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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap

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Good morning and it may actually be a good one in the BB house for most of us. (for now)  After the terrible happenings a couple nights ago, I thought we were heading towards the same thing again last night. There was definitely more discussion with and about Nicole but this time around, she was able to participate. Steve covered it pretty thoroughly already so I’ll just hit the highlights for me from yesterday.


It felt like waiting forever for the veto draw to happen and I’m not really sure why because unless Nicole got picked and managed to win, she didn’t have much hope anyway. Jess chose Christie to play and Cliff either chose Kat or he drew her chip. (I think he drew her chip) Let’s talk about Jess and get her out of the way. I really wanted to like her. In a way, she’s what we’re always saying we want. Shes over 25, a mom and not a size 2 model wanna be. However, I can’t like her as a player simply because she fits a stereotype or a non-stereotype when it comes to BB. She’s clueless in the game and may be the only one left in the house who doesn’t have some sense of who is working with who. I’m sorry. I just can’t with Jess. First, she picks Jackson and then Christie???

Cliff is another one I wanted to like and I really did in the beginning. It wasn’t only because he’s the ‘old guy.’ He’s a real fan of the show and I usually root for that when possible. I will say, I dislike Cliff the least of everyone I dislike. He had the biggest disadvantage trying to fit in so I gave him a little bit of a pass on the things he did that rubbed me the wrong way. Ya, I’m over Cliff too.


I’m in unfamiliar territory this year by even talking about who I like and dislike on a personal level. Truthfully, I usually don’t care. Play the best game, regardless of your personality and I’ll end up hoping you win. My mom is a casual/tv only viewer (with some feed info from me)  and I’m always telling her not to get emotionally invested because it’s more fun when you dont give a shit who wins. Everyone can root for who they want based on the reasons they want but at times, she’s probably felt like this was a lecture. Wow, I’m having a very different experience this year! I called her just to vent the other night and she tried to get off the phone with me by saying she had another call. My own mother! (you’re apparantly never too old to have your mom teach you a lesson) She’s letting me know “welcome to my world….and suffer since you gave me a hard time in the past.” (Lesson learned, now pick up the phone so I can complain about these people!!)

Anyway, the veto was played and Kat won which was the best outcome, I guess. Jess is coming off the block no matter what. The only difference is the motivation behind it. For Nick, it’s to get Nicole out and for the rest, it’s to get Cliff out. (at least it looks that way for now) Kaitlyn from BB20 hosted the comp and she made an impression, that’s for sure. It seems Kaitlyn told them to stop talking crap about them (the bb20 cast) and reminded them we could hear everything they said. I don’t care what they say about past players but along with production, they’ve now had an outsider reminding them we see and hear everything so no excuses people. Kat told someone later, it must be “taken out of context.” We’ve heard Jack and others say this already so prepare for this to be the excuse when they leave the house. Kaitlyn also told Beth (Holly) she looked bigger in person. (I enjoyed hearing that and I don’t mind admitting it) The jackoffs talked about Kaitlyn too. Jackson said she was hot and Jack reminded him Kaitlyn has been in 2 hours of makeup and they hadn’t seen many women lately. Jack said to not give her too much credit. (They never fail to live up to exactly who we think they are)  Kat went to bed wearing the veto necklace which was cute instead of cocky, the ways it’s came off with past players.  From what I heard, she didn’t just win, she smoked everyone. I’m anxious to see the comp which was a puzzle (naturally) and see if any Kaitlyn jokes are made over her epic fail last year. Kaitlyn is a very good sport on social media and podcasts about her puzzle failure and the game she played. She really grew on me but only after she left the game.

Ok, let me backtrack. If you want chronological order, well, that’s why you have Steve. It’s just one of the reasons this is his blog and I’m just a helper elf. He gives you information so you know what’s going on and when and lays it all out for you. I get on here and type whatever happens to pop into my head over my morning coffee.


Before the veto was played, Nicole was able to talk to Bella with Kat sitting in and later, with Nick while half the house was in the room. Nicole apologized to Bella. Bella basically let her know she should and there wasn’t a return apoplgy from Bella. She didn’t accomplish anything while talking to Bella but she made progress later with the Nick convo, not with Nick personally but some of the people listening.

Announcement: I don’t use many nicknames in order to keep the recaps easy to follow but Holly will always be know as Beth moving forward. It’s my way of giving a nod to David for being one of the best human beings in the house since he’s the one who accidentally called her Beth when he first came back. I may get used to just rooting for people I like after all. I feel a little liberated!


Beth sat there taking in the Nick/Nicole conversation and didn’t have much to say. She did step up and admit maybe they jumped to the conclusion Nicole was saying Nick was going after her and Sis and not that Nicole actually said those words. (Just like Christie, good work but I still dont like you) Tommy interjected a few times, only to cover his own butt because he doesn’t want Nick to realize the Six Shooters really were turning on Bella and Nick. Bella was there for part of it and Sis stopped by to interrogate Nicole for a couple of minutes. Kat was also there.  As Steve covered, Nick was a condescending ass and was almost yelling at Nicole at one point. She sat there, one person against a room full of people and told the truth. She held her own and she came off as very believable. Nicole was patient, nice and had an answer for everything Nick asked. She was able to lay out how she wasn’t trying to play people against each other, (she was a little bit) she was just looking for people to work with her. She told him she made the decision to choose Bellas “side” and tell Bella that people were targeting her and Nick because Bella told her about the Jack’s trying to get Nicole on the block. (True) Tommy brought up the word bully being tossed out caused some of the problems and Nicole insisted someone else used the word bully and she may have agreed with it. (I think that’s true too and I think Christie is the one who said it but don’t take that one as fact. I haven’t had time to look back and be sure) Tommy said she used words that were close enough to it so it was the same thing because Nicole said Nick had “interrogated” her. Tommy also said the grandmother thing was only miscommunication. (Life, Grave. Tomato, Tomahto) Funny, how it’s only miscommunication when Tommy was one of the most vocal about the grandmother comment. As far as other words being the same as bully, no Tommy, they arn’t the same thing or the same word and I’m done with you too. You’re a poor man’s Frankie Grande to me from now on. Like Cliff, Tommy’s gotten too much of a pass from me because other people are worse.


