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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap for 9/21/19



Good Sunday morning everyone. For many of you, last night probably sucked. (Yes, I’m aware it’s not everyone) With Nicole losing part 2 last night, I’m even more aware of how different this season has been for me to recap. I try not to get too invested in any of the players. It’s just something I enjoy for a few months every year. I always say, I’ll probably never meet these people and no matter who wins, it isn’t my money at stake.

I’ve tried to keep the recaps informative and although the jokes are biased, especially when I have a favorite, I do try to point out good game moves from everyone. I’m not saying I accomplish it, just that I try. It’s been more of an uphill battle this season because I’ve disliked so much of the cast. On the flip side, we had someone like Nicole, who seems to be an amazing person, so it’s easy to root for her.

There isn’t much to recap and as I said yesterday, I’m working on recapping the season so I’m keeping the last couple feeds recaps shorter. After the wedding and getting home late, I admit I didn’t stay up for the results. (It was o strange watching one of my sons friends get married yesterday. They’re in their early 20’s but he’s the first of the group to marry. He was a grown man standing there waiting for his bride but I kept seeing the little boy who used to play at my house)


Anyway, when I woke up to the find out Nicole lost part 2, I’ll admit, I was losing motivation for this week. I needed to find reasons to care about the finale so if you’re where I was, maybe these can keep you interested too. Maybe you have a suggestion that’s not on the list because I’d love to hear it if you do.

  • Nicole will probably win AFP if people keep the votes going and if you’re a fan of hers, you’d probably like to see her win it.
  • It’s possible none of the top 3 for AFP are people from the 6 Shooters and they’ll get an idea of how people feel about them. (minus Tommy, he’s a possibilty)
  • Jackson could be stunned with a loss if the jury is bitter and some of you may enjoy seeing that.
  • One of the jury questions may address the fact that Beth was dragged to the end and she didn’t do very much.
  • Julie could keep calling Beth “Jacksons girlfriend” like she’s been doing for weeks. (Anyone bothered by my use of “Beth” should really come for Julie too. Just sayin’)
  • Kemi may get the chance to address some of the nasty things people have said about her.
  • Jack and Jackson will see that not only does Ovi have a girlfriend, (they made jokes saying he couldn’t get one) they’ll see she’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • Beth may realize Ovi is actually a “cool college kid” which she’s argued against repeatedly.
  • The cast already knows about Chrstie and Tommy but they may get more info about Beth and Kat at the finale.
  • Dr. Will (I’m assuming) will probably slaughter some of them in the jury discussion.

Sure, this isn’t as good as watching someone you like win the game but it’s all I’ve got and I’m trying. I’m not only trying to give you guys a pep talk either. I’ve got 12 weeks to go over and 3 days of recapping to do so I need the motivation! If we don’t like the end of the game, maybe refreshing our minds on the earlier weeks will be more fun anyway. (Do I sound as desperate as I think I do?)

Here’s the small recap from yesterday:

