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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Afternoon Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Welcome to Sunday in the Big Brother house where we’ve reached the halfway mark in houseguests. Now is when things become real and the options limited that hoping for a vote at the end of the week isn’t as smart as just trying to get off the block before Monday.

We’re now at the point where it only takes 3 votes to stay safe but that is out of 5 people so it’s getting harder and harder to secure your numbers when the pool is shallow. Nick knows this and he has already been told by Tommy that he (Tommy) is voting to keep Christie this week if it comes down to it. Tommy told him this is in regards to something he promised her which bothered Nick because he thought Tommy of all people was a sure vote in his favor. That suddenly means Nick now has to secure 3 of 4 remaining people if he wants a chance or just try to get off the block entirely.

Desperation is starting to kick in and this twist that America hoped would send Christie home may end up being the reason Nick goes instead of her because there is virtually zero chance that Jackson will save Christie from the block knowing that Nick controls the replacement. Jackson is also unlikely to save Nick because that is Holly’s target and she doesn’t want to go 0 for 2 in attempts at evicting him. This means the veto is unlikely to be used and Nick is already down 2 votes (if you count Jess along with Tommy).


I don’t want to completely put it on the twist. Christie was likely going up as a pawn even without the twist so the only thing that changes for Nick is that Christie is now stuck up there and Tommy won’t vote to keep him. That was one of Nick’s very few chances at staying this week and it was stripped away.

That said, Nick is still going to try that Christie get removed from the block so he can put someone else up who he may have a chance against but no matter what, it sounds like Christie survives another week.

BBJ Pet of the Day

(note – I have a ton of these now so I’m trying to get to one daily. I may have to do 2x a day if the submissions keep coming)


This good boy is Toby sent in by Nancy! Thank you!


12:30 pm – Holly, Cliff, and Jackson are up in the HoH room talking about how Nick is trying hard to stay


Jackson points out that if Nick is trying to cut a deal, he will almost certainly put Cliff on the block. That won’t work for Jackson as he’s been working with Cliff

Cliff is gone, Tommy is in the room. He is telling them that he is going to keep his word and vote to keep Christie. They are saying how it’s good that Nick is going

They tell Tommy that Nick said he would put up ANYONE they wanted if he removed Christie. Weird.

Jackson confirms he’s not using the veto


1:30 pm – Tommy leaves the HoH room and Jackson says that Christie threw the PoV

Jackson says that Tommy let it slip and they already had their doubts about it but it makes no sense for her to throw it. Jackson says there is too much uncertainty with Nick overall and he has to go

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Nicole heads up and Jackson re-tells the story about how Nick will nominate anyone. They also tell her how he is the prankster


Nicole begins crying over the stress of the game and Holly/Jax work on comforting her.  They want to tell her about the final 4 they have with her (she doesn’t quite know it yet) but are waiting for Nick to be out of the house because they don’t fully trust Nicole with Nick around. Cliff set up the final 4 but it’s never been official until they’re good with Nicole.

While on the subject of Nicole, I often see people on other sites trying to criticize her as a ‘hot take’ or ‘not a popular opinion’. It’s not a popular opinion because Nicole is a good person and she’s well-liked because of that. It’s refreshing to have people in there who are good people.  I get that she hasn’t done much this season but everyone loved Donny who did even less. At least Nicole has strategized and tried to play. She has had a really good social game while remaining a good person. She is kind of changing the floater role because I don’t really see her as a floater as she’s been involved with the season yet she hasn’t done much. Jess is also a good person who has done more than Nicole, but for some reason I see her more as a floater than Nicole.  It’s weird. Nicole is a new type of floater I guess?

1:55 pm – For your viewing pleasure


4:00 pm – Quiet night. Holly, Tommy, and Jess are getting some late tanning in while everyone else relaxes around couch outside.

4:20 pm – The house is on indoor lockdown but I didn’t hear any loudspeaker or anything

Inside, Holly has been reflecting on her zing and has now realized that it wasn’t really a jab about her age. Well, double meaning. The first is being old (which she isn’t, she’s only 31) but it was also a shot at how she got Kat’s leftovers like a buzzard does.  Ouch.

Going to watch the CBS episode then start a new thread in a bit


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  1. WhereisPablo

    Toby is precious!

  2. Leta

    NANCY! ~~~~ Get up here! Toby is a sweet lookin’ boy! <3

  3. Leta

    Steve — Thanks for the pic of #TeamHogg !

