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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Discussion

Good afternoon, everyone!


Happy opening day for most of you football fans out there! I know there was a game Thursday and like two tomorrow but most of the league plays today, so it’s basically opening day. Thursday doesn’t count anyway because the league stiffed the Patriots from opening on Thursday night so that game really doesn’t count. Pretty sure the reigning champ has hosted the season opener on Thursday night since they started doing Thursday night games, but we get the guy who is bffs with his insurance agent? No thanks!

I’m sure many of you hate my Patriots and hate them more today than Friday, so I’ll move on to Big Brother and not torture you guys with more of that!  (don’t let Pats fans trick you. We’re really terrified of AB ruining chemistry and are only cautiously optimistic about this move)

Alright, it’s time to talk about our girl Nicole. She won the veto yesterday and is 99% likely to use it tomorrow to save Cliff. That part is not the tricky part. The tricky part will be who Cliff and Nicole decide to evict come Thursday night – Tommy or Holly.


And yes, it is tricky. This is by no means a no-brainer decision. There are so many variables that come into play with this, like:

  • Tommy’s connection to Christie in the jury
  • Fueling a huge comp beast (Jackson) to perform at 100% at the veto
  • Figuring out who is the weaker player between Holly and Tommy

With all that said, from the outside, it still seems like picking Tommy is the better choice because Jackson is likely already going to be playing at or near 100% regardless of Holly because he knows he has to win the veto. I personally think Holly is a tad stronger than Tommy in comps so she’s the bigger threat, but Tommy does have the ability to win as well.

Here is the biggest problem with Tommy going to the final 3: The final HoH typically consists of an endurance comp, athletic comp, then a guessing game. Cliff is almost certainly not winning either of those first two rounds which means the final round of the HoH will likely be Tommy vs Nicole (it would likely also be Holly vs Nicole if they took Holly).  Nicole is then in the position where she has to win a luck competition to take Cliff over Tommy.  If she loses that luck competition, she’ll face two scenarios (assuming she’s even picked for f2)

Nicole vs Tommy or Nicole vs Holly


Let’s look at the jury in those situations:

  • Versus Tommy
  • Jack – Tommy
  • Christie – Tommy
  • Sis – Tommy
  • Kat – coin flip
  • Nick – Tommy
  • Jessica – Tommy unless she sticks to girl power
  • Cliff – Nicole
  • Holly – Tommy
  • Jackson – coin flip
  • Versus Holly
  • Jack – coin flip
  • Christie – Nicole
  • Sis – coin flip
  • Kat – Nicole
  • Nick – Nicole
  • Jessica – Nicole
  • Cliff – Nicole
  • Tommy – Holly
  • Jackson – Holly

Those are obviously not locked, but it seems like Tommy destroys Nicole while Nicole could actually beat Holly. Here is why: Tommy has always been in good with his alliance even when they split up. Jessica is also now bffs with Christie so she’ll probably be swayed to vote that way. Nick will likely vote Tommy as will Holly. Jackson may actually vote for Nicole because he has grown close with her and Kat may as well, but the only lock is Cliff.

Now, Holly isn’t in as good with her former alliance as Tommy is. I don’t think Sis is a huge fan any more and will likely convince Jack not to be, either. I’m fairly sure Kat and Christie would be more likely to vote for Nicole and Jessica would almost certainly pick Nicole over Holly.

To summarize – Nicole would have roughly a 50/50 chance in winning the final HoH. If she wins, she takes Cliff and wins the game. If she loses, she still may be taken to the final 2 where she would likely beat Holly but lose to Tommy. Basically, Tommy is too sure of a victory in the final 2 for him to even risk being in the final 3. Get him out now and destroy that option before it comes up.  And yes, all of these scenarios change drastically if Jackson wins the next PoV.



3:00 pm – Nicole tells Tommy she wants him to stay


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  1. MartyMar

    Hi, can someone do a summary of how the last three comps play out with respect to final HOH and getting to F2?

    • Mel

      It’s his best guess based on how the comps from here usually play out. (Mental, questions, endurance, etc) Its that combined with their track records in comps so far and who they’d probably want to be in the F2 with based on what we know as of right now.

      • MartyMar

        Got that. Meant (and I’ve seen before but forget), how the comps play out when they’re at F3: is it that all 3 play the first round, and only the top 2 go to the next round? If so, then next round, the winner chooses who to go up against for HOH? Then last round winner is HOH and chooses who to take to F2? Thanks!

      • MartyMar

        (Haha, that’s me thumbing my post down, since I got it all wrong.)

        I’m not beyond thumbing down my own post when it doesn’t makes sense, is wrong, or I end up disagreeing with…

      • Mel

        Well, I just realized I need to do it to myself too because I can’t even read today. I read your comment as “how can someone…” so like an idiot, I answered that question. Hahaha

      • MartyMar

        Haha! I’m sure that happens a lot around here…

    • Helen

      The first is usually endurance…all three play
      The second round is whichever 2 players lose the endurance
      The third round has always been scales of Justus….the winner of the first round and second round play that.
      That is the final HOH and they choose between the two players left
      Technically you don’t have to win ANY of the last 3 comps to go to F2…

      • MartyMar

        Thanks Helen! Our postings crossed wires…

      • Helen

        For example…tommy,Nicole and Cliff go to F3
        First round endurance Tommy wins
        Second round Cliff and Nicole play…say Cliff wins that
        Then Cliff and Tommy play Third round…Scales of Justus..
        Say Cliff wins…
        He chooses either Tommy or Nicole to sit in F2 with him

    • stevebeans

      going by the past, all 3 play in an endurance comp. The winner moves to round 3. The two losers face off in an athletic+memory comp. The winners of round 1 and round 2 face off in round 3 on finale night in a comp that is mostly luck

    • Avatar

      I can’t stand that Jackson fella. He’s really phony baloney…I’m not much for using the hate word. But lordy lordy he’s a real crack pot. Does he believe that these people trust him. Well they are not the brightest light bulbs .Haha. when Jacko wins he only beat a few people who don’t get the game or how to play. Nicole, tommie cliff truly don’t have a prayer. Or a clue either. IT WILL BE A SAD THING TO GIVE NARSCISIST JACKSON WIN CAN U IMAGINE THAT BIG HEAD THEN…..LOL

      • Alda

        Jennifer,what a beautiful day to be at the game.DeSean looked like his old self.Heard the news about Nick Foles.Surgery tomorrow and out for at least 10 weeks.Horrible.

