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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap for 8/24/19



This week in Biiigggggg Brother:

Voters convinced Nick we love him and Zingbot  told Nicole she’s a loser who doesn’t have any friends. (Everyone give themselves a big round of applause) Maybe this should be the new reason for me not to like twists. I don’t like Zingbot either. Yeah, I said it, I don’t like Zingbot. First, you can’t understand a damn thing that Big Bird sized robot says and second, two different people have almost had a heat stroke from the costume. (BB12 & BB14) Actually, the lady wearing it in BB14 was briefly unconcious so she may have had one. At least the twist didn’t really change the game (so far) and I hope Zingbot survived without a trip to the ER this year.

Beth=Holly (For all the Facebook readers who may be confused)


Extra info from Friday night:

This happened late the night before but I missed it: Jackson and Beth talked about the order they’d like everyone to be evicted. It’s Nick, Christie, Jess, Tommy, Cliff and Nicole last.  Beth looked at Jackson and said “and then, you.” Haha Obviously, they need to win everything or be really good at manipulation for it to happen this way but I still thought hearing them vocalize their preference was interesting.

Early in the day, Jackson (who was joking) told Christie he was sorry but he had to use the veto on Nick if he won it. She started crying and he apologized and said he was only kidding. Christie eventually laughed and said “realistically, he didn’t make me cry. I’m just unstable.” If Christie wasn’t so self centered and such a hypocrite, she’d actually be somewhat likable. Don’t yell at me for saying this but some of her quirky stuff can be funny. It’s the other stuff that makes her unbearable to me. I also like how hard she plays the game. She plays like the alpha douche bros usually play. It’s one of the reason I prefer BB Canada to ours. Most of the women they cast are bad asses who want to win the game instead of looking for a boyfriend. She’s a very agressive player, a bad player but she goes hard.


Anyway, the moment was funny but the best part was when Jackson left the bowl of watermelon to walk around and hug Christie. Tommy completely ignored the fact that Christie was crying. Instead, he moved in for the watermelon since he saw an opening:

More from before the Veto:

  • Since we were talking dogs yesterday morning, Jackson said he hasn’t seen his dog in over a year. Unless you’ve been deployed for the military, have a medical issue, or something, can you still say a dog is yours after a year? Maybe you can and I’m just nitpicking because I don’t like Jackson. I think I look for things to pick on him over in the same way I probably defend Nicole at times because I like her. I know Nicole wouldn’t go a year without seeing her dog. (See, it just comes naturally)
  • Nicole and Cliff were discussing what would possibly happen if Christie won the veto. Nicole was hinting to Cliff she would vote out Christie if she stayes otb. Nicole said Christie makes too many promises and with too many people so she isn’t going to keep them. She said she knows some of the things Christie says are lies. Cliff agreed with her.
  • Beth and Jackson, despite saying they weren’t going to, stayed isolated in Beth’s castle, as she calls it now. They bounced F2 speech plans off each other. (Not kidding, that’s ballsy) Beth compared her game to Kaycees from last season. (Wait till Tommy hears about this! That’s the game he said he was going to play and someone’s trying to steal it from him. I’ve got a crazy idea, why don’t they play their own game?)
  • After names were drawn for veto players, there was the usual talk about how Nicole is never chosen. (She played 1 veto and it was 2 months ago) They began speculating if her chip was even in the box. Jackson said it was because he saw it during his hoh. (I’m sure it is because players have dumped them out to check in the past when they weren’t being picked. Jason, in BBOTT is the most recent one I can remember. The odds are ridiculous for her not to be pulled for any of them though but it can happen)
  • Beth worried she needed to do her makeup in time for the comp. Tommy told her not to over do it and reminded her of Kats face melting off and burning her eyes during the OTEV comp.
  • Tommy doesn’t think there will be a double eviction because he said it’s disrespectful to the players in the game. (It’s also disrespectful to have a partner from the outside there but I didn’t hear him give his opinion on that one)
  • Nicole said (to herself) that it sucks for Nick’s game for her not to be drawn for the veto. It sounds like she wasn’t lying to him and she really would’ve taken him off the block. (It would’ve been tricky if she couldn’t convince Jackson and Beth but hey, maybe people will stop saying she’s playing other peoples games. She would’ve made the move best for her and against what most of the house wants)
  • Christie found the fake penis in a condom Cliff put in her bed. (They’re prank war seems to still be going strong)
  • Beth danced for Jackson while he took a shower. Yep, it was every bit as cringy as you’re imagining:
  • They sat around waiting for zingbot to show and killed time by coming up with their own zings. Jackson had one for Sis and said if they had a comp for flirting, Sis wouldn’t have kept coming in 2nd all the time. Nick had one about Tommy wanting to be on his totem pole or something. (I try to tune him out unless he’s game talking and I feel obligated to listen)
  • Beth was upset with herself for telling Christie she’d put her otb when she didn’t end up doing it. She’s also upset that Christie  is talking like she’s fulfilled her part of the deal just because she’s otb, even though Beth isn’t the one who put her there.

