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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Updates

Good evening, everyone!


As I mentioned earlier, I had some stuff to do today but I have made it home before the veto finished, so mission accomplished!

I have no idea what to think about this house. It’s hard to keep track of all these deals they made and what they think they’ve made with each other. For example, Holly said she’d throw the HoH which clearly happened, but she also said she’d throw the PoV which would be insanely stupid to do. It doesn’t sound like she’s going to, but this has been a crazy season so you really never know.

The really sad part is Cliff not only believes that Holly may throw it but if she does win for some reason, he thinks she’s going to evict Jackson (!!!). He also still thinks Jackson will take him (!!!). Someone, please pass me whatever Cliff has been smoking this past week because I need some.


Here are the quick scenarios of veto –

  • Nicole wins – She chooses who chooses to go home. Meaning she picks who is safe but doesn’t actually vote. The person she picks (Cliff) will decide and likely take Jackson
  • Cliff wins – Same as above, he decides
  • Jackson wins – Jackson saves himself and decides who to evict. He’ll likely evict Cliff
  • Holly wins – Holly saves herself and decides who to evict. She’ll likely evict Cliff

So, in 2 of those scenarios, the final 3 is Jackson, Nicole, and Cliff. The other 2 it’s Nicole, Jackson, and Holly. Basically, there is a 50/50 chance between Holly and Cliff for that 3rd spot (barring any flip. I actually think Cliff would change his mind and take Holly because she’s weaker.. but this is Cliff)

We’re about to hit 5 pm and feeds are still down, I’ll update when they return with the winner!

7:20 pm – Feeds back!


As I predicted for the last week, Jackson won this PoV.

Jackson heads to the bedroom to talk a bit. He says “I’m going to the final 3 with Holly!”

Congrats on winning BB21, Jackson lol. I can’t see how he loses now unless the jury hates him.


That is crazy. Sorry on 4th place, Cliff.

I’m not going to shit on Cliff for this. Yes, he was a fool for believing Jackson will take him to the final 3, but that doesn’t change anything. Jackson was going to take Holly regardless of that deal so the only way I’d shit on Cliff is if he won this veto and then took Holly over Jackson, but he didn’t. Cliff had a hell of a run and is a really solid dude. His game moves were mediocre but he stuck with his guns all year and can go out with his head high. Nothing to be ashamed of making it as far as he did. He beat many odds from his age alone, then when he survived those shaky middle weeks, it was impressive.

Cliff could and should regret taking Holly to the final 3 because there is a very good chance that Jackson was going to take him over Tommy, but it is what it is. He made a promise to Jackson early on and stuck with it.

Here is the summary of the house – Holly and Jackson celebrating going to the final 3 in one room and Nicole and Cliff celebrating going to the final 3 in another. Cliff and Nicole aren’t really celebrating but Cliff is still confident that he’s going to the final 3. lol. This is going to be painful


Now Nicole offers the HoH room to Jackson and Holly because they feel bad for her (Holly). This is fucking painful

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  1. Avatar

    I’m so nervous! Do you really think that Cliff would take out Holly even though Nicole said if she wins she wants to take out Jackson? Cliff is being shady AF right now!

    • Nancy

      Cliff has boggled my mind..I’m just wanting this pov to get done and over with…I right with ya being nervous

    • Colby

      I think if she wins he will do what she wants.
      They discussed that Cliff promised JJ that he would save him if HE won veto, but she didn’t.
      I guess we will see.

    • Mel

      They shook on it and he said he’ll do what she wants if she wins it.

    • Ann

      These folks have got my blood pressure through the roof. I really hope they enough sense to Square head Jackson out. Can they not see by keeping him is pretty much automatically handing that check over to him & holly.

      I had to take a rest commenting because I had so much work to do on my house so I can bring my mama home where she wants to be. I learned today how to spackle, tape, texture & do some other things today in my house including pulling up carpet. My only problem now is getting her a walk in tub. My mom is in kidney failure & is on dialysis 3 day a week for the rest of her life. Please pray for guys. I’ll do anything to get her back home with me where she wants to be.

      • RebeccaC

        You’re doing a wonderful thing, Ann. Prayers for you and your mom, and the best of everything. My aging mom lives with my sister and I help give sis a weekend off here and there. Blessings to you and your family!

      • mm22

        Ann – hugs n prayers my bbj friend -check your requests

      • AIO_7

        Stay strong, Ann!

      • Ann

        Thank you all so much because I can’t tell u how many nights I stay awake either crying or crying while I’m figuring out new things that need to be done. Thank you ever so much for your thoughts & prayers.