  • While talking to Nicole, Jackson said “omnipotent” and Nicole didn’t know the word. He said he figured she knew what it meant. She asked if it was because she wore glasses and said he was stereotyping her. (Lol) He told her it was because she was a teacher. (She actually isn’t) She said that’s not a word preschoolers would know so she didn’t know it. (This was a funny conversation)
  • Nicole noticed the stool sitting out in the open and wanted it moved somewhere else. Jackson said it was their favorite stool and it was the community stool. (Again, this was all joking)
  • Nicole told Jackson and Beth it was diseased and should be burned. Jackson said “it’s not diseased.” She said “its nasty, a nasty ass stool.” (Haha) Afterwards, she joked about not liking it because she said it brought back bad memories from all her shomances who’ve been sent home.
  • Beth told Nicole not to knock it until she’s tried it. (The stool)
  • Jackson attacked her with the stool while she hid under her blanket.
  • Nicole made things with tie dye and asked BB to send Cliff back for an hour. She said she needed someone to do it with because the shomance wasn’t interested.
  • Nicole told Jackson she’d like to be considered for the F2 even tho he and Beth were a couple. Later, Jackson told Beth he was going to consider her. Beth said “really?”
  • Nicole, knowing Jackson wanted to play cards left a trail of them so he’d have to pick them up. He tried to wait her out but eventually, if he wanted to play, he had to do it.
  • She followed him the entire time, singing and making fun of him while he did it. (It was a nice moment)
  • Beth made fun of Jackson for something in a chess game. For a brief minute, I thought they might argue but it didn’t go anywhere.
  • Beth said she hopes it doesn’t appear to viewers that she never showers. She said she usually showered in the hoh room and wasn’t sure if the camera went up there. (Oh, it does Beth, it very much does) She acknowledged she rarely washes her hair. (told you, I wasn’t kidding when I said she went 40 days)
  • Jackson had a strange conversation with Nicole about where he would live when the show ended. He was talking about being nervous over how things might be twisted to make him look bad on the show. Nicole said it couldn’t be that bad. He asked her if arrangements had been made for her to go into hiding after the show.  He insinuated something had been set up for him weeks ago. I don’t believe this for a minute and think he was just trying to get sympathy. He talked about visiting Nicole after the show and she told him there wasn’t room in her house but she would set up a tent for him in the yard. (Haha)
  • Jackson told Beth his anxiety was high because he’s worried about social media and what people will think of him.
  • Part 2 of the hoh comp was played and Beth beat Nicole. Jackson celebrated with Beth and then went to console Nicole, who was crying and obviously disappointed.
  • Jackson told Beth half the country was ecstatic and have of America was pissed over the two of them going to the F2. (His math may be a little off on that one)
  • Jackson was proud of Beth and told her he was speechless. He said everything happens for a reason. (Yes it does and that reason is because 61% of the comps since the half way point in the game have been physical)
  • Taran Armstrong did the math and posted it:
  • Nicole shook it off a little and began joking about playing opossum when Julie said itb was time for the finale. (She fakes being asleep or playing dead a lot as a joke)
  • Nicole started telling Jackson and Beth farewell in kind of a dramatic way. Jackson reminded her all the of them were leaving on the same day. She said she was leaving through the little door. (Camp comeback entrance) She joked about packing a cloth bag on a stick to throw over her shoulder. They said she would take the stool. She agreed and said when Julie asked why she had the stool, she’d say “Julie, I f*cked myself.” (Game aside, how can anyone not adore her?)
  • Jackson said he gave his speech during the eviction about why he evicted Cliff because he wanted the jury to hear it. (They won’t)
  • Jackson and Beth officially made a F2 pinky promise.
  • Here’s a shot of part 1 of the hoh comp. Nicole never had a chance.
  • Beth said its awkward now that it’s only the three of them. She said she feels like she’s supposed to star campaigning. She also thinks it will be weird for Nicole to campaign to them. (I think it’s weird she made it to F3 at all so I guess we can all be confused this week)

I’ll begin the season recap tomorrow and break it up over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope everyone sticks around for it regardless of how the season ends. It’s not the first disappointing year and it probably won’t be the last. I don’t see it happening but Nicole isn’t officially out yet because anything could happen. I actually think the opposite from Steve on Nicole’s chances. I don’t see Beth taking Nicole at all and if anyone was going to, I think it would be Jackson. Truthfully, I don’t see either of them taking her at this point tho.


Nicole entered the house very self conscious, feeling awkward and dealing with anxiety. She’s said she felt isolated and alone in the past and in her real life, didn’t feel like many people would relate to her. Although the money would be nice, I believe Nicole will leave with something else of value. She’ll know most of the fans love her awkwardness and her. She’ll be the face for the positive side of BB21 and as a fan of the game, I think she’ll love that.

Have a great Sunday.




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  1. AIO_7

    ” She (Nicole) agreed and said when Julie asked why she had the stool, she’d say “Julie, I f*cked myself.” ”

    No, that was your good buddy, Cliff.

    • Sassy

      Cliff was looking out for himself and that’s what he should have been doing. It only backfired on him. She would not have had a better outcome had she kept TT. SHE should have looked out for herself a little more.