Jackson started making comments to Beth about Nick not coming after them and saying Christie isn’t going to keep her deal with them. I don’t know if he’s doing what she did last week and trying to ease her into a flip or not.


Jackson won the veto with Nick coming in 2nd. Christie was very far behind and Beth even asked her if she had thrown it. (Haha) This must have given Christie an idea because later, she made Beth mad by saying something that insinuated she’d thrown it to Jackson to prove her loyalty. They know she didn’t throw it.

More from after the Veto:

  • We heard about the zings.  Jackson was called a douche, Jess a snoozefest, Beth was an old buzzard, Cliffs was about his body, Nick has bowl cut hair, Christies was about her chewing, Tommy’s dramatic or attention hungry and Nicole was told she didn’t have any friends. (There was so much more to work with but oh well, they haven’t been very good in recent years. Usually, there’s one or maybe two good ones if were lucky)
  • Jackson told Nick he couldn’t use the veto shortly after the comp. Nick was disappointed and told Jackson he was the prankster and said he could’ve put up  Jackson but he didn’t. (Maybe he should’ve talked to Jolly BEFORE the comp and made some kind of a deal)
  • Jackson told Beth Nick was the prankster. She didn’t care and still wants him out.
  • Tommy tried to console Nick and Nick slipped up and said Jackson was never going otb. He ended up telling  Tommy he was the prankster since it was obvious. He made Tommy promise not to tell anyone. There’s no way Nicole doesn’t know from the way Nick talked to her yesterday and Tommy told Christie so Cliff and Jess may be the only ones left who dont know.
  • Nick told Tommy he isn’t giving up and he has to focus on his campaign. He’s sure he can get the votes. (He was VERY confident) He reminded Tommy that he promised to choose him over Christie. He said he wasn’t asking how he was voting but was just putting that out there. Nick said if he had Tommy and he knew he had Nicole, hed just needed one more. (The only thing Nicole asked of Nick was NOT to tell people how she was voting)
  • Nick plans to campaign by saying he got the prankster because America wants Christie out. (This could actually work)
  • Beth hopes Cliff or Nicole wins the next hoh and takes the shot at Christie. She told Jackson to throw it to them if he gets the chance.
  • The hgs went over the zings during dinner. (I think Tommy made pasta) Christie said now that she was aware, she was going to make an effort to work on the way she eats. Tommy told her to be herself and Cliff said he hadn’t noticed. (I’m calling bullsh*t on Cliff. There’s no way! Jack even told her it’s what her zing would probably be about) Here she is making an effort. Let’s just say….it’s gonna be baby steps:
  • The seemed to take the zings mostly with a laugh (that doesn’t last) and gave each other pep talks about them.  Nick doesn’t understand the thing with his hair and they decide it’s from his picture on the wall.
    • For comparison:
  • Cliff didn’t care at all about his and Christie said there was so much worse stuff they could’ve went with, so she got off easy. Nicole said hers is true so she accepts it. (I didn’t like hers because she’s talked about not having many friends outside the house in the past) Beth still seemed a bit hung up on hers but she’s had this wierd age conversation several times with Jackson before so it probably hit a nerve. She’s 31 and he’s 24 but he made a comment about not wanting to be 35 and still trying to get his life together. She asked if he thought 35 was old. Another time, she joked and said maybe she wasn’t really 31. I dont know if she’s 31, 35, or 55 but whatever her age, she looks just fine. I don’t like her hair extensions but after a couple months in the house, almost everyones starts to look bad. (I’ve been through the hair extension phase and I know, if they’re cheap ones, you’re screwed. If they’re good ones, you have to go every 4-5 weeks and have them adjusted or your screwed) Beth is attractive and shouldn’t worry so much….it will just cause those worry lines she’s so concerned about at the moment.
  • Nicole was asked about her intro package over dinner. She said all of it was filmed at her house and they emptied a room and set it up to turn it into a preschool and she used air quotes for “preschool.” (I’m not surprised and I’ve mentioned before that Nicole isn’t a preachool teacher. She’s an aide who wants to become a preschool teacher. She said this herself in her preseason interview with Ika)

