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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap for 8/31/19

September 1, 2019 | 98 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning, I hope everyones weekend is going well. I’m getting a late start this morning and figured it would be ok since the feeds were down for so long yesterday. I knew almost nothing happened before the veto comp and mistakenly thought there wouldn’t be much to recap. Don’t get too excited because a little of it was game related and most of it was shomance drama.

I’d rather do almost anything over recapping shomance nonsense. I thought the Jeff and Jordan thing was kind of cute but couldn’t handle shomances after because although theirs wasn’t the first, it seems production made it a focus after that season. (There were plenty before Jeff and Jordan) This may be an unpopular opinion and even though she’s considered some “great” player, I couldn’t stand Rachel and still can’t. Since she and Brendon had the next big shomance, that finished me off. Sure, she won and there’s no denying she could win comps but that doesn’t mean she’s good at BB. It just means she’s good at BB comps imo.

Anyway, as usual, I’m getting off track. (Steve needs to set up a blogging version for me of those rails they use in bowling alleys for kids. It’s those things that prevent you from veering off too much  and getting a gutter ball) Since I’m not sure what that would be, other than maybe a shock collar and I doubt he could use it remotely across so many states,  I’ll just get to the recap.

When I turned on the feeds yesterday morning, the first thing I heard was Beth saying. “I’m worthless. I’m just a f*cking bystander.” She was the only person not picked to play in the veto and she wasn’t happy about it. Jackson is the person who pulled Nicole’s chip too. Beth told Christie she knew it wasn’t his fault but started complaining about it as if he’d done it on purpose.  Beth said “this is like Cliffs 20th comp and I’ve only had like 11. Everyone was like ‘yeah Nicole’ and I’m like, you know I’ve only played because I was hoh, right?” She said she wanted to show why she was there, felt like the viewers weren’t seeing the real her, was there to f*cking compete and said she’d competed the least out of everyone. (First, that’s not true. Nicole’s competed the least and second, when you’ve never been otb, you don’t automatically play in vetos. If she’s played less than some of the others, it’s because she’s NEVER been otb)


If you recall, Beth was in a bad mood the evening before and she and Jackson were bickering a little. It continued when they went to bed that night and she woke up in the same bad mood. She spent the morning going from person to person calling Jackson a f*cking a**hole. She said she made him coffee and he didn’t say thank you. She said she was pissed because she knows she was cast to be in a shomance instead of for the value she brings on her own. (This is a carry over of her issues the night before) Beth told Christie she was already in a bad mood and Jackson ignoring her was making it worse. She said he was ignoring her and didn’t touch her at all the night before. (I think she may have only told that last part to Christie) He walked by her yesterday morning and she called him something under her breath. It sounded like “piece of shit” but I’m not sure. She followed him when he walked past her but it was obvious he was avoiding her.

She told Christie she was mad she wasn’t  picked to play veto and had played less than anyone.  She said she was going to be know only as that girl who was in a shomance with Jackson and said that’s not why she was there. She said she’d gone way out of her comfort zone because of him and went through the “conservative girl” stuff again. She added something new yesterday when she began saying she was being pressured to be in a shomance even before the show started. (This is going to be the new thing to blame, just watch and see) Christie talked about, you guessed it, PMS making you nutty so Beth latched onto that one too. Now, she’s felling like this because of PMS. (Your welcome Steve, you don’t have to talk about this if I do)

I get it, they ask everyone about shomances during the casting process and despite what production says, they try to find people who are interested. Past players have said during auditions, people should appear open to it, even if they arn’t. However, I doubt they were pushing Beth to hook up with Jackson when they already got what they wanted with Kat and Jackson. The proof is the edit. If they wanted a love triangle, they would’ve edited it that way. Instead, they went out of their way to make Kat look like a stalker and gradually eased into the Jolly Rancher duo.

Moving on: Christie didn’t think they were playing hide the veto. Nicole thought they would be. Christie said “Really? It’s just such a played out comp but that’s my opinion.” She also told Jackson the night before she didn’t think it would be hide the veto.

Veto time: They played hide the veto, Tommy won it and Christie  began saying she had a dream they were going to play hide the veto and she was psychic. She corrects herself and says they arn’t dreams, they’re quick visions.