  2. hogwild

    I have said this before I would love to be there when the two egomanics find out what they fans really think of them Jackson while having a clue might still be shocked given how concerned he claims to be about his image I think Holly will be totally stuned she really seems to thinbk she was Gods gift to BB fans this season. I think Nicole will be shocked in the good way when she finds out just how much the fans love her and were pulling for Jackson or Holly will leave with the money but Nicole is the one leaving BB as a real winner posted this in honor of her on the last thread doing so again here.

    • Avatar

      I wholeheartedly agree with you hogwild.

    • Purring

      I honestly don’t think JJ gives a crap what social media says about him, especially if he wins. For Beth, if she wins, she will just surround herself with ass kissers till everything dies down and the money runs out. For me, Nicole did make the season worth watching and I wish she just would have believed in herself a little more. I think after seeing how much support she has out there, she will believe in herself more and is already a winner.

      • mm22

        I think Jackson n hollybeth’s concern over how they are being viewed by the
        fans is a load of bs-they know what they’re doing-If they were really so worried
        why did they continue to doing them?

      • hogwild

        Because that is their personality and the kind of people they are I have come across many people who are assholes and narcissist who will continue to act that way despite people calling them on it. People like this always find a way to justify their actions so they can keep acting the way the want. How many times this season have we seen Jackson and Holly blame their actions on anyone but themselves?

  3. SoftKitty

    Thanks for trying to give us motivation for the finale of this shit show Mel. I appreciate the attempt.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks, Mel! I love your sense of humor and way with words. The only episode I couldn’t watch was the Sunday after Tommy was evicted. I couldn’t stomach seeing Jackson destroying Tommy. It hurt my heart. Nicole comes out of the season as the biggest winner even if she doesn’t win money. She is a darling who is loved by the BB vets and fans. I wasn’t sure if I could watch tonight and the finale, but I will.

  5. hogwild

    Already given Nicole my ten AFP votes for today.

  6. AIO_7

    ” She’ll (Nicole) be the face for the positive side of BB21″

    Yes she will.

  7. CatLover

    Good recap Mel. I feel so sad for Nicole. I truly hope she wins AFP. She really does have a great sense of humor. Love her comment about her taking the stool with her and Julie asking about it. I wish her the best. You have a great day, and go Vikings!

  8. Alda

    I really think being on BB will change Nicole’s life.Seeing how so many people fell in love with her will really touch her heart. Being admired for her kindness and sweet spirit will get her far in her future.She will have nice young men looking at her in a new light too.You go Nicole.The future is at your feet!.

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  10. hogwild

    I really hope BB has learned from this season and will do a better job of casting and get people who are fans and really want to be there to play and who aren’t just there to get 15 minutes of fame trying to start an acting or modeling career or just trying to increase their social media prescence. I also hope they will start being more even handed in the number of physical and mental comps sadly I don’t have much confidence they will do any of this.

  11. Avatar

    Hi All,
    I’m a long time reader, first time poster. What prompted me to bite the bullet and jump into posting is my growing disappointment in Nicole, culminating in last nights challenge. I had no faith in her ability to win because I could tell she didn’t have much faith in herself. She was for sure at a disadvantage to Jolly because behind the scenes they were pumping each other up and giving each other the needed support to win. She had to psyche herself up and I didn’t see that happen much lately. I don’t have the feeds and only get my info from here and a couple other sites. Did I miss her doing that before the last two challenges? She seemed to spend her time either wallowing in self-pity or bouncing around saying how much she loved Jolly. Did she forget a life changing $500,000 was at stake? I know money isn’t everything but it is the prize for this competition. She wasn’t doing this for Instagram followers or to start a music/acting career like others who seem to only want screen time. So I’m confused at what her motivation (if any) was. I also didn’t see Cliff, her supposed ride or die/final two/sensei give her the pep talk needed to get her head back in the game to win the final challenges. I was expecting to see him take her aside like a good fatherly figure would and pump her self esteem up right before he left. Hell, Snackson has done more pep talks for her then Cliff. Or maybe I missed them? Cliff has been a big disappointment as well, but I won’t get into that. So I voted for Nicole as AFP but now have little motivation to continue. I might switch my votes to Tommy because he always seemed to have his head in the game. Am I wrong about Nicole? I want to be. Have I missed something on the feeds? (Thanks for letting me rant)

