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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Feed Updates

Helloooooo, everyone! I haven’t blogged in awhile, so I’m going to catch up real quick on what’s been going on in the house. But, since Steve’s working today, you’re stuck with me yet again. Before I begin, however, let’s talk about Sam’s DR sessions. I know production tells them to get all excited and loud during the DR, but Sam takes it to the extreme and I actually had to block my ears every time he talked during the last episode.


Whyyyyy, Sam, whyyyyyy???????

Okay, on to the updates:

Kind of OT, but is Nicole wearing LuLaRoe? I can’t imagine that print on any other leggings. Okay, now I’m getting catty (unicorny?) Stahp, Melinda!


  • Cliff and Kathryn are in the pantry and he’s asking Kathryn if she has his vote. She said, “Duhhhh.”
  • Kathryn talks a lot. A LOT.
  • Anyway, they’re discussing who the “rogue” vote came from. They’re assuming it’s either Nicole or Bella.
  • Sis walks into the room and breaks up the convo.
  • I think this is the first season where I don’t like anyone and wish they could all lose.
  • Kemi, Nick, and Tommy are in one of the bedrooms and Kemi is telling Nick that he and Bella made it personal while she kept her speech game-related. Nick has said, “I took it personal, I was just upset,” about 5 times. Kemi is saying how she was happy for him and is happy he won (???) and that’s why she went to see his HoH room (???????)  Tommy is sitting on the floor pretending he’s not in the room with them. I feel you, Tommy.
  • They end by saying they respect each other. Tommy jumps up and says, “Good talk! You guys are amazing! Love you both!” I guess he was their mediator.
  • That conversation must have taken a lot out of Kemi:

  • Ovi is in the pantry talking to the camera. He is NOT happy that they told him he can’t talk game. He’s saying it sucks that Cliff may be voted out because of him (Cliff talks game to Ovi), and how he thinks, at this point, David will be put back in the game.
  • Ovi told the camera that, if he gets back in the game, he wants to take a shot at Jack and Christie.
  • Apparently, the capital of Vermont is Mount Vernon.  *shaking head*  Omg, you guys.  They also don’t know the capital of New Hampshire. As a New Englander, I am shaking my head so hard.  “What’s the capital of New Hampshire?”  Answer: “Connecticut.”  I CAN’T, YOU GUYS!!!
  • I’m going to go eat dinner and log off the feeds for a bit until this conversation is over, before I show up at the BB house to give them all a geography lesson.


  • Okay, I’m back…at least for the next hour until BB is on (I remembered this time!)

  • Kathryn thinks Camp Comeback is America’s Vote and that David will be voted back in (she thinks everyone feels bad that he was banished right away) and that she hopes he’ll go after Jackson.
  • Kathryn told Jessica that she’s her final 2. Good luck with that.
  • Tommy and Cliff are in the bullseye room and Tommy tells Cliff about his “mediator” role and how he didn’t want to do it. So I was right! He was a mediator. So weird.
  • David is talking to Ovi in the pantry. Is it just me or does David look EXACTLY like a real camper? I’m expecting him to go to Arts & Crafts at any moment now.

  • David said the only person he doesn’t get along with in the house right now is Kemi. Ovi agrees. They think she makes a scene out of everything.
  • David is questioning the ramifications of playing a social game and what purpose it has. He knows there has to be an angle. Ovi is just agreeing with everything he says with one word answers. David seems to be the brains of this operation.

5 minutes until the episode starts, so I’m leaving you here! Steve usually works late on Sundays, but hopefully he’s back in time for more updates later. As always, you can discuss the episode on this post. 🙂



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  1. Avatar

    I wish the future targets would quit nomming and/or voting lockstep with the 8.

  2. danmtruth

    NK unfinished business from last night all understandable With what happened

  3. danmtruth

    Perhaps thats the next thing production can do Just give them matching outfits A couple choices but everyone has the same A one piece jumpsuit 3 basic color shorts A few t-shirts Camp uniforms Back to boot camp

  4. Colby

    I just shake my head when Nick talks about winning HOH because he was sooooo pumped up because he was upset over what Kemi said in her eviction speech.
    Let’s get real, it was a crap shot comp, it had nothing to do with adrenaline or skill.

  5. ElaineB

    Next HOH comp……U.S. Capitals. lol. Thx Melinda for pitching in this afternoon!