Before I go over the late night chat, this was Bella recently online giving fans (people who’ve actually seen the feeds) a tutorial on the way the show edits and how you can’t believe everything you see. There’s one of these every year (that wants to teach us how feeds work when they didn’t know themselves) and this year, I have a feeling, there will be several:


Late night activity:

They sat around making fun of each other and even though it was a boring night, it was fairly entertaining. No, I’m not starting to like them but I’ll take the light moments when I can get them because we still have to survive another month.

  •  They gave Nick a hard time because he shouted out his barber several times on the live feeds. Since anyone listening, now knows who cuts his hair, Jackson joked when Nick goes home, he’ll  find his barber has boarded up his shop and had to go out of business. (Did he stop wearing a shirt after Jack left or is that my imagination?)
  • Tommy said Nicks pic looked like he had Liza Minelli bangs. Maybe a very young, Studio 54 Liza, otherwise I’m not seeing it:
  • During dinner, Jess made several jokes about not being relevant. While everyone joked around after dinner, this was Jess being relevant and not a snoozefest so I don’t know what Zingbot is talking about:
  • Production called Jess out for napping and she yelled “what do you care?  I’m a snoozefest anyway!” (Haha)
  • Jackson said his mom will just love hearing her son is a pompous douchebag. Christie said “she probably already knows.”
  • Jackson said people staying at home and watching them need to change their life. Cliff immediately after said “Hi Sharon.” Cliff also asked if he was the only one who changed clothes and took off his zing tshirt since it was sweaty. Christie said “are you judging us right now?”

All of the conversation above was good natured and they were having a good time with it. Everyone broke up a little and started getting ready for bed.

