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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


I’m home from work a bit early so I can actually get a feed thread going today.

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Before I begin, I’ve been monitoring the feedback about the comments.  Tonight, I am going to see if I can hack into the code and create it so feed updaters posts are highlighted (NK for example and anyone else you suggest who does often updates in the comment section. Please contact me here). I’ll then follow this next poll to see how you now feel after roughly a day of reverse order comments.

Tomorrow could be an epic day on the feeds because of what happened last night. My own CliffNotes version – Cliff told Christie that he’ll nominate whoever she wants in exchange for not using the DPoV. She told him Bella and he agreed. Christie is pumped. Most fans think he was lying. He swore on his family, but there is a twist to that….



So if he does go back on his word, let it be known that he has been given full permission by his family to lie and say whatever he can to win. Take that how you will, but I personally take it as pretty sweet. I know people are superstitious, but isn’t there a subclause to the rule where you’re allowed to swear on someone and lie so long as the person being sworn on agrees to it? Also, this rule is further emphasized when you’re playing a game that can potentially win life-changing money.


I’m sure that rule is in there in that unwritten rule handbook. Check the fine print.

Oh, and sign up for the feeds and thank you to everyone who has donated!

  • 4:45 pm – Tommy is talking with Jackson and then Christie comes in
    • Tommy is talking about Nick and how his word means nothing
    • Christie mentions Sam and what he said to her this morning.
    • I guess Sam was telling Christie he hopes she doesn’t use the power
    • Christie says Cliff does seem like he’s on board with this plan and they don’t want him to get spooked
    • Their plan is to get out Bella then Sam and Cliff will be forced to latch on to them.
    • Jackson points out how putting up Bella is losing a vote which makes Christie scared
    • Christie says Cliff is in. For 2 weeks he’s part of the cool kids (then laughs). Screw you, Christie
  • 5:30 pm – A few people hanging outside and some inside eating. I am going to watch the CBS episode
  • 7:00 pm – Back from watching the episode. Slow night right now
    • Some cornhole outside while Holly, Tommy, and Jack are talking in the bedroom
    • Let’s all pretend we’re friends with Cliff!
  • 7:45 pm – Sis doing her hair, everyone else in kitchen

This thread is closed – New update thread here


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  1. hogwild

    Good news the first fun epsiode of the season begins in moments.

  2. nancy

    Perhaps one thing working against Cliff is that so many people hate Bella and this is the last chance to keep her out of jury.

  3. stevebeans

    Ok, quick update example.

    The author of the posts (me in this) and NK’s comments will be highlighted. This is because she gives regular feed updates and you can quickly find her posts. If you have anyone else who does routine feed updates, let me know. I am not going to add a bunch of highlighted users. Only people who routinely do updates

  4. ElaineB

    Cliff’s wife sounds awesome! I am pulling for him to stay in there and fight. If for nothing else, becoming AFP.

  5. Painter1

    Bella talking about how you don’t blow up your alliance, REALLY?!? I’m sure the Black Widows agree. Smdh

  6. Purring

    I don’t see in highlighting on Steve’s.

  7. Mrs. Frisby

    Kat No, don’t loose it in front of Cliff over David not coming back, Come On.

  8. hogwild

    It is so funny how these six morons seem to think Cliff cant figure out who the six that voted him out were.

  9. danmtruth

    Kat is a bad fake crying is getting tiresome The fake tears by Kat was purely for air time

  10. Kari

    LMAO, i love Cliff’s wife! ❤️❤️❤️

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  12. Mrs. Frisby

    Did anybody see Kat got stuck in the target room with the 9 going at each other after the eviction and had to squeeze her way out of that chaos. I don’t think anybody notice her in there or that she had to slip out.

  13. Mrs. Frisby

    The Jacks share a cucumber

  14. Alda

    What the hell was that with JJ and the cucumber?Eww.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    What tickled me was when AD brought Cliff his coffee and was trying to snow him and Cliff gave this look over his glasses at the camera. Priceless!

  16. Alf

    Is it just me or is Tommy as fake as a they come? He is making me sick sucking up to everyone who has a power. His acting skills need honed.