  6. LynnD

    Thank you for the update Melinda.

    I’m replaying bbad from last night in the background and I actually caught a conversation where Jack was in a room with I believe Christie & someone else and they were talking about a grilled cheese cook off. I know this is random but I actually liked Jack for a moment. He actually showed a human side and it gave me a good laugh. I know I know I had a lapse in judgment there for a moment please forgive me I’m sure come tonight I’m going to hate him again

    • ElaineB

      Jack-ass can be likeable….for a moment.

    • danmtruth

      Thats the sad part he does have moments of humanity Just give him an extra 10 minutes He will be digging into his buttcrack , slapping someone ekse crack Standing learing at CC in the shower or the constant rude comments he makes Ordering people around talking down to them

    • Holan

      I’ve said that before, too. Jack can say or do something that makes me think, “look, some redeeming quality” and then I keep watching… it usually is working 10 minutes that he does something rude, gross, or purposely mean. Why?

      Side note: please don’t let this guy win!

    • Mimi Ryan

      No Judgement & No need for forgiveness. There are times I do like AD too. There is a lot going on in that head of his. Then he says something incredibly f(**&^ up. I get it. There is more to him than just his looks. He’s said things that tell me he’s either had issues w/ law enforcement or attorneys. Yeah, let that sink in.

  7. hogwild

    I would like to say the lack of knowledge about state captials shocks me but it doesn’t. I would ask if they know what the captial of Idaho is but I honestly doubt if they would know it’s a state. On a non state related matter if one of the minority wins HOH I really hope they get Bella out she is Raven on overdrive there are bigger targets in the house but she has turned into a bitch of epic proportions.

    • Melinda Beans

      I can understand not knowing the capital of Vermont, but thinking the capital of ANYTHING is Connecticut just baffles. Then Tommy was like, “Isn’t Connecticut a state?” He lives in New York…why would he even ask that?

      Okay, I think I calmed down now lol.

      • hogwild

        I can get not knowing a states captial I can’t name them all but thinking Mount Vernon the historic home of George Washington is a state captial come on.

    • danmtruth

      Some of them did not even know where Idaho was let alone was a state

  8. AIO_7

    I was thinking that Nicole might be safe this week until I heard this conversation …


  9. ElaineB

    Did they get a ‘talking to’ about all the crap behavior? There seems to be focus on how America is viewing them, and not the usual stellar careers they will have after BB.

  10. ElaineB

    Cliff ‘campaigning’ is starting to get really annoying. I believe in HGs advocating for themselves to stay. The lovey-dovey crap, is giving me a sugar high!

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  12. LO1004

    David is hot AF.

    That is all.

  13. danmtruth

    It might just be grumpy old man coming out On our fridge we have a alarm that goes off when the door is oppen to long That alarm would be broken because it is constantly open So many of the HG Jess in oarticular Love to stand in front of the open fridge just looking in Get in get out Your smart you can remember what is in their
    Will tonights show begin to slow diwn the golden edit fir a few people

  14. mm22

    There are so many lairs to keep track of
    I’m trying to figure out who’s nose isn’t growing

  15. danmtruth

    Well looks like production is backing away from Bella Not afraid to shiw her in a bad light now showing the jackass twins as what they are

  16. AIO_7

    Are these two next to pork?


  17. mm22

    Nick is getting a good edit so far

  18. mm22

    This is from cc bio “I have a photographic memory and
    I’m also killer at puzzles!”

  19. AIO_7

    “NKogNeeTow(6940 comments) July 14, 2019 at 6:36 pm
    I still like that first name better. The Sloppy Lady?..lol”

    I like the first name better too, but if she ever comes to this blog (and who knows, she might already read these pages and comment) I didn’t want her to see us calling her the Sloppy Lady.

    Anyhoo, here is her latest video.


    • NKogNeeTow

      Alright then. Baby Lady it is!

      I do like her too. And that latest video is pretty much spot on to how I was feeling last night. It took me almost 2 hours to decompress after I signed off last night.

  20. mm22

    Will these HG’s ever learn not to volunteer themselves
    as pawns-so stupid-cliff I’m ready for you and your
    smiley smirk to leave

  21. Nancy

    I’m ashamed to say..I still giggle when I see her fall..

  22. hogwild

    You gotta love these bullshit CBS edits like Nick was ever seriously considering putting up someone from his alliance.

