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Big Brother 21-Saturday Summary



Good morning, I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. I know the image I used was from the slip n slide the other day but Kemi is probably going home and I hadn’t got to use it. There wasn’t anything exciting at least in the way of actual gaming. A few things of note happened and I’ll go over those for you. Mostly, this post could be called ‘Things we already know but continue to hear about production’ or ‘Who can play BB the worst?’

Tyler hosted the veto comp which I thought was the reward and punishment comp at first because a trip to Figi was involved.  I don’t think that was it because there haven’t been any punishments mentioned. Sam won the veto and apparently the trip. Kemi came in 2nd. Kat was disappointed Tyler was there instead of Brett. (She mentions Brett often enough that he’s made a few jokes about it on Twitter) They already knew the comp would involve a trip to Figi because they got to watch a promo video for Love Island so I’m assuming that’s when they found out. Jackson was annoyed to find out Love Island is on 5 days a week and they only get 3. (Can you imagine that much Jackson on network tv?)

Jackson was geared up to win the trip or some cash because Jess got hg’s choice in the veto draw and she CHOSE Jackson to play. She said she didn’t want to pick Kat because Kat already told her she was going for prizes. (Ok, so Kat wouldn’t try to win the veto for her but wouldn’t that be one less person working against her? Did she think Jackson was going to help her?) Jackson rolled his ankle somehow during the comp. I checked WebMD to see if that kind of injury could cause temporary vocal chord damage. Sadly, no.


I dont know what Sam is doing by winning 2 vetos so soon but it’s already been mentioned from Jack how Sam may be hard to get out. I’m sure Figi was tempting but I’d think 500k would be too. I’ll give him a tiny bit of a pass because Nick has caught on that he may not be as good with Jack as he thought. Maybe Sam was trying to protect Nick. Sam doesn’t plan on using the veto but both Kemi and Jess talked to him about it. Nick and Sam talk as if they want Kemi to stay but Nick has conversations with Jack that completely go against the idea. If Nick is trying some kind of reverse psychology on Jack, he’s terrible at it. I’m guessing Bella wants Kemi to stay but like Nick, she says the wrong things to make it happen.

Jess and Bella definitely have parted ways. Jess spoke to the Jack, Sis group and defended herself with the ‘who started the girls alliance’ but like Nick and Bella, she did a terrible job. She didn’t call out Bella by name and didn’t come out and say what she was trying to say. Jack is acting like he doesn’t care who goes home. He said the group should decide and he didn’t have a preference. Jack is very aware of the cameras at the moment and he’s trying to do damage control. For the record, Kemi told too many people the first week she would go after Jack so he does have legitimate reasons for wanting her out. The problem is that after all his nasty comments, everything he says now just looks like he’s reading lines and it’s a little cringy to watch. Eventually, members of H8ful told Bella she was being talked about by Jess so Black Widows is officially over. (Not that it wasn’t already but now, no one is even faking it)

Cliff, Nicole and Ovi solidified an alliance of sorts yesterday. Cliff and Ovi, Ovi and Nicole and Cliff and Nicole have been working in pairs since the beginning but the 3 of them finally came together. I’m not sure how successful an alliance will be when you’re recruiting evicted hg’s to be in it. They arn’t really in a position to be very picky tho. The 3 of them are trying to push for Jess to fully expose Bella and talked about ways to get it to happen. Nicole would like Bella to be a backdoor target this week.(Nicole has already encouraged Jess to do it but she didn’t bite yet) Cliff seemed surprised to learn that Kemi was the one (between Kemi and Jess) who would be more likely to go after the big group. I dont approve of how far Cliff went while chiming in with the big groups trash talking but its obvious he isn’t loyal to them. Ovi is pretty concerned with the order people get evicted because hes worried about who he may have to compete against to get back in. Nicole and Cliff wanted Bella targeted if possible but Ovi doesn’t want to compete against her. He’d rather Bella be next weeks target. (He would still be against her, wouldn’t he?)

Holly and Jack got a little annoyed at Kat for acting like she was avoiding them. It’s strange that Kat doesn’t want the 3 of them to hang out in a room together while Holly practically lays on top of the guy Kat was sleeping with last week. I can’t imagine why that would be awkward for Kat at all.


The house celebrated Kemi and Jack’s birthdays. Christie and Tommy made them crowns to wear. Kemi went around thanking and hugging everyone afterwards. When she got to Sis, Sis made sure to tell Kemi she didn’t have anything to do with it. It seemed a little bitchy to me but maybe I’m reading too much into it because I really just dont like these people this year. I usually dont need to like them because I just focus on how they’re playing the game. I’ve liked some winners in the past who weren’t the nicest hgs. Well, what am I supposed to do when none of them can play the game and are also assholes?

There was more talk of how well Kemi has handled being otb while Jess has been a mess. Later, Holly said Kemi needs to be evicted because she doesn’t like how Kemi is acting otb. The ‘handling it well’ praise has now turned into thinking Kemi is pompous, arrogant or something like that. This is Jess not looking very happy while Kemi was being hugged and getting her crown:

They got alcohol last night so I thought we might get a Jess and Bella showdown. Nope. What we got was Sis in bed with Jack giving him his birthday gift I suppose you could call it. We got Kat being tipsy and telling stories about an ex who was on Bachelor or Bachelorette. We also got a story about how Kat had issues with an ex because she got drunk and “whipped out a titty” in front of a whole group of people.


Ovi and Nicole made late night chocolate crepes and when the chocolate ran out, they tried it with M&M’s. It sounded disgusting but Nick was a huge fan of them.

The feeds got cut a lot. Before I cover this part, I’d like to point out something that should be obvious. I dont take issue with people protesting to CBS when they’re angry over ugly comments they’re hearing on the feeds. I also understand when people get upset over the feeds being cut, conversations cut off and cameras quickly being switched when someone is about to say something that will make fans angry. Here’s what I don’t understand,  you can’t have it both ways. If people complain about offensive things hg’s are saying, CBS will try to  cut the feeds and stop it so we don’t hear it. I don’t know why we think there’s a 3rd option. Now, on to some of the things that got the feeds cut last night. These are about production (thankfully) and not nasty comments about hg’s.

Christie mentioned face timing with Johnny Mac before the season started. Oh yeah, she has a friend who works in casting on the show so that came out. Bella mentioned an ex by name and said she knew he didn’t sign a release so she was doing it on purpose. (Getting the feeds cut on purpose isn’t the best way to get fans on your side Bella!) Kemi talked about being in the DR and having the producers try to get her to wag her finger and talk real sassy.  This is the reason she’s convinced she’s being portrayed as a bitch on the show. Kemi said she didn’t speak that way in her real life and she didn’t want to speak that way now. (I already know what I know about casting so why does it irritate me so much when it comes up?)


