on his family, Texas, his dead relitives nothing That was ALL Christie doing and imagination Someone mentioned her playing Vannasa Rousso type of game How she makes up that someone is after her Starts crying than claims they did some kind of personal attack on her Ovi just creep her out Kemi took things of hers sad nasty things to her Cliff and Ovi had the power and was coming after the couples and her Now Jackson is yelling at her and bullying her
    So yes i still have faith in Cliff that he will do the right thing Cliff also said yes Christie you have the power for 2 more weeks this week and next So he understands
    This new formant does seems harder to follow comments as you read the response before the comment they are talking about

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  12. Jennifer

    This HOH is not going the way I was hoping but Jack used his power and if Christie uses her power then at least the powers will be gone and no longer a factor. Cliff can celebrate that!

  13. Mrs. Frisby

    I wanted to call Cliff – Lucky 7, before JJ won PoV, just to comment
    “Why are the 6 so scared of 7?——
    Because 7 8 9 !!!!
    But powers, POV, and the pity alliances7 kinda made the Laffy Taffy joke fall flat.

  14. Mel

    Steve, I love not having to scroll to the bottom unless we just want to read them all!

  15. Avatar

    There is simply no reason for Christie to keep her power. Next week is the last time she can use it, and she may not even get an opportunity next week if it wouldn’t benefit her or her alliance.

    I don’t think Cliff is above blindsiding six shooters, though. He could convince Christie not to use the power in exchange for putting up someone outside the six, but put up one of the six anyway. Cliff is a super fan, seems to know how the game is played (even if he hasn’t done well prior to this week), and knows he has to make moves to win the game. Crossing my fingers Christie doesn’t use the power and Cliff gets this opportunity!

    • Helen

      Have to admit I’m having a hard time with BB this year…there is not one person left that I care whether they are OTB or not…lots I would love to see there though…last year I had KayCee that was my favorite…this year there is no KayCee for me..
      I hope Christie does not use her power this week…and I hope that she isn’t in a position to use it next week…then she can go out of the game as the player who could have saved her “alliance” and didn’t…

    • Mrs. Frisby

      This is one blindside for man, and one giant eviction for mankind.

  16. Mrs. Frisby

    I wasn’t a fan of KK the 1st couple of weeks because of her name sake krying kat but I think that was an early adjustment to playing the game in BB house.
    I now really like Kat, she has not rubbed anyone the wrong way (maybe JJ by rubbing him the right way).
    She seems to be a lot of fun, she has won a comp, has had pivotal roles/influences throughout the house, she is not a floater, victim, or piece of furniture.
    If the HG don’t realize this it is better for her game, keep thinking she’s oblivious while the others stress over their lies, alliances, and petty drama.
    I like the add-ons to these failing alliances– Kat and Sam were pulled in because they are needed to tread waters that the group is to arrogant and incompetent to do themselves. But these groups fail to remember that they included them and another group may come along that actually appreciate them besides using them.

    • Avatar

      I agree. Remember when she voted for Nicole. She straight said but don’t think I know what is going on. She knew she needed to vote against the 6 to make them think she is in the dark.

  17. hogwild

    Been to gym for awhile take nothing exciting has happened while I have been gone.

  18. AIO_7

    If you’re a fan of past BB fights/arguments, you might like this video …


  19. Helen

    Crazy Christie bought everything Cliff was selling…..she’s right up there with Faysal….let’s take out my own alliance. Lol.

  20. danmtruth

    Christie just LOVES to hear herself talk Telling EVERYONE how smart and slick she is So now cliff is a comp beast and a genius now After saying all this how happy they are very quickly they will be talking about takig him out
    Jack is very huggy touchy with Jess now Telling Jess how she has a unique laugh It reminds him of his ex laugh Telling her its a beautiful laugh That she has the best female laugh like Tommy has the best male laugh I just cant stand this guy

  21. Mrs. Frisby

    Elf on a shelf and a Bean bag chair.

