Helloooooo, everyone! I haven’t blogged in awhile, so I’m going to catch up real quick on what’s been going on in the house. But, since Steve’s working today, you’re stuck with me yet again. Before I begin, however, let’s talk about Sam’s DR sessions. I know production tells them to get all excited and loud during the DR, but Sam takes it to the extreme and I actually had to block my ears every time he talked during the last episode.

Whyyyyy, Sam, whyyyyyy???????

Okay, on to the updates:


Kind of OT, but is Nicole wearing LuLaRoe? I can’t imagine that print on any other leggings. Okay, now I’m getting catty (unicorny?) Stahp, Melinda!

  • Cliff and Kathryn are in the pantry and he’s asking Kathryn if she has his vote. She said, “Duhhhh.”
  • Kathryn talks a lot. A LOT.
  • Anyway, they’re discussing who the “rogue” vote came from. They’re assuming it’s either Nicole or Bella.
  • Sis walks into the room and breaks up the convo.
  • I think this is the first season where I don’t like anyone and wish they could all lose.
  • Kemi, Nick, and Tommy are in one of the bedrooms and Kemi is telling Nick that he and Bella made it personal while she kept her speech game-related. Nick has said, “I took it personal, I was just upset,” about 5 times. Kemi is saying how she was happy for him and is happy he won (???) and that’s why she went to see his HoH room (???????)  Tommy is sitting on the floor pretending he’s not in the room with them. I feel you, Tommy.
  • They end by saying they respect each other. Tommy jumps up and says, “Good talk! You guys are amazing! Love you both!” I guess he was their mediator.
  • That conversation must have taken a lot out of Kemi:

  • Ovi is in the pantry talking to the camera. He is NOT happy that they told him he can’t talk game. He’s saying it sucks that Cliff may be voted out because of him (Cliff talks game to Ovi), and how he thinks, at this point, David will be put back in the game.
  • Ovi told the camera that, if he gets back in the game, he wants to take a shot at Jack and Christie.
  • Apparently, the capital of Vermont is Mount Vernon.  *shaking head*  Omg, you guys.  They also don’t know the capital of New Hampshire. As a New Englander, I am shaking my head so hard.  “What’s the capital of New Hampshire?”  Answer: “Connecticut.”  I CAN’T, YOU GUYS!!!
  • I’m going to go eat dinner and log off the feeds for a bit until this conversation is over, before I show up at the BB house to give them all a geography lesson.


  • Okay, I’m back…at least for the next hour until BB is on (I remembered this time!)

  • Kathryn thinks Camp Comeback is America’s Vote and that David will be voted back in (she thinks everyone feels bad that he was banished right away) and that she hopes he’ll go after Jackson.
  • Kathryn told Jessica that she’s her final 2. Good luck with that.
  • Tommy and Cliff are in the bullseye room and Tommy tells Cliff about his “mediator” role and how he didn’t want to do it. So I was right! He was a mediator. So weird.
  • David is talking to Ovi in the pantry. Is it just me or does David look EXACTLY like a real camper? I’m expecting him to go to Arts & Crafts at any moment now.

  • David said the only person he doesn’t get along with in the house right now is Kemi. Ovi agrees. They think she makes a scene out of everything.
  • David is questioning the ramifications of playing a social game and what purpose it has. He knows there has to be an angle. Ovi is just agreeing with everything he says with one word answers. David seems to be the brains of this operation.

5 minutes until the episode starts, so I’m leaving you here! Steve usually works late on Sundays, but hopefully he’s back in time for more updates later. As always, you can discuss the episode on this post. 🙂