  4. Nancy

    That’s my fat boy..9yo..rescue..a lover!
    Thank y’all

  5. Lather

    What a royal bummer. All Tommy could say to Nick last night, while continuously hugging on him was “I love you, Nick.” I love you Nick. I LOVE YOU NICK! Then he drops the bomb on him. Well, at least he told him.

    PS I’m still not a Nick fan, but even less of CC and for totally different reasons.

  6. Leta

    And Holly still questioning how they’re editing her on the show and why she was called an old buzzard. She also says her friends say that they know who is smart in a room . . . because they laugh at Holly’s jokes.

    • Nancy

      Her relationship with boxhead feels like a parent/child relationship..I hear her correcting him, telling him what he should or shouldn’t do, etc..SHADES OF MOMMY

      • Alda

        Yup! I could see her telling him what to wear,and what time to be home.She better not tell him when to wash his hair.He could call “mommy”out on that one.

      • Sassy

        I doubt his mother will approve…

      • danmtruth

        What is worse is she got her way during his HOH and kept Christie — wrong move now its her HOH and again she knows CC is lying to her yet she is blinded and wants to get Nick out over CC Which lets CC S
        stay in the game Lets Tommy keep his closest ally in CC so now they can go after Jackson next week Score card Holly=beth Trust Tommy — wrong —
        Blinded by stupidity sees Nick as a bigger threat than CC — wrong —

      • Robin

        I kind of figured that production may have charged her with managing JJ.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dry-Azz Holly, ugh! She’d better live it up while she can with JJ because once he’s out of that house, his real Mama ain’t havin it!

  7. hogwild

    So if Christie survives the block again this week can these people really not see what a huge plus that would be on her game resume if she makes it to the final two? It’s like they are all counting on bitter jury votes against her if they happen to be sitting opposite her in the finals as much as I’m not a fan of Christie I would not punish her for the rest of them being to dumb to not take her out when they had the chance that is something I would be hammering home to Blockhead and Holly right now.

  8. AIO_7

    Tommy accidentally spills the beans that Chrustie threw the veto comp. Then he tried to scramble and cover his tracks. Jackson is on to it.


  9. hogwild

    Oh Holly might now be Mrs Blockhead she is about as clueless as he is.

  10. Tam

    Holly is the joke! Lips remind me of a prolapsed rectum in a bad WebMD profile pic. The Gumby reference was spot on. Her dancing for JJ reminds me on those blow up dancing things in front of used car lots……Another career opportunity for her image or social influencer status……Sorry but damn it, gf……Get a clue….

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  12. AIO_7

    AWWWW, Toby! (but which Nancy? We have two or three Nancy’s)

  13. Tam

    Brozzierre…LMAO……Hilarious if you are watching the quad cam when Holly was saying You Have Nothing To Be Ashamed Of as it was showing Jess strapping Cliff in the bra….That was priceless….

  14. Helen

    Sad…cliff put on a bra…Mess stuffed it with socks…he put shirt on and I can’t even tell. Lol

  15. Leta

    I have a friend I promised (have been promising) to meet for supper and tonight’s the night. And wouldn’t ya know after weeks of not raining . . . it’s pouring. So, as much as I would rather cancel (again) abd stay here, I gots to go. I may be back later, you never know.

    Y’all have a good one.

  16. Kari

    I am sorry, truly I am. But I can’t deal with these conversations anymore. The details that are coming out are completely unnecessary and the fact that they know that they’re being filmed 24/7 and are still saying the kind of things they are talking about things like anal sex and all kinds of other disgusting things, I just cannot handle it anymore. Even reading it in the blog is difficult for me.

    They are disgusting pieces of shit and I’m completely done with this season. I’m not saying I’m leaving here, but this is just perversion to the extreme is right out of freaking Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m not just talking about the gay thing I’m talking about the *details* that they share.

    I’m NOT judging someone for being gay or bi. I don’t care if they are straight, the whole world doesn’t need to hear about intimate details. Started out with Jack being intimate in the shower in the stool and how big he is to the conversation about condoms and gay sex. Im just f’ing done.

  17. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    If Christie stays this week I hope she gets HOH and turns on HollyBeth and Jackson. As much as I hate Christie, they’ve had three chances in a row to get rid of her so my petty, vengeful side wants them to pay for their stupidity.

  18. Mary

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t our sweet little Christie say during the Taco Tuesday fight that she never throws comps? Now she’s on the block, and is saying that she threw this last POV comp. Where is Nancy’s BS flag?