The worst part of the talk was Nick asking Nicole if she even had anxiety or she made it up because, as a therapist, he should be ashamed of it. Not to mention, he’s called her a sociopath several times and said that would explain why Nicole didn’t have any emotions over what she’s done. He even said “I can diagnose her.” The best part was Nicole finally getting sick of the interrogation and going off on Bella. She said she was just going to go ahead and say it and said “I dont give a f**k.” She told Bella she was a liar, she made stuff up, she twisted and manipulated everything and said everyone knows it. She told Nick he could be a good player but Bella was going to drag him down. Bella got mad when Nick didn’t defend her and she left the room.

Nick is in denial. He refuses to believe his group of 8 would come after him so he won’t believe anything Nicole says. Of course, that’s not really what this is about. Nick WAS already paranoid Jack would come after him so he wanted to go after Jack first. Nick is being super loyal to the 8 now as a way to prove he was loyal before. If he can convince himself they believe him, he can believe they arn’t after him as well. He’s also choosing not to use his hoh to make his move so he needs to convince himself the 8 will stick together and they won’t come after him. Otherwise, he’s wasting his hoh. (See, I can diagnose too and if I’m wrong, who cares? I’m not a therapist, I only play one on this blog and I don’t have a job at stake)

Meanwhile, Christie is still after Cliff. She told Jack and Tommy she is NOT voting out Nicole. She thinks its dumb to get rid of someone who will go after Nick and Bella for them. Jack agreed and they talked about how the things Nicole said were true. Jack passed it on to Jackson and told him Nick and Bella were still snakes, they just happen to be in power this week.  The six shooters are rethinking everything and want to go back to their original plan of getting out Nick and Bella. Christie put in some work on Kat and Jess in defense of Nicole. Christie had already convinced Jess that Nicole was the person who told Jack about the womens alliance. She had to go back and try to say ‘oops, it was Bella after all.’ Jess is slow to come around but it’s really because she found out Nicole was trying to keep Kemi over her last week.

Tommy was agreeing with Jack and Christie but he doesn’t really agree. He wants Nicole out before Cliff. He also wants Nick out before Bella but Christie thinks having Bella in jury is a mistake so she wants her out first. Since Christie and Tommy seem to have to most control for now, I’m curious who will get there way. Finding out which one gives in may tell us more about what’s to come. I’m glad Christie is pushing this plan and I hope it doesn’t get derailed. To be clear, she may be doing the Lords work at the moment but I still don’t like her. (Her newest complaint is wanting Kemi to completely get out of their room. Kat feels the same way. Kemi still has her stuff in there instead of moving it to camp comeback) Honestly, I’m surprised they’re letting Kemi do it but so far, they’re also letting Christie lie about her power.

That’s the other thing I forgot to mention. Christie has told Jack about her power. (So much for her plan not to tell) She’s also told other people and she keeps changing what the power does. (When Jess did that in bb19, she got called out by production so….hey production, I’m watching and waiting)

The best thing Nicole could do right now is absolutely nothing. As of last night, that wasn’t her plan. She wants to talk to some people, have Kemi talk to some people, etc. If she isn’t careful, she could really Foutte it up. From now to Thursday is going to feel like a very long time.

Kat plans to take Jess off the block, Six Shooters plan to evict Cliff and Nick still thinks Nicole is leaving. After finding out Kat plans to take Jess off the block, Christie told rhe guys she thought she could talk Kat into taking Jess down. Christie also thinks she didn’t win the veto comp because she wasn’t supposed to win. (No, it’s because Kat kicked your ass in the comp)

Sis told Sam, Nick and Bella about her talk with Jack. She said she told him it wasn’t fair to be a target because she and Jack “just kiss and f**k.” She said he talks way more game with Christie. (Wow, we’ve came a long way from Sis being so worried and embarrassed. I honestly wish she meant what she was saying because she’d be less hurt after the season but I’m not convinced she really feels that way. I don’t like her but that doesn’t mean I want anyone to be slut shamed after the show is over) My shaming Sis stems from her man obsession instead of playing the game. I dont care about her sex life.

Kat and David continue to flirt and it’s a little entertaining to watch, probably because it isn’t serious so therefore, it isn’t sickening. Don’t worry folks, she claims to be loyal to Brett (the guy she’s never met) and just likes flirting with David. (Yep, these are the days of our lives…)

Bella talked game with Cliff late last night so I think they want to try to get him on their side moving forward.

3 of the only 4 people I like this season are already in camp comeback so I can really pick em, huh? This means, after this week and camp comeback ending, there could only be 2 people in the house that doesn’t make me feel ill. This could be a very interesting BB summer. I’m just going to stock up on Tums & Pepto and see where the summer takes us.

Have a great Sunday.


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