  17. Mrs. Frisby

    Aqua Dick is just too Smug to be liked, how is he even in an alliance, he treats them the same way. Besides sharing his cucumber with JJ, that was sweet.

  18. Good Dog

    The only time I didn’t see Snackson Jackson eating was in Hoh room. Boy be eating all the time. Was Kat crying because David’s gone or Brett’s not interested in her? I’m so confused.

    • danmtruth

      Crying because she was thinking all the camera time she list with him nit being their So now she needs to come up with something else besides a fake showmance

      • Mrs. Frisby

        She could just win- She’s either clueless or faking either way, she is in a great spot in the game. I believe she has a grasp on what is going on in the House more than most and is not clouded by her own lies, so she don’t have to do any damage control, she is athletic, coordinated, and clever.

  19. Alda

    JJ said he is going to make a decision about breaking things off with Holly.He is tired of her complaining about having sex on camera.So,he’ll just mke the decision for her.Well,that’s two for him.Who will he try to hook up with next?He’s running out of choices.

  20. Mrs. Frisby

    2hrs till Downton on PBS.

  21. Helen

    I must apologize…Christie does have 2 more weeks after this coming veto meeting not 1…..first veto meeting she could have used it was cliffs eviction…tomorrow will be number 2….since it is good for 4 veto meetings she still has it for 2 more weeks. Ugh

  22. hogwild

    What the hell was the polka music they were playing over the video of Cliffs HOH victory dance? Seriously BB does Cliff strike you as polka music person?

  23. Good Dog

    Looks like Cliff will put Bella up to ensure his safety for awhile ( yeah right) . They won’t have votes to evict Jack & Cliff doesn’t want to start a firestorm. Bella will be evicted & Nick & Cliff will be on the block next week. Well, that worked out just dandy.

    • Kari

      While I don’t like that jack isn’t going, not having to see her anymore and her bitchiness? I’m okay with it. I can totally understand the logic of getting rid of her toxicity.

    • hogwild

      I think that Bella up going still depends on Christie using her power Cliff knows who the six were that voted him out he might not care for Bella but he knows she wasnt one of them if it’s Cliffs choice I think he puts up Tommy to try and take out Jack.

  24. Kari

    I may have missed it but I haven’t noticed if anyone mentioned if Bella has a clue as too what’s going on?

  25. Mrs. Frisby

    If CC doesn’t use the power, I say;
    Put her up
    Put her up
    Put her up
    Put her up
    These chants are easy to start and take on a mind of their own.

  26. Sassy

    The editing department is doing a MUCH better job than I’m use to.

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  28. ElaineB

    If Cliff gets to choose, Christie or Tommy. At least one of the six will go, hopefully Jack (who the HOH wants). Promises are bogus, with this group of six. Getting really irritated with the constant use of ‘love you’. If you feel that way about strangers, who you probably won’t have much contact with after this, for those that you truly love in your life, what do you tell them? It has become over-used, and often insulting. You can admire someone, give them compliments, but for goodness sake, stop with the “You know I love you” BS!

    • hogwild

      I have said many times on here I think Tommy has a much better chance of staying over Jack than Christie does. All you really need is five votes to oust Jack that gives you a tie at worst with Cliff as the tiebreaker I think Tommy has a better chance to get those five.

      • Sassy

        I agree, TT would stay, but CC would be a toss up! I also agree the I love you’s are coming off as condescending and almost like a F*** You! When you really love someone, you show it in your actions and treatment of each other, the words are meaningless To these people.

      • hogwild

        Yeah that really needs to be dialed back even so I could deal with that better than Jacks never ending macho bullshit.

      • ElaineB

        Am sure even within their macho BS, the Ass Bros can manage some condescending compliment, ore heaven forbid, “I love you too”.

  29. Mimi Ryan

    So if AD ends up in the Jury, WHAT WILL HAPPEN????????????????????

  30. Mrs. Frisby

    Really if Christie does not use her power, Cliff needs to put that Elf on a Shelf.

  31. Ritchie

    Hello all, good to see this forum on top of things as usual! Why isn’t Jackson working on Christie to give him the Diamond Power of Veto option so a) he can re-nom Bella, Nicole or whoever and b) thus taking away Christie’s power which will make her not as dangerous moving forward?