      • Ann

        I can’t stand him either. I tried to kinda cut him a little slack in the beginning but that shit did not work out very well. The very sound of his voice makes me cringe.

  2. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I agree with all of that Steve and think they will regret keeping Tommy. Additionally, Cliff and Nicole pride themselves on their word, not that it would mean much to this jury of miscreants.

  3. Avatar

    Bering from Pittsburgh, all I can say is….have fun with AB.

    AB can be summed up by the title of a Richard Pryor comedy album of the 70’s.

  4. g8trgirl

    Steve, I was bummed when my Steelers let AB get away. But the Pats? I don’t see Belichick putting up with his shenanigans for too long. Good luck. Lol

  5. twaddle

    Tommy has had a very good social game, but his Christie revelation is bound to affect the voting, assuming Cliff and Nichole find out about it

  6. Robin

    I read on BMX that Jackson is a Gemini. If that is true, his personality makes complete sense to me. I lived with a young rash Gemini who was part saint and part ass hole. The problem is you never know who you’re gonna get. So, I keep waiting to see which Jackson is gonna make a deal with Nicole. Nicole is loyal to Cliff, but I think if JJ is smart, he has got to come up with the right offer, got to mean dumping Holly. He already make a final 3 with Cliff… so is he ready to jump ship when someone else pulls the trigger?

  7. Lather

    While I seriously want Holly gone asap, I’ll gladly settle for sequestering her away from everyone else and with no screen time given to her in that exile.

  8. hogwild

    I really hadn’t factored in that the majority of that jury is going to be former six shooter/GR8 and that Tommy is way better liked by them than either jackson or Holly. Sam might have started the collaspe of the GR8 alliance but Jackson finished and Holly was right there with him the whole time it so this might be a consideration in deciding between Holly and Tommy. On football note Cowboys are beating the Giants 28-7 in third quarter.

    • NKogNeeTow

      One thing, the one who goes out in the F3, since they go out in the last round, they don’t go to the JH but backstage, so they won’t have time to tell the others what has been going on prior to them being voted out. They could provide a lot of info to the others which might influence their final decision in voting. I’m hoping that if the F2 are Nicole/TT, that since everyone always underestimated my little dark horse, once they see the accomplishments she’s made in the end game, they might give her the benefit of the doubt instead of voting for TT just because he was in an alliance with them or he was so well liked. Just a thought 🙂

      • Helen

        If Holly goes to jury this week she will probably let them know about Christie and Tommy..
        That could very well change the way they vote at the end.
        Like Tommy told Nicole…there are pros and cons to both…

      • Robin

        I agree with Helen, FA Holly cannot keep a secret and would tell somebody in that house. Also, Crusty had almost told a number of times when I thought she might be pressuring Tommy, just to make sure he used the veto on her.

    • Alda

      Time for Eli to hang it up.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Dan, Tam, check your messages. I’m not sure which one it will come up under because somehow your messages showed up on my inbox…lol

  10. JennX

    A lot of the jurors were balls to the wall unde9ably gr8tful… until they his the soundstage with Julie. From the limited jury house clips we’ve seen and the passage of time some (not all) have had time to reflect on reality vs the mob mentality that took place. Even after the ringleaders of the mob (Bella, Sis,AD lookin at U!) left the house some of the mob realized they were caught up in the frenzy then changed their tune once the mob started to die down, jurors don’t necessarily vote with whomever their alliance in the house was – it has no actual benefit to them.

    Perhaps they’re not quite as bitter as we think? Although they seem to be ‘getting the band back together’ in the jury house and could rile each other back up. Maybe they will pull a Boogie vs Ian where Boogie admitted he got got and outplayed by “sweet innocent” Ian then voted him to win in the end. The student became the teacher kinda thing.

    ~I know Bella did not make Jury

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    To those of you who sent messages in reference to the Jillian comment/conversation. I’ve addressed it on that thread. Please don’t be hard on her and give her the same respect that I always asks that we give each other. Thanks 🙂

    • JennX

      I agree with NK, when they signed up they knew that just like any other reality show participant, celebrity or TV/Movie star that they are opening themselves up to a barrage of people who will hate or love them. Some might have been totally ok because they believe that everyone will love them and no one will be drinking the haterade about them, but I’m certain that at least one person during the casting process said people will have their opinions – good, bad, and ugly.

      As for HollyBeth… I am trying to separate it into “Beth the Houseguest” and “Holly the person”. Cannot stand Beth. I feel sorry for Holly if her self worth is tied to this unattainable image that she is trying to project for herself. But other than that I can’t have an opinion of Holly because we haven’t been able to see basically anything about her true self.

      • Mel

        I see your point to an extent but I think we do see Holly. Holly is someone who wants to do things one way but wants credit for doing something else. There’s some insecurity there, for sure but that doesn’t explain away the other stuff like wanting to be seen as a comp beast vs someone in a shomance. I see her as the kind of person who would cut into a marathon during the last mile and act like she ran the whole thing.

      • JennX

        I see your side too, Mel. HollyBeth is riddled with inconsistencies and lies she tells herself.

        I feel to an extent all of the houseguests and reality show participants (I refuse to call them stars!) have show persona and the real them. As viewers we may get a good picture of both… but with Holly soooooooo preoccupied with her image, perception and revisionist game history, I don’t think we have but barely scratched the piled on makeup surface of her genuine self.

      • Ann

        When Holly was sulking like a child when that asshole Jackson made her cry totally reminded me of the way Zakiyah or whatever her name is, let Paul treat her. Those girls have low self esteem & little to no self worth & feel like they have to let a man treat them like shit. I don’t know, maybe that’s normal to them. Holly obviously thinks she can’t do any better than Jacko. I can’t stand her but the girl has problems. You don’t have to have a man to feel special & vice versa.