This wasn’t talked about last night but there are pretty credible rumors that Kat and Holly know each other too. Part of that story is that either Kat or Holly was originally a replacement cast member. Supposedly, Kat outed someone she knows on social media who had made the show.  Since the information about that person was leaked, they were replaced with either Kat or Holly. Keep in mind, I don’t know if this story is true. It’s just something to keep an eye on because I certainly wouldn’t put it past the producers and people have been replaced before when the info was leaked too early. They certainly haven’t given it away if it’s true and that’s the biggest arguement you could make to it being false.

I’m starting to think Tommy wasn’t the person who won the whacktivity comp. He got some alone time with Christie yesterday and had plenty of time to tell her. He could still be keeping it to himself because he thinks she’s too loose lipped with Jack but I just dont know anymore. Your guest is as good as mine.

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. hogwild

    That was a whole lot of nothing good job of doing the best you could with it it’s hard to make that much dull readable but you pull it off.

  2. RebeccaC

    I’ll be sad to see Kemi go. She’s about the only one playing the game! David’s playing but has too far to go to ever catch up, even if he wins his way back. Nick is sorta playing now and then. The rest can all just go eat cereal and be equally as entertaining as they are currently. Meh.

  3. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! I was able to listen to Jack and some convos in the HOH room, that weren’t filled with nasty personal comments. We tend to ask for seasons of newbies, and then folks complain they are boring, stupid, the worst ever, etc. It is early in the season, and there have been some good game-related convos. Hey, I hope that Ana (aka pillow) channels Angela (fka ottoman), and will be a game player in a few weeks. LOL j/k.

    • danmtruth

      We can only hope one of the throw pillows wakes up Unfortunately unlike Angela who was just as exciting as an ottoman She had Tylor to work with A smart likable player Cant say the same thing about AD He is deluding himself into thinking he is making great smart moves Not the fact is he has NO organized opposition I agree it hopefully will get better with a better organized opposition Right now it looks like in the Fake8 there is talk already of how soon to take each other out The only thing they agree on is waiting till after the battle back After that game on Everyone wants to talk I cant believe people have not figured out all / make that only ALLIANCE

    • Painter1

      So agree. New cast has really no idea how to play this just a blind walk through the park. This social experience tho for some will have I’ll effects on them leaving the house. Ever wonder what ever became of some of the nasty people from a season?

  4. Avatar

    Thx Mel..I always love your recaps….

  5. Alda

    It’s just been a boring start to a season created by having boring and unlikeable houseguests.

    • ElaineB

      I guess I am in the minority, but I have several that I like. Maybe the cure to being so bored, is to take a BB break, and check back in a few weeks.

      • Helen

        I’m the opposite..lol…usually by this time there is at least one I really would like to see go to the end…this year,not yet. I think this twist has kinda put a damper on game play…no one wants to make any moves until they know who is coming back into the house.
        I am looking forward to seeing who won the chaos comp tonight and what the “power” is…my prediction is it’s SamIAm…

    • LO1004

      Camp comeback isn’t helping matters. One of my favorite things about the game is a good old blindside and it’s just not going to happen til this stupid twist is done.

      • ElaineB

        I agree. The four in the comeback will probably be all Outsiders, which means he/she will be on the block the next week.

  6. hogwild

    Hopefully things will pick up as the season moves on but when you have a group that makes you miss the hive alliance thats questionable.

  7. LO1004

    Thanks Mel! I missed the last several days, so I’m a bit lost. Or maybe disinterested. I’m not so sure I’m into the cast this year, but hopefully they turn it around bc I love this game.

  8. Sassy

    Thx Mel.

    I completely agree with there is NO option 3! I’m fine with disliking people… I understand the outrage at some comments but I’d prefer production let things happen organically. If the J Bro’s are racist (I’m not saying they are or aren’t) it would have become known throughout the house, we wouldn’t be guessing, and everyone minus the throw pillows would have distanced themselves. Because they have been warned by production, we now have overly fake convos and reactions. It is boring right now, because they are all fake getting along. No one wants to see that crap! We want to see bickering and backstabbing!

    I do not have a favorite this year and I’m ok with that. I do have my order of who I’d like to see leave in the next few weeks, which is fine with me.

    For those that really still want to be Cliff fans, he had a heart to heart with David this morning. He admitted he has said some bad things about David to further his game and he still wants Ovi back, but apologized at the same time. It still leaves Cliff on MY do not like list, but it may help some in the forgiveness department. I do wonder if all the J Bros talk about their scolding is causing other to fake nice and fake apologize. Sorry people, I’m not quick to forgive, I’m a grudge holder.

    • danmtruth

      Good point about Cliff might have gotten the signal from production better than the J-boys It might also be that Cliff feels the money is not worth trashing his ethics
      Congrats to the USA Women’s soccer team

  9. Sassy

    HGs are up, nothing exciting.

    There’s chatter on Twitter (I cannot confirm) that both AD/Anal Lice and Nick/Ratbella got a little busy under the covers. Shownances in full effect! *annoyed face*. I always want the showmances split up first.

  10. HappyHippo

    “I checked WebMD to see if that kind of injury could cause temporary vocal chord damage. Sadly, no.”

    • Holan

      Yeah. I laughed at that zing. It made it into my recap conversation my husband has to here. I’ve always liked the point of view Mel has in her writing. It’s very conversational and relatable.

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  12. Sassy

    AD eating cereal, it stuck in his beard *barf*.

    2 cameras on Nick and Bella under covers.


    Most people. Beth asks if they should have a girls spa day, they opt for later tonight. When CC opens her mouth I sporadically yell Liar! Nothing she says is true, I don’t even care what it is. If she says good morning, I think she doesn’t even believe the morning is good.

    Jess says the cameras zoom in as soon as your drifting off. Sam does not have a camera over his bed. Beth says JJs ankle looks better today and he’s icing now. Beth and JJ are talking about production talking to them. JJ said something would be great if it was 6 inches longer and production said that’s what she said. Anal Lice just wants the sun to come out. She has nothing useful to contribute to anything. But she did burp into her microphone.

  13. Sassy

    CC and Anal Lice talk about how people knew Swayleigh had sex in the house. AL is worried about what her mother will think. I guess that answers that question. CC tells her it’s not like he’s some random man, it’s her house BF.