  2. mustangsally

    The suspense is killing me!!

  3. Avatar

    Cliff deserves to be voted out for the dumb move of voting out Tommy.

  4. Avatar

    Crossing fingers Nicole wins Veto and tells cliff if I keep them the same you have to vote out Jackson. Or even just say vote out Jackson. they can beat holly and by voting out the beast that makes them have a better chance with Jury

  5. Avatar

    I’m going to have a different opinion than all y’all. I hope Jackson wins the POV. And then wins the whole thing. He’s made so many great game moves. And he loves the game, as well as competing. I didn’t like him for a long time, but his move with Tommy was a BB genius move on a game level. Even Tommy admitted that after the show. It was actually fun to see Jackson saying “think, think, think” and come up with his plan.

    Sorry, not sorry. Didn’t think I’d ever root for him, but now I am.

  6. Kari

    WAY off topic but Momma here is FREAKING out. Yeah my kids 20. CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD… But… Shit…

    She is at the fair. I just received this text…. “So I just launched myself 250 feet in the air at 100mph..” (Slingshot ride)

    I remember when was 10 and asked to go… Oh HELL NO.

    Now back to your previously scheduled Big Brother talk. 😉

  7. Helen

    Must be face morph (individually timed). Been down too long for 3 strikes

  8. hogwild

    I’m starting to think this season is finally starting to wear Cliff down mentally.

    • Mary

      He’s wearing me down mentally.

      • Nancy

        Lol..me too

      • hogwild

        He has made pretty good ecisions for the most part this season I just feel like the stress is finalyy getting to him.

      • Nancy

        I do too hog..hes not as young as the others and they get tired..I feel cliff is breaking down mentally and physically..sloppy in his thoughts and game play.

      • hogwild

        Agreed Nancy I see people on some other sites really trashing him but I’m still impressed with what he has done this season the only other player in his age group that I’m aware of that got to the final four is Kevin. As I person I like Kevin and am very happy he is winning his battle with cancer but as a player he just carried to the final four Cliff earned his way there he might not get the fairy tell ending but overall his season has been impressive. at least to me.

      • Nancy

        I dont wanna trash the man. Like you said, hes played the game..my little nancy can boo him for his choices right now, but much respect for what hes done so far..I sure as hell couldn’t have done any of it when I was 58 or however old he is..but he needs to shake those cobwebs, and see JJ is lying thru his teeth

      • hogwild

        Totally Nancy I’m disappointed with the decisions he has been making over the last week but I also remind myself he doesn’t see and hear what I do here and on the feeds and I have no idea how being out of contact with your family and friends and the outside world for almost three months impacts you over time. As we often hear so many who have played the game say you have no idea what it’s really like until you’ve been there.

      • Mel

        Hog, Jerry made it to F3 in BB10. He beats Kevin although Kevin was in the house longer since bb10 was a shorter season.

      • hogwild

        Thanks Mel that was before my time didn’t start watching till BB17.

      • Mel

        Oh you should go back sometime and watch 10. Great season! Everything you liked about Kevin…let’s just say, Jerry isn’t Kevin. Lol

    • Colby

      It is getting to him both mentally and physically.
      But he had a talk with the cameras just before this comp and basically said ‘no more’. That he was going back to the Cliff that came into the game. We will see exactly what that means.

      • Nancy

        I saw his talk..I got into it late, so I wasn’t sure what he meant with , no more..

      • Diane

        I hope he meant no more Mr. Nice guy…no more worrying about keeping deals.

      • Mel

        He meant no more worrying, stressing and being depressed. He said he made decisions and he had to live with them and stop worrying how it’s all going to go and what everyone will think.

      • Colby

        But exactly what does that mean.
        He also said Nicole deserves a chance.
        So, has he made new decisions, or what? He didn’t specify.

      • Mel

        I think what he meant was Nicole deserved to get the deal that put her in the F3 but he knows that deal screwed him. He’s made decisions (offering to take Jackson to F3 in the hope’s Jackson would return the favor) that may make it harder for Nicole and himself to win the game but if he doesn’t get to the F3, he doesn’t have a chance to win anyway. He didn’t want to make it harder on Nicole to win but he doesn’t want to throw any chave he has away just to make it easier for her in the end.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Colby, it means minus 500k.