    • Nikki

      NK – initially I wanted to respond and then I thought, “just take a break, so you can write something civilly…” By the time I went back, you had responded perfectly – as always!

  13. Avatar

    Question. I just watched the “non-bullying” of Nicole clip again today which made me cringe all over again. I think someone on here showed Bella’s response to Nick on twitter or something. Just wondering if anyone knows if she’s watched that back and commented about that.

    • Mel

      She said she felt really wally bad for not believing Nicole, turning into a bit of a mean girl and tried to make excuses for some of it. Nick and Bella were actually the only two before last night to acknowledge they were wrong to Nicole but even then, it was an apology mixed with some “I wasn’t that bad.” Tommy apologized when they talked about it. Jackson said she misinterpreted what his intentions were. He says he was protecting little Nicole from the mob and that’s why he shut the door in her face.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yeah, nothing like having door slammed in your face to make you feel protected.

      • ElaineB

        Lol, that is one of the dumbest excuses I have heard.

      • Avatar

        I’d feel terrible if I saw it. Thanks for the answers. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves is an apology with excuses mixed it. Just say the 2 simple words and leave it at that. Oh well…

      • Mary

        That is what drives me crazy about some of these people, they have an excuse for everything. I didn’t have the live feeds right away so would go on U Tube to see things some of you members wrote about. Some of the chatter here today, made me go back and post that blow up about Nicole.

      • mm22

        Exactly if you can’t apologize without a “but ….” don’t even bother apologizing

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s because once you add a “but”, it changes from an apology to an excuse.

      • Tam

        Bella, bella, bella. Won’t even waste the time. Bye is all I can say politely. That’s a crock if I have ever heard one. Should have told him, I didn’t need your protection then and were you protecting me when you tried to pin the rouge vote on me? Shut a door on me dismissively…….Pfffffffff, going to kick in in and burn it down……
        NK, and agree with that. Plenty of butts in there

      • JennX

        MM22 – my folks taught me during an apology anything you say before ‘but’ is bullshit. This was repeated nearly word for word during Game Of Throne (between Jon & Sansa I think). I coulda swore my dad came up with it, lol

        Another parental gem I’ve heard forever is when I was little and whine that it’s not fair, Mom would said “Fair is where you go to ride the ponies”

      • mm22

        Jenn those are good ones! Makes me laugh thinking of my parents n theirs.
        We heard “turn out the lights unless u plan on paying the electric bill”

      • Ann

        That shit made my heart hurt for Nicole & shook me to my very core. It was all i could do to keep myself from trying to reach through my TV screen & choke the living shit out of each & every one of those Bastards that did that to her. Omg how horrible her parents must have felt watching that.

  14. MartyMar

    If Nicole takes out Beth, Cliff or Nicole should at least come in second (I think neither TT nor Jax will want to go F2 against each other, so will take Nicole or Cliff; whereas, Jollly is a done deal for F2).

    Given the endurance / physical comps, Cliff will likely only make second if he is taken to F2, but still won’t win the game. Nicole, however, could win a physical comp if only competing against Cliff (i.e., Nicole and Cliff are both in an F3 situation against whomever else). In such case, Nicole does have a shot at winning HOH (last comp) and can bring Cliff to F2 and win the game.

    My odds are as follows if they take out Beth this week (sorry, glutton for punishment):
    A) F3 = J/TT/N, Nicole comes in second (TT or Jax win final HOH and take Nicole to F2 – easier jury win)
    B) F3 = J/TT/C, Cliff comes in second (TT or Jax win final HOH and take Cliff to F2 – easier jury win)
    C) F3 = J/N/C, if Jax wins HOH, takes Nicole to F2; if Nicole wins HOH, takes Cliff to F2 and wins game.
    D) F3 = TT/N/C, if TT wins HOH, takes either but jury likely gives him win.

    In all above scenarios, either Cliff or Nicole are almost surely guaranteed second ($50k), and possibly even first and second under C. (1 in 4 shot of winning $550k, 3 in 4 shot of winning $50k).

    On the other hand, if they keep Beth, the above odds are reduced as follows:
    A) F3 = J/H and either N or C, J/H win endurance/physical and stay with F2, N/C get nothing
    B) F3 = N/C and either J or H, N wins final comp and keeps Cliff, wins game; or r.JH wins final comp and brings N or C to F2 (N or C gets $50k).

    Under the Beth scenario, N/C still have a 1 in 4 shot of winning 1st and 2nd, but only a 1 in 4 shot of coming in second for $50k. Oh, who knows. Just had to play this all out. I’m not completely sold that Jax would be too upset mainly because he would have to respect the game play (this isn’t about taking out a threat, it’s about winning some $$). Also, odds may even go up for winning against TT once Beth gets to JH and tells his secret to Kat. That suddenly makes the odds even more favorable for getting Beth out. (And I realize as I sum this all up that it’s possible you guys are watching feeds and hearing Nicole give Jolly the bad news… if only.)

  15. Kari

    Go Hawks, lol.. 😉 (We’re honestly not doing that great over the Bengals which is incredibly sad. But then again new year, new players who the hell knows how it’s going to be. I don’t expect a lot out of us this year because of that honestly…)

    it’ll be interesting to see what Nicole choose is it again I say I hope she makes up her own damn mind it doesn’t let other people convince her. Should be her choice from here on out.

  16. hogwild

    Cliff talking to Nicole he seems more than willing to take out Holly they have not made a final decision as they both kmow they have time but he’s not shooting it down.

    • SoftKitty

      At least he’s listening to her. I was expecting Cliff to continue to make all their decisions himself… Very happy they are discussing like a Real Alliance!

      • hogwild

        The thing those two have in common they both look at the big picture and run every possibility through their head. On a seperate note I had forgotten how much I didn’t care for swaggy and braggy till tonight that brought down what was overall a pretty good show.

      • danmtruth

        Thats good to hear from both you and Hog saying Cliff is listening to his own advise That he is treating Nicole as an equal This is a no win decision There is no perfect answer

  17. Avatar

    Sorry I haven’t been on today had another migraine and I’m only up to get ready for tonight’s episode.