    • ElaineB

      Am sure Ana’s mom will be proud to know of her daughter’s accomplishments in the house: tanning, being a throw (away) pillow, burping, and doing the nasty (allegedly). LOL at ‘house boyfriend”; guess that is a nicer term, if she gets preggers, than ‘fornicating with a stranger’

      • Kari

        I was thinking about that too. She looks like a pretty traditional Asian mother with old-fashioned values. I’m sure she is embarrassedbeyond belief at the actions of her daughter.

      • Kari

        Unless of course I’m mixing up people’s names. I still can’t figure out who the hell is who

      • Sassy

        You may be thinking of Bella. I don’t think Analyse/Anal Lice/AL/Sis/oxy thief is Asian, but I have been known to be wrong on numerous occasions.

    • danmtruth

      It is exactly like that He is a random guy she was thrown into a house with Just how is her hooking up with AD any different than Bay & Swaggy hookup

  14. ShoeLover

    Thanks Mel!!!!

    I still haven’t chosen my favorite, but I do like Nicole, Ovi and David. I love this show and have watched since day one and I loved it when BBAD was on Showtime 2, not Pop or prior TV guide channel. I have subscribed to the feeds because then my husband will when the standoff that BB takes over my life during the summer months.

    So with all that said…. I am really thinking that there never are newbies anymore, not since season BB5, I think Drew won. Ugh now I am gonna have to Google it. But anyways, All of these people are somehow connected through other reality shows or previous acting careers or the ever popular someone who knew someone that somebody helped them get into something!!!! DANG IT!!!!! SURE, they are normal people, but these “normal” people aren’t like regular normal joe shmoes!!! Yes, the beginning of each BB is boring because everyone is walking on eggshells and watching their every move they make and eventually their REAL personality becomes them. I just would like to enjoy the show without all of the previous history hype of who and what these house guests knew or know!!! Its kind of like casting does not search the earth of new house guests, more like going down the list of the last 21 seasons of previous rejects.

    Oh well, I still love Big Brother and I will continue to watch because I am so freaking boring, this is my drama, nosey drama!!! LOL

    RANT OVER!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • ShoeLover

      That should say, I have NOT subscribed to the feeds

    • Mel
      Mel (5008 comments)

      Same here. I prefer newbies, it’s the type of recruiting I get sick of and hearing Kemi talk about what they were trying to get her to do just set me off this morning. Today, I’m listeningto how big Jack’s d**k is so maybe I just need to walk away for a little bit and go play in my garden. Lol

      • Sassy

        Fans complain about the racism, and production stokes it with ther stereotype. It’s BS!

        Did you see the clip of his dick slip? Hahaha! You really only see his ass and a little of the Peter… I can’t believe there is not more of that.

      • HappyHippo

        And hearing him (aquadick) boast about being a recruit made me sick …you have tons of people that love the game that would play!

      • Kari

        It’s absolutely disgusting who they want her to act in a stereotypical way just have drama. I’m glad she stood up for herself.

    • danmtruth

      Good rant I’m not sure if anyone is not a straight out production plant chosen because of agents getting them on the show I just cant understand how production did such a good job last season Have gotten it so wrong this year Last year midwest suffer dude Tylor This year Jack -check – Crazy spacey cosmic girl Christie check But it’s not working this year

  15. Sassy

    J Bros talking in storage room. JJ is telling AD that Nick was making a big deal about his door being locked last night and Sis not being around. He wouldn’t let it go. He thinks Nick is jealous because he got “STUCK” with Bella. Nick and Bella walk in… they walk back out. AD thanks JJ for covering for him. JJ tells AD about people talking about Sis, he’s shocked because she’s the nicest person in the house, he thinks it all stems from Nick. JJ hates hypocrisy and thinks AD should confront Nick about his disdain for Sis.

  16. Sassy

    Nick says JJ farted and it stunk bad last night, he denies, and gets super defensive because he doesn’t like Nick. Beth says OH YES he did and JJ is apologetic to Beth, still an ass to Nick. JJ HAS to hate someone. He really is the biggest jerk!! They talk about JJ farting in his sleep. JJ is limping around.

    Beth thinks they will show her sobbing tonight. TT says none of us saw you cry. Beth is defensive about she was definitely crying and her family is going to see it. She WANTs her family to see it. I hope they don’t show it!

    The HGs are split between the kitchen and BY. Kat is called to the DR.

  17. Sassy

    Surprise!! Beth and Sis, the oxygen thief’s are talking about their pics. Beth can’t believe she didn’t wear lip gloss, what a dope!!

    Nick hugs TT from behind while he’s cooking and tells him he loves him. TT says he knows. Men are weird!!

    Kk is already out of DR. Maybe it’s just time for meds, as a few have had really quick sessions. Thanks a lot AIO – I can’t stop looking at her top lip now.

    Oxygen thieves talking about looks again and how much they ate. These 2 really are useless!!

    Kemi and Nicole are walking the BY. Boy Scouts and AD lifting weights. CC and Bell jogging.

  18. Sassy

    2 cams on Kemi and Nicole walking and talking about Nicole’s leg issues and the other 2 are the whole BY but no convo. Give me option production! K and N trying to lower the awnings. It took a bit to figure it out, but they did, oh wait maybe not. They guys did all of them on the other side before the girls finished one. On a roll now, yep, feeds are this exciting!

    2 cams still on N and K, other 2 on oxygen thieves. Icy thieves getting ready to work out.

    All cams on the kitchen. TT and SamIAm doing dishes, JJ eating, Jess still cooking. No real talk going on.

    Oxygen thieves talking about HG reactions to HOH door being locked last night. Kat walks in calls them conspiring Bs. Beth asks her to leave. Talking about how Bella/Nick/Jess wouldn’t let it go that she was in HOH. Sis is pissed and gonna confront Nick, she’s gonna let him know that no one says anything about him and Bella under the covers every night. She wants to confront him. Beth says let it go. Sis is annoyed. Beth says it’s petty and immature. Tells her to let go, because it won’t affect her game, it only bothered the 3 of them, no one else cared. Beth says Jess was pretending to be supportive but Beth sees her for who she is.

    Beth says she looks “butch”. Sis thinks she looks more “butch”. CC and Nick come in. Nick leaves. CC jumps in the convo about Nick being to pushy. CC retells the Nick story. Sis wants to talk to him. She said ALL they did was sleep, how is it his business. CC tells her if she makes a big deal of it, she will look guilty of doing something.