    • Mel

      We all need to rant. Lol
      Nicole gives herself pep talks all the time but I agree, she’s done less of it lately. I think being in the F3 with a shomance got in her head too much. She called them both bionic after part 1, based on how they did compared to her.

      I think she remained focused on winning in spite of the odds stacked against her tho so I dont agree with that part.

      I also agree that I thought Cliff would do more to pep her up )before I left but I think he was focused on his own game and leaving at the time. He did do it a little bit.

      Welcome to posting!

    • hogwild

      I think Nicole understood she would have to win two of the three comps and that was long odds so she focused on her social game which is her strength to try and possibly get one of them to take her to the F2 no chance that will work with Jackson but I think there is a chance all be it small one that if Holly won HOH Nicole could convience her she had better odds of winning sitting with her in the F2 over Jackson. My issue with Tommy was he spent most of the season trying to put on a show for the cameras the only time he really played was when he was trying to save Christie and after she was voted out and he had to Nicole was an underdog and on the wrong side of the numbers game most of the season and she along with Cliff really had to play and fight the whole season to get as far as they did.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I think Nicole kind of gave up. Cliff disappointed me in the fact that he discouraged her more than encouraged her in the end. Tommy and Nicole would have been a great alliance and would have been fun to watch. Tommy did give up and didn’t even campaign the week he was evicted. He isolated in the HN room after Christie was evicted. Nicole came to him to talk about saving him. So, I am still voting Nicole, but can see how people are voting Tommy for AFP, too.

    • AIO_7

      “I was expecting to see him take her aside like a good fatherly figure would and pump her self esteem up right before he left.

      Welcome. SS.

      Cliff had his head too far up Jackson’s ass for that.

    • Avatar

      I agree, I dont see how she could be AFP when she didnt even play. She won only one comp….the rest was given to her. She floated her way to the end with the help of Jackson because he knew that he could beat her in any comp, which has been proven.

      • Colby

        There has to be some kind of game play involved to get someone to throw a comp to you.

      • Mel

        Nicole played a lot and as Uve been going theu all the weeks, she played more than I remembered. Things she did often didn’t work but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t playing the game.

    • BBGurl

      No you’re not wrong. Nicole has been lackluster at best, all season. Cliff aka dumbass redneck hillbilly, only cared about himself. He didn’t give 2 shits about Nicole. Please continue giving Tommy your AFP votes. He got 350 of mine this morning.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback. You all made really good points! I’ll see how I feel after tonight’s episode….Nicole may get some votes from yet.

  12. Robin

    Mel, again ty for your awesome commentary, even of this very sad season. I really appreciated the numbers you brought us since it tells us we can expect a lot more Michie’s and fewer Nicole’s. The focus on physical comps will eliminate most of the older players and make it impossible for strategy players to have much of a chance. I continue to hope CBS will reverse this trend. I have been watching since season 1 and find myself unhappy with the direction of this show. In hopes of changing this, I think we should email CBS not about who should win, but that we don’t like cheaters and the changes to BB format After a brief search I found a place to send comments to the programming department.


  13. AIO_7

    One F2 scenario we might could look forward to is … Holly winning F2, takes Jackson, and loses $450,000. Kind of like Cory in Derrick’s year.

  14. mustangsally

    Mel, great pep talk. If Nicole isn’t final 2, then I would love to see all the things you outlined happen. Nicole is so funny, I sure wish she at very least wins AFP. And Beth, not being sure about cameras in HOH, she’s going to have many rude awakenings. TY Mel!

