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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Chatter

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house and the moment of truth is finally coming to Cliff and Nicole as Jackson and Holly are breaking the news that Jackson isn’t going to send his girlfriend out the door to save a dude who wouldn’t even save him.

If you’re confused, that is because Jackson won the PoV yesterday and he is the lone vote this week. He has 100% of the remaining power and he alone chooses between Cliff or Holly to fill the last seat in the final 3. It’s a huge power to have but one I pretty much expected him to have once they decided to keep Jackson over Christie during the double.

I’m just going to jump in and start recapping the conversation live…


Oh, before I begin, thank you to everyone who has donated this summer. You are all wonderful!

2:00 pm – 

Holly joins the discussion between Nicole and Jackson already in progress

Jackson is trying to explain that they had a final 4 with all of them but that was kind of tossed out the window last Thursday when Cliff and Nicole seriously considered voting out Holly. They had to re-do deals they already had and they feel screwed over by the new deals.


Jackson explains this was never a master plan but Cliff’s last week of just cutting these new shady deals resulted in the situation where he is breaking his new deal. The Cliff he used to know would stand up and look you in the eyes and stick with it but that all changed when they thought about voting out Holly (I said that they should have taken the shot once they changed their mind).

The problem here is that Jackson and Holly continue to pretend they aren’t working together. Nicole isn’t buying it and she shouldn’t. The two have said this all season long but nobody believes them. Sure, they can pretend they’re two different people, but we all know that’s not the case.

Jackson says he wants to keep this between the three of them and not tell Cliff because of his health. Nicole says she wish she wasn’t told.

Nicole says Cliff deserves the final 3 more than she does because he’s the one who made all the deals. She should have thrown him the HoH


Nicole leaves and gets called to the DR.  Jackson explains how he had to tell Nicole because she and Cliff have been talking about it a lot and it was killing them to know Holly was staying.

Jackson says that Cliff is taking a bullet for Nicole

3:15 pm – Jackson talks to Nicole on the hammock

She says she doesn’t want to talk about it but he hangs out anyway


Nicole says she’s stupid and made a stupid move. He asks what is stupid. I wonder if she’s going to tell him ‘keeping you over Christie was stupid’

Jackson says Nicole has a 33% chance at winning the final HoH just like he and Holly….

Nicole turns over to face the wall because she doesn’t want to talk. It’s sad watching Nicole upset. She feels guilty that she’s the reason Cliff is going home.


Cliff joins and they talk about the final HoH. They ask Cliff how it will go and Cliff speculates that the first part will be physical, the second mental, and the third a mix. Is he serious or trying to throw off Jackson? It’s usually endurance, physical/mental, then luck.

Cliff leaves and the conversation resumes. Nicole really doesn’t want to talk about it – STILL – but Jackson needs to feel better about himself so he keeps going. She tells him that his explanation as to why he’s breaking his deal will make them (C/N) look bad. That’s because he’ll go with the angle that Nicole and Cliff broke their original deal.

Nicole is now out alone and talking to herself. She is trying to defend breaking her word to Jackson and Holly. It’s sad because she doesn’t need to defend that. They should have broken their word but they should have stuck to it. That’s the problem.

Nicole tells herself that Jackson should just say ‘look, I’m taking my girl to final 3’ rather than give this big speech to justify his actions. Just do it (I agree with this)


4:00 pm – Nicole goes inside and decides she wants to tell Cliff

Nicole tells Cliff and he already guessed it

He tells her it’s okay and does his Cliff thing of just being supportive and mature about it all. He accepts that he needed to win competitions to advance. Cliff points out how they didn’t break the word, they just considered it.


4:30 pm – Cliff talks to Jackson about it and Jackson is repeating his whole ‘my word is my bond but it was broke’ blah blah

They go back and forth for awhile. Same stuff that has already been said, Cliff leaves and talks to Nicole privately

Nicole is still upset about not giving Cliff the HoH but what was she supposed to do? Dude fell off before commercial break ended.

Cliff says he’ll root for Jackson less now so he’s totally going to be bitter

5:00 pm – Outside, Cliff is talking to Holly and Jackson


Jackson is explaining how Holly wouldn’t have had to throw that HOH if the deals weren’t broken and she likely would have won. Cliff responds ‘we don’t know that’ in this same tone

He literally made the same face as Thor “we don’t know that” then Holly gets super defensive and repeats how she probably would have won. That one touched a nerve. Also, I think it’s awesome that I used Thor meme twice in the same post.

Ugh this point is going back and forth. This house is too friendly.

Ok going to watch the CBS episode


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  1. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I’m glad JJ is giving Nicole a heads up. My opinions have changed over the last few weeks, and while I would like to see Nicole win, I won’t mind if JJ does. He has been an ass for sure and imo has a lot of growing up to do, but at 24, he has time. I think he has played the best overall game and even with a penalty vote for eating, he’d still be where he is now. I know this is an unpopular view, but I don’t blame him for lying about TT. He was backed in a corner by C/N being wishy washy about a deal they all shook on. I also believe JJ was sincerely upset on BBAD that night about TT. If I rooted for who I like best to win, I just wouldn’t watch. I don’t really like any of them. Nicole, imo, has gotten a little cocky lately. It’s nice to see her having fun, but if this Nicole was there from day 1, she would wear thin quickly with me. I’ve never cared for Cliff much so that’s a wash and Beth is like a pesky gnat to me, harmless but annoying as hell. Sadly, I think she will take second place without deserving it. The shining positive for me is that TT is gone and that’s about it.

    • Purring

      JJ has played a better game but he should go all the way and just own it as Steve said, he is taking his throw pillow with him and not Cliff, which is what would have happened anyway, deal break or no-deal break. JJ, unfortunately, will never grow up with mama coddling him. I think Holly didn’t throw the HOH buts says she did just to save face. I think her Mask started to run and she wanted to get back to fix her makeup since that seems to be the only thing she is in control of and has become obsessive with.
      I think Cliff has been burnt out over the last 3 weeks and said things to JJ just to get voted out because 52 is just so gosh darn old, I’m 52 and plan on living another 52 years on top of that. 52 isn’t old, especially in today’s times.