    CC talks about a convo she had with Nick, he’s paranoid about AD being after him. CC says If you think someone’s lying, you are the liar, you project onto other what you think if self. This applies to Mick, not her… more whispers, hard to hear but definitely still about Belka and Nick causing trouble. Sis is getting ALL worked out. I’d love to see her explode because AD would be soon to follow and protect her. Kat walks in. Invited fine…

  19. Sassy

    BY – Sam and TT playing pool

    Kitchen – Beth cooking, JJ staring at her ass, Kat, Cliff, Jess sitting at table. JJ talking to Beth about Nick and Bella’s actions not being cool and it doesn’t even effect them but not cool at all (it’s only cool when he does it). Kemi joins the table. JJ tried to convince them there were 2 more earthquakes last night.

    It’s storming here today. I was hoping to swim today, guess this is all I’m doing today.

    SamIAm and TT complaining about pool table being lopsided.

    Kat told Sis she aw her doing handstands in the yard. Sis did gymnastics and cheer when she was little.

    Sis and Kat whispering and Beth dances by. Starts to make toast continually glancing back at sis and Kat. Sis doesn’t like salad at all and she’s grossed out watching people drink milk. Everything grossed her out and scares her. Yesterday she was in the camp comeback room and she said it creeped her out.

  20. Sassy

    KK thinks her trainer Dillon is Hot *shrug*.

    Kemi/Bella walking- Kemi talked about how no one cheered for her during the Veto and the oxygen thieves made their gratitudes about how they were greatful to cheer everyone on at during the comp (liars) Kemi going through who might vote for her. Bella encourages her to stay calm, she thinks it might be ok. Kemi said AD wants to talk to her today. Kemi says he has to know, whichever one of us stays will be going after him.

    Nicole/Cliff/David/Kat/Sam chatting in BY. Nothing exciting.

    AD/Nick – he respects him and wants to keep him til last 8. AD says everyone has his back and the group is really trying to support him. AD cares about him. AD said they had a meeting last night with the H8ful except Bell and Nick. And they all agree Kemi has to go but AD is ok either way, but wants house to be unanimous on Kemi (whatever jackass!) AD doesn’t want him to think the house is talking about him and he doesn’t necessarily believe what’s he’s hearing but it has come to his attention that he may have talked about AD and Sis last night. Nick swears he didn’t say it. He says he’s been sleeping with Bella since day 4.

    Damn camera switched! All cams on BY Sam/Sqeeak/Cliff talking. Don’t care.

    Fish tank

    All BY again talking about earth quake. Next!!

    • danmtruth

      All fear the mighty AD The thing is people are just saying things to AD is to get him to target them

      • Sassy

        Absolutely, it’s all about making sure there is a bigger target then themselves. This is shaping up to be a Season 19. Maybe they should send the name I will not utter in to have a showdown of cult leader abilities.

  21. Avatar

    I must have missed it, which one is Sis?

  22. Sassy

    Kemi and Bella – talking about Kat being 2 faced. Kemi wondering who she would put up if she were HOH. Bella trying to get Kemi to say if AD keeps her safe this week will she promise not to nominate him next week? Kemi said, he can’t vote… Scheming to keep Kemi safe, it’s not gonna happen. Jack has already ruled this so.

    CC and AD talking about David and how camp come back is catered to him. They think maybe it was created after David was evicted. *eye roll.

  23. AIO_7

    Now this pisses me off. Nick, Bigger Jackass, and two faced Christie are in the HoH badmouthing David and the cameras go to all Kemi and Bella on the hammock. How the hell are we supposed to know what’s going on if they keep doing that?


  24. Sassy

    J Bros brag about conquests – Fish tank

  25. Sassy

    CC, Anal Lice, AD STILL talking about Nick!!

    Fish tank

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  27. danmtruth

    So tonight’s show we get whactivity comp and who wins it than hear Jackass nom speeches finishing with Jess crying

  28. AIO_7

    These two seem to have no clue about how hanging around and boofing with the Jackass bros. hurts their reputation …


  29. Sassy

    CC appreciates having girls in the house, it’s just really nice. Sis tells CC she can wear her top, CC doesn’t want to stretch it out, Sis says not a big deal, um, I mean, no you won’t. *cough cough.

    Fish tank. Ahhh, the fish tank has 2 fish today.

    Still storming here! Hope everyone is having a marvelous Sunday!!

    Not sure why we got fish, we’ve had several minutes of them.

  30. Sassy

    Oxygen thieves whispering – to hard to hear – something cursing about how f’ing stupid it would be for people to target them because there are bigger targets. Hmmm, yes, like Kemi and Jess… No one is targeting the power players, I don’t consider anyone who has been OTB to be a power player and David was never OTB. Beth thinks it’s aleays good to keep a floater and they have Cliff and Kat. Hahaha!! They don’t consider themselves flusters!! They hope Tommy has the power, blah blah blah. Done listening to their incessant whispering.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    “We also got a story about how Kat had issues with an ex because she got drunk and “whipped out a titty” in front of a whole group of people.”

    OMG, I wasn’t expecting that. Had me laughing so hard I got choked. LOL

    Ok, on to some real-life stuff until tonight. See you guys at showtime.

  32. Alda

    Oxygen thieves don’t consider themselves floaters.Lol,hahaha!

  33. Avatar

    FYI- Sam confirmed last night that he won Whacktivity.

  34. AIO_7

    This lady has a pretty good commentary on BB 21 that you might like to see.


    • danmtruth

      Little long but very entertaining Yes she has this house peged

    • NKogNeeTow

      This is going to sound so petty. I liked pretty much everything she said but I kept finding it hard to concentrate because of all that stuff in the background. I swear I think I have ADD because although I was listening to her, I couldn’t stop looking first to her left, then to her right. It was driving me NUTZ! It reminded me so much of the bedrooms and bathrooms in the BB house once they get laxed and start throwing clothes and towels all over the place. The only thing I could concentrate on was if she knew she was going to broadcast, why didn’t she either straighten up behind her, go to another room or hide everything on the other side of the room. Go ahead and say it…petty as hell. Sorry, I just couldn’t help it. Bugged me the entire time she was talking.

      Rant over…

      • danmtruth

        I must admit how hard is it to clean your room for the angle of the shot Its a small camera Put a sheet up for a backdrop Hide that shit women

      • AIO_7

        In one of her earlier vids,. her burley husband (I assume) walks out the door (on her right, maybe the shower) with a towel wrapped around his waste. She tried to edit it out but couldn’t quite. She is one after our own heart, though.

        Couldn’t find exactly which video it is, but her is her Youtube page.