  19. Tam

    Here comes the dry tears, yanking up Urkle shorts, and waaah waaah from Chrussttie and waiting for JJ

    Good Heavens………Literally…..She said it like I knew she would…….

    • WhereisPablo

      Urkle shorts…..LOL!

      • Tam

        Seriously, Pablo, watch her YANK those things up….Throwing A Fashion Flag on that. She wears and yanks them up like her life is depending on it . Last night I watched her stick her finger in her panties and yank them down then start putting dishes back up. OMG……..STOP……..

      • mm22

        Yup tam christy’s always pulling/picking her clothes out of her butt! Those
        mom jean shorts are the worst – she even acknowledges plenty of picking
        when she wears them

      • AIO_7

        “mom jean shorts”

        Mom jorts.

    • NKogNeeTow

      No you didn’t just drag Urkle into this…Bhahaha

      Tam, you are on a ROLL today!

      • Tam

        LOL, NK. You keep me Lmao. I tend to say things that just appear obvious to me and oblivious to them. I hear sooooooo, lliiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkee, ummmmmmmmmm, and yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I have flashbacks to the 80’s and I LITERALLY want to gag these bitches with a spoon……

        DING, DING, DING…..Tommy just gave Holly the clue of what the buzzard means. The look on her face is pricelesssss…….Buzzard, picking over the leftovers of a carcass… And the prolapsed rectum mouth opens to full ……….

        Baddduuuummmnnn, I’mmmm Lovinnnn Ittt……. 😉

  20. hogwild

    I don’t really consider Nicole a floater her main alliance all season has been with Cliff and she she has stuck with that unlike Kat, Jessica and Nick who float or floated to whoever had power at the moment she has been good at reading the house and not making waves and as I have mentioned before she has not been trying to hump her way through the season like other’s we could mention.

  21. Diane

    Toby is a handsome, happy little guy. Love the one ear up and one ear down in the picture.

  22. Tam

    #STFUChrusttieee…… I just want you guys to see it from all angles……..Meaning, I want you to listen to me and me only…….She and NN needs to go……..She is such as manifestor manipulator……

    There is so much smoke being blown up asses it looks like they are about to launch a major rocket…..

  23. Mary

    NN- better at physical comps than CC.
    CC- good at selling herself. She could probably sell a cat to a mouse family.
    TT has both CC and NN backing him. CC has TT sometimes, and Jess. NN has TT sometimes, and Nichole.
    Jess has no one unless she’s HOH. JJ and Holly are a couple and trying to work and use the others (Cliff, Nicole, TT) for votes and to keep them off the block. Cliff and Nicole will work with anyone to stay safe for the week.
    If NN really wants to stay in the game, he needs to tell JJ and Holly that TT told him last week when Sis and CC were on the block that if he won HOH that he was putting them up. Keep it short and simple, then let them talk it out, NN problem is like CC, he talks to much. Don’t know if it will work, though it is the truth. So for TT now again, his 2 biggest allies are on the block.

    • AIO_7

      ….”when Sis and CC were on the block that if he (TT) won HOH that he was putting them up.”

      Don’t even think that would work. At this point the only think that will save Nick is a re-do.

  24. AIO_7

    Gumby Lips just said, “maybe I am just and old buzzard.”


  25. Hollymarie

    Is there any chance that instead of this being a non elimination week like we’ve been speculating, that on Thursday after the vote, Julie says surprise it’s a double elimination for Prank week! Both Nick and Crusty grab your bags and come talk to me!?

  26. Charlotte

    Nancy your Toby is adorable! Love seeing the pets of the day.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    OMG! “For your viewing pleasure” RRROOOFFFLLL!

  29. Vikki T

    Saw this on another site and had to laugh- nick said holly being a buzzard was cause kat was with jackson first then holly swarmed in and got the remains.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Mary check your messages.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, let me go TRY to do something constructive before this doggone show comes on.


  32. Avatar

    I’m afraid that when the CBS and Viacom merger happens that they will get Grodner as the new executive producer of The Challenge and starts screwing it up like she is doing to BB.