  15. BBGurl

    I’ll get right on that letter to CBS/BB telling them that I want more crybabies and non- strategic people casted for next season. NOT
    What I would like to see is people who go to the trouble of making a tape, sending it in and really being a fan of the early years of BB. No more token black people, gays, transgenders unless they apply for the show. Stop the casting cattle calls. Stop picking the players from a “The Bold and the Beautiful” audition. If they’ve got head shots, an agent, an IMDb page, any representation at all, DO NOT CAST THEM. I want to see dedicated fans who will lie, backstab, and throw your Mama under that bus.
    I’ve watched for 20 years. Never missed an episode, not a single one, not even when I was hospitalized for a month. The nurses and family knew to stay away when BB was on. lol. This year I watched 1.5 shows and I’ll watch the finale.I agree that this season sucked. Mostly horrible hgs with horrible game play.
    As far as anyone (um, conspiracy theorists) being upset because there were more physical comps this year than previous years, I say, get over it. All of the hgs were physically fit this year with the exception of Clueless Jess and dumbass redneck hillbilly Cliff. If people don’t like it then don’t be a fat ass or old and go on BB. Holly, Analease and Crusty were built just as small as Nicole. So we can’t really use that excuse, can we? One down, dozens more to come.

    • Mel

      Math isn’t a conspiracy theory and I’ve covered how the game has evolved because of it. It was an observation. Sis is a college soccer player but sure, she’s physically at the same level as Nicole.

    • Jenny

      BBGurl I agree with part of what you wrote but not all of it. The part I agree with is to stop casting for stereotypes, stop casting wanna-be-famous people, especially those who are up for multiple reality shows and don’t care which one they get (I think it was Natalie who said she almost got on the Bachelor but got cast for BB instead – if I’m wrong, BBJ’s please correct me)? There’s something wrong when the HG’s are speculating on who was cast to be in showmances or what “type” they fit into.

      I’ll just stop there and say I strongly disagree with some of the other things you said.

      • BBGurl

        you are allowed to disagree. even strongly. lol. I vehemently disagree with most of the people here. especially the ones who throw around words like slut and whore to describe a woman who exercises HER right to give HER BODY to anyone SHE chooses. It’s especially disgusting coming from other women. And I suspect a bunch of conservatives. Typical, but disgusting all the same.

  16. Avatar

    Does Jackson get a penalty vote at final? He should I wish Nicole started counting the votes for them. Taking her is his best chance but the way he is, Beth will give him her win. Smh

  17. hogwild

    Cowboys up 24-6 and Hockey season starts in 11 days.

  18. Avatar

    With the sudden increase of physical competitions is seems like they are changing it to a training camp designed to get productions favorite HGs ready to compete on The Challenge

  19. Sassy

    Mel, I think the finale is going to be the most explosive EVER! Their last speeches are going to be brutal and I can’t wait. JJ and FAB will leave angry with each other and embarrassed about it being live. The jury is going to have a tough time pretending to be friends with each other and liking either of the finalists. I love the controversy and hope it’s a good one. I don’t have to like the person to root for them. #GoJJ.

  20. Avatar

    Thank you for this post! It was beautifully written and I needed the positivity and motivation to watch (haha). I’m so sad for Nicole but she really does have so much to be proud of. I wonder if cliff regrets pushing them so hard to keep holly.

  21. Avatar

    So I know this is totally not a popular opinion, but I am glad the showmance made it. Though he played a dirty game he at least played! He may not be liked (I would never befriend him outside the game) but I respect him. And every vote that goes to Holly is just a bitter jury vote. Nicole may be the favorite underdog or what have you. But I just never saw her as a good player.

  22. Avatar

    I am one of the few people here that am happy about this outcome. Not because I dislike Nicole in any way but because I just think Jackson played a better game. I also think he grew as a person in the show. I hated him the first half of the game, but when he went against the six shooters and split with Jack, he became more likable. He didn’t go along with the group-think anymore and started playing his own game. He made the season interesting as it was a dumpster fire before that. He also has shown real character in keeping his emotions under control in infuriating situations, ie Cliff telling him “oh by the way, take me to final three, but I won’t take you to final two.” Also, I think he really got a wake up call when he played in the Camper Comp with Christie and Sis. He knew we didn’t like him then at all. Thus it’s possible he went full reverse tilt to 1) save his image or 2) that he had finally gotten through the withdrawals of whatever drug he was on or 3) he actually grew as a person. I don’t know. But he saved this season for me, and for that, I’ll be rooting for him come Wednesday night.