    • Mello_One

      TY you AIO for that video, she was really spot on in her assessment of BB21….But was that her Dog Howling, or a Child?

  35. Sassy

    JJ singing in kitchen – No warning.

    Sam/Kat whispering, she’s trying to find out whether he’s using the Veto. Kemi walks in. Convo stops. They talk about how awkward it is when someone walks in the room regardless of the convo.

    Anal Lice and Nick talking – she really trusts him, she never thought he would say that. JJ says it was Jess blowing it up. TT trying to defend her, short lived. Anal Lice said people need to worry about who they sleep with and she will worry about who she sleeps with. She old enough to make decisions No ones business and it’s not game related (Really, JJ slept with Kat for game play and it makes you a pair) definitely game related! Cliff sitting in silence. If there were people that didn’t know, now they do!

    David says he can’t play the social game because his uniform smells so bad no one will want to be around him.

    They talk about equipment they would like to be in the house.

  36. Sassy

    I’m out for awhile! My family thinks I should move about for a bit, before I get a blood clot. Hehe. They really want dinner.

  37. Colby

    Why is Ovi still in his Camp Comeback uniform, but David isn’t?
    He is not in the pool.

  38. LO1004

    So the new showmance name is #AnalJack? Lololol

  39. HappyHippo

    I really cannot stand people like jack he acts so incredibly arrogant it’s insane. He walks everywhere like he’s automatically accepted and wanted there. It blows my mind the audacity some people have. Every time I check the live feeds I automatically skip ones showing his face which is sad to waste decent looks on such a nasty soul.

    • danmtruth

      I have seen people like this It is hard to explain why there mear presence make people think they must follow It feeds on it self People love to be around popular people to be part of the cool group So more people gather around him

  40. HappyHippo

    And now I want the real Jason momoa to come kick his ass mortal kombat style cuz in my mind the team Jason is a WAY better person

  41. HappyHippo

    It also grinds my gears that kat and holly are so overworked the lips are unnecessary just show your natural ones and vying for the jack offs attention is so desperate … big brother could do so much better casting it’s crazy

  42. ElaineB

    Sam just got word that his grandfather passed away.

  43. Helen

    Poor Sam…that’s so sad…

  44. caRyn

    Thanks again, Sassy. We need to donate for all you do. I don’t get the feeds because I did once and I was addicted.

    • Sassy

      I don’t want to confuse anyone, I’m just an obsessed fan and like to keep my nosey friends in the know… but you should definitely donate to Steve for providing us this wonderful space to legally stalk 16 strangers all summer long. Smiles:)

  45. caRyn

    I don’t feel like I’m watching BB yet. It feels more like a class reunion. So far this has been a social game only. The only game has been the comps. I worry that Sam will be a target but at least he is building a game resume.
    Isabella telling Jack about the Black Widow alliance put a target on everyone in the so called alliance including herself.
    Tommy said David doesn’t know BB and how to play the game. He said David is here for followers. I think David seems to know the game better than a majority of the hg.

  46. danmtruth

    Thanks to which ever one of you pointed out Kat botox lips now I cant stop staring
    Can Ovi be any more clueless Oh wait here comes Kat and there are no alliance yet

  47. g8trgirl

    Tommy and those snakes! Omg!
    I would not have even played.

  48. Avatar

    The house sure could use some Zingbot action right about now.

  49. danmtruth

    So Jackass #1 won the second whactivity comp Keeping it a secret I. An understand The thing I like is him pretending that this is a big important power It us not If he dies not like who us playing he can stand up and have the players repulsed Only problem is you could e d up with the same people playing Its not like the first 3 are banned from playing

  50. hogwild

    These people are weapons grade stupid. This really does seem like the game plan of most of if not all the house.

  51. Good Dog

    Throw pillows /oxygen thieves? You’re killing me. I’m lost with all the nicknames there should be 30 people in the house.

  52. Mr. Beardo

    Just finished binging Stranger Things 3 and it was totally rad! I highly recommend it if anyone’s looking for a change of pace from these goobers.

  53. Good Dog

    I like David & Ovi, but they’re irrelevant right now ( no vote, no comps). Oooh She-shed commercial on. Sorry. I forget who’s all in G8 but Nicole, Cliff, Sam, maybe Kat & whoever survives this week need to gear up, win HOH & get this game going.

    • Sassy

      Hmmm… H8ful 8 are J Bros (Jack and Mitchie), oxygen thieves (Ana/Holly), Tommy, Christie, Bella and Nick. Belka/Nick are at the bottom and need to be concerned.

  54. Alda

    Mr.Beardo,my son is obsessed with Stranger Things.

  55. Helen

    So watching the show tonight,Jess is actually the one who started the Black Widow alliance…..not Ratbella

  56. danmtruth

    Had to feel bad for Ovi during his convos with Nichole He looked so hurt when he heard that the Jackass twins were not fighting for him Nichole tried to soften it to help protect Cliff that no one was trying g to save him

  57. NKogNeeTow

    I read something on Jokers today that I just have to comment on:

    “Jokers: 10:30 am SR: Analyse confirms to Christie and Holly that she and Jack had sex last night: “His dick is huge. I’ve never experienced a dick that big before.”
    One of the things I’ve noticed about ThrowPilow#1 (S) lately, is that she has become VERY territorial about J.Bro#1 (AD). Watch her face whenever the other women come around him or get to close to him. And every time she’s around him, she always has to touch him or make physical contact in some kind of way. I’m starting to get a real “bunny boiler” vibe from her. This is going to cause him some problems somewhere down the line and bedwarmer or not, he’s going to have to cut her loose for the sake of his game (or lack thereof). This in turn is going to make her crazier than she’s already becoming. Seems as though once AD gave her the Big D, she’s become addickted and her brain was immediately scrambled. That would also explain why she looks at him like he’s a lamb chop and she’s a starving lion. Her becoming unhinged with jealousy shoulld be interesting to watch. I don’t think she’s going to handle rejection as well as KK did.

  58. danmtruth

    So BY on the hammock SamIam Jess TT talking tax so boring
    HOH AD and CC taking he told her he won the snake comp Tells her they are good to final 5 He has no problem getting the girls out As they talk about people CC says she loves TT that they will be friends outside the house that they have so much I. Common Funny she does not tell her spiritual twin AD that she was in a relationship with his aunt for 7 years
    Either AD wants to stop the showmance rumors with Analice or she did something to up set him In any case they are not being each others shadows just now

  59. ShoeLover

    NK and Dan,

    I will be in and out tonight. Promised a late night movie date with my youngest ( 20yrold ). TAXI DRIVER!!

