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Big Brother 21 Spoiler Alert – HoH Reveal

The season hasn’t even aired on TV yet and we already have our first spoilers of the season!


If you turn on the live feeds (get them here!) and flashback to around 9:38am, you can hear some audio of what is going on in the house. Production screwed up and let it leak for quite some time and here is a sample below:



It appears Christie has won the HoH this week!  I am not going to update the header because anything can happen over the next few days (another HoH comp or something crazy) and don’t want to feel stupid having the wrong HoH on my site for nearly a week. However, I’m fairly confident it will remain this way so it’s interesting to see what she’ll do.

There is some confusion because Christie did mention something about ‘Michie’ (Jackson) nominating people already but she could have been referring to him throwing Cliff and Jessica under the bus. It’s hard to tell. Maybe there was already an eviction on day 1?

Stay tuned and I’ll update if I hear anything else.


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  1. g8trgirl

    Steve, who is she talking to?

  2. hogwild

    Production screwed up wow what are the odds?

  3. ElaineB

    Viewers are getting antsy. Leaking….conspiracy theories…just get the season started!

  4. hogwild

    Read something today no idea if it’s true that there might be some returning players given the title camp counslers to go with the seasons theme. Like I said have no idea if it’s true or what they would be doing.

  5. danmtruth

    This season just screams for Sam to be a camp counselor She has to be arts and craft counselor it lines up to easily

    • hogwild

      I don’t think she would be all that interested in returning to the BB house in any capacity unlike some I think she is happy to have her season and be done. On a side note what do you guys think the odds of Nicole and Victor pulling a Jessica and Cody and winning the Amazing Race are? I think they are next to go they did a great job but don’t think the can pull it off as this season had people from Survior, BB and past Race teams playing they are the only non past Amazing Race team left.

      • danmtruth

        Agree Sam has stayed out of the lime light since the show I give her respect She would also be the one person I would want to hear from As for Victor and Nichole on Amazing Race hearing her nails on a chalkboard voice is bringing back nightmares It is interesting to watch them Unfortunately I dont see them making it The team I cannot get behind are the Animals I know it is a compention but they take it to far Hate to think they might win it all

      • Colby

        I doubt that Victor and Nichole will win AR, but you never know. They did almost come in first once.
        Dan, I don’t care for the Animals either. Didn’t like them the first time they played.
        The ‘Boys’ are not my favorite, but I don’t hate them either.
        I think (hope)Colin and Christie have a good chance of winning.

      • LynnD

        I would LOVE to see them win it!

      • mustangsally

        I read somewhere that Victor and Nicole take 4th. Colin and Christie win it. ???

  6. Edsel

    Alex Ow’s punishment would have been perfect with this season’s house theme.

    I’m interested to see what the have not room will be like.

    • hogwild

      On AR I kind of think Colin and Christie will pull it off I see them as the one’s least like to crack under the finals pressure. If BB does for some reason bring back past players this season please no Paul, Raven or Kaitlyn.

  7. hogwild

    Who will be this seasons Raven, Kaitlyn or Bayleigh? Who will get the hashtag STFU insert name here? I’m thinking Holly no real reason just a feeling.

  8. Avatar

    I’m so excited to be back! I read through everyone’s bios quick and no one is really jumping out at me as a favorite yet. I know we need to actually “meet” them first, but I feel like I may just hate them all haha. Anyone have some favorites just based on what we have been able to see/read so far?

  9. Katheryn

    Hey all. I will most likely have a favorite after the first week. I don’t think I will choose just by their bio. They always turn out to be different from what is betrayed on the bio.

  10. LynnD

    Am I the only one that hopes that “BOB” is back this year? (heehee)

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  12. Avatar

    so good to be back. is cliff out ALREADY? lol

    • hogwild

      Cliff was my why the hell not pick to win my guess is he will go out early or pull a Kevin and float by till the final five before he gets booted.

      • danmtruth

        That sums up Cliffs chances from just looking at his bio Seems like production has tried to lump HG up geographically Giving Cliff a fellow Texan Lots of Jersey Shore HG

  13. danmtruth

    Bio only I might chose Ovi and Holly but that can change fast as we all know That fine line between coming on to strong and being considered a floater Will any alliance this season be as blind as the HIVE Last year Not sure it that is humanly possible All I know it is already exciting to see many familiar names

  14. AIO_7

    Here is a sneak peek of the house guests getting to know each other. (from Jokers)


  15. AIO_7

    Here is some chit-chat. (I think the Live Feeds countdown screen leaked some action.)

    11:00 AM PT Aprox 10:05AM Christie explaining to Nicole/Ovi why she would nominate Kathryn as the only person instilling negative energy in the house. -M3gabyt3 Less…
    She also talks about using Cliff as a pawn/non-target letting him know the reasons he would be an option to be nominated within the rules of the game, letting him know what’s going on so he is not blindsided. She mentioned Cliff as a ‘repeat nominee’.

    She mentions Kathryn’s paranoia and always asking ‘are you guys conspiring against me?’. They also mention she was erratic last night. Nicole says she said her meds ran out, and Christie continues to say that all she talks about is her medications but doesn’t judge her because of her own medications but doesn’t go frantically talking about it. Christie says it’s paranoia. She says she’s hand delivered herself to be nominated.

  16. hogwild

    I have Rangers baseball tonight hope nothing wild happens on day one.

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