  9. Mary

    I’ll never root for Jackson, after the first several weeks of watching his behavior, it will never happen. Granted he made a great game play with Tommy, though that will never make me root for him. A lot of people said they thought he was going steroid withdrawal, that is still no excuse for his behavior and lies he told to make others dislike other house guests. He’s a punk and would have no problem telling him that to his face or his Mothers.

  10. Avatar

    *I posted this on the previous thread without realizing their was a new thread*

    The Jurors got to see their bb comics today and a few are not happy with their comic


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  12. Joy

    the reason it is taking so long??? come on y’all Beth is playing!

  13. Avatar

    Ovi posted a video on how to make his cookies if anyone is interested


  14. AIO_7

    Anyone else ever notice that every week that Jackson and Holly were in the HoH that Hank Hill Hogg Cliff was always up there to placate them and tell them how anxious he was to “honor” their HoH choices who to nominate and evict? Not once did he ever try to get them to change their position. Did he give Nicole that same courtesy? Even on a week where she pulled him off of the block? No he didn’t; he under cut every decision she made. The only reason I care that he is still around is that I’d hate to see Jackson or Holly win any (more) money. If/when he is booted this week, his loving wife Sharon (is that her name? I never listen to his dumb ass camera talks) should give him the back of her hand for playing like a dumbass and a weasel.

    • Nancy

      I feel like sharon’s gonna be disappointed, glad to see him, but disappointed

    • Mary

      He said last week aged him 10 years, that’s because common sense Nicole kept telling him to break up the showmance and he had to keep working on her to change her mind. He was up late working her ( Nicole ) to make sure he kept his promise to J/H. He makes a deal for F2 with Nicole but that didn’t matter, he figured he would be F3 with the romance leaving Nicole in the dust.

      • mm22

        So sad -Nicole trusts n respects cliff-imo he knows if and is taking advantage of
        Nicole’s “I see the best in people” life’s outlook

      • Mel

        I still think he was smart to keep her. They were taking him to the F2 as a back up plan if he or Nicole didn’t win this one that Nicole just won. At least they were before he went nuts yesterday. Haha

  15. mm22

    So I wonder what hollybeths game would look like if jj was booted out

  16. MamaBear

    I’m losing my mind here! WTH?! Is this an endurance POV? It’s crazy!! Is BB trying to make us loopy?

  17. Alda

    Anyone want to play backgammon to kill some time?

  18. Nancy

    Maybe somebody snapped, and are literally morphing peoples heads together..oh the mayhem..

  19. Kari

    Geezus.. how many hours has this been going on now? 7 Seattle time now. I’m running on maybe three hours sleep and I had a very busy day. So I’m actually going to be a stereotypical old lady and go to bed and pray that I can actually sleep all night. Maybe when I wake up they’ll figure out who the hell has the POV?


  20. danmtruth

    Wow 4 hours a bit different than that epic endurance comp that lasted 10 min

  21. Avatar

    Here is tonights BBAD playlist since I don’t even know if y’all are going to watch it tonight


  22. Mary

    Well at least the cats playing are more entertaining than the house guests were last night.

  23. hogwild

    Feeds still down I’m not a conspiracy person but I’m starting to wonder if CBS is not pulling some sneaky bullshit here.

  24. AIO_7

    Feeds back Jackson won!

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  26. Mary

    Start packing Cliff.

  27. Avatar

    Well Cliff is getting evicted and Jackson and FAH are already planning on how to hurt Nicole so the won’t be fully there for the finale. I can see those two doing crappy stuff to her when Cliff walks out

  28. TamiJane Shepard

    I pray Nicole wins the final HoH and selects who sits next to her in F2

  29. AIO_7

    Look how bad Cliff’s decision is now. They, N & C, most probably could have gone into F3 with a 66% chance of being together in F2. Now poor Nicole only has a 33% chance.

  30. Helen

    Jackson is sobbing to himself in the target room: “I’m going to the final 3 with Holly! We did it! We did it!”

    Seasons been rigged for him for weeks now…shitty end to a shitty season..
    Did we expect anything else?

  31. AIO_7

    I heard Holly say … “We won in order of age.”

    Sounds like one of those comps. where we won’t get to see the whole competition. (sketch)

  32. hogwild

    You had a good run Cliff wish you had made some better decisions this last week but I still respect what you did this season you and Nicole are the only reason I’m still paying attention to this season.

  33. Helen

    Well y’all. See you next year!! I’m out….
    Will miss all of you…hopefully the department of Speculation will be up and running next year..
    Till then…

  34. Mary

    Jackson is Catholic, Thought that for sometime.