  22. danmtruth

    So if Christie believes her own BS Some time today her and Cliff need to talk to Nick about putting Bella up The thing is Kat a d Jess need to be smart look long game When you have a chance to take out a strong player DO IT Vote out Jack

  23. AIO_7

    Jack putting ice on Cliff’s injured leg …


    • danmtruth

      Just so much more fake compassion from Jack Just not a genuine bone in his body Perhaps for his dog After all dog will give you unconditional love no mater what you do That fits Jack

      • Helen

        I have found in my life that dogs are better judges of people than most people are..
        If jack loves his dog that much he isn’t totally as bad as I thought..
        Jackson is the worse of the two imo …he is disgusting

      • ElaineB

        With his words and deeds towards other HGs, Jack-Ass has shown who he is. Any kindness now, is to ‘suck up’ to the others. Am ready for him to go home to his dog.

      • Minkie

        I agree Helen, Jackson to me worse.

  24. hogwild

    I really hope Christie does not use that power and Jack goes but either I’m really looking foreward to seeing tonights show haven’t been able to say that this season.

  25. Mrs. Frisby

    These people are probably not close to being this bad in the real world, they would’ve never been picked for BB. The closed quarters, isolated, competitive social dynamic that is Big Brother effects everyone differently. Hell I am not the same when writing on this feed or other social media platforms that allow me to be more obscured than in my day to day life.
    I enjoy being a horse’s ass, judging and poking fun while their in the house behaving like a horse’s ass competing for a lot of money,
    but I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be this level of scrutiny towards them in real life.

    Celebrity BB HGs is a horse of a different color, Tamara Braxton OMG!!!!!

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  27. Pink13

    Christie is so full of herself. She thinks this is all about her. Jes and Kat are believing everything she is saying.
    Everyone thinks the six are on their side.
    Hello, there is only one side, and if you don’t know it, you ain’t on it!

  28. ZoeNita

    On Twitter. Kelly Hogg. Cliff please consider all #bb21 family- based swears null and void. Do whatever. Say whatever. Lie. Swear on us. Backstab on our honor. We don’t care. We good.

  29. ElaineB

    Michie-Ass “I hate bullies”….hmmm. lol.

  30. Nancy

    I’m so sick of boxhead kissing up to Cliff..go away, you annoying, lying, asshat!

  31. danmtruth

    With the fact that Christie & Tommy had the connection with Tommys auntie who she dated Now that Jacksons & Holly have mutual close friends How Kat & Holly also knew each other from social media pagents and mutual jobs There is also the reporte that Kat was a replacement The company that was hierd to cast this season might had originally task with castig people for a season of different type of couples together As they didin a past season These might have been holdovers Just sloppy production So much for my moment with the tinfoil hat

  32. Helen

    Off the subject….did y’all know Alison Grodner officiated at Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson wedding?
    And that Elena and Mark are getting married?

  33. Mrs. Frisby

    I think Christie looks a little like Kirstie Alley and sounds like Lindsey Lohan.

  34. hogwild

    I really wish we would hear about if Christie has used that power already if she didn’t we could have an interesting season if not I fear it’s back to the same old same old with the jackass bros running the house.

  35. Helen

    If I hear these housepets call Jack a “comp beast” one more time I’m gonna scream!
    He won 1 HOH (barely,Jessica was right on his heels)
    He won 1 Veto ( barely,Sam seemed faster imo)
    Otherwise he has done horrible in veto comps..
    Janelle was a comp beast,KayCee was a comp beast,Victor was a comp beast
    Jack is not…

  36. danmtruth

    It seems Cliff is useing this Christie power to get info Talking to Kat and finding out who is trying to protect who Hearing what info he tells one person and who else he is hearing it from
    He might be working on two plans Both having Christie not use her power 1) high risk put Bella up vote for Jack / Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Sis, Holly (?) Kat (?) 4 solid 2 on the fence Bella Nick, Sam, Nicole,Jess Trick either Kat or Holly into a rogue vote To keep it a 5/5 tie with Cliff as tie breaker take out the bigger threat Jack
    Scenario 2) Christie does not use her power Turnaround and backdoor her Who cares on the vote one of them are gone Thats my best case

    • Colby

      I’m pretty sure Cliff is just going to back door Bella.
      He was talking to Nicole a little earlier and explaining that he thinks he needs to make the deal for safety because doesn’t think they could get the votes to save Bella anyway if Christie uses the power and JJ puts her up.