    • Avatar

      Nk if you want a playlist for tonight’s BBAD episode let me know and I can make one real quick

      • NKogNeeTow

        It’s up to you Sweetie. You can post one if you want to. Hope you feel better. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thanks NK I won’t make one tonight but will make one for tomorrow’s BBAD

      • danmtruth

        Bennett take care of yourself first Im still going over the last list Thanks for the sonic journey

      • JennX

        Have had migraines since the 80’s as a kid. Just started on Namenda about a month ago as a preventative after Botox stopped helping. So far it’s a bit better. Sry few side effects/drug interactions. Was made to help manage Alzheimer’s but found to have the benefit of helping reduce migraines. ** I’m not a doctor, this I NOT medical advice, just personal experience**
        Ive tried just about everything! But for now the once or twice a week I get the headache you bet your sweet ass it’s gonna take at least 1-2 imitrex, 2-3 fiorocet, maybe a Benadryl or two, either Advil or Tylenol, probably a phenergan, a sizzling hot bath and a few ice packs (not all of these all at once!). And a lot of praying to god and whomever else that I can sleep it off within a day or so.
        If you don’t have migraines, you’re probably thinking omg, to much medical info. If you’re a migraine sufferer, you’re probably thinking “omg that works for you? I might need to try it because nothi;g is really helping right now”.

    • Kari

      Doctor told me to take 2 ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol (or ex strength Excedrin) and put an ice pack on the back of my head at the the base of my skull. I know that sounds really odd but it really did help…

      if you know anyone with essential oils if you rub peppermint oil in here temples and across your forehead that seems to help too because it’s cooling.

      Literally feel your pain and I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well…

      • NKogNeeTow

        2 Tylenol AND 2 Ibuprofen? That seems like a lot! But I hate taking pills for anything and try not to unless or until if gets really bad. Just be careful of taking all of that medication at one time.

      • SoftKitty

        Hope you feel better soon Bennett! We need you on the overnight crew! Maybe alternate the ibuprofen and Tylenol every two hours….

    • Nikki

      My migraines have been more frequent the last month. I think my allergies help trigger the migraines.

      I hope you get relief soon Bennett!

      • Tam

        Understand and agree with you, Nikki. Mine are worse with allergies. I keep ice packs that I have made an ice helmet out of and hunker down when they come on. I have to rotate meds if I am able to keep them down. Just miserable so prayers for all that suffer, too. Shalom peeps

      • JennX

        Tam & Bennett… a few months ago I got something from Amazon called an Ice Roller (like a jade roller but you keep it in the freezer). Around $10-12 and reusable. Total godsend when it’s bad enough that even the weight of an ice pack makes me cry.

      • Tam

        JennX, I will look it up. The ice packs are heavy so I went with the gel packs. Helps but still just miserable. I have had a few hours of reprieve then ughgghhhh. Screen time doesn’t help but sometimes I need the distraction and I want to know what’s going on. Since Christie and Jess have been gone they have lightened up, seriously. Got my phenergan, benadryl and ibuprofen ready now…Just tired of my ears ringing…..THANK YOU FOR THE INFO!!!

    • Vikki T

      Rest and take care of yourself Bennett!

    • Tam

      Bennett, hope you get better and take it easy. Feel better, friend… 🙂

  18. mm22

    Steve-Nkog-Mel so nice to have u all on the same thread answering questions,
    Wondering who you WANT to win this season?

    • NKogNeeTow

      My preference would be Nicole, then Cliff but oddly I wouldn’t be mad if JJ won it. Guess inspite of him being an ass sometimes, he kind of grew on me a little, like moss…lol. I think it’s because of the way he is with Nicole. I love the relationship they have with each other. She had a rough start with Nick too, but once Bella left, as much as he became a sex-crazed maniac, he was always different with her too.

      • Nikki

        NK – I agree with this 100%!!

        And the “JJ growing on me” kind of snuck up, but I feel like his behavior is better!

      • Avatar

        Nicole seems to bring out the better side of some people

      • Robin

        I think association with more authentic people tends to elevate those around them… lol works the opposite with a bad apple. Nicole is such a bright little light, it reflects well on those close to her… : )

  19. Vikki T

    They are making fun of Jess with “like”, “but” and over pronunciations of words. Oh and how loud.

  20. Avatar

    Thank you again for this site! Cannot believe I’ve been living with my BP rising all season waisting my time on another. Finally couldn’t even read it nor the comments so I began searching for new platform…here y’all were all along. Rational fans of the game with varying ideas but still being heard & weighing out the options.

    I just saw the conversation with Cliff & Nicole where Nicole has put her big girl panties on & truly swaying Cliff rather than being led. Bravo! I agree with most of your analysis except factoring in the greatest possibility of getting to the 3 would be taking Tommy, in my opinion. Also, re jury votes, I believe Nicole would gather more votes to win by taking out Holly & hopefully, as the new team of 3 taking out Michie/Jackson. Where Tommy might get Jess, Kat, Nick, Sis originally…this move could flip I believe to Nicole? Let me hear others opinions. And on a sour note I really dislike Jackson & Holly separately but, more so, as a showmance! They really believe they are favored by the house & universe …Jackson cleaned up his act after production threatened him/warned him because of his pending legal issues of domestic violence outside the house & his mama’s threat to CBS. Holly is an attention seeker in a not so attractive way, spending so much time digging at everyone in the house & hours on her makeup…then both isolated themselves from the rest of cast & wonder how these other relationships could have possibly formed. Just this once I hope production does make Nicole think it out in the DR.

  21. Nikki

    Steve, Steve, Steve,

    You’re hurting my heart with, “Thursday doesn’t count…” and you made fun of my Aaron…
    I may live in the Upper Peninsula of Mi, but I work in Wi and I’ve been a PACKER fan since I was 10.

    If you ever get a chance to go to Lambeau field , you must LEAP at the chance.

    PS – they have wanted to switch up who the opening team was because… well… ratings (people may be bored with the Pats)…


    PSS – Ladies have you gotten a look at our coach?!?!