  32. Helen

    I want Christie to use it for one reason….the thought of having these same conversations and drama from her until possibly August 5th is a nightmare….use the darn thing,it’s gone and maybe they can actually start playing BB…these conversations have gotten monotonous and irritating…

  33. Kari

    FINALLY just about showtime here in the Pacific Northwest. Looking forward to seeing Cliff’s funny looks today that I was told about.

    I know you all had a lot of heat to contend with on the east coast and believe me my thoughts are with you and hope everyone is safe. We’ve had a relatively cool start to Summer compared to the last few years, but today is 90 and that’s pretty damn hot for us. Basically I have not moved from the fan(s) for at least 3 hours now. Haha!


    • hogwild

      I know this is tough on the East coast people but you guys don’t know what hot is untill you have lived through a Texas Summer. To be fair those of us here don’t know what cold is until we have lived through an East coast Winter.

      • Vikki T

        Those enduring the east coast heat, stay safe. Hog, I know what you mean about the Texas summer as I live with the south Louisiana summer. Heat and humidity for at least 4 months (brutal on the hair also). As to our winters, prediction of MAYBE a dusting of snow closes everything even with no accumulation. Since I am in the financial industry, no closing for us. For me, the snow I experienced in the Poconos was great for vacation, but I would not want to deal with it everyday.

      • Rise2thetop

        I know what that summer feels like. I spent every summer of my entire childhood in Miami.

    • Good Dog

      Enjoy the show Kari. It’s a real pickle. I feel tomorrow will be anticlimactic. Bella will be on the block & Christie will still have her power . Good game play by them I guess.

    • Alda

      I’m at the Jersey shore and we’ve been in the mid to high 90’s.It’s been brutal here.Tuesday a cold front is coming.High of 78 and rain.Then the rest of the week in the low to mid eighties.

  34. Pink13

    I am not defending Bella’s behavior at all, but she had a lot of help and backup. It wasn’t just her. Now they all act as if they were playing nicely. Christie saying how when the boys were put up they didn’t whine about it, well they aren’t being ignored and made fun of either.

  35. danmtruth

    Sis, Christie, KatHolly all in the bathroom on the couch Cliff walks in and says ahhh Cliffs angels Everyone laugh just like Charlie angels than he starts naming off all the actors on the show Sis is There was a tv show of the movie …… bless her young heart

  36. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Lions and Tigers and Hogs, OH MY!


    Cornhole game just finished.


    CC and Nicole talking. Nicole asks her if AD or JJ went to Nick and told him that they wanted her OTB. CC says she knows AD didn’t but wouldn’t put it past JJ. *DRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS!* She tells Nicole that she thinks JJ cast the hinky vote to blame it on Nicole. She says she doesn’t think he said it direct but hinted at it to let it fester. Nicole says that Ratty told her that AD and JJ had been pressuring her and Nick to put Nicole up. C Csays she doesn’t believe it.

    CC tells her that Ratty/Nick hasn’t been trusted since week 2. She says they have been playing both sides since day 1 of week 2. They both think that Nick finally realizes it and says that they noticed he had kind of pulled away from her today. Nicole said that Nick came up to her and told her he was sorry the way that Ratty treated her. CC says he’s probably terrified of her and he knows she was a bad move for him. She said he’s even being extra nice to her because he knows she has that power and is probably going to use it to get her out and he probably wants to start fresh. She asks Nicole if he’s spoken to Cliff today. Nicole says she has and it’s bascially the same as what’s she’s saying…if CC is going to use it or if she doesn’t use it should he just put up Ratty. Nicole says that Cliff loves CC. *Uh huh*

    CC says she was so scared that he was going to put her up but she sees something in him that’s like a player she wants to work with. *She wants to work with anyone she thinks she can BS* Nicole says that when she takes personality test it always says she’s a thinker. She says that she realizes from being in the house that shes a feeler and she never thought she was that way. CC says Nicole strikes her more as a feeler. CC says that she can always sense when someone is a snake and that’s why when there was a big rally in the HOH and they were all yelling “Nicole, Nicole”, she was caught up in it for about 20 minutes.