    • Mrs. Frisby

      Why don’t the Jackholes just tell Cliff what they want him to do, their supposed to get what they want- right.
      It’s their game anyway,
      Come On!!

  37. Sunny

    This is making my head hurt I’ve said it before, I will say it again. I would suck at this game. Just make a decision!! I can’t handle all the discussions, and talking about it, then more talking and more talking and more talking! Arghhhhh!!!!

  38. danmtruth

    Not much choice on feeds Nick speed talking with Sis on the hammock Sis:IM PLAYING FOR MYSELF the only thing missing is her sticking out he tongue
    The other feeds watch Snackson throw things around in the kitchen and holly lounging on the odd kitchen island/couch
    Personal note a few seasons back we had to look at hair extensions layig all around Something i never understand As with all the product women put in there hair with them It feels so bad to try and run your fingers tru it Thats why i think you just see the men petting them onthe head If this makes any sence

  39. Ronduh

    At this point I want Christie gone…she is driving me nuts!

  40. Nikki

    Here is my dream outcome for two scenarios:

    1. Christie believes Cliff. She doesn’t use DPOV. Jackson takes himself down, and Cliff noms Christie. No matter who goes, one Dbag down. And if it’s Christie, her power goes with it, if it’s Jack well he was king Dbag anyway.
    -yes the remaining five will gun for Cliff, but he’s been the target already and will remain the target – no matter the promises made today.

    2. CC uses DPOV. Jackson comes down and puts Bella up. The nice side convinces Kat to join Nicole, Jess, Nick, & Sam. Cliff breaks the tie. Sayonara Jack!

    PLEASE BB GODS – help save this season. Otherwise, it’ll be so predictable and boring, I won’t give a shit that Nexstar is holding CBS ransom in the UP of Mich. I won’t be missing much. I won’t have to go to my friend’s to watch the show.

  41. caRyn

    Is Tommy an official have-not? I ask because he isn’t listed as a HN above. I’m wondering if he is just doing it with Christie to be supportive and stay close to her side.
    Christie and Tommy could be defense attorneys. No shade. They just have a way of switching up what actually transpired. With some cases, it’s which attorney can tell a better story that a jury will believe. If I didn’t know better I would believe Christie and Tommy.
    I’m with Helen – I don’t have a hg that I’m committed to as I have been in previous seasons. I have those I like better than others but I won’t remember this cast after this year.
    I’m sure the evicted hg are not pleased leaving before Jessica. No idea what Jessica will have to say about her game once she leaves. Analyse can say she slept with Jack, and voted the way her alliance told her to vote, and she was a fly on the wall to hear the conversations. Holly is almost on the same level as Analyse with her game. Holly is talking to Kathryn but Holly isn’t doing anything either. I wouldn’t call these three floaters and I wouldn’t consider them playing BB.

  42. hogwild

    Still no veto decision are they waiting to announce it after the broadcast epsiode tonight seriously WTF.

  43. Vikki T

    I am just catching up for the week and just not really sure of their need to discuss bodily functions. I have heard more burps and announcing of gas and pooping. I have 2 sons the age of these house pets and they do not need to announce these things (I would pop them upside the head if they did),

  44. jimbo

    DIRECTV sucks. Way too expensive and goes out in a rain sprinkle. They certainly have way too much of JUST my money over the years to pay stupid CBS, or whoever.

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