  22. Mary

    How can Tommy say they back stabbed him. He won an HOH and a few POV’s, it’s a game. As Ann would say ” Suck it up buttercup”.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    JJ sipping that drink tho…lol

    TT saying the way he feels with CC being voted out, relieved…lol

  24. Avatar

    Who was the person in production that came up with this HOH Competition because it’s really bad

  25. Leah-Ann

    I understand jury management and even thinking ahead to jury votes, but I can’t get past the now, so to say. I think, leaving Holly in the game is guaranteed 2v2, whereas keeping Tommy may backfire into a 2v2 (if he joins with Jackson), but could likely be a 2v1v1 and Jackson can’t even compete for HOH. And also, again it’s guaranteed 2v2 for final 2 deals. Jackson and Holly are definitely taking each other, Tommy has potential to see things different since his ride or die is out already.
    I just personally, think it’s dangerous to leave a couple in together at this point. Even more so when they are as big comp threats as Jackson & Holly are.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    **QUICK NOTE**

    I’m not sure what’s going on with the Messages today but other than a few to me, I have been receiving messages between other people. This has never happened before so I don’t know whether it’s a one time fluke just for today or something else. Just FYI, be careful of what you say in them today because I’m not sure where they will wind up…lol

    • Robin

      Thanks for the heads up NK. There has been some strange stuff with both where the postings go as well as private messages over the last week. I could never figure out the random posting problem, even when using reply. Hope this doesn’t create any problem between friends.

      • mm22

        Robin my reply posts are constantly popping up in the wrong place-they will
        post above someone else’s comment of “I totally agree” or “lol” an I know they
        didn’t respond to me but my comment just slipped in! I’m thinking to myself
        ooops I look sneaky.

      • Robin

        Not just you mm22, can make it difficult to understand some of the comments. My temp solution is to mention who I’m replying to… it will work out!

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  28. Sunny

    Funny how Swaggy & Bailey say they’re engaged and planning a wedding. Hellooooo – you got married in February as reported by soapdirt. Why are they still trying to hide it? Oh yeah to get free stuff. I have no respect for people who do crap like that.

  29. Mary

    Tommy was in a big alliance that bullied and treated people poorly, and now that he is alone we are suppose to feel sorry for him. – NOT!

  30. mm22

    So Jackson just said his mom wanted him to do big brother- lol
    And he n his mom want to do amazing race together-he would love
    to do survivor cause he’s a very competitive person

    • Robin

      He would be good st the comps for Survivor, but could never tolerate the awful food situation. Can you imagine?

      • Tam

        Robin, I was just about to say the same thing but you beat me to the punch. Can you imagine trying to deal with him and the lack of food. It would be worse than the steroid withdrawal we witnessed earlier in the season. Yes, I said it. He really needs to reevaluate that one…..At least HB could use her hair to make a fly and fish for food, but him and the Mom threatening to sue Jeff because it wasn’t going their way, up to their standards, or everyone was threatening to banish them would not work. Doesn’t take a fortune teller to see that scenario not working out. But stranger things have happened before……..

      • Robin

        Tam, you are such a hoot! Always enjoy your perspective.

      • danmtruth

        Tam your the best that is so true

    • Avatar

      *eyeroll* Don’t need him on any of my other shows. Lol

    • Helen

      I’d like to see him do a season of The Challenge…just to see how he stands up to brutal competitions..

      • Avatar

        @Helen, Robin and Tam and all new BBJ pals. I’ve never watched the challenge, but thinking I might should since y’all talk about it. Seems interesting concept. But Josh…ugh. If he starts banging pots again I’m out.

  31. Avatar

    Well I’m going back to bed night y’all

  32. Annabelle

    After a case of 8 month old puppy (but 75lbs] zoomies I forgot who has migraine I think Bennett….if you have any of those pain patches put one one each temple and back of neck. I don’t like the menthol ones but some people do. Hog was glad to watch Cowboys win today! I’m a 80’s girl so will always love Cowboys and da Bears. And can’t bring myself to be a Titans fan….Tennessee football when/if it’s ever played again is orange and white lol. Thankfully I got my Clemson Tigers!

    • danmtruth

      Annabella thats some nice football memories you have Bear fan here Thursday night hurt The downfall of Tennessee football is a strange story no one has ever been able to explain Long way to Thusday eviction Im sure we will be in for some epic Holly meltdowns

      • Annabelle

        Dan my thoughts on it and down fall are all personal not fact based. Some families never recover from losing something awesome and Peyton was the start of UT.

  33. Mary

    @ Bennett don’t be mixing up pain relievers, unless ‘your’ doctor tells you to. Depending on your symptoms, take 600 or 800 ml. of Ibuprofen, every 6 to 8 hours. No disrespect to others postings that is just dangerous. There have been times I’ve taken 1000 ml, though not very often. Hope you feel better soon kiddo.

    • nancy

      You can take ibuprofen and acetaminophen together.

    • Colby

      Be careful taking those high doses of ibuprofen often, or even taking normal doses of it on a regular basis. It is really hard on your stomach. I ended up with a bleeding ulcer from taking higher doses for several days when fighting bronchitis.

      • Mary

        Completely agree Colby. Think mixing over the counter meds would upset a persons stomach too. My stomach bleeds from taking certain over the counter pain relievers except for ibuprofen, though your advice is well founded. Do hope he goes to the clinic on campus and gets help for himself.

      • Kari

        I never had a problem mixing ibuprofen and Excedrin ,no stomach problems but maybe that’s because I only do a minimumly when absolutely necessary and again my doctor did recommended

    • Jenny

      My dad was a pharmacist and I grew up knowing not to take dosages over what is recommended, or any meds unless absolutely necessary. Please be careful. Too much acetaminophen (tylenol) can damage your liver. If your pain is that bad, talk to a doctor. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  34. Avatar

    She admitted how dumb of a player she is. Nicole that is… She has no clue. None of it made sense .. I know next year if I get that same feeling I did about the cast players. Like Jackson and aquaman … and the dumb players I WON’T WASTE MY TIME PERIOD… THIS YEAR SUCKLED. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DISLIKE ANY PLAYER MORE THAN JACKSON . FIR ALL THE OBVIOUS REASONS

    • Robin

      Hey Matt! I have put in a few rants over the last couple of weeks about the problems with casting and production player management. In spite of that, I found this group last year…. lost for a while accidentally… and back to stay. This is a great group that will let you express your opinions no matter how many disagree. That alone adds to my enjoyment of BB in spite of its failings. So Wecome!