  23. Alda

    Sis is wondering how to spell “Julie.”

  24. Vikki T

    Something that drive me nuts – why do these people need to put their feet on pillows? Don’t they realize people put their heads on them and not stinky dirty feet? The hammock and boat room are the worst.

  25. danmtruth

    Nick and Bella having a lovers spat Bella very insecure about the way he flirts with the other girls More specifically him and Sis
    Nick says fine i will sacerfice and stop it Than she was mad Nick and JJ were comparing pickup lines So in his defense he was confused because Sis was flirting with him but he was intrested in Bella All this acording to him was the first week Strange he always looks for a chance to lay next to lay on Sus Bedide we are all one big happy family so it was no big deal to me to be layi g with Sis But if that hurts you i will stop its i just did not think it was that big of a deal i will respect your feelings She feels he is to ji e of a person
    Just stzrt bonei g each other

  26. danmtruth

    So CC has been task with staying close to Sam or Bella& Nick
    Crazy Eyes talking how the universe gives her signs and puts her were she needs to be Sam was telling her a story about being in a pet store with his son Christi screems as she sees a lizard See the universe is connecting us As KK joins thrm on the hammock CC just drones on Now how she just felt she had to be with sam right before he got called to the DR about his grandfather Does this women ever give it a rest Next is the angle number abd the comp she KNEW she was not ment to win
    Vella a d Sis gaving a talk about her and Nick Sis sayi gif she does anything to make her feel uncomfortable just say something and she will stop Sis explains whzt bella and nick has is so much closer than what Sus and Jack have

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  28. Good Dog

    Kemi’s fall was kind of funny. Why are the hg’s always running. They’re in a hurry to go….. where? I like Kat cuz she doesn’t seem mean spirited. How does taking Jess of the block benefit her? It doesn’t, Kat can loyal.

  29. danmtruth

    I need to learn to slow down and look Doing this on my phone Obvious not a milinial

  30. Nikki

    Thanks for all your updates. Due to DirectTV & Nexstar being at odds, I haven’t seen an episode since prior to the 4th.

  31. Kari

    Y’all might have thought you got rid of me but I found my way back in somehow. It was just the weirdest thing. My tablet and my phone or not showing the newest postings after last night. Rebooted everything and then finally came in through the main www website instead of through Facebook and I managed to find my way in.

    Boo!! 😉

  32. Kari

    was it obi that was upset because he was not allowed to talk game? Whoever it was. Who said he couldn’t? One of the contestants or production? If it was a contestant I tell them to “screw themselves I’ll talk about whatever the hell I want to. “

  33. danmtruth

    Cuddel gate STILL going on Better than having to listen how a terrible lie Nicole is Nick cant let this Bella is nad about him cuddeling with sis You are all adult men STOP It dies not hither you so you gave nothing but talk about it for the last 2 hours

  34. danmtruth

    Frustration setting in i need to get my tablet fix argggg

  35. Vikki T

    Ok – I know I have cabin fever from this hurricane ( all is good here), but PSM is exhausting. She talks nonstop with one big run on sentence, which could probably be 20 sentences. Every few words is “like”, “actually”, “I”, etc. and over enunciating her words.

    • LO1004

      And she’s coming off disingenuous. I switch the camera from any conversation she’s in.

    • Nancy

      She wears me out! I hope when she watches herself, she will stop with that damn filler word!!! Like, I just, like need her to, like , you know, like stop. She needs to go..she seems most insincere..

    • Colby

      Most of the day the feed choices have been listening to PSM, Christie, or Nicole & Kemi.
      Love Nicole, but don’t want to listen to them say the same things over and over and over again.
      Listening to PSM has gotten to be like nails on a chalk board to me.
      I’m just sick of Christie. She has to dominate every conversation.

    • LynnD

      Glad to hear everything is good so far for you Vikki. I have brothers that live in Slidell as far as I know everything is good for them also.

      I cannot agree with you more on this whole Jess thing I am choosing to mute my TV when she gets on there if I lived in that house with her I would beg production for ear plugs

  36. Colby

    Is anyone else having a problem with the feeds freezing constantly, or is it just me?