    • Mary

      I say that because I was raised Catholic and know no other religion that says the Hail Mary. He came in and prayed the Our Father and Hail Mary, then his own prayer afterwords. Just an observation.

  35. Ronduh

    I am so pissed and it’s just a f*cking game…I know that. I got way to invested in this shit show this year and I’m a little embarrassed. I blame it on Twitter! Lol this is the first year I followed on Twitter and it really hooked me. But seriously…this year’s cast really sucked and the whole tone of the show was just mean people doing mean things and being assholes…so f*cking negative! Hopefully they get their shit together next season. I don’t even want to finish watching the rest of the season but my hubs watches so I guess I’ll stick it out…he doesn’t watch feeds or spoilers so he doesn’t have a clue lol!

    • Mel

      Twitter is evil. You have to be careful. Lol

      • Mel

        Have you ever been drunk, went to bed, had your head start spinning so you have to keep one foot on the floor? That’s how I see Twitter. You’re fine as long as you don’t dive in with both feet, keep one grounded so you can jump out quickly.

      • Ronduh

        I know! Talk about mob mentality…i get way too carried away on there with gifs lol! It’s so easy to talk shit when you don’t know anyone

  36. AIO_7

    Good news, Hank Hill Cliff; here is evidence that Jackson will keep his bargain with you …


  37. Mello_One

    Idk, but I just had a feeling that Jackson was going to win the Veto…Question now is does Jackson keep his word, & take Cliff, or break it, & take Holly?

    • Avatar

      He will keep FAH mainly because he is going to want help destroying Nicole mentally and physically for finale night

    • Amber

      Not really a question at all. Bye Cliff!

    • hogwild

      He will break it he can’t give up those oral below the waist shower massges he gets from Holly. What I find interesting is how Cliff and Jackson played in regards to jury management Cliff was so concerned with it he went out of his to try and upset no one on they jury where Jackson was so unconcerned he was fine pissing off almost everyone in jury. Cliff didn’t seem to grasp it doesn’t matter if the jury likes if you don’t make the finals and Jackson didn’t grasp making the finals doesn’t mean much if you pissed off most of the jury to the point they don’t vote for you. When Jckson votes him out Cliff might not hold a grudge I suspect he won’t. But I can see Christie, Tommy, Jessica and Sis holding one and if he takes Holly to the F2 who has a past realtionship with Kat I can see her being the fifth vote against Jackson.

      • Amber

        That’s why? Pretty sure it’s the best move for his game to take someone he knows would take him to final two over someone he knows wouldn’t….

      • Avatar

        Christie has stated she would vote for Jackson to win, Tommy isn’t holding a grudge so Jackson has his, he has Jacks on lock, how Jack and Christie vote Sys will vote, and Nick has said he’ll vote Jackson

      • hogwild

        What people say and how they vote is not always the same this might be the year bitter jury does not play a role if it does Jackson is in trouble if not he’s good.

      • Ronduh

        “Oral below the waist shower massages” dude I seriously don’t think Beth does that sort of thing! It might mess up her makeup! But seriously I think I heard her mention in the past that she has esophageal issues and has trouble swallowing…it made my dirty mind giggle a little bit.

      • Mel

        I dont know about Beth but you can bet your ass I’m coming downn with that condition starting now. Hahaha

    • danmtruth

      Mello i dont think there is any question As far as Holly and he is concerned The fact C/N were even THINKING about voting Holly out made all deals null & Void So Jackson has no moral obligation to honor his F3 deal with cliff

  38. Mary

    Laughing, Cliff is still thinking Jackson is going to keep his word and taking him to F3.

  39. Colby

    Doesn’t sound like it was morph.
    They are talking about shooting balls to knock out hg images based on questions about comps.
    Don’t know what comp that is.

  40. Nancy

    Cliff still believes Jackson is sticking to his word..smh

  41. Gerardo for AFP

    Smh. As I said on Thursday…


  42. AIO_7

    Hate to be the Debbie Downer but there is now way now that Nicole can win the big money.

    • Joy


    • Colby

      She possibly could if she can win the final HOH.
      Two of those comps are mental.
      I would love it if she did and evicted JJ.
      I think she would win against HB.

      • AIO_7

        No way she beats HB. Do the votes.

      • Mel

        I think she can too. It isn’t a given if they vote for their friends but she definitely could. If she gets out Jackson, I see her getting Christie and Tommy. With Christie comes Jess and she’d have Cliff and Nick. That’s 5 right there. Jackson probably gets Christie and Tommy but they dont respect Beth’s game.