    • JennX

      It’s easy for us to armchair quarterback ( we get DR info, interviews and other fans on the Internet to strategize with). In the house they don’t have all the info we do, plus it’s a high stress, high pressure, high stakes situation. At least Nicole is aware enough to say the fans are probably yelling at her. Some of the other houseguests this season have been infuriatingly oblivious as to how the game and show actually works (or are soooo busy worrying about their image and storyline to really play the game!

      Nicole (and all of them) can only make the best choices with the info they have at the moment and how well their bullshit meter is working when other HG make deals/alliances

      • Ann

        Hey guys, I tried to hang in there tonight but I can’t do it. Goodnight all, sweet dreams. I’ll be back in the morning.

  35. SoftKitty

    This is how bad this season is… I completely forgot there was an episode on tonight! Prior seasons, never missed an episode, and anticipated the Sunday shows… Now, not so much. But I NEVER miss an NK BBAD recap and morning cawfee with Mel! Thank you both for the Snark!

    • Vikki T

      I did the same thing and remembered about 30 minutes into the show. Good thing is I was able to see the Pats pre-game with their trophies and Gronk.

    • MartyMar

      Me too SK! I don’t even bother watching anymore, and just check updates here as to what’s going on. Except I definitely watched the Nicole win on Thursday (and wanted to see CC go), and will be watching the POV on Wednesday (because of Nicole’s win). I may not even watch Thursday, since I’ll get my answer here before the show is aired (CA).

  36. SoftKitty

    G’night y’all and NK, I’ll read you in the morning!

  37. Mary

    Now what is Holly pouting about?

  38. mm22

    Is Hollybeth complaint about being sleep deprived not feeling well needing to
    be in top shape to save herself this n win hoh for both n wants jj to get the HoH room
    back for her? Hell no I best be misunderstanding this!

    • Annabelle

      mm I hope you are but probably not. I hope Jackson cracks an age joke!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Well the sleep problem can easily be solved. If she tried rolling over and closing her eyes instead of crawling all over JJ like a cat on a scratch pole, she might just get enough rest to act like more than a zombie.

      • Tam

        I am glad you said it NK. If she would sleep in one of the other beds instead of with JJ and not be dirty pole dancing horizontally she may get more sleep. Sleeping at a higher elevation doesn’t make her sleep better. Just reading what y’all have posted, is this really her complaint about being tired because she isn’t sleeping upstairs????? Seriously. That just rubs me the wrong way. Why is her ass so special? If she wanted to sleep unstair guaranteed then win the damn HOH. STFUH….She should concentrate on sleep instead of her bs. I would be bitchy(er), too, if someone jacked with my sleep all night. His ass could snuggle Orwell and I would get my rest if I was that close to the $. If she is there for that concentrate on that and not being a side piece. She just seriously chaps my ass if that is what she has been pouting about…..I call BS……She is just jealous of Nugget and being a whiny bitch…..I would show her the block and her guaranteed good nights sleep in a hotel or JH……Whatever HOBETH…..Grrrrrrrr……. And if I misread the above comments, I still feel the same……..

  39. Avatar

    On other news Frankie grande is at Disneyland being a vip (barf)
    My granddaughter works there & just sent me a text

  40. Robin

    Anyone listening to the feeds? FAH is going on and on about her difficulties… barf. Poor Tommy and Nicole are a captive audience.

    • Helen

      That was the wrong question to ask her!!

      Yeah How Has This Experience Changed You has sent Holly down a woe-is-me misery path, told in like a rambling, Jessica-type like style….

      • Robin

        Helen, that is funny! The second I turned on the sound… I had to look twice, thought it was Jess!

      • Tam

        Thank you, Lord, I have been missed all of this…..This must be why they are keeping it so cold inside so she will keep her clothes on and hopefully her mouth shut….

    • Mary

      No, I quit listening as soon as she came out to the hammock and started talking. When they asked her if being there has changed her. blah, blah, blah Cliff looked like he wanted to get up and leave. He knows that it is a pile off horse apples. LAUGHING- Cliff was so enamored by her story he fell over. ( didn’t see what happened, just find it funny)

    • mm22

      I just got off-sick of watching hollybeth put her face on-I’ve
      never seen someone pound a makeup sponge so hard on their face then
      start rubbing like hell-no wonder her forehead is wrinkly. Actually I’m
      wrong I saw jess putting on her makeup and she pounded her face with
      a brush over n over forever.

    • Annabelle

      I really want to shake FAH sometimes. After the last couple days watching FAH’s (Or FABeth lol) reactions to Nicole’s success Jax showing that sweet side to her I kinda worry she may actually have a REALLY BAD reaction to what people said during show and especially what she may do after being bombarded by the people who will be saying unnecessary mean things to her face and on her Twitter etc. I don’t want anyone thinking they would be better off not existing. Lots of times the people who play the poor me/victim card for attention haven’t known truly hard times and fall apart when life says hey THIS IS something bad how ya doin now? I think Jax is young and strong enough to say wow I do look like a douche. Even tho Beth isnt old she should know better by now on many things. It makes me wonder if she has any TRUE friends because even if you don’t want to say it straight up how did NOONE say you need to watch some episodes cause if you just want followers this probably won’t help. Maybe being a cop’s wife 30 years has made me to aware how bad people can be and I’m overthinking. Would like to know y’alls opine on it.I mean this group can disagree and then go back to fun and most here have a dark/gallows sense of humor but not when someone has true troubles.

      • Robin

        Most of us here have true troubles, or wouldn’t have to time to spend, also because we need and enjoy the friends we make here. No I don’t get out much.lol. That mind set makes it hard to tolerate the whining of a young woman who could be looking for meaning in her life rather than wasting her life worrying about what people think.

