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Big Brother 21-Saturday Summary

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Good morning, I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. I know the image I used was from the slip n slide the other day but Kemi is probably going home and I hadn’t got to use it. There wasn’t anything exciting at least in the way of actual gaming. A few things of note happened and I’ll go over those for you. Mostly, this post could be called ‘Things we already know but continue to hear about production’ or ‘Who can play BB the worst?’

Tyler hosted the veto comp which I thought was the reward and punishment comp at first because a trip to Figi was involved.  I don’t think that was it because there haven’t been any punishments mentioned. Sam won the veto and apparently the trip. Kemi came in 2nd. Kat was disappointed Tyler was there instead of Brett. (She mentions Brett often enough that he’s made a few jokes about it on Twitter) They already knew the comp would involve a trip to Figi because they got to watch a promo video for Love Island so I’m assuming that’s when they found out. Jackson was annoyed to find out Love Island is on 5 days a week and they only get 3. (Can you imagine that much Jackson on network tv?)


Jackson was geared up to win the trip or some cash because Jess got hg’s choice in the veto draw and she CHOSE Jackson to play. She said she didn’t want to pick Kat because Kat already told her she was going for prizes. (Ok, so Kat wouldn’t try to win the veto for her but wouldn’t that be one less person working against her? Did she think Jackson was going to help her?) Jackson rolled his ankle somehow during the comp. I checked WebMD to see if that kind of injury could cause temporary vocal chord damage. Sadly, no.

I dont know what Sam is doing by winning 2 vetos so soon but it’s already been mentioned from Jack how Sam may be hard to get out. I’m sure Figi was tempting but I’d think 500k would be too. I’ll give him a tiny bit of a pass because Nick has caught on that he may not be as good with Jack as he thought. Maybe Sam was trying to protect Nick. Sam doesn’t plan on using the veto but both Kemi and Jess talked to him about it. Nick and Sam talk as if they want Kemi to stay but Nick has conversations with Jack that completely go against the idea. If Nick is trying some kind of reverse psychology on Jack, he’s terrible at it. I’m guessing Bella wants Kemi to stay but like Nick, she says the wrong things to make it happen.

Jess and Bella definitely have parted ways. Jess spoke to the Jack, Sis group and defended herself with the ‘who started the girls alliance’ but like Nick and Bella, she did a terrible job. She didn’t call out Bella by name and didn’t come out and say what she was trying to say. Jack is acting like he doesn’t care who goes home. He said the group should decide and he didn’t have a preference. Jack is very aware of the cameras at the moment and he’s trying to do damage control. For the record, Kemi told too many people the first week she would go after Jack so he does have legitimate reasons for wanting her out. The problem is that after all his nasty comments, everything he says now just looks like he’s reading lines and it’s a little cringy to watch. Eventually, members of H8ful told Bella she was being talked about by Jess so Black Widows is officially over. (Not that it wasn’t already but now, no one is even faking it)

Cliff, Nicole and Ovi solidified an alliance of sorts yesterday. Cliff and Ovi, Ovi and Nicole and Cliff and Nicole have been working in pairs since the beginning but the 3 of them finally came together. I’m not sure how successful an alliance will be when you’re recruiting evicted hg’s to be in it. They arn’t really in a position to be very picky tho. The 3 of them are trying to push for Jess to fully expose Bella and talked about ways to get it to happen. Nicole would like Bella to be a backdoor target this week.(Nicole has already encouraged Jess to do it but she didn’t bite yet) Cliff seemed surprised to learn that Kemi was the one (between Kemi and Jess) who would be more likely to go after the big group. I dont approve of how far Cliff went while chiming in with the big groups trash talking but its obvious he isn’t loyal to them. Ovi is pretty concerned with the order people get evicted because hes worried about who he may have to compete against to get back in. Nicole and Cliff wanted Bella targeted if possible but Ovi doesn’t want to compete against her. He’d rather Bella be next weeks target. (He would still be against her, wouldn’t he?)


Holly and Jack got a little annoyed at Kat for acting like she was avoiding them. It’s strange that Kat doesn’t want the 3 of them to hang out in a room together while Holly practically lays on top of the guy Kat was sleeping with last week. I can’t imagine why that would be awkward for Kat at all.

The house celebrated Kemi and Jack’s birthdays. Christie and Tommy made them crowns to wear. Kemi went around thanking and hugging everyone afterwards. When she got to Sis, Sis made sure to tell Kemi she didn’t have anything to do with it. It seemed a little bitchy to me but maybe I’m reading too much into it because I really just dont like these people this year. I usually dont need to like them because I just focus on how they’re playing the game. I’ve liked some winners in the past who weren’t the nicest hgs. Well, what am I supposed to do when none of them can play the game and are also assholes?

There was more talk of how well Kemi has handled being otb while Jess has been a mess. Later, Holly said Kemi needs to be evicted because she doesn’t like how Kemi is acting otb. The ‘handling it well’ praise has now turned into thinking Kemi is pompous, arrogant or something like that. This is Jess not looking very happy while Kemi was being hugged and getting her crown:


They got alcohol last night so I thought we might get a Jess and Bella showdown. Nope. What we got was Sis in bed with Jack giving him his birthday gift I suppose you could call it. We got Kat being tipsy and telling stories about an ex who was on Bachelor or Bachelorette. We also got a story about how Kat had issues with an ex because she got drunk and “whipped out a titty” in front of a whole group of people.

Ovi and Nicole made late night chocolate crepes and when the chocolate ran out, they tried it with M&M’s. It sounded disgusting but Nick was a huge fan of them.

The feeds got cut a lot. Before I cover this part, I’d like to point out something that should be obvious. I dont take issue with people protesting to CBS when they’re angry over ugly comments they’re hearing on the feeds. I also understand when people get upset over the feeds being cut, conversations cut off and cameras quickly being switched when someone is about to say something that will make fans angry. Here’s what I don’t understand,  you can’t have it both ways. If people complain about offensive things hg’s are saying, CBS will try to  cut the feeds and stop it so we don’t hear it. I don’t know why we think there’s a 3rd option. Now, on to some of the things that got the feeds cut last night. These are about production (thankfully) and not nasty comments about hg’s.

Christie mentioned face timing with Johnny Mac before the season started. Oh yeah, she has a friend who works in casting on the show so that came out. Bella mentioned an ex by name and said she knew he didn’t sign a release so she was doing it on purpose. (Getting the feeds cut on purpose isn’t the best way to get fans on your side Bella!) Kemi talked about being in the DR and having the producers try to get her to wag her finger and talk real sassy.  This is the reason she’s convinced she’s being portrayed as a bitch on the show. Kemi said she didn’t speak that way in her real life and she didn’t want to speak that way now. (I already know what I know about casting so why does it irritate me so much when it comes up?)

This wasn’t talked about last night but there are pretty credible rumors that Kat and Holly know each other too. Part of that story is that either Kat or Holly was originally a replacement cast member. Supposedly, Kat outed someone she knows on social media who had made the show.  Since the information about that person was leaked, they were replaced with either Kat or Holly. Keep in mind, I don’t know if this story is true. It’s just something to keep an eye on because I certainly wouldn’t put it past the producers and people have been replaced before when the info was leaked too early. They certainly haven’t given it away if it’s true and that’s the biggest arguement you could make to it being false.

I’m starting to think Tommy wasn’t the person who won the whacktivity comp. He got some alone time with Christie yesterday and had plenty of time to tell her. He could still be keeping it to himself because he thinks she’s too loose lipped with Jack but I just dont know anymore. Your guest is as good as mine.

Have a great Sunday!


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