  37. danmtruth

    So the Jackson Kat fued has flared up again Evidently Kat said something in her DR Some snarky comment about Holly and JJ it got back to JJ now Kat is crying in her bed JJ is mad talking shit about Kat
    Holly was talking with Kat it seemed like a calm talk Kat keeps getting you are not allowed to talk about your diary session or they go to fish Holly and Kat having a heart to heart she does not want it to be weird between them Kat is happy if she is happy with jackson Big brother says WHAT IS IT ABOUT STOP THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND The girls are like what were nit allowed to hash it out ,,,, very true and let us WATCH BB…. Personal talk mix in with game talk Kat telling Holly everything she knows Kat pledging her life as a final 2 with holly

    • Colby

      Thanks, Dan. I’ve been wondering what happened. I heard AD say something earlier about JJ yelling at Kat, but didn’t know what happened.
      Makes me wonder how he would know what Kat said in her DR.

    • amareels

      Thanks Dan. I heard Kat whisper to David that she will tell him later what she said in the DR. Maybe we will be able to hear what she said.

      Second thought, creepy Nasty Nick doesn’t close his mouth when eating. It’s up there with Jess and her using Like every other word. Ugh!

  38. Mimi Ryan

    If Cliff had a true thought, he’s feed crap to the camera & let the HG’s that are eavesdropping eat it up. How’s that for a brilliant thought.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD…And here we gooo!


    David is telling the group if they can work together as a BB21 house (Don’t know what he’s talking about). Sounds like they are trying to decide what to eat. Half are walking around, half are sitting. Random conversations.


    JJ and TP2 (Holly) are laying at one end and TP1 (Sis) is at the other. JJ sends OO in to find out if they are fixxing dinner. TP1 starts to tell them about a convo some of them had with Squeaks but she can’t remember it.*Then why bring it up?* She says “they” said something to Nicole just before Nicole said something. Her thoughts are scattered. *Told you, the IQ of a grape* She says she wants Cliff out. JJ says he has to go. TP1 says she really wants Ratella out. CC comes out and climbs in next to TP1. She asks SamIAm to bring her a pillow. He asks about her order for dinner. They discuss making a buffalo pizza. JJ says he’ll butterfly a chicken.

    JJ tells CC that Albert Einstein (Sis) had some info but forgot it. Sis tells CC that she’s trying to remember. JJ says in the past 24 hours since Nicole has brought up Nick and Ratty, Ratty has been caught with 3 different people talking. Holly says Nick and Ratty think they have KK in their back pocket. Holly says she thinks that she thinks they are all still good with her.

    TP2 (H) said that KK was crying because of something that PSM (Jess) was telling her. CC is whispering so low that I can’t hear her. JJ says he has a really bad feeling. Holly says then do they think they should tell KK not to use it? JJ says they (N & R) are making moves and are even going into Camp Comeback and talking to David. TP1 (S) asks then why aren’t they (the hammock group) talking to David? JJ says he’s been trying to stay in good with David just in case he comes back into the house. JJ is telling them that Ratella has Nick under her spell and he will do whatever she wants him to.


  40. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi and Squeaks talking about KK crying.


    KK is telling PSM what happened. She says she thinks “he” said something to David. KK said he (JJ) was yelling at her and she was embarrassed. P asks her how did Holly react. KK says that Holly was just worried about how she looks to America. They both asks why, if you’re not guilty of anything. KK says Holly is really anxious about that and she feels bad about that. She says she told JJ that she has a right to say what she wants and he just kept yelling at her. She said she asked him to please watch what he says because she didn’t want anything to get misconstrued and he went off on her. KK says she thinks that Holly was really embarrassed about him. PSM says then she shouldn’t f*ck with him. KK laughs and says exactly.


  41. Vikki T

    I got my first thumby so I really feel like family. 🙂

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Kind of quiet in here tonight.

  43. Kari

    Okay I can understand someone not knowing how to spell my name because it’s more unique, but WTF? How could someone not know how to spell Julie?! Geeze.

  44. Kari

    I’m wondering if it’s more quiet in here because people are having the same problems I was having if you try to enter page through Facebook. I was not seeing the updated posts past last night. I had to clean everything out and enter through the main website.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It might be like earlier this week when first I couldn’t get on then when I did, I could use the thumbs up or down but couldn’t make comments. I had to restart and even then it was an hour before I could comment. Never did figure out what happened. It’s never happened before.