    Its a good way to get my throat issues off my mind. Not really worried about the big C, but the thought has crossed my mind. See y’all on the threads.

  60. danmtruth

    Kammi telling Nichole this is to much like season 19 everyone goes to Jack she wishes it was more like last season were there were devides She is annoyed that Ratbella told her dont pick me because it would be bad for my game because JACK would be mad SamIAm said he cannot use the veto because it would upset JACK How can she see this and all these others dont Kammi says everyone claims they just vote with the house Yet it is JACK that sets the tone I hope she does not give this same talk to Ratbella it will go back to JACK It sounds like she said something about that in the first week that’s why he has it out for her

  61. danmtruth

    Get out of that trailer Kimmi a d talk to SamIam

  62. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Late again. This time I was trying to buy crap off the internet.

    Guess what I just did? You got it! Deleted the whole damn convo. So…here we go from memory again. *This sh*t is getting OLD!*


    KK and ThrowPillow2 (H) are talking about Bella and PMS. They said that they don’t trust a thing out of Bella’s mouth. They said that they don’t know what PMS is doing. That she’s only making herself look bad. TP2 says that she heard that they want to come after the J.Bros and if that doesn’t work, they want to go after TP1 & 2 (H & S).




    KK says she’d rather Bella go before Nick. TP2 says that she thinks Nick will be harder to get out. Ovi comes over and interrupts. He leaves and they resume. They agree they don’t want to see SamIAm go but they think he has the potential to win the whole game. They ponder if they want to win HOH next week. They feel it might be to risky.

    KK says Jackass told her the way she handled the block rubbed people the wrong way. He wouldn’t tell her who. She said she wasn’t sure how to act because there was nothing to compare it to. TP2 told her she did, but she can understand it. KK says she thinks it’s because they are in such a close space together. KK said at first it depressed her but she’s over it now.

    Tp2 says she’s an empath and she was working hard to send out energy to keep KK there. *Snort* KK says it couldn’t have worked out better. She says she still feels that TP2 and JackAss are the only ones she can talk to. She says she doesn’t want to be a floater. TP2 says it’s too early in the game to be calling people floaters. KK said floaters get picked off early.


  63. NKogNeeTow



    Ovi, PMS, Kemi, Squeaks talking. PSM is telling Squeaks that she has big boobs. Squeaks is embarrassed but laughing. PMS gives her a hug. She tells Squeaks that a girl with big boobs recognizes a girl with big boobs. Squeaks covers her face with embarrassment. *She’s so cute*. They are all laughing at her and she just keeps saying “Nooooo”, then says she’s hyperventilating. She keeps asking them to just stop talking.


    KK is telling TP2 (H) that Bella and Kemi are so conceited that the way to get to them, is to give them complients because they are so shallow. KK said that she mentioned to Nick that Bella had a cute butt. Hesaid that he thinks Sis had the best butt. She said that Bella was standing right there. TP2 said he’s such an idiot. She says that Nick and Bella are definitely a showmance. They go inside.


    Everyone is eating and talking. Nick must have fixed dinner. They all are thanking him.


  64. danmtruth

    I like this version of Kimmi Jess Ovi,and David walk in the room light conversation than Ovi said something to Nichole So Nichole Started to fake cry Kimmi took her in her arms and started to yell how can you say that on her birthday no less Ovi is confused till he understand they are making fun of him with the Rockstar line after they had there fun Ovi left Jess starts acting like jr.high with Nichole Ovi likes you do you like him he has a hot little body Give it a break
    Everyone filters out Kimmi along e looks at the camera and whispers something I cant hear tha. Says louder what the fuck is wrong with her
    Ja kass#2 cooked everyone out for dinner time all talking Need an expert BK to help follow

  65. NKogNeeTow



    Dinner and sports talk. KK says she’s a friend with one of the girls on Temptation Island. PMS is sitting quietly drinking her water and glaring. She leaves the table. Cliff and Orwell are in the DR. Everyone is raving about TT’s potatoes. AD gives a speech and thanks everyone. He tells them that he is happy to spend his birthday with the BB family that he has created. He says he’s sure Kemi feel the same way. He says a few words about Sam’s grandfather and the all start pounding on the table.

    PMS is back at the table eating but not talking nor making eye contact with anyone. *Told you she didn’t have a poker face*


  66. danmtruth

    It just bugs me the way that AD talks as if someone is or should be carving his words in stone Yes Unfortunately this house is falling g head first into BB19 paul territory
    Can Analice sit ANY closer to AD ? He cannot lift his arm she us on him Let’s see if AD sticks to his word to CC that she will not be sleeping in his bed tonight Maybe TT can join him he said Ad also said TP#1 is jealous of how close he is with CC

  67. NKogNeeTow



    KK is telling David that she didn’t celebrate birthdays until recently. She like said like, like about 10 times in 1 sentence. *She and AD play with their hair more than anyone in the house* KK asks David a question and he doesn’t answer. She asks him what was the answer to her question. He asks her what was the question. She says “Damn, I thought you were engaged in the conversation.” They both laugh.

    Still multiple conversations going on around the table. Just general banter. Cliff has joined the group. PMS is sitting next to JackAss but still not talking much. He seems to be the only one she’s talking to. He’s telling them about how much food they have at the resturant(?). *Nobody cares*


  68. danmtruth

    It is funny to watch Jess and Jackass#2 sitting next to each other Neither really want to talk to each other JJgiving her I respect you I hope I did not say anything to upset you it was just game thing I never ment to hurt you Jess now over laughing at Nichole and Ovi sitting next to each other She does another boob joke to Nichole
    Yes David is on the worst date of his like life like you um well like you know um like

  69. danmtruth

    Kimmi is like she is sitting g at a dinner party from hell

  70. NKogNeeTow



    David and KK still talking. She is like telling him like that if like she like goes to like a restaurant, she like goes to town (with eating). JackAss and PMS are having a small conversation. David gets called to the DR and they tease him about it. Somebody says something and PMS laughs unusually loud. It is obviously fake laughter. Everyone is yelling across the table. *I need for these people to break off into smaller groups so we can get some dirt*

    Nick, Bella, and CC are doing the dishes. SamIAm is talking to ThrowPillow2 (H) about Survivor. Now TP2 is saying “like” every other word.

    All sleep-worthy conversation.