    • AIO_7

      ….”but when he went against the six shooters and split with Jack, he became more likable.”

      I def. agree with that. But by the end I almost disliked him just as much.

    • Avatar

      I just can’t get over Jackson cheat eating when he was a have not, shutting the door in Nicole’s face literally, production helping him in the last veto comp and then his goodbye message to Cliff was back to the nasty Jackson. I think that’s his true personality.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t see his goodbye message to Cliff. How was it nasty?

      • Sassy

        people cheat at have not every season, no one gets a punishment. It’s only a big deal because he’s not liked… I’m not a fan of cheating, but havenots are a waste these days and they get more and more lax each year.

      • hogwild

        It was what has become typical Jackson trashing Cliff in his goodbye for telling him to consider the jury votes if he voted him and Nicole out and that they might vote against him. Cliff was trying to save himself and stay in the game what he was doing was no different than what Jackson did to Tommy when he wanted to save Holly. When Jackson did it was just gameplay and nothing personal when Cliff did it was an outrage and Jackson acted like a spoiled little bitch and took it personal if it is acceptable for Jackson to make up a lie about someone to benefit his game it was just as acceptable for Cliff to threaten Jackson with jury votes to benefit his game.

      • Avatar

        Production picks a house guest to help every year unfortunately. Remember friendship bracelets and three weeks of safety for Paul? He shouldn’t have been around to make it to final two.

      • Robin

        The night of Comp one of the three part comp, JJ admitted to FAH that production explained to him what he was doing wrong in the middle of the comp. Warned Fab to listen carefully to instructions. If that is not cheating then what is? This is not watermelon…lol

      • Robin

        So true mcquire55!

      • mm22

        Matt wasn’t liked n cheated as a have not. He told production he didn’t
        care n kept eating his cereal. I think he got 1 penalty vote that didn’t even matter.
        Even if a contestant is likable I think fans would still have a problem with rule breaking.

    • Alda

      Jackson showed a lot of class when he lied on Tommy without blinking an eye.Scary dude.

      • Sassy

        He’s not the first to lie on BB. Derick lied convincingly, with a straight face his WHOLE season and we praised him for it. I guess it just depends on whether they are a popular player or not.

      • Mel

        That’s about the only thing he did that I was actually ok with. Lol

  23. AnnaM

    This will be the first finale I’m not watching. I’ll find a clip online to hopefully see Nicole win America’s Favorite. I won’t be watching Amazing Race if either JJ or Holly are in it. This BBJ has been fun though. Thanks guys!!

    • mustangsally

      Jacka$$$ is dropping his Stoolie, whore as soon as he leaves the house, unless she cashes in big, then he will latch on to her ****tails. Ride it while he can.

      **This comment has been edited for lewd content.**

      NK, Moderator

      • AnnaM

        That’s what I believe will happen also. Taking Holly is a guaranteed win no matter what. She’ll last only as long as the money does.

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  25. Avatar

    Ssssoooooooooo, Has anyone been on Twitter within the last hour? There are several people saying that apparently on the feeds, FAB was telling JJ that she asked production for an answer right before the comp, but before she could finish the sentence the feeds cut. WTF? I mean I saw about a dozen posts about it and there’s more people speaking up that they saw it too. I mean, they get the royal treatment and she can’t keep her ugly mouth shut about it? I don’t have the feeds so I can’t confirm this, but if several witnesses are chiming in then it must be something to be concerned with. Anyone else out there that can confirm this?!

    • AIO_7

      I can’t confirm it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Avatar

      Here is a link to one of the many tweets about it. Sounds pretty obvious to me.