  37. ElaineB

    Holly was doing a good job of working the room, forming relationships. Now she has become a State 5 clinger to Michie-Ass. Ugh!

  38. NKogNeeTow



    CC is saying that she doesn’t want to give Ratty a ticket to Jury because she will just f*ck things up. Nick walks in an asks what they’re doing. CC says just chatting because she never gets a chance to talk to Nicole and asks him if he needs her. *Nobody does* He says that if they are having a private convo he’ll leave. They tell him no,, they are just shooting the sh*t and he can join them. He comes and sits down and CC says that her belly is hard as rocks and they came to lay down because after eating all the slop it feels like her stomach is full of rocks. She says she’s been having problems going to the bathroom and she’s bleeding. He says something but Production cut the audio. *Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus*


    Cliff, JJ, Holly, Jess and Sam are sitting around. PSM just finished giving JJ a back crack. *No pun intended* PSM says she’s going to do to everyone in there so she can turn their frowns upside down. *Know what would turn our frowns upside down? Your dippy ass outta there* Cliff hobbles into the kitchen and Holly says everyone is so somber today. SamIAm isn’t saying anything, just looking at the 2 of them like he’s wondering how much time would he get if he did them in.

    KK and TT are concocting something else again. Ratty says she’s lactose intolerant. *Let’s play a game and see who can get her to eat the most cheese!*


    AD and Simple Sis are working out. *Not THAT kind of working out, exercising. Not THAT kind of exercising. Oh never mind*


    CC is telling Nicole and Nick that she volunteered for slop. Nicole asks her if they can have a blender to make shakes. CC says no because of audio issues. CC says slop is no joke. She says she doesn’t mind the cold showers or the sleeping situation. She says it’s the coldest room in the house and she loves sleeping in the cold. Nick says the camper is freezing. Nick says he is proud of her.

    Uncle Cliff comes in with his gimpy leg and crawls up next to CC. CC and Nicole continue to talk about the house temperature. Cliff asks then who’s sleeping in the Target room. They say AD and Simple Sis. CC said that JJ’s bed is empty and says that Holly would have probably stayed in there but since it’s just AD and SS it would seem kind of awkward. She says Holly has been staying with Sam. Cliff says how quickly the house starts emptying out when you have HN. Nicole says she is sleeping alone, Jess is alone and Nick and Ratty.

    They then start to talk about who is the funniest in the house. Then they wonder who will be the next set of HN. They are wondering when they will have a wall comp. Cliff says he hopes not soon because he wants to compete.


    KK and TT are still experimenting with slop. *They seem to have a lot of fun together* They start to talk about all the recipes they have tried with slop.


  39. jimbo

    Swearing on your family is fine. Otherwise, there is an iron-clad way to ALWAYS get the truth — making people swear on their family! If they don’t do it, they are lying, and if they do do it, they aren’t lying! How stupid is that! I’m sure God isn’t petty enough or worried over freaking BB promises!

    • jimbo

      Though, I wouldn’t bet that God wouldn’t be noticing the mean-spirited bullying of Nicole. That shit was not game-play.

      • Amber

        I read your comments in an angry tone because of the angry face lol

      • ElaineB

        If I felt convinced that these nimrods would put up Jack-Ass in the near future again, I could roll the dice on BD of Bella. I am not convinced, and if this opportunity goes by, count the HGs that leave before him.

  40. Amber

    So I dislike Jackson more than Jack now. He’s so aggressive and annoying. He’s like ‘I’m going to sleep’ and then when Holly FINALLY goes to leave the room he makes sure to add ‘sleep won’t change my mind’ to stop her again! He’s a jerk because she doesn’t want to sleep with him on camera so she brings him cookies. What kind of crap is that?

    • ElaineB

      Unfortunately, Michie-Ass will take himself off the block. Jack is still up there, so get him out!

      • Amber

        That would be great but it’s not looking good. Maybe he made Holly mad enough to switch sides and flip the vote with Kat and Jessica

    • Colby

      He is a complete ass.
      He first told her he was ending the relationship in the hammock. She was trying to talk to him about it. He jumped up from the hammock saying he was going to bed which almost flipped her on to the ground. She followed him in and now he just won’t talk to her. She need to tell him to go screw himself.