  71. danmtruth

    Now jess us stuck with the single drunk aunt who dress way to young for her age

  72. danmtruth

    Oh wait that’s the over holistic aunt none of the parents want there kids hanging out with or the kids because they know sooner than later she is going g to ask if you know where she can score some weed

  73. NKogNeeTow


    PMS is now talking to CC. PMS is babbling on about being on BB and no Steve (hubby) to cuddle her. She says now she’s here with no TV, no Steve and now she’s OTB. CC is telling her that she’s entitled to take a break and some space. PMS is talking about her pms. *Oh brother* PMS grabs CC and nuzzles her neck and tells her she’s so cute.


    Nick is telling Squeaks that he doesn’t want to win next week. He pissed because of the rumors and says now “they’re” trying to back track. He says they can say what they want. He’ll still respect them in the game but outside of that, they can go f*ck themselves. He says he really wants to get that power. She teases and says she has it. He says he knows she doesn’t. SamIAm joins them and she tells them that when she went to the DR they gave her the power and told her now Nick goes home. They all laugh.


    CC and PMS are still talking. She says that she is madder because her name got thrown out there for a lie. She says that if it’s her time to go then it’s her time to go. She said she’s cried about it but it’s not her nature. She says the only thing she can go by is that whoever said it, she doesn’t know why they would do that. CC tells her that shit happens in the house all the time and this will pass. She says there is an HOH coming up and they just have to focus on that. CC tells her that if she ever needs to talk, she can always talk to her. *I think this convo is more for AD than CC. She knows how close he and CC are so she knows that anything she says will be relayed back*


  74. danmtruth

    Kimmi with Ratbella I. BR giving her JACK is a cult leader and everyone is just playing his game moved to canoe foom Ratbella, NICKorsam, squeeky,and Kimi let’s hope she gives the TALK to thes 4 Wake these people up

  75. Kari

    A late-night check-in. I haven’t been feeling well due to a bad headache and summer cold so I haven’t really read anything today. Looks like I have a lot to catch up on?

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  77. NKogNeeTow



    CC, PMS, KK finishing up dishes. CC says she’s going outside and she and PMS hug. CC leaves and PMS and KK start to sing. PMS laughs and says she needs to laugh more. She tells KK she has to snap out of it. She says “Oh my gosh. What are they thinking. I wish I could talk to him.”


    Kemi and CC have now joined the group. Sam says isn’t it weird that they are on TV at this very minute. CC is talkinng Italian slang and with a Brooklyn accent. Nick is massaging Bella’s lower back. SamIAm is talking about his grandfather and says now he has to win the HOH. He wonders if he did, if he would get a picture of him with his grandfather. CC starts to talk about AD’s pictures. She says that no one in his family signed a release so they couldn’t show them.


    KK and PMS are still talking. PMS wants to talk to Sam. KK tells her she thinks it woulld be inconsiderate for anyone to try to talk to him about it considering what happened to him (grandfather). PMS is trying to get KK to spy for her.


  78. danmtruth

    Is it me or if I was playing would that raise a bit of a red flag
    CC was their to explain EVERYTHING about how anx what pictures they would use She k owns all Does she ever STOP
    Kat says thank you to SamIam for a complement he gave her They always are so sincear that it brightens her day CC is like REALLY I think all his complements are fake wow thanks

  79. NKogNeeTow



    Cornhole Comp going on…AD/TP1 vs Cliff/TP2. Ovi is the commentator. Ovi asks TT if he wants to play when they finish. TT says he wants to play the winner. Ovi says he wants to play the losers.


    Sam and CC are talking about the Veto comp. Sam starts talking about his bad post nasal drip. CC says she’s surprised he doesn’t have bad breath because most people with post nasal drip do. *You can’t make this stuff up Guys. This is all I have to work with*

    Let me just say for the record, I’ve been so spoiled by the winter that I’m usually asleep between 9-11pm. These people make me have to fight to stay awake every night. The only reason I refuse to go to bed is because I’m afraid that a fight might break out and I’ll miss it.


  80. NKogNeeTow



    JackAss and TP2 are sitting on the sofa and talking. They talk about AD. She says she thinks he’s just thinking about his birthday and his father’s birthday. TP1 comes over and joins them. She tells them that the cameras are on them and that they should give them a show. TP2 says there will be plenty of time for a show. JackAss says 81 days. TP1 says she’s going inside because they’re boring her. She leaves.


  81. danmtruth

    Only fight we will get is if the fish fight

  82. NKogNeeTow



    TT, Ovi, AD, and Cliff have joined the sofa brigade. TT says he’d like to do a Snapchat movie about the house. *Why do all of these people talk so fast, like they’re on Speed?*


    Kemi is talking to SamIAm. She is telling him that she’s sure AD, TP1 & 2, and JackAss are together. She says that everyone does what AD wants. She says that if she’s there, she will be better for Sam’s game. She said she’d be a number for him and would never put him up. She says that AD is not good for Sam’s game. She says that keeping would fuel AD’s game but keeping her in the game would fuel his. He tells her that the majority will still be on AD’s side. She says AD can’t play next week so she doesn’t think that the majority is on his side, they are just on his side because he’s HOH. She says Cliff approached her last week and told her how everyone was upstairs with CC last week because she was HOH. She says that once someone is no longer HOH, people won’t follow them.


    Bella and TP1 are talking. TP1 is telling her that she wouldn’t vote PMS out this week because obviously she won’t win HOH. Bella says the only people she’s worried about next week are Nicole. *Oh oh, I see a bus heading in Squeaky’s direction. And guess who’s driving?*


  83. danmtruth

    Kimmi is giving a nice talk to SamIam saying her help his game She bames 4 out of 8 in the Fake8 She just does not understand how many people he has ,,,fush!! SamIam being honest and talking game it is interesting he is counting

    • NKogNeeTow

      I really hope she convinces. I don’t think she will but I can hope. He has that “go with the house” mentality. I think he believes her, he just doesn’t want to make any waves because of how many AD is controlling.

  84. NKogNeeTow

    <— Wants to make a Cake Batter Milkshake but doesn't have enough time between commercials 🙁

  85. NKogNeeTow



    Sam is talking to Kemi about PMS denying the Black Widows. Kemi tells him it wasn’t an all-girl alliance, just 4 of them. She says she walked in and PMS was excited and called her over to tell her about forming the alliance. She says she doesn’t want to get involved but it wasn’t Bella who started it. Sam is worried that Squeak might put him up. Kemi says no, not him, Nick or Bella. Sams says maybe she’d put up TP1 and JackAss. Sam says that he thinks AD would put up Squeaks. She says she doesn’t think he’d put he up because he thinks he has her in his back pocket.