    • Kari

      This pisses me off beyond anything. Somebody needs to sue production or CBS or whatever for allowing this crap. or just don’t even watch next year. It breaks my heart to say that but this is just so completely wrong. I wish I were Nicole, and I found out about it because I would sue their asses for this. I wouldn’t think twice about it screw any kind of paperwork that was signed when she decided to join.

      • Mello_One

        Big Brother Classic, up until BB10….Production did not seem as to be so involved as they are now. When Allison Grodner took over Product seemed to make sure who they wanted to be evicted, nominated, or the winner of BB?! It is pathetic what they have done to a show that we all love so much.

        And not only that, all of the Vets who appeared on Big Brother prior to BB11 feel that the show has been ruined due to Production meddling, Evel Dick is always saying this.

    • Robin

      Easy to believe given that the prior comp they stopped JJ and told him what he was doing wrong. That came out of his mouth to Holly.

    • Charlotte

      Also I read somewhere on one of these threads where Holly mentioned how the clowns seemed unfair for Nicole. Haven’t seen anything more on this. But if clowns were involved it would seem targeted at Nicole for sure.

  26. mm22

    Jackson said production helped him on his comp n told hollybeth to do the same
    so I’m not surprised at all to hear of this-some camera people are quick to go
    to fish n other aren’t and the live feeders see n hear

  27. Kari

    This whole season just makes me want to throw up. That is all.

  28. Mimi Ryan

    Bring David back, that man deserves to play a better cast than this one. Ovi, I love you man, but seriously, not sure you’d make it. Sam, bring him back for another season too please. I know Tommy said he’d not do this again, but I would like to see him come back without “family”. Nicole, Girl, I wanted you to win!!!! Jackass is an ass. LOL, he’s “worried” about how people will see him. Ok, well, your intelligent, a comp beast, a liar, passive aggressive, and a douche. There will be those who adore him. Beth=Holly, Mel, NK, Steve, you’ve all covered her so well, no words of mine can do more. This season is worth forgetting about. No skill, no real game play, bad juju everywhere. If it weren’t BBJ Family, I’d have given up early on this season. Everyone here’s made it much more tolerable & fun. Love you all, & I really do. Nicole for AFP!!!!!

  29. Avatar

    Twitter decided to do #NicoleAppreciationParty today in an attempt to send a message to production


  30. hogwild

    Someone might have already suggested this but I would like to see BB do a season with players who were voted out first in previous seasons and never really got the chance to play the game.

  31. Avatar

    Sorry CBS, your attempt to get us to watch tonights episode by having Tyler, JC, and Kaycee from last season on it isn’t going to work.


  32. Mary

    New thread…….

  33. Punkytripster2

    So I try not to go down the Twitter rabbit hole but somehow did today. There is a lot of the controversy on voting for Nicole because people are saying she’s not the best “player” but they would vote for her if it was America’s favorite “houseguest”. Do people not read the voting site? You are voting for America’s favorite houseguest and for a season like that has my vote is Nicole was my favorite houseguest. I’m still hoping for a jolly Fite because I could see Jackson possibly taking Nicole it would have to be a big fight but that’s the only way I see it happening. Holly would lose it to lose to Nicole in F2. .

  34. BBGurl

    mustangsally(117 comments)September 22, 2019 at 6:09 pm
    7 3
    I think we all know who Thumbalina is. Just sayin.

    LMFAO!!!! I’m a computer programming engineer. If I was thumbalina this site would have a thousand more members and every single one of them would thumb down most of these posts. But I choose to use my skills for good not evil. But nice try, sweetie. You should be careful trying to call out people for what you perceive as bad behavior.. just saying. Some people aren’t as well behaved as me.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sherri stop. No matter what she implied or what you think she implied, she did not call you out by name. Please take your own advice and be careful about calling people out. You’ve been around long enough to know the rule about attacking other board members. If you like/love certain HG, there is no harm in that, stick to your guns and support who you like. If you’ve got problems with each other, take it to private messages.

      BTW, there has been a lot more thumbing down of post this year, which probably means either more trolls or more multiple accounts. This is not an accusation, just an observation.

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