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Big Brother 21- Saturday Recap for 10/24/20

October 25, 2020 | 56 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning. The 2nd part of the hoh comp finally happened last night. They usually have that one late but I started thinking they may have had a reason to wait for today to do it. (Full disclosure, I got tired of waiting and just got up super early this morning instead. Steve’s the night owl, not me! I’m old and tired, haha) The 2nd part isn’t shown on the feeds anyway and it’s usually long since its more likely to be one where they go individually. It tends to be a bigger set up than the first one, especially in recent years. Last nights comp sounds similar to the ones where you have to answer questions but with a lot of running too.

AFP voting: Before I forget, I know there have been some questions about voting and if you need All Access to do it. I’ve heard yes and no, so I’m not sure. I wouldn’t go to the CBS site and then choose to vote after you’re on the site. Go directly to and you may be able to vote without an account but I really don’t know. I’d try it that way tho.

Cody won part 2 and who’s surprised? No one should be since he was favored to win both parts 1 and 2. That actually says alot about how well rounded a player he is in comps. I heard Enzo saying it took him 37 minutes to finish and Cody did it in 4. We may not know the F2 yet but we at least know who won’t be making the decision. The winner of part 3 could still take Enzo to the end but I’m guessing it probably won’t happen.

Cody said (in a DR) he wasn’t going to repeat BB16 and said he was taking whoever helped win him the game but here’s the problem….we still don’t know who Cody thinks is the better choice. Truthfully, I think he can win against both but I’d still like to know what he’s thinking. I’ll go over some of the conversation from late last night but before that, here’s a look at the game relationship between Nicole and Cody. Since it will be Nicole vs Cody in part 3, this is a sample of what the other 14 hgs failed to see. It’s what this seasons players either didn’t know or forgot:


Since BB16 is the first choice for production to have players watch before entering the house, there’s no excuse not to know Cody and Nicole were close that season. Yes, he lied to her and evicted her but they spent months together before it happened. It’s also the year Derrick won, who’s consider one of the best winners. Even if you’re an old school player, who stopped watching, wouldn’t you have looked at Derricks season?


Bonds are created when people play on the same season and anyone who’s played, knows it. It’s why Keesha thought she’d have a little loyalty from Memphis.  David may not have seen BB16 (or any others) but what’s everyone else’s excuse? (not saying it was an excuse for David either, just that we know he didn’t watch) There’s also a little thing known as a wall yeller that happened this year. I’ve heard past players say they don’t pay any attention to that stuff but Ian did. Granted, he didn’t try to do anything about it but he took it as something real. It took me less than 10 minutes to find these clips, take the screenshots and crop them so how hard could this have been? They’re all from BB16:


Sure, they sleep like this now….. (BB22):



instead of this… (BB16):


…but how was this friendship completely ignored? Too focused on all guys alliances? Too worried about beef other players had with each other? I have no idea and hopefully, Julie asks them about it. She won’t ask about the wall yeller but what about BB16?


I don’t want the screenshots I used to imply anything about Nicole and Cody. BB16 was possibly the most touchy feely group of people I’d ever seen. The entire cast was like that and if you weren’t lying in bed cuddled up with someone, you were the one who stood out. Nicole also had a shomance with Haidyn that season so this was more of a brother, sister thing but with flirting. (weird, I know) Cody did this with everyone that season but he adored Nicole and talked about it often.


I remember seeing a video of Derrick, Cody and Nicole hanging out after their season. (tried to find  an image of that one too but ran out of time) Maybe the players never saw that video but it’s still not an excuse. It’s common knowledge that Derrick and Cody are close, common knowledge that Nicole talks to Derrick and common knowledge that Nicole played BB18 with Paulie….who just happens to be Cody’s brother. How hard is this shit?


I’m not complaining about the friendship at this point, because we’re way past that, I’m only trying to figure out why the players seemed to have blinders on this season.


An argument can be made (and I’ve made it) that since there wasn’t ever a power shift this season, no one could make a move against them. True, but would they have made it? Janelle and Kaysar talked about Cody being a threat but they were focused on Cody, Tyler and a guys thing. Kevin and Day talked about a big alliance and going after it. When they talked about it, they seemed focused on Cody, Memphis and Tyler…not Cody & Nicole.


Cody and Nicole (as a duo) may have continued to fly under the radar, even if there had been a power shift in the game. This is off topic but think about that for a minute, not 1 power shift ALL season long! (That’s why it was boring, not because of pregaming) Even Tyler winning and taking out Dani was a Committee member winning. When does that ever happen? In BB20, when Tyler’s alliance creamed Foutte, it wasn’t because Foutte never had power. They won comps and there were weeks they had control, they just used it poorly and allowed Level 6 to trick them.


Cody made a point to show his loyalty to the guys early on, as far as the rest were concerned. Nicole spoke to people about playing with Cody on BB16 but said they weren’t close and said she didn’t trust him. If people believed them, they should get the credit for it. Day is a naturally suspicious person but Nicole obviously did a good job of convincing her and others, she simply wasn’t close to Cody. Cody obviously convinced Enzo and Memphis that his loyalty was with the bros, all while Enzo was aware Cody and Nicole had pregamed.

Cody is as exciting as oatmeal and Nicole is like a bad itch but they played the entire house. There was also some luck involved since their side of the house never lost the comps but I’ll give credit where it’s due. I’m also not counting Enzo out completely to go to the F2 (but only if Cody takes him) just because I’m focused on Cody and Nicole from BB16 today. I’m just still puzzled as to how they weren’t targeted. Sure, it came up at the end by Enzo and Christmas but that’s when it was too late so it doesn’t count.