      • AIO_7

        Oh sure; I hope I am wrong.

    • Amber

      She can win. If she can get to the final two, she has a chance to win for sure.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Out of genuine curiosity, whose votes do you think she would be able to get in the JH?

      • Annabelle

        Amber I agree with you she does have a chance. I would have rooted for Jackson and his game but he was just so childish when anyone else made good game plays that didn’t benefit him. I think Tommy would vote Nicole over Jackson now. He has been able to tell the others what Nicole was able to do after the double. Not to mention anything shown being said in the jury house has CBS/Grodner editing and coaching all over it. Over Jackson Nicole should have Sis Nick Cliff and Tommy. I think she could get Jess (if she is still pro girl power) Kat and Christie (if Tommy votes for her) This jury will be like the one that screwed Paul. Like Jackson the good game moves were only when in their favor.

      • Mel

        If she takes out Jackson, she gets credit for what she didn’t get done Thursday. In that case, I see her getting Chrstie and Tommy. She gets Jess if Jess is following Christie around instead of Kat. She’d also have Cliff and Nick. (Guessing obviously) They don’t have a high opinion of Beth’s game like they do Jacksons, at least Tommy and Christie don’t.

  43. Mello_One

    Question In regards to Cliff: Has anyone who has ever been evicted, and has come back into the Big Brother House again to play the Game, ever won?

  44. danmtruth

    So how long till Jackson breaks the news to cliff Or will he lie for no reason till the veto ceremony Claiming some lame production rule
    Do feel bad for Cliff as it sounds like he was dehydrated at the end of the comp

  45. danmtruth

    G8girl you had a bit of a scare with Kentucky today but still pulled out the win

  46. CatLover

    So disappointed. Nicole needs to find the strength somehow to win the last HOH, but it doesn’t look good.

  47. Sunny

    So disappointed! Can CBS make it any more obvious they want Jackson to win? If he does, I’m done. Not going to watch it ever again. I can understand they have favorites and certain people are better “TV” than others but to basically hand it to him is fraud. I don’t condone that whatsoever. Nicole will figure out that Holly is not going to be sent home in the next day or so, since she’s so observant. She’ll tell Cliff and he of course won’t believe her. He’ll find out on Thursday that he’s being sent to jury. Jackson has played an impressive game in regards to HOH and POV wins, but being a jerk wipes that out in my book. Derrick proved you can manipulate people and win and still be a nice guy. Jackson is not Derrick. I understand lying and manipulating people is part of the game, but he’s mean about it. Not cool!

    • mm22

      Are we sure Jackson’s mom isn’t on the board of directors for cbs?

    • BBGurl

      I’m sure CBS will miss your viewership. lol. Fraud? I get that you don’t like Jackson. But he has had zero unfair advantages. No comps were made specifically for him. As a matter of fact they’ve run the same comps in almost the same order for the past several seasons.

      • Mel

        I don’t think he’s getting comp advantages either but the last part is simply not true. They’ve been doing comps in a different order this year. The f4 hoh is never endurance. The what the bleep veto comp Cliff recently won is an hoh comp.

      • Annabelle

        Sherrilea I started liking Jackson once AD left and would have rooted for him to win until he couldn’t handle others playing. Anytime anyone played big brother and said/did things that didn’t benefit Jackson/Holly he would act childish and say he trusted them and they went back on a promise. He made a point when mad at Christy to say to her in front of all he was coming after her over her not being honest and promised Sis she was safe. Then when the same move was made on him he acted all upset. What he did with Tommy WAS a GREAT BB move….but had it happened to him it wouldn’t have. I still would like to know what things Nicole and Cliff did/didn’t do (before Tommy an Beth went otb)that make you say they are dumb and haven’t played. What makes them so bad in your opinion

      • danmtruth

        I believe that some of the order of the comos have changed It takes a lot to build and stage these comps It is always questionable when it is a timed event is open to production One thing that people must keep in mind this is entertainment not a compation It is like the difference between the WWE and the NFL One is entertainment – WWE the other is an open competition NFL So production is not held to that strict of regulations
        Michie did a good job of getting people to vote out who he need even when he was not HOH looking from the outside it seemed odd how his play cganged after some visits to the DR This started with while on slop he was flagrant in breaking those rules Im also the first to say we have our favorite HG for a variety of reasons As you have stated you like Jackson It reminds me of how polarizing Paul was in hus seasons I think in his first season Paul had to work extremely hard to get to the end He was the victem of a bitter jury I was not a fan of Paul As with Jackson congrats he is the front runner to win now

  48. Mary

    Seems Cliff has gained 10 lbs. since being in the house. He drinks a lot of milk and no water, which adds a lot of calories.