      • mm22

        Annabelle I’m just not falling for hollybeths “poor me” bull! She just wants
        attention. If we weren’t all out of them I would throw a bull shit flag on anything she

      • Tam

        Annabelle, I have tried and tried with her. I see both sides of the coin in what you present. It’s nice to see that others want to see the beauty in others, too. With HB, I feel for her to some point, believe it or not (I barely can myself). In saying that, I think that she is trying to play it up for attention from the viewers and JJ. When you are younger I think those things do play a factor in your life and then you realize that all that materialistic, self absorbed crap is trivial when you truly do have health issues, financial issues, and the real life stuff comes in and makes you rethink the travesty of wasted time on silly things that really don’t matter. Superficiality is vainly pointless. She said that she comes from a humble, hard working background. But yet everything that she said, done, and her interviews on youtube that are posted contradict what she is trying to sell us. Didn’t she say that she hates basic bitches at sometime? I could be totally mistaken. If that is the case, I don’t feel sorry for her because the Hollywood life she is seeking is going to chew her up and spit her out. That has been many the case for a many generations. Fools gold can be polished and mistaken for the real thing, but in the end, it is still fools gold. I am not buying hers. She has trivialized many health issues and demeaned the struggles that many of us face and she is just so flippant about it. If she were to show me any sort of attempt to be real I could feel for her, but so far, NOPE. That’s just my opinion.

      • danmtruth

        No need to apologize for how you feelThese people bring those feelings out of us

      • Annabelle

        Tam Robin mm I don’t exactly feel sorry for her but I could see her doing something drastic when hit with the fact that she didn’t gain sympathy. I think that if she acts the way she does now espescially with her believing if she does her favorite thing of ignore what actually occured and say what she preferred happened. If she is at a publicity event for cbs or anything and a group of Big Brother fans like ours or people with chronic pain/PTSD &/or their spouses speak their feelings about her actions and REALLY ask for reasons etc even if NOONE was disrespctful just truthful I worry she would spin it and have others without a clue saying how horrible “we” are. I say we because I have pain and auto immune junk and my husband is a Marine veteran with mild PTSD and health issues. I just do not know she can handle the DESERVED backlash she has coming but she needs it

      • Annabelle

        Dan you are correct on not apologizing. What I believe is MOST BB junkies vent etc while watching but if one of us found Beth drowning in a tub we would save her. We would also have a come to Jesus meeting and say honey just wtf are you thinking after however

  41. Jenny

    1. I love Cliff and I wish I’d had a dad like him! Also his wife is a lucky woman.
    2. I love Nicole and I’m so glad to see her kicking ass!
    3. I am so confused about Jackson because the one I see now is a pretty darn nice guy, but the one I saw early on was a total a-hole. How is this the same person???
    4. Holly. STFU. And stop with all the makeup. Bash on me all you want, but that heavy makeup makes her look at least 10 years older. And I’m 50, not some 20 year old mean girl.
    5. WHY did BB think any of us wanted to see Swayleigh/Baggy again? Listening to him read cue cards was downright painful. I am impressed with Nicole’s acting skills, though… pretending she was starstruck by those dumbasses.
    6. I’m having a rough day and really appreciate the BBJ folks for giving me something to do aside from sobbing in the fetal position.

    • Robin

      Oh Jenny, this so meshing with the comment that I just posted. I agree 100% with your observations. I too find this a great relief from the health problems in real life. Delighted to see your posts!

      • Annabelle

        Robin I agree with you and Jenny. The problem I have with someone getting paid to be a “public influencers” is MOST are NOT someone I would want my child friend or even dog to be influenced by! On my bad days I TRY to remember is it could be worse or probably has been in some way. I also believe God doesn’t put anything on you that you can’t handle. I have asked Him “Hey you didn’t confuse me with another Anna did you? I can only imagine how crazy we make you.”

    • mm22

      Yup agree on all 6 Jenny

    • mdkitty

      Oh no Jenny! I’m sorry you’re having such a bad day.
      Sending you positive thoughts!

    • Tam

      Jenny, get out of my head!!! It’s like you said everything I thought. Saying prayers for you.

    • danmtruth

      Thats just it Swaggy and Baylie did not add anything to the episode Add to the fact as you said The do a poor job of reading the cue cards It was said on Twitter swaggy was getting a lot of complaints about the poster of him and kevin Naturaly he says the people who are complaining are raciest Naturally

  42. Avatar

    The only thing I care about is Nicole winning this game! I know this may sound crazy but I think that she should take out Holly this week Tommy next week and go to the bottom 3 with Jackson and cliff. Jackson will most likely win the first part but I feel like either cliff or Nicole would do better at around 3 then Jackson. Steph lecor wants to go to Jackson and make some kind of bottom 3 deal I think it could possibly work. Jackson is always talking about how much he respects big moves and I honestly don’t think he would hold it against Nicole for making a big move. he didn’t hold it against Jessica and he does like Nicole a lot. This is end game so you have to have more than one option in order to get to the bottom

  43. mm22

    Licky fingers Skippy n pillsburybeth in the kitchen
    again-bewarned house guests!

  44. Tam

    Goodnight everyone. Enjoyed the day, evening and night with y’all. Sorry for the erratic post. Technical difficulties and operator error happening. Time to call it.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Can We Just Have More Of Orwell?


    TT and Cliff are setting up dinner on the Pool table. Fake-Azz Holly (sorry Jillian but I just can’t help myself 🙂 , is setting up the wine. *I would say yea, but there aren’t enough of them left in the house to get drunk and create any mayhem* They are having a nice buffet under the stars. Cliff says the folks in the JH are missing out. He said they might have all the liquor but they have a spread.

    Nicole starts singing a song about “wine night” and she and TT start dancing and singing. Not to lose any cam time, What’s-Her-Face starts singing too. Cliff sings a line then stops. Planes keep going overheard. They’ve made quite a spread of hor’derves (sp) or as my sister calls them, horst’overs. *Don’t ask, there’s something wrong with the girl.*

    Nicole sings again and gets a warning. She apologizes and says she swears she’s a rule follower. Everyone is eating except JJ. Nicole is feeling a buzz from a caffeine bar that JJ gave her. She starts singing again. FAH joins in again, then TT. TT wants to make a video after the show and have Jack film it. FAH pipes up and says it would be so sick and so funny. TT sings a verse from FAH’s song.