  • Jackson and Beth headed to the hoh and it went from jokes to real paranoia. I thought the zings weren’t great but they did seem to work on them.  Jackson said he can handle it if it’s just a few producers who don’t like him but he doesn’t want America thinking he’s a douchebag. Beth told him he can change it if that’s what’s happening. He said he stopped going shirtless, gained weight on purpose to be more relatable (not buying that one) and stopped working out very much. He said he tried “in there” (the DR) to change peoples perception of him so he doesn’t know what else he can do. (How about being different because you’re different, not because you’re trying to convince us? It’s this little thing called sincerity)
  • Nick went from laughing to being bothered about his hair zing. He kept saying he wasn’t but he definitely was.
  • Jess told Christie the zing got to her because she wanted to be entertaining. She said she didn’t know how the show was portraying her but she knows she’s “irrelevant as shit.”
  • Christie said she knows America hates her. She told Jess she cries about it a lot in the DR.  She said “I think America thinks I’m a fraud of a person. I’m supposed to be spiritual but I’m blunt and opinionated.” Christie said she knows she has masculine qualities and maybe America doesn’t like it. (No Christie, I don’t like that you talk nonstop, chew with your mouth open, won’t stop talking long enough to chew, are self centered, a hypocrite in this game and know Tommy in real life.  Any masculine qualities you may have are irrelevant)
  • Jess asked Christie who they would have left to target once Nick left. (Jess, this is why you’re a snoozefest)
  • Tommy finally told Nick he’d already promised Jolly he would vote to keep Christie. Nick reminded him he’d also promised him he’d keep him over Christie. Nick wasn’t happy about this news at all. He started rethinking his plan because he doesn’t have the votes without Tommy. Tommy suggested there might be a way to get Christie off the block and Nick could get the votes against someone else. Nick said he put Christie otb because he thinks she’s the only person he has the votes against.

Nick began going WAY down the wrong path. He has tunnel vision (maybe from Tommy or he’s an idiot, not sure) and thinks Christie has to come down to free up Tommy’s vote. What happened to the idea of America hating Christie? I’m not saying it would work but Beth and Jackson are obsessed with what viewers think of them. His best shot is to keep saying he got the power to send Christie home, it’s what America wants, remind Beth how she was bothered by the reaction she got when she kept Christie last week, yadda, yada, yada…


Nick told Christie he had the power (Tommy had already told her) and asked if he could have her vote if he could get her off the block. She wouldn’t commit and said Jackson was never going to use the veto.

Nick’s pitch to Jackson was to swear loyalty, offer to throw a comp and offer to save them with the veto. He promised he wasn’t after Beth anymore. He said he wasn’t ever after her, he’d only planned to use her as a pawn to get Jess out.

Jackson brought it to Beth and she didn’t care. She wants him gone. She still thinks he’d come after her, she wants it on her resume and she thinks he’s better in comps than Jess. She still wants Christie out next but wants Nick first. (It’s why Jolly should’ve got her out last week. It wasn’t bad for most of the house to keep Christie but it was for these two)

The best part of the night was pie wars between Jackson and Nicole. (The only annoying part was Beth telling Jackson not to gett carried away. You know, they have that image to rehabilitate after all) She waited in the storage room for 10 or 15 minutes trying to get him. She even yelled out and threatened to harm the watermelons to lure him out. He got locked out of the hoh room more than once so production may have been trying to help her. Jackson turned one of her pies on her when she tried to get him earlier:


Here, he tries tries to hide out but can’t get in the hoh:

Checks to see where she may be waiting:


Thinks it’s clear and heads downstairs:

Nicole’s ready for him:


She got him:

And celebrated her victory:

Have a great Sunday!







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  1. hogwild

    Totally unrelated to BB but seriously what was MLB thinking with these uniforms for this weekend? The all black ones look ok but dam all white these guys look like they should be driving an ice cream truck not playing baseball.

    • Jen

      HHH. You are so right. Orthey shold have those poindexter spinner hats

      WTF. I try not to curse on here, but that zing to Nicole was just eff’n Mean. CBS/bb keeping on with the gr8tful mean girls

      Hi to all. I havent been posting bc my cell is making a 4 letter word repeat to 12 letters so it takes that much more time but I am listening to y’all

    • Nancy

      They DONT look like ball uniforms..

    • Leta

      Hog — I am glad to see you decided to come back to us. We’ve all missed you!

      • hogwild

        As bad as this BB cast is they are really all I have right now which is sad but pre season football just doesn’t cut it Rangers are just playing out the season in baseball and hockey still few months away GO Stars!!! So I’m back now for the love of bannanas will these assholes make it worth while and vote Christie the hell out already then vote Nick so we can see him and Jack fight about Sis in jury house.