  49. SoftKitty

    Well SHIT! I’m going to bed. G’night y’all.

  50. Tiare


  51. BBGurl

    Bye bye dumbass redneck hillbilly. Welcome to F2, Jackson and Holly. Can’t wait to see the look on DRH and SBN faces when Jackson sends him out the door on Thursday. And Snarky Bitch Nicole being so patronizing because she thinks Holly is leaving. LMAO. It’s going to be a great week. Well for some of us. lol

  52. amareels

    Ugh, I’m with Helen. Cliff and HollyBeth probably threw it and it was only JJ and Nugget really playing. Not a fair fight. Oh well, it’s been nice meeting everyone this season!

  53. Nikki

    Quick poll
    Do you think the jury will be bitter with JJ?
    Thumbs down YES
    Thumbs up NO

  54. Mel

    So was this the comp like the medieval one in BB19? The one where they catapult things into cardboard cutouts of hgs?

  55. Betty Boo

    Betting JJ will fake a fight with Holly (with her aware), move in on Nicole, so he will be in an F2 with either girl. He is ruthless.

  56. Avatar

    Nooooooooo! Why??? Jackson is going to win this game and I’m so torn up about it. Part of me have to admit Jackson has played a very decent game but a bigger part of me doesn’t want that douchebag frat boy to win the game. Ughhhhhh. I really want Nicole to win but I’m just not liking these odds.

    • AIO_7

      They should have kept Tommy. I hate Holly winning money worse that Jackson winning.

    • mm22

      I won’t ever say jackson played a good game – I don’t like him or his game play
      Honestly I don’t think anyone played a good game- so having said that
      if I was voting it would be for who I liked best-i don’t think we have angry or bitter
      jurors so imo they will also vote who they like

      • Mel

        Probably. Voting for your friends happens more now than not. I’d still vote for the cut throat player I hated but I’d have to, With all the shit I’ve talked over the years about not looking at it emotionally, I’d never live it down if I didn’t. You guys would run me outta here. Lol

  57. Nikki

    So I want Nicole to win.

    If she can’t, then JJ.

    But NEVER EVER Holly.

    Or can there be a surprise this year and – bring back David who NEVER got to play. Let him compete in the final HOH.

  58. hogwild

    I will be throwing all my AFP votes to Nicole but outside of that I’m likely done for the season unless Nicole wins that last HOH this is all pretty much anti climatic.

  59. Annabelle

    New thread. Sherrilea if you haven’t answered my question here yet do so over there please.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: There were 4 in the bed and the little one said “roll over, roll over”. So they all rolled over and 1 fell out. There were 3 in the bed and the little one said “roll over, roll over”. So they all rolled over and 1 fell out…

    Outer Bedroom:

    The Bedbugs are discussing Cliff. JJ tells FAH that Cliff should have stuck up for himself instead of Nicole and she’s going to cost him 500K. He says why should he bend over backwards for someone who went overboard making deals. He is mad at both of them. He says if you want something, you fucking take it and he’s not done fighting and he’s going to bust his fucking ass to be sitting next to her (H). He is wearing his Veto and holding it.

    She asks him when does he want to tell Cliff. He says he’ll do it Wednesday because that’s what they did. He says he’s going to do them dirty because that’s what they did. He says they (N/C) were going to break a deal with them and make one with Tommy. She wonders how the jury will react with him sitting next to her or Nicole. He goes through who’s on the jury and how he thinks they will vote. She goes through who she thinks will vote for him too.

    He tells her that he thought he was dead in the water on day 44. She says they never quit. He tells her that he’s so proud to have her in his life. She tells him the same. They lay in silence for a few minutes and Cliff comes in and ask if they have seen Orwell. He tells them that Nicole has gone to the DR. JJ says he hasn’t seen Orwell in a few days. Cliff says Tommy probably stole him. Nicole comes in and Cliff asks her. She says she hasn’t seen him either.

    JJ tells Nicole she should wear her onesie with her HOH robe. He tells her he’s taking the blanket with him because it’s his favorite. He tell Nicole he loves her then tells her and FAH “group hug”. *Yep, who doesn’t like to be kissed while they’re being f*cked. * He tells them they both have a very special place in his heart. She leaves and he immediately looks at FAH and whispers something. She nods her head and says yes.


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