  46. BBBonbon62

    So sick Beth is stuffing food in her pie hole and dancing around the backyard. She is very excited about the wine they were given. I am not sure she even realizes she was whining about all her ailments, including her stomach just a short time ago. What a fake. Please go away.

  47. BBBonbon62

    I thought I would be able to stay up tonight. But my eyes are closing cuz BBAD is boring. Goodnight all. Pleasant viewing and dreams.

  48. danmtruth

    Holly could not take being out in the yard with out

  49. NKogNeeTow



    TT is talking about videos. He mentions one called “Pillow Talk”. Cliff asks him if it’s about the movie with Doris Day. TT didn’t even know there was a Pillow Talk movie with Doris Day. He probably doesn’t even know who Doris Day is. Nicole tells them she gets to host the Veto ceremony tomorrow. She thinks that pretty cool. She is wondering how Julie will do it. She gets a warning. She says imagine if during a live show she said “I don’t know what to do”. Cliff tells her that they will tell her she has seconds or she will be the one OTB.

    TT says they have to make a speech and he hasn’t done it yet. He tells Nicole that she has to do one too. She says she hadn’t thought of that. They sit silently for a minute. TT says he has to think of what he’s going to say and he gets nervous in those situations. He says he likes to be prepared. Nicole says it’s like blackout tunnel vision. Nicole discovers a pillow that she says she doesn’t think she’s ever seen before.

    They are silent for another minute then TT says there are no flies out tonight, then asks if flies come out at night. Cliff says he doesn’t know. He says they might not be as active at night. *Yes, this is it folks!*


    JJ and FAH are opening wine and take it and the glasses outside. Production tells them to check the SR and they all go cray and run in. They find red buckets. Instead of Beer Pong, it’s a game of POP Pong. TT says that’s awesome. FAH says it should be fun after they have had a little bit of wine. *surprise, surprise* JJ laughs and says they get them every time. He says as soon as they are told to go to the SR, he sprints only to get tricked.

    They take the buckets back outside and place them on the table while JJ opens another bottle wine. Cliff sets up the buckets like bowling pins. He takes the ball and makes a few practice throws.


  50. Kari

    Goodnight everyone m

  51. danmtruth

    4 bottles of wine Holly doing her wine safari girl speil
    Jackson having a hard time useing the wine opener Come on busboy let the engineer open it

  52. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone sitting around drinking wine. FAH tells them the difference between French and California Rose. JJ gets called to the DR and TT says that sucks because they were suppose to drink together. JJ tells them to save his wine. Then she starts to give them lessons on the different kind of wines. *Finally, something she actually knows something about, or at least pretend to.*

    Cliff asks a few questions which gives her a platform to play to the public. Actually she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, she just doesn’t know when to quit and goes on, and on, and on. *The main reason I’m not impress is because I’m one of those cheap drunks who can only drink cheap wine that taste like fruit punch, or as one of my best friends tells me because I like Taylor Port with ginger ale, she say I drink the equivelent of Robitussin.*

    They decide to play POP Pong while they wait for JJ to return. Nicole and TT vs FAH and Cliff. Neither team is making points, then suddenly he makes a bucket. FAH makes the next bucket. Then Nicole makes one. TT isn’t having much luck. They all agree that they like the game. Cliff makes another bucket and FAH says “Somebody went to college.” *lol*


  53. NKogNeeTow

    Just for the record, now that they’ve gotten the POP Pong game, it will probably won’t get any better than this so to all who wish to abandon ship, feel free to do so now. No hard feelings and I won’t be mad. Heck, wish I could join you…lol

  54. NKogNeeTow



    JJ runs out then back in. FAH asks him if they all will have to go in tonight. He doesn’t answer (I don’t think he heard her). She asks Cliff if he would go in and ask. *Since you’re the one who wants to know, why don’t you go in and asks for yourself?* Cliff continues to play. Cliff says this is the poor man’s version of a survivor competition. They keep playng but most keep missing, but at least they are having fun. If they are playing for drinks it’s going to be a dry night.

    Nothing new to report. They are still tossing the ball. Just out of curiosity, who thinks that BB gave them this game to practice for some kind of upcoming comp?

    Still a lot of tossing, missing and laughing. Cliff says it’s like a rigged game at a carnival. They keep saying that they are warming up. A lot of the balls are hitting the rims but just not going in. FAH says she’s so glad that JJ isn’t out there to make fun of them. She says he’d say, “In my fraternity, we had practice.” She asks POP if they win do they get anything.


  55. mm22

    So I have been wondering for awhile if anyone occasionally hears hollybeth
    blurt out odd sounds? She did it today every so often weirdo would randomly
    blurt out “meeerk” or “bluurrm” or “nurrrk”does she think this is cute? Is it a habit?
    Has she been secretly drinking? What a fool!

  56. Mary

    Was thinking it would be pretty funny if they did evict Holly on Thursday, that would leave little nugget to be the last woman in the house. Even if she didn’t make it to F2, just the thought of the other females thinking ” What the hell just happened “. She didn’t mess with make up, she didn’t dress provocatively, she didn’t have to lower her standards and play hide the pickle. She was a kind person, who cared about people, tried to be helpful without complaining to much. Laughing, she was a fun loving lady, who wore a unicorn headband and slippers on national TV and didn’t care about her image. It just makes this old girl smile.

  57. Mary

    New thread………

  58. Annabelle

    mm2 I’ve heard her. I have a family member much like her in the needs to be the center has done everything etc and they do that. I was told it can be a few things like they are so busy planning in their head the replies they are going to make that it comes out and they don’t realize it. That if they complain about pain a lot they get in the habit of making fake pain noises to be sure they always seem to be suffering. Especially if they are trying to get or are on pain meds trying to keep the appearance of needing medication and then some of those meds cause it.

  59. Annabelle

    I hope FAH keeps on talking to Jax like she is. She will condescend her way to jury

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