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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone!


First, it’s a good thing that I put my email down in the post yesterday because I was told the contact form isn’t working. I fixed it, so we’re all good there. Please use that if you have any comments or concerns about the site.

Alright, before I begin today’s updates, I want to begin the Big Brother Junkies Pet of the Day! I won’t explain this daily, but probably the first few times. I’m going to showcase pets of the fans of our blog because animals are great and it’s nice to open the day with a smile!

BBJ Pet of the Day:


Logan is the dog and Ford is the cat and they’re both beautiful!

Alright, on to the game. This week is going to be interesting for the dynamics of the show moving forward. The guys are slowly getting outnumbered, but I haven’t really mentioned it this season because it hasn’t been an issue. There was a brief all-girls alliance, but other than that, any talk of gender wars has mostly been left with Jess. However, Tommy and Nick are beginning to notice the disparity and if they evict Cliff this week, they’ll be down to 3 guys in the house. Again, as of right now it’s not that big of a deal, but I’m sure they’re worried about genders becoming a factor and them being easy targets to get rid of because of it.  Nick should probably be the most worried about that because Jackson has Holly in his corner and Tommy has Christie. Nick is just kind of floating along trying to cling to anything.

Here is a visual demonstration of Nick’s game:


Ok, house is still sleeping but I’ll update this thread when they’re up…

11:30 AM – They put a chicken coop outside so Analyse has to go out there and lay an egg every once in a while. However, it’s the same coop as the competition so the houseguests are out there seeing how they would have done. On a sad note, that comp has been used for the HoH before which means it won’t be this year.


12:30 pm – Nicole is outside chatting game with Nick. Run, Nicole, run!

A bird gets stuck in the back yard and it’s really freaking Nicole out (she’s scared of birds)

2:30 pm – Lazy day in the house. Many outside tanning doing their Sunday thing

Inside, Nick and Tommy are talking and they are saying how they’d like to keep Kat but she’s really a beast competitor.


Went out to dinner. Will start a new thread with evening feeds after I’m done with the CBS episode


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  1. hogwild

    That describes Nicks game to a T I really wish somehow someway someone would discover Christie and Tommy’s pre game connection and lob that grenade not going to happen but I can dream.

  2. Nancy

    Thank you steve..the visual is dynamite..spot on..pet of the day..omg, both beautiful..thanks for all you do!!!!

  3. hogwild

    I truly feel sorry for both Cliff and Kat one of them is going to be stuck alone in the Jury house with Jack for a week I might self evict faced with that.

    • Nancy

      Kat can be so silly, she’d get along with him. Plus they are both vain as hell..poor cliff won’t stand a chance of an intelligent conversation..but I guess hes use to that by now, nobody in that house has had one either

  4. Avatar

    Holly had briefly stated that she thought tt & cc knew each other & then it went nowhere

    • Vikki T

      I was hoping Holly would explore that further but I guess she looked at JJ and was sidetracked.

      • Nancy

        If he was shoveling food into his garbage disposal of a mouth, I’d get sidetracked too..
        But that would hv been great if they has explored it a tad more..I wanna
        *KABOOM* in that house

    • Petrichor

      I thought I read that someone else was *maybe* * about* to *almost* *start* catching on too–they were asking geographical questions and starting to piece together that TT and CC lived really close to one another…maybe it was Nick? or Cliff?? Either way, yeah, it would be great if that came out somehow!

      • Jen

        The first week I noticed one of the guys using utensils like a caveman. Was it Jackson? I keep watching to try to see it but it seems boxhead is hiding whenever I am watching

      • Nancy

        I only see boxhead frenzy feeding with his hands

  5. Alda

    Really had a hard time sleeping.I have no idea how this vote is going to go,or what impact it will have.Will there be a double eviction this week?

  6. nancy

    I’m manifesting Cliff surviving, getting Hoh, putting up Tommy and Christie, winning the veto and one of them goes home

  7. Vikki T

    Logan and Ford are both handsome. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Joy

    Pets of the day are beautiful!!!

  9. Alda

    They are beautiful animals.

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  11. AIO_7

    Cliff explaining to Tommy Tune the he could have broken his word and sent him or Christie packing when he was HoH.


  12. Mary

    Too bad CC didn’t get the chicken punishment, seeing her cluck would be funny. LOL Though I don’t think she could have done it, she cannot stop talking for that long.

  13. Jenny

    Lookit the big sweetie and the floofy kitty!!! Beautiful furmonsters and how the HECK did you get them to pose so nicely?
    Also the shark pic made me lol.

  14. Charlotte

    Awwww! Those are two of my babies! Thanks, Steve! Your picture of Nick is pretty accurate! Ha ha. (By the way…..I’m on my iPad but it took about 5 tries. Still getting that pop-up. It doesn’t happen on my Android phone, so at least I can get my BBJ fix!)

  15. CatLover

    Love Logan and Ford. Ford is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Mary

    Come on Big Brother, have her make Eggs Benedict.

