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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap for 9/21/19

September 22, 2019 | 135 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good Sunday morning everyone. For many of you, last night probably sucked. (Yes, I’m aware it’s not everyone) With Nicole losing part 2 last night, I’m even more aware of how different this season has been for me to recap. I try not to get too invested in any of the players. It’s just something I enjoy for a few months every year. I always say, I’ll probably never meet these people and no matter who wins, it isn’t my money at stake.

I’ve tried to keep the recaps informative and although the jokes are biased, especially when I have a favorite, I do try to point out good game moves from everyone. I’m not saying I accomplish it, just that I try. It’s been more of an uphill battle this season because I’ve disliked so much of the cast. On the flip side, we had someone like Nicole, who seems to be an amazing person, so it’s easy to root for her.

There isn’t much to recap and as I said yesterday, I’m working on recapping the season so I’m keeping the last couple feeds recaps shorter. After the wedding and getting home late, I admit I didn’t stay up for the results. (It was o strange watching one of my sons friends get married yesterday. They’re in their early 20’s but he’s the first of the group to marry. He was a grown man standing there waiting for his bride but I kept seeing the little boy who used to play at my house)

Anyway, when I woke up to the find out Nicole lost part 2, I’ll admit, I was losing motivation for this week. I needed to find reasons to care about the finale so if you’re where I was, maybe these can keep you interested too. Maybe you have a suggestion that’s not on the list because I’d love to hear it if you do.

  • Nicole will probably win AFP if people keep the votes going and if you’re a fan of hers, you’d probably like to see her win it.
  • It’s possible none of the top 3 for AFP are people from the 6 Shooters and they’ll get an idea of how people feel about them. (minus Tommy, he’s a possibilty)
  • Jackson could be stunned with a loss if the jury is bitter and some of you may enjoy seeing that.
  • One of the jury questions may address the fact that Beth was dragged to the end and she didn’t do very much.
  • Julie could keep calling Beth “Jacksons girlfriend” like she’s been doing for weeks. (Anyone bothered by my use of “Beth” should really come for Julie too. Just sayin’)
  • Kemi may get the chance to address some of the nasty things people have said about her.
  • Jack and Jackson will see that not only does Ovi have a girlfriend, (they made jokes saying he couldn’t get one) they’ll see she’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • Beth may realize Ovi is actually a “cool college kid” which she’s argued against repeatedly.
  • The cast already knows about Chrstie and Tommy but they may get more info about Beth and Kat at the finale.
  • Dr. Will (I’m assuming) will probably slaughter some of them in the jury discussion.

Sure, this isn’t as good as watching someone you like win the game but it’s all I’ve got and I’m trying. I’m not only trying to give you guys a pep talk either. I’ve got 12 weeks to go over and 3 days of recapping to do so I need the motivation! If we don’t like the end of the game, maybe refreshing our minds on the earlier weeks will be more fun anyway. (Do I sound as desperate as I think I do?)

Here’s the small recap from yesterday:

  • While talking to Nicole, Jackson said “omnipotent” and Nicole didn’t know the word. He said he figured she knew what it meant. She asked if it was because she wore glasses and said he was stereotyping her. (Lol) He told her it was because she was a teacher. (She actually isn’t) She said that’s not a word preschoolers would know so she didn’t know it. (This was a funny conversation)
  • Nicole noticed the stool sitting out in the open and wanted it moved somewhere else. Jackson said it was their favorite stool and it was the community stool. (Again, this was all joking)
  • Nicole told Jackson and Beth it was diseased and should be burned. Jackson said “it’s not diseased.” She said “its nasty, a nasty ass stool.” (Haha) Afterwards, she joked about not liking it because she said it brought back bad memories from all her shomances who’ve been sent home.
  • Beth told Nicole not to knock it until she’s tried it. (The stool)
  • Jackson attacked her with the stool while she hid under her blanket.
  • Nicole made things with tie dye and asked BB to send Cliff back for an hour. She said she needed someone to do it with because the shomance wasn’t interested.
  • Nicole told Jackson she’d like to be considered for the F2 even tho he and Beth were a couple. Later, Jackson told Beth he was going to consider her. Beth said “really?”
  • Nicole, knowing Jackson wanted to play cards left a trail of them so he’d have to pick them up. He tried to wait her out but eventually, if he wanted to play, he had to do it.
  • She followed him the entire time, singing and making fun of him while he did it. (It was a nice moment)
  • Beth made fun of Jackson for something in a chess game. For a brief minute, I thought they might argue but it didn’t go anywhere.
  • Beth said she hopes it doesn’t appear to viewers that she never showers. She said she usually showered in the hoh room and wasn’t sure if the camera went up there. (Oh, it does Beth, it very much does) She acknowledged she rarely washes her hair. (told you, I wasn’t kidding when I said she went 40 days)
  • Jackson had a strange conversation with Nicole about where he would live when the show ended. He was talking about being nervous over how things might be twisted to make him look bad on the show. Nicole said it couldn’t be that bad. He asked her if arrangements had been made for her to go into hiding after the show.  He insinuated something had been set up for him weeks ago. I don’t believe this for a minute and think he was just trying to get sympathy. He talked about visiting Nicole after the show and she told him there wasn’t room in her house but she would set up a tent for him in the yard. (Haha)
  • Jackson told Beth his anxiety was high because he’s worried about social media and what people will think of him.
  • Part 2 of the hoh comp was played and Beth beat Nicole. Jackson celebrated with Beth and then went to console Nicole, who was crying and obviously disappointed.
  • Jackson told Beth half the country was ecstatic and have of America was pissed over the two of them going to the F2. (His math may be a little off on that one)
  • Jackson was proud of Beth and told her he was speechless. He said everything happens for a reason. (Yes it does and that reason is because 61% of the comps since the half way point in the game have been physical)
  • Taran Armstrong did the math and posted it:
  • Nicole shook it off a little and began joking about playing opossum when Julie said itb was time for the finale. (She fakes being asleep or playing dead a lot as a joke)
  • Nicole started telling Jackson and Beth farewell in kind of a dramatic way. Jackson reminded her all the of them were leaving on the same day. She said she was leaving through the little door. (Camp comeback entrance) She joked about packing a cloth bag on a stick to throw over her shoulder. They said she would take the stool. She agreed and said when Julie asked why she had the stool, she’d say “Julie, I f*cked myself.” (Game aside, how can anyone not adore her?)
  • Jackson said he gave his speech during the eviction about why he evicted Cliff because he wanted the jury to hear it. (They won’t)
  • Jackson and Beth officially made a F2 pinky promise.
  • Here’s a shot of part 1 of the hoh comp. Nicole never had a chance.
  • Beth said its awkward now that it’s only the three of them. She said she feels like she’s supposed to star campaigning. She also thinks it will be weird for Nicole to campaign to them. (I think it’s weird she made it to F3 at all so I guess we can all be confused this week)

I’ll begin the season recap tomorrow and break it up over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope everyone sticks around for it regardless of how the season ends. It’s not the first disappointing year and it probably won’t be the last. I don’t see it happening but Nicole isn’t officially out yet because anything could happen. I actually think the opposite from Steve on Nicole’s chances. I don’t see Beth taking Nicole at all and if anyone was going to, I think it would be Jackson. Truthfully, I don’t see either of them taking her at this point tho.

Nicole entered the house very self conscious, feeling awkward and dealing with anxiety. She’s said she felt isolated and alone in the past and in her real life, didn’t feel like many people would relate to her. Although the money would be nice, I believe Nicole will leave with something else of value. She’ll know most of the fans love her awkwardness and her. She’ll be the face for the positive side of BB21 and as a fan of the game, I think she’ll love that.

Have a great Sunday.



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