      • Leta

        I’m not sure if CC will ever leave. Hell, I’m beginning to even buy into her universe begging,
        I have the exact opposite problem. I find myself spending waaaaaay too much time here, but y’all have me spellbound … or something. I did get a helluva lot of lost research replaced last night, so pretty sure I’m back to being ahead of my deadline.

      • AIO_7


        Saints fan, huh,

      • Leta

        “Saints fan, huh,”

        D’oh. I’m a Cajun AIO. #WhoDat for life. 😀

      • AIO_7

        First ballot Hall of Fame QB. Great character guy. Might win SB this year.

        I guess you heard about Andrew Luck retiring.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I knew our Hog wouldn’t desert us. Just needed to take 5. 🙂

      • Leta

        AIO — we’re due. After the dissection of a GREAT team a few years back (I boycotted and didn’t watch them that season) I think we finally are clicking as a team. I’m not crying any tears over Luck retiring. He says he has 97 million in his savings off the game (ridiculous these grown men make so much damn money to play a game) and he waited until August 24th to inform his team he was out. Hopefully Hogan will have an arm for them.

  2. Diane

    Terrific recap and pictures. Thanks, Mel!

  3. Leta

    Douchebags, Snoozefests and Old Buzzards — Oh my!

    In honor of all of the time I just wasted listening to the HGs paranoia over their Zings :


    Fantastic recap, Mel. I always appreciate your snark.

  4. Nancy

    Thanks mel..appreciate the recap..I thought the pie fight was fun..Doesnt JJHOLLY realize we’ve seen her playing naughty under the covers with JJ..that’s something that would have concerned me long ago, just met this guy on a tv show and immediately crawl in the sack..honey, you do have an image now. Very cocky practicing F2 speeches..good luck with that..oh, I forgot, production probably all ready worked it out for you..
    In my heart of hearts, I feel CC will once again rise from the ashes, and we’ll be waving buh bye to Nick..that was hard for me to type, but I’ll hold on to a little hope..really hope Nick’s campaign changes the queen and kings mind..Have a great Sunday afternoon.

  5. Nancy

    Avatar in honor if Prank week..from a cartoon called, anything can happen..
    So let’s “happen” cc to the van

  6. Jen

    If I am away from my cat Fenway overnight. i call her and talk with her. I also bring a framed 5×7 photo. Maybe overkill but she has been my 1 constant for 16 years so yea Mel. You’re 1000% correct and nope- Nicole would never

  7. Mary

    Going against the grain- Oh my goodness, after listening to, then reading on a different site to the conversations TT and NN have after BBD goes off the air, especially last night, I would like NN to be voted out. Would rather listen to and watch CC eat & cry all the time than to hear the garbage that comes out of that mans mouth. Just like he did with Sis asking her all kinds of personal questions about her and Jack (AD)….. who does that? Maybe I’m just old, or because I’m a woman. Nick is one sick puppy in my eyes. He was worried about showing his bare butt on camera to TT because he works with kids, but then asks TT about having sex with men, the do’s and don’t s. Are you kidding me. They won’t give them alcohol, but they’ll make us listen to that sexual deviant.

    • Leta

      Mary ~~ I don’t think your opinion has a flip to do with your age. It’s your truth and more people should stand up for what they believe.
      I’m a pretty liberal chick — not politically — c’mon y’all I AM a Texan — but I usually stand a little off center of main stream popular opinion — seen and lived thru a lot of shit in my lifetime — and I can tell you this dude offends even me. Some say he’s just acting out because he’s confused over his sexual orientation. I toss Nancy’s bullshit flag on that. He’s a pig. I can see no way in Hell he could possibly keep a job as child’s counselor after this.

      • Sassy

        I definitely think he’s sexually confused, but that is NO excuse for his Nasty doings and the things he says. He’s gross and I think I’d be in the DR complaining all the time about how he offends me.

      • Helen

        I’m with you! There is something way wrong with this guy mentally..