    • jimbo

      It’s a hard choice between Jack and Jackson. The condescending way Jack talked to Ovi (like he was the cool guy at school talking to a nerd) was hard to swallow. I will say he has more personality than Jackson, and ca be funny — if he wasn’t such a tool.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    BACK *Sorry Folks, it’s taking my computer forever to update.


    Jess has invaded the room. *I don’t know why I don’t like that girl. Every time I see her I just want to Fred Astair on her face* She and CC are talking about Chippendale dancers. PSM says David wanted to dance for a gay bar. Uncle Cliff says that apparently, he wanted to get into the service industry and lives next to a big gay area. *Does anyone else remember hearing David say anything like that?* Cliff says that David knows that gay guys have a lot of expendible income. CC adds and they love to party and drink.

    Sam tells them that AD and Simple Sis are making out then he corrects himself and says they are working out. and Holly and JJ are on the hammock. CC asks where KK is. PSM says she’s making sweet dessert slop. Cliff says they are going to have a whole section of Kat and her different slop recipies. PSM says when they get home they should do a YouTube video called “Cooking with slop”, then does that annoying fake laugh. *Nope, still don’t like her*. Just more talk about slop.

    They start talking about the snap goggles and the pictures. Sam says Production will go through them first before posting them. PSM finds a toenail on her pillow. *Let’s watch closely to see if she eats it*. CC says that when she does her toenails she goes to the HN room with a towel then sterilizes everything because she’s a germaphobe.


    JJ is telling Holly that he told her before and that they’ve had that conversation a couple of times. He said he’s not mad and it’s not going to change their games. She says she knows. She says but that’s him making that decision and not her. He says but it’s a decision that she’s having a tough time making. She says no it’s not. She says she’s just kicking herself because she should just be smarter. He says okay. *This boy is something else. He just pumps them then dumps them* She says she thinks he’s taking it further than that. He says he’s not. He says he’s not being dramatic he’s just trying to help her out. She tells him he’s not helping her out. He says that it might not be ideal but it’s a decision that she’s been going back and forth on and if she says she isn’t, she’s lying to the both of them. He says he’s right whether she wants to admit it or not. She says she doesn’t think she buys that. He asks her what is there to buy. She says she doesn’t know. He says he’s not selling her anything. She says it sounds like BS. He say no, what sounds like BS is she wants to initiate things then regrets it the next day. He says she goes back and forth and he gets it, it’s tough. She says this is new territory. He says it’s new territory for him too. He says he’s tryng to help her out and if she’s having internal conflict so since she goes back and forth, he’ll just make the decision for her, it’s not a big deal. He asks her why she’s getting so annoyed with him. *Oh, I dunno. Maybe because you screwed her both figuratively and literally* She says because it’s annoying. He tells her he is trying to have a mature conversation with her. She says “So then your solution is cool, bye”. He tells her to enlighten him, what other options are there. She says just to be smarter about time and place, that’s all. He says he hates to break it to her but there is no time or place where there isn’t a camera or microphone. She says yeah there are and that’s been found(?). He says there are still cameras and microphones in the HOH. She says whatever. He says he’s not going to do that and she regrets they got caught going in an out of the shower. He says theres not a good option. He says there is nowhere to hide in this house. He asks her why is she so moody because everything he’s sayng is factual information. He says he’s not being over dramatic, these are how things are right now. She says shes aware. He says there is really no good solution. He says it’s on or the other. He tells her he is trying to help her out and she’s fighting him. She says she doesn’t buy he’s trying to help her out. *I don’t know about any of you, but this conversation is wearing ME out*


  42. Kari

    Thank you for the heads-up about Cliffs fracial expressions. it was so quick I probably would have missed the sideways glance when Jack was kissing up to him. Absolutely hilarious!

    Absolutely pointless side note. It’s not a really good idea to try to cook spaghetti on a hot night. The sun may be down, but that doesn’t mean your apartment isn’t still hot as hell…

    Just sayin’.

  43. Kari

    Okay this idea goes out to everyone.

    Steve mentioned that he would forward money to NK or other people that help with the blog. Perhaps even make a direct link for donations.