      • Cat Lady

        Purring I think Holly threw it because Jackson kept saying fall..fall and the way she just jumped down.. it looked obvious at least to me.. but I guess we all see things differently. And the way Jackson was crying.. I don’t think less of him.. we can’t imagine what it’s like to be locked up with all the drama and stress and where so many families are distant..it’s refreshing he’s close to his mother…

    • Avatar

      He’s the most annoying pompous douchbag ever on BB….
      Lol. THIS SEASON ALMOST OVER HOPEFULLY NEXT SEASON IS MORE Entertaining… PLEASE NO MICHIES , MOMMAS BOYS CRYING FOR THEIR MOMMAS. …LOL. ALL THOUGH THAT WAS GREAT ,, THAT SAP… I laughed hysterically…. If he dOes win, christ I can’t watch that narsistic clown boasting…. crying for his mommie like ROCKY BALBOA YELLING FOR ADRIAN….
      YO, MOMMA. I DID IT TTY …. CRYING passing out… the whole shit show slap slap michie mouse

    • Cat Lady

      Thank you “Where is Pablo” you said it much better than I could have. The only thing I would add is I don’t understand Nicole making a big deal about the showmance when Cliff and Nicole have a father/daughtermance.

  2. Avatar

    Question … Are we supposed to feel bad for Cliff?

    I’ve been rooting for Cliff all season. I really did want to see him in F2. At this point, I don’t even think he should be in contention for AFP.

    Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      I will give Cliff the fact that he is one of the few IMO who went in there to play BB. Cliff, Sam, Nicole and JJ seem to be the only 4 this season who don’t give a rat’s hiney about “exposure”.

    • KelBel

      You are supposed to feel however you want to feel.

      And for the record, I agree with what you said, 2 cents.

    • Sassy

      Not feeling bad here. It would be dumb of JJ not to take Beth to final 3. He has an 82% chance of making final 2 now, as opposed to 33% if he stuck to his deal with Cliff. JJ is not dumb.

      Cliff can go to jury and get some rest. He did great this season for the old guy. I hope he doesn’t stay bitter. I’d hate to see Beth win because of it.

  3. Sunny

    Good to see Jackson “consoling” Nicole. He’s really trying to get her vote if she’s evicted. She’s smart enough to know that. Who does he think he’s fooling?

    • TeeJay

      Himself, so he can feel like a good person.

      • Avatar

        He is a good person. He told that to Nicole over and over again this afternoon. I did feel Nicole repeated “I respect the game too much”, I respect you too much” ad nauseum. She came off very weak and apologetic when she could have controlled the conversation with numb nuts. As much as I like Nicole, her doormat personality made it very hard for her to get anywhere by conversation alone. That being said, this whole mutual admiration society needs to close for the season.

    • JennX

      He probably thinks he fooling America, his parents, his friends, and his cousins! *eye roll*. In reference to the first fucking asshole fight.

    • twaddle

      Him telling Nicole but not Cliff is cowardly. He’s hoping Nicole tells Cliff for him

  4. Painter1

    Could one say Cliff outplayed himself. All the work to get Nicole to F3 ,did he really think a handshake is worth 500k?

  5. Petty Betty

    I don’t really see keeping Jackson over Christie as a big mistake… I really think Christie and TT would have pulled Beth in and gotten rid of Cliff. I think the mistake that cost them the game was keeping Beth over TT…. I don’t care how mad Jackson is, I don’t see him taking TT to the final 3, risking sitting next to him for final 2. I also don’t see Jackson voting Beth out even if Cliff and Nicole had not wavered from their deal last week. No matter how you slice it, Cliff and Nicole we’re not both going to make final two. At least had they kept TT, one of them would have made final two.

  6. JennX

    *sarcasm warning*

    Sir Snax-a-Lot and the Empress of Bullshit are such hypocrites!
    They are saying Uncle Cliff & Nugget broke their F4 handshake deal because they even considered keeping Tommy. C/N are the scum of the earth and the entire nation especially their families are ashamed and disowning them for entertains the mere thought of lying in Big Brother! shame! shame! shame!
    But NOW Snax & Beth are hellbent on breaking the southern gentleman’s handshake deal to keep Cliff. Because they are forced to, by their morals, by god and country and C/N’s actions. Jackson has convinced himself that he has to backstab Cliff, because Ho’s before Bro’s right?

    Snax & Beth are absolutely NOT working together.

    • KelBel

      *bowing down*
      exactly. Jollly are good, all others are evil. Jolly would never go back on their deals or handshakes…oh wait a second…now that it’s necessary for them…..well here’s the list of reasons it is justified. But those same justifications would NOT be legit for anyone else!
      But Cliff is the dumbest of all to think either half of Jolly would evict the other to keep him.

      Thank goodness that sweet, innocent, respectable role model from Wyoming has played her own game this whole time. And bless her soul, she threw every HOH and veto comp because she would have won them all.

      • Purring

        And Sir Snackalots and His lady faire must when so they can take the entire jury house with the money and invest it in Vegas!

      • KelBel

        They won’t hold up that deal either…with a hundred justifications. Mostly because Jolly was bullied and someone considered evicting them at one point, and that hurt their feelings. (insert all the eye rolls)

    • nancy

      Exactly. I’m doing exactly what you considered doing (but didn’t) so it’s ok because you considered it first. Either it’s ok or it’s not Jackson.

  7. KelBel

    “Nicole says Cliff deserves the final 3 more than she does because he’s the one who made all the deals.”

    –Nicole, Cliff did make these deals and that is exactly WHY he is going home. He screwed himself and by convincing you to keep G-ma B over Tommy, he screwed with your game too. As someone brilliant (sorry, I forgot who) said previously, it’s time for the big girl undies and to think about only yourself!

    • Avatar

      Exactly! Nicole deserves to be there and I hope she wins the endurance and last luck. Then she chooses Beth to go to final 2. I really find him to be no southern gentleman. Although he lied very well then cried but I think that was for us. JJ deserves to win but I cannot believe such a sweet person is so close. I just want Nicole to win. They need to show their reaction to when they come out and realize we have their awful number. That would be nice to see

      Question I thought they showed more jury but not this season is it me or true?
      Perception or real?