      • NKogNeeTow

        I haven’t watched the feeds in days. When I don’t get a chance to watch them I pop on Jokers and read about what’s going on. After I finally signed out last night, I took a look at it and was floored by the conversation between Nick and TT. Since I didn’t see it live-action, I have no way of knowing whether TT was uncomfortable with Nick’s questions and comments or okay with them and just honestly answering. I do know that they made me uncomfortable reading them. I hate to see people lose jobs but if he still has one when he leaves that house then his entire company should be run out of business. How anyone could have someone working for them who publicly acts this way is beyond me. He’s an embarrassment to his family, friends, and employers on a morality basis if nothing else. He is truly a vile individual and should be IN therapy instead of attempting to treat others.

      • Hollymarie

        NK, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that his Employer released a statement saying essentially that he will no longer be working for them. That was a few weeks ago.

    • Robin

      I’m with you Mary, people are allowed to be who they are but they also owe respect to their families and people exposed to their behaviors. Nick is slimy by any sexual standard..

  8. Sassy

    Great recap Mel. Sometimes I wonder if you are watching something different than I am, because it sounds so great when you say it.

    I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan of Zingbot. I don’t find him funny and I’m ready for them to retire him. He’s mean and maybe that’s just productions way of letting the hg knowhow they are being viewed.

    I don’t like Beth and I think JJ will be better off when she leaves the house. JJ and Nicole playing was good for his image. It showed a playful side of him that we really haven’t seen because he’s to busy being serious.

    Ill be happy after the Veto ceremony is over, because one of these 2 needs to leave this week! I’m preparing myself for a reset week. The person who will be most affected by a reset would be TT. He almost had a heart attack last week when they flipped the vote. Imagine how he’s gonna do if he votes out Nick and he stays. TTS time is limited in the house!

  9. hogwild

    Those zings are going to seem tame when they leave the house and see what everone watching has been saying about them. Well most of them Nicole and Cliff should have good fan feedback the rest of them oh would love to be ant-man so I could hear the reaction from the rest of them.

    • Leta

      Yeah — and they might just be surprised to see the publications they ended up in. 😉

    • Nancy

      Gumby, that’s what HollyBeth reminded me of , in that jumpsuit Thursday night, will really grow old overnight when she reads Americas opinion.
      Tommy will find out all his dramatic auditions, face of concern, sadness, joy surprise, etc. Hasn’t landed him a job..and NN, just shit outta luck..won’t discuss JJ his mommy might sue me..CC will become more unstable..hopefully jess will sign up for public speaking classes..nicole and cliff will be fine

  10. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    “I don’t like Zingbot either. Yeah, I said it, I don’t like Zingbot.”

    And this, Mel, is why you are my ride or die. I have ALWAYS hated that creature. Soooo annoying.


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  12. KelBel

    “Nick plans to campaign by saying he got the prankster because America wants Christie out. (This could actually work)”
    –It’s too bad he seems to have abandoned his one good thought/strategy. He’s 100% right, that’s the only reason he got voted as Prankster. He should be screaming that at the top of his lungs to the others and make damn sure they know that by keeping CC again, they are pissing off America….AGAIN!
    –He should also push those bangs aside and open his eyes to this damn CC/TT thing. TT, the dude you’ve been cuddling and humping, is choosing CC over you. They live 2 exits away from each other. There was a scuddle about them knowing each other heard in the backyard. HELLO DUMBASSES!

  13. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    “this was Bella recently online giving fans (people who’ve actually seen the feeds) a tutorial on the way the show edits and how you can’t believe everything you see.”


  14. AIO_7

    ” “realistically, he didn’t make me cry. I’m just unstable.” ”

    “I’d never bad mouth Sis
    Even if I did, I wouldn’t be.”

  15. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    These people are making me work overtime today. So many STFU’s to dole out. Such as this one:

    “Tommy doesn’t think there will be a double eviction because he said it’s disrespectful to the players in the game.”