    • Sassy

      I had a problem yesterday with a pop up. When I’d try to log on, it said CONGRATULATIONS you won…

  45. NKogNeeTow


    Kemi and Squeaks are still talking. Someone comes in looking for (KK?). Kemi says we haven’t seen her but the peroxide is in the bathroom so you can start there. The person leaves and Squeaks laughs and says “Kemi! You can’t say things like that.” Kemi laughs and says everyone talks shit in this house.


    CC is asking KK what happened between her and JJ. KK says that JJ said she was running her mouth and she told him that she wasn’t and that she doesn’t talk shit about people. She said she told him that if he’s going to say things like that to say it to her and not in front of anyone else. She said that JJ told her she was ruining his game. She said she went into the DR to vent and they weren’t even asking her questions. She starts to telll them what he said in the DR and gets a warning about DR sessions. TT the House Mediator pipes in and says that JJ got a warning that penalty points are now in play. He gets the same warning. He yells that he isn’t talking about DR sessions, only telling them that penalties are now in effect.

    CC tells KK that she was just out talking to Hollly add JJ and neither one seems mad. KK says she is glad. CC tellls her that everybody loves her. *And here we go* KK is saying that she appreciates that and that she was scared that she might have gotten on his bad side and make him come after her. CC tells her that if she ever feels the need to vent again, don’t tell JJ about it. TT tries to lighten the mood by teasing KK about how she was acting during a comp. They all laugh.

    TT says he’s going to sleep in the RV tonight. PSM says she is too. CC tells KK that tomorrow is her day (Veto ceremony). P starts telling them that she doesn’t feel that she deserved to be OTB this week. *You deserve to be OTB every week until you leave*


    Kemi and Squeaks are wondering where PSM’s loyalties lie.


    PSM is still talking. She is telling them how she was crying. *Of course she was, there is no way she’d let KK have the spotlight at that moment.*


    • LynnD

      I’m here, just trying to catch up.

      As usual NK you keep me very entertained. ” you deserve to be on the block every week”. I just could not agree more.

      I’m going to finish up reading these comments and maybe put in my two cents on a couple things and then I have to call it a night

    • Sassy

      What do the penalty points go towards? How do they work?

  46. danmtruth

    For all our sanity Squeeks STOP talking to Kemi she is making enamys by the minute Started to dig into CC makeup bag CCwas like do you need something Kemi ask for some cream and CC said no problem Was a little miffed Kemi did not ask first Found the cream squeezed the tube and a big blob came out She wiped it on a towel it was CC face towel what ever it was ut burns Jack wS watching in the mirror He called kemi out hey thats someones gace towel Kemi was oh sorry you saw that Nicole move awzy from the drama queen David mention she is the only girl thst ge has nit fonnected with
    Jess us very impress with herself She likes to feel like she has deep Jack Handy insights into everyone She wants to be everyone emotional rock

  47. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve used up most of my cursing quota last night.



    Cliff and Squeaks playing Cornhole. Someone just got a warning about DR.


    JJ is raiding the fridge and OO comes in.


    KK is telling P that taking her off is the least she can do for her. PMS tells her she hasn’t done anything. *She finally got something right* The talk breaks up.


    Nick, TP1 & 2 talking and JJ comes back and climbs in next to TP2 (H). CC comes out and tells JJ that she was going to do the chicken and saw he had already put it in the oven. CC climbs in and tells them she was just talking to KK and that she said she was worried that he was still mad at her and thought he hated her now. JJ says he’ll go and talk to her. JJ says he’s done with hugs and after he’s finihed with laundry he’s not hugging anyone else. They laugh. CC looks up at the sky and asks the moon to give her it’s energy. *They are really trying to make me curse*

    Nick says he’s tired and his body is exhausted. He says he’s going to run tomorrow because he definitely gained weight being HOH *What?* They randomly start to go over days.


  48. danmtruth

    Jess is so happy Bella is talking to her Kat is crying with her life is good for her she needs to go soon

  49. danmtruth

    Kat is happy in bed with David him stroking her back she talk8 g a mile a minute David calculating if she is worth having to listen to all this And if she is this crazy with her last hookup what can he expect David she is BSC and not a good BSC

  50. NKogNeeTow


    Camp Comeback:

    KK is in bed with David. Telling him about her argument with JJ. David is asking her questions about it. He says the thing he doesn’t get is how people aren’t worrying about how they look on TV. He says the only people who are going to care are the ones who watch the show. She starts to talk about Holly. She says she doesn’t think she’s doing anything bad. David says that if you’re concerned about how you’re going to look on TV then why are you here. KK says that JJ said she only wanted to get airtime. David is saying that being on TV is part of the game. David said that JJ was doing a lot of talking out loud to himself when he was mad. KK and David aren’t concerned that they are on TV. David said he told Kemi she is here and you’re worried about how you’re going to be portrayed and how you’re acting? KK says there are thingss that should be said in private.