  8. Nancy

    Just give us the money for puttin up with this shit, turn lights off on your way out, call it a day..I’m disgusted with em all

  9. Sunny

    I’m loving how mouthy Nicole is to Jackson!! Good for her. LOL!

  10. Pink13

    I am so proud of Niçole right now!

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  12. RAY SAY

    Rooted for Mic, from day one, but Nicole winning would be alright with me, she played the Sweet Role, because she really is Sweet, I guess

  13. Punkytripster2

    All Jackson needs to say to Cliff is that he was originally going to keep him after they made the veto deal but when Cliff went back to him saying he would use the Veto on him but he wouldn’t take him to final two that didn’t sit well for Jackson. I mean really why would Jackson take Cliff??! Nicole and Cliff have both said if they win they are taking each other so Jackson has to win the 3 part Finally to get to final 2 that’s stupid. At least Holly would take him. It’s game play and what gives him his best shot of going to final two. I am definitely an unpopular opinion. I have wanted a Jackson/Nicole final two for the past month. I don’t think I’m going to get it but that’s my hope. I truly believe out of JJ/Beth/Nicole that JJ has played the best BB game. Beth hasn’t played well since the second half the only thing she did was align with strong members and Nicole played good socially once the numbers went down but the only thing she has truly won is BB Comics. Her two HOH wins were both thrown to her but I do commend her from being at the bottom of the barrel to being a top contender for final .

  14. BBGurl

    Pity party for SBNicole, table 5. Who’s attending? I’ll get a final head count once all the thumb downs are counted. As an added bonus, I’ll be celebrating that dumbass redneck hillbilly is going out on snarky bitch Nicole’s HOH. LOL.

  15. Nancy

    Nicole was so pissed when telling cliff what JJ said..never heard her use so many F bombs..lol..thought NN was back for a second..
    Bless nicole she is sweet and does genuinely care for others

  16. Avatar

    I’m done making today’s playlist

  17. ElaineB

    Of the remaining players, Jackson deserves to win. He won comps early on, and no one worked to get him out. He got in a gross-mance with Holly early on, and no one made it a priority to get him out. He outplayed them all, including Holly. He moved himself around on the BB board, chess or checkers, no one cares. He won comps to protect himself and advance. Holly won comps to fill in the gaps, and kept herself and Jackson safe. These two ‘owned’ the HOH room towards the end of the season. I don’t like Jackson personally, but that is okay. Last season, I liked both Kaycee and Tyler, and I was proud of both of them.

    • KelBel

      I’ve finally faced the conclusion that Jackson will likely win. I just do not want to see G-ma Phylllis take second.

    • TeeJay

      I agree about last season, by final 2 either Tyler or Kaycee were good candidates. But now who really thinks Beth deserves a final 2 spot? She is acting entitled to it like her spot isn’t there only because Jackson. She has no social game except shower time.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Agreed Elaine. I wish we had a Tyler and KC this year, but we just don’t.

    • JennX

      I can appreciate your view of this, however I feel the game is much more than just comp wins. It’s a social game, physical, mental and jury management. It’s making alliance, making deal and navigating a societal microcosm using whatever strengths you can bring to the table.
      I hate the term “floaters” because the comp beasts and massive “popular crowd” alliances sling this term around in a derogatory manner to imply someone has zero game because they don’t win comps. These so called floaters are just navigating a different style of game.

      So however they get there, they’ve all earned their F4 spot – by comps, social or shower stool.

      • TeeJay

        I guess the issue for me is if your strong point is stool time dont act like you are pure of heart and every one else is playing dirty. Own it. Like someone Steve said, say of course I’m taking my girlfriend.

      • ElaineB

        I will have a harder time with Holly coming in second, than I will with Jackson winning.

    • Sassy

      I think JJ is playing for 2d. He has played the game the best but forgot about jury management and that is the ONLY area Beth has played better than him.

  18. JennX

    Sooooo does this mean we won’t get to watch the tie-dye group activity today?!?! I was totally planning my entire Sunday around watching that! Damnit

  19. ShoeLover






  20. Kari

    I’m not going to say anything mean or rude but I wish there was a way of blocking some people here because the vast majority of posts and responses are just incredibly difficult to read because of the level of venom in bitterness in them.

    Walking away for a while because I don’t want to lose my temper or upset anybody. I just had to do a small vent.

  21. hogwild

    I wasn’t really planning on commenting much if any this week as there really isn’t much to talk about but seriously Jackson enough with the bullshit. Your plan was always to go to F2 with Holly just like it was Nicole and Cliff’s plan to go there together if N&C had never considered or even talked about voting Holly out and the HOH and POV had gone the same way this week you would still be voting out Cliff so stop pretending otherwise.

  22. kneeless

    I have watched BB from the very beginning. We have had several seasons that I have not enjoyed but this is the first time I can honestly say that I’ve “checked out.” Don’t really care if I watch to the bitter end…but know I will. Here’s to hoping BB22 is better!

  23. Painter1

    Watching the shows

    • Painter1

      Jackson is REALLY PLAYING the game.

      • JennX

        He is playing, for sure. Playing dirty and not owning it. I don’t have to like it. But I agree he said it would rain fire and came out guns blazin’.

      • Sassy

        I don’t have a problem with them “not owning it” while on the show. Keep up your facade until the end. Own it after the game is over or in your final pitch to the jury.

      • Mello_One

        Yup Painter, Jackson is playing the BB Game, but that still doesn’t mean that a lot of us like him. I’m really disappointed that Jackson cheated all throughout his time as a Have Not, & all Big Brother did was end the Have Not Punishment for him. 🙁

  24. Charlotte

    Good grief! Watching this scene from the other night and knowing they STILL kept horizontal Holly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole wins the spot to choose who to take to final 2 then she self evicts so she doesn’t upset Jackass!

  25. Avatar

    I have been a creeper for years but cant hold my tongue any longer!! How did cliff and nicole fall for this BS spew??? I am so confused!!!

    • Nancy

      Welcome Denise..I’m chalking it up to momentary insanity..