    TP1, Bella, TT, AD talking. AD leaves for a minute. Sounds like they are talking about people auditioning for the show. They start talking about their first impressions about each other.


  86. danmtruth

    It is strange that Kimmi is RETELLING the black widow alliance meeting putting it on jess yet she is also defending Ratvella Kimmi still only sees 4 people as the power alliance She does not see that CC is with them I’m afraid even tho SamIam wants to make a move he feels it us to early Kimi keeps saying the power is with the HOH and people are floating that’s why the 4 of them have power Again she us blind to the fact CCis with them She thinks they were upstairs because she was HIH last week So CC putting Ovi up has blinded Kimmi

  87. ShoeLover

    And like, he’s like. And like when she like.. you know, like when they like!!! Oh my goodness!!! Like, I am losing my brain, ya know, like when you hear LIKE a GAZILLION TIMES!!!!


    Catching up on here and on the DVR of BBAD!!!

    My kiddo loved Taxi Driver!! I must show him more good movies!!! He is a huge fan of Rear Window and To Kill a Mockingbird!!! And of course all of the John Hughes films. I wonder if I can squeeze in a few musicals? South Pacific or Guys and Dolls? He actually liked Giant. Well I am sleepy and like I need sleep for when the plumber stops by and like looks at the stopped up bathroom sink, like it fills every time the upstairs sink is used, like when you need to wash your hands!!! Night all!!

    • danmtruth

      Like I hope like you have like a good like sleep

      • ShoeLover

        Like I always do!! The muscle relaxers like make me like feel relaxed like sleepy relaxed. The doc said I, like talk too much so like those vocal chords like need a rest. Want to see like the little like nodules are like cool and like disappear. Okay okay, like I am loopy like snoopy!!! LOL!!


    • NKogNeeTow

      I just went through the same thing with the sink Shoes. Along with a few other plumbing problems (2 weeks ago). By the time he finished, I had spent almost $1000 and I STILL need to replace 2 toilets and have 1 bathroom remodeled. Damn house is worse than having a child.

      Nite Shoes

    • mm22

      So annoying-that filler word “like” is becoming
      more contagious than someone yawning

  88. NKogNeeTow



    AD comes back and TT tells him he realizes why AD’s nips look so amazing. It’s because he shaves them. Bella says she hasn’t shaved in 3 months. She says she barely shaves her legs. AD climbs into the hammock next to Bella (TP1 is on the side with TT). TT asks AD if he’s going to shave his hair. He says the newest thing about him is the beard. He didn’t have one before coming into the house. He just let his hair grow out the last 2 years. He says he kind of likes being a grisly man and looked like a completely different person when his hair was short.

    CC has now joined the group. AD calls her a loser. She says never a loser, always a winner. TP2 has now joined them. They wonder where Nick is. They think he’s with KK. The talk turns to dog names. AD says he’d like to have a dog named Frank after Frank Sinatra. CC said she’d like to have a weiner dog. The talk turns to the death of Grumpy Cat. *Somebody please…SAVE ME!!!*


  89. danmtruth

    Good thing Ad and the group are out on the hammock a d not doing there normal watching g soy TV I dont think they would be happy to see such a long convo like this between Kimmi and SanIam
    Jess walks in supper awkward

  90. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi telling SamIAm about her convo with AD when he was basically telling her she was going up. Sam asks her why doesn’t she talk to AD and throw PMS under the bus. Kemi said it wouldn’t matter because P is already OTB.


    JackAss is talking about his cheating girlfriend. He said it has happened 3 times already with 3 exes. He said they went through his emails and accounts. *If THREE have all done the same thing, maybe it’s time to look inward angel* He says he’s not the type to break up and go back together. He says once he’s done he’s done. He says he didnt come on the show to get famous and that when he gets out of the house he’s going to be even more skeptical of women. CC says that when he gets out of the house he’s going to be popular.


  91. danmtruth

    Kimmi is so close to figuring it all out
    1) There is only one alliance in the house –True
    2) there is a four person alliance Ad, JJ, Sys, Holly — so close
    3) Tommy is friendly but is influenced by the power 4 — no he is working with the.
    4) CC is independent she is influenced by the house — false she is part of the power group
    KIMMI needs to organized these people to show a spine
    Jack is in a good spot he has other HG willing to take other HG out to make Jack happy so Jack wont be mad at them and pick them off

  92. NKogNeeTow



    AD says he can’t wait to watch the show to see what The Black Widow were up to. Bella makes jokes about them. Nick says he wonders what they were going to do with 4 people? Bella tells them how every time the BW’s talked, she’d look at the camera. *Bella is burying the BW’s big time* They discuss all wearing black at the eviction. CC is telling them how PMS kept blaming everything on her period. They are really making fun and laughing at PMS. They joke about her being a master manipulator. Sam sticks his head out the door and they all start yelling and telling him to come over. He joins them.


    KK, Squeaks, David, Ovi, and Cliff are talking. Ovi is telling them how long Victor had to wait for the battle back. They say that as stressful as the regular evictions are, the doubles are going to be even worse.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Now I’m going to listen to the song AI posted, then imitate Tommy Tune and twirl my way into bed. Sleep well Kidlets and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    Nite Dan!

  93. danmtruth

    Perfect example Boatroom Kimmi, Cliff, David, Ovi, Nichole talking about double evi tion Davud ask what’s that Than they talk about GOT in other words let’s talk about anything but the game we are PLAYING
    Hammock everyone else mius Hess and Kat Thay are talking game Gra Ted oart of it is just trashing the people not their
    Jess and Kat just trashing Ratbrlla Kat calling g her savage how hard she plays

  94. Kari

    BBAD, . First scene. KK in the hammock with the dark brunette talking. These nick names are getting really confusing to me. Tp2?

    Second scene where they’re teasing Nicole about her boobs. Hilarious!

  95. Kari

    Thumby is up early! Have a great day! 😉

  96. danmtruth

    It was nice last night to hear some real game talk between Kimmi and SamIam Kimmi tried to layout a smart reason to keep her They talk about who AD might put up as a renom Than they talk about how Jack is running the house Where the differ was Kimmi insisting it was just a 4 person alliance SamIam kept asking about CC & TT never bringing up NICKorsam or Ratbella Kimmi had this blind spot saying people just do what the HOH wants But because of the social game of those 4 they controlled CC HOH Again she only has the two HOH to judge things SamIAM tells Kimmi it is just to early for such a big move Kimmi reminds him with his second POV win AD isees him as a threat

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