    • Sassy

      So he thinks it would be disrespectful to HIS season but was fine for the others. Hmmm. That’s a head scratcher. They are all about milestones and being a part of the nostalgia of the game, BUT a double is out of the question? I hope he’s right, because that would make it less likely this is a reset week.

      • Hollymarie

        They talked crap about Nichole for getting teary eyed about the smaller table too. That’s another game milestone. She was the only one besides Cliff that got that.

  16. Leta

    My feeds are hinky today. I’m guessing most peoples are too as the boards are all quiet.

    I have to admit (again don’t tell AIO) #TeamHogg really needs to put his shirt on. I love him to death — but c’mon Cliff — you’re getting good press right now — don’t give any of them fodder. I mean I get it, us Texans could give a care. We grew up seeing our older men shirtless. But, you don’t want to burn the retinas of the more coddled viewers. And please for the love of gawd — take them drawers off your head and put them back on your ass.

    Someone come up with something to do.

  17. Colby

    Can we just go ahead and get Nick signed up as a ‘registered sex offender’ and save his future victim the trauma of it all?

  18. Leta

    NN is pitching why HE should stay to Holly. He opens up the convo by telling her he is the Prankster. (Like JJ didn’t already tell her that) Telling her it could be a great chance to get CC out. (Sounds like he’s changed from wanting JJ to take CC otb and take him instead and put up someone who for sure would send CC home.)

  19. Helen

    Sounds like Beth is buying the bridge Pervert is selling…

  20. Avatar
    Willow (2 comments)

    I jusk discovered this group of kindred spirits this season and have been enjoying getting to know all of you. I was compelled today to join because of Nick’s behavior last night. I am by no means a prude but have throughout the season felt he has been inappropriate, disgusting and raunchy. IMO his actions have often reached the level of sexual harrassment.

    But last night he reached a new low. As Mary referred to earlier, his actions on BBAD and on the feeds later was sick. He may be sexual curious but several of his comments last night indicated that he was disappointed that his humping Tommy and other sexual behaviors didn’t get a Zing. During the over the top (even for BB) sexual conversation he had in bed with Tommy he mentioned more than once the possibility that they might be on the feeds. I truly believe his actions with Tommy could be all about screen time.

    If you want to see what I’m talking about go to Jokersupdates and scroll back to 1:20am PT last night.

  21. Helen

    Sorry but Nicks campaign to Beth is just outrageous…lol
    Basically what he has told her is keep me till F4 then I’ll target your azz and send one of you out the door..
    Ummm no thanks….I’d take me chances with getting you out now,then wait and go out and settle for 4th place

  22. hogwild

    I wish these people would stop using the I don’t want any blood my hands excuse for not making a move that is what the game is all about if you are too afarid to play the game and make a move self evict and get the hell out. Since blockhead likes parroting famous quotes here is one for him and everyone else in that house waiting for someone else to make the big move fortune favors the bold.

    • Leta

      “fortune favors the bold.”

      You tell’em hog.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hog, what I am so sick of is people getting the HOH and taking out the easy targets and keeping the biggest threats around hoping they will go after the other ones. Holly and JJ are the worst. This is the second week they let a real threat stay hoping someone else will take them out later. Frustrating!

      • hogwild

        The funny part will be if Tommy or CC win HOH they won’t hesitate to go after Blockhead and Holly any deal be damed. If that does happen Blockhead and Holly will get exactly what they deserve taking the path of least resistance might get you to finals not likely to get you the votes to win though.

      • Helen

        I don’t like either CC or NN…but looking at the both game wise NN is a bigger comp threat at this point than CC….CC chokes up when she needs to win…Nick doesn’t…

  23. Leta

    CC (trying to showcase her so called “spirituality”) has proclaimed she had a dream (perhaps a vision) of TT and NN being in a relationship.

    Now, I wonder what ever the fuck gave her that idea.

  24. AIO_7

    New thread, Junksters.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Mel, that Nick hair comparison had me in tears.

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