    • KelBel

      I don’t think they fell for it. In the good bye messages to Tommy, they even said as much. They just wanted to keep their word. Well, Cliff…your word got you the boot this week, because Jackson’t word doesn’t mean a thing. (Just ask Sis).

    • Amber

      Hello Denise. I think Cliff was making his decision more on a chance at final two than final three which isn’t the best strategy as you have to be in the final three in order to make it to final two. He knew he couldn’t win his way there so he was thinking Jackson is the most likely to choose and believed he would choose him over Nicole where as Tommy would choose Nicole. Guess he was thinking they’d get Holly out easier than Tommy in final four? Then he’d be in the position Holly is this week- guaranteed final two because they’d both take him. He’d have been wrong about that too though I think.

    • NKogNeeTow

      WELCOME to the board Denise!

  26. Mary

    Who was the one person that kept going up to the HOH Bunny Ranch and reported any and everything they learned. ” Just checking in. ” This person said this, that person said that.

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  28. ShoeLover

    Okay, I am stuck watching 60 minutes waiting to push the record button on the remote!!

    I just finished reading your update Steve!!! WOW!!! Chocked up a little reading all of it. Because i am that “old people” age range and I do applaud Cliff staying supportive and a little bitter as well. I mean, don’t forget Jackson and Cliff have had their side deals all season long. I am not sure if they had an original F2 deal, but behind al the chaos and what not, they have talked, dealt and agreed on terms through this whole game. So I can see the bitterness between the both of them!! BUT BUT BUT, this is Big Brother where all of your morals, life lessons, and down right sell yourself to the devil to play this hard, mental game period. >Daniel keeps saying I could never be on this game/entertainment SHOW because I am certifiably crazy and would put their psychological testing to shame!! I’m a little crazy, but a fun crazy!!

    Any ways… thanks Steve, Mel, Mike and the GOOOOOORJESSS NK for every thing… waiting to push the record button while typing this!!!

    Much love, much BBJ go go go go!!!

    • Sassy

      Yes, they have had deals for a long time, but Cliff can’t be mad at JJ, he just told him this week that if he got to chose he was taking Nicole to F2 and was hopping JJ would still take him to F2. Even IF JJ intended to keep his deal with Cliff, that should have set off alarm bells for JJ, and made him reconsider. I understand he was always going to take Beth and Cliff was always going to take Nicole, but the going back on deals went both ways for them. Most people seem to only be upset at JJ…

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        That’s what I was trying to say and you did it so much better Sassy. C/N broke the final 4 deal that JJ/B were planning to honor. The deal was UNTIL final 4 and then every person for themself. C/N were unsure right up until the vote, so what was JJ supposed to do? Wait until Beth was chatting with Julie to do something? TT WAS after Cliff for a long time. JJ embellished A LOT on that, but C/N backed them in a corner by going back on the final 4. After that, I wouldn’t stay true to any deals either. Any of the final 3 “duos” knew, or should have, that at final 4, the duos would stick together.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Pablo, I can go along with just about everything you said until you got to that “C/N backed them in a corner”. That’s a crock of crap. That’s like FAH saying she was bullied into throwing the HOH to Nicole. There is something called “FREE WILL”. We are ALL born with it. You always have a choice. It might not always be a good one, it might not always be the right one, but it is a choice none the less. It didn’t matter how many hand shakes and promises were made, FAH could have won that HOH anytime she wanted to, at least according to her. She could have chosen to stay up there and won that room she bitched about for the last few days, instead of dropping off and making us listen to her inane drivel about it. Not only did SHE make the choice to throw it, it was HER idea. She needs to live it and shut the hell up.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Hi NK, by “backed them in a corner”, I was refering to C/N telling JJ that they were voting Beth out. At that point, JJ’s option was either let it happen or do whatever he could to keep her, not wait and see if she went to chat with Julie. I don’t think Beth deserves to be there anymore than anyone else, but am speaking from JJ’s perspective at the time he realized C/N were backing out of the final 4 deal.
        As for throwing the HOH, I agree, Beth should have either not done it since they had broken the final 4 deal, or done it and STFU about it.

  29. Avatar

    Love that Jackson won Veto… I don’t want the nerd herd to win a thing sorry if you’re cheering on Nicole or Cliff but c’mon… they haven’t done a damn thing all year. Adios floater Cliffy!

    • KelBel

      The nerd herd? wow.

    • Sassy

      Hahaha!! Love the nerd herd! I agree, nice people, but not deserving of 500K.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Why is it that “nice people” don’t deserve to win? That’s like saying nasty people do. You can be nice, play a clean game and still deserve to win. I’m not saying that JJ doesn’t deserve to win (I don’t think he does because I don’t like the way he played), but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t win. I’d prefer he didn’t but alas, our choices are limited. It doesn’t matter how upset I get now, because on the 24th, a winner will be crowned, and no matter whether who wins, all of our lives will go on. Yes, this game has sort of come down to good vs evil. But that’s life.

        PS: I’m also part of the Nerd Herd 😉

      • Sassy

        I’m not saying nice people “don’t deserve” to win. I’m saying Nicole and Cliff don’t deserve to win but they are nice people. 2 different statements. I thought both Tyler and KC were nice people and both deserved to win.

    • Amber

      Lol I think I might be in a nerd herd myself

    • Mello_One

      Big Brother 6, the Nerd Herd will Cappy as there fearless leader….I hated the Nerd Herd, & loved Janelle! Nugget has the same underdog game fight as Janelle did on BB6, imvho…

      • Mello_One


        Btw Steve Beans…Could you please add a Edit Button on your BBJ website? I’ve been a Contributor to your website for at least 6 years, & every year I ask…So please.

  30. JennX

    I’m watching the Sunday show and had to pause it… during the blow up Nicole says that by hr grace of a god we are all here. Holly viciously interrupts her and snipes that no not by the grace of God, but by the grace of Holly and Michie! Waaaooooowww.
    This eviction fight was savage! No wonder everyone has been emotionally and physically depleted. I would not want to even be a fly on that wall.

  31. Betty Boo

    Watching the House Meeting show. Can I just say bully, liar, entitled, BSer, makes me want to turn off my TV. Not okay.