  51. NKogNeeTow



    JJ goes into the house and OO takes his spot. Kemi is now sitting with the hammock group. CC gets up to play Cornhole: CC/TT vs Nick/Ratella. Kemi gets in the hammock with Ovi. They wonder if everyone left because of them. Kemi points to the moon and OO tries to remember the poem that Cliff says about the moon.

    Camp Comeback:

    KK and David still laying in the bed talking. They are talking about winning comps. She says she was embarrassed about the situation today. She says maybe she will win HOH. Then she says maybe David will HOH. She tells him she really wants him to come back and doesn’t want him to leave. He says “really?” They laugh. He tells her that the Camp Comeback beds are the worst. KK tells him that at least PMS likes her. *Who cares*


    TP1 (Sis) and TT are talking. TT is telling her that Nick is jealous of her and he loves her. She says that thats so weird. TT says they should look at pros and cons. He says that suppose they vote out Cliff then tell Nicole that they believed her all along. He says he thinks America would like that. He says that if Cliff is gone and Ovi comes back, they wouldn’t have to worry about that. He says that whoever comes back from Camp Comeback they can use to take out Nick and Ratella and they gain another person on their side.


  52. danmtruth

    TT doing remedial game play with Sis Why they need to keep nicole Sis feels she is #1 target because of her human sex toy TT is explaining how Nick &Bella are building an army by picking up Jess Cliff and they were “talking ” to David TT saying if they save Nicole they have a number If he could he would pull out crayons to draw diagrams

  53. Kari

    Not even 10:30 here and because I’ve been sick I’m on my butt tired. NK, I appreciate you doing this more than you know because staying up till 3 a.m. just isn’t my old lady thing anymore.

    Good night everybody! Lots of love from the Pacific Northwest!;

  54. NKogNeeTow



    TP1 (S) and TT still talking. He says that if they keep things the same then Nicole is gone. TP1 says she thinks it’s dumb to get rid of Nicole. She says David coming back scares her but if Ovi came back he would work with them. She says that she thinks Ovi would try to f*ck them up with that power. TT says not if Cliff was gone. TT tells her that Holly said there were things that Nicole could have said to blow them up but she didn’t. She says that was so nice of her. TT says that Nick and Ratella was trying to get everyone up to get rid of the J.Bros. He said that was their plan all along and they never really belonged to H8ful. He says he caught them whispering in front of people 3 times and told them to stop.

    Camp Comeback:

    David and KK say “No more showmances”. He starts to talk about the clothes he has in the room. She starts to talk about her dishpan hands. They switch sides in the bed. He says this room is the quietest place in the house. She says that’s why she likes it there. He says and no one hardly comes in there. He says he can make moves on her up there. She says she literally has no game.

    Commercial…and not a moment too soon.

  55. Colby

    New thread.

  56. NKogNeeTow



    TT and TP1 are telling each other they have each other’s back and love each other. She says she wishes he could go back to the beginning she would do everything differently. He tells her she is playing an amazing game. *What game is he watching?* She’s worried that Ratella is going to try to get her out. TT tells her she has nothing to worry about. TT is telling her how Ratella was sitting in the HOH watching Nick with TP1. He says that Nick was cuddling with TP1 again today and Ratty was watching. He said she told him that she didn’t want to be that annoying girl on TV.

    Camp Comeback:

    David and KK still laying in bed talking. She tells him that she is in a relationship with Brett. He tells her then she knows where the door is. She laughs. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him get caught up in a showmance because that’s not part of her game. She gets up and says she’s going to go downstairs. He says it’s because he’s laying there and not making any moved. They have a playful banter going back and forth. Like trying to play coy on the first date. She’s looking around the room for Travis Scott (whoever that is). He gets up and tries to stop her from looking (playfully).


    Buffalo pizza is ready. David is laying upstairs on the landing, watching. He yells down to CC and tells her that when she said Daddy, his legs got weak. They laugh.


  57. danmtruth

    Steve started a new thread all

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