  33. Tam

    Holly is mad………How dare they portray her in a bad light…….Really…..SMDH
    #STFU4REALHOLLY……..You are so damn worried about what people are thinking! Why did you go on a show that is filmed 24/7 and say that you are fan on the show then whine about how you are being portrayed. Apparently you only watch the tv show and are not a true fan enough to realize that you are in a true social experiment……
    #STFUChristie………Where to begin and/or end……I know……A gag ball and chloroform comes to mind and tossing her in a closet with a lock…Night night……

    And nooooooooo surprise that none of them are getting it and are just now having a dim light turn on as to what the Zing’s are about….Again, SMDH……..

    Apparently, she has made PRODUCTION mad because they put the quad cams to pour Nicole in bedding reading…….They should YANK lil miss buzzard in DR and tell her to reread her damn contract…..Sorry, but this biiioottccchh is my last nerve, riding it as hard as she has Jackson that she was venehemtically defending as if she was on TGOT…..Whatever……

    Sorry, thumby, but ya know…

  34. hogwild

    I see thumbs down and is making the rounds so.

  35. LynnD

    Not sure if ya all have seen this Zingbot thread yet on twitter? Or if anyone has shared it yet? I’m going to try to catch up on this site here in about 30 minutes. So if you’ve already seen this sorry and if someone’s already shared it you know me I’m always behind


  36. Colby

    OK. Giving us 4 cams of Nicole sleeping so we don’t hear what the others are talking about?
    Why don’t they just give us fish? Do they think we are stupid?

  37. Alda

    Here I sit .Dishes are done.All settled in for an exciting night of Big Brother.But,it won’t be exciting.We get these little crumbs one in awhile,then they are quickly gobbled up by these buzzard like houseguests.Yawn.

  38. Tam

    Apparently I am on to something because I just looked at Jokers site and there is something there. We got Drama peeps

  39. mustangsally

    Why does CBS rehash Wednesday’s show, get to the new hoh comp & veto, and when did JJ start spittin chew?

  40. Tam

    Cliff is so funny. His Cliffnotes are priceless. His takes on things are commentary for sure. He is a team player and so #TeamCliff. Love to see him living his dream. Applauding him for that. Christie and Tommy are talking outside and they just make me shake my head. Reminds me of cats in a litter box. Covering that crap and trying to erase the tracks that connect them…..Nick just has to go….Dude is beyond anything I can put into words now….

  41. hogwild

    They need to super glue Christies lips together that seems to be the only way to keep her from going around with her mouth open.

    • Tam

      I got a needle and thread…….Just sayn
      She looks like those fish in the tank sometimes when they show her with her mouth closed……Just sayn

      Sorry I am craving a VOC (chill thumby…Vanilla Orange Coke ) and health issues prevent me from having one so just deal with it like I have to… 😉

  42. AIO_7

    Cliff having a long camera talk …


  43. Helen

    Jackson says he knows he’s hated and doesn’t want to bring Holly down with him. He’s referring to her zing, casting her as Jackson’s sloppy seconds.

    Dude!! Do you remember sulking in the have not room because the old buzzard didn’t want to have sex with you on national tv and you gave her an ultimatum? And Beth do you remember crawling back up to him there?
    Y’all made your bed…now roll in it

  44. mm22

    What’s with these lazy camera people today-god earn your paycheck

  45. Tam

    @AIO…..Thinking JHolly or HJolly song is actually CrazyBitch by Buckcherry….I would have posted the song site but I am not that smart yet….;-)

  46. hogwild

    In honor of them highlighting how Christie eats I have to bring this back yet again.

  47. Tam

    FYI……A Public Service Announcement……
    Holly is so concerned about image….wellllll, she really needs to get in front of a full length mirror in those white jeans…..as a female you always want to check and make sure you don’t have a full on full moose hoof while being on camera. #1 Rule especially in WHITE……. That just bothers me when I see women do that…..Looks like a bad night in the 90’s from the Wrangler’s and Ropers era……Stop it……We need to not bring that look back….The moose hoof….

  48. NKogNeeTow

    It’s amazing how CC always manages to catch and wipe away that elusive tear just before it falls from her eye. Jus sayin

  49. Tam

    Oooohhhh, Mommy just scolded Jackson….”Things said on lockdown are not to be talked about here”. It was about her job….And he isn’t happy because he hasn’t said a word and before he has said that he didn’t want to be jumped on again by her……Nick quickly changing the subject back to the animals………..I bet tonight will be an interesting night in the HOH lair…….

  50. Mary

    New thread….

  51. mm22

    Pillsburybeth is back in the kitchen -she did washed her hands then wiped her nose
    with her hands then started cutting peppers -apparently you don’t have to attended a food
    safety course to be a ranch chef

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