  17. Patricia

    Who does the rotwieler n cat belong to. Logan is gorgeous. Looks like mine i had for 21 years. Ok now to show my tech ignorance lol. How do i upload a pic to the contact page. Also when I read tommy mon veto i just wanted to puke. I pray somehow someone can talk him into not using it.

  18. Mary

    My fur babies Little Lady and Big Boy (aka Mr. Mustache)

  19. Mary

    Can you imagine after these house guest eat all these eggs…. there going to think Tommy is running around again by the speed of smell. lol

  20. Pink13

    So I have swallowed the jagged little pill of Tommy’s veto win, barely. I wish they would have stipulated that America’s vote could not be vetoed, cause really, what was the point? I could care less about a chicken suit or Jackson being safe. I would imagine that Christie came in number one with the votes. Blah blah blah. I could go on and on about that but I won’t.
    Cliff or Kat don’t really matter to me at this point, they both need to go. Nicole should just bend over and take the royal f**k they are giving her and go next. If they had some fight in them and were willing to play the game I would feel different, but they just don’t. So get the pansy’s gone and maybe we will see some game.

    • Nancy

      I really want nicole to show some…something! Game play would be nice..shes barely out of her social shell, and I feel her retreating..and for all that is holy..STAY AWAY FROM NN

      • WhereisPablo

        Me too Nancy. I think she’s a great person (channeling TT…EWWWW) but she really seems ill equipped for the game…still. My patience is wearing thin.

      • Avatar

        Nancy and WhereisPablo, I agree. I want to root for Nicole but at this point just can’t. She NEED to win something. If not, when she walks out the door it’s because she did’n’t do anything to win and it’s her own doing, unfortunately. I do like her though. MAYBE an HOH next week???

      • Nancy

        It hard to cheer on somebody that seems, as pablo started, ill equipped for this game..I’ve felt like this all along, but I saw a glimmer of hope, then it faded..prove me wrong nicole!

      • Nancy

        As pablo stated..not started..F’N AUTOCORRECT

      • Alda

        I am losing my patience with Nicole.She seems to really trust slimeball NN.Other then talking to him,all she does is lay in bed.

    • Kari

      Exactly, another wasted stupid twist

  21. Kari

    Helloooo! ❤️

  22. Nancy

    @Jen..I’d love seeing a more mature, game minded group play..I even thought all the ppl who run sites like this, mr.Beans, and the moderators, should make up the house guests. At least a game would be played instead of checking the mirror every 20 secs, high kicking around a kitchen..etc..

    • WhereisPablo

      “high kicking around a kitchen” LOL

    • Avatar

      That would be cool! I’d love a season of those kicked out first day. But one with those who run sites! That would be awesome.
      I know I have my opinions and I get aggravated, but I keep in mind that I’m in that house and don’t know how I would be. I feel like if I have information that I don’t share, I’m lying… even though it’s not lying to not share information.
      I’m around Cliff’s age. I’d love a season with all true fans. no recruits.

      • Nancy

        Yes yes yes..also thought those immediately kicked out as well..

      • Nancy

        I know I wouldn’t be able to play this game..I read strategies on here I’d never think of..so kudos to those that play or play at playing or not playing..or floating..whatever

  23. Avatar

    Agreed! What’s the point if she’s not out!

  24. danmtruth

    Great sunday out with the family Just the mind and attitude adjustment i need
    To expand on a post from yesterday because from the little i read hear it sounds like the conversati has not changed much
    Its nice that christie no longer needs to fake cry every 10 min or as she said need to bore herself and spend time with Jess So CC TT and Nick talk how epic and great the h8full are that they could go down as the greatest alliance in BB history And now it starts CC with her pasive agression if NICK did not target them earlly Never mind that Before Nick came in Christie was saying hoe she felt she should have taken out
    Nick during HER HOH the first week not to mention but they did how there cult leader Jack wanted to take nick out the week Nick won HOH So this pie in the sky rerighting history One breath we could have been the greatestbb alliance if they just stayed together next breath how they need to dump people What the 8 always forgot ther was no one coming after them There only opposition was each other That was this great groups Achilles heal Mistrust It just all that we are the greatest talk the going out of there way to lie to people

    • Nancy

      Hope your day outing with fam was great. I heard that talk about they coulda been the greatest alliances of all time..choked on my coffee..and CC talked about a scenario of who ever on the block, I forget names, but she would hv used her power..again I throw the bullshit flag…that heifer wouldn’t have used her power except on herself..shes too self centered.

  25. Ronduh

    I don’t like Nick talking to Nicole! She’s way too sweet and trusting. He is just so slimy! He and Christie are my top two to go first.

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  27. hogwild

    In honor of the chicken suit punishment and Nicole’s fear of birds I had to post this enjoy.

  28. Mary

    They keep saying they are the greatest alliance of all time. Most have just watched a few seasons, especially last season. Most have probably never watched the feeds and I’ve only heard Nicole talk about Jokers. They or Jack especially wanted to be as good as Level 6. One problem, most of them were pleasant with the other house guests, they weren’t always trashing and bad mouthing them at every turn, calling them (screaming) he/she is a liar, snake or an F’er. Level 6 didn’t play telephone with others. They talked about a plan and stuck to it and Foutte / Hive didn’t know what was happening. Level 6 played well with others, this bunch, well not so much. And when things didn’t go their way, they didn’t sit and cry (well except for Rachel ) when they were put on the block.

    I like Nicole and I truly believe it hurt her when they were up in Nick’s HOH room screaming about her. She told Nick and Bella they were coming after them, which was the truth, but of course the others lied their fanny’s off and said they weren’t. For me, her being a honest and decent person counts for something. I have notice she has started swearing more since being with this bunch of _____________.

    • danmtruth

      Mary that is so true and what these people miss They have no honor amongest thieves or snakes For all of Christies being tapped into the universe you think she would understand how much she is disliked outside the house To everyone hoping someone figure out Christie and tommy being together Will not be ablet to convince most Beside the two of them will deny deny deflect deny unless someone can get a photo these people wont believe it In fact Jess will say its no big deal and it did not give them an advantage That is how clueless some of these people are

    • WhereisPablo

      On point Mary! I was just thinking this morning that I don’t remember KC or Tyler ever saying a bad word about anyone, even in private.

    • ElaineB

      For L6 and the Stupid Six, the only thing in common is the number 6. Along with being decent human beings, the HGs in L6 understood the need to keep good relationships with the other HGs. This crew of Six is nasty and spiteful, and then they throw out the over-used “love you” when needed to keep the ‘peace’. It has been a season of many HGs who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves, yet they want the right to brag about how much they give a damn about all of them.

  29. caRyn

    Four minutes into the episode and Kathryn picks at her nose and then tosses it behind her onto the kitchen table.

  30. HappyHippo

    Cry CC cry! We do hate you!

  31. Nancy

    She knows now, she ain’t a fav!!

    • ElaineB

      If she knows how disliked she is by America, that is a shining moment that came out from her being a 3rd nom. For the future, I agree with others, the 3rd nom from a comp twist, should not be able to be taken off with veto.

  32. hogwild

    There are not enough words in the English language to describe how sick I am of christie’s fake crying.

  33. Avatar

    I hate seeing her cry too but I am relishing this episode. Yes, bia…. we HATE you!! Hahaha!!!

  34. Nancy

    That was NOT her game..soooo bad!!
    Stop that damn fool crying..

  35. hogwild

    News Flash Christie America does hate and it’s because you are as phony as a three dollar bill and that fucking fake crying.

  36. Avatar

    I’m so over listening to TT, he just sounds too phony to me. He talks almost as much a CC. Ugh, just had to vent.

  37. Alda

    I love how Tommy keeps saying America doesn’t hate you.Then JJ is quick to follow up with -“Oh yes they do.” Lol

  38. Avatar

    Well, Jackson at least knows the truth. Lol

  39. Nancy

    ” it’s not fair”…what a piece of work..it would be fair if it were anyone else..I doooo love me a Christie meltdown!!!

  40. hogwild

    Christie sickens me with that it’s not fair whining but all shit you and your alliance did earlier in the season to others was. Christie you might want to familiarize yourself with the word hypocrite.

  41. Avatar

    It’s called karma biatch!!! Keep crying Christie!!

  42. Alda

    “But remember it’s not personal.”

  43. hogwild

    If Jackson, Nicole, Jessica or whoever survies this week between Cliff and Kat win HOH the noms better be Christie, Nick and Tommy as the replacement nom.

    • Mary

      YES!!! Make it a double eviction and get rid those 2 pieces of garbage, (NN & CC) and Nick can take that Bible with him.

      On a side note, I think they should have a cook book in the house, seeing those cookies they’ve been making is a joke. Don’t they realize most packages have recipes on them. Oh gosh….. it just boggles my mind. LOL Hearing them this morning not knowing how to poach an egg, thank goodness Holly got up and came into the kitchen.

    • Colby

      I can’t stand Nick, but I think CC and Tommy need to go up together. That way if one wins veto they can’t save the other.

  44. Mary

    Would rather see Tommy doing his high kicking, then watching Christy constantly flicking her hair. I want to give her a pixie cut or better yet shave her head.

  45. hogwild

    On a happier note IT Chapter 2 opens on September 6th.

  46. Colby

    I completely forgot to watch the episode tonight.
    Do they show the field trip stuff?
    Is it worth watching online tomorrow?

    • Nancy

      If you enjoy seeing CC realize perhaps she wasn’t picked because shes a favorite..I just watched it off and on..i think you’d enjoy it

    • KelBel

      I’m watching it right now and the 3 field trip people coming to the realization that they’re ALF (America’s LEAST Favorite) is totally worth it! CC cries *actual* tears because she knows she is not liked! Anal Lice says “I refuse to believe America doesn’t like me. I barely say anything.” — yet the little you say is still awful & we hate you!!!

    • Colby

      OK. Thanks!
      I definitely do want to see that.

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