  • Beth was glad no one messed up her make up bag, everyone congratulated Tommy and he didn’t waste much time before telling Jackson he thought he would take Christie off the block. (Jackson said he didn’t care the night before) Tommy said since Jackson had Beth, Christie is all he has left. (It was actually a good way to play it off) He told Jackson they would talk more just to be sure it was the right move. He said he knew it might look bad if he saved Christie twice with a veto.
  • Disclosure: I’m not sure everything in this paragraph is a 100% accurate. It sounded like Jackson found 3 hidden vetos and he found Cliff and Nicoles. Jackson said it was miscommunication and it sounded like Cliff wasn’t allowed to put his in the places he and Jackson had previously talked about. This could be the reason Jackson found Cliffs but it doesn’t explain why he didn’t avoid finding any of them if he wanted to throw it.  I suppose just to make sure Jess didn’t win. I’m curious to see how it plays out on the episode. (assuming its accurate)
  • Nicole started getting suspicious of Jackson and Beth. The comp didn’t sit well with her and she became worried they were setting Cliff up. She’s  afraid Jolly and Christie & Tommy are the real 4 working together.
  • Nicole quietly asked to be called into the DR and they called her in. Later, she told Cliff she was getting very upset at the thought of what might be happening and she didn’t want to lose her cool in front of everyone. Cliff assured her he just couldn’t see Jolly wanting to go to the end with Christie  and Tommy over them because they would appear easier to beat. He told her he couldn’t worry too much because if he didn’t have Beths vote to stay thos week, his game was over anyway. He gave her advice about latching on as a 3rd to either pair if he left and said he wanted to see her in the end.
  • Tommy told Jess he would probably use the veto on Christie and hopefully that would give Jess a better chance to stay. (Sure, Jess not sitting beside a big target is helpful, right?)
  • Tommy told Jackson he thought Cliff was a genius and he and Nicole are a power duo. He made sure Jackson knew he just got very lucky in the comp.
  • Jess told Nicole Tommy was using the veto on Christie and said “it all makes sense.” (Yeah, I’m not falling for that again because Jess may have just ‘figured out’ this means Nicole is to blame somehow and she must have a F2 with Jack even tho he’s gone)
  • Jackson had some watermelon but had to scoop it out because they took all the knives during the comp and hadn’t given them back yet.
  • Good news, Beth found her missing leggings afte the comp. You know, the ones she’s accused Kemi of stealing.
  • Jackson told Tommy he’d prefer the noms to stay the same to avoid having to break a tie. Tommy said he’d vote out Jess and tell Cliff ahead of time to assure everyone. Jackson started saying he didn’t care what Tommy did with the veto as long as he didn’t have to break a tie.

The feeds went out for a while and when they came back Jackson was asking Beth if she wanted to get her stuff. (Out of the hoh room) She asked if he meant for her to get all her stuff out of there and he said he didn’t care. The feeds kept cutting so they obviously didn’t want us hearing this convo. Jackson remained cold and dismissive. She wanted to talk and he didn’t.

  • Jackson and Beth sat in the yard on opposite sides for a while until other people started to join them.
  •  Beth went to Tommy and began the rounds of “I didn’t sign up for this” and “this isn’t what I came her for.” He told her in the end, everything would work out and said Jackson would leave before her anyway. She said she was worried about Jacksons behavior because her ex acted the same way and would ignore her. She said she wanted her personality to be shown and nothing about her as a person was being shown on the show. She doesn’t want to be just the shomance person. She said she’s just frustrated and wants to be her own person. Tommy assured Beth she had him.
  • She tried again with Christie too but Christie said things like “you guys will fix it” and “you’re going to be fine.” (Beth kept getting positivity from people and that’s not what she wanted) Beth started in again about Jackson not even saying thank you this morning when she brought him coffee. Christie said Jackson told her he did. Beth said he did, but not sincerely.
  • Cliff joined Beth and Tommy without realizing what he was walking into and offered to leave. Beth told him it was fine and briefly went over her complaints again. With Cliff, she said there were things her parents wouldn’t be ok with but didn’t elaborate. Cliff  said he didn’t have an answer for that one. He told her she’d probably get out and find out their reaction wasn’t that bad. She told him the most notable thing about her was going to be her association with someone else and she was going to be known for not playing in comps. Cliff (trying to avoid the entire thing) said those days are gone and mentioned everyone plays from now on.
  • Jackson assured Cliff he wouldn’t do him dirty and said they wanted to go to the F4 with him and Nicole.
  • Nicole told Cliff she’s frustrated with Jess and said Jess is mad at her and doesn’t trust her because she was friends with Nick. Nicole said Jess doesn’t have the ability to move forward in the game. She said she’s stuck on things from weeks ago.
  • Jackson and Beth continued to have problems. Short version: he’s mad because he knows she called him a f*cking a**hole to most of the other hgs but more importantly, on TV. He feels he builds her up and is thoughtful of her feelings. Beth thinks he’s insensitive towards her and shouldn’t ignore her. She thinks he’s uncaring when she’s only trying to tell him how she feels.
  • Tommy and Nicole began comparing notes while Jackson and Beth were off arguing. The entire house was trying to avoid them because it’s awkward for them. Cliff actually got stuck in the hoh shower last night while they were having problems. It didn’t show him leaving (or I couldn’t find it) but I’d love to know how he got the hell out of there.
  • Tommy and Nicole started easing into a conversation sort of admitting the had deals with Jackson and Beth. They both feel they’re getting played. (Its complicated because all 6 of them are doing the same thing but Jackson is actually the most loyal to Cliff and Nicole)
  • Jackson continued to be hateful to Beth and she cried, said it was a misunderstanding, apologized and he hugged her while she cried. He told her they only had a few weeks left and they were all going through the same stresses.
  • He told her she should sleep in the hoh, if only to avoid anything that could impact their games. She said she’d already made a bed downstairs but she slept in the hoh room.

Unless the feeds are super busy today and Steve has a lot of updating happening, I’m going to do a different thread explaining what’s really going on with both Beth and Jackson, including the timeline of events. I figure, do it once, get it over with and hopefully move on.

Have a great Sunday.






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