    I’ll bet if each of one of us could just donate a little bit we could put a pretty good dent in a new computer for her? She works so hard for us and this has been so frustrating. I wouldn’t be able to doing it right away but I could probably toss in $25.

  44. ElaineB

    So Christie crying with Bella….what BS. They want her out so bad, they can taste it. What fake, phony people!

  45. Helen

    Bella is crying to Christie…prior to her going out ,to talk to Christie she and nick came up with her excuses and sob story for her to sell…

  46. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling CC that if she thinks using her power is the best move for her game then do it. He says right now she isn’t a target for at least 2 more weeks. She says that’s the thing, she’s Ratty’s target and she heard her say it. He says he knows but she said it the day after CC blindsided him because she knows how much he loves her (CC) and really cares about her. Nick says Ratty is just scared because CC doesn’t talk to her. *They actually deserve each other* They keep going back and forth about who stopped talking to who first. *Does it even matter?* Nick says he gets that CC has to do what’s best for her game. He says that next week is the last week before Jury and so if she uses the power and doesn’t have it and goes home next week then that’s on her. *Sounds like a veiled threat to me* He says he would never let Ratty put her up. *Uh huh* He says Ratty was so upset that they blindsided him and she’s protective because she’s a protective girl because she loves him. *More like a barracuda*

    CC says shes also scared that if she doesn’t use it TT is going to go up and that terrifies her. Nick says he can make that not happen if she trust him. *He’s gonna have enough trouble keeping his own azz off the block* She says its not even about that. She says she really doesn’t know yet (whether or not she’ll use it). She says that even if she does it wouldn’t be to protect someone else’s game. She says she’s not going to F5 with couples because that would be her taking 6th place and she’s not an idiot. Nick says that if AD doesn’t go this week that they will never beat him. She said that’s what Sam says too and she doesn’t doubt that. He tells her that all he knows is that they will never beat him because he’s pretty much got a showmance with her. She tells him no they are just very close. *That damn fool just put a bigger target on his own back…lol* Nick says he (AD) has JJ and Sis.. She says shes not continuing her game with them. CC tells him that Ratty isn’t necessarily bad for her game but for Nick’s. She says she’s not doing this to teach him a lesson because she geniunely loves him but Ratty is making so many enemies and that anyone who associates with her goes down. She said first it was Kemi then it was Nicole and she doesn’t want it to be her or him. She says if they want to make moves against couples she wants to do it with him. She says she doesn’t trust Ratty in the Jury house because she’s reckless. She says on a personal level, she loves her. Ratty comes in and pretends to get something out of a drawer so CC tries to lower her voice. Nick keeps talking, telling her that she has one more week to make Jury. Ratty stands there and puts makeup on in the mirror.

    Nick tells CC that he’s just letting her know because he doesn’t care what happens to him because he’s probably going to go next but if she doesn’t get AD out now, nobody else is going to take a shot at him. She says she knows. He asks her if she wants to win. She says yes. He says then this is the best shot to get out the biggest player. (Ratty is still there putting on makeup and listening). They keep going back forth. *I swear these people can beat a dead horse to death all over again* CC says she feels pressured. Nick tells her if she goes home next week she’s going to regret it for the rest of her life. She says she knows. He says she has a power an no one is going to put her up for the next 2 weeks. *Ratty is standing there so long putting on makeup she’s going to look like a circus clown by the time she leaves the bathroom* Nick is putting the pressure on hard. He is relentless. Ratty finally looks directly at them and smiles and says she was called to the DR. CC tells her don’t worry about it. Nick goes back to his badgering. She tells him that AD is a bigger threat so why wouldn’t she want to keep him. Nick says Ratty is a bigger threat. CC says no offense but AD is better at comps. Nick says everybody hates Ratty. *This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Arguing about keeping someone because they are hated more* Nick is almost strong-arming her. She says AD never said he was coming after her but Ratty did. To each one’s point, the other one has a counterpoint. Nick is like a starving dog with a new bone. Nick is swearing on his life that Ratty doesn’t go up, he won’t put her up.


  47. mustangsally

    I like the idea of highlighting Nk, Sassy and others that give the feed updates.

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