    • Avatar

      Betty boo me too… I asked my family to please turn off tv… I hate michie he’s everything u said and more CLIFF IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM … CLIFF IS BETRAYING NICOLE…PERIOD HE’S IN SAME BOAT AS MICHIE PIECE OF SHIT PHONY…. I did call him day 5 what he is… Season sucks ass.
      Michie says he needs this and that because he knows it’s going to happen like holly throwing comp. He’s acting like he wants that Why??? He’s an ass hole

  32. Nancy

    I like how they’re making the endurance comp seem like it was long..the fight the agreement a couple DR comments back to comp..

  33. KelBel

    Nicole “it’s better than taking third to a showmance”

    –guess who is most likely to take third to a showmance.

    With as much as I disagree with Jackson’s tactic to keep Phyllis Diller, Nicole KNEW better and screwed up, which is likely due to Cliff. And Cliff, you deserve to be walking out the door for believing a damn thing Jackson said, especially believing he’d keep you over his stooly.

    I can’t handle the stupidity and I HATE that I feel bad for Tommy.

  34. nancy

    Listened to Nicole talk to herself (and then to Cliff.) They don’t regret what they did, they have this all in perspective and the if they’re ok I’m not going to sit here outside and say what they should or shouldn’t have done. I’d love to see Nicole win the 2/3 and take Holly but if Jackson wins for playing the “best” game I don’t have to like it but so what.

  35. JennX

    Read the temperature (of the viewers on the innerwebz) these houseguests are very lucky that the jury crowns the winner. In many of the other BB-verse houses across the globe the viewers vote for the winner. It would interesting for BB US to reintroduce this to the game especially if the guests didn’t know until they walked into the house… I imagine there would be a lot of scrambling to reinvent a strategy.

    I think it would be fun to watch and vote. I mean in the countries where the viewer votes for the winner, BB is a major big deal. Unlike the low ratings throw away cheapo summer show we have.

  36. AIO_7

    All of this could have been avoided …


  37. Betty Boo

    What’s happening on the live feeds now?

  38. KelBel

    If Jolly is the F2, do you think any of the jury members will tell them “I don’t want to give either of you my vote”?

    • Colby

      Mine went out while BB was on. It was running late.
      I did get to see the end of the HOH comp first though, and have to concede that HB did throw it.
      Still don’t think there is anything honorable about either of them though.

  39. Gerardo for AFP

    “Nicole says she’s stupid and made a stupid move.”

    No Nicole, you didn’t make a stupid “move”… you made multiple stupid moveSSSS– plural, with an “s” (or 4). You and Cliff both squandered multiple golden opportunities to set yourself up for a smooth ride to at least F3. Absolutely dreadful gameplay (in my Simon Cowell voice).

    No point in crying now Nicole, unless you’re also going to shout, bang some pots and pans together, and try to turn Jackson against Holly (I know it’s a long shot but hell it’s worth a shot and I’m bored… give me something to watch). Throw away his protein powder and tell him Holly used it for a facial scrub. I don’t know, get creative.

    Otherwise, you might as well suck it up and get mentally prepared for the final HOH. You’re in for a battle. Good luck Nicole, you’re going to need it.


  40. Avatar

    It’s official Mickie is a piece of shit. I do despise that bully. His mommie should be disappointed in his bullshit. He’s a joke…lol lol lol… mickie is a bully I would live to open slap his face…. lol
    Cliff knows nicole is correct cliff is a wishy wash slob… lol lol… Nicole and Holly should go the distance.

  41. Betty Boo

    So if Holly had won that HOH and C/N are OTB, does Michael choose Cliff?

  42. Avatar

    The BB Twitter account just had the nerve to ask us do we feel bad for Jackson


  43. Ronduh

    I don’t even want to watch tonite’s episode…we’re recording it right now. I was so pissed off yesterday and was bitchy with my mister…i just can’t handle it this season lol. I know it’s just a game but I seriously think Jackass is mentally fucked up with his reasoning…he just sounds so condescending and holier than thou when he’s justifying what he did. It isn’t so much what he did…it’s a game for a lot of $…but it’s the word vomit coming out of his mouth and Holly is his little puppet who’s afraid of losing him so she’s stooping to his mindfuckery level. Gah I hate this season!

  44. NKogNeeTow


    I just finished watching the show and I’d just like to go on record as that being the BIGGEST crock of bullshit I’ve ever seen. Throughout the season I’ve constantly read conspiracy theories in the comments but never responded or commented on them. But THIS!!! Talk about your creative editing! They damn near made JJ out to be a saint!

    They showed him in the DR vowing to save his geriatric girlfriend at ALL cost. Vowed he’d never lose her. Told us how he was a man of his word and had every intention of keeping it until he overheard Cliff and Nicole thinking about evicting his pet snapping turtle. Yet they failed to show how he’s been saying all along that he and his “Hols” would be the F2. But didn’t he handshake with Cliff that HE would be his F2?

    They showed how TORMENTED he was in the DR. But failed to show how the night he eavesdropped on TT/Nicole/Cliff in the HN room, he ran back down the hall and paced the room like a caged animal while waiting for FAH to come back from the DR. They failed to show that as soon as she walked in the door, he had this crazed look in his eyes and told he how he was going to destroy and bury Cliff and Nicole. How if he was going to lie and stab them in the back as hard and as much as he could because THEY were going back on a done deal that HE was going back on to Cliff first. It wasn’t so much that they (C/N) had betrayed them, it was that they were about to beat them (J/H) to it. Oh, and that not only did he have a few choice words about Cliff but about his “sister” Nicole too. He giddily and gleefully concocted the plan to set Tommy up for a fall so he could also take down Cliff and Nicole too.

    They showed how TORMENTED he was in the bathroom and crying crocodile tears to FAH because he felt SO bad about what he HAD to do. Yet the night after he told Cliff and Nicole Tommy’s “plan”, he and FAH lay in bed GLOATING because they say they sold it, then proceeded to verbally destroy Cliff and Nicole again. And also the nights leading up the the Veto comp, they lay there every night ranting and raving about Cliff and Nicole and what lying, despicable, deceptive, obnoxious, deplorable, disgusting people they were for FORCING them to have to play dirty. Nicole’s “little brother” said more nasty things about her than FAH did. Those two FED off of each other and revved themselves into a raging stupor.