Recap from the feeds:

They 3 of them chatted, Enzo pouted and Nicole reminded Cody why he’d win sitting with her at F2. That’s the summary of the feeds so here are some of the stand out comments I heard from the night, mostly what you’d expect. This is for the people waiting for Enzo to have a tantrum and realize how badly he screwed up. For you all, here ya go:

  • Enzo was obviously upset that he’d lost and complained about it to himself. He acknowledged he was being bitter but it kept coming out anyway. (No one wants to lose 500k so I get it) He said he knew he was “being a little cry baby because I sucked.” He complained about Christmas’ remarks over him making 3rd place again too. He said he doesn’t want to hear about how he should’ve done this and that from the other players. (Basically, Enzo knows where he screwed up but isn’t ready to face it yet. He’s still in the phase of blaming other people. Once it passes, he could end up kicking his own ass, like that scene in the Liar, Liar movie with Jim Carey in the bathroom)
  • Nicole said she didn’t think friends and jury management was as important on an all star season. She thinks they’ll just award the person who played the best game. (This is from someone who won purely because Paul had no jury management)
  • Enzo is also trying to find a way to make keeping Nicole in the Triple sound like his power move. (This is both sad and hilarious) He knows he needs one and knows this ‘ain’t it’ but is trying to spin it out of desperation. He also knows he doesn’t have one. He said he knows he’s going to hear ‘why didn’t you get rid of Nicole when you had the chance?’ (I think this is mainly why he’s started saying he doesn’t want to talk to people or do interviews when the season ends)
  • Enzo said he was embarrassed by his performance in the comp and said he should just move to Ubly and start a new life. Cody agreed with him. (Haha)
  • Enzo said if Cody takes Nicole to the end and she wins, it would be ridiculous.
  • Nicole told Cody that taking out Tyler was a really big move for him. Cody said he never really trusted Tyler and it was worse when Tyler tried to flip the vote. (to take out Nicole) They also talked about the jury and votes. Nicole said Cody fit Ian’s formula he said he’d use to vote perfectly. She said he had strategy, comp wins and a good social game. She said she knew she  hadn’t done enough to win and had thrown too many comps.
  • Enzo, still whining, said the only thing he won was Moulan, after all this time in the house. (Bahahaha) (Since Moolan belonged to Tyler and he ditched her when he left, doesn’t that just make Enzo, Moolans rebound?)
  • Laying alone in the dark. Enzo said he told Cody and Nicole that he didn’t give a f*ck and to take each other to the end. He said he told them he wasn’t campaigning. (I don’t know if he actually said this or not but it’s still funny)
  • While Enzo was still complaining and referring to getting Nicole to take him to the F2, he said “I’m not doing your podcast, get the f*ck outta here, he’s (Cody) got the best social game we’ve ever seen….easy to have one when you come in with people you already know…” (this pitch may need more work)
  • Enzo also talked about fighting people from back home if they gave him shit for losing. He mentioned someone he called ‘dicknose’ specifically, so dicknose has officially been warned. (Hahaha)
  • Enzo, still pissed at Christmas, brought up her only really winning 1 veto and having the rest of her wins thrown to her. (true and looks like Christmas will take the blame for Enzos game for now, at least until he sees he has to blame himself)
  • Nicole brought up the finale of BB16 and said she knew how she’d vote ahead of time. She knew her vote would go to Derrick but said if Cody had cut Derrick, she’d have voted for him. (I don’t know if he’ll put this together or not. Nicole basically told him she respected cutting the better player to get the win) She said she didn’t think she’d win against either Cody or Enzo and said the jury would be jealous and bitter. She said “they won’t let me win twice.” (Remember, she’s also said in all stars, they wouldn’t be bitter….in the same evening.) These are the kinda of mistakes I’ve seen Nicole make in all 3 of her seasons. They probably won’t hurt her at this point in the game but they’re still noticeable.
  • Nicole told Cody she wouldn’t hold it against him if he wanted to consider his options and said she knew he was close to Enzo too. Cody said it was just a part of the game and he thought Enzo would understand. (This still doesn’t mean his decision is made because Nicole could still win the last comp. What’s he supposed to say?)
  • Enzo said his kids would see him getting upset last night and he didn’t like that. He cam talked about ‘Daddy getting upset’ and talked about how that’s ok. (I like this Enzo)
  • Nicole told Cody that Enzo would have the argument he didn’t have the Committee backing him up. (True, he should go with that over keeping Nicole being his big move)
  • Nicole told Cody her mom would yell at her for the what she said to Janelle when she made her a have not. (Gimme a break! If this is true and Nicole had to deal with some real shade from someone or dish some out, forget peeing her pants…she’d shit them!)
  • Enzo said (more cam talking) “to my fans, if I even have any, I shit the bed tonight….its not over yet.”
  • Nicole reminded Cody….and all of us….she’s spent 254 days in the house….did you know that’s more than anyone else?

I’m making fun of Enzo today because it’s the meltdown we’ve been waiting for but I’m not saying he played a bad game. He screwed up at a crucial moment but he’s actually played a really good game this season. Enzo never went on the block and unlike Cody, no one ever wanted to target him, AT ALL. It may not be the winning game but he’s obviously a good player. How many people have gotten to the F3, two times and had only 1 single vote placed against them? If he leaves, it will still just be 2 votes. That’s a great social game and I’m not trying to discredit it. I also think he’ll have a helluva hard time winning BB22, so there’s that…

Have a great Sunday!

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