    To the CBS network viewers he came off like a paragon of virtue who was only defending himself and his damsel. He even cried out for his mama and asked, “Where is mama?”. She was right there sitting next to him in all her haggered glory. What the Live Feeders saw was one thing. What the network viewers saw was something else. To that I say fuck you CBS. FUCK YOU!

    Nicole didn’t ruin Cliff’s game. He did tanked it all himself. And as far as I’m concerned, they can strap two missiles to his fat ass and blast him OVER the JH and straight into space. And Nicole, she’s figured out everything faster than anyone in the house yet instead of going with her instinct, she deferred her final decisions to Cliff because she was afraid of being wrong. I’ve said a few threads ago that she was better off on her own. Well, now she will be and I’m not feeling to many warm and fuzzies towards her either. YOU’RE A GROWN ASS WOMAN, ACT LIKE IT!
    Hopefully I’ll have calmed down and be more objective tonight. But for right now? OH HELL NO!

    • Nancy

      Can I get an amen..

    • Ronduh

      I love you NK! You said it perfectly!

    • KelBel

      NK! NK! NK! NK! NK! NK! NK! NK! NK! NK! <3

    • Purring

      Love it NK, couldn’t have said it better!

    • AIO_7

      Careful there Nik or we are going to have to throw the “venom and bitterness” flag on you.

      How was your sunset, good?

    • Avatar

      About time. Everyone was so blinded by their hate for Christie & Tommy that they ignored the fact that Jackson is as big of a POS that Christie was.

      Now I truly hope that Nicole wins the final HOH, takes Holly with her, and loses the vote to Holly.

      The way I see it, this cast and season were so fucking horrible that it deserves to have a champion that will be as hated as this season.

      Tommy has AFP wrapped up.

    • Sunny

      Unfortunately the only way CBS listens is with money. Bloggers agree to not blog about it next year, POP TV agrees to not sponsor BBAD next year, people have to agree to not watch it next year. That’s the ONLY way that CBS would be able to change the outcome this year. Obviously that’s not going to happen. I do wonder what POP TV thinks though. Houseguests ungrateful with snacks given to them instead of booze, wanting booze instead of tie dye stuff, etc. POP has to be spending some money but are they really getting anything from it? A very disappointing season. Karma would be Nicole somehow winning (very iffy) and getting America’s Favorite (hopefully!!). That would show CBS and houseguests alike. I know – that’s not happening – but I can still dream.

    • Joy

      Much love NK and thanks for the heads up on the episode I was recording but now plan to stop and delete without watching. I haven’t watched one in weeks now, I come in here.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m not saying DON’T watch it. But if you are a Live Feeder, then you SHOULD watch it, so you can see the hatchet job they threw on the unsuspecting CBS network viewers. What CBS did tonight was a page straight out of FAH’s playbook. We saw one thing, they tried to make us think we saw something else. It was an insult to anyone who watches the feeds.

      • AIO_7

        NiK, we should have known the fix was in the moment they fished the house meeting. Definitely not the first time they have pulled that crap this year.

    • LO1004

      I haven’t commented on a while bc I have very different views than most on here I have noticed. But THIS..I felt in my soul. I couldn’t agree more.

      I just wish Nicole and Cliff got their heads out of their asses long enough to notice the giant red flags when Jackson was fighting SO HARD for Beth to stay. I’m dumbfounded.

    • amareels

      I thought the editing was very very slanted. Thanks for voicing your opinion, I feel the same way!

    • kneeless

      Amen, NK! JJ & Hols plan all along has been F2. JJ can now use N/C as his “reason,” I don’t mind playing the game; lying, manipulating…but when you’re fake about it, get a good edit & have mommy’s help, that’s where I have an issue. He’s trying to sell us on a persona that IS NOT who he is.

    • Tam

      Preach it, NK!!!!!!!! Keep it up…….LOVE IT AND YOU, gf….
      *warning to the sensitive* Snark coming out
      I still say that he is a profile pic off webmd of a prolapsed rectum increasing by the day and she has become the profile pic of a prolapsed vg due to the all the pounding she is wanting and taking. I am sure she could become more with those lips and all the other ailments….They deserve each other. When they do get back outside their gilded cage she is going to find out what America truly believes and has seen of her. Pretty sure her conservative town’s people have all seen the same things that we have and they do have some sort of link to the outside world and it’s all not going to be pretty. She always has a future modeling for the industry she is in and can fall back on the casting couches of the adult entertainment industry. JJ on the other hand will, as well, but not give a damn till no one wants to hire him to handle any food or beverages. They may “believe” that they are playing a good game, but their actions and words that they try to force feed us unaware that we watch whenever feeds allow have proved otherwise. Sorry but I don’t buy his good guy routine……He might truly believe it in his own mind and naive perception of himself. Truly a privileged, pampered, entitled ass is what I see. And the fact that his mom has been allowed to influence his game is just beyond. Can you imagine if all the parents called in and complained how far that would have gotten them or carried any weight for that matter. NONE…..He is special, in many different ways. He said he likes to be alone a lot, I am guessing that is because the world doesn’t always bow down to his ways and wants so he has to isolate himself. IMVHO……..Ok, I’m done……. N need for bp to get back up over this shit show of a season….Will continue to read and love all the comments except for that special one, smh.

      • AIO_7

        Venom and bitterness alert! Venom and bitterness alert!

        BTW … How is your husband, Tam. Did you all have a good time at the state fair?

      • Tam

        Hey, AIO, how are you? Think that you got me and one of our other BBJ fam members mixed up, lol. I am a happily divorced. Burnt all those tickets from the freakshow, fun house of horrors. Free from my version of JJs. Thank You, Jesus…..State fair is the spring here due to the hurricanes. Can’t handle the crowds and fried food smells too well anymore so this is about my social scene, lol. Just been down but have to check in to see how everyone is and what is going on. Haven’t been watching the feeds or the shows. Keeping up on here and feel like I get the real, real here. CBS is my shit list after the NatGeo continuous loop they pull. Not interested in their edits or load of BS…..
        Hope you are doing well. Love the commentators and y’all keep me updated and entertained. Need some distractions

      • Nancy

        @AIO, kari got the free tickets to the fair

    • JennX


      I wish we could inundate CBS with enough strongly written letters to affect change. Surely they are aware of the ever growing craptacular sentiment of their fan base, right? I mean they DO have internet access in LA, right?

    • Avatar

      Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel! I’m also shy about commenting but I have read your nightly updates all season…..thank you! I look forward to your updates each evening.

  45. Avatar

    MICHIE stop… your embarrassing yourself. Lol lol. I’m glad I didn’t turn off tv… that was worth it.
    Cliff the Piece of shit he is just came out. to nicole about mommas boy alliance

  46. Avatar


  47. Avatar

    That’s it after tonight’s episode I am going to unleash Crazy Courtney and Judge Trudy from the Amanda Show on Production and the Emperor and Empress of BS. Here is one of the Crazy Courtney sketch’s so you know what to expect


  48. Colby

    I hope Nicole isn’t foolish enough to let them have the HOH room now.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Liars and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!


    JJ and FAH talking about Cliff and Nicole on the Tommy vote. She is telling him that Nicole never wanted her there in the first place but now she’s there and Cliff isn’t so she’s sure Nicole is going to be really not happy with her. She lays down while he eats. He says that if they make it to F2 he hopes the jury understands why he did what he did to Tommy. He says he hopes he was wrong but he truly felt that she was going home. She agrees. He says that if he had waited to act, Tommy would have been in Nicole’s ear and it would have been to late to do anything about it. He says he would hate for that solitary incident to cost him any money.

    She tells him that it bummed her out because she didn’t know Cliff didn’t want her out because he made it clear. JJ says he told him that too. She says it was so easily avoidable and that Nicole misinterpreted her words and that it’s how Nicole’s mind works and it’s her paranoia and has trust issues and is getting back what she put out into the world. He says it’s like him being cheated on so many times. She says it’s like not being trustworthy yourself (in reference to Nicole). She says Nicole was quick to assume because of her mindset. She says she gets it now.

    He says he almost slipped up. She asks him if he’s going to slip up tomorrow. He laughs and says he might but probably not. He ask what her speech is going to be. She says she isn’t going to say much. She says she hates those generic speeches “I love if you use it on me but if not, I respect your game” and sounding like a broken record. *Bitch, you’ve been sounding like a broken record almost all season.*

    Cliff comes out and goes to the hammock. She says she’s going to get ready for bed. She say’s there is nothing to talk about really. She says she’s going to bed at 10 and ask if he’d like to join her. He says he’s not sleepy. She says she’d like to get a zing before leaving this house. He says it’s not going to happen. She says she’s funny *she’s not* and he’s a dick *he is*.

    He says Cliff should be there. He serves he deserves to be in the finale. She asks him if he’s going to change his mind before Thursday. He assures her he won’t and tells her he will always be her biggest supporter inside the house and out. She says she feels bad because Cliff deserves to be in F3 more than Nicole. JJ says that Cliff’s gameplay and putting Nicole’s first himself put them in that positon and that if he had just voted alone and given him a tie to break this could have all been avoided.


  50. NKogNeeTow



    FAH tells JJ that was a weird comp (the luxury). He says 10Gs is a lot on the line. He says he made it in 10 minutes by luck and he knows how long it would have taken him to make that money and he feels like he didn’t earn it and he feels dirty and doesn’t like having things handed to him. *Bet not guilty enough to give it back.* He is astonished at the money. He says that would have been a heck of an order. Of course The Trampoline says she’s mad at herself because she should have gotten it. She says she saw Nicole counting and tried to lead her away. She says she was trying to get Nicole away so one of them could run up. She says she always hesitates and that’s been her biggest obstacle in the game and real lie. *Another excuse for her not winning.*

    He tells her she has to change the way she’s wired. He says he wasn’t born this way and wishes she could have seen him 10 years ago. *When he was 14 and in braces and she was 22 and on the pole?*


    Cliff in deep thought.


    FAH and JJ discuss Bayleigh and Swaggy. They think they are so cool and FAH says she can’t wait to talk to her about a lot of things after the show. *Shows there is no account for taste.* Nicole comes out with the SnapShat glasses and that horrible phony English accent. She takes a picture of the 2 vultures. He asks her about her DR and gets a warning. Cliff comes over and JJ takes a picture of Nicole and Cliff together. They decide to take a group picture. JJ asks Nicole if she’s seen the kitchen (he cleaned it).

    They all go inside and he tells Nicole that he couldn’t take it anymore. He says he’s been pissed off how dirty it was when he got up to make coffee. They get in front of the Memory Wall to take pictures.


  51. NKogNeeTow


    Target Room:

    Nicole is taking pictures of Cliff between the bullseyes over the beds. She wants to know what else she can take a picture of. He says she can take a picture of him wearing the POV. He says what are they going to do, burn the pictures. She takes it and they leave he suggest she take a picture of the fish. They go to the SR to get the fish food but door won’t open. She keeps telling BB that they would like to feed the fish. While standing at the door, BB tells them to check the SR. Cliff and Nicole go in and JJ and FAH run in from outside. POP gave them Jenga. *Oh Lord*

    Nicole gets the gloves and fish food and they all go upstairs to feed the fish. JJ notices that the fish food is different. He says the fish are getting fat. FAH says he means him. Nicole first takes a video of the tank. JJ and Nicole feed the fish while she records it. FAH tells her fish to go after the food. Cliff just stands there quietly. Nicole ask if they want to play Jenga. FAH wants to play outside but Cliff suggest to use the kitchen table instead. They all go downstairs and FAH and Cliff go to get jackets.

    Cliff goes into the Target room, while The Vultures play touchy feely in the outer bedroom. Nicole walks around taking pictures in the house and Cliff tells her to take a picture of him in the hammock. They go to the hammock and they both says they smell marjuana. Cliff gets on the hammock and first she takes his picture then she gets on and poses and he takes hers.


  52. davidsgirl

    I am so happy that a couple of years from now I won’t even remember Jackson’s name. Ha!

  53. davidsgirl

    I always rewatch the seasons, sometimes even more than once. But this season I will never watch again.

  54. davidsgirl

    I am hoping that if Jackson makes it to the final 2 they don’t send Dr. Will in to talk to the jury and he tries to discourage them from being bitter. Jackson has sent so many people home and dealt people such dirty hands, I want them ( the jury) as BITTER as they come!

    • amareels

      If JJ makes it to the final 2 with HollyBeth I wouldn’t want to see HollyBeth go home with a half million for doing absolutely nothing but riding JJ all the way.

      • davidsgirl

        I agree with you. I don’t want Holly to win either. But if it comes down to it, I would rather see her take it home (the money). I hate his game play so much that I don’t want to see him take the money home. And for as much of a competitor as he is I would love to see him loose. Even if he lost to Holly I think it would eat at him for a long time. And he deserves to loose that way for all the horrible things he has done in the game and house.

  55. Avatar

    JJ is the actor. Every thing he says and does is for the cameras. He’s always looking at the cameras to see if there looking at him. Turns my stomach Every time I see his face. Holly’s not and better. Pompous Ass for sure. Holly will eventually see how controlling he is..

  56. NKogNeeTow



    The Jenga thingy has been set up on the table. JJ tells Nicole as HOH she can move first. Cliff, JJ, and FAH tells her how to remove a piece and place it on the top. Nicole laughs and says it’s stressful. Cliff takes a turn, then FAH, then JJ. Nicole is super excited and gets nervous every time someone removes a piece. *This will be our next 2 hours of entertainment.* Nicole is walking around looking at the pieces from every angle, trying to figure out which one to move. FAH keeps asking her if she’s sure it’s the right one. JJ is wearing the Snap Chat glasses and filming the moves.

    Cliff is trying to get a piece out and almost couldn’t but he made it successfully. JJ taps a piece before deciding which one to move. *Nothing much for me to report unless they says or do something so please bear with me.* Cliff asks what would POP do if they didn’t know how to play Jenga and just wound up building a log cabin. They laugh. Nicole is amazed that it hasn’t fallen.

    The Jenga thingy is getting higher. FAH says that maybe she should get the step stool out of the SR. *She just has the weirdest obsession with step stools.* Nicole asks why? FAH says so that the 2 of them can reach the top. Nicole says it’s getting cloer to the overhead mic. Production warns them to be careful. Cliff has a tough time deciding where to pull from. The tower is wobbling a little bit. he finally picks a piece and places on top. FAH’s turn. She places her piece on the top and now JJ’s turn again.

    He asks if he can do 2. They laugh and tell him no. the is successful and now Nicole again. She asks then how are they not stressed. Cliff pulls out a piece from the end near the top and gets it up there without if falling. FAH gets her piece out and stands on her tiptoes to place it. JJ gets his on top without a hitch. He goes to get the step stool for Nicole.


  57. Avatar

    I agree with the post below. I know I will get a lot of flack, but I like Miche. Holly not so much. They are strong competitors and won when their a#% were on the line. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

    On a personal level, I don’t like how people inside, and outside, of the house go ‘below the belt’ and call someone horrible names and in essence damaging a reputation. I know comment boards like this give anonymity to people and they feel okay in being violently blunt, but if that was your son, daughter, father, brother/sister up there, you would NOT be okay with it. JM2C

    I hope Miche wins. I liked Cliff and Nicole, until these last two weeks. They have not played the game well. If they were going to make a move, (TT) they should have stuck to their guns. But they didn’t and it cost them their game. Kudos to Miche, he has done a darn good job of playing this game…and a lot of those times with his back against a wall. Don’t really care who sits next to him. He deserves to win…IMHO.

    And for those of you that say Miche controlled this game….I say no way. Hello people, remember PAUL. That was someone controlling the game and made the show horrible to watch

    • mm22

      Hi michele! Yup I do get what you’re saying, but I still think the
      hg know what they signed up for and so do their friends n family.
      Now the commenters are not just making things up they are commenting
      on the actual hg’s actions n dialog. It is a game but expecting comments
      just based on gameplay when they have to show there personalities when playing
      is unrealistic. I know I can be snarky or mean but I calls it as I sees it and
      I’m not hiding behind a keyboard. Several of us have been here for years
      and readers know some don’t hold back and can say what others are thinking
      or won’t say. If my comments have offended you I apologize.

  58. Avatar

    Pablo’s post earlier is what I was referencing…

  59. Avatar

    WhereIsPablo @ 4:59 Sept. 15 post

  60. Avatar

    Mm22: first one on this thread…4:58 pm. Hope that helps.

    Yeah I get it about frustrations and venting beliefs. Yep, they signed up for a reality show. But it seems some have become “Christie” on the threads. Know what I mean. It’s what people do…no real skin off my nose, just observation. Do like reading everyone’s opinions, whether I agree or not. Provides interesting perceptions.

    Do miss Tommy on show, for comic relief, but didn’t think he really deserved going to F4 or more….je relied heavily on another (Christie) and hid behind her shadow hoping to get to the end….like another person Holly (but at least she did win comps when it mattered). Still my vote in on Miche. Would love to see that boy come out with confetti on his shoulders

  61. Avatar

    Mm22…first comment on this thread…4:58 PM

    • mm22

      Thanks just read it-I agree with you n pablo both, Jackson has been playing the game the whole
      time, not a fan of the way he’s played but you are right he’s playing. I was not a fan of tommy
      although funny at times, his love yous n over the top compassion was just fake to me. I wish
      Hollybeth left instead of tommy because I dislike her more but tommy’s friend are all sitting
      on the jury and I believe the jury will vote who they like instead of game play this season
      I hope I’m wrong on that. I have said I was unhappy with the game play this season so personally
      I would vote for who I like-but I really don’t like any.
      I so agree both tommy n hollybeth have had a shield to hide behind! I haven’t seen you post lately
      so glad I caught you back here-come post with us on the current thread! Umm I will warn up
      I haven’t been very nice to hollybeth lately so there’s that-apologies again. Do